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tv   Simulcast of the Bill Press Show  CSPAN  November 2, 2016 1:33am-2:28am EDT

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be dismantled to say that those dispensaries because of law-enforcement agencies that have chosen that legal substances act to take place against medical marijuana. and then to end their experiment. so that is a policy decision that they should be allowed their under no obligation to pass prohibition to leave
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those prohibitions in place. but as the supreme court has indicated of the regulatory regime to put into place. in both certainly they know the goal but not regulated in colorado to have more questions on kansas' with the current regime. so what we hear is a half, net debt colorado. but now they are being targeted to identify that
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impaired driving. such of the same ways to increase awareness of sexual assault that they went up because law-enforcement was more of a concern in uc on the part of law-enforcement. >> sociable ago through the policy guidance? >> i think that is part of political will not of law with the authority and responsibility to enforce federal law throughout the country the attorney-general
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has taken the position through section 542 there is nothing to prevent the new attorney-general changing policy chris christie maybe something. >> gore colorado to campaign because i alerted the vice president. >> questions from the audience? >> if they cannot take the cash and to pay cash for the marijuana business you have to take the loss in revenues that it receives one to put that in the day. i am understand it is legal but but did blow is enacted
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now in the pre-but essentially the tax revenue is inefficient for half but then retaken leslie said and
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they think it will continue pledge the. >> wave might decide this year. but this was just before colorado but she knew to relations cover her cushy suggested but it is almost like an area of native adept -- but i don't so start
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going dennis f. and their irish with but to the budget in l. fare after ahead but how they but the cnn. >> but then to have some much case law and ahead but
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the facts of actions with sad dimension. >> did is a fascinating urea i don't necessarily read, but it is controversy to this notion of federalism and that is a huge budgetary issue for those states that want to do certain things. but officials to see if it is a different type of legislation to see that it is fascinating unresolved picked body of issues with. >> with some of legislation
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that results in the scheduling of drugs, since 1992 have had authority for the use of marijuana for individuals. has the d.a. fought about and even those throughout the nation recommending to be compared rebel to the
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d.a. obsession. >> those over last 20 years where the d.a. has rivas said the scheduling question to move that to lead different schedule learning just the few weeks ago but of the main reason between the lead drug is that it requires that type of evidence and actually wants to see large-scale research even though there is of a lot of research done there has and then anything that meets that gold standard so
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to causally refrain don't just show what anecdote. >> so with that large scale for those of medical use. there are a couple of blind studies of those for the purposes of the engaging and then they tell lifted is d.c. or the final circuit
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but those provisions have that opportunity it actually comes from the first amendment but it cannot be secluded and then even with those under of abortion cases. >> thanks to our panel. [applause] ha
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>> the superintendent himself to the future to occupy themselves with the troops then that the same time by cutting off in withholding gives. that is a declaration. >> with the real america to move back to the 1966 campaign for california governor between brown and ronald reagan. >> my experience turns toward the people just
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instinctively i find i could put my faith in the private sector of the economy. but if they can run their own affairs. >> every single solitary a category that california's economy is good and we have done a good job. >> next tuesday of a few will go to the pols and make a decision. mib well if you ask yourself are you better off for years ago? and for american workers
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between the incumbent jimmy carter and ronald reagan. >> he would not fight slavery and would not have said this, which is the dissolution would be followed by the two separate portions is sal's like slavery from the whole continent. as this course of events must me and as the historical society and then today the question of john quincy adams to talk about the foreign policy views and the legacy of the president for the complete american
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history tv schedule '02 this is just under one hour. [inaudible conversations] >> to have vinify of this election and only one more week to go november 1st is good to see you today thanks for joining us it is good to have you along. this great land of ours right alongside good to see you in radioland. tv also
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also on our video stream and today big news great to have the c-span audience join us one week fro one week from the election. to the of c-span junkies i have tried to them myself and to be in the studios it is nice for you to be here i and to cover the news of the day that depends on you to tell us what you think about it all. don't be shy. so haller any time. and to pick out of current video stream.e will
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and all throughout the day. >> good morning. here we go. c-span has not left yet they will stick around. >> neighbor to the ground floor this to be the last time they ever broadcast that had a good run it is a shame but happened. they can so if they could survive brian lamb. [laughter]yne rogers is he set to take your calls as of
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member of the team with the videographer on the job and with the c-span team. i guess but yesterday was celery and a lot of kids at the door. >> guess we had a lot of trick or treat hello. this was two hours ago. may should point out when we had the game show the c.e quell one.
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so he added a rematch. and so when i was saying is of the kids lining up the of the south portico. with lots of goodies that they want to hear. >> infect them or candied eat the better. >> the president said that i could.
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to say that i will indulge significantly just of little bit later but first a couple of the stories making news tonight the world series.g the chicago cubs effective is do-or-die one more loss they are gone cynic i am just saying to close it out they went to keep them alive for game number seven. so they are in cleveland.te to h that should be a good game. >> >> can you imagine? >> with that liberal super pac this is the group and
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what they are doing. dave will have the puppiest at the polls. pennsylvania do hampshire nevada north carolina they will have copies delivered before you go. what is cooler than that? but you are voting. exactly at uneven have to leave the house. though unfortunately. and that means they would do anything including puppies. >> when i was uh democratic
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chair and if you go to any doughnut shop. to have that extra of voter turnout.s. >> we will talk about that.i vod because of what will give you bragging.hich >> which way do the dog owners? >> that's is a good point. i would think you are animal rights? that is what i think. coming up later this month of may will be celebrating her birthday, november 29, shesh will turn 117 years old.
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i am not trying to be dark but. >> how did she live to peak so long for a collector rhenish ignores greg. >> to aids every day and she says i need cookies with the aid species them rot adopter told her several decades ago that eating raw a swift helper with her anemia. she just eats the cookies because she likes the. >> together? >> >> i would rather die young have you ever?g? it is disgusting. there is the old men are. if you have a new crack and
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haig ballista will tough to and there tomorrow like i promised. >> 14 minutes after thehe average. where do we start that donald trump that is the worst thing we have ever seen in politics. and to blame everyone else but to bring all of this on yourself. >> is that what you are reporting on "huffington post"? [laughter] no.of
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in it is crazy first of all, if you history he would know but then he is also clearly politicizing and this really played into his pocket. he looked like he was down for the account that then out.he has new ammunition. so some of the polls have shown him softening which may or may not but he does have some ammunition. >> but deal the story today with having to post the headline was trick or treat with a focus that has shifted to hillary especially on the russian connection.e fbi that with some leaks that they
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just discovered this a trovell of the hillary e-mail's.the and with the ongoing investigation into the trump campaign into connections with russia. >> first of all, you have the former campaign chairmanukr with a. russia separatist they are investigating a purported server to make contact with don't even know what is inat them there are all the different strains.
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>> aquino's what they will be talking about ahead of time with those e-mail's. obviously according to the intelligence agency. . .
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>> kaine: , comey and early voting. >> e, definitely. [background sounds]
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>> that's not a bad thing to make a little news on. >> what is? >> the transit workers truckers in philadelphia. >> are they out how? >> i think they are out today. [background sounds] [background sounds]
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>> i was just laughing. on c-span you put up that shot, the shot of him. >> hey, all right. our printer has never gotten so much airtime. >> another tweak copy, hp. [laughter]
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>> all right, now i can talk. i've got coffee. >> you have now, there you go. popeye needs his spinach. >> all right, here we go. >> this is the bill press show. >> 26 minutes after the hour now at the half-hour we will be joined by senator tim kaine democratic candidate for vice president out on the campaign trail. i'm not sure exactly where he is today but we will catch up with him and get his latest take particularly on the fbi and comey's announcement last friday. i wanted to ask you about what the site yesterday that the cleansing campaign, some people thought as a way of getting focus on the e-mails they released the so-called daisy ad where the woman who was the
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little girl back in 1964 comes forward again saying we never thought or she never thought her kids would have to worry about the things they have to worry about in 1964. can you give us a little bit of that jamie? >> in 1964 the fear of nuclear war we had as children and never thought her children would ever have to deal with that again and to see that coming forward in this election is very scary. >> trump asked three times why can't we use nuclear weapons? >> what safeguards are there to stop any president who may be not be stable? >> joe scarborough there the spokesperson against donald trump on this issue, very interesting. it's an issue that hasn't gotten as much attention as it deserved in the presidential election. >> i think that second ad is the
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same theme and i think another one was they got a former nuclear missile control guy out of minnesota to talk about the risk of having somebody like donald trump in charge of the button was really effective. it's not something that any campaign has ever said since lbj i guess so is a very visceral ad. people remember that ad and i think, and as you said the timing was dead on and the fact that they were trying to shift the conversation. >> it raises the ultimate question about who do you want and who do you trust to have their finger on that button or close to the button even in the time. god forbid we have a serious threat of a nuclear strike against united states.
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>> we'll take a quick break and come back and welcome senator tim kaine. >> this is the bill press show. >> all right, i'm going to get out of here. i believe he is in madison, wisconsin by the way. we will find out for sure. >> sorry. >> he dresses up as met my -- probably. >> hey jamie. jamie. >> how are you doing, man?
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[inaudible conversations] >> just listen in and enjoy and we will talk about it after. >> jamie, confirm madison wisconsin. confirm madison, wisconsin. is that where he is? okay.
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[background sounds] i have down here rochester. tomorrow tim kaine is in dubuque, iowa. >> yesterday. [background sounds]
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>> okay. raleigh, durham? he has an durham?
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[background sounds] >> he is on the line. >> your place to talk about the 2016 election. this is the bill press show. >> 33 minutes after the hour. this is the bill pressure live from washington d.c. our nation's capital. join today by all the great viewers of c-span. it's good to have you on board. thank you for joining us. we are right to you by the international association of firefighters. the men and women of our fire department on the front lied -- for rhine nationwide protecting families every single day of the year.
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check out their web site at i very pleased to welcome to the program to all of our regular viewers and listeners and the c-span on dean's, the great senator from the state of virginia democratic candidate for vice president and i think i can say confidently that next vice president of united states senator tim kaine. senator, good to have you with us today. >> hey bill so that to be with you. i'm in madison later and you have an affiliate there. >> you are in rally durham and our friends at 92.1. senator i forgot to ask ask you where we conducting this interview in english or spanish? i wasn't sure. >> all in english. i'm going to give a campaign speech in spanish later this week in phoenix. i'm doing back-to-back events in phoenix.
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we will stick with english on this. >> i am glad we are solely english on this one. let me ask you the thing of course we have been talking about the last few days the announcement by fbi director james comey on friday. did he make a mistake senator in your opinion in raising this whole issue with 11 days to go in the campaign? >> well i will tell you bill and i note call me pretty well. he plays a key role in the district attorney's office when i was mayor of richmond. i have high regard for him but i'm very puzzled by this and i think it's pretty clear that what he did is a violation of at least two really important protocols that the law enforcement team should follow and one is not talking about an ongoing investigation and second there is a clear long-standing pattern in the fbi and the justice department have not putting out information that can be politically controversial on
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the eve of an election and we know from reporting yesterday that director comey is very aware of both of those. he appeared before congress and the end of september and was asked questions about investigations into russian activity and compromising american election. i'm not going to confirm whether it's such an issue and 10 days later on the seventh of october a whole slew of national intelligence agencies put out a statement saying that they had their advisers that russia was trying to engage in activity to influence the american election and comey would not fight back. he didn't disagree with the conclusion according to reports yesterday that the report was he didn't sign it because i don't want to put out controversial information right before an election. if there are those protocols and he understood them and has been following them why would he have broken both of them last friday?
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he had to immediately within a day to a 20 -- so i'm troubled by what appears to be a double standard and i have called upon the director to clarify why is there a double standard? >> do you believe, do you also believe that he broke the law as senator harry reid has suggested? >> hairy suggested that and i have not read this letter so i don't know the legal argument there and i have no opinion about that. but what i'm really focused on, there are these two protocols and they are there for a reason. you don't talk about an ongoing investigation because what if it turns out there's nothing there and leaking information that someone is being investigated is itself harmful. on the thought that you may find there's nothing there, you don't talk about it while it's pending that's really an important principle, very important principle for a justice official
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in the second one is equally as important. don't inject into the closing of the campaign beat -- that people will use for puggle purposes. the letter that the director sent to congressional leaders and within minutes he was misrepresenting it and it was misrepresented that the fbi was reopening the investigation to hillary clinton which they are not and that's why you don't put that information out to right before an election. >> are you worried about what might be in these e-mails? what has hillary clinton told you or huma abedin told you about these e-mails? >> i've spoken with hillary but not a must. i'm not worried about it for this reason. the fbi did such an extensive investigation on this matter months and months and months with a lot of manpower involved and huma was completely cooperative with them and gave them everything that she had and
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then they reached the conclusion that conclusion was a very unequivocal one. director comey testified to congress and said there is no reasonable prosecutor, not one would take this case for further and he was asked at the hearing about that strong conclusion and he said they reached that conclusion. given that they looked at this for so long and they reached a conclusion that was very unequivocal, hillary says fine look at anything you want but we don't expect anything to be different than the elaborate investigation. >> i would love to have more time senator but i know you have got to run. another week to go. good luck luck in this final week and we will talk to you again soon i hope. >> i look forward to it. seven days of spring. >> again we are back in the studio in washington d.c.. we are joined also by van
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newkirk as staff writer for the atlantic. welcome back. it's good to see you. congratulations. you are pregnant. >> yeah. >> i remember the last time he came in april. senator tim kaine is in north carolina and you have been writing a lot about north carolina. we only have a few minutes. a lot of effort is in north carolina to suppress the vote. that's what it is really. any progress in that and how has it impeded the vote or could it impact the vote a week from today? >> what we have seen in the early voting period are two different things that mean different things for democrats. we have seen the early voting turnout over the first couple of days and the first souls to the polls sunday actually increase twentyfold release for maui as
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seen from the early returns within those numbers the black turnout seems to have diminished. we can't tell what those are as a result of suppression efforts in some counties. that's what some people believe but it could be there's just a lack of enthusiasm among black voters after this date has tried to disenfranchise them for years on end. it would have some effect on motivation to vote. >> i want to come back that issue right away. hillary clinton's, speaking for the campaign they are coming down hard on comey accusing him of a double standard. >> i found it interesting when he asked him whether he thought thought -- he didn't want to go there. he kind of dodged it. so i think they are trying to put pressure on him but they are
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not going so far as to call it down. >> i believe the hatch act violation is a stretch. to really violate the hatch act he would have to join the campaign and be part of the campaign. write a check to a candidate or something like that. >> the law requires whether comey had intent. >> there is no doubt that they have been able to shift the focus here from hillary clinton or huma abedin to james comey. >> with a little help from comey. we have seen folks focusing on e-mails on the whole scandal more so than the disenfranchisement effort and i think that does have a potential to hurt voter turnout in a lot of these swing states.
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>> people are just so turned off by the whole thing? >> they are tired of everything in a sea motivation problem and early voting returns now so how will that affect motivation? >> on that question about the impact of this, it took them a while to get their act together in terms of the response to what's going on because it was such a bombshell and so unexpected. they didn't know what he had. nobody does. but she said at one point in that little press conference he gave, i think most people -- the e-mails. do you agree with that? >> i think that's true. it's about enthusiasm and it's whether trump is bringing back republicans in the polls,
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whether the story helps down ballot candidates more and i think that's the case. it's not the bombshell or the game-changer that he is portraying it is. >> it does seem to me is that we have been talking about the e-mails for two years now and the new batch of e-mails most people don't distinguish from the old batch of e-mails. maybe what bernie said over a year ago was right. enough of the e-mails. we invite you to join the conversation at 86655-press. we will be right back. >> on your radio, tv and on line. this is the bill press show. >> i am from there. >> where? >> the rocky mountains.
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speith i was born in charlotte. >> there you go. [inaudible conversations] >> i thought the hatch act single is good. >> yeah comment was. >> and the double standard. i was going to ask them are you accusing him of the double standard and he did, so. are you guys good? anybody need anything? is hard


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