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tv   Open Phones with Ken Burns  CSPAN  November 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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presidential historian, doug, doug brinkley. he will talk about his book, rightful heritage. it's about fdr fdr and environmentalism. that's coming up a little later. as we continue our conversation with authors here we are pleased to be joined by ken burns, documentary filmmaker and author whose most recent book is more of a children's book. >> it is a children's book. >> so i am the very lucky father of four daughters ages 35 - 5. when they got to be five years old i would read them bedtime stories and then lay with them and recite the presidents and then they would gradually learn and i would prompt them. i would say george they would say washington, i was a john, they would say adams. when they got to the middle of the pack i would go grover they would say kleven, i would say benjamin david sadie harrison, and then they would get very
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excited and i said we should do a children's book to introduce people to the presidents. to introduce them as human beings and to tell about their families and their siblings, and their pets and hobbies. talk about the central features of their administration without necessarily going into sex scandals, you can talk about race, you can talk about money, you can talk about things that went wrong, but you could communicate love for the idea of a service. the extraordinary variety of people went there. we have people with great physical disabilities who are president for longer than anybody else but cannot stand on their own. we have people who are just [inaudible] [inaudible] >> history disappear and my thought is the word history is mostly made up of the word story plus a hello.
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we are to be telling our children interesting stories. >> host: and ken will be with us to take our calls. we'll put the numbers up on the screen. . .
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they moved up to almost parity with lincoln. lincoln took care of the greatest crisis. the depression and the second world war. note you can win a trivia contest. >> >> as found out 1876 at and and when he won the of popular vote and again but was not president and won the popular vote again with and was president again. deal the president from non consecutive terms. >> to we attribute or blame our presidents to much? >> yes. think the founders would be pretty shocked when the stand for basically since
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franklin roosevelt it has spent the most important person in the government daily assumed there would be times in the 19th century when what happened at the other end of pennsylvania avenue of capitol hill would matter much more than the executive was presidential powers and not associated with the cult of personality but now the media culture there is something manageable about this so congress seems willing to go along to move everything to the other end. >> before we got started we talked about abraham lincoln civic i was just wondering and in this age even if we know how important it was.
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it would be very clear only you would cover it chances are the main networks may say there was the dedication but i can imagine the cynicism of somebody to stand up to say while he was talking the president came to gettysburg to distract from businesses and -- disastrous military campaign out west and tennessee beamon never hear it the with the tsunami of all of the information would leave no 100 to 53 years later fat this is the declaration of independence to point o this is all been created equal but those were doubling down. build a replace that.
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>> the word always comes first and one to make thatat clear very much a the dynamic that the road -- the decision conflicts with one another. in the beginning is the wordtimm that we can limit about this north kravis set right to imperious and everything we have learned from mount
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sinai based on that. and we never stopped writing and then to find those amide - - images with page seven of episode one. and just to operate like that house and senate committee room. to so that is where the forcece trading goes on. obviously is a visual medium such a talk about thatut the sullivan blue letter. that look like berlin at the end of world war two that ifit
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taken from the bible. >> they live day comfortable middle-class existence them and get a call from the church leadership to go to prague to get to another refugee out and then within one month she was dodging agents he was wondering money you could not make it at this though dramatic about the story of them and he read the voice is a good story to remind us and only to the second world war how
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critical these things are. >> what is next quick. >> i am just finishing on the history of the vietnam war it is a controversial subject and not trying did say we're raising a lot ofot questions and voices to coexist and the great good fortune with of vietnamese and those agencies and characters a complex portrait starting on sunday. one year from now and you can imagine the soundtrack1960sn
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it is phenomenal we pat have 90 people we want to introduce like those you just had thanksgiving with. >> i am looking forward to vietnam and was first introduced your work through the civil war 1989 and i have one comment.. is simple when i heard you were on booktv and one to say thank you for teaching so many about us about our history.
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we have a complex society to know more history so people like those that had a book on the right brothers so you have the group of people including c-span. >> to talk about the most recent book of the rightht brothers. >> hello things for all the work that you have done info this area. event in particular when 50 percent love one
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candidate and hate the other therefore they demonize them before usually for a the rest of their career. >> it is the central threat to american democracy. even link and understood the european or asian or african army's if we would die it would be by suicide. >> but of arthur's schlesinger, jr. there is too much power of this. but there is too much demonizing the other. and we should say that we disagree about this point you are not a bad american. whether they are a good person and this is ridiculous but it does not
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advance our knowledge. about domestic policy and the economy with this comment to land a the hardest blow i started a nonprofit call the better angels society after his first inaugural from lincoln appeal to the better angels. speaking to republicans and democrats to say we have to get along. how to disagree without being disagreeable then ricans save the country. >> care is what it is at the beginning of the last election john adams and thomas jefferson but somehows hd
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the differences have metastasized in the last few elections cycles to the detriment of the republicub people would say i disagree but now we have lost our temperament it is hard to excite your base really we don't mean that. 99 percent of us for ourselves them posterity and country. bad in it is hugely important to talk about the issues and the demonization this is where we will get into trouble. if we have the election cycle where all of the bad
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people because he went after sut the repeal of prohibition and it is pretty low. >> host: what you think of the donald trump won president compared to a pastst president quick. >> i don't know. he will be a the future but it is almost janice that this is the least qualified most temperamentally says that after a run towardrs national office. with a strange infatuation so those who escape the
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soviet union said arsenic as a strong thing. and the opponents' first in coe republican primary. en to make it possible to get back to a playing field so the democratic nominee is not without their own issue. so the function that has demonize the other and in my opinion. >> thanks for all of your wonderful films.
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>> taw less of those have influence juror project. >> and don't know how they haven't. what lovely comment i am blessed with four daughters by wife is there is a constant companion and a reminder now work with myy oldest daughter sarah with david mcmann the filmmaker we also on jackie robinson working on several more projects. and on my tombstone want to read a good father and nothing else i would be happy. >> you get the best speech.
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but my question is and then with the election of adams 1824 so i unmasking its jefferson. >> and jefferson died is you talk about the opinion 1826 so with that mortal enemy because they repass did have
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that lease that morphing of those democratic ideals of the government devolving and jackson would go on to consolidate to say that most important feature nothis li state's rights but louisianagove if you ever heard of it. that is a pretty big gesture. you don't even say even butings. but with the jazz series tuesday sometimes the thing in the opposite is true with every president i would lead reeve might you to wind up
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presidency in 68 would have then of biggest critic it only took the anti-communist like nixon to say we're not looking at the most populous country on earth with those landmark defense withs foreign policy so the opposite happened at the same time. >> this is about john adamsd the soldier shot into the crowd it was called of boston massacre but the of lawyer agreed to defend the enemy soldiers everyone has the right to welfare trial. >> this is why he immortalized john adams to be so obstinate he said your
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a better writer but nobody likes me so he is a man of extraordinary principles so if i look at the qualities of leadership that could appear with the profiles of courage they're willing to serve to place the country's interests above their own oil is a person who has a bit before the another thate is hell are was very surprised to find a hallmarkthe that each one could put themselves in the shoes of the other even those who oppose them to understand to walk a mile in their shoes. and to vote for those and have the qualities of leadership that will be no problem. >>
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>> some of those commentshe setter being made and it is the first time i have seen that contribution i have never seen a series on baseball such to be l. leader in the p.m. dionne of civil rights leaders with things are rather it quiethat at that overtime earlier in this new civil war museum i'm sorry not civil war but african-american museum? >> that is such a nice thing to say.
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to put african-american n history if it is the politically correct addendum. and writing the declaration of independence but he all a few people.motion. but is always struggling with the question of race.y wor. but everytime they dig deep and what we're not trying to h resuscitate one person's for another bad expand. but to be in pursuit of happiness to always be getting better he does not
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mean women were african-american and rehab haddad and getting bigger. that is not a narrowing of history.y. this south had 9 million people 45% of the south was slaves scene cannot think about that monolithic south to add the dramatic african-american story. but i think for that compliment. >> book d.c.'s ban to if.
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>> there are 38 dozen students to justify lower reader understand that was
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one what they had gone throw of what "the reader" to see the. grew up on a farm in rural wisconsin that chirico alleges free quickly figured out that was not true. so she has very little money to pay a couple thousand dollars per year for college even after all the grants came due she is facing a bill and asking yourself how my supposed to do that? just because the federal government says icahn contribute that she can.
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so she sold her horse to go to college. that is the example of the extreme the students will go to. i don't think she is the anomaly that they go to great length to make college possible so even then she was not okay. so she took on not one job but to because she could not get the enough hours from a single employer. said she worked in a department store and also put smart.
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and doing what they will take five passes at a time to get done quickly. she was commuting back and forth she started to find yourself falling asleep in class. but she knew she was exerting too much energy in not enough steadying. the but the time this will not work i need other money to apply for a student loan postal come through immediately attacked more than a month and by that point to her grades were so bad she was placed on academic probation and now she is no wonder college she has a debt with no degree. >> lovely director chairs.
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>> welcome to the museum of flight. i am the curator for space history here. president sent his regards to cannot be here tonight as he has taken ill. also c-span books will be here recording this evening for later viewing


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