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tv   Simulcast of the Hugh Hewitt Show  CSPAN  November 2, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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♪ >> hugh hewitt show will return to break in six minutes and 15 seconds.
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the hugh hewitt show on the salem radio network will return to break in five minutes and 45 seconds. the hugh hewitt show on the salem radio network returns for break in five minutes and 15 seconds. ♪
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the hugh hewitt show on the salem radio network returns from break and four minutes and 45 seconds. ♪ the hugh hewitt show on the salem radio network returns. >> have we done a press conference yet? >> negative.
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the hugh hewitt show in three minutes and 45 seconds. >> you look and sound great. the show is terrific. ♪
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>> great, thank you. the hugh hewitt show on the salem radio network returning in 15 seconds. the hugh hewitt show returns from break and five seconds.
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>> good morning cory america. it is hugh hewitt. i began this hour and welcome to a c-span piercing studio today from inside the beltway for this terrible story from des moines. too much or area police were shot and killed early wednesday. police from urbandale and to my departments responded reports of gunfire at the intersection of our avenue at 1:06 a.m. the first officers arriving on the scene found urbandale officer shot. the officer's name has not been released. at 1:26 a.m. des moines police officer shot and killed at the intersection numeral he wrote in sheraton drive all responded to the scene or the urbandale officer were shot. both officers were gunned down in their patrol cars. police officers are wary of
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officer d. des moines police is paired up and no officer is alone. there is a clear and present danger if you're a police officer. we will continue to update you on developments here and everyone in des moines. pat to me running for reelection in pennsylvania is going to win because the great senator and fine man. these sorts of stories after dallas, and so not in the dig of police officers are now being targeted for murder and that it happens with the shocking frequency now is absolutely appalling. what has happened within the culture of some people's mindset
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that allows them to do this, to think this is okay. it's unbelievable. >> i'm always struck after one of these ambushes. the day will not pass before we see other histories for police officers run into danger and the like baltimore had a terrible bus crash or the bombing in new york city when the officers rushed to the scene. they will be the first line of defense. they are in their cars on overnight patrols the most dangerous places in the country and some disease might have decided they are the enemy. the ability to run away from danger, they run towards it. with terrific integrity encourage. and now they are targeted i want to upstate. the fight for the united states senators. whether donald trump or hillary clinton wins the eye of an
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telling price about pennsylvania. would you hear about the premium to duck boat keystone states. over 50. i have no choice. with these outrageous premiums i have a huge deductible. it's like not having insurance at all. i don't have much choice. i'm just going to stop, hope i'm okay and if i get, hope i will pay an effective think i'll outlook for insurance. this is the death spiral that we feared. we saw from the design of this program and there's no fixing this by tweaking it around the edges. the only solution is to repeal this entirely in control of
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their own health care. not a government bureaucracy. >> a young producer was talking about failure to come up with obamacare. i nodded that i wish it was better articulated. we do have a plan. there is a republican alternative. the health care savings account is incremental reform but people don't know about it. >> the left has done a good job if they don't have a takeover of health care like obamacare, there is no plan. you and i know that the whole point is not to have the government take over health care. you are right. make it or mental reforms that allow people to get the health insurance and health care that they want. let them be in control. it's about more competitions, flynn said a renewable, affordable, waiting out the costs we tolerate needlessly
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like excessive litigation and health care. more transparency so people can know what they're health care is going to cost and they know what kind of outcomes different species that they can be consumers. it's about all of the things that restore a competitive marketplace. i'm not signing up for a bit 2000 page republican takeover of health care. >> in terms of the campaign's closing days, it's a pretty -right-brace. it looks good. she was handpicked by the left in the keystone states. how are the national race impacting pennsylvania senate race because it seems to me you would be winning in a year in which lots of weird things are going on. >> that's right. i will say two things. we always were determined to run a separate race, run my own race and a think we are doing that
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and it's going quite well. the things that are happening nationally. they do inevitably affect this. one of the ways that i think the race is being affected is the latest iteration of hillary clinton's endless series of scandals in this case the latest version of the e-mail scandal. it is just a reminder of just how important issue as president you just can't let her run the table. the damage they would do, the people they would appoint. one, it is a reminder of the own ethical problems which are many and secondly a reminder of how important it is to have a check on whoever the president is. especially if god forbid if hillary clinton. >> the clinton foundation the world largest money-laundering operation on "the wall street journal" online date which revealed for the first time before different fbi officers
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are connecting parts of investigation in the clinton foundation and that it is a worldwide pay to play scheme. i just can't imagine anyone voting for a democrat. this as corrupt as correct guess, senator to me. i don't know which oversight committee in the chuck grassley letter event of the year. the appearance of intimidation of the fbi investigation into the clinton foundation is real and present. >> yes. it is a very, very sad story. selling access at the state department for contributions to enrich the clinton family and those associated with it. it is horrific corruption. when democratic candidates for the senate can't bring themselves to suggest a single word of criticism for a dishonest and clearly correct candidate, it says a lot about them, too.
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i think the voters are going to say we really just can't allow this to be a norm for american politics. >> senator, i want to close because coal miners in secretary clinton has said she is intended to destroy the coal industry. how does this come up when you get down to this day. >> is a regional thing within pennsylvania. parts of the northeast also but very much in the southwest. these guys get it. i've looked into the arise from a platoon mate and said how did they get to the point where my government is putting me out of business, destroyed by industry, destroying their livelihood. people who vote are providing us with low-cost reliable source of electricity and the federal government which by the way it is cleaner than it's ever been by far and the government's response is to put them out of business. hillary clinton talking about all the jobs that will be destroyed.
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but let me tell you, these people get it. they totally understand that is the mission of the democratic party now to and what remains an industry they are. my opponent is fully onboard with that program and after that they're coming after natural gas next. >> affecting rebirth of western pennsylvania and eastern ohio will be dead if they get the epa back. >> absolutely right. the $4 billion under construction now just outside of pittsburgh. that is just a project to separate out the various component parts of natural gas. natural gas. there will be billions of dollars of additional industry. we will have a tremendous complex of thousands and thousands of jobs. that is all done. that becomes just an empty field. >> ohio wanted that plant. >> is very competitive and there
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is a big debate and a lot of competition. you ended up landing on our side of the border close to the ohio blind on our side. it's going to be tremendously beneficial. i'm quite happy we got them in pennsylvania. >> of the secret work for the indians tonight. game seven. the last question, momentum in the race matters a lot. you've got the momentum. hillary is falling faster than db cooper. we've got 30 seconds. where do you go? >> my opponent has disappeared somewhere. apparently she doesn't want to answer questions. i never wear. if you're listening to help out, i'd be very grateful. we will get this done. thanks for having me. >> to me for thank you on the senator senator. i'll be right back. america, stay tuned. it is the hugh hewitt show.
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the hugh hewitt show on the salem radio network returns to break in one minute and 15 seconds. the hugh hewitt show on the salem radio network returns to break and 45 seconds.
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the hugh hewitt show up on the salem radio network returns to break and 15 seconds. the hugh hewitt show returns for break in five seconds.
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>> welcome back, and america. i'm hugh hewitt update as quickly as i can at the des moines story. the family had a press conference out of press conference added to one or two officers were murdered in ambush style shootings this morning. police officers were still notifying of the plan to unfold their names. use of service until later in the day. both shooting streets were closed as officers investigate and urbandale at the intersection of seventh underwear avenue closed admiral hayes road is closed between urbandale avenue in hickman. police had no information on suspects and could not say how many shots were fired, how many people have been shooting. they do not know much, but we know every officer in america is on alert and our prayers are with you. thank you for your service. time to check in with phone calls around america people react to this news as well as students everywhere. marcus in los angeles, you are
7:24 am
on the hugh hewitt show. thank you for joining me. >> i murmur concerned about trump then i am hillary. if donald trump is elected president next week, the class-action lawsuit. >> all right, bye. talking point seminar callers, we love them. c-span ideas come its not hard to get it. they tell you that call for a different reason than they begin spewing their talking points. i love to talk to democrats. the seminar caller may. tom in houston, welcome. good to have you on. good morning. >> listening to on 10:70 a.m. right here in houston. >> i will hope that over the next four days, five days to continue like you do with mr. toomey on a national level the people who need $100 to get
7:25 am
them over the top because as you say, the senate and house are going to be keyed no matter what happens. >> i continue to have kelley ayotte on from new hampshire. pat to me of pennsylvania. rob portman locked us out. ted strickland is in a basket case, he's a casket case campaign. marker would be a lot up in florida. we really need them. the rate that i am praying for his show had. just to get a slap as he leaves the scene. he's done more to destroy the institution of the united states senate that any senator in my life and i'm 60 years old. he's been an absolute disaster for america. i saw one within six, general plan within six. i'm not so hopeful there. donald trump keeps going back there. the michigan poll was buried -- hillary is running a fire alarm
7:26 am
up there. the university poll yesterday. donald trump of 42%. in the "washington post" there is a crazy story and they are so afraid of the clinton corruption. the clinton corruption thing has turned this race on its head. let's go out to hawaii. tom in hawaii, how are you? you are up late for europe early. >> my hope is donald trump will waste no time reminding people of obama's war on police. every case he comes down on the side of the criminals. use the most racially divisive we've had here >> is not sure was intentional but it has turned out that way. i don't know race relations have
7:27 am
been this bad since 1968. i go back to the bad years, but i do believe these police shootings, i hope the president is out early this morning. i'm sure mr. trump will be out. he's been endorsed by national association police officers. i'm not sure if i've got the exact title down. i was out on the road for donald trump in milwaukee, wisconsin. he kept reminding people that officers don't choose to show up when they get a call, they go. they always go. they always arise. sometimes in recent years people have been waiting to kill them. it is just so deeply, deeply disturbing. please support the officers in des moines, their families. gallagher's army will get them a check today. gallagher's fallen officer find. mike is a friend of mine. mike will help them out.
7:28 am
thank you for helping them out. stay tuned. >> my c-span audience, we are a great. my buddy in dallas is my program director who is that national content manager reminded me that these are opportunities to preach. i will tell you, you can get to hugh hewitt app on hugh you are waking up, just turning on the tv to c-span2. he was that he is a guy? i have hugh hewitt. i've been on the radio since late-night tenet denied. i've never been off the radio since then.
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yesterday if you're watching you saw the press. though i might use to do crosstalk nla back when bill is 40 and i was 20. bill would always get up early because old guys get up early and it passed the show to me. i would always play phantom of the opera because he was always wrong. but then it went to sunday night and became a television anchor in los angeles and the pbs system on channel 28 cohosting life and times for 12 years. in july 2000 salem radio network offered me the show which was originally the morning six to nine new in the east coast. then they asked me after 9/11 on the arab life all day to move to the afternoon and anchor the afternoon drive from the west. i don't have a producer on the show. adam is a great engineer and duane is asleep in the other room. i've been doing this and it was
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easier and duane. he could wake up occasionally on show well. and then we stayed there until this year when bill bennett went all brit hume on nasa and retired. he shows up occasionally. so i moved back to the beltway. i lecture in 1990 after serving six years in the reagan administration. bunch of different jobs. in charge of the foreign intelligence court, the applications that the ag would sign. from there i became two agencies, the opm and eventually if you hang around long enough they promote the 30 year olds debate jobs. got to the deputy director of opm. unanimously confirmed. i served on the air quality management district, the orange county and i've never been in some government service. now back to the beltway to bring you every single morning
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6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. the best intelligent talk radio. you must have the analysis you need and i'm not within the nbc and msnbc and contributors on hardball last night. i'm shooting up to new york after the show today. i'm going to be in a hotel room by myself tonight to watch the indians. let me tell you about this. cavaliers went first. they had to get a ring first. the indians haven't had a ring so they get theirs tonight and the browns rebuilt. we are on plan. we need the number one draft choice. hugh jackman, everything has gone gray. the key thing in each note other than the fact i've been married to mrs. hewitt for 34 years and have three wonderful children is that i'm a season-ticket holder to the cleveland browns the cleveland browns pyramid came back in 1999 after the man who must not been installed in from cleveland i immediately signed up. but they made a mistake.
7:32 am
gave us tickets to my brother john. use these and other in the playoffs and i'll come back. i've never been to a home game and i've had season tickets. now my boys use them, nephews use them. if you are watching, europe early, and you're executing the plan. you look good. got the kid from the patriots this week. everything was going our way. cleveland -- such a greater for cleveland. donald trump, cavs got the ring after being bound. i hate doing this. not really there from illinois. david axelrod has been joining me as a vast segment of show since last monday. he may have a head as big as his room this morning. francisco landor, the old, the young, the old mike not believe
7:33 am
between the jk. corey kuban on the mound. brian shock on andrew miller, cody allen coming out of the bullpen. by reggie's apostle piece. i'm telling you right now, do not miss tonight. legendary baseball game and i'm afraid because you know that you are doomed. you know that are absolutely doomed. make sure your product on the show. if you want to listen to this everyday, go to hugh, download the gap, take it everywhere. the best guess in the business pat toomey, dana perino will be along. then they tell you about jasper. i don't get these books but i'll do my best. stick with us. we are coming right back.
7:34 am
it's not >> they are trying to freak me out, america. welcome back to the hugh hewitt show. indians game seven. the outside experience of game seven. 1997 marlins on the game in world series history indeed became. not happening tonight. dominate in game one and game four. everyone in between. mr. perez behind the plate. some unlikely hero will emerge. maybe tyler macqueen will combat from last night's disastrous run. he will step up. we will be fine and then it will
7:35 am
step up. but they go to the disturbing news of the morning. we still don't have any updates in des moines. two police officers ambushed and murdered in their cars this morning. their names have not been released. i remind everyone that caligari's, mike will get checks to the family today. that is the calipers are may does. but it is so disturbing six days out from an election to have another one of these events in the united states. it the democratic nominee under investigation. not one, but two. i brought this up last night on hardball. duane, let's try and bring up i don't have a producer. spin magazines now there are pushing the pressure points. the other side is incapable of being a decent president. >> boston big dig. that's the tunnel we are in
7:36 am
right now. >> the tip o'neill priced very good. >> lower and lower. but the fbi does or does not do if they find a smoking gun that to bring it out. >> how about if they don't? >> i don't get possible. >> we go and i found nothing criminal. why can't they do it? >> now it's going to be gun shy. a great op-ed in the "washington post" with the attorney general say about, what he did is what he was supposed to do but she can exonerate the classified material. if they find a june 23rd smoking gun. if they find that, i think they have to bring that out. >> you don't think they can clear here? >> i don't think it's possible. >> they contain the suppositions, the guesswork.
7:37 am
>> you can't do it. i have an advantage here. what will happen is they the universe of of six and 50,000 e-mails. for the steelers fans and making motions. big circles. within that circle, there were three other circles and they may overlap. the circles of hillary clinton's 55,000 e-mails including 33,000 deleted and bleach faded. the circlet overlaps to does ard have with huma to hillary e-mails but which may have been in the anthony weiner campaign. they've got to look at all about. if it turns out in the initial circumstance the fbi or if he has all of those. it didn't get back.
7:38 am
then they can exonerate. that's the only way. otherwise they have to take all those e-mails and send them to the various agencies that classification authority over them. dod sending stuff to hillary. the cia senate set to hillary at her private e-mail, all speculation. whatever is there, they have to let the agencies and we have enough time. if there is a smoking gun. i want you to understand if there is a june 23rd -- when haldeman and nixon sat down in the oval office after the watergate break-in and directed to top to the fbi about laying off the investigation, the classic smoking gun. incontrovertible proof. so we passed me last night, off air, i'm not quoting. what could be a smoking gun? there's so many.
7:39 am
a hillary did not say look at the king of rock over 23 million bucks they million bucks that will send the foundation there. i will put the clinton global initiative. she's secretary initiative. she secretary of state. that space for play. when she references something crazy that bill has done in one of her personal e-mails question mark she events to huma. that is a smoking gun if it involves the foundation. you believe bill has taken the university choppers had a million bucks over three years. that is going to look like pay to play. i'm not saying it is. there is million examples. the most obvious would be a late 2015th e-mail, the same time the cheryl mills writes john podesta. if hillary sent huma and e-mail. they've got to destroy everything. remember that stuff we heard about the something or other. bleach everything.
7:40 am
or not, lose the laptops come to get rid of everything. it is very easy to think of what could be a smoking gun. director comey this release it. now part of sand just having some actual experience in this. go brown, go indians. how are you? >> i'm great, thank you. >> good, good. i wanted to ask your opinion about the trump issues. i plan on voting for him because the alternative is so much worse. but i am concerned about the civil case that the allegation. >> we are going to stop that call. that is a seminar called. again, this is what clinton does. i've been doing this and 1989. c-span states under the great. i've been in radio since 1989. a good 25,000 interviews not
7:41 am
including callers. i've probably heard 200,000 calls. it is not new to me. it's not my first rodeo. i'm going to vote for them. let me bring up the talking points the democrats want me to bring up some half as they out there that no one believes. we've got a 62nd delay. don't bother. it is a waste of your time. check in louisville, how are you? >> i have a question. >> tell me about yourself. >> check in louisville, voting for trump. >> you're reading talking points. get rid of them, dump them. it is the democrat machine
7:42 am
people. you think if they do that with seminar caller talking points they are breaking everything they can read? patrick in pennsylvania. you are on the hugh hewitt show. good morning. >> where you calling from? >> i'm calling from lewisburg, pennsylvania. >> to barefoot on that state? you're not a steelers fan, are you? >> i have a watched. >> that's a good thing to forget. in answer on tonight. are you going to watch the indians? >> i was a yankee fan. >> one strike against you. i was a steelers fan. they reversed the call. >> i'm then law enforcement and
7:43 am
this happening with these officers and my heart goes out to their families. and i know my fellow officers, the best thing we can do to honor these men and women is to stay focused on the issues. sadly to say. >> i don't think it's a terrible issue to come up. it makes people so upset with the rhetoric against police. 95% of americans love the police. mark was a huntington village police officer or other. everybody now smart. they run into a problem.
7:44 am
murdering police is just so distraught as of the last end their indifference to the men and women in blue and the rhetoric of these demonstrators since ferguson began and the hatred directed police does not help the left. the democratic party is the left. thank you for your service, officer. i appreciate it very much. >> this is june. i was a huge paul harvey fan and always remember what paul harvey said about people shooting policemen. violence is a disease. the news media is the carrier of that disease. >> i don't remember paul harvey say enough. >> i was actually at the radio hall of fame when jim dobson
7:45 am
that is the rest of the story. i don't remember that in particular. there's no way around it. we've got to report full numbers. i'm happy to do that and tell you what you want university is that donald trump for the rest of the polls say he found michigan is suddenly in play. i'm happy to tell you that hillary -- you've got to read what they do. hillary is spending money in colorado, virginia, michigan and new mexico. they haven't spent a dime in those four states until six days after the election. not one dime. all of a sudden they are in colorado, virginia, michigan and new mexico. that's because hillary is falling faster than db cooper. she is going to hit the ground going 100 miles an hour, whatever the weight of despair
7:46 am
with. she is following not fast. people say this fbi saying. i did not have sex with that woman. they are just having -- marc rich pardon. the clinton greatest hits. part of the puerto rican terrorists, you name it. the fbi foundation investigation and now the e-mails are back. all of a sudden she is falling faster than db cooper. they've got at the michigan and new mexico. i'm not sure what donald trump's polls are calling them but i don't hillary clinton is doing. going into space or they are not paying attention. >> it will be my constant companion up and down. i got up in the first inning.
7:47 am
it is exactly what you need to get through the world series. put down the aleve, put down the ad though. if they can get you through their seventh game of the world series that can give you through anything caused by inflammation. i'm going to stay positive. this morning before heading over to c-span, i want you to try today. go watch the testimonials and say to yourself, really that's what i'm going to get. that's what's worked for thousands of you. not available in stores. you're right back, america on the hugh hewitt show.
7:48 am
>> commercial break and come to c-span audience. if you're just turning on the hugh hewitt, coming up and be joining me. dana perino after the hugh hewitt show is always available. knight-ridder handlers@hugh hewitt. i've got my indian church here wearing it at my hotel and getting up there and during doing a speech tomorrow. i'm a little superstitious about this stuff. we had a houseguest last night and they are wonderful, dear friends. the indians were three to nothing. we are in hawaii when the cavaliers won their seventh game. we just checked into -- we just
7:49 am
checked into the hotel and she vanished for three and half hours because she knew i have to be alone for this stuff. i want to chat with you. i am on twitter. i only live tweets on three days rest are in the playoffs. i'm a little bit nuts about this because if you want the litany, 60 years old says i can't remember it. every home game from 1965 and my dad by season-ticket through 1974 about the season tickets. sweating it out, watching betty ballard rick manning. i can even remember that no one remembered. larry brown was my favorite indian when i was young.
7:50 am
i've been carrying this burden. as i lay this burden down. you chicago people are watching. you've got friends for christmas tree rings for your easter bunny. we've got one reason. we have no pitching staff. this is just my sports rant during the break. all i know about his cleveland sports. i've experimented rhinoceros peeled for build and i'll send. i was there with was there when they booed mike phipps. i hope you're watching. i know all about it. and when i was in colorado, this is the year.
7:51 am
indians will win tonight. start doing the sports after show. i will prove to them that the marker reviewing our sports. get the app at hugh >> the hugh hewitt show returns for break in five seconds. >> welcome back america. 1520, mike in new hampshire, you are on. from the granite state will trump has pulled ahead. how are you?
7:52 am
>> does loretto lynch herself has any legal liability on a napkin here which you have a say. >> about a lunch after met with bill clinton recused herself impropriety is breached and i remind people in the white house counsel's office in the ag's office, served as the deputy director and general counsel at the office of personnel management that has a lot to do with government ethics. she should never have met with clinton. she recused herself from this proceeding. and the monday "wall street journal," deputy director who himself has an appearance of impropriety issue and accepted almost half a billion of direct contributions who is the best buddy. deputy director mccabe are not have anything to do with this. they were trying to get them to shut down the investigation of the clinton foundation.
7:53 am
are you telling me to close a validly predicative investigation. they pause. not us. there is a very serious problem but rather lynch has removed herself from it. i do believe if hillary clinton wins we need republicans than it and how said that republican senate not to refuse but the department of justice or any federal judge unless and until an independent counsel special prosecutor of great reputation and integrity and inexperience in the credible law is impaneled, been given the resources conducted and included an investigation to everything involving the e-mail cover-up, the bleach bidding and the refusal to honor the congressional sabrina and the clinton foundation. that means acting appointments civil servants of justice and lots of great players.
7:54 am
career shortages have to cope. if hillary clinton wins, the indicted president and face the indictment. i do not believe constitutionally you can prosecute the president. there is some disagreement on this and, most circles. chapman university school of law that i supervise, the very first issue is can you prosecute presidents. flash forward 21 years and now we're wondering if we can prosecute a second. the answer is probably not. the only be removed from office and prosecuted afterwords. it is very worrisome. matthew in detroit. iop roquefort indians tonight.
7:55 am
>> you lead into your bipartisan baseball. dig up one of the cleveland firefox and play it up but i do not because last time this happened i don't want the cubs. i want to see the few fans and done disbelief the canyon in the alleys and if you're watching in chicago, june is headed your way. what is your comment though, matthew? >> carson was here on saturday every day they have a different person. michigan, you've got to get out of though. he kept talking about blue dog democrats where they help count
7:56 am
michigan to reagan. >> they found they voted overwhelmingly against jimmy carter. the first race rubber room with a 10 k. in 1982 in moscow at the university of michigan. take what is worth having and there's nothing worth worth happening in michigan banks that that -- i went and got my law degree, the law is unfair, tim bowker and i am the macomb county on february 22nd, george washington at their birthday. david axelrod and i share a birthday that he's older than i.
7:57 am
he will be a lot older after tonight. i'm ready for you. game face on. you going to come in here gloating in the last segment of the show speaker paul ryan will teach you in the terrible news of the fence and went. two police officers ambushed and killed. notice on the assailant. the killers are at-large. everyone very tense in des moines. don't forget gallagher's officers families from gallagher's army. checked out as soon as we know who they are. i'll update you on the latest polls that come out. two days ago trump is surging hillary's poll it is the hugh hewitt show.
7:58 am
>> 8:00 is when i put away the coffee addicted to coke zero. that is all i drink, coke zero. are you there? shouldn't the spaniard to win? are awake. that is really remarkable. i want to acknowledge you. >> either way, you mentioned the poll that shows a tie. and rasmussen all out today. all three of them dead flat.
7:59 am
+-plus-sign yesterday for trump. now back to a straight up tight. you're not allowed to talk. jay, you're an intern on c-span. you don't get to talk. what was jake saying? >> i have no idea. he's not here. honest to goodness. a couple of events to do. we want to do reagan . for everyone to learn how to investigate because trading is not appropriate for everyone. if you are watching at home, aaa 1172. talk to hinder and todd. everyone in america ought to be refinanced in. you probably are going to hear
8:00 am
this anywhere else on the c-span listeners. an american historian, amazing guy. he wrote this piece for national review yesterday. the clintons at the end of all things, a germanic reading for hugh hewitt. where's the bottom with going hillary there's no telling. the endpoint comedy in the fall deadline, cheating, criminality, dishonor. on top of the latest with unique scandals we wonder what did clinton really wish to end up as then why? are they tortured souls crushed by the weight of their money by in the circle of health. two criminals with old-age but the clintons are 70 was to be the capstone is the last chance of all their prior shenanigans. the election of 2016 was to be
8:01 am
their magnum opus. revelations about the clinton foundation. e-mail server scandal, dnc disclosures and the off-the-cuff campaign remarks ability hillary clinton and ponders what was the point of the clinton shakedowns. the crude lawbreaking as they neared their seventh decade. to paraphrase barack obama and his progressive sermonizing on making enough money, give it to everything they had enough money and power already. they generated pay for play that they return to the white house and reward friends while punishing enemies. reported 150 million sometime ago. not on farming, and not giving enough money. the clintons are inside access gave them the power to make rich
8:02 am
people richer. log on to write charitable tax deductions in $100,000 future profit off of the $100,000 quoted the investment. a decade and a half of a corporate lawyer. the multimillionaire clintons. an example of amateur shakedowns and compared the sophistication of real profiteering to the humanitarian sounding highbrow correct clinton foundation. the clintons finally got their millions and can ensure further separate lifestyles. ..
8:03 am
the leverage $12 million speaking fee from a cutthroat morocco mining company. why the drive to pile profits on top of profits on top of privates? or hillary's top aid huma abedin of quid pro quo, either the mining company got from clinton-run state department. export import loan of 92 million quote, this was hrc's idea. our office owe approached moroccans. they believe we're doing it at their request. translated a president hillary clinton would have no relgbt, dozens of heads of states
8:04 am
dictatorial not friendly to the u.s. feel they had been business with hillary and bill. she is recipient of largess and owe them commensurate attention. why did hillary owe ucla in ear of thousands of indebted students, 300,000 instead of $14,909,989.99, for a brief speech. $149,999. bill, laureate university whose spin i don't have was state department largess. did he think extra millions worth embarassment highest paid and least busy college executive in history? good life did not drive the clintons but so supposed best life. even though they financially made it among the multimillionaire set, they saw others deemed by less deserving with far, far more. jeffrey epstein ability to jet
8:05 am
with whomever he pleased or green half a billionaire al gore who ran more successful cons, rapidly selling worthless cable tv station to impending capital gains taxes and selling to anti-semitic al-jazeera. media never audited gore's attempt to cable mode and about potential trump media outlet. they targets for graft. they certainly understood and smiled at hillary's boilerplate promise making rich pay their fair share. clintons sufficienter from greed david hanson, defined by aristotle. endless acquisition solely for the benefit of self. got to go to the end. i don't have time during the break. goes on and on. victor davis hanson, to paraphrase the warning of i am paning arrival of the war scarred half blind tip lip ii,
8:06 am
the clintons developed their lives and health and body visible scars prove it. they have lost any sense of chairman. bill hourly caricature as sexual predator. the best can be said of hillary's character. the left slugs. she may be a crook but our crook. they were and are capable of anything and everything. how does it end? one wonders whether in fleeting seconds here at end of thing they still believe that it was all worth what they had become. victor davis hansen, devastating takedown off the clintons. i will be right back with speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> "the hugh hewitt show" returns from break into five seconds.
8:07 am
♪ >> morning glory america. hugh hewitt updating you. we do not have anyone in the custody in the murder ambush style attack and murder of two police officers in des moines this morning. i will bring you update as they occur. i'm joined by speaker of the united states house of representatives. speaker ryan, sorry to introduce you with a terrible story. all too common in america in 2016, police officers become target of murderous rage. >> hugh, it is horrible. saw this absolute awful ambush in today mine. it is just terrible. everybody needs to say a pray and thank a cop. if you see a police officer, wherever you are in your day in this country, just give him some reassures because you got to know every police officer is thinking about this we need to know they're in our hearts and prayers. >> speaker, i travel the country
8:08 am
campaigning for donald trump with jon voight and david clarke, the milwaukee county sheriff, david clarke reminds people when bad things happen cops rush in. in orlando, the cops rushed. in new york they rush into the bombings. they are diseased minds. you weren't i live in '68. this is reverse timeline. >> i wasn't alive in six at this sate eight. i do remember hearing from older folks like yourself, hugh. >> piling on after the tribe lost. >> i didn't think that got to you. you know, society has got to heal it settle and those of us who care, which is the vast, vast, vast majority of americans, need to do something about this and that is express our support for law enforcement overtly, clearly. zoo that we can try and get our communities to stop this.
8:09 am
you know, there is nothing like peer pressure. we've got to make sure that people have to respect what law enforcement does. these people hug their kids, they kiss their spouse. then they go out and preserve and protect us. for someone to ambush that entire thought process. for someone to to after these men and women who are out there protecting us, it is unconscionable and to see the pattern developing that is what is unconscionable. if it is randomly mentally ill person one thing but people consciously are doing this they're doing it to our society. doing it to our culture. the whole notion of keeping the peace. that is why we have a lot of work to do in our communities to heal. >> mr. speaker, i don't know if you have even seen the project veritas videotapes. i have not independently confirmed if they are accurate. clinton-affiliated officials resigned but they're on tape as orchestrating violence at trump rallies. i just am appalled by that.
8:10 am
then i get asked all the time on tv will there be violence after the election. i don't think there will be any violence anywhere. to see democratic operatives orchestrating violence, how corrosive has politics become in this country? your mentor jack kemp out there talking about big ideas and big debates with left-wing democrats about sweden style socialism. it was how to move forward, not violence. >> radicals being deployed again to justify the means, ends justify means. is a link ski-style politics practiced with 20th century technology and ripping our politics apart. >> let's go with policy. you voted for donald trump this week. he promised with your friend mike pence he will have a special session to repeal obamacare and replace it. premiums in north carat line, that plan for individual
8:11 am
participants, went up 24% after 30% hike. bent much mark plan in phoenix went up 145%. pat toomey went on. average increase in pennsylvania is 50%. this is massive fail hitting people right in their checkbook in the way they provide for their family. what will you do about it if the house majority is returned, senate majority comes in and donald trump holds that special session? what do we replace it with? >> we're ready to do it. go to we have six-point plan we're running on showing what we can accomplish in 2017 with unified republican government. the point i was trying to make yesterday, i early voted for our nominee, for donald, i early voted for my senator ron johnson and obviously for congress so that we can keep a unified republican government. unified pup pup government only unified pup pup government get you reflate for obamacare. which is absolutely failing. actuaries call it death spiral. go to, you will see
8:12 am
the full-scale replacement plan for obamacare. patient centered health care, more choice, lower prices you get to buy what you want and your family needs. free market competition will keep providers accountable, bring competition into the system instead of the government monopoly bureaucracy giving us massive price increases. kaiser said almost a third of counties in america have one choice. that is not a choice. that is a monopoly. you have predictably massive price increases. law is absolutely failing. they literally call it a death spiral, the actuaries do. here is what we proved in congress already. people don't remember this, wee, house republicans senate republicans we put a bill on president obama's desk. used a tool call reconciliation they could not filibuster. we put repeal bill on president obama's desk, along with repealing funding for planned parenthood, we put that on
8:13 am
president obama's desk. clearly he vetoed it. what we demonstrated with simple majorities in the house and senate we can put these things on his desk. imagine if we had a republican president, this is what donald trump is talking about. special session, we have already proven this year with republican house and republican senate, we can have that special session and we can repeal and we can replace obamacare. this is not just a vague promise. this is clearly an action plan that we have. and if you want to take a look what it looks like, go to >> i have to ask you about alternative, if hillary clinton wins, boy we need republican majorities. i also, you probably don't remember impeachment very well. you were talking about. >> i was freshman congressman then. >> it's a nightmare. nightmare for the country. she is under two fbi investigations buried in "the wall street journal" story by devlin barrett, that deputy director mccabe had to face
8:14 am
down the department of justice who wanted to shut down the clinton foundation investigation and email investigation. we're looking at a nightmare in the oval office. >> i tell young people who didn't experience the 1990s like you and i did. this is what life is like with the clintons. there is always scandal and investigation. you never know what is going to happen next. they live above the rules outside the rules and they work the system to help clinton incorporated, not to help the rest of us. this is what they do. this is not a one-off event. this consistent pattern of behavior over lifetime of the clintons in office. so, why on earth would we want to go through that again? why would we want to repeat that as you said she is under investigation right now. do we really want to knowing this, have a person come into the white house, automatically under suspicion, under investigation? and by the way, if you want to go back to substance of it, what she is saying not to replace obamacare with patient-centered health care we're offering. she is saying i want public option.
8:15 am
i want to double down on government-run health care. what we're experiencing as government-run health care, she wants more of the same. obviously something we would never do in republican congress but we would be stuck in neutral with the divided government. have a president wanting socialized medicine and congress refusing and american people standing in the middle. that is why we have to have unified republican government. i keep telling people, the media likes to play up our differences far more than they are. look at it is an agenda. our nominee, donald is extremely familiar with it. we're all on the same page with these things. agenda to secure border, rebuild military, move people from welfare to work. scrap the tax code and start over with a simple tax system, so simple that families fill taxes out on a postcard. 1.7 million new jobs and growth to the economy. agenda to restore constitution. all rules and regulations
8:16 am
through unelected bureaucrat was have to go through congress before full and effect. that is how you restore accountable government and self-government in this country. this is an agenda we're all unified around which we're trying to offer the country but can only be delivered if we have unified republican government. i will spend next last four days, my senator ron johnson, crisscrossing wisconsin, explaining to my fellow citizens, battleground stayed, unified republican government can get you all these things. republicans need to come home. republicans need to vote. turnout is the key. that is why we're out there. i'm out -- >> last question, mr. speaker, last four days people are asking me this. if director comey, he can't exonerate secretary clinton because of the classification nature of emails. takes too long. practical impossibility but he might find a smoking gun. if he does, do you think he has obligation to tell the american people about it? >> look i understand why he did what he did because imagine if he didn't and we found out after the fact he was sitting on this
8:17 am
before the election. i clearly understand why he did what he did. hillary clinton has no one to blame but herself. an she and republicans are saying if you got something, got it clear, put it out there. if he is going through the process that he needs to go through to vet evidence and he has got it he should do it. i agree with that. more disclosure is better, clearly. >> speaker paul ryan, thanks for joining me, mr. speaker, good luck in your unceasing efforts we need, house republican majority, senate republican majority. donald trump in the white house. stay tuned, americans. "the hugh hewitt show." >> for more info go to safemarket ♪ >> we're broadcasting.
8:18 am
go ahead, we're broadcasting. >> "real clear politics," if you have their electoral map, with no tossups they now it today, trump would have 265. he is one state away. >> do they give him utah? >> they give him utah. they give him nevada. they give him north carolina. that's what moved. in "real clear politics" no toss-ups map, arizona, nevada, north carolina, are all now given to trump, based on recent polling. he is maine 2, new hampshire. >> i will go get that. would you -- i can't log on to create the space for speaker ryan. that has to get out asap. >> i will do it right now. >> thanks.
8:19 am
>> [inaudible]. >> i'm going to.
8:20 am
8:21 am
♪ >> "the hugh hewitt show" on the salem radio network returns from break in one minute, 15 seconds. ♪ "the hugh hewitt show" on the sate lemm radio network returns from break in 45 seconds. ♪
8:22 am
"the hugh hewitt show" on the salem radio network returns from break in 15 seconds. "the hugh hewitt show" returns from break in five seconds. ♪ >> welcome back, america, hugh hewitt the morning market update, doesn't look like any
8:23 am
instability at the opening, despite the terrible events in des moines. looks like a pretty stable market opening across the board. fairly routine overnight markets abroad. euro is climbing a little bit against the dollar this morning. the 10-year remains at 1.81. profits could make sense of that for you. if you are not yet subscribed to the free tutorials at profits, go there and get it. you can download safe market safe market allows you to trade conservatively, comfortably. trading involves risk of loss. it is not appropriate for everyone. safe is a pretty good way to learn how to go about it, add a few extra dollars every month to your portfolio. be a smart trader. not screwball, emotional trader. you can't be emotional trader and make money. learn about markets, whether
8:24 am
precious metals or commodities. whether options or futures or the dow or s&p. whatever you want to learn. where you go to do it. update out of des moines. des moines public schools have been closed for the day. and that tells you there is a killer on the loose, a psychotic on the loose in des moines. he murdered two policemen in their cars this morning. it might not be one. we don't know. they have not confirmed one or many. they don't know everything about it. everyone is on alert in des moines. you're not going to school this morning in des moines. get the word out. stay home. stay safe. the police will find and apprehend this killer before hopefully this killer kills again. as paul ryan said, say a prayer for all police and thank them when you see them today. clearly they have got targets on their back now because of rhetoric in this country and the disease. speaker ryan called it alinskyite tactics are back and
8:25 am
creating havoc everywhere you go. everywhere you go. coming up after the break i will be joined by dana perino. let's talk to justice in georgia. how are you -- 1-800-300-524. triple 8, triple 81172. i didn't mean to do that. triple 8, triple 8, 1172. andrew delray anded to todd are the two guys i worked with. they refinanced my home because of "brexit." "brexit" brought down 10-year bond. when the then year bond fell. mortgage rates fell across the united states of america. very best people in the business, they do it from soup-to-nuts. they will walk you through it, stay on top of your loan, andrew and todd. 888-888-1172. i have known him for 20 years in
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my men's small group. if you don't have any money to be made he will not put you in a loan. he will not shine you on to do the paperwork. he does not need your money. they are so busy. they will take care of you. if you have to ask the question i need to do this, 88-888-1172. ask dod and and drew for their help. coming up after the break. dana perino will be me. i want up to date on "real clear politics" map. donald trump is up to 264 electoral votes, giving leans his way. closest he has been to the magic number of 270. this giving him utah. utah republicans are figuring out if they don't want hillary, they can't go to evan. indicted president is not something anybody wants. not something anybody wants we're looking at it, looking at a real possibility. if you don't want that to happen. you have to get on board and vote for donald trump. speaker ryan was talking about.
8:27 am
united republican government is only way to get rid of obamacare which is failing you, failing your family. i was watching on msnbc. they were interviewing democratic mayor of phoenix, trying to get democrats energized in arizona, after they have been clobbered with 145% premium in the benchmark plan in phoenix, silver plan, 145% premium hike. pat toomey from pennsylvania was on earlier in the show. 50% hike. 50% hike. in cost of health care in pennsylvania. in north carolina where richard burr is going to be reelected, they are down to one plan in 85% of the state. that plan is increased 24% blues over 30% increase last year. obamacare is completely failed, america. if you want to change it, you have to elect republicans up and down the ticket. you can not vote for a democrat. you have to be dumb as a rock to vote for a democrat.
8:28 am
i will be joined by dana perino, talking about her new book, "let me tell you about jasper," when we return to the "the hugh hewitt show." stay with us. ♪ >> "the hugh hewitt show" on the salem radio network returns from break if five minutes and 15 seconds. ♪
8:29 am
"the hugh hewitt show" on the salem radio network returns from break in four minutes and 45 seconds. ♪ "the hugh hewitt show" on the salem radio network returns from break in four minutes and 15 seconds. ♪
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"the hugh hewitt show" on the salem radio network returns from break in three minutes and 45 seconds. ♪ . .
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>> i am hugh hewitt. thank you for listening and welcome to wal-mart c-span to watchers today. on a grim morning when the assassination of two police officers in des moines is dominating the news. i'm pleased to welcome someone who always gives us a breath of fresh and a lot upbeat energy, dana perino. author of now for the good news and bring a bestseller, surprise bestseller. let me tell you about it. of hoping up for c-span audience. welcome back from fox news. good to have you. >> i'm glad to be back and i am still remain so glad that you're sure that your show move to the morning. >> we need some upbeat. this is a happy book. let me tell you about the jasper. this is a happy look.
8:35 am
let's talk about jasper and then will come back to the news. i didn't realize jasper was your second dr. gottlieb real is that until i read the book. >> i am glad -- thank you for reading the book. henry was my first leash law. i had them when i was in scotland actually. then i moved to san diego with him and after 9/11 when i got asked to go back to washington to work at the justice department henry team lucas and became with us to new york. between the ages for me up 26 when i got married and 40 when henry died by life changed so much produce such a constant in me. i write about his last days with us. >> very sad. very touching. >> all agoa strength of the we all have in common. if you have a dog and, of course, we humans outlive them and effect charles krauthammer once asked me why do we do this torso's? the grief is so overwhelming but it was replaced by joint with a
8:36 am
new dog, and that was the jasp jasper. >> i mispronounced it, it's vizsla. i know the look of th of the do. i see the breed. i didn't know they got gray. i've got wide here. now i like vizsla's because they get gray like like i did to oue doctor that? >> vizsla scott gray very early. you are lucky do you have a beautiful head of hair. yours is perfect. >> tell us about these pictures. i've got a grandchild and this book is a big hit because of these pictures. they just love this. how did you do all this? >> meghan kelly told me something that surprised me when i was on air with a. she said her son takes a book i gave to the family to bed every night because you love to look at the pictures. >> it's a huge hit with kids. >> i think it's a work of modern art, if i could be so bold.
8:37 am
>> be bold. >> i met a guy on twitter, did this on twitter, get this to me once trimming anonymous. he doesn't seek out attention but it is self-taught and photoshop and just by chance about four and a half years ago when i started talking to jasper on the side in which those pictures and they would make fun of me, all of a sudden my twitter feed i was to see some pictures of my dog jasper photoshop into news of the day or historical events as jasper as george washington, jasper playing baseball in the world series, and yet i decided to collaborate together on a project that was a welcome distraction during the election and help give people some joy. >> it's like the indians have been my distraction, and i hope al roker is wearing an indian voters on the today show. i brought my indians t-shirt and. i hope you're on the side of -- >> rooting for the cubs. >> but he's wrong.
8:38 am
axelrod joined to me after the break. he's been on every since the series began spurting bad karma but i hope -- >> what the world series outcome, what that predicts or portends for the presidential election next tuesday. >> i want chicago to lose up and down the ticket. are you with me with the indians? >> sure. >> that's the right answer. >> you know my sports knowledge is also lacking. >> just a with the indians. don't let them bully you on the chicago cubs. cubs. >> as that would make field goals and touchdowns? >> kirk talks about lacking the sports tinker let's switch to politics. i just had speaker ryan on and you know about the intensity of the debate over what director comey did and what he ought to do. i'm arguing he find a smoking gun companies got to put out there. the speaker appear to agree with me. i don't think -- there's too much to go through and there will be classified information and you know how hard it is to
8:39 am
get it declassified but if you find a smoking gun that isn't classified of thinking you to put it out there. view of greek? >> i do. i worked at justice department for about 10 months before i went over to the white house and i'm sensitive to the notion that you are behind the scenes i'll tell you what's happening is private communications people are screaming about wanting to be more fulsome india to because they have the answer to the press. i would imagine the lawyers and investigators are being extremely cautious because they are thinking what actually constitutes a smoking gun? like how would you define? >> anything that would have the same level of impact on the clinton political fortunes as the june 23 tape recording in the oval office every to nixon and haldeman on his fortunes. that's what a smoking gun is. and absolute -- >> i'm saying you and i would agree what a smoking than his but at the justice department and the fbi you can imagine their having an argument over
8:40 am
what a smoking gun would be. >> sure. paul ryan said more transparency, he agrees with hillary clinton. i hope that's forthcoming. i want to draw on your justice department experience because i am a veteran of the department of justice. you read stories because you know good reporters will bury something deep in the want you to see. >> you always have to go to the last paragraph. >> deputy director, in a meeting with a senior justice official had to say are you asking me to shut down a credible investigation, and investigation, i once use the exact term of art used, investigation that was verified the predicate is what he said. were you shocked to find out they were trying to get him to shut that down as o as a just ws ago? >> i do think he buried the lead but, of course, media being what it is today that became the star
8:41 am
by the end of the day. we talked about on the five. i'm not totally surprised but that's only because i ran into michael mukasey, the former attorney general for george w. bush at the end when i was press secretary, talk to him and his looking at his perspective in terms of protocols and the way things could have gone, then you also read bill of "the wall street journal" who yesterday said the attorney general should have either backed away completely or had the courage of convictions and told jim comey not to send a letter, and she did neither. >> that is a study. that means there's an attempted coverup. with two independent investigations, the e-mail server and the foundation. do the american people understand that there are two investigations, in your opinion or do they think it's one big clinton corruption and greed speak with i think probably the latter.
8:42 am
i thought paul ryan was good on your show a half an hour ago where he was explaining what it was like to live through the '90s with the clintons. i do think scandals over all come with you think clinton's you might think scandals defeated word association. about three weeks ago "usa today" did a report that said america's top 10 fears, overall top 10 fears. it wasn't national security. it wasn't terrorism. it wasn't even an economic collapse. it was government corruption never one. i think americans understand. gc that in the tightening of the polls in these last seven days. >> we've got whitewater travel office, of course monica lewinsky, the puerto rican terrorists, marc rich and no -- >> the pardon of marc rich is very interesting, that yesterday the fbi all of a sudden releases
8:43 am
-- i think i know why. >> wide? >> i think the fbi was taking a shot at eric holder the former attorney general for obama who was the attorney, the pardon attorney for bill clinton. >> he was the only one to review that. eric holder that the pardon go through of the convicted financier swindler. that does make sense. paybacks are held in washington. i read somewhere that that james comey will be favored in any showdown with the doj political appointees because he's been around longer, those are doing and knows how to work it. that is a shot across the bow. what are your democrat friends telling you? in media new york uses the same thing i hear over at nebraska avenue at nbc. there are a lot of nervous democrats as hillary clinton falls after the d. b. cooper. just plummeting. >> i think structurally they're in a good spot opposing argument is not that strong, if i could be kind. yesterday i think i will come to the right thing.
8:44 am
you focus on obamacare and e-mail scandal, she brought out in this universe which is fine or i'm guessing it's not your best closing argument if that's what you're going on. >> it was an attempt to trap them. they wanted to go yosemite sam. trying to bait him. he did not do it spin for the first time he didn't. >> she also went up yesterday and you've been around campaigns, she went up with new ads in colorado, virginia, michigan and new mexico where she is not running any ads of the cycle with four days to go. what's that tell dana perino? >> that's what i try to look for, where are they going at this point. she needs to shore up the league she sat there from the beginning. she has had leads but i think donald trump also knows he has to change the map a little bit. one of the things when they were 17 candidates on the republican side, i would say if one of those candidates calls you and
8:45 am
want you to support the campaign, the question you should ask is can you flip a blue state? can you flip a state that obama won that you will be able to take back? i think by donald trump tried to make a plan in michigan and wisconsin he's trying to show that he can do that. >> there are eight senate races, kelly ayotte, pat toomey, richard burr, roy blunt, joe heck, the wonderful joe heck in nevada, todd young in indiana. rob portman, he's locked it up in ohio and then marco rubio in florida. how many of them do think the republicans lose or do they hang onto them all? >> i don't think they can hold onto them all. i think a surprise to the democrats will be that todd young will win indiana. i do wonder about blunt in missouri. trump is way up in missouri but i like something like 13 points something like that. blog is only up by three.
8:46 am
>> you never see roy blunt operations, it's so deep in the weeds in missouri but it's there. at me conclude by going back and let me tell you about jasper, how much my best advocate and ge america's doctor i'm not a dog person because of allergies. you dog people, marc levin, you, everybody, you sell these books in the tens -- are you surprised? are you stunned? 30 seconds. >> to give me a lot of joy. this is a departure from anything i've done. i've worked in politics or in media for 20 years, to have an opportunity to write about one of the great loves of my life. the one thing i with the dog bring people together from all walks of life, democrat, republican but it also made my marriage stronger and do something am really grateful for. >> congratulations. let me tell you about jasper and bookstores adecco and thank you. i don't care whether it's the
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>> welcome back, america.updatea suspect has been identified. it appears these bullet holes just little the police officers course. we will continue to follow this terrible, horrific story on that day i was hoping would be at a
8:52 am
of joy for indians and americans. instead i bring you david axelrod it was poppy been celebrating a little bit because either i wanted this to go seven last night. that was quite the dropped ball. >> first of all let me say my thoughts are with the families of these police officers. it does put everything in perspective when you have a story like that. i also want to say that a lesser man would be boastful, would be really cracking your but here, because usoco fully predicted indians and five, then it was indians in six, and here we are. but i am not that man. i am a guy who simply wants to
8:53 am
see i say make the best team win. and i'm pretty confident they will speed and let's talk about these pictures. one and one in the postseason. you've got to be worried, david axelrod. kory kluger is four and one in the postseason with a .89 era. he struck out 35 batters in 30 innings. why don't you guys just go home today? don't even show up. >> i feel like we are contractually obligated to show up, so we will. listen, i think the two things that worry me, they're happy with where the cubs are. they've got momentum. they feel like they're going to win. hendrix has had a tremendous year. he's a kid who seems to have no nerves, and so i'm happy about all that. here's my view. we have to score off of clever because andrew miller has been idle since saturday. he can pitch a good long stretch
8:54 am
tonight -- kluber. i want to score and hope that kluber bears some of the scars of two short rests starts. >> i'm going to give you a storyline. >> you heard a lasting on the broadcast it's been since 68 cents the tigers won three games, but anyone has 13 games. >> its 48 for the indians, 68 but here's -- >> again start, just want to point out all these games start at 7-0 8 which a military time is 1908. >> let me give a storyline and wonder your storyline. delete tomorrow jason who grew up in chicago put a knife in the heart of chicago fans and by the way, his twitter feed is at -- jason will be the key and last but it brought us back. we were down seven, i thought we would get blank and he just fought hard.
8:55 am
i said there's the heart of this thing. what is your best storyline? >> it has to be shorter your -- shorebird. the greatest calamity schwarber hitting the co-head home run in this game. but i think his presence in the lineup made a difference lastly. is batting second made a difference last night, and you saw the way the middle of the lineup performed. >> a rookie in center fielder made the difference lastly. >> and unbelievably bad play. but a rookie in center field wasn't responsible for russell's homerun. >> as soon as the ball dropped my neighbors heard me screaming because that's a very indians thing to do. >> that's exactly what has happened to the cubs for 108 years.
8:56 am
>> did you read thomas boswell this one in the "washington post"? pso for the indians. that is the way it should be. he talked about how we don't have her pitching. we have half your payroll, have to attendance. this is going to be, you know this is your role in life. the cubs need to lose this game to maintain your cities identity. >> i thought you're going to see my role in life as a democrat, to root for the downtrodden spent the indians, yes, you should be doing that. but you know that chicago would not be the same if the cubs win. you know that. >> i think i may have told you this before about the fan who said to me, if the cubs win, what do i have to live for? there is a little of that. i have been trying to process that. what if they do when? it changes everything and they will never be the lovable losers again. now they will be the hated behemoths. >> i'm here to assure you, you
8:57 am
don't have to worry about that because tonight kluber -- i hope king james comes out -- >> your assurances mean nothing to me. the indians taking the series for days and it hasn't happened. >> that has to be in retrospect. >> let's let them play and let's review tomorrow and we will see where we are out. >> we will be back tomorrow. looking forward to it. have a lucky run into the game and enjoy it but i'm sorry to say it going to be a wonderful morning to talk to do more from new york city. take care, my friend. david axelrod. good baseball man on the wrong side of history this time. america, c-span2, thank you for being here. thank you, dallas. to all my friends listening, and put up and down the line, thanks for being here. i will be back to more of the next hugh hewitt show.
8:58 am
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you know that absolutely screwed you to the dnc was rigged. donald trump said, rates from top to bottom. if you are a bernie sanders aboard you can't go when the ever credit party completely screwed your guy. bill for jill stein. you will feel better about yourself a week from wednesday. thanks for watching. thanks for listening. >> "the hugh hewitt show" is a nationally syndicated radio program that airs 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. monday through friday. out pre-election radio show continues tomorrow with the tom hartmann program at noon eastern at a fight will be the mike gallagher show a new and 90 in eastern from new york city. live with both of them. >> i road to the white house coverage continues live today on c-span the president obama campaign for hillary clinton at
9:00 am
the university of north carolina at chapel hill. that starts up to the district polls show donald trump with a small lead in that state. mr. trump holds a rally today in orlando, florida, that starts at 4 p.m. eastern to the polls show a very close race with him slightly ahead in several national and state polls that are gathered recently at real clear politics. both campaigns are out also with new ads and we have more of them running in the presidential race in north carolina. >> putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home again is not what i go through the roof. grab them by the blank back. when you're a star you can do anything. they let you do it. spent more a tooth is coming for their sexual assaulted i donald trump. >> i will go backstage before a show and if one is getting dressed.


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