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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 4, 2016 4:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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debate. each candidate will be asked questions and have one minute to respond. at the end of that minute, candidates and you the viewers will hear an audio queue. >> your moderators the second bottle at the endof the debate . and a one minute closing statement. earlier today there was a coin flip to determine which candidate will get their final closing statement first and your supporter tonight, carol shea-porter and sean o'connor last. >> before we jump to the issues we want to get out of the way some important campaign questions. miss shea-porter, you were run running for the democratic nomination and chose personal attacks and you threatened to sue her and the state democratic party. all this on the democratic bid launching a bid for congress.i want to have questions and soon after, first to mister o'connor, do you think you have a real
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chance at winning the election or you are you trying to be a spoiler in the showdown and to the former congresswoman, i know you weren't involved in last month's democratic party to try and oust mister o'connor from the ballot but do you agree with that effort that mister o'connor should not be on the ballot and should not be at this debate and let's begin with you anybody can be on the ballot. anyone can run on the democratic side if you go to secretary of state, it costs $60 and you sign up and that's how it works. when i first ran in 2006 i was not the so-called chosen candidate but i worked hard, went around the district and talked to people about what my agenda was and convinced them that i was the best decision for this country and new hampshire. this time i wasn't the choice for the national democrats and i didn't let that stop me. i signed up and spent two years walking around the district talking about what my vision was so nobody got kicked off the ballot.
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if you have $50, you can be on the ballot. >> more than a spoiler in this race. as you know paul, there's criteria to get into these debates and one of them is demonstrating liability and i am proud to be the first independent candidate to offer voters an alternative in the history of new hampshire politics. we've had a decade of congresswoman shea-porter and i think quite frankly voters are ready for a change and i'm proud to represent that change so obviously, i've decided not to litigate the debt democratic party sued me twice before the law commission and i can't imagine that this would've been against congresswoman shea-porter's wishes. they sued me twice and i'm proud that both times we one for the one saying i had every right to be on about. as an independent it's not just the dollars, is 1500 signatures and you have to collect many more than them because they outlawed the commission and beth hollingsworth was a candidate
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for governor supported me and voted for me both times when i won the ballot law commission 41. >> did you want to respond? >> he wasn't sued. that wasn't my issue, it was the democratic party but he's a lawyer. he knows what to do with the various ballot commissions. that's an important distinction but i think this can make it very interesting. >> i look forward to it and now a question for congressmen guinta. your campaign contribution controversy from the 2010 election remains in the spotlight. you sent last year with the federal election commission and agreed to pay a fine and pay back the parents for their contribution to your campaign but there were new allegations this summer and during our primary debate last month, the republican challenger said in part, the fact of the matter is frank guinta broke the law. this is not minor. this is the largest scandal of the campaign-finance issue we had a new hampshire. worse, he broke the trust of the voters, he lied and i
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guess a simple question is should voters trust you? >> thank you to wb i hand for hosting this debate and i want to thank them for inviting carol shea-porter to this as well as congresswoman shea-porter, welcome to you again. the reality is six years ago i apologized for the mistake i made an 18 months ago this has been settled. i appreciate the fact that to be the nominee, not just for the republican party but the work i've done on behalf of all, focusing on my work as chairman of the task force for the opioid crisis where we were able to bring $192 million a year for each of the next five years in a very bipartisan way, again reaching across the aisle to stop the cadillac tax that has impacted so many employers nonprofit individuals as well as colleges, universities and as well as municipalities in the state. that's why people want us to focus on the public policy issues are going to impact
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families, middle-class families in the state and in the country and that's what i will do miss o'connor? >> i hate to have to respond to it but frank, it wasn't just an estate and you know that you hit it and you know your attorney drag it out for years. you said that i was lying when you really had done that and your primary opponent this time said that when you are right, you fight. you didn't, you settled and you said when you settled it's because people don't want to get prosecuted. so i think people know that. i don't want to linger on that but other people can do very good work in washington dc and have integrity as well. >> congressmen would you like to respond? >> the reality is this is a six-year-old thing that was settled a year and a half ago. my opponent also has an fcc complaint filed against her but as mister o'connor who
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was gentlemanly in the last debate said feasible should focus on the issues, one that i would point out that she refused to attend the wjr debate and i welcome the fact that we should be focused on public policy issues. happy to focus on and i hope we can continue to debate on the policy issues that affect our state and the rest of the country. >> mister porter, your response. >> wga are, we looked at the one email we received and obviously it was a mistake because what they said was coming for an interview but i know that we have a debate in three forums and i look forward to them. >> yes please. >> so what's interesting is the councilwoman is saying she's a woman of integrity but the truth of the matter is he has been dishonest with new hampshire voters for a decade. he has said and you can check on her website that she has never taken money from dc lobbyists area that is not true. i will give you three examples.robert mclaughlin of mclaughlin and jarvis, a registered dc lobbyists.
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shea porter, $2000. the outer area and aspca, a foreign bank. the outline group represents shell oil, blackstone and the entire group that represents amgen and sell jen so i think it's a bit hypocritical for congresswoman shea-porter to opine that she is the voice of integrity. >> thank you mister o'connor and miss shea-porter, we will give you the final word. >> they contacted us and said we were taking money from lobbyists and we went back and looked because we are concerned and out of the nine, seven of them were not lobbyists and two of them, we determined one check right away and the other one didn't self identify but i think it's important that you admit that you took corporate tax money, took it for a year and also that you have attacked, you started attacks and so i don't understand why you are exploring this but it's okay. >> if i may.
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congresswoman shea-porter, if it comes down tax money i am happy to have that debate. you took from smith and wesson, a gun manufacturer which is shocking and kept it for a year so if we're going today to debate who has returned checks earlier, let's review the record. go to my website or or in and check on the facts. you'll see the $1 million that miss shea-porter has taken from registered lobbyists and see both congressman guinta has taken $2 million in taxes. >> a word please. >> sean, i have to say that this is like a lot of other things that you've made up. we will just leave it there. >> thank you very much and we want to get to the crucial issues that are voters care about what i have to ask you one more question. it can be related, i think everybody can be honest and agree this has been a unique presidential election. we had two candidates like
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we've never had before and it has been polarizing and i think it's fair to say it's impacted down ballot races like the one in the first congressional district so the question to congressman guinta and congresswoman shea-porter, do you believe donald trump's claim that he has never sexually harassed women and congresswoman shaver, do you that hillary clinton has been honest with congress at all times? >> congresswoman we will begin with you. >> i share the frustration that americans have with the choice at the top of the ticket but now we have a binary choice between mister trump and secretary clinton. the concerns i have and i met them both and i've had an incumbent campaign in this great state, the concern i have with hillary clinton or a long list of concerns relative to how the middle-class needs to get upward mobility, focus on economic growth and we've had that under the obama
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administration for years. i'm concerned with the size and scope of government you want to create, something that both of my opponent's favor. carol has identified herself as a liberal in the race and my friend sean o'connor has identified himself as a true progressive of the race. we've endorsed bernie sanders and up until recently was in the democratic primary until essentially the way miss shea-porter treated him and the way the leadership of the democratic party treated him required him to run as an independent and i admire him for that but those are the realities area i hope that people end up focusing on that, the issues that matter to families and that's economy, healthcare, jobs and that. >> just this morning on wga are in nh 191.1 news, donald trump again denying some of these allegations. do you believe him when he says he never sexually harassed or wrote any of
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these women? >> i don't know any of the facts in the case. we have to take the candidates that what they say. in two weeks, the voters will make the decision as to who they want to lead this nation. the concerns i have with hillary clinton are long. the reality is that both of my opponents this evening are likely to support hillary clinton or maybe mister o'connor would write in bernie sanders, i'm not sure. the fact is we have a binary choice between clinton and the challenges that she has for mister trump. >> mrs. shea-porter, it appears that american voters have an issue of trust when it comes to hillary clinton, a brand-new poll shows the americans don't necessarily trust her. do you think hillary clinton has always been honest with the american people in your opinion? >> i think hillary clinton made a mistake and she said that but i think that she was honest, i would not have endorsed her. i'm interested in the answer that we just heard from frank guinta because the reality is that frank has not spoken of all. when we heard trump attack women, he said nothing. when we heard trump attacked war heroes, he said nothing.
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when we heard trump attack hispanics, he said nothing frank, you haven't said anything , you said a couple things. you said recently he's a man of great vision and leadership, that you found him refreshing so you've been embracing him all along. this is not the time to back up. he's your guy. >> would you like to respond? >> we had a binary choice between secretary clinton and mister trump. i am very concerned about the path, the policy path that hillary clinton would take and miss shea-porter and mister o'connor would support the government that she wants. they would both support those single-payer systems despite the fact that just this evening, the president of the united states announced obamacare will have a 25 percent increase in a 28 percent reduction in choice. this is exactly what miss shea-porter supported five years ago because she was told by nancypelosi to support it . >> were going to get to health care in a moment.
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mister o'connor, i'd like you to weigh in. are you supporting either of the two presidential candidates? >> i am not. i'm a true independent, i'm not going to work with members elected by the people of the country and i want to make a couple corrections to congressman guinta. i'm the only person on this stage who has worked for a republican member of congress, jim greenwood and the democratic lieutenant governor. i've been able to bring across party lines, i do not support single-payer, i support a public choice. i did not support single-payer and i endorsed bernie sanders because i believe he understood the problems with the two-party system and i think now the emails have come out, it's become clear problems with the two-party system and he was right. but i don't support nor do i endorsed all or many of the plans and i think that what the voters want is they don't want to hyper- partisan choices that they had for the last decade. they want a new choice to represent state values. >> i think it's interesting because i listen to you for
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your talking about how bernie cracks with him in congress make this difference so you absolutely did embrace him but you are right because you were once a republican. you worked on wall street and you became a corporate democrat and then became a burning person and then you became an independent republican for republican independent and it's been a rapid change so it's hard to keep up but i have to say, what's stunning to me to hear you say you are not supporting bernie sanders because you absolutely did. i think you said he didn't endorseyou but you were definitely and you sent fundraising letters out that you were the person and bernie needed team in dc and that would be you so it's a rapid change . >> which you are certainly allowed to do i will give you the last word. >> thank you very much.
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i feel like i'm at the democratic primary debate. the reality is congresswoman shea-porter has been fighting for this since 2006 and sean o'connor is in the general election. because of the fact that she and the leadership in the democratic party in the state of new hampshire didn't want him to participate in the democratic primary. i welcome him to the debate stage, i welcome his ideas but the reality is he is a self identified progressive who did support bernie sanders and i think my recorder is a little frustrated with that because she's losing the primary in the general election debate. >> thank you all very much. congressman guinta, you brought this up a few minutes ago. the obama administration confirming that premiums will go up sharply next year for the health insurance exchange on this, a number of insurers serving the federal market, 246 257, that's a loss of $.28 . so the question to all three of you is, in january, what are you going to do that will reverse these trends and let's start with carol shea-porter. >> first we have to correct
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something that frank said. after the hill article today said new hampshire premiums will go up under five percent, that's important. the other thing people need to know is about 75 percent of the population will not pay premiums higher than $75 and they also need to know that the subsidy will never be more than 10 percent of your income. they need to know what the aca has done, the affordable care. it's important because i've heard talking about the opioid epidemic and the reality is the money, the medicaid expansion comes from the affordable care act and that money is being used not only to ensure 50,000 more people but providing treatment for up to 6000 more people so it gives us schools and communities in new hampshire be able to get people into treatment because we have the affordable care act so it's not good to just say frank, over and over again and vote over and over again that you're going to repeal it without any stand behind and i hope, you got a brand-new bar. and you said you would never do any maintenance and
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instead you have hoped that it wouldn't work, it is working and we need to fix it and we need to make it stronger but it is working and if you're to stay mister o'connor? >> i can only tell you what the president of the united states said a few hours ago. he announced that the premiums will increase 25 percent and there will be a 28 percent reduction in insurance carriers. not participating in the exchanges, that is not good for new hampshire, not good for the country. you have $1 trillion already borrowed and spent for this program. you promised that people would have greater access to care and more affordability. neither is happening. here in new hampshire just last summer, then health announced a rate increase of 42 percent. now it's unfortunate because of the challenges they are having with obamacare but the reality is it's $200 per person for a family of four, that's $400 a month. i don't think that's affordable. i certainly don't think so we
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do need a different approach which is why i have not supporting a government run program. we need the patient approach that's going to create more cost efficiency in the state, more choice, provide opportunities for hsa. that is the better path and in five years i think we should go a different path. >> mister o'connor, if you are in congress would you try to repeal obama care or repair it? >> we just witnessed the hyper- partisanship of congresswoman shea-porter but especially the voters and is why i entered this race as an independent. there weren't a lot of specifics, i will give you two. first we need a regional exchange. exchange that includes maine, new hampshire, rhode island and massachusetts. this will solve a lot of our problems. it will increase competition because now we are too small of a state and that punishes us in the exchange. i'm the only person on the state by my health insurance on the exchange though it will increase competition which will increase quality and lower costs. the second thing is we should
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you young people who want portable coverage across the country to buy into medicare area this will allow simultaneously providing the affordable care around the country and if they choose but also help them maintain the solvency of medicare without raising taxes read those specifics and those are independent ideas are not going to hear from either bipartisan friend. >> thank you mister o'connor. >> i want to add, that's a true progressive approach. that is essentially a single-payer system. we do not have after five years a solution to what miss 30 shea-porter voted for or what mister o'connor is trying to achieve rate which is lower rates and greater access. what you have to do is have, get rid of the affordable care act and have a top-down approach.the regional approach, is a top-down approach from washington. it is not a centered approach so all of them are essentially identical and not only their support for the affordable care act but that approach to a single-payer system.
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>> the final words. >> clearly neither one of them wrote the bill like i did but that the seasonal approaches in the affordable care act, the reason they're not doing it is because we are an older state and so other states art is interested, connecticut for example is younger and healthier so they want to see that and the massachusetts hospital, boston hospital is saturated so they don't have the incentive to do that so i would also like to talk to frank amoment about how this insurance has , first of all, private insurance, i don't think you know that, private insurance companies but the other part is that it has really bought insurance to most people in this country and if you talk about hospitals, they will tell you insurance companies come in the er. >> much more to come tonight, we are back after this quick break. >> welcome back to our first
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congressional district debate tonight , here in our nh-1 tv studios and we continue with an important issue in new hampshire and that is the drug crisis. congressman guinta, you want to secure problem money to help fight the heroine problem but were expected to die in this year. is new hampshire allocating the money in the right places and is it being used correctly in your opinion? >> thank you for the question. i asked to serve as the chairman of the commission and did something most republicans don't often do, i asked a chair of the commission with me. we got over 90 members of congress equally divided amongst republicans and democrats focusing on solving
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this problem. that's a good first step for washington. we have worked with the president of the united states, 18 bills signed into law by a bipartisan committee and we have strong funding for $119 million per year for each of the next five years so that was the first. we need additional drug courts in the state, more beds and recovery centers in the state so we want to work with our counterparts here in the state of new hampshire provide that ability for quality, high quality care for those who have the specific terms. >> more people are expected to die this year than last. what does that suggest to you? >> it suggests we still have an epidemic in the state of new hampshire. we had 439 people who passed last year as a result of the drug-related overdose and this is not going to go away soon. we need to make sure we focus all of our resources and efforts on the illness of addiction, making sure that we have those resources, getting to the individuals and we are starting that now. we also have to stop the supply, we are only interdicting 3 to 5 percent of heroine, virtually all that heroine across theborder and getting into the state of
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new hampshire and that also have to stop . >> o'connor, if elected what would you do differently. >> i have a specific plan. i talked to many healthcare providers, my father operated a limit on familiar with healthcare and mental health. i have those in recovery themselves and what we need is 90 days of inpatient treatment for any granite stater struggling with opioid addiction and we need six to 12 months of outpatient follow-up . and i've been watching congresswoman shea-porter, for every tax dollar we get 70 percent back. that's not okay in my book. i would go and fight for a much more robust program to make new hampshire specifically the epicenter of this epidemic, make us up template for how to treat is nationwide. let's get the funding for a pilot program 6 to 12 months outpatient, and then i think we will be able to lower the debt because under the watch of my two opponents, this has
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almost tripled and we are expected to lose almost 500 lives this year. >> what would you do differently? >> i see frank working on this and i mean it's important to do that. in 2014 when i said we needed treatment he said no so i'm glad that he's there now. i was the vice chair for the addiction recovery caucus and i worked with patrick kennedy and we've been in treatment centers this saturday, we were traveling because he's been in recovery for a long time himself talking to people and the problem is they haven't appropriated any money so they can't treat if they don't have the money. we need more beds. we need prevention programs. done a good job getting narcan out there but there's a lot more to be done. that's when i can see this coming because i had run a nonprofit social service agency that has dealt with a lot of these issues and i put in a bill that would have people disclose jobs and educate communities and we
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had a number of bills and the problem is we were not able to move those and i'm delighted that we also have that build there and we hope we keep it there but we have to recognize that we need more treatment beds and sean is right that we need 90 days and that's true too but we will take money. >> i would like to make a correction. the funding actually has started in september. the president did sign our bill into law this summer and we started appropriating those resources a month ago, it's $192 million a year for each of the next two years. it's not 90 days we need, we need a year and a half of high intensity inpatient treatment so the idea would be to have more drug recovery courts in each community, large community in the state and that individual into the long-term treatment, that has proven to be the highest degree of success in terms of fixing the addiction issues that people face. >> like you. >> candidates, congressional
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term limits are back in the news thanks to the advocacy by the republican presidential nominee. my questions all three of you is where you stand on congressional term limits, first to you mister o'connor. >> i support congressional term limits. i've never been a politician, i'm proud i'm not a career politician and this is taking character limits ourselves but i understand that not the case in a lot of districts but i would absolutely support any reasonable term limits proposal for six or two years because i think it was meant for citizens legislature, it was not meant to be a lifetime profession and ask for personal enrichment. >> congressman guinta. >> new hampshire has a rich tradition of public service. i serve the public as the state legislature and a mayor and my second term as a member of congress and that's all up to my private sector work and support and their experience.i believe in term limits, absolutely and i
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want to see what we have many people experienced which is people serving for 20 and30 and 40 years. that's not the idea that people have . i would support term limits both in the house and senate so you can get new ideas, fresh ideas and people who are passionate about the issues and serving the public. >> i remember frank saying he was going to put in the bill for term limits and he did so and he's been in politics. i do think public service is a wonderful thing and it's a great place to be an advocate for the middle class is why i'm running but i think we should leave it up to the voters. the voters are smart. when they decide they want to change and i know that, our district is 26 percent democrats, 40 percent independent and 34 percent republican so we have to work hard for every single vote and when you don't get and you don't come out, then that's the decision but it has to be left up to the
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voters. i think it's heavy-handed and what you're asking for his government to make the decisions. >> it's not heavy-handed. you've been running since 2006 but this is not what the people want around the country and i think people are frustrated with the lack of action and activity in washington and sometimes people want fresh ideas, they want senators that will come in and dotheir level best . it's interesting because you have been running since 2006. your with the issue and the democratic party didn't allow mister o'connor essentially to run a campaign in the democratic primary where he first began and i was really in the state of new hampshire as the outsider getting things done. i was signing things into law by this president, working with the heroine and epidemic crisis and that's what we like to see. >> congresswoman. >> you didn't get six bills signed but we will leave that aside. >> sorry, i did. >> the reality is, you said that you were going to put in an open term limits and if you believe that, you should
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put in a bill for term limits but you really have no, you can't have it both ways. you talk about being a public servant. that's pretty close what you've been around since 2006 running for every office. >> not for the seat.>> you say you were signing for it and you say tell the truth and good for you, public service is a wonderful thing. >>. >> i think the one thing i can agree with congressman guinta is on is the people want an outsider. this is rocky forum this debate and it's gone back and forth, both of them think it's a good thing that they've been in politics since 2006 and if you want the same gridlock in washington then we should elect another hyper- partisan politician. each of them vote with their party 95 percent of the time. if you want common sense ideas from somebody who built a successful business, i would be proud to represent you. >> i'm going to get 15
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seconds to each of you and move on to others. >> it's very bewildering you ran as a progressive democrat when you were worried about hyper- partisanship and suddenly you decide to be an independent so whatever the issue is that through you out it was your choice to do that but the reality is that we do have two leave it up to the people. i respect the voter and i think we should all respect the voter. i think it's the way forward to debate. >> i served in business and then i decided to offer my opportunity to serve the public and that's what i have done. congresswoman shea-porter has been running for this seat since 2006. what do you want? somebody like myself whose independent-minded. i got six bills signed into law this term by the president in addition to working with my colleagues in the second congressional district and 4500 democrats on the heroine and opioid epidemic. that's the kind of leadership in new hampshire people are looking for. >> there's disagreement on this issue and i will leave it there. >> moving on to gun laws, our
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vice president said there should be background checks for all gun purchases.miss shea-porter, we begin with you. >> there should be background checks and the second amendment protects everybody's right to have a gun but we all know that we should not have guns if we are a danger to ourselves or others or if they are terrorist or criminal so the only way you can find that out is to do a universal background check because right now, you have full to our abiding by the law but you also have people who are selling guns and selling on the internet so it's like going through a metal detector in the airport, and 40 percent, you don't have to just go around. so it's for our protection that we want law-abiding citizens to have guns but we do not want people who are a danger to themselves or others or are criminals or terrorists so i think that's a bar that americans support.
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but you can keep the numbers in polls, republicans as well as democrats are very nonpartisan. people want to make sure they are safe at work and safe at home. >> if you miss shea-porter and congressman guinta. >> i take seriously the second amendment and the right individuals happen to the constitution so we do have background checks. any federally qualified dealer has to provide a background check for somebody regardless of where that purchase took place. that occurs in the state of new hampshire now. what is not occurring is something that troubles me greatly, not just this attorney general of the united states but the previous attorney general said 48,000 cases of documented individuals who went into and purchased a gun , went through the state check and the next fbi check and failed. therefore, they're trying to make a gun illegally and each and every one of those cases
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was referred to the attorney general and all they did was prosecute the 44 who have laws on the books, and we ask individuals who already as you describe are, they fit the categories you've identified. we have to give this attorney general to go after those individuals when they are breaking the law. >> mister o'connor, >> to those of you saw the union leader article sunday on the front page article you saw that here in new hampshire, universal background checks are not working. we had a homeless individual in manchester have a criminal history who was able to purchase the gun because it took too long to process the background check and he went on to shoot you manchester police officers tragically. so i do support universal background checks. i think they should be instantaneous because we have the technology to do that in new hampshire. the state has not chosen to take that on but we have it on the federal level and we need to close as mister shea
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porter said, need to close the gun show loophole and the online loophole. i find it somewhat ironic that miss shea-porter is suddenly for gun control because during her last term and you can check this on our website on my check the facts page, she voted against the bill that was supported by many done control advocates that would have prevented children from risking their lives in houses in the district of columbia by overturning rules that the district of columbia wanted for gun safety. >> thank you. mrs. shea-porter, a quick response. >> yes, that was a court decision as you know and i said that i would respect the court decision and so i did. and i have always said i will respect the court decision. >> we have got a lot more issues to tackle. our first congressional debate continues in a moment, we will be right back. [music] >> welcome back, you're
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watching nh-1's first congressional debate. >> we continue with the issue of national security. candidates, if i could ask you this evening, what three things are we not doing as a country to confront the threat of isis and terrorism in general and congressman guinta, we like to begin with you. >> the president continues on the new math first of all, the authorization of military force and that's necessary so we can get, the second thing we need which is a clear plan to eradicate isis and third, we need to have a greater opportunity to forge through leadership from the executive branch to work with our allies around the world. that is just not happening today. just earlier this week we lost another american soldier fighting to try to retake soul, that should never have happened in the first place and i feel like we are not
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seen from the president that real leadership that is necessary from the united states of america. this is something that continues to it concerned me, particularly because there's continued loss of american life. we want to minimize that and the best way to do that is to have a clear plan to eradicate isis and make sure we have our friends in the region and around the world helping us to extent they should be. >> miss shea-porter. >> i spent six years in the armed services committee so i'm well aware of the challenges around the world and am surprised that as i said, the president is refusing to do an authorization to use military force because that it is congress, we were asking speaker john weiner to do that because if you don't do that, then president obama is going to use the same one that president bush used. congress needs to use an authorization to use military force so it's not fair to ask that and i hope the republicans will do that when they go back because i think it is important. we also need to do more funding, we need to make sure we have special forces that
4:37 pm
we need so that they can work in areas and the final part of this is that we really got to keep working in this country to that region. they had a lot of steak as well so i think we need to exert both pressure but also incentives to them to do that. >> i opposed any additional ground forces in syria and iraq other than the us special forces already there. i think we what we need to do is forge with our nato allies and attempt to work with the russians if possible, if that proves impossible then we need to enforce a no-fly zone over aleppo. 250,000 civilians are on the verge of being slaughtered. that's why i don't want to send troops on the ground but we also cancel out another genocide as unfortunately we've allowed in numerous other cases. so what we need to do is say no-fly zone and work to bring the parties to the table. i think this is the place
4:38 pm
where we may have to exert influence on russia because they are the key player in this, bringing demands supports, liaison regime and having that experience working at the us embassy with a secret security clearance, you could exert a lot of pressure on the american government and i think we can breathe bring the parties to the table in a diplomatic solution. >> congressman guinta, we heard miss shea-porter mention your name in her comments, you like to respond? >> am concerned about missed what mister o'connor said, i'm not sure why you would want to have a no-fly zone before we start working with our allies in the region, that would be an escalation so we got to make sure we have support in the region and our allies first before we consider that. secondly, to miss shea-porter, the reality is this president does not want to change the au event. he wants to operate under the old implements. he has refused to allow congress, republicans and
4:39 pm
democrats the plan to eliminate and eradicate isis as a threat domestic and foreign. >> quick response. >> that's a mischaracterization of my statement. what i said is we need to work with our nato allies put together a force that could implement the no-fly zone over boehner and we are the world leader, the only world leader and we need to protect 250,000 civilians. i'm not going to support the us allowing genocide to occur. >> a final word. >> that's what makes it funny because i agree with the same thing, clearly my experiences showing here that you don't want to do that until you sat down and worked it out. you start going as heavily as sean o'connor wants to do and that would be a mistake. we need to work with those countries and also we need to use the un and we got to bear down on everybody who is a player in that region. it's very complicated because there's so many different players in there and they are all in there for different reasons so i would ask strength on that one but he
4:40 pm
and i know that congress through the auamendment i don't know why he won't say that . >> okay. we are going to move on this evening. the environment. do you believe climate change is an urgent issue and if so, is it caused by nature or humans? mister o'connor would like to start with you. >> i think the event evidence is abundantly clear that climate change is caused by human activity and we need to both reduce the cost of energy here in new hampshire which is a terrible tax on our businesses and our individuals and families living here but at the same time we need to do that in an environmentally sustainable way so for example with northern pass i would support the northern passage in the same way that northern new york has done and vermont has done and may have done which would be to bury the lines along the interstate routes 89 and 93 and we would be allowed to collect a license fee for that which the government would allow the
4:41 pm
states to keep and that would allow us, it would have to be dedicated to transportation to address our 400 bridges have been on trucks for 10 years. >> congressman guinta? >> thank you for the question. not every scientist agrees whether this is man-made or not. there's a couple things that need to be done. first of all, china and india for example need to play a greater role than what they are doing in the united states. they produced carbon emissions more thanany other nation around the world, that's a good start . our state's largest city, i volunteered for the green roof on city hall, on the only mayor to do that in the state without taxpayer money and i entered into conversation agreements with manchester focusing on making sure we were being energy conscious and energy efficient. those are some of the steps i've taken and some of the steps i would continue to take should i be able to serve as your next member of congress.>> miss shea-porter. >> clearly it's a result of man-made activity and i'm
4:42 pm
surprised to hear the congressman say that it's not proven. if you talk to any young people whether republicans or democrats they want us to take action. i spent four years on the natural resources committee and i know that these are here but i'm optimistic about this, somebody is using less than 30 percent of energy right now, we need to do it in this country because economically we can save money. it will be healthier for our lungs and for the planet and it will make us more secure and we won't be as vulnerable if we have to rely on an outside energy source so let's just do this. i think i've been on the program for years, i have supported adjustments in renewables and we should be getting subsidies to mature oil companies. we should be getting this to these renewals because businesses need to launch and invest but we know it's working. the cost of solar has dropped dramatically in this country and we are on our way and that there are cities using this to let get this done i'd love to jump in. you supported the stimulus
4:43 pm
which didn't work, she wants to provide more taxpayer money to this when draws type companies around the nation. she talks about that, that's not the kind of action we need. the kind of action we need is first of all, i'm the only mayor in the state of new hampshire to put a green roof on city hall without taxpayer money . we wanted to send a message that we are responsible to the environment. we are a conservation based program in the city of manchester which reduced the amount of energy we were using, reduce our carbon emissions and i think doing that as well with the co2 emissions. >> thank you, >> we got a lot more issues we want to get through. we only have a few minutes left so let's do a lightning round with this area ask a bunch of questions, yes, sir no answers would be wonderful. let's start with northern cash, sean o'connor. the plan would be partially bearing up to be supported as is. >> no. >> congressman guinta.
4:44 pm
>> we can bury the lines away with mutually beneficial for everyone. >> congressman shea-porter. >> if we work to bury the lines it would be good if it's important in new hampshire we need to protect that and the environment as well. >> you heard a lot about the transpacific partnership in the presidential campaign. both presidential nominees oppose it. if you are in congress and it comes to a vote would you support or oppose it? >> i would oppose it because it allows outside businesses to countries and it really takes away a lot of our independence and we don't have any rates and labor practices so no, i would oppose it. >> i announced my opposition months ago because it doesn't interest in the issues that i think are critically important for jobs in the united states. >> o'connor. >> i would oppose it . number one, it invites a race to the bottom with regard to wages and labor but also it invites a race to the bottom with regard to environmental
4:45 pm
protection because, excuse me, our sovereignty to both a multinational organization to basically administer our label regulations and environmental regulations and we can't afford a race to the bottom. >> minimum wage, do you support raising it and if so, what wage, mister o'connor. >> incrementally raising the minimum wage with 50 percent tax credit each year. it would end at $16.21. >> the way to raise the minimum wage is for economic growth and have competitive opportunities where the private sector is raising it because there's a need to do so woman. >> we do need to raise the minimum wage and studies have shown when they look at states that border one another raising the minimum wage is not damaged it and it puts more money in the local community. >> congressman guinta, the final one. would you support a federal bill legalizing recreational water, let's start with you i think people should be allowed to grow for personal
4:46 pm
use their marijuana. i don't like the idea of tourism and the economy, that is using it but certainly should be criminal. >> morgan and i have a 13-year-old and we are not sending the message to them that marijuana is good for their use area i say harvard study that showed it highly addictive. and the fact that we are in this heroine and opioid crisis seems to me we should error on the side of caution and focus alternatives to pain management as opposed to supporting the legalization of marijuana. >> mister o'connor. >> i support use of marijuana, i oppose any use of marijuana for individuals under the age of 21. it comes recreational use we have to look closely at what happens on november 18 in massachusetts.if they were to legalize it they will be cashing in on all the tax dollars and they will not be. that marijuanafrom coming in so we would need to revisit
4:47 pm
the issue at that point. >> , we appreciated and time now for a closing statements. we start with you miss shea-porter. >> i'm running again because we have work to do. it's been my goal to restore the american dream. i grew up in a family who worked very hard and i saw these problems and i saw the joys and my parents taught me that our mission here is to serve others and i've been a social worker, i've been a teacher and i have committed to the people of this state and people of this country. i think it's in our dna to solve our problems. i know we are facing a lot of difficulties but i'm absolutely positive and optimistic about the future of the greatest country inthe world. i want to be there because as they say, if you are not at the table , i want to be at the table for the middle class people in new hampshire, and make sure if someone can afford us to go to school that they are able to pay their rent for whatever they need that they can retire with dignity and that they have good infrastructure, clean water, clean air.
4:48 pm
basically what we should have an united states and we know we need to do this for the american dream so i ask for your vote. >> congressman guinta. >> i'm asking for your vote on november 8. have someone in carol shea-porter's been running since 2006 to support stimulus,.frank, all things that have been massive challenges across the county and we also have a newcomer to this race, mister o'connor who is the self identified aggressive supported bernie sanders including his run at the democratic primary because of how he was treated by leadership in the democratic party. he doesn't share the same views that i do and it's not part of this election, shea-porter, i think we need a different path, someone who's independent-minded will focus on solutions. i've been able to get six pieces of legislation signed into law by this president across the island to deliver on the heroine and opioid crisis and i'm committed to making sure that every new hampshire and every granite
4:49 pm
stater is represented, not just people from one particular part. >> thank you congressman and mister o'connor. >> i want to thank you for moderating and congresswoman shea-porter and mister guinta. what we witnessed was our every two-year exercise in hyper partisanship and this has been going on since 2006. i think you want to change and that's why i'm running for congress. i'm the only candidate whose work for a democrat and republican. i'm the only candidate who has taken at least approximately $2 million in tax money and more in super pack and party support, i will never take a penny. i'm the only person on this stage who signed the front and backs of checks and balance budgets in a multimillion dollar company for a decade and i'm the only candidate in the state is not going to washington for personal enrichment. i will work for $14,000 a year and i will return $160,000 of your money to new hampshire charities that you choose because we need to put service back into public
4:50 pm
service. >> thank you all very much for taking part in tonight's debate. >> that is it for our nh-1 congressional debate. if you want to watch it again, had to our website or facebook page, and the action continues tomorrow night with the second congressional district debate between democratic incumbent and custer and republican chairman jim morris. that showdown starts at 8 pm. >> there is more, wednesday it's a gubernatorial debate of chris newton and executive council and the democratic nominee, state senator takes center stage and will answer questions submitted by our viewers and our debates wrap up thursday in our u.s. senate showdown when republican senator kelly ayotte and maggie have debate the issues important to you on nh-1 in our studios. it starts at 8 pm and if you want to hear our questions, our website. >> thank you so much for watching. have a good night.[music]
4:51 pm
>> heading into the final weekend before election day and on the road to the white house coverage continues this afternoon with hillary clinton in detroit for around. that's at 5:15 p.m. eastern. later in donald trump campaigning in pennsylvania. we have his event in hershey at 7:00 eastern. >> decades of lies, coverups and scandals have caught up with hillary clinton. hillary clinton is under fbi investigation again after her emails were found on anthony weiner's laptop. think about that. america's most sensitive secrets unlawfully since, received and exposed by
4:52 pm
hillary clinton, her staff and anthony weiner, hillary cannot lead a nation. the are crippled by criminal investigation. hillary clinton area unfit to serve. >> donald trump and i approve this message. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >>. [music] i'd looked her right in that fat ugly face of her. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. any person who is flat-chested is very hard to be attending. >> does she have a good body? number do you. >> you treat women with respect? >> ,i can't say that. >> washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you , coming up saturday morning, let's take a look at the recently released job numbers and what they mean ahead of tuesday's election with the economic thumbs and
4:53 pm
lane. james arkin, directional reporter for real clear politics looks at the senate also raises heading into electionday. the washington journal live beginning at seven eastern . join the discussion. >> every weekend, both tv brings you hours of books and authors, here's what coming up this weekend. but dd live saturday at 11 am eastern and sunday at 3 pm eastern from the 21st annual texas book festival in downtown austin. the texas book festival is one of the largest and most procedures that couples in the country. saturday's authors include former attorney general alberto gonzales with his book true faith and allegiance,. service, sacrifice and war and peace and pulitzer prize winning author lawrence bryce with his book the terror years, from al qaeda and the islamic state. sunday's office features tony award-winning actress j alexander, author of wild things, wild places,
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adventurous tales of wildlife conservation on planet earth and stanford used university professor jeff came with his book we are going to be all right. notes on race and resegregation every first monday of the month, in depth his life from 3 pm eastern. in depth brings you a discussion on presidential history, and first lady. join our panel discussion, kate anderson broward, author of the residence and the women. women feel, author of the white house . the president house. also alvin oldenburg, author of the keys to a successful presidency and the leaders we deserve as if we didn't. we are taking our phone calls andemail questions from noon until 3 pm eastern and at 9 pm eastern , afterwards. capital founding partner edward o'connor weighs in on expanding the middle class in his book the upside of inequality. how good intentions undermine the middle-class. he's interviewed by greg matthew, harvard university economics professor. >> due to the difference in
4:55 pm
the tax rate in california is two points different than kansas? that's small in comparison to all the other things which are amplifying the payoff. >> go to book for complete weekend schedules. >> in new york's 22nd congressional district, republican claudia tenney, democrat kim myers and martin data of the jobs party debate healthcare, education, social security and the economy. richard hanna is retiring after three terms in the house. recent time warner poll has missed any leading by four points. >> the upstate economy, gun control, the opioid epidemic, federal finances and presidential politics are some of the election issues we may discuss tonight. goodevening, crystal's
4:56 pm
toronto. this is new york 22, a league of women voters debate . due to our live studio audience for joining us and to those of you are watching and listening at home on wsg gtd and on wsu x radio. tonight's debate is between update john's party candidate martin, democratic candidate kim myers and republican candidate claudia kennedy. the general election on november 8 will decide which of these candidates will replace gop congressman richard hanna who is retiring. the rules for the debate were set by the league of women voters. will have two minutes for an opening statement. the candidates will then take turns answering questions and will have two minutes to respond to each question. closing statements will be one minute each. as moderator i reserve the right to ask follow-up questions. we are taking questions from our live audience, our tv and
4:57 pm
radio audience may also submit questions through twitter. use the hashtag and y 22. you can also submit a question through ws kg's facebook page. none of our candidates have viewed the questions ahead of time. if the candidate exceeds the timelimit , a volunteer from the league of women voters will ring the bell. finally, wskg and the league of women voters are committed topromoting civil discourse. and i asked the candidates to keep that in 80 . i also asked the audience to reserve all of the laws until the end of the debate. before we started drew straws to determine the order in which the candidates will make their opening statements. and miss tenney, you go first. >> i wanted to say thank you to wskg and especially the league of women voters for giving the voters an opportunity to hear all the candidates.
4:58 pm
it's an honor to be here and i would also like to commend my opponent for taking the time to run for this very difficult takes a lot of time from your family and your friends and i know that it's been a tough campaign. maybe not just on the candidates but also on the viewing audience on tv but those millions of dollars in commercials. i do want to say that i'm happy to be here as a native of new hartford new york. i live across the streetfrom the house i grew up in .i raise my son as a single mom and i'm very proud to say he's now serving as an active duty marine and regulated from the us naval academy. i'm an attorney, i practice law. i've also been our family business which was founded by my grandfather in 1946 in hamilton new york. our business is here today as a new york corporation we are. bk new york taxes, all of our goods, everything here in new york. i ran for office and was elected to the new york state assembly and served from 2011
4:59 pm
until now. the reason i ran was to help our small businesscommunities reduce taxes, regulations , to stop some of the bad trade deals that have hurt our region from the southern tier all the way to the utica area. which i sent any of our jobs overseas to china and mexico. even the caribbean and those are some of the reasons i ran for assembly, to try to bring back and sense reduce taxes, reduce regulations and to deal with the issue of obamacare which has definitely hurt our business and to give our small business opportunities, small business opportunity and our family farms an opportunity to thrive. any percent of the new jobs created in our country are created by new businesses. the ones that were here locally, the ones that stay in new york. we need to protect them, protect our family farms and that's the reason i'm running for congress. >> mister babinec. >> thank youwskg, c-span and
5:00 pm
our audience this evening as well as the candidate . i'm the only one here at the table that actually has grown up in a working-class family as my dad worked in factories and he and my mom raised seven children up in little falls just east of utica. and i had the good fortune as to local schools and community college to travel around the world working for the navy as a civilian and at the conclusion after 10 years , ended up in the san francisco bay area where my wife kristin and i started the company 20 years ago. little did we know that even though it began as a small business, we were doing the right thing and helping any other small businesses with all their headaches of being an employer and the data company serves more than 13,000 small businesses around the country. so along the way in 1999 we moved back our family from silicon valley to my hometown of little balls so we could raise our children and right alongside their grandparents and their extended family
5:01 pm
because this is where our hearts are. we also >> >> but continued this journey to bring the right people together is something i am committed to i am writing as the independent candidate because and also very frustrated with the divide between our two parties and can have a
5:02 pm
tremendous impact we do see did divide and we think we can make a difference. >> also thinks you who to the viewing audience in the league of women voters to have us here. my story is set was born and raised right here and to have lived to a blocks from here. by dad started a little company with $300 that he borrowed from his grandmother started her cookie jar we you worked in the business our whole life whenever we had to do to keep going between never felt put out this is water family did. led by a dazzled started to fail we bought the business from my dad with only two stores and through hard work and everything on the line every time that we had in this world was put into that
5:03 pm
business and we grew that into dixie sporting goods a nationwide chain of largest sporting goods stores in our country per i could not be more proud water company has achieved. we employed thousands of people here in new york state and more on the way. i also have been on the board of education 18 years. county legislator in graduating with a degree in education and unmarried bonds to my husband 36 years with six children the oldest is 35 the youngest is only eight. full disclosure the last two were adopted from china when they were very small. i am not a medical marvel. i want to go washington i have been involved in my community my entire life. whether through devastating floods or cheering on the world series little league baseball team.
5:04 pm
i know that jobs are important to our area and family and community wanted go to washington because i really don't care of the democratic ideal or republican idea if it is a good idea that people the expect us to get to the table to come up with solutions for good paying quality jobs to our area that is a lot of hope to do. >> moderator: the first question is about the economy and jobs is seems to have defied many efforts to change with programs like startup new york an ongoing governmental tax breaks and tax credits each of you is a business person. if you are elected what specifically would you do to create jobs for the upstate region? myers: is this true definitely need jobs in upstate new york and that is
5:05 pm
the oka rocks of all candidates local and national level. there is a number of ways of life feel we can create jobs in some or all intertwined we need a sound infrastructure to major they have equality roads and access to broadband internet. to do the jobs and spent a lot of time on his campaign going to the number of businesses that we do have here. there is a resounding theme that have heard to create the skill set in our work force for the jobs of the future into partner with the public and the private sector to make sure we all
5:06 pm
work together to create those jobs. there's a lot of good things happening. i do not meet access to credit with the debacle of the big banks with the novel and even the local credit unions to provide the capital for the small businesses. we talked about three things around the table we didn't have a lot but we had enough we talked about the weather because that affected of business even the new york giants and the access to credit. we knew that we needed not only credit to survive but also to grow.
5:07 pm
that will bring those jobs to the area and help them grow. tenney: and we have our facility and we're the only one here that wasn't involved in the paid to play a scheme that is under investigation in the other program that is now questioned by our state controller. this secret is not giving out millions of taxpayer money especially in data broome and tioga counties area with the two worst metro areas in the nation with economy is the broome and tioga counties area. but if we keep doing the same thing and expect a different result but we need to reduce taxes, reduce regulations and stop the trade deals.
5:08 pm
they undermine the sovereignty of our country, did make it difficult for us to compete to bring manufacturing jobs need to come back here and businesses will survive without corporate welfare. we have access to credit through banks. if this could be should continue to expand. and obamacare it is a huge mud unfunded mandate with the ability to keep up and i just saw today there it is a person that said they are up 177% increase for a $5,000 deductible. that is not fair and is not affordable we need to go back to the consumer driven model to allow small business communities to thrive right here in the local area. those are things that will be essential to bring us
5:09 pm
back away from paid to play schemes and those by the small business community. babinec: jobs is the top priority for voters in this district. and then her starting a company in silicon valley the approach does not work. and then give it to big companies the politicians have been doing this 30 years. en they still keep doing it. they do not need to be picking out winners. on with that job generation and the one i think about the newer industries and realize california, boston,
5:10 pm
new york city with higher taxes and more regulation, at the same time to be job generating machines many of the best and brightest moved to start companies with those lessons and i have learned lead to miami upstart that mission is to help address that very problem to connect them with the right resources and set of waiting to buy. i will take that discussion to the next level to bring them together so that they and doing things house if it involves collaboration between college and universities. and the funding sources and then to have been in the newer industries and allow
5:11 pm
us to keep our families together. >> moderator: now like to ask follow-up lighting manufacturing jobs with the united states has shifted toward a service based economy. babinec: my answer for job generation is newer industries. in manufacturing how we have a substantial amount there is a shift that is advanced manufacturing to quickly move the production line because it is so short and with trade policy will influence some of that the fact is the environment here in with the regulatory standpoint in to protect what we have but the real future is in the newer industries with the barriers to get started are lower
5:12 pm
than ever. you can certes with a small amount of money with the global reach because of the internet. this is part of the next-generation to create companies in turn create jobs it is not about business attraction the use the resources is right here to be creating our own future. >> moderator: other candidates can have a follow-up. >> talk about new york and california one thing he doesn't talk about is the national debt 19.$7 trillion in your state is in the debt crisis the other state is california the two most dangerous situations in the nation and they are running on borrowed time with this incredible debt situation unify regulations and taxes at some point we have to pay the piper. the answer is reducing the personal income-tax those
5:13 pm
that use those pass through items to use the l. l. c. so we can have manufacturing jobs. but the middle-class is looking for regular jobs who want to work. >> 72 is born and raised in this area i you have to incentivize businesses in this is the position and on the federal level you need to do to attract businesses you need to invest in business and provide business with the way to grow.
5:14 pm
the advanced manufacturing has the need for upgrading equipment in their own infrastructure that is a way to create jobs of the federal level. >> moderator: we will come back to the federal level by do want to remind the viewers said disney york 22 co-sponsored by wskg with the league of women voters from broome and tioga counties. things for joining us. audience is live in the studio and also listening home. looking for more information about the general election may urge you to visit a special website created by a league of women voters. with us tonight are our candidates tweet us to ask a
5:15 pm
question. >> moderator: it does seem very averse to cross party lines even with the benefit of the constituents so if elected how will you be paid on the job to work with other members of congress to get things done? babinec: i am delighted to answer this question it is the big reason i am running as a third-party candidate. i am terribly frustrated by the unwillingness of the current political parties to cross party lines to get something done. with those special interest political action committees have a lot to do with the monies that the candidate's race to run for office. this particular race right
5:16 pm
here in upstate new york is to exceed $12 million to be invested for the three candidates. into come from the special interest pac. naomi candidate that has sworn to take any financing from special interest as a result you have candidates all over the u.s. that are beholden to the special interest fold a - - funding that is why they don't like to cross party lines because it shuts off the money flow. and special interest funding never comes to the center it only comes to the big issues on the left or albright most just trying to get something done and we have a gridlock because of the unwillingness of cross party lines and the control of the party leadership we end up coming up short progress a
5:17 pm
third-party candidate i have more power to bring the two parties closer together i will not be be called into special interest funding and donating my salary to charity that is my own commitment for public service that is the intention of our founding fathers when the constitution was first set up and that is the direction we need to go. tenney: with that donating your salary that means only millionaires can run for congress to those who don't need to work. but what is really important is when democrats outnumber republicans 107 / 43a significant bill has never been passed without democratic co-sponsor ships since 1974 progressive member of the extreme minority i produce say i have 60 bills class with democratic co-sponsor ship
5:18 pm
hoping to get those past. but the problem with washington and we have the president to is the uncompromising he will sign executive orders he has a pen and a phone and that is how he operates actually for the first time you now have a congress that passes balanced budgets so when we talk about getting things done maybe it is nice of the president would compromise in to talk about collusion today many friends have sent me a copy of a fire they have received pay for by nancy policy promoting martin. king kit is interesting both opponents are working together against me as a republican candidate. and the house majority pact
5:19 pm
is fueled by a kims' brother was at big donor and also corrupt casino boss has donated up to $1 million talk about money and politics i and the only one that is not a multimillionaire. i have been outspent grossly and 90% of the ads are attack ads against me and i don't have the money so that is a true david vs. goliath type of situation exacerbated they are now colluding. myers: alliance of misinformation in that the people want to hear about the question at hand. first of all, money in politics in is an issue dealt. my opponent claiming her pauper status is the will equally by the national republican campaign
5:20 pm
committee the as it made there is too much money have you get things done in washington in a bipartisan way? whether on the school board if you have a set objective have to be beholden to your taxpayers to keep with the rules and regulations i have never been partisan has a legislator to say what is the best solution because that is what you are hired to do when you run for office and elected people are depending on new. with the founding fathers the gall is to serve and to go home. in washington tim many are worried about keeping their jobs instead of doing their job. i want to be interested to
5:21 pm
do the right job for all the right people in the 22nd district as opposed to the congress that fold their arms and stomp their feet to say i am not budging on anything. that is not something that has ever bent part of my personality or goal in my years of public service. the american people are fed up with partisan politics and if they don't they don't get to keep their job that is what you are supposed to do in washington that is i will do. >> this year the disability integration act that with home and community-based services as alternative to
5:22 pm
institution and we support this bill if elected? tenney: actually chris has endorsed me in this campaign n represents most of the district even though i am honored to speak on his behalf.
5:23 pm
and i don't know much about the bill. >> >> i have sisters and my and this has down syndrome with a severe disability like that. suit go faster down the path to home and community and i am absolutely in favor but conceptually i am on the path have a lot to do with their own area resources
5:24 pm
interred that they stand behind did the idea to stay in smaller communities and set of large institutions so i am on board so watch out for the unfunded mandates when you have a situation but don't back it up with what is the right stream to support that we will finders' cells in trouble even what happens with medicaid funding and to be filled in the funding streams don't match up and cuts into quality of service myers: this is near and dear to my heart without even
5:25 pm
looking at the statistics you know if somebody can stay in their home with their loved ones the quality of life increases longevity as well as self-fulfilling day are. when my m is got to be older and could move in with my sister-in-law and her husband and i saw a the quality of life by in-laws had and as safe fit of health started to fail the in home services started to fail to still be integrated to be part of the family and involved with their grandchildren to see that they came to visit them it is amazing that is what everybody would want for their parents or for their loved ones and quite frankly it also saves money if you
5:26 pm
could have people stay in their home to provide access and the support that they need why would we not do that as a society to value our elderly and disabled to help them have been increased quality of life? i would be all for this the devil is in the details of libyan trusted to looking at this bill to improve that quality of life with the elderly and disabled. >> social security will face a $500 million shortfall if congress does nothing that means most will only receive 77 percent of what we are owed so what would you do to help fix social security? myers: one thing that i know in this campaign is to make
5:27 pm
sure our seniors and citizens know that social security that they paid their whole life we need to maintain and protect social security i have to tell you when i was growing up the business was struggling the there was no such word as can you have to work at it so one of the of ways that we can say social security and improve that so i do know that those 30 percent that is 90 percent of their income so think of the impact of the quality of life with the ability to
5:28 pm
survive and then we must get to the table to raise the cap could be the simple first part. >> social security is the earned benefit not a tax if anybody puts the money then they should get out what they put in. we all know if we do what we're doing right now in a situation where the next generation will not have the benefit as we know it today and at the same time those of our social security so we are in favor of keeping it intact to start to look at what adjustments what remains financially viable that would include the reality of the situation
5:29 pm
where the health the congress and the senate. we have to much partisan divide for no reason. we have not been able to make those necessary changes and the king and just keeps getting kicked down the road we have to stand up and object and the only way that we can start making those changes is getting behind the leaders ready to cross party lines for those decisions that have to be made because it is the next generation we are
5:30 pm
shortchanging. i am very concerned. tenney: this issue is important and to address one of those deceitful ad point out that i have voted to cut social security and medicare but understand i have never voted on social security or medicare my parents depended on social security to serve live i have said over and over i will do nothing and need to preserve them but to what we have done over the years with just the creation of obamacare raiding the hundred billion dollars from medicare to fund obamacare another $150 billion taken away from our seniors putting data into obamacare imploding before our eyes even democrats are starting
5:31 pm
to peel away to notice we need another solution. we need to look for other ways to end government to cut waste and fraud, are those that depend on it. did is important to note i have been in cuba -- accused of all these but the truth is have a 96 percent attendance record and is hard to bust through those millions of ads being spent that have to do with the debate forum because saddam have the resources that my opponents have to spend on ad. so i am happy to have this opportunity and tell the truth that i will not touch social security or medicare for seniors.
5:32 pm
>> moderator: one of the questions coming in through a twitter, mentioning the unfunded mandates be split negative huge strain on the public-school system howdahs everyone feel about common core standards and the unfunded mandates quick. >> i am on record not to be supportive of common core i agree with the idea to have standards of where students stack up conceptually that is a good idea but how is implemented there is a lot of diversity from one district to another in terms of demographic and income levels and you end up having a situation where different schools are held to a different standard and it ties the school districts marcion's i am not a
5:33 pm
supporter of common core as it has been implemented in your state there is way too much intervention from the federal government from that common core program to have that complete authority to hold the teachers accountable and equipping them with the resources they need when you have high standards not providing the resources to make it happen we ended getting high property taxes imus supporter of the plan that recognizes the way education is implemented under common core is detrimental to the local counties were this is a huge expense to be better
5:34 pm
controlled doing away with the unfunded mandates we should be looking to make sure that funding is falling to support it. >> debate issue at the state lovell from the national no child left behind to dingell of many in front of this day and now with the one-size-fits-all package of has been a tremendous disaster in new york is a just the implementation of common core but the overreach of the federal government imposing itself on the local school districts. common core goes against the principles of the constitution with individual rights to recognize each
5:35 pm
student is unique and also better students and teachers are in a classroom to pride critical thinking skills not just using testing to use it against a teacher. i think that testing is good for students but should be a tool for teachers not something to evaluate to take that pay away or to hurt the students because many are coming from troubled homes and they cannot meet some of those standards that is one of the reasons i always opposed common core so i fought against that at a federal level and try to bring back that professionalism that the teachers deserve. we account for the school
5:36 pm
district's probably any other entity and we need to leave that to the local taxpayers and volunteers school boards let them educate our children. >> qsr what chain wskg television a co-production of the league of women voters from broome and tioga counties. follow the returns on election night we have created a special website and we will have those results. one of the questions coming from twitter tonight. myers: excuse me may i answer. >> moderator: i apologize. myers: and bailey interrupt
5:37 pm
because education is my passion i firmly believe all problems can be solved re-education. the key to a happy life is rational the quality public education with of misnomer and a dirty word of common core it was implemented and brought about by state governors and their education did pfizer's to word noticing with the skill set to be ready for jobs and careers of a got together to decide their shabby higher standards they're always a good thing. i believe that and i believe throughout the united states , we needed, said the skill sets third grade and one state should be the same as in another. when you graduate from fourth grade he should tell
5:38 pm
the same skill set around the country. but the problem with common core comes from the region's agenda is the implementation and of laugh the funding that comes along with it. yes, unfunded mandates has been hurt t education for years. unfunded mandates back through the '70s with special education has never been fully funded to be implemented for students. we need to have high standards but definitely have local control and minimal standard test across the country. that should remain at the state level based on the test scores is unconscionable. in also cannot solve education unless you solve poverty. so to be evaluated on the
5:39 pm
student that is hungry or has not slept you are not going to get the quality education or the results that we need in this country >> wind of the head their questions speaking of health care and living long deere would do support a public option for health care? >> probably universal across the country people understand and feel that access to quality affordable health care should be available to every single person in this country that has happened under the affordable health care act or what we have had in the past. that is why i believe
5:40 pm
whatever you call it get to the table so every person in the united states has access to quality affordable health care. we have the technology, some of the best doctors and results medically that not everybody can access that. we need to come to the table to figure out how we will provide that. the affordable health care act is not perfect with the unintended consequences? clearly. that are some good things for example students can stay on the parents' health care program to the age of 26. until the plan and what they're doing with snowcap with someone who has a chronic diseases a good thing as well as others but one of the consequences idol think is i don't believe the
5:41 pm
affordable health care act took into account the health care the public school teachers have is a good plan but now qualifies as a cadillac tax the school's not have the additional funds to pay a couple million dollars because they provide health care for teachers. we need to get to the table to figure this out be andy eternal optimist but there is a solution of the right people are at the table with the right ideas in the right attitude of that is the goal they want to achieve. babinec: with the public auction we although as consumers the way we get the best price in the quality that we want by having choice and the very definition is to eliminate choice to be reliant totally
5:42 pm
on the government for your health care. it's not a good system river that has been tried redo rationing occurs did you have cost that can go up and importantly the choices that you want be eliminated. i am much more in favor of going in the direction to reduce government intervention. right now we already have too much obamacare has given us more than we needed is a problem. more competition, and not less at the price that we want we can do a better job from a government standpoint to have more knowledge and more choices right now across state lines is not permitted and we would
5:43 pm
rather have that choice to ticket issues what makes sense for a steadily from a cost standpoint to do that with the information that could be more transparent and that would be helpful but the public auction is not the solution. >> theoretically be had a public option that is what obamacare is supposed to provide? talking about single payer let me direct the audience to the veterans affairs failed single pair also look the state of vermont in realized it would bankrupt the state so they pulled away. as indicated before we have to go to the consumer driven model let the private sector handle this with obamacare we created huge corporate giants better health care companies coordinating with
5:44 pm
bureaucrats, would need to reacquaint the patients with their doctors to talk about health care number what it isn't affordable and number two to pay the exorbitant amount and it has hurt small businesses with the health care exchanges that are done by executive order passed on to invidious humbly they are imploding and it is not working and we need to institute a program immediately it is devastating to our communities. we do need to cover people with pre-existing conditions but we can allow all competition to force them to compete with the risk pool and allow that to cover. i have a small business
5:45 pm
health care is one of the most difficult obstacles with the unfunded mandates we have to me we had to go to partial self insurance, stop-gap insurance testing case it has been devastating to the small-business community. i would rule back completely and start from scratch to focus on excellent health care to allow professionals to run the system. >> moderator: towards the end of the program for the next question answers are one minute each. this is about in, and any quality. day think the gap between the rich in the port is a problem? hallwood radio address that? tenney: yes. we have lost the middle-class have taken all of the jobs and thrown them
5:46 pm
away to send them to china. we have china or mexico or these countries where the annual payment is $5,000 per year to make a very difficult for the business community to compete and also leaves people without a job so they become dependent on public assistance, job opportunities available, have a culture people want to work but they can find a job because we think it has to be a leaked a lot of people just want to go to work but but, unfortunately so much of our many and taxpayer money goes to helping the corporate giants to perpetuate their domination of society. that is what causes that inequality.
5:47 pm
>> yes there is this and i agree that we're losing our middle-class but there is always a solution. but going from one ditch to the other it is very rare sunday would graduate high-school than go for years to school to get a professional job and now that is what you must do to be successful or appear to be. but what i have seen it is we have good middle-class paying jobs going unfilled. we are not carrying the skills that with those jobs in advance manufacturing and we need to do that by a understanding we need the
5:48 pm
next-generation of plumbers and electricians to invest in that job training that we have not shipped every single manufacturing job to china because i have visited many up and down the district. >> moderator: time is up. babinec: income inequality is an issue we have seen salaries we flat answer to me in upstate new york in your state will lose about 1 million people over the last 10 years. so my solution merely is recognizing there are places around the u.s. better job generating machines to peel back the layers oftentimes there are the newer industries and the studies
5:49 pm
had shown with a product or service is not only pays more but generates five jobs for every one that could be in these companies. this is what my plan is focused on and what i am bringing to congress and i committed to create more of those claimants in this district. >> moderator: it is time for closing statements each candidate has one minute. babinec: on many levels it
5:50 pm
is the ugliest election cycle we have never seen. the two parties are the furthest apart then we can never remember. to many politicians are crossing party lines and special-interest funding and causing me to run as an independent candidate for acquired not beholden to any party leadership, not taking any special interest funding i cannot be bought and i am committed to making a change by creating more jobs so families can stay together with that in time in a quality item deal the third party candidate running for congress and the entire country that the independent polls say i am competitive and can win the race site ask for your vote to make history.
5:51 pm
myers: i have enjoyed being here and thanks for the attention everybody has paid and certainly in the unique election year. i know i have the right attitude and the temperament and in no history shows i show up and work with whoever is there with the common sense that we needed washington i have done the manhole life and will continue. i have been born and raised i.m. blessed more than others we have achieved the american n dream but my dad always told us never forget where you came from. this is where i will always be and i would be proud to serve in the united states congress to represent the 22nd district and ask for your vote.
5:52 pm
tenney: the voters have a clear choice someone busted up to correction -- corruption but we need to revitalize the economy and reduce taxes stop the bad trade deals. and get a bit of obamacare security is one of the most important issues we need to secure our borders we don't need to be the world's policeman did take care of the nation to be a leader. we need to stop and restore culture we have come to a culture of corruption cronyism of. pay to play and corporate welfare is why i proposed an acting term limits to cut politicians and ms. meyers said she wants to invest in this community and submit if your company is worth $6 billion of bad that - - channel revenue and
5:53 pm
350 million of net revenue please let the people of broome and tioga counties have their $31 million back to bring the jobs back without taking the corporate welfare. that is exemplary of a true commitment to this community . please the from the november november 8. >> that wraps up did york 22. >> thanks to our partners and the league of women voters from broome and tioga counties and the studio audience and those watching at home. the polls open tuesday
5:54 pm
november 86:00 a.m. and remain open through endicott p.m.. the publicly again the league of women voters' urge you to participate. wskg news has a good night. [applause] ♪ hot ♪ ♪
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real clear politics reports as 7.the need psych team the poll last week. >> moderator: welcome to the debate both of the irvine to represent northeast iowa in the first congressional district this area covers the series:ashley areas of dubuque and the cedar rapids. and waterloo.
5:57 pm
we would like to extend our thanks to. college for hosting here on the campus of cedar rapids. now for the format comes from the coal moderator's they have submitted questions and those of you who are following online have also submitted questions each candidate will answer each question will have nine seconds moderators to have an additional 90 seconds for follow-up questions if needed the candidates are not getting their standard statement they will start by answering questions but that will be different unable get to a minister to answer that initial introductory question the end of the debate they will have the opportunity to respond to a closing questions we ask the audience members please to
5:58 pm
not interrupt and show respect for those watching at home by refraining from cheering or boating -- you may have the opportunity to apply once the beginning and at the end. here are the two candidates. [applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] [chanting] >> moderator: energetic
5:59 pm
crawled n. first ago to monitor the vernon. >> with less than 2/8 to go before election day is hard to believe there may be voters who do not know you or why you are here tonight so let's take negative minute to explain what has happened n did your life that has led you to be a candidate to talk about your family life and community service. >> i am delighted to be here. >> i am writing free-lance congress i have always been working mom raising three daughters by built a market research business here in cedar rapids. helping a lot of businesses take their product to market.
6:00 pm
. . we raised a lot of money and designed to shelter that was just for women and children. and to help them get out of homelessness and back on track with their lives. and from that i started working on affordable housing for people started thinking about those women needing better jobs many of them


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