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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2016 6:01pm-8:00pm EDT

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were three voters in the time you took that answer whereas i care about what you care about was the hard part. >> on what to ask you to deliver your closing statements and after that we will quote. c this is not a lot of fun. i have a few closing ideas. mike's entire argument is the only argument for lying about voting. combine both of us together and you just lie that she did. second jim harper's argument now being a rational calculator, i asked them how many times in the last 10 years they had gone to a local school board meeting, voted in the primary, voted in a local election. all of these things that can matter on jim's calculation and if you are congressmen it matters a lot.
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we are having this debate about what affect businesses should be saying why doesn't he do that but one reason he doesn't notice you rationally decided it wasn't worth the cost and when this whole voting thing comes up and we spend this whole debate on this we should talk about other things. they kept sliding over into the thought that voting matters. torture that i was a crazy for us to say it doesn't. your vote doesn't matter. it's not wrong for libertarian to stick to voting. it's also okay for libertarians to vote. don't vote, to vote makes a difference's to us but if you vote, vote for something or someone that doesn't compromise what you stand for. it matters deeply to you and it should if you want to have principles that matter. if you don't vote, don't sweat it, take your kid to the park, write your congressman, cstc-a demand become an uber driver. we don't have to produce the
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gospel and having a mature conversation about the vices and virtues of the power limitation of voting. its eyes been beneficial in many ways is long overdue. principles are difficult thing to have in the world of politics and in many ways impossible is being able to compromise which means a principled politician is usually an unemployed one. if you are libertarian please don't forget what you stand for and that's liberty. democracy voting is not the same thing as liberty. democracies look like they promote liberty more than some of the alternatives but they can also be led astray in when they do those in government usually cite the people as justification by consciously not voting bank being able to explain to others why we are not voting we can change not just the policy for government but people's beliefs about government. we can say there are better more meaningful ways to achieve prosperity and peace and justice
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we don't need to resort to the state every time we see a problem and we can convince them the state is very often the wrong way to solve those problems. in a sense the problem with voting in practice today is that people take it too seriously as a means for achieving good governance. they invested with too much meaning. one of staining doesn't make things worse and voting doesn't make things better, by making the choice not to participate in a false show of public spiritedness we can take some of the air out of big governments balloon. just because everyone is -- the emperors clothing doesn't mean you have to. thank you. [applause] >> i'm not unaware of the irony of asking who won this debate
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and asking you all to vote on that question. however, if i might have a show of hands for the affirmative. voting in the affirmative? and in the negative? i think i'm going to call it for the affirmative. how many here have changed their minds? okay and which direction did you change your minds toward? [laughter] i saw one hand go this way in one hand go that way and one hand not move. maybe you one more than he realized. in any event, in any event we can continue to discuss this at the reception which i believe is one floor down in the lobby. is that correct? thank you all.
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a positive. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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to u.s. senate debates coming up tonight on c-span.
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this morning here in c-span2. simulcast of hugh hewitt's show from arlington virginia. right right now we will show you some of that broadcast. ♪ >> good morning america, its hugh hewitt. we do not have anyone in custody in the murder ambush style attack martyr to pull off -- police officers in des moines this morning. i'm joined by the speaker of united states house of representatives paul ryan. speaker ryan i'm sorry to introduce to his such a horrible story but it's all too common a that police officers have become the target of murderous rage. >> it's horrible.
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we all woke up and turn turned on the tv and saw this absolute awful ambush in des moines and it's just terrible. everybody needs to say a prayer and think a cop. if you see a police officer wherever you are in your day in this country just give them some reassurance because you have to know every police officer is thinking about this and they need to know that they are in our hearts and prayers. >> speaker i travel the country campaigning for donald trump with the milwaukee county sheriff and david clark would remind people that when bad things happen cops rush in. when orlando happened the cops rush and orlando when the bombings happened in new york they rushed to the scene of the bombing and yet there is this diseased mind in this country. what has happened? you probably weren't even alive and 68 but this is like a reverse time machine. >> i wasn't alive in 68 and i do remember hearing from older folks like yourself hugh.
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you are piling on after the tribe lost last night. i didn't think i got you. you know society has got to heal itself and those of us who care, which is the vast, vast, vast majority of americans need to do something about this and that is expressed express their support for law enforcement overtly, clearly so that we can try and get our communities to stop this. there is nothing like peer pressure and we have got to make sure people respect what law enforcement does. these people hug their kids and kiss their spouse and go out and server protect us and for someone to ambush that entire thought process, for someone to go after these men and women who are out there protecting us it's unconscionable and to see this pattern that is developing that is what is unconscionable. if it's a random mentally ill person that's one thing but as people consciously going out and doing this to society. they are doing it to our culture and doing it to the whole notion
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of keeping the peace. that is why i think we have a lot of work to do in our communities to heal. >> esther speaker i don't know if you've seen the project and i've not in the bentley confirmed that they are accurate. i know the clinton affiliated officials resigned but they are on tape is orchestrating violence the trump rallies. i've been appalled by that and i'd get off all the time will there be violence at the election? i don't think there'll be no violence anywhere but to see democrats orchestrating violence how corrosive has politics become in this country? jack kemp packing up big ideas and big ideas but it was about how to move forward. >> i think what you are saying is rules radicals being deployed. they end justify the means in the were seen this in politics being practiced with 21st century technology taking effect
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and it's tearing politics apart. >> i know you voted for donald trump's week. he promised yesterday with mike pence at his side york friend mike sent that he will hold a special session to repeal obamacare and replace it. premiums in north carolina there's one plan for 85% of participants. that plan went up 24% after 30% hike previous year. the benchmark went up 145%. the average increases 50%. this is a massive fail that hitting people write in their checkbook and the way they provide for their families. what are you going to do about it at the house maturity comes in and donald trump holds a special session? what do we replace the web? >> we are ready to do it. go to better.g.o.p.. we have a six-point plan showing what we can accomplishing 2017 with a unified reporting government and the point is trying to make yesterday our
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nominee i early voted for my senator ron johnson and for congress so we can keep a unified republican government and really only unified republican government can get you a replacement for obamacare which is as you say absolute failing. the actuaries call it -- if you go to better.g.o.p. yuval sfull-scale replacement lamp for obamacare patient-centered health care with more choices lower prices. you get to buy what you want and to get to buy what your family needs. we may competition, free-market competition that will keep providers accountable and bring competition into the system instead of this government monopoly bureaucracy. kaiser tells us that almost a third of the counties in america have only one choice. it's really not a choice. it's a monopoly and pick up where you have these massive price increases. allows absolutely -- they call it a death spiral the actuaries
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do. here's what we approved this year in congress already. people don't seem to remember this but house republicans, senate republicans, we put a bow on president obama's desk which they could not filibuster may put a repeal bill of obamacare in president obama's desk upon with funding for planned parenthood and we put that on president obama's desk. clearly he vetoed it had what it demonstrated is a simple majority we have an house and senate we can put these on his desk. imagine if we had a republican president. this is what donald trump's talking about. special session we have proven this year with a republican house and republican senate we can't have that special session and we can repeal and replace obamacare. this is not just a vague promise. this is clearly an action plan that we have and if you want to take a look at what it looks like go to better.g.o.p. to see for yourself. >> better.g.o.p.. let me ask you about the
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alternative is hillary clinton winds we need a republican majority but also you probably don't remember it very well but you are talking about it the other day. it's a nightmare for the country. she is under to fbi investigations buried in "the wall street journal" story with deputy director mccabe wanted to shut down the clinton foundation in addition to the server e-mail investigation. we are looking at a nightmare with her in the oval office. >> this is what i tell young people who didn't experience the 1990s like you and i did. this is what life is like with the clintons. there is issa scandal and their size and investigation. you never know what's going to happen next. they live above the rules, outside the rules and they work the system to help clinton incorporated and not the rest of us. this is what they do. this is not a one-off event. this is a consistent pattern of behavior over a lifetime of pundits in office. why on earth would we want to go
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through that again? why would we want to repeat that and she's under investigation right now. do we really want to knowing this have a person come into the white house automatically under suspicion under investigation and by the way if you want to go at the substance of that what she is saying is not to replace obamacare with asian centered health care like we are offering. is saying i want the public option. what we are experiences government-run health care and she wants more the same which is obviously something we would never do in republican congress. we would have the president wanting socialized medicine and the congress refusing and the american people standing in the middle. that is why we have to have a unified republican government. i keep telling people the media likes to play up our differences far more. look at better.g.o.p.. it's an agenda. our nominee is extremely familiar with it. it's an agenda secure the border
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and build our military move people from welfare to work. it's an agenda that starts over with a simple tax system so simple that families can -- it will create 1.7 million jobs. an agenda to restore the constitution. all these rules and regulations in bureaucrats would have to go through congress for an amendment before they go into effect. that's how you restore the separation of power per that's how you restore an accountable government. this is an agenda that we are all unified around which is what we are trying to offer the country but can only deliver it if we have a unified republican government. i'm going to spend last four days of his campaign with my senator ron johnson crisscrossing wisconsin explaining to my fellow citizens of my state a battleground state unified republican government can get you all of these things. republicans need to come home and republican state to vote. turnout is the key and that is why we are out there. >> mr. speaker people asked me
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this. if director comey he can't exonerate secretary clinton because it takes too long. it's a practical impossibility that he might find the smoking gun. if he does do you think is an obligation to tell the american people about it? >> look, i understand what he did. imagine if he didn't and we talk about after-the-fact that he was sitting on this after the election so i clearly understand why he did what he did. hillary clinton has no one to blame but herself and she and republicans are saying if you've got something put it out there. i think think it has gone through the process that he needs to go through to that evidence. if he started he should do it. i do leave the marx pusher is better. >> speaker paul ryan better.g.o.p. thank you for joining me and good luck in your efforts to return a house republican majority as senate republican majority in donald trump in the white house.
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portions of the hugh hewitt show , for more information go to save market we are broadcasting. go ahead, we are broadcasting. >> if you have the electoral college map with no tossups they now have it today right now trump would have 265. he is one state away. >> could they give him ut? >> they would give him ut, nevada and north carolina. >> in realclearpolitics no concepts. arizona nevada north carolina are out for trump based on recent polling. he is -- in new hampshire.
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>> i can't log on here. i've got to get out asap. ♪ ♪ >> "the hugh hewitt show" returns from break in three minutes. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back america. hugh hewitt put the morning market update. it doesn't look like an instability and des moines. it looks like a stable market opening across-the-board. fairly routine overnight markets abroad. the euro is climbing against the dollar this morning. prophets makes up for that view. if you are not yet subscribing to the free tutorial go there and get it. you can also download their big market, state market it allows you to trade safely, securely, comfortably conservatively. trading involves risk and is not
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appropriate for branded save market is a pretty good way to learn how to go about it and have a few extra dollars every month in your portfolio and be a smart trader and not a emotion driven traders. you can't be an emotional trader and learn many can learn generally about markets whether it's precious metals are commodities or options and futures or whether it's just the dow and s&p, whatever you want to learn. prophets is where you go to do it. an update out of des moines, des moines public schools have been closed today and that tells you there is a killer on the loose, a psychotic on the loose and des moines. he murdered two policemen in their cars this morning and it might not be one. they have not confirmed one and they don't know what the about but everyone is on alert and des moines. you are not going to school this morning and des moines and get the word out. stay home, stay safe.
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the police will find and apprehend this killer before hopefully this killer kills again and this paul ryan said say a prayer for all policemen and think of when you see them today. clearly they have targets on their back now because of the rhetoric in this country and the disease. olinskey -ite -- are creating havoc. everywhere you go there creating havoc. coming up after the break i will be joined by dana perino. in the meantime let's talk justin in georgia. i just dropped justice. i forgot to tell you 888888-1172. sorry about that justice. (888)888-1172. martin brokers and bankers. andrew delray -- of the two guys i work with.
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they just refinanced my house because the brexit. brexit brought down the 10 year bond when the bond fell mortgage rates fell across united states of america. the very best people in the business will do it from soup to nuts. (888)888-1172. by the way if you don't have money to be made and you can save money is not going to shine you want to do the paperwork. you doesn't mean he -- need your money. he will take care of you. if you have to ask the question do i need to do this go to (888)888-1172 and ask andrew for help or a coming up after the break dana perino will put me -- will be with me. donald trump's up to 264 electoral votes. that's the closest he's been to the magic number of 270.
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utah republicans are figuring out that if they don't want hillary they can go for evan. an indicted president is not something anybody wants. it's not something anybody wants that we are looking at it as a real possibility. if you don't want that to happen you got to get on board and vote for donald trump. speaker ryan was talking about that. the only way to get rid of obamacare which is failing you and feeling your family. i was watching on "msnbc" and they were interviewing the democratic mayor of phoenix trying to get democrats in arizona after they have been clobbered with a 145% hike in their benchmark silver plan. 145%. pat toomey from pennsylvania was on earlier in the show. 50% hike, 50% hike in the cost of health care in pennsylvania. in north carolina where richard her is going to be reelected they are down to one plan and
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85% of the state. that plan has increased 24%, the blues over 30% increase last year. obamacare has completely failed america and if you want to change it you have to let republicans up and down the ticket. you cannot vote for democrat. you have to be as as a rock to vote for democrats. i will be joined by dana perino talking about a new book. but the tally about jasper when we returned to "the hugh hewitt show." stay with us. ♪ ..
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> host: i am hugh hewitt thanks for listening welcome to c-span watchers today. on a grim warning of the two assassination of police officers in tomorrow night what is dominating the news now we have the breath of fresh air we have taken a pre-no the surprise best-seller let me tell you about jasper for our c-span
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audience will comeback from fox news. >> i am glad to be back iso glad your show is in the morning because it gives me something to listen to. >> host: rates something upbeat. this is a happy book we could talk about the grim news all day so talked-about jasper. i did not realize he was your second one. diane dillon read the book. >> thanks for reading the book. henry was my first dyad him when i was in in scotland then i moved to san diego that after 9/11 i was negative - - ounce to walk - - back to washington d.c. city came back so between the ages of 26 and 40 when he died while life changed so much he was the
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constant for us and i write about his last days. >> host: that was very sad >> guest: it is something that we all have a common of course, these humans will outlive the men and why do we do this to ourselves because the grief is so overwhelming but was replaced by a joint with a new dog that was jasper. >> host: i know the local club lead dog it isn't that that, then i did not know that they got a break here like i do. henry a. jane was the revelation the senate they do go grave very early but you have the beautiful head of hair. some people have so where that does not turn out great but yours is perfect. >> host: tell us about these pictures and this is a big hit because of the pictures.
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how did you do all this quick. >> may get kelly said something does surprise me that her son takes the book and i gave to their family to bed every night because he loves to look at the pictures. >> host: did is a big hit with the kids is to make it think it is a work of modern art to be so bold. i've been a guy on twitter who wants to remain anonymous he does not seek out the attention, the self-taught and by chance about four 1/2 years ago when i started to talk about jasper one and then they would make fun of me, then i see these pictures of my dog jasper photoshop into news of the debt or historical events as george washington washington, playing baseball in a world series and he and i decided to collaborate
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core and a project a welcome distraction during the election. >> the indians have been my destruction - - destruction. i brought my indian t-shirt. >> and david axelrod will join me after the break every day since the series began to spread information and bad karma. >> with that world series outcome in will portend. >> i want chicago to lose up and down the ticket. >> host: are you for the indians? back sure. you know, that my sports knowledge is lacking. >> host: just go with the indians did not let them believe. >> is this remake field goals and touchdowns? >> host: so now open switch to politics.
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i just had speaker ryan and you know, the intensity over what director call me did in what he ought to do. i am arguing defines a smoking gun he has to put it out there this baker did not agree with me i don't think they can exonerate there's too much to go through and it is classified. you know, how hard is to get declassified defied a smoking gun that is not classified 80 to put that out there. do you agree? >> guest: i do program to the justice department 10 months before the white house. claim sensitive to the notion behind the scenes i will tell you what is happening the private communications people are screaming about wanting to be in the answer because they have to answer to the process of the lawyers and investigators are being cautious because they think what constitutes a smoking gun?
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>> host: anything with the same level of impact with those political fortunes as the june 23rd. >> but i am saying that you and i would agree the smoking gun but the justice department and fbi are having an argument what the smoking gun would-be. >> host: paul ryan said more transparency so i want to join your justice department because there was no wall street journal story because good reporters will bury something sticky will is have to go to the last paragraph. that the deputy director had to say are you asking me to shut down incredible investigation?
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that was a predicate? were earshot to find out they were trying to get him to shut that down weeks ago? >> idea think that they buried the of the -- the lead but was the story at the end of the day when we talked about all the five. i am not totally surprised but the former attorney general for george w. bush at the end when i was press secretary and just looking at his perspective in terms of protocol, but then you also need the wall street journal yesterday said the attorney general should have either backed away completely or had the courage of her convictions and did not send elevator and she did not do either. >> host: that would be
6:43 pm
predicated in the investigation. sundew the american people understand there are two investigations or do they think it is one great big corruption? >> i think paul riot was a good guide your show half an hour ago when it was like to live through the '90s with the clintons and the scandals. but scandals overall if you think the clintons you may think scandals with word association and the letter not but three weeks ago "usa today" said america's top 10 fears overall. it was not national security or terrorism or even the economic collapse but government corruption.
6:44 pm
and then to see them in the tightening of the polls. >> host: whitewater, a modicum of wednesday, puerto rico terrorist and marc rich. >> but market is interesting issue debt yesterday fbi all the seven releases? i think i know why. i think the fbi was taking a shot at every caller. >> eric colder let that parted go through. >> that does make sense paybacks are hell. i've bed set where he will be favored with the doj political appointee so what are your democratic friends telling you?
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you will hear the same thing that i have to hear. there is a lot of nervous democrats. >> i think that structurally they are in a good spot but her closing argument is not that strong if i could be kind. but yesterday donald trump did the right thing to focus on obamacare and the scandal which is fine but that isn't just your best closing argument. >> host: they want him to do you city san and database he did not do that. >> >> she also went up yesterday you have been around the campaigns she went up with new ads in mexico california but she has not run any of with this cycle with four days to go. >> that is what i look for where are they going to this
6:46 pm
point? the leaves that she has had from the beginning by the donald trump also knows he has to change the map a little bit. who with 17 candidates of the republican side with say if the candidate calls you to support your campaign the question you should ask is can you flip the blues stakes that obama one bet you can take back? i think i can try to take a play in michigan and wisconsin to show he can do that. >> and and the combat veteran and marco rubio in florida. how many do you think the republicans lose?
6:47 pm
l. think we can hold onto them all. it is a surprise i do wonder about misery. trump and is way up by 13 points. and then by three. >> but i am told you never see the operations deep been the weeds of missouri. but i will conclude by jasper i am not a dog person i have allergies but you dog people, you sell the books, are you surprised. >> get it gives me a lot of joy is a departure from anything i have ever done. working in politics 20 years to have an opportunity to
6:48 pm
write about one of the great loves of my life. dogs bring people together from all walks of life but it also made my marriage stronger and i am grateful for that. >> host: congratulations dana perino. in bookstores everywhere. >> host: medicare if this is the week before or four years get up then down and move around. hough
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tis then will comeback from teas this the - - des moines the suspect is bob unidentified bulls rolled their cars this horrific story on the date that was supposed to be full of joy for america and said i'd bring you david axelrod and new has been celebrating a that a bit because apparently they wanted this to go said this last night that was quite. >> first of all let me say my thoughts are with the families of these police officers it does put everything into perspective with a story like that. i also want to say that a lesser man would be boastful
6:54 pm
is that the have momentum
6:55 pm
they feel like they're going to win he has had a tremendous year and seems to have no nerves so i am happy about all of that here is my view. we have to score because andrew miller has been idle since saturday he can pitch a good long stretch tonight. i want to score and hope that he bears some of the scars. >> i will give you the story line. >> your heard last night ever since it went three games for the tigers that anybody has won the three games. >> host: >> but i just want 2.0 they start that is 1908 military time.
6:56 pm
>> let me give you the story line jason who grew up in chicago but aid negative my heart and the twitter feed he would be that gm last night he brought his bass neighbor down seven / zero and he fought hard and there is the heart so wedded to airbus storyline greg. >> the great story line here would be hitting the go-ahead homerun in this game but i think his presence in the lineup made a difference last night his batting lead a difference last night you can see the way the lineup performed. >> a rookie and the center fielder. >> but the rookie center field was not responsible
6:57 pm
for the hall brian -- for the home run. >> host: that is crazy is and is that hit my neighbors heard me screaming. >> that is exactly what happened for the cubs 100 fourier's to all of my
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
friends up and down the line thanks for being here i will be back tomorrow on the next "the hugh hewitt show". ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> host: to this c-span audience you can listen every morning go to hugh for that bait breaking news. and just like speaker ryan. and then to have any other radio show. we'll go get that have -- application and follow me on facebook.
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then mike gallagher will broadcast on friday. and then there is another one out there. and he is bernie sanders type of guy i do not think he will vote for hillary clinton. you know when they have screwed you the dnc was raped talk to bottom review or a bernie sanders supporter with then just complete the screwed your guy it was ripped for the star and both cordial stein you will feel better. thanks for watching.
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this year the congressman is seeking his second term and the challenger is the democrat. up next we have their debate from last week. >> hello and welcome to our debate between the candidates with the 24 congressional district. >> this has changed every two years and is currently held by republicans in congress and former federal prosecutor wobble and the
7:02 pm
democrat previously was working for u.s. senator and in the mayor's office. each will get one before the opening statement and then the closing statement imagery last questions about national issues and local issues rebuttals or 25 seconds three rebuttals will be allowed. >> moderator: let's get started. up first is colleen. deacon: i appreciate the opportunity to be here to share about myself in campaign classic shares i worked in the senator's office before it at i was the mayor so i had been rolling of leslie's and fighting hard for the people of this district. i agree period and syracuse
7:03 pm
ford and raised in the city i graduated from college i had a son who did not have the option of health care i had to quit my job a few days before he was born and know-how many people are struggling of want to be a voice for there was not a voice before the what to go to congress to support those working families across the district now they will work harder than europe responded in meat for be a better representative than i am so ironclad to have an opportunity to talk today and look forward to discussion. katko: good evening. of little more than two years ago left my job as a crime prosecutor to run for costs, does congress i was tired of partisan gridlock. i wanted to be a part of the solution not the problem.
7:04 pm
but that is exactly what i did. it has become one of the most independent members in congress i passed 15 bills siding into law by the democratic president more bills passed in any freshman in this term. the heroin epidemic to negotiate the highway bill or the national security. there's so much more i want to address with your vote on november 8 i hope they can do that i look forward to the discussion tonight. >> moderator: now let's have questions. like many editors the black lives matter protest was for those to call for police reform do think change is needed to you think the black lives matter movement is helping those reform
7:05 pm
efforts? deacon: this is how i looked at it. i cannot imagine to have to worry about their child going to the store i cannot understand what that would be like to put the uniform on every day. this is a real situation tuesday and by our thoughts we have to come together to work together to address these issues. we need to have a conversation and we need to do more at a federal global. provide with the trading to learn about the communities so we can address the issue
7:06 pm
going forward. >> shin bet include body cameras? deacon: absolutely. i would help provide all the resources and including hiring more officers. >> i worked in syracuse to run the gang violence taskforce so i had a bird's-eye view of the problems that plague our city. and then being nasty do a possible job. in may can always learn from them. and then to have a job retraining. one thing we can do for sure is have body cameras by i a supported that grant application for body cameras
7:07 pm
we will continue to support those across the country. as far as black lives matter . i guess that is so capable want to be sure the respect for law enforcement it is not just black lives matter all lies matter even police officers together and we should be able to work together with this problem. >> moderator: as a former federal prosecutor windows police are involved in the death sociable the subtle local level have those cases could. >>. katko: it is case by case of it is federal jurisdiction they should get with a federal prosecutor but then be always decide for that best and where the case
7:08 pm
should go. >> with the unrest in the middle east with the syrian civil war to have opportunities for terrorist organizations to operate and have strength. so what should they do to defeat isis? deacon: keep america safe that is the number one priority not only at home but at a broad. but with the training that they need to eliminate the threat. so spending 14,000 air strikes and to take out that number of on-line recruiter that they are recruiting from. and to work with the up
7:09 pm
partners on the ground to make sure that we can eliminate the threat of license for a good. katko: the obama administration and when pulling out of iraq with no forces left behind in that obama has been a disaster. and to deal with that issue as a freshman congressman but not only at the middle east also here at home. moret that half of these recommendations have become law. so to increase the of bombings in the middle east. so do have our partners
7:10 pm
trust us again and then to do a better job than when they are doing now. >> moderator: other any circumstances to deploy a ground troops? katko: not unless the generals have said that is exactly what they need. now ip we should continue we are doing. i was over there to years ago with the task force i spoke with a journalist in iraq. even isis had deep orders aimed toward baghdad. but the trips to trade the iraqi forces. we will never fix the problems to intervene they have to fight for themselves . the more we support them of better. sometimes this is very personal i have a 20 year-old son.
7:11 pm
and i take that very serious >> is there any scenario to have u.s. ground troops but. >> boots of the ground we have to do everything to make sure be solved of problem. my father was a veteran and i saw first hand what endless wars due to families . we cannot do this with the current situation. i would not unless it was the last possible option on the table. knock off the door before we come in is where i stand. and into work with the allies with that intelligence that we need to help solve the problem before anybody is in harm's way. >> the fbi says there are 18
7:12 pm
individuals are charged with offenses and how should the state and federal officials address that security challenge? >> to talk with that foreign fighter task force and as a fresh and with four republicans and three democrats in a bipartisan manner. we should be working with the local and state with those across the nation's there's more to have a seamless transition. that is the thread of the time. because they seem not to make it a priority. there is nothing on this
7:13 pm
issue but they should take into consideration. isis is the most existential threat to. the highest since 9/11. and it was disrupted. i would work on this every single day i am very proud of what we have done. >> moderator: deal care to respond? deacon: that is buddy they set hasn't made this a priority but he edited a tape of me talking about national security december 2015 sued is something i have been talking about that i have been for one year so it is foolish to say i don't make this a priority but congressman katko has said nothing about keeping america save.
7:14 pm
we should do that no by no-fly let -- legislation that he does us support it is bipartisan that means if you are on the no-fly this you cannot purchase a gun. that is common sense policy because it and act right now . it is so important to implement what we can at our fingertips to help terrorist for those situations that occur on our soil. katko: to even suggest i would go light on gun crime is preposterous. six months before the no-fly know by. those violent criminals and then i took off the streets i am one of the most formal
7:15 pm
for prosecutions under been dead a mitt -- decorated by democratic and republicans to get guns out of the hands of felons. >> moderator: so good you vote for a bill paxon know there are multiple versions. katko: i did author one such bill there is a minor difference and then they cannot get the gun. and then kennedy was on an no-fly list. so now we make sure we have the right guy. >> can i add to that. yes said that 1,000 u.s.
7:16 pm
citizens so to protect the rights of 80,000 foreigners that he would watch get on the plane but they could not purchase a gun that makes no sense. katko: absolutely night with those law-abiding citizens. and with the briefings that they get that it is a problem they are trying to fix. >> moderator: we will have to move on. congressman katko this is partially to bolster nuclear-powered. if it is a clear power plant. >> using that cost-benefit analysis not just hundreds of jobs.
7:17 pm
and with those power plants. and that they generate over to one trade million dollars in salary alone. not for hundreds of millions of tax revenue. you would have a huge problem with exponential love. -- exponential to make sure that they are protected but also to ensure we have clean energy. we have to understand that until they are sustainable it should not be a component. >> moderator: what do you say to businesses that look at their utility bills and
7:18 pm
what they might be? >> i understand but there is the time of waste and fraud in any york state government. before we pass any bill we have to have a way to pay for that it should be the same in new york state. lord knows there is a bloated bureaucracy to put thousands of people out of jobs and now hard-pressed area of the country with carbon freed mission. >> i don't think we should put taxes and burdens on the backs of the middle-class whenever to the senator's office there was a discussion of the power company to be charged an extra rate hike during the warmer months because they cannot collected during the colder months. helping to write with the federal regulatory
7:19 pm
commission to look into that to see if that was legitimate and if consumers and had to pay that is the kind of person i want to be so people who use energy have air-conditioner is do not pay the exorbitant rates just so we can balance one over the other. >> is nuclear-powered considered a clean energy? >> we have nuclear energy idol support new but to transition that we should be using a nuclear energy right now. that after the power plants closed then you are left with the waste material. but right now is something that we need to have on the grid.
7:20 pm
>> moderator: if you were in the congressmen's position at the time would you have supported an agreement? >> the bottom line with the high-paying jobs and that is what we could not afford to lose a putting those together we had to work to get something done to keep the jobs in place. had i been a representative for this district either bring every idea and solution to the table to move forward. >> moderator: >> she was a representative she was up point person for those six years. during that time the issue came up as the issue then she did nothing about it. went to the rallies she was noticeably absent. , we worked with the company
7:21 pm
on a daily basis i got them to understand the issues to help them keep those jobs in the impoverished area. i am proud of that. and made to protect it as best we can. deacon: when the situation happened it was the last week of work so the facts are aimed at zero vaughan then say a little under irving as a representative at not take a stance to everything but he is doing but when i was in the senator's office that week i don't remember congressman katko and reaching out to be to work on the issue. so she claims to be bipartisan he doesn't work with me at all. >> moderator: the next congress for the affordable care act even democrats say
7:22 pm
it has a lot of serious problems today devastation announced double-digit price hikes for some plants. so what should be done to fix it? >> i do support the affordable care act it is great we have met those that now have the option to have health-insurance. somebody who did not update now how hard that can be not to have health insurance. so now to get that preventative care. the affordable care act is a great start obviously we need to improve it i am happy to see they eliminate the insurance companies to cancel on those with a pre-existing condition. students to stay on until 26 and they provided a marketplace to buy insurance but we do need to make it better and make sure it is affordable with safe quality health care they deserve. yesterday talking about the
7:23 pm
price hikes the other part of the story is the federal subsidies will also increase with those so they will make sure that is affordable for everybody. katko: she did tell you how to fix it but i will the up bottom line is it is broken. it is the good thing that 19 billion have insurance you cannot go back to a time when they don't have better don't have the option. but obamacare is not working. but the proposal they're forcing them to come to the table i have forced the party with these foolish bills to repeal obamacare but replace with nothing else. the proposal out there now is to basically have pay market-based solution.
7:24 pm
and do what makes the big difference and also to work for those prescription drugs. but they said obamacare is now working in its current form. >> moderator: congressman katko planned parenthood is a dead issue more talked-about abortion in the race as well. so with those pro-life judges to the supreme court in expecting the issue to go back to the state hillary clinton was to keep brophy we'd -- rode rated place also talking about medicaid funding and so congressmen despite saying that you would not do so when 2014 can you explain that vote of what new york should do if
7:25 pm
roe v wade is repealed. katko: there is hundreds of thousands of dollars that have my position when i went to congress based on the evidence i've voted to temper the shift funding not define them but shift them to community-based health care plans but i also has been a champion for women's health care issues. my mother suffers from breast cancer for anyone to suggest i am not for funding women's health care in that is what the commercial suggested with the supreme court wish to not have a litmus test. we nominate people to the supreme court of integrity first and integrity second and integrity third. that is what should be important.
7:26 pm
>> moderator: so first donald trump is wrong when he suggests he should be appointing pro-life question might think having that litmus test is wrong because the problem is pulls people apart integrity is the key issue. >> moderator: if it is repealed should there be some sort of measure in the york to preserve abortion rights? >> it is up to the people majority rules. so they feel that is appropriate for their district then yes. deacon: i think it is pretty obvious that team won when he ran in 2014 promised he would not vote - - but to defund planned parenthood but he has done that four times. so to dance around this issue he was presented with videos of false evidence complete the not real the actual gentlemen was now indicted so he is based is
7:27 pm
evidence of false material. is not somebody that i want as a congressman and the evidence for the decisions made first. he wants to take a break health care rights for women he voted for times. this is a serious issue we need to know he went back on his campaign promise. integrity is key but having integrity on this issue is key as well. >> moderator: to support the hyde amendment corrects. deacon: i do i think it impacts the foreign low in, minnesota redo to make sure they have held court -- health care they deserve a matter in, . katko: you can beat the drum by italian my position. i make sure that the funding was for women's health and the always will. >> moderator: we will move
7:28 pm
on to the next question cities like syracuse have struggled with sumer infrastructure one solution is the call for a consolidation this would make local government more affordable. >> ironclad you brought this up one of the biggest issues that we face a have been talking about this entire campaign. our roads bridges sewer pipes are crumbling every where. if when i go to congress and i'm excited for the opportunity to vote on a package that and click say huge investment of infrastructure to put people to work it is a great opportunity to fix what we have to provide opportunities for people as well. with the consolidation i do think what came not in the spring i don't think it had enough detail to say what would work or not or the
7:29 pm
dollar figures if they would match to that proposal until we have more information for me to make a decision on what would be best and then we could fix the infrastructure. but i want to make sure i am bringing dollars back to fix the infrastructure so all parts of the 24 district. >> moderator: how do we spend that money? raising taxes parks because some think it is within the trillions of dollars. >> right now you can borrow money at historic lows if you look long-term not like writing a check today but over 10 years as the investment into our country putting people to work countries of thousands to add dollars to the economy. it will pay for itself. that is with the republican party they don't look at it as an investment to provide opportunity but they just
7:30 pm
think spending is bad. but that would be a great investment for the future. . . a you have already seen some of the first of the highway bill and a lot more is coming that infrastructure i supported a reporting than i think we should
7:31 pm
find ways to -- and by the way increasing spending highway bill and the funds for the clean water revolving fund and cuts in other programs in the country. instead of just trying to say give more money be efficient with your money and that's what we did with the highway bill and the water bill. >> moderator: to follow-up on that is their revenue that needs to be raised by borrowing or raising taxes? katko katco i think when $19 trillion in debt it should be an absolute positive last resort. we are not at the last resort yesterday think we should try to to -- and allow the states to have more money to use for funds. until such time when you say there's wasting government. >> moderator: before we move on ms. deacon and this is a yes or no answer, did you think
7:32 pm
syracuse could pursue some sort of merger or consolidation? deacon: we need more data to decide. like i said i read a draft report and it wasn't enough information to be able to say this is a good decision or not a good decision. katco i completely agree with her on that one. >> moderator: this summer congress passed an opioid make that there are lingering questions about whether i'd wrote lawmakers are striking the right balance between a problem with the's help at the namic or as a law enforcement issue. sometimes for public and have urged police cracking down on heroin distribution. deacon: i'm glad you mentioned this. it's a health help academic and way to make sure we are addressing it as a health epidemic that it is. we have to do everything we can to make sure we are providing the resources to help people.
7:33 pm
we should be working with law enforcement agencies in making sure that they have the training and the tools and the ability to deal with people who are overdosing and having dark and on hand and doing everything we can to get the drugs off the street but at the same time we really need to work with our medical committed to making sure they have guidelines in place so they are not over prescribing these drugs and we are being proactive about it. not necessarily reactive but not making it so that so many people are becoming addicted. we need to make sharia the treatment facilities available for those who are addicted. here in dierks city we have 90 methadone clinics. 42 counties do not have access to clinics in every county is not immune from the situation. we need to make sure we have places available for people and that the federal level we need to do everything we can to provide resources for families can deal with this issue and tackle it for good. >> moderator: congressman really quickly if you can follow
7:34 pm
up on that. deacon: i know the suspend talks about and i want to see how it works before i would comment on it. they haven't been in use here in new york state but let's see how it goes before i have a thought on that. katco: for 20 years during that time i had all manner drug prosecutions and drug traffickers. i have never seen anything like heroin. heroin is killing her kids at the record pace and not just in new york city but over the place. i could get educated but when i was a congressman i fought for them. i did that because i looked at people who lost a son to a heroin overdose. you talk to them and he looked him in the eye.
7:35 pm
i can only tell you anybody that is going through this terrible epidemic, it's a three-pronged approach. it's enforcement, its prevention and treatment so my palm and set about treatment absolutely that but you need the enforcement leg as well. this is a good first step. we need more money in the community for treatment and more money for prevention as well. we have to have law enforcement component as well and as we are working on. i am proud to have been a part of this. >> moderator: to follow up on that there have been an availability for that primarily because people who are overdosing and sometimes they overdose. has narcan become too much of a problem for this issue. >> it's never a problem when you
7:36 pm
are saving someone's life. but you're absolutely right. police officers in auburn -- that's how bad the grip is. narcan is by no means the magic elixir. we should not eliminate it but we should make sure we have the other things that my opponent and i have talked about and that is prevention treatment but also law enforcement. mobs of them next question outside groups have spent heavily on this race has spent money in upstate new york and a lot of it is because citizens united supreme court decision. should a constitutional amendment be approved that restricts or greatly diminishes the role of money in politics? katco: absolutely and based on what the supreme court has said and citizens united they believe
7:37 pm
donate to campaigns is essential and her -- being able to fix the problem. i've been on it by the support i've had in this race not just from traditional groups we might think are republicans but labor unions for example. i am honored and humbled to have that but i also recognize there's a problem. there's a lot of money coming in on my behalf of a lot of money on my opponents they have. i think my opponent would agree with me. mobs at to be clear do you think this falls under free speech and the first amendment? katco: under the -- katco: i think there's no question. the question is whether we want to have an amendment to fix that and i think we have to. deacon: i absolutely think we need to get money out of politics. a special interest money in the dirty money coming in even in
7:38 pm
this district alone be a tack ads that are out there and this is not how you look representatives whoever has the most money. i've been talking about this since i've been on the campaign trail. my opponent is somebody who might say we need a constitutional amendment but we don't support any of the bills. he is the seventh highest recipient of cash dollars in special interest dollars in congress. you mentioned the know by no-fly piece of legislation earlier in the recent dozen supported is he gets thousands of dollars from the gun lobby so he doesn't support a bill that they don't support. think it's very obvious we need to get money out of politics. we do have donors disclose who they are and not have secret and special money coming into any district. >> moderator: congressman i do want to get back to but first you agree or disagree with any of the things in the super pacs that have been running ads on your behalf? deacon: everything we have put out of my campaign has been his
7:39 pm
words. he said donald trump -- >> moderator: not the attack at of the ads ads run in the campaign. deacon: we are not affiliated with those at the blogs i've seen just uses congressman. katco: 's words. congressman. katco: only cares about his race to be concerned with donald trump so it's the message getting out there and letting the voters know who he is. >> moderator: congressman go ahead. katco: you are reading what she said with respect to the campaign in the money coming to the campaign. i was an incumbent here. she outraised me last quarter. that's part of the deal. to so keep that in mind when we are trying to factor in the mix what's going on. the bottom line like i said we do need a constitutional amendment to get this under control in their 100% believe that. as for the outside if they think you know i've never endorsed donald trump work sample. i never endorsed him and i don't
7:40 pm
vote for him not going to. despite that keep in mind i have great faith and understanding what this is all about. >> even though though the record says you don't support donald trump who are you voting for? katco: i haven't decided yet. it's not going to be hillary clinton are donald trump e-verify candidates and the county executive said the same thing she does know who to vote for yet. a lot of americans are saying is this the best we have? >> moderator: are you going to skip over the race entirely and maybe not vote at all? katco: i will vote for a third-party candidate for sure. deacon: i think it's very clear john katco receives a high amount of interest -- he has
7:41 pm
false misleading ads about me and television. he edited a portion of my words to make it sound like it was saying something that i wasn't. it's very dishonest and misleading the voters and frankly i think the voters deserve better to have somebody in congress he wants to run on his record but is attacking me. >> moderator: congressman we started with the mckinney with you. katco: it's a fact she hasn't been able to articulate anything in those were her words in her view on this television program. the fact that she couldn't articulated a plan with respect to isis and it's a fact that she did say i don't have a plan. those were her words. those were not edited so again i will let the people out there judge. >> misti can you serve for six years in the as a top aide under
7:42 pm
senator gillibrand. as a beer first elected office privilege of voters in the district chief trust you in that role? deacon: thank you very much. i worked for the last six years rolling up my sleeves in her office in six years before that. i know how government works on all levels. note the challenges that we face but i also know the potential we have here. i have worked with our small businesses to help them cut through red tape airport with the ata company to get the waiver they deserve so they could continue to produce their product here. i kept bad trade deals from happening. in auburn facing fuel dumping from other countries where they couldn't compete silly work to help investigate and look into this and stop it. i've worked with are veterans to help with local job opportunities. these are the things i have done here on the ground and i want to continue to fight hard for the people of this district. i understand for the -- the need for the community. as of the community center
7:43 pm
talking about the flood map. these are issues have been involved in and will continue to be involved in throughout my time when i'm in office. if somebody who has faced the struggles i know what it's like for so many families. want to be a voice at the table where there hasn't been a voice before. as somebody who just paid off my student loans i know dislike for so many people graduating from college with student loan burdens on their back and limited job opportunities. i want to go to congress and be a true champion for this region. >> moderator: congressman you have been among a handful of republicans are split on role call votes but democrats increase their standing your vote will become more important than ever and will increase on g.o.p. leaders. washington voters in this district said you will not break under pressure. katco: i've had to move my family out of my house and despite all that i never wavered
7:44 pm
in doing what was right. that's why it's easy for me to stand up for my party and tell them no. i have done it repeatedly and that is what i'm one of the most and the point at -- independent voices. my opponent has been involved her hold a dull career not been involved in politics for two years. tourism and medical device tax repealed making sure the highway bill will generate thousands of jobs in new york and making sure the trade will does not run us like it has with the nafta deal. i have a proven track record of my opponent you have some possibilities. >> moderator: we just heard your resume.
7:45 pm
deacon: i don't even know how to quantify what he is saying. i've got a lot accomplished in this district. i'm not in congress. i was never a federal congressperson from this district so for him to say i haven't got any than done is completely false. like i said i worked on the ground. i've worked with fema when they had an issue with the school district had an issue with relocating a school in fema not allowing them to build a new location that i worked with fema to get the waiver they needed so they could rebuild but the funds that they deserved after a flood. i've worked with the city of syracuse to make sure that the funding they needed here in the 24th district had i been working on the ground for longtime paid airport to make sure birdseye workers at the birdseye factory close that we secured taa funding. assessment assistance funding so workers can be retrained for jobs. for john to say i'd never proven track record is completely false and dishonest. katco: they lost their funding
7:46 pm
and accounting, the state rather that's why i've been advocating for grants. we have supported the cities grant that they didn't get -- regarding fema the fema flood mapping in the city of syracuse she has been there for 10 years and nothing happened and nothing happen and all of a sudden magically it's my fault. you've been doing it for 10 years. either you did nothing about it or you tried to do something about it and fail. >> moderator: congressman just to follow up really quick working in as a regional rap and district offices you know a lot of this job is constituent services. ms. deacon has worked with constituents and -- katco: the economy got worse in
7:47 pm
that period of time in the fema flood map issue is rearing its ugly head. those are a few of the examples so she can't have her cake and eat it too too. she can't sam qualified to run for congress because i've been a point person for senator gillibrand. for 12 years she has been a professional politics. i've been a professional politics for two years and i've gotten a lot more done. the watershed issue is a huge thing. we have been meeting for two years on that issue and she is nowhere to found and all of a sudden she shows up and has a press conference a few weeks ago that show she didn't know i was involved for two years working with congress in the area. deacon: john did you then do a google search before he made these claims?
7:48 pm
the fema flood map is a perfect example. senator gillibrand i brought her down to look at some the sites investigate how it impacts our communities. we worked very hard with fema to get them off of the map. you can't point to the random things you think you might have had him put on when you didn't. you haven't been paying attention to a lot of this. i'm not in congress. i have the ability to do anything but i want to let people know i've been fighting for the last six years and i will continue to buy when i'm in congress. just because you haven't done anything on this issue doesn't mean that's my problem. katco: if you are working on the fema flood map for 10 years and were able to change it you failed and if you were working on the algae issue for that time time -- >> moderator: were going to go to transportation. a decision about the future of interstate 81 will be made by new york but whether it is a
7:49 pm
highway becomes a boulevard there will be an impact on the community writ large. do you think one option is better than the other and what would you do to make sure the decisions benefit the city and suburban residents? katco: thank you. i am proud to be part of a highway bill. i brought the first long-term highway bill in the generation and i was able to ensure thousands of jobs. i think like my opponent i agree with her when she says i want to see what the community rallies behind. sigh my job -- it's my job to make sure the process is fair and complete. i have made sure they consider the tunnel option in the face of highway option. now that we are down to two options either the viaduct or the boulevard. what needs to happen is more
7:50 pm
discussion in the outlying areas. i've advocated an incensed letters today department of public transportation to make sure do wit and auburn in south on a part of the equation. the boulevard option happens when it becomes interstate 481. what impact will that have on the folks in dewitt and the folks en route 20 cutting through from the west to the south. we need to make sure we look into all the things that may impact areas. >> moderator: it has been talked about for a very long time at this point. katco: i spoke to the head of the department of transportation and i'm not going to criticize them. we are talking over a billion dollars. let's face it i think everyone agrees 60 years ago i'm not sure it was the best idea so if we have to spend more time to get it right that's okay. deacon: i've said that his campaign was to make sure we are not just thinking about tomorrow
7:51 pm
but to being pulled for the future. this is 75 to 100 years down the road and we have to make sure it is a bottom-up approach that public input is considered. right now they are doing their due diligence with the environmental impact station -- data that they are looking at more than a transportation. i think they are reaching out to communities communities having events and forums that people can learn about where we are in the project and i think that's what really matters is we make sure that every voice is heard. in the 50s it was not a bottom-up approach. as a top-down approach and that was the wrong approach to take. >> moderator: you have on preference of the other? deacon: when i get into congress and want to make sure i will fight hard and get the money that is needed to make sure we do have the funds in place to do whatever project is needed.
7:52 pm
monsanto question about the transition of power. a republican nominee donald trump said last week he will expect results of next month's election if he will win tenth with the caveat that the legitimate the -- legitimacy of election. initially said during the final presidential debate that he might not accept the election results at all. if reelected, if elected in november how would you help ensure the american tradition of transition of power? katko: to say you are not going to honor it is ridiculous in this air system the manner in which we do about that wedding votes is rick is ridiculous. i have great faith in this country and the american people and if there's any wrongdoing it will be -- but to say you won't accept the results we don't get what you want is ridiculous. what i'm going to do is be an
7:53 pm
independent voice and reach across the aisle. that's what we should be doing in congress. that's why i have passed more bills as a freshman in congress. every one of the bills i have a democratic co-sponsor. i have six bills passed into law by a democratic president. so i work with everybody. i was in the house and the transition of power. john boehner spoke and came to the back of house and happen to be standing near me. paul ryan gave up -- got up to give his speech to acknowledge that he's ahead of the house of representatives and boehner just said okay. my time to go and i saw him walk out the door. to watch that happen, to watch it peaceful transition inspired me and made me realize how great this country at is print out everything to protect the
7:54 pm
integrity of the institution against bashing the process is rigged. motzert would you tell supporters of mr. trump who remain convinced are concerned that there will be some sort of fraud and the election is as he calls the right? katko: i think unless there's evidence to that extent i would tell them -- only the evidence. deacon: i think it proves that donald trump is unfit to be president to be saying things like election is rigged unless he wins. it is scary to think about this man having access to the nuclear code. source the transition of power we have seen it. the history of the united states and when i i went out of the congress and make sure we are doing everything we can to have a seamless transition and my goal and my focus to the 24th district is one of the benefits
7:55 pm
the people and as long as the things impact us in a positive way than i'm all for it. that is what my concern is going to be and that's what i care about and that's what i'm going to do moving forward after this election in november. >> moderator: we will be able to get one more question before we go. this question is for ms. deacon. new york's dairy industry is benefiting from -- but over the past year producers had to dump millions of gallons of milk due to an oversupply problem. congress is set to write the next farm bill for 2017. what role would you play to ensure -- deacon: thanks so much for that question. my mom grew up in a dairy farm in new york and my grandfather was it dairy farmer and my uncle was a dairy farmer his entire life. i know how hard our farmers are working how important agriculture or is for new york state.
7:56 pm
agriculture is a big industry here. i have said enter these that i would love to be able to help the farm bill in 2018. they are talking about starting working on it in 2017. think it's so important for small farmers and medium-sized farmers and small farmers have a voice in which everything we can to make sure they're getting a share -- fair shot. >> moderator: i would like it if we do get specific on how can dairy farmers sell their products at a profit and consumers can buy that product? how do you achieve that? deacon: we have to work with aired kerry commissioner farm bureau to make sure we are doing everything we can so they are getting the best price for the dairy that they are producing and looking at the form as they have in place. it's a very formulaic process and how you pay for milk.
7:57 pm
when i was in the senator's office we worked to help get the yogurt into school lunches as a protein. it started as a pilot program and then it became a permanent program to be able to provide more opportunities for our yogurt industry. katko: we have to expand our markets and the dairy farming to what we are seeing now is another disastrous effect of the so-called free trade agreement. nafta is one of them. the two huge producers and not have major dairy supplying them. in canada they are restricting their access to that market. technologies are developing which will allow the shelf life of dairy products to increase to to medically prevent me to be able to ship these farther and
7:58 pm
farther way to upstate new york and increase the markets so we can't wait for the next -- which is several years off. i sent a letter along with many others protesting canada's unfair trade practice. i've also supported measures to help within the market. >> moderator: unfortunately we have to go to closing statements. katko: the day after this election which happens to be my birthday one of two deeply flawed presidential candidates will be elected in the question i have for you is who do you think will have more of an independent ability to stand up to members of the white house? not only that but who do you think is going to be active in more bipartisan way in congress? i became one of the most independent members of congress. i did start by making tough
7:59 pm
choices despite the political expedience. i've accomplished much and there's so much more to be accomplished. i want to continue to work hard to make you safe. i'm going to continue with many of the programs and your vote in your help on november 8 i will be able to do that. so thank you very much. god loves you and god god bless ahead at six of america. >> moderator: congressman. katko: thank you. ms. deacon. deacon: thank you for the opportunity to share about myself and my campaign. i once let the voters know that i'm going to work harder than anybody has ever worked. it'll be stronger than anybody has ever been and i will be the rep -- best represented. for the last two years i worked for senator gillibrand's office so i know the challenges that we face. know the issues


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