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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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we raised a lot of money and designed to shelter that was just for women and children. and to help them get out of homelessness and back on track with their lives. and from that i started working on affordable housing for people started thinking about those women needing better jobs many of them went
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into union apprenticeship programs and other training i really saw them get on their way. and then i ran for city council here in cedar rapids just in time for a big flood. it was during that flood working with over 5,000 houses 1100 small businesses 300 public facilities. you really see the good, the bad and the ugly about our state government and our federal government meant in coming back from disasters like that. right then i decided someone has to go upstream. i began on my truck. really to help people get to a better economy and economy that works for all people here in northeast iowa. and that's why i'm running. congressman, i would like to talk about your biography and the points that you are in life and what led you to run
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for congress and be elected two years ago. what led you to washington. >> i like to thank you for televising this debate. for allowing us to have it here on the beautiful campus. sixty-one years. both of my parents had tenth grade educations. i have pretty humble beginnings. two of the floors and i have -- in our house have unique floor coverings. after my father came back from two world war ii. he worked at the dubuque packing company. my parents were never people that have money. we drive up and down grandview avenue on sundays usually. what nice houses. my parents would never say those people have an unfair advantage. if you work hard and get a
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good education you might be old to live there someday as well. i've never forgotten those words. i went on to loris college and got a degree in finance. i get an mba. i set off to work on my version of the american dream. that's what really this is all about. i have lived the american dream. i started a business that went public. it employs 325 people. if we more people in dc that signed the front of the paycheck it would be a smaller and more effective government. i think the american dream is getting to be a distant memory. i think it's in a be there for their children and if we lose that we won't have the better tomorrow i think we are losing what makes us the greatest
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country on the face of the planet. >> the questions for these will last 90 seconds. >> cedar rapids is ready to stop the cedar river from again flooding. the plan to build more than 7 miles of flood walls have not seen money yet. they provide about $15 a year through sales tax program. but never created the money. the problems that they have is that they are two loaves that they have to address. what is your plan if any in addressing the flood protection hopes in cedar rapids and i apologize it should be rob blunt to answer
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this question first. >> it something very come to get obama to try to make it simple in 90 seconds. it was authorized by congress in 2014. authorized is different than the money being spent. there's two agencies that had to get their approval for the flood wall project. otherwise known as omb. they like the project and it meets the requirements and the requirements are roughly every dollar spent has to protect a dollar in real estate so they like the project and they want to do it. the second hurdle to has to clear's office of management and budget. it does not meet the requirements. they won't tell us executive but those are but somewhere in the range of every dollar spent in the flood while it has to protect $2 in real
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estate value. the city of cedar rapids sizes never gonna meet those requirements they are never to be that high. as far as dollars protected. we've to compete effectively with cincinnati ohio you will never get built we don't control. we can't earmarking congress. we did get an amendment. into the other bill that was loaded on and passed and we come back after the break were gonna go to conference on it. and get the differences reconciled in our amendment. they put like amendment in the senate. don't forget cedar rapids. make it a priority. >> cedar rapids in many communities need flood protection systems. we absolutely need it. i hope that this effort gets it for us. but let me tell you to meet and other hard-working people
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out here it sounds like a lot of finger-pointing. army corps says it doesn't work that way. congress is pointing at them. it sounds like a lot of doubly good. what we need is someone who will go to congress and not just ray a few letters but actually go and meet with people about this. and gather people together and continue to work and continue to talk about it. i call it squawking. be politely persistent. get out there and talk about what has to be done. absolutely. this is a huge priority and it just must be done. here is part of the problem. the problem down in one sentence is that that bill that law the rule that the army corps goes by values land more than people.
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we have to change it. we have to get together and show why there is an exception. why we need to be taken care of. i don't buy it when we say we don't control that. we can control a lot. we can control a lot by who we vote for. we work with. how we get out and talk to the media about this. to value land more than people is wrong in america. >> are you suggesting that they have not done everything it could then and that you would have a different strategy. >> we've known about this. right after the flood the cedar rapids leaders knew that what we wanted to do was flood protection.
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we work were in it scrape a mile on each side of the river we were going to create a flood protection system. and we knew that there were four parts of that. one is your local match three interests state match we got everybody to the table. the army corps came to the table. internal engineers external. and citizens to say what should this look like. and we got a plan in record time. and so that sent a message to everybody who is paying attention in iowa that this head to be done. that this is to be done. so all along the city of cedar rapids has been in touch with the army corps on a regular basis so they know when we got the local match. they knew when we have the plan ready and what the price was. everything is in place but the federal amount. we need people and that's been
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well over a year. perhaps two years now that we've have in place. i want to get ray at something. you don't wait until the last minute. you get right on it. and especially when people's lives and jobs are there. >> is she right about that. what's your view that differs. >> first of all the first flood happen in 2008 and the project was authorized in 2014. that's six years. it took you and city council six years to get this authorized by the federal government that's not exactly overnight. our delegation we had breakfast together at least once a month.
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before the reapportionment we are while a wear of the flood project and the need for the project and i think we had worked while on the flood project. in fact as i said senator ernst and senator dirk grassley introduced that. my bill passed. unanimous vote bipartisan. we can earmark. so all we can do is plead and beg with the office of management and budget to put this on the list that is approved. it's can be one of the first things we do it remind them that the project was approved by the senate in the house not once but twice and if they would please put this on their list because we've had two floods in eight years and secondly i think we need to find the budget. in a certain amount allocated
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for big cities. they will never qualify. your time is up. >> one of the most hotly debated issues in this campaign has been social security. and government security. it will be depleted between 2030 and 2034. there are two basic ways we can eliminate the funding gap and increase contributions. and they're asking what you prefer and how would you tackle this problem. let me just say first that social security is one of the very most successful programs that the united states has ever instituted. it has changed the way that people live out their retirement years. it is a sacred promise between our country and the people who live in it. and so i feel very strongly preserving social security and medicare and i look at how
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life has changed for people and i think it is just so important. we do need to make sure that we preserve it. i'm absolutely against raising the retirement age to 70. i look around iowa and we are hard workers. i think about people who are iron workers. ethic about people that stand all day in retail. it's really important that we not raise that age. to help us get to solvency. in my thought is and then
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perhaps put in later. how would we tackle this problem. and respond to mrs. vernon and in the plan to change the cap. social security and medicare are both vital to social safety nets through this country and we should do anything that we need to do to preserve them and protect them and make sure that they're there for the next 50 to 70 years. it's not only policy to me james. it is also personal. because my father died at 52 years old so my mother was a widow at 49 years old and if we didn't have social security she didn't and medicare we would have been in poverty. so the last thing i would want to do is do anything to harm those programs. the reason we haven't done anything i believe on these
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two important programs. if you even mention the words social security and ideas of what we can do to save it there is a million dollars and attack ads that will come against you. saying that you want to push graham off the cliff in a wheelchair. or that you want to raise the retirement age. >> there are lives and there are damn lives. i have consistently said so security to be preserved in protected it needs to be bipartisan. that is only way it's can work. the only ways can way to pass politically. it's good to be a better bill. the income cap of merit. the sooner we address it the better.
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>> talk about raising that cap and means testing. so that wealthier people want to receive the same benefits. i think that is a real can of worms. i do think with the raising the cap their 118 now. i would give people some time between 118 and 250,000 to accumulate some dollars to pay off mortgage. in perhaps open it up after that. i would like to say here my opponent talks about all of these ideas and how he wants to work with people but congressman you voted to cut social security you voted to voucher eyes medicare and you voted to raise the retirement eight to 70. so i think it's important that when you vote on something you don't come back to iowa and
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act like it was just ideas and like a workaround session. you voted to do those things. i think those are moves that would be very destructive. i am glad survivor benefit was there for you in your family. i had two cousins that benefited from that as well. she did 2-year-old and a two day old. so i know that there are so many stories out there. you have to admit your votes. >> you also talked about raising the cap. is it fair to someone making up $218,000 that if they make hundred $65,000 that they don't pay out all of their income is it fair to the lower wage workers to pay on the full amount and wealthier
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people pay on part of it quacks. >> i would like to address the vote. the vote that they are we turn furring to as budget vote. and the only part that is binding is the top line number. a budget has thousands of people -- pieces in it. they're not legislation. they are not laws and they are not binding. the only number i need is a $3.9 trillion top line. and i voted for the republican study committee because it balanced in five or six years and i think we all need a balanced budget. and i voted for our budget committee which i'm on which balanced and a half years. that's the only thing that matters in the top line spending. there is thousands of ideas. no different than obama care. 2600 pages of law. there's bound to be some good ideas in there. they are demagogue by your
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opponent. they go through and the researchers in wine washington dc safe you voted against it. back to the actual -- actual issue. there is merit in bringing back the payroll tax. i don't know what the right number is. we have to have the congressional budget office score that. there is also merit for that. there is also merit to some republican ideas letting more young people believe. that is some of the internal investment. let's talk about agriculture. we are due for another farmville. we may need to accelerate.
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your views as what you as a member of congress can do to help iowa agribusiness. obviously ag is important. the first district most but not all of our economy is driven by ag prices. everybody had always talked to has said two things to me. they drove this into my head. get government regulations off of our back particularly the epa and secondly we need more markets for our products. and were seen at this year. we had record harvest this year. as a result of that because we all had more markets it's one of the reasons i believe in free trade. they have not lived up to what the law said.
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not good for the iowa economy they are down to 500 employees. we need to help them with the regulations. i would wish our federal government to live up to the law that was passed. could a member of the congress help the agribusiness. agriculture is huge in iowa. it is a very big part of our economy. we are great at growing things and producing things.
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i think about it here in cedar rapids we process over 10% of the grains that are grown. in the state. there are so many other businesses that come from that such as john deere as was mentioned. i think that certainly we need to open up markets for trade for farmers. i would say that needs to be fair trade. we ought to help farmers with incentives to continue to find different kind of crops. we have to be creative. we have to invest. there are and invest in research. it is how bio fuel comes about.
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i'm proud of that. >> you each talked about markets. market in particular if it comes to the floor will you vote for. it is a multiple nation agreement in the asia pacific rim. i have not read the agreement yet. when they're 70 countries involved. i will read it. page for page when it's can be scheduled for a vote. i don't know if it will come up early next year. edges can be buried.
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they don't think it is good. but i will say this. industry experts in the ag industry have read it word for word and overall there is a consensus of opinion there. that's good for iowa it's good for ag and that is good with the farm prices the way they are we need more trade at this point i don't have an opinion on it. it would be good for iowa and good for ag. it would be good for iowa and good for ag. secretary clinton and senator kane are against it. your view quacks. >> i'm against it. when we trade we need to make sure that it's fair trade.
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i know that they spoke for a long time. and really these head been awful agreements we have lost thousands of jobs that have been offshore. every single community in this district. i am in favor of trade. but this trade agreement is not fair trade. and that's what i want to see. is not fair trade. and that's what i want to see. 754 waterways are considered impaired. they are getting more polluted. the lawsuit against county's
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upstream. they illustrate how dire the illustration has become. but it is not cheap. they would likely pick up the bill for any changes with water quality. what are your solutions to the issues of waterways and beyond. and how would you balance the need to support iowa's economic engine. >> clean water is the number one thing that keeps humans going. we had had clean water. and i know that our farmers need water. and so water is a very important thing in this state. and i don't see it as an us versus them or another finger pointing situation. i think it's a time when iowa has hunkered down and get people to the table solve problems and get things done. this is something i've always been good at something i worked very hard at doing. and getting diverse groups of people when there is a problem
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you roll up your sleeves and you get everybody you can around the table to get their opinions and their ideas. yes we have a water quality problem in the state. we have to clean things up. i think everybody's gonna take some some responsibility here. i think you have to look at how the agricultural methods are. and we have a really proud. we looked a lot like that was being put into the cedar river. i know that they've done an amazing job. >> water quality issues have definitely come to the forefront.
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my first year in congress i never heard the words mentioned and then last year we heard a lot almost on a weekly basis. and the problems they head with lead. nitrates seem to be the biggest issue in iowa as is a runoff. for the most part. they do occur naturally but for the most part it's probably runoffs from former field. we need to be more like the iowa dnr and less like the epa i don't care farmers complain about them at all. they coached the compliance. that's the way of doing business. it shows up with a subpoena a lawsuit at the end of abandonment. that's the way that we do things out of washington dc. runoff is an issue. and i've to her many farms over the last two years with the conservation groups.
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and they're really on the white -- right track. it will help with flooding in these streams. right now due to the way we construct roads in the way of the farmers farm their field and the drain tile you can see what we had flooding. now they are coaching them and helping them to have them build basins and build grassy areas that can hold the water hold the water on your property and don't let it go downstream into a creek. and that's why we end up with major flooding. >> those are voluntary programs that they can opt into. based on the fact that they're becoming more polluted not less one could argue that those measures are simply not enough. doing it state-by-state is not something in congress is in our purview. it would likely be up to the epa to enact a permit system or something to really get a handle on improving water
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quality. is that something you would consider and if not what is the alternative. obviously they should be involved. all the tributaries and up in the missouri river which is not estate river. two federal waterways. they have to be involved. they have to help courtney to the state. and work with the states and with the dnr who with work with the farmers as opposed to its my way or the highway. it is typically the way things are done out of washington dc. we have farmers now that are not making any income and if these prices stay low we have to be sensitive to our food supply and to the farmers income. and once again the economy and eastern iowa with john deere and other manufacturer is laying off people would be sensitive to it. we need to do it in a thoughtful way and make sure there is measurable improvement and yes the epa needs to be involved. it's a great point. working with hand-in-hand with iowa dnr who do work hand-in-hand with the farmers. if we do it that way i figure
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will be a much better result than the epa than the suits and washington dc who don't report to anyone and they're not elected by the citizens sitting around saying this is a new standard here's the way you do it iowa farmers. and if you don't there's a lawsuit at the end of the band. coached to compliance. if it doesn't improve the work and had to actually force the issue. i really believe that i would like to have it done here. in iowa i would like to have iowa and sit across the tables from iowans and hammer out some solutions. because this is whether it's on someone's farmland or city street in the end it's all of our water. and it's our responsibility in my background is in market research and i have listened to the hopes and dreams of people over 70 years.
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i've done a lot of studies for communities that are looking at water quality and looking at how we do a better job of being stewards of our resources and one of the things that always makes me so proud of our islands is that time after time what they say is when we make the mess we cleaned it up. for example iowans have never been in favor of shipping our garbage. they've always felt like let's recycle here. let's get it taken care of. were iowans. ..
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>> >> we are in a nation of immigrants. my mind and dad are here in the second row i think of my mom's ancestors became from justice of akia here to work can farm in the area and most of my dad's relatives came from germany. they came here to seek a better life and that is one of the greatest things about our country is that we have
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come from some in different places. on the other hand 18 also members of congress are anyone who was elected to serve the people, your number one thing is safety and security of the people that you served of america negative that is no. lot -- number-one fan so it is important to have immigration reform ideas think we can secure the borders to make sure we have up-to-date rules on how to do that but that is one part . food can come and then in the future? right now we have a lot of people here who are adding value to our communities better in the shadows. we need to bring the amount of one to have a way for people to jump through hoops to earn their way for citizenship that is way they
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earn more and pay taxes and help with competition for business. >> moderator: same question. >> first of all, like to back a bit couple of questions by opponents said she did not favor tepee p. the trade bill bob like to remind my opponent won a five the jobs this exports. if you don't favor the trade bill that basically were standing against 20 percent of the work force in this state. with the need to secure the southern border for multiple reasons isis' the fbi has active investigations of 900 suspected terrorist affiliated with isis in united states not all that most have come here to be smuggled by the drug warlords for:and those people that we have heard of.
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the second reason that should be secured is that most are coming across the border 90 percent of the cocaine comes across the mexican importer. and we promise they've will "bee movie" stars coming to the united states and forced into prostitution i cannot think of anything worse we need to reform the current immigration system. those who have overstayed the work be supper cow when negative work feasts' the. we need to modernize the global system for employers. >> moderator: your time is up. >> moderator: would you so vote for the standalone e verify live that would require to verify before
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hiring regardless of immigration pdf? >> i would have to take a look at that i feel strongly about giving people a chance especially those who have been here for a long time to be law-abiding citizens who have added value to their community. i would be willing to take a look at that. but when we are thinking about how we experience and our economy, we can't think about trade at any cost but i not for trade data any cost. when we think about tpp is
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so important that the dollar's made on the trade bill like that benefit the hard-working people of the northeast iowa district. i am here to tell you the tp p does not it is of very few to reward those flues work is done. continuing to be against uh trade bills. >> moderator: would you support e-verify? with those legal immigration need to be changed. >> yes back to the tpp will i cannot get off of that. i question she has read it
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is rather lengthy i have read every page. with my original answer on immigration. to verify the e-verify system. i have no problem of people in southern california if you cannot find americans then there is the work visa that they cannot overstay. most of them come here because of jobs to clamp down on employers. with an accurate either five system. normally to employee the glee and i am not reporting what anybody or breaking up families. they can get to the back of the line for the illegal immigration.
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and then to be totally overhauled with a nation of immigrants with one of the string san fabric of society i am 100 percent the using legal. >> i don't think he did you could prevent it to tpp of this. [laughter] let's talk about health care. the average premium increase for those who have policies under the affordable care act is 25%. they are in favor of repeal and replace the question is replaced with what? why has there not then something specific?
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>> in control of congress to have 54 republican senators with that filibuster rule is abused to take 60 votes to move legislation so for example, talk about getting more things done in washington d.c. with 530 bills. and then that is the question. the health care system try to solve that health care system we need the best of both worlds but the cost has gone so high every family cannot afford it so we do need a plan from 1,000
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different reasons but we cannot talk about it in 25 seconds one silver bullet will not take care that. to increase the cost in this country to have the hsh to buy insurance across state lines hillary clinton was to have the government with a big pharma that might be a good one. >> moderator: your time is up what about your thoughts on and the affordable care act? >> i think if portable care act needs allied to of help. but i would also add that today, 20 million people did not have health care coverage. i don't want to go back to time when those people did not have it.
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looking all over northeast i would have a miracle to finally have health care. i don't want to go back to a time of pre-existing conditions kept love one's from having health insurance coverage at all want to go back to a time when parents could keep their kids when being a woman was a pre-existing condition. and with those preventative measures. , but we need to work together. now my grandpa's i used to stay with him he would talk about medicare. it was the mid-60s. when medicare was passed in 65, it wasn't perfect at all .
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it bipartisan congress made it better. instead of just three pealing in repealing and repealing. [applause] >> moderator: please hold your applause. >> moderator: are you wasting time repealing or is there an opening on the other side? >> i actually agree with my opponent we have tried to repeal it is not going anywhere i doubt the president signed legislation so let's not do this a 53rd time but i don't control the agenda i think if we should have been working for verses' repealing obamacare and with good reason. with the affordable care act the laypeople the did is
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affordable for those editing for free. the average family of four will pay $2,500 per year now we find out it is even more. if you like your physician you can keep and now that is not true. for most people. that is not true. [applause] that is the best of both worlds we need to get the private sector and all there is no better way than that miracle of the private-sector and competition we need to be at the same time they have a role to play. we should be helping people pay for health insurance for the indigent and handicapped and disabled and the government should not do what they are bad at. >> moderator: your time is up and.
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if you are elected list of proposals would lead you take across the aisle to spruce up? vernon: has to be more affordable. >> moderator: how? vernon: by adding competition. there is probably no one in this room that does not agree with me with that. and with zero big competition. you will have prices lower whether that is across state lines or the up public option. thises is a model coming from the republican party so here is what i think. everybody wants to argue about everything. let's let bygones be bygones and this is what we have we can improve greatly by increasing competition.
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but then it is better for all. but many of these people with the increase iowa will pay more like $75 a month so it is still affordable for many people. it does need work but i go back to that bipartisan effort in the '60s to do it again. let's talk repealing something to roll up the sleeves and work together and solve the problem for the american people barrick is an idea. >> moderator: audience please with localized. candidates who are receiving applause there will be a penalty of time for them so please respect the rules of the debate. next question is the topic of education.
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the federal education law and no child of behind is gone away replacing with a new act no child left behind was criticized on both sides. but it was an issue that no child left behind received praise to shine a light on those that underperformed their peers. children from low-income households. so with out that way to being shined, of what do you propose that any other law shed do for those who uneasily get lost through the data i do not get left behind quick. >> education is the greatest single investment we can make in our people. getting a child ready for
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the world is nothing like it. me have he represents are what we have to pay if every child has the great beginning. with early childhood education, i support k through 12 system and want to make it stronger. to make it accessible and affordable weather training programs or through a college degree. >> to have great preschool experiences. i saw what that did for them and i became convinced and from that preschool could be much more successful in whatever they want to be.
6:50 pm
that is restart to catch those range of abilities or disabilities it is so important to work with our teachers to get more resources and the best explanation of what should happen. >> moderator: same question. blum: often does not count for penalize? [laughter] education local and state issue in the federal government should not be involved k. dubuque education it is one-size-fits-all. and the bureaucrats in the career professional bureaucrats thinks they know how to educate a child better than cedar rapids
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school board. i could not disagree more. and with those education bill that replaces no child left behind so the main reason to return more control and to control more to this day and local level. with the school superintendent so now they're meeting to define as opposed coming from washington d.c.. and that was $0.60 back for education without one entry list of mile-long so i say let's keep the dollar here in an iowa. blum: un say eliminating the
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department of education? blum: absolutely. vernon: i would not do that. [laughter] again and education is one of the single greatest things. to invest in education. early in our marriage we decided to go by the of wayside to have those opportunities that others needed to have as well so what i think about the federal government in educational think of the programs -- pell grant that is the way that so many go to college. is so important to have post
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secondary after 12th grade education in this country and we need to make sure that is affordable. right now we are charging enormous interest rates for those dollars and those institutions are very expensive. we need to find a way to be more excessively affordable for all. we are losing ground on of world stage after world war two with up massive gi bill. >> moderator: your time is up. we have seen many states and several iowa communities raise minimum wage. is it time to raise the federal minimum wage or leave it to the state to set whenever rates they want quick. >> there she goes again that
6:54 pm
was a vote to indigent non-binding along with the others. with did your question again i'm sorry. [laughter] >> moderator: the minimum-wage. blum: first of all, the minimum-wage shin i would is different than san francisco's california. recently those that would maintain to raise at minimum wage that could make us a little bit crazy with 99 different minimum-wage is but it should be done by the states and i think it is time it gets raised so we don't have to have this discussion every year but the cbo did a study that 500,000 young people mostly
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young people lose their job. and secondarily is the majority of people working minimum-wage do not live in poverty so you want to make sure we have the dollars with the earned income tax credit it is much more effective way to do it. >> moderator: what should be raised to or should it? vernon: and need the economy that works for everyone for the nation's capital with that recession for what was happening here and we need to raise the of minimum-wage as a small-business owner reno how important it is to be able to plan for those increases. i raise my own minimum-wage in my business at $10 an
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hour over 10 years ago. i did it went - - want their parents to pay for everything else that summer. anything did is important that we do that. said that is really important. it is important we expand our economy here and i was. we need to find a way we can do that i think another in is investing in infrastructure and i think we ought to invest the of research and then to create jobs right here at home, right back to the economy we have to get creative. >> moderator: your time is
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up. >> moderator: you are running as us democratic nominee you're running as a republican nominee but i don't see you claim partisanship with few or ad although you do claim that of your opponent so my question is what does it mean to you to be a democrat? vernon: to be a democrat for being is all people in united states for everyone to succeed to make sure that people have civil and human rights. to invest in our communities. to balance our budget by don't think we will cut our
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way that you racist uh deficit to go back to history, think we have to make investments so that is where i am. so with that presidential candidate that has continued to support after very nearly every ethnic group to be a predator to words when in and for those who have daughters or sons. that spells at out better than ever before. those that know more about isis and the generals or that they should have nuclear power, i don't and the list goes on behind enough time tonight those are just some of the things sometimes i am not sure
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because he wiggles around so much. blum: it took 62 minutes for him to be mentioned but my follow-up past to do with each district smiled like you to take your minute and half why are you republican? blum: democrats believe that power of government republicans should believe in the power of the individual. [applause] blum: i probably just got dr.. looked at the g.o.p. platform it is the same type of things i plead personal responsibility in this country with a personal responsibility take care of yourself and your family you take care of them yourself.
7:00 pm
take care of him as a republican party negative is to get back to the constitution we do have limited government the g.o.p. believes in fiscal sanity that would be nice we need to get serious about it and to sound good and how to pay for these things with the free-market talk about my opponent being against tpp and the republican party believes in the sanctity of life. the founders had it correct with life liberty the pursuit of happiness in that order. you can not have life for liberty or pursue happiness. >> moderator: asking how she differed from president obama.
7:01 pm
so how to differ from hillary clinton? >> i just think of a woman who grew up in a neighboring state and was a brave young woman with a very fancy law school for when and children in those who have a background in the nation and someone who works across the aisle with the secretary of state looking at the work she has done with women's rights with every part of
7:02 pm
that that you can think of. and sometimes we think more of using diplomacy than she does and when we look at the of world renown we have to be smart and tough. i am one of these people that absolutely where isis is concerned i will look at every stronghold to be done with them but i spend extra time on diplomacy every moment that i could. >> moderator: the leader of your ticket mr. traub how you differ from him on substantive issues? blum: first of all, i don't agree with some of the things he has said and his style he is crude and new
7:03 pm
york city got i and what he has said about women is reprehensible there is no place for that language much less as the highest office and most agreed that hillary clinton is a pathological liar. but some of the areas that i disagree with donald trump talking about the religious test if you are muslim he will not be able to come into our country short-term ride on agree with that. there should not be a religious test ever but setting have that background of a cannot properly vet them and they should not be able to come into our country. i also not agreed that we should deport to everyone that is here illegally to approve these people that are contributing to the community.
7:04 pm
and also i disagree to take care of this to you put the same end in the glass that is not the way to execute this but i do agree we are sick and tired of career politicians and bureaucrats. >> moderator: time is up business regulation you both started your own businesses. to appreciate some regulations of intellectual property to protect ideas what specific business regulations do you think should be eradicated at the same time to bake it more level playing field?
7:05 pm
>> i have started my own business part of the reason it isn't easy is because of government in our back pocket there on backs with excessive regulation that epa with the waters in the u.s. act we tried to repeal be passed in the house and in the senate and the president vetoed that bill. it has good intentions only relating to the navigable waterways mississippi and missouri river but they have expanded that definition that when there rains though water runs downhill. thanks very much you make six figures so it collects in a valley to go into the
7:06 pm
dry creek bed to go into the mississippi river therefore this farmland that is a century farm is now under the jurisdiction of the epa according to the governor 96% of iowa plant is under the federal government that is overreach bear out of control. in to put through for the department of labour is overreach as well sold anyhow and dapper hurting the people they're supposed to help. vernon: lasso founded a small business some of this comes from the government not using new technology to make it more difficult for small business owners i have done research on why is it we make solo in the nation with the entrepreneur says?
7:07 pm
and maybe because of red tape but we have stopped as a nation investing in research and innovation as the government also the private institutions they are publicly traded and have stopped putting money into research. we are builders especially in this district we deere makers and innovate and create stuff i am sure there is a guy to blocks away welding something then san invention or a woman 1 mile that way on a computer. but unless you can get your federal banking system changed around so we are investing in our people again and in small business
7:08 pm
that they are n our system to do that. but to get into the short-term. >> moderator: your time is up. vernon: we will be in trouble. >> moderator: attacking representative blum to lay off business your firm laid off nearly half the your employees is the is hypocritical when you're part to attack and for the same thing your business did ? vernon: there was a report that came out idol think the time line is what you are talking about but it is true i did have a smaller firm. but here is what happened to me, as a small-business owner and i am sure there are many we experienced a downturn of the economy.
7:09 pm
and if you know, me very well appear on first avenue. to keep everyone of you but i don't know if i can and pay you full price. going forward. would you be willing to take a cut in pay? so that we can keep it going. i will not take any pay. i have to go back but i believe 75 for 80% is what they took and god bless them some of them could not do that some fear attrition laugh but not all during that time period. ended up happening so would pay them every penny that i owed them over six months.
7:10 pm
>> moderator: your time is up. representative blum you are attacking her for her support. >> she supports the nuclear agreement i do not. i read that page for paging and word for word it is literally a head scratcher. the purpose was to prevent from getting a nuclear bomb we will just postponement it is the worst agreement has seen in negative two years that is better than the iran agreement be have to get 25 days advance notice? there is no on demand americans to be apart of the
7:11 pm
inspection team. with of ballistic missile and to deliver a warhead for what we negotiated for years we find a got russia to agree and receive the unmarked planes delivering the currency at the airport and those agreements we could not read in congress because they were secret i guess they cannot be trusted so that the vote is held now one negative help no. >> moderator: there is an executive order that some states including iowa have losses but it goes into
7:12 pm
effect december 1st your position on that topic and what was a few do if it does go into effected december 1st? blum: i have heard from hundreds of businesses and to talk about people's lives and employees. mendoza of the of fellowman kind. it will cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in did unaware they will get the of many. so can that be raised? probably like the minimum wage so we pass it in 10 or 20 years now that purchasing
7:13 pm
power is way less than it was. i call that drastic it is 125% increase and is very difficult for companies to deal with that. should it be raised? should anyone hundred 30%? >> so what was ready to was a member of congress? blum: assuming that it goes through? yes. but there is the democratic president on small businesses. >> moderator: that question did come to us is that too much do you feel with the new salary
7:14 pm
threshold? vernon: i could not hear you is that the overtime? there is a long time since that has been raised i would have to take the good hard look. with the iran agreement. it is true that i support and it is also true that every analyst close to a nuclear weapon and. and having worked in the community with the cedar rapids city council and know-how to get anybody to the table to solve problems to get things done. but the number one thing you are charged with is the
7:15 pm
safety and security of american life. and win a look at this agreement the did has gotten inspectors in there with concrete in the corporate grow more communication back-and-forth and with the litmus test over one-year it is have we been safer? eight don't just want to stomp your feet and walk away. sometimes things are not perfect but they help us out . >> moderator: polls show most americans overwhelmingly support those gun-control measures. and those to ban on the terror watchlist but that congress so what is your
7:16 pm
position? >> it goes to the safety and security are number one. having said that i am a supporter of the second amendment to have many people who are out hunting to not keep track of that but i have many friends who were hunters but when you did in a community like this everybody deserves that safety and security as well. so that universal background check is something that can be passed and also the
7:17 pm
no-fly know by a reporter the believe we should not let you buy a gun if you cannot borden airplane. there is a group that did a sit-in that this is very common sense measure. the gun owners that i know to not think it is a problem and that should be passed. i did not see then that this is an. >> what is your position quite settled thing to take the guns away from law-abiding citizens would keep us any safer. what you mention are already law that a convicted felon cannot purchase a firearm the incapacitated person
7:18 pm
cannot purchase a firearm and other country to buy a firearm from a licensed dealer the name can be submitted to the next system and that can be approved. but the no-fly list but that is not a constitutional right to fly in the aircraft however the right to bear arms is a constitutional right. that is very chilling for the government to say we will take away your constitutional right if you were on a list. where does that come from? from many different agencies and senator ted kennedy was on it for example,. some people have been trying to get off the no-fly list for years and still are on it to go through bureaucracy . it is chilly to say we will take away our constitutional
7:19 pm
right up front and tell you can prove you should have it would if we did that with free speech or other rights? there is a huge difference between no-fly and no bite -- no buy. >> moderator: talk about infrastructure as members of congress what the bill would lead you support in what was it you like to see happen in northeast iowa infrastructure? vernon: i am a huge believer in infrastructure and investment of that. i think we have seen that firsthand in cedar rapids after the flood those that were blasted open from the
7:20 pm
terrible devastating flood private enterprise comes so what i would look at with the infrastructure to put people to work right away but it also spruces up a place for private enterprise was the chair of the chamber and spent nine years on the chamber board looking at what it takes for business is to be successful. one of the things they look at home -- is the infrastructure. i look at roads and bridges and fled protection system communities up and down the river that ridge that connects highway 20 i was into illinois has been
7:21 pm
needed day of long time. there are a number of projects the year waterloo so we have broad bean and for every where it is easy to live in our charming little town. >> moderator: being a businessman i appreciate the difference of expenses with infrastructure spending by our government and investments the expense in is occurred one time i would expect the useful life to me 22 or 50 years that is an investment so with that economic development issue to have roads and bridges and i'll live on the mississippi river with of locks and dams now they are at the year a.d. and there
7:22 pm
is an amazing amount of commerce that goes up and down that river of water that is agriculture related so with those reserves are taking up the train cars from the dakotas it is essential we keep the law condemns going also with the infrastructure they are great paying jobs a lot of people are bridge builders to have good paying jobs and they cannot be exported to china. so if for structure is important that is why i a voted for the infrastructure bill with a long-term bill with more predictability to build bridges with the increase of funding. >> moderator: the final question what would lead you say to young high-school and college students that their
7:23 pm
future in is looking like the worst crack's how would you inspire them? blum: i'm good be concerned and i went to college we had multiple job offers when we were graduating because the economy was good and college damage it is an issue but talking about it tonight this the economy limps along a 1% growth over the last eight years at 1.6 percent growth per year the average is twice that so the young people here it is not rocket
7:24 pm
science we need to cut doc highest corporate tax rate and reduce regulations and uncertainty in the deficit and balance the budget to use that energy resources if we do those this economy will grow have four or 6% then we have 12 million more working with $500 per month if you go ecology one day job in your field go to work kattegat station beginning go to college to do that. [applause] >> moderator: your time is up. vernon: i would say that i believe in your generation i
7:25 pm
think anything is possible. this is the best country on the face of the earth with wonderful people and i hope he will stay in northeast iowa with the rest of us. we have no problem we can solve and i would tell them the way to deal with that is get out and vote and get involved you can determine your future. these smart man once said people are not as happy as they make up their mind to be will be as successful as to make up your mind we have a great country to take a advantage of all that is there bad most of all in this election season get to know that candidates and learn fluid is expect -- accessible. who will answer the phone? who will be there for you? don't vote for someone who
7:26 pm
will talk about reform as my opponent has done repeatedly reforming congress but yet he made a promise to give back half of his paycheck. we so when you break promises you destroy a trust is important that we say that. >> moderator: thanks for joining us. [cheers and applause] [applause]
7:27 pm
>> most of the sinking of winston and churchill think of a young man going to war but and fuel new the reality of war that to the terror and and devastation and he said to his mother that he absolutely knew that how bad war was. >> talk about the yearly military career of winston churchill in her book.
7:28 pm
>> he says give me a regiment i want to fight so going on the day that it fell to the british to take over the president to free the men who wear are his fellow prisoners he puts in his former jailers as the union jack is wasted
7:29 pm
. .
7:30 pm
>> minnesota's signature districted stretched from the south metro into southern minnesota, the district's economy includes a mix of agriculture, small business, and big companies. republican jonathan has represented the second district since 2003. he announced he would not be seeking re-election, leaving a highly coveted seat in congress up for grabs. this is the first run for public office in minnesota for both candidates. angie craig -- jason lewis aformer conservative radio talk host. we're joined now by the candidates. angie craig and day john lewis with us here. we're going to have it more of a discussion tonight. we really want to get the topics out there. we talked about doing an opening statement.
7:31 pm
new lewis, plea start. >> thank you. thank you for watching and angie good, to see you. you and have had a great conversation over the last couple of decades and have had a number of serious points discussed. that is what this election is about. but for those of you what don't listen to my radio program or don't in the me appreciate tell you about myself. grew up in a small business family and we had to make certain that we make a balanced budget-or the budget to balance, and we had to mak sure wetter we melt the payroll and did all of the things a small business in the second district lad to do. now, we also understood the power of government, because our family business was taken by emanant domain procedure. that means i dehad to find a second career and i found one in broadcasting and it worked very well for me. i worry whether those opportunities are going to be there for other people, my daughters, everybody's kids. that is what this campaign is about. if you like things the way they are, high taxes, imploding
7:32 pm
health care, overregulation and boreds that are open, well, there's a status quo candidate in this race but it's not me. if you want change, and i mean real change, a flatter, fairer tax code, overregulation gone, healthcare that's affordable and portable, and a federal government that does its first job, of securing who gets in the country and who done, i'm your guy. this race is about positions on issues and about changing congress one district at a time, starting with the second, and most importantly, about securing the american dream for our kids, my daughters, your children, everybody in america. a rising tide lifting all boats. i'm jason lewis and i need your vote on november 8th and we can change congress one district at a time. >> thank you. mr. race. >> thank you so much. i grew up in a trailer park. i had a mom who raised three kids, mostly all on her own, while working ten years go to college and finally earn her
7:33 pm
college degree mitchell mom was a great example. i know how hard families will work on behalf of their kids to give them a better life in this country. and i want to run for congress. i'm running because i believe that every family in this country deserves a fair shot. if you're willing to away it and work hard. i've been incredibly lucky. i made my way in business and for the last ten years have served on the executive team at st. jude medical. for those ten years i have also served our community. my wife and i live in eagen and we have four sons. i've made it's priority to grow jobs in the economy. i've said that i would prioritize high quality public education and more affordable college. i'll protected our seniors, strengthen medicare, and i'll make sure that we finally tackle the high cost of prescription drugs. finally, it will be a high priority for me to keep our nation safe.
7:34 pm
this race in the second congressional district absolutely has two very david candidates. eye i will go to wong work on a bipartisan basis to common ground there are enough people in washington today who are yelling. we need more people who are willing to work together. i'm angie craig and i humbly ask for your vote on election day. >> thank you, miss craig. thank you both. you both told us something about yourselves just now. but let's talk more about your backgrounds. either one of you has held public office before. no voting record to run on. so, miss craig, how have your background shaped your policies, your position, and how you want to focus your campaign? >> thank you. so i spent 22 years in private sector, growing a business, creating jobs and delivering results, and i think we need more people prom the private sector to step up and say i'd
7:35 pm
like to serve this country. that's going inform my priorities, grog the economy is very important to me. ensuring we are crediting middle class jobs up and down, maintaining the r & d tax credit permanent, bringing back foreign income to invest in the united states and infrastructure and transportation. making sure that we have the work skills in our local communities for the jobs we actually have. that is what i did at st. jude medical when i had responsibility for 16,000 employees and about 100 countries and i would take that experience to congress and help create these jobs across minnesota. >> mr. lewis, how has your background prepared you for this anytime congress. >> i spent 40 years in the private sector, time, first a family business and then at the government bail freeway through the building and we had to go through condemnation and i had to find another career. that's the experience of most people and the key is making certain that american dream, that opportunity to find that second or third career, is still available.
7:36 pm
but it isn't when wore only growing at one percent. have the opportunities and had a chance to make certain that i could realize the american dream, and i'm very great of for that. i want to make sure everybody's children and everybody in the second district has that opportunity but you can't do it when health care costs are going 70 temperatures last year, 66% last year. you couldn't do it with a complicated tax code that texas taxes income different way for different people and some people out out from under and it some don't. you can't die with the regulation? that's what this race is all about, really, the positions. >> we'll talk more than about the issues of taxes. taxes are a big i. we hear about pushes for make thing wealthy pay fair share, reforever can the tax code. you called far flat tax. what is the best tax poll toy tone he people. >> a tax policy where everybody pays at lower rates instead of a few of us paying very high rates, and then the politically connected getting out from under that.
7:37 pm
you've got a situation where a couple of years ago some of the biggest colonel inside america, general electric, didn't pay any tax. handle fund managers not paying ordinary income taxes on carried in are interest. a whole host of loopholes in the current code, and unfortunately the people who like the special blood like the tax code because nye know as high as it can go and for a small business, sun children their s they're ratings go as high as 42%, 43% and that doesn't include self-employment tax. but if you have connects you can get out from understand that and and that the problem. rather have a lower, flatter tax where everybody has skin in the game and a rising tide lifting all boats. >> what do you think would be the best tax policy. >> i'm -- miss craig, not -- >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> that's right all right. so -- >> that would be interesting. >> a lot of fun at home, right. >> i apologize. so, absolutely. i think that the flat tax that
7:38 pm
jason todd economists said it would cost an additional deficit to country of $3.6 trillion, so i don't think it's reasonable and in fact it would lower taxes for the wealthy question la us more interest deduction, earned income tax credit, charitiable deductions. so i do think that those of us who have been that american dream has been more fully fulfilled should pay more and i would work to make sure we don't race taxes on the middle class. >> angie, the problem is, you're a perfect example of what happens when you've got connect people with the current tax situation, when you lobby to get obamacare to come to minnesota and lobbied to get that here, then lobby to get your industry and cow exempt from the tax. the rest of us had to pick up the tab. that the problem with the current code. does very well for people who can hire lobbyists and doesn't do well for the rest of us. >> the flat tax would cut taxes for the upper income levels and for the middle class it would
7:39 pm
actually raise taxes because you would lose all your tax deductions. so, i know -- >> a permanent exemption. dote known why anybody is opposed to a flat tax for everybody at the same rate. >> the economist have said it's unsupreme we couldn't pay pour bills if a flat tax, so what you're advocating for is reducing social security benefits, raising the retirement age. i will never, ever cut social security benefits or rates the retirement age itch don't think that's what our seniors deserve. >> let's get into medicare and social security right now, then. a lot of talk about how they could run dangerously short in the coming years, benefits may not be as available for people in the future as they have been so what is your plan? what is your plan and -- miss craig we'll start with you -- what is your plan to keep medicare and social security available for the future generations. >> i think we'll have to come back to what we did in 1983.
7:40 pm
when president reagan was in office and tip o'neill was in house. we need members of congress who are willing to sit down and come up with a bipartisan set of solutions to make sure that we can sustain the social security trust fund beyond then 19 years. part of the idea i may include raising the cap. if you make $250,000 ore more 0. >> you may have to continue to pay into social security to make it more sustainable, but what i won't do is cut benefits or rates the retirement age mitchell own family, my own parents are a great example of this. my dad sells cars. he pounds the pavement. he is 65 years old. he is almost to retirement. there are jobs in the country where we just can't expect people to keep working past age 65. and i think we owe our seniors the dignity and respect not to reduce them to poverty in retirement. >> well, first of all, the flat income tax has nothing to do with the solvency of social
7:41 pm
security or medicare. they financed by payroll taxes and fica taxes so that argument doesn't hold water. but the reason i'm in favor of tax re form its we have to get the economy growing faster than one percent in order to make setter more people are employed and more people are working, paying into the payroll tax, which would shore up the met care and the social security trust fund. the last debate i had with angie she refused to rule out cuts to social security and medicare. she did say she wanted a payroll tax hike and is going to depress the economy even further, which the last thing we need. >> that's not true. but beside the point. i'll just say i think that jason is right on this one point. we have to get the economy growing faster and i think a member of congress who is actually grow a fortune 500 business and understands small business and that regulation must be balanced, that good balance for a member of congress. >> what e let's move 0 on and talk about terrorism and
7:42 pm
national security. another issue that is posh to people in your district and around the country. near minnesota we have concerns about isis inspired attacks in lone-wolfs in st. cloud people were stabbed at mall and hurt. sever have left or tried to join isis. mr. luis, what needed to be done on a federal level to stop attacked at home and abroad. >> this is personal for me. no parent such as my wife, lee, and me, should ever wake occupy on saws polk with a text from their daughter says, mom and dad, i'm okay, and that happened to us and it's a horrible thing. we have to do something because minnesota is now the number one state for terrorist recruitment. we have a refugee crisis in minnesota. so, we can have these great discussions over geopolitics approved. don't believe in h hillary clinton and going into egypt and going into labia now wants to take abuse syria but we can have discussions and disagreements about that.
7:43 pm
one thing we can do is make certain the federal government does is downtown and secures the border and we don't take in dangerous syrian refugees that the director of national intelligence, james clapper, says infused with eye is and you have this administration took in 10,000 tis year and want to take in another 110,000 next year. angie craig is totally on board with this. and i don't think it's a good idea. especially when from the wikileaks e-mails hillary clinton said and admitted these syrian refugees aren't vettable and the reason anywhere that vettable is because who do you talk to in syria? in order to vet a refugee coming in you have to have a counterpart that has i.d. documents. they don't have any idea over there. sew the idea that angie and hillary said she wanted open borders in private conversations which support more refugees is a misguided idea when it comes to keeping minnesotans safe. >> miss craig, yours response? >> so there is no such thing as an unvettable sirn refugee. we ear their completely are able
7:44 pm
to vet someone biometric screenings, over 1 month odd two years or don't let them in it's absolutely the first job of the american congress to make sure that the people of minnesota and of this country stay safe, but this is the worst humanitarian crisis since world war ii, and to think that 25 sirn refugees -- that's how much we have let into minnesota in 2006, mostly women and children -- that we're going to turn our backs on them to me is unthinkable. the rangy jason is talking about this in the was i because he has a really tough hoyt on issues of national security. i don't believe the closing our borders will stop home-grown terror attacks. we have as a first foreign policy priority, we need to degrade and defeat isis. where they are, in syria, in iraq, that is why i've said i will support the airstrike, the special operations, because i think the way we stop these
7:45 pm
home-grown terror attack is is twofold. we stop the ability for eye is to recruit and secondly, we support and i've said openly, i'm going to work to make sure that i'm active lie look for additional funding for u.s. attorney andy lyinger and his effort to counter violent extreme jim. >> one issue of immigration. does the u.s. need more border control and we're talk budget syrian refugees and also have immigration which is certainly become a big issue especially during the presidential campaign, and miss craig, start with you here. what does the utah need in border controlled? stronger border control? a wall? >> well, again, this is an area where jason and i strongly disagree. it's related to obviously the refugee issue, but sequester cuts do not work and we have that the state department, the pentagon republican senator lindsey graham tell us to the
7:46 pm
sequester budget cuts will make the world a less safe place so we need to make sure that we are strongly as a priority funding our military efforts and if we're going to cut, we need to figure out where to cut somewhere else. >> i get a kick out of someone who is supporting hillary clinton talking about foreign policy when she went into egypt, made a mess. went into libya against the wishes of a number of people, made a total mess. these vacuumed for i've sis which are now in over 30 states created by this administration and hillary clinton at secretary of state and a lot of people, myself included, thinks the coverup of the libyan deback el is the genesis of her serve are problems which now the fbi is opening an investigation or re-opening an investigation once again. you're not going to secure the homeland without securing the border. a nation without borders is no nation at all. that ought to be priority number one, and the idea that the 2011 budget controlled caps would jeopardize anything is almost laughable given the fact they amount to two-1/2 percent of the
7:47 pm
entire federal budget. this is not a matter of spending. know hib halls aalways they have to spend more. this is a matter of priority and i'm going to look at the border as a priority. states can't handle the fiscal load from unlimited immigration, and from a national security perspective, we're seeing the ramifications right here in minnesota. >> let's move on to gun control. this is another issue that comes and goes as a key issue. we saw several house and senate members fighting to have votes on gun control bills, this summer after the mass shooting in orlando, and we see resistance to add more restrictions on guns. so, mr. lewis, what is your stance on gun control versus gun rights. >> believe in the second amendment and the heller decision for their first time said that indeed, having the right to protect yourself is an inherent individual right. i'm afraid if hillary clinton gets elected the second amend we by under siege if don't support that. i believe in the inherent right oft self-defense and don't support first registration of
7:48 pm
all firearms. die support the background checks. when you go to a federal firearms dealer, a form, you have to check, make certaining rite and then buy you gun. but more gun control is not going to work. for instance, there's proposal say anybody on a no-fly zone shouldn't be able to buy firearms. ted ken wad on a fly-fly zone five times. i suppose some conservatives are happy that ted kent depend have access but he wasn't a terrorist,so the point is you're not going to be able to do that by merely having registration, and if you go to what angie is going to talk about, private gun sales it's when your uncle gives you 2 to you have to check in with the federal government. that's gun registration and i'm opposed to that. >> miss craig. >> i think we absolutely have to protect the second amendment. my sons hunt immigrant if hey four boys and believe the second amendment is appropriate for hunting and for protection. on the other hand, the idea that we can't have a background check
7:49 pm
for anyone who is purchasing a firearm doesn't make any sense to me. it doesn't make any sense to me. if you are on a flow-fly list that doesn't mean you're not a suspect. that mean weird not going going to letlett you get on an airplane so iow can't get on an airplane you shouldn't be able to buy. we need to support keeping guns out of the hands of flops, the hand on the mentally ill, oust domestic beauters there's a cdc study shat to thes some states that require a background check for private gun sales, there's a 38% reduction in partner-related shootings. there's over 50% reduction in suicides with firearms. we can be for the second amendment and also support common sense gun control. >> also numerous studies that show that a background check would not have prevented any of this mass shootings that have eo occurred inmeter in the last ten years. >> let's move to our next topic, heck, the affordable care act,
7:50 pm
you know, there's debate over the prices going up right now. we have seen insurance rates in the individual market here in minnesota up 67% for a lot of people. even governor dayton is saying that the affordable health care. miss craig, what is your opinion on how it's working as it stands now? do you think it need to be changed? keep some parts in give us your opinion. >> i've been saying for months the individual marketplace in minnesota is in trouble, and now we see it's absolutely in trouble. it has become a real crisis point, and i hope that stay lawmakers can get back to capitol here very, very soon and make sure that our communities are not impacted, particularly these are self-employed people who are impacted mostly in the individual marketplace, and we have got to find a way overall to make health care more affordable. at the federal level i think there are many, many things we could do, including really
7:51 pm
getting after pharmaceutical drug prices in the country. it makes no sense at all to me that pharma companies don't have to negotiate with the federal government when there are 44 million americans covered under medicare. so, i would move forward with that proposal. i would allow competition to be healthy in this country by allowing reimportation of drugs from canada. a bill called the safe and affordable care drugs act from canada i would support, and we also have something happening in this nation, brand name drug companies are paying off generic companies not sell their generic drugs to that they can continue to have a monopoly on the market and there are many reforms that need to happen to make sure health care more affordable and my background of 22 years in the private sector and health care is good. the fact that i want to fix what is wrong with it, and not throw out the whole thing, which is what jason proposed here, i want to make sure we can keep our kids on our health plans to age 26. want to make sure that women
7:52 pm
aren't paying more than men. that preexisting conditions aren't preventing us from getting health insurance, and this is -- i grew up without health insurance in my family so this is a very, very personal topic to me. >> mr. lewis do you repeal the whole thing or make changes. >> you repeal most of it and reef place itself with something better and that's the marketplace if we allow is to flourish and get insurance companies to operate across state lines to young people have ohios of plans to remove the mandates and reform the tax, and allow sole proprietors as well. under the affordable care act you can't deduct your out of pocket expenses until they hit 10% of your income. that would a hype under the affordable care act so we have teachers make hog thousand a piece they have to have $8,000 of out of pocket expenses before they can deduct them. that is untenable. this thing is a disaster. bill clinton called is the craziest thing in the world. mark dayton, it's unfor aable. the dfl claire in minneapolis
7:53 pm
say the democrats own this. no can owns it more than my opponent. no one did more to bring the affordable care act to minnesota than angie craig when the was going out, campaign cash, to pass this bill, that has been a total dash. she said she whatnotted to expand it. it didn't go far enough. and now she is black peddlingdlg and i don't blame her. a clear difference between angie and miss. >> explain the pac. >> i work erredded to a fortune 500 company, the company operated a political action committee, and also participated in industry organization just like every other fortune 500 company would do i served ton the pac board and was the only to democrat on the pac board and most of the dollars were given were given to republicans. i've taken the same position that amy lobe share is. you can sport healthcare reform and at the same time think that a business tax is a bad tax on business when it impacts the economy.
7:54 pm
i oppose in the tax, the business tax. identity ironic a republican is attacking to democrat now for opposing a business tax. i opposed it because i thought it would slow minnesota's economy and cost minnesota jobs and it did. and i would oppose another tax that did that in the future. >> this gets right too the crux of the problem in washington. eye pose else third medical devices tax first because i didn't support obamacare. angie did. she government it and then she went to work, same lobbying mechanism to repeal the tax on her company and her industry, and we had to pay submit didn't. i oppose is before you opposed it. so, that's the key. you have people on the inside that are doing very well in this economy and the rest of us have to pay the tab and that's the problem. >> that is the biggest difference between jason and i. it's all or nothing for jason. you can't be for something and working towards something else. and so i think that is the biggest difference -- >> you don't think it's fair for were. >> and i'm willing to look -- >> not pay the tax --
7:55 pm
>> for compromise and bipartisan and be pragmatic about these things. >> should we talk about transportation now? >> we'll get off the affordable health care act for a little bit. it's such a big issue in minnesota, especially after the 35w brim collapse. we have seen the consequences of transportation infrastructure that is not tended to properly. so, how big of a priority is long-term transportation funding in your view and what ideas do you have to pay for these nixes and i believe mr. lewis goes first this time. >> the highway truster fund is in a bad way, even after the act was passed. it's relatively insolvent so we have an 18.4 cents a gallon gas taxing into go? highs treasure few bopped much of that is being diverted to nonhighway uses. 17 billion -- 17%, $6 billion in one year recently, to go to things that aren't building roads and brims. get a kick out of my democratic friends who say we have to raise gas taxes and build roads and bridges and then get to
7:56 pm
washington and divert money to nonhighway use, like the southwest lightrail line which i oppose. a 14-1/2 mile $1.9 billion -- over $100 million per mile, per mile and that is being diverted out the highway trust fund. i would work to stop that. right off the get-go. >> miss craig, what is your priority. >> a huge pat of my jobs and the economy idealism think we ought to let fortune 500 companies who sell their products outside the u.s. repatriate that corporate income back as long as they invest it in building, and identity love to look at that fund additional taxes collects on the way in as a cap infrastructure investment program. roadded brims, highways, dams, rural broadband. that's need in the second congressional district more than anything. i will say on the two areas that okay gossans mention with respect to transit, shows jason is all or nothing when it comes
7:57 pm
to transit. i oppose the zip rail. i'd rather see that money invested in highways, roads and bridges, but the minnesota chamber of commerce, the st. paul chamber of commerce, business leaders, have said the southwest line is important for economic growth in the region. when you're an idealog you can't secretary it can be something flamingo. >> an idealogue would say it's a good idea to spend two billion does per mile whether you can build another freeway lane mile for 1 11 million. that's common sense. >> tom weber corrected you on that. >> it's not right. and i'm grad you came out finally in support of southwest light rail because i know that big business and big labor and big government likes that sort of thing but the rest of us are paying the tab. >> we only have a few minutes left. want to end perhaps on a pleasant note here. talking about going to work in washington, and trying to work
7:58 pm
together and get things done. miss craig, what your plan be to achieve some bipartisan cooperation and do just that, get things done in was? >> i think there are a number of different things we can work on. the biggest thing is just being willing to form relationships and look for common ground areas. think corporate tax reform is one area we can work on together. think infrastructure and investment is anary are area we can work on together. i believe if you're looking for are common ground you can find and it i certainly would work with the minnesota delegation on a bipartisan basis. >> quickly as we wrap up what isor -- >> is somewhat ironic, somebody talking about common ground that spent $4 in the last few months from george' southerlies -- nancy pelosi, the progressive caucus, every left inning wipe, misleading vote erred witch negative attacks, and so i don't thinks that's a good start 0 common ground. i have a broad swath of support
7:59 pm
in the republican party. i've got job clean, supporting me. governor tim pawlenty. the nfid and all the people that represent main street and peats who i want to serve. >> i want to thank you to both for being here. i'm sorry this flies by. angie craig, jason lewis, thank you for coming in and having a conversation with us and up next we're going to talk to minnesota's third congressional district candidates as well. we'll take a look at the issues that minnesota voters are saying matter most to them this year. >> we have a special web page at to help you follow the supreme court. go to and select supreme court near the right-hand side top of the page. once on our supreme court page you'll see four of the most recent oral arguments heard by the court this term and click on the view all link to see all the oral arguments covered by c-span. in addition you can find recent appearances by many of the
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