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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 8, 2016 8:07pm-10:08pm EST

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electoral college votes. none of these are surprises, keep that in mind. of the 50 states about 40 of them haven't changed in terms of who they voted for, the party they voted for in the last four elections. these are some of them. delaware goes to clinton, massachusetts, the heart and soul sometimes for the democratic party, that goes to hillary clinton as well. moving on from massachusetts we see maryland, another state that was in the democratic column and stays in the democratic column. illinois at cannes barack obama his chicago roots and hillary clinton with his -- her chicago roots as well. that's it for the clinton team. all right, let's go to cincinnati now. we have been talking about ohio another big battleground state. clinton that lead in the moment.
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renee filipov is there for us tonight. looking at tell us? >> we are in the middle of all the action in counting these ballots are right now we are seeing the advance polls. all of those ballots being counted and as you mention clinton is in the lead now. we are looking to the left. this is where all of the computer chips, all of the ballots are scanned in at hamilton county at the polling stations across the country. they are arriving one by one by car from the polling stations. all of that will be tabulated and then presented to the public as we watch more and more of these results roll in. this is a very important state for trump to win. no republican has won the presidency without this that the clinton campaign has been working really hard today on the ground with their get out the vote push. if she can keep trump from running this is going to be great for her campaign. bus to the voters we spoke with today are very nervous about the results. we have heard from democrats,
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hard-core clinton supporters and we heard from hard-core trump supporters but actually most of the people we heard from today came from the lesser of two evils camps. they are all nervous and excited to see exactly what the results are going to end up being tonight. this and hand up in counties where all of the magic will be happening when it comes to counting those votes. >> renee thank you very much. a lot of places especially battleground states tonight -- well look who is here. adrian joins us outside the white house and of course it's all about the white house, right? who ends up getting to live there. there are some nice trees behind her showing those fall colors. it looks pretty quiet around that place tonight. >> it is but talking to the camera operators you know, the traveling cameraman for the
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obama family when they moved here is also here. he is about to be very busy because the plan is at some point tonight president obama will issue a written statement to the winner presuming there is one. tomorrow he may or may not address the nation on what happens thursday. he has to meet with the president-elect. the transition really kicks in but it's kind of interesting the transition has already started in a way. both the clinton and trump transition teams have already met with white house officials to gather in the same room at the same time, discussing what might have to happen next. apparently it was all very cordial which is rather amazing considering this election and there are 10 weeks left for president obama. there's not too much he can do. he can't move forward with a supreme court nomination and he can't do anything about the transpacific trade deals. he could maybe commute some said
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the -- sentences. january 20 is the big day. we are seeing the construction of the another wrote bleachers in front of the white house. he has had coffee with the incoming president and a motorcade to congress and as they drive out and the moving trucks drive and a super fast handover given how long this whole election has been. >> thanks. that's quite the scene on that day how fast they can move furniture and get the old stuff out. you want to talk to adrian? i wouldn't be surprised. coming up in a few minute she will be taking part in the facebook live. let's get some results again. once again there's your big map. yellow still counting, red are the trump state declared already , blue are the clinton states declared already and the
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overall numbers at the moment 68 for clinton. this is electoral college college votes, 57 for trump and he needs 270 to be the winner on the night. south carolina has been declared for trump so no surprise there. in illinois as we said a few moments ago hillary clinton has been declared the winner in illinois based on the vote so far. new jersey goes to hillary clinton on this night. west virginia, this one would be republicans stayed in augusta donald trump and tennessee once again this goes to donald trump. now, here we go. we have paul and lindsay. of course lindsay is in the
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headquarters in new york tonight and paul is at the trump headquarters in new york. they are only actually a couple of blocks apart from each other which is the amazing part of the story. let's start with lindsay first of all at clinton headquarters. what is it like there? >> you know it's really interesting because the campaign has said all along they weren't taking anything for granted but this certainly has a festive mood. people are cheering and lots of katy perry -- 10,000 people are expected here in the room and an overflow area outside of the javits center. this place was chosen. i will show it to you. if we just look up, and the ceiling of this building is made of massive plates of glass. that is pure symbolism of
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course, breaking the glass ceiling would be what would happen if hillary clinton were to win tonight and of course become the first female president of the united states. she referenced the glass ceiling back when she lost to barack obama back in 2008 saying the millions of in the glass ceilings were all the people that voted for her and certainly there would be a cracking sound of the glass ceiling at the convention in philadelphia. the campaign very much wanting to capture the history and i actually saw a clinton supporter holding up a black-and-white picture of susan b. anthony, the suffragette and all day today people were putting stickers on this susan b. anthony's grave. there is a chance that history could be made tonight and every time the numbers come up even though it's early they are excited about that.
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clinton herself isn't taking anything for granted. she said she did it with humility and she was humbled to be running two seats, one for victory and one for --. >> the susan b. anthony story is a great one and that scene today at her gravesite with people using those stickers was symbolic of what may be happening later on this evening. there's your big word map again and we want to show you, continue to show you because the key battleground states now that our reporting there are fascinating stories going on. in florida, look at this, it has tightened right up, less than one percentage point between the two candidates with around 80% of the vote counted so far. very close between clinton and trump. trump has to win in florida. that's what everybody says. if he's going to win on this night he is a star with a win in florida.
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he also needs north carolina in terms of holding it. how is he doing in ohio too. he has seven points down in ohio a lot of people were assuming tonight that trump is going to do well in ohio. there are still a lot of votes to be counted in ohio but at the moment he's got a long way to go. north carolina as i was mentioning this is a state republicans one last time. look at this, six points between clinton and trump. that is a significant go. we want to show you texas because this was expected to get her republican and it is. look how close it is. this is very early in accounting and just a minute ago clinton was actually leading in texas but this is early going, one percentage point, 1.5 points between the two. they promised paul hunter at trump headquarters.
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early going in those key battleground states not so good for trump. none of them have been declared yet but the early going hair. quiet place at trump headquarters paul. >> yeah compared to what i heard from lindsay baer, a little more , it's early as tuesday but a little less excited and a little more somber here. a little more unusual as well. in fairness it is thickened up just lately as well 15 or 20 minutes ago. he can't see it in the shot but i've been here all evening and i didn't notice until they noticed it either side of the podium onstage if he shows up donald trump will talk later on tonight but on either side of the podium are these two pedestals with two glass boxes and inside each glass box is a red make america great again. it's kind of bizarre. it's unusual occurred turmont.
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i've never seen anything quite like this. it's kind of strange, nonetheless that's what we see here. the trump family is said to be watching the returns just a couple of blocks from here at the top of trump tower which is just a couple of blocks from our earlier today donald trump went to cast his ballot. we were in the area so we walked over. a big new york crowd, up pulls the black suburban and now gets donald trump and the crowd boos and jeers and starts calling him a phony. it was a rather bizarre scene just like this whole campaign, one strange unexpected thing after another. the big question, i joke will become? i think the expectation now is he will show up. the question is will he concede if he loses or even today twice
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he called in to "fox news" from his penthouse tweeting that it's rigged going down that road again. nobody knows what he will say when he gets on stage here tonight. again if he loses. if he wins we know he will say. if he loses nobody even knows if he will be gracious and congratulate hillary clinton or be mean-spirited and combative here as we have seen for many months now, the divided country at the campaign has exposed. what is he going to say to that divided country, win or lose. >> the answer on the loose one may well be if he does lose with the amount of difference is between his vote and the clinton bow. the closer it is, the more difficult his words may be in the widening gap may be a different message.
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as you said many of the things we'll have to wait to find out. paul in new york city tonight, thanks paul. keith is with us in his analysis role for us as a washington correspondent who has covered many an election night and what are you seeing so far? what is your take away? >> i think without repeating what you have already said several times about how important florida is for donald trump to win, all the paths depend on that. let's point out that it's not that important for hillary clinton to win there. the election will him not decide who's going to win. it will only decide whether donald trump is another path to the white house. the other interesting from an entertainment point of view the senate race is also very important and we will get to that later in the evening that there is a senate race in florida and marco rubio was leading at. if you recall mark io -- marco
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rubio is a big name earlier this year and donald trump humiliated him in his home state of florida. there's a good possibility tonight marco rubio will win the senate because his leading by her than six points right now and it donald trump loses in florida there's kind of a, i don't know is there a right word for that? certainly an entertaining thing. >> if ruby owen and trump loses overall rubio and immediately, you know how things go in u.s. politics, one of the potential favorites. for another run for years down the road. thanks. we will get back to the little bit to let's go to vancouver because ian is keeping an eye on trends and one of those trends is, plays into this whole discussion about whether things are rigged or crooked and in terms of the voting process. ian what are you seeing? >> one of things we have seen peter raab united states and particularly in the eastern part of the united states is a long
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lineup. let's take a look. hanover township in pennsylvania, this is what it looked like about an hour ago. you would have to be engaged in patient to stand in that lineup and getting ready to go. some of the lineups are the result of just huge voter turnout. sometimes it's because they're our registration mixups in people finally get ready to cast their ballots and sometimes there have been voting machine problems as well. that's been the case in parts of north carolina. as you said peter north carolina very important states. both went in and trump in durham county north carolina, they have extended the polling hours. they were supposed to close at 8:00 eastern time and instead they will be closing at 9:00 9:00 because they have proms with the voting machines. there are always problems with voting machines but this time around there's that shadow, that sinister shadow hanging over it because trump talked about a rigged system as we all know. listen to what he said earlier today on "fox news." >> there are reports that when
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people vote for republicans the entire ticket switches over to democrats. you have seen that. it's happening in various places today. in other words the machines come he put down republican in the registers as a democrat and they have had a lot of complaints about that today. >> we were wondering what donald trump exactly was referring to select the "washington post" they discovered there was -- clinton township where some voters said they voted republican but the machine registered it as a democratic vote. according to the "washington post" that problem was small and has been fixed but a lot of people wondering about voting irregularities. i irregularities. wantage a something we are you something we are watching throughout the evening. this is a real-time map of google searches. in purple its clusters of people searching about long wait times. for example and clark would california a 200% increase for a
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long wait times and voter intimidation is another one. there's a 200% increase in that place in the actual problems with the machines. the interest has peaked there this is a tool that will help us through the evening that will identify trends as they happen. we will look into them and if something is going on we were ported back to you. >> what did we do before google? >> we had to use our world book encyclopedia. remember those? >> i sure do. i've still got one kicking around somewhere. iain banks. we will get back to later. we are just getting started so please stay strapped in. just before we take a short break there is something we'll be showing up all night. we have reached out to americans to tell us in their own words what their america looks like. >> i'm a radio host in los angeles california.
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my america is resilient. this election we have a choice between a highly ineffective career politician. koreshan has extended far beyond what any of us could ever imagine. we are the land of the free and the home of the brave and it's time to make america great again.
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b here's here is a story in today's "new york times" from rochester new york. the story reads up the curve of a cobblestone walkways the grave susan b. anthony. the leader of the wool movement for women's suffrage who lived three miles away. tuesday her gravestone was nearly invisible beneath the coding if i voted stickers and behind a line of hundreds of people who came here to pay their respects. they left notes of thanks to a woman who was arrested when she dared to vote and who did not live to see women granted that right. the city of rochester with live video on their facebook feed today. let's take a look at that. >> i'm live at the cemetery where we have a long line of people who have come to pay respects to susan b. anthony on this historic election day.
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just a reminder that we have a headstone and we have stickers. they are right here with plenty of space. we will be here till 9:00 p.m.. we are looking for a bit of a wait. this is really an incredible way to show up for an incredible election. we thank everybody who is here. ♪ >> welcome back to our continuing coverage of the u.s. election results.
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this is the picture at this hour. hillary clinton leads with 68 electoral college votes so far needing to 72 n.. 57 for donald trump. your big map shows you the states that are still being counted. those include some key battleground states. the states in red are the trump states, the states and blue are the clinton state declared so far. let's break it down. some of these key battleground states are fascinating to watch. look at this, this has been bouncing back and forth ever since the polls closed. in florida at the moment donald trump has to win florida. he is up by two tenths of a percentage point. remember last time around barack obama beat mitt romney by one percentage point in florida. we go from florida to ohio. ohio another one of the battleground states where trump has to win. the feeling is that he has got to win states like florida ohio and north carolina which we will check on a little bit later but
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at the moment he is six points behind. hillary clinton counting in ohio , still a lot of counting to go on that one. michigan is another one where was assumed by some that trump was going to do very well. he at this point in accounting and once again it's early, he is not doing well. he is down by a point as you see in the numbers so far with clinton obviously ahead. in that key state of north carolina which is held by the republicans, north carolina, is held by the republicans last time around at this point five points down to hillary clinton in north carolina. with trump leading in florida at the moment but trailing in the other key battleground states that he has to win. he's got to pick up the states. remember he's trailing the
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democrats. the last time around they had about 60 electoral college votes more than they needed to win so they can afford to lose some of them. trump has to get them all to get back with his number to get up to 270. watching all of this up worse our people outside of the united states including of course lindsay barton and the nation's capital. she has been running our coverage for the first three hours and hearing a lot of different things from a lot of different canadians for canada and other countries and the decisions that americans are making. what is your sense from what you have seen so far and what you're hearing? >> i think what surprises me right now is the deafening silence and that is even happening on twitter where you get a lot of prolific mps and ministers who would normally be
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watching something like this. that's because peter it is and has been for some weeks one of the topics of conversation in this town. it is where everybody talks about in terms of smalltalk and what they will do if and what they will do when and there are concerns about how this is going to unfold. there are some things that are done behind the scenes. there is preparation done for president trump and if there is a president clinton. some of that preparation has been done by the ambassador down in washington david mcnaughton. other things would become the prime minister's office and they will prepare the key sticking points that the governments will have to be aware of regardless of who is elected. there is though definitely a concern around what happens to the donald trump presidency and a lot of that concern has to do with the total uncertainty of
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what that would mean and instability it could bring in no small part to the financial markets which is a media thing that the canadians would want to look at. >> it was interesting to watch the financial markets over the last week when it looks like clinton was in serious trouble after the fbi, took some major hits in bounced back in the last couple of days with the polls suggesting that she had a win in store for tonight. we'll keep our eyes on that. thanks rosie and we will get back to a little late are on. >> my name is one dime may see. i america is divided. people are confused and depressed. we are fighting wars against each other.
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>> time for studio guest, anxious for their say. they're all entrenched in u.s. politics whether a strategist or journalists. two canadians have become very successful in the united states because of their understanding of u.s. politics. david from a senior editor at the atlantic in warmer speechwriter for george w. bush. ashley benfield hosted the new "cnn" headline news program primetime justice and democratic strategist danielle moodie mills is creator of the pop culture and politics program. b not there yet. we have all witnessed quite a bit already so far so i want to get your initial healing about what you have seen a what he will tell us. david. >> i think it's confusing to people the way if you've been watching the wire services are "cnn" that the numbers are not
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sampled. you think the votes are coming in randomly. they are arriving from counties in different counties have different voting policies. palm beach has a heavily democratic county that is not reported in florida so there's something misleading bringing these out one by one as if you're counting heads. it's not really the way the process works. >> it literally has been slipping every few minutes and that is so significant. we significant. we are watching the i-4 corridor near disneyland because this is what the election has felt like. you look have to look at the list of too early to cost a look at how significant it is the meantime it's exciting to watch the ones that haven't projected. they are tallying up but it's important to know the el toro boats. not the same as canada. you have to watch for the electoral votes and tallying up to 70.
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>> we know that trump has to do well in a lot of these battleground states along the east coast. so far he is a slight lead in florida not doing well in north carolina and not doing well in ohio. what do we assume? are you a pretty happy person at this moment? >> i lived in insanity so i'm not that happy right now. we have been watching many lawsuits going on there because of voter suppression that has happened. we saw the polls were allowed to stay open for an additional 90 minutes in several counties that are heavily african-american. to see this number right now where we are with north carolina i think it's fantastic. with ohio i'm feeling very good about that. florida has me on edge but as david is saying the way that we do this is for entertainment purposes in some ways. the media right now and how they
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are rolling in what's happening but we know that the counties that are still outstanding are highly democratic so i will wait in cnc keep my fingertips on the table. >> ohio is important to understand. ohio is a crucial state for republicans. the republicans governor john kasich was governor. rob portman and kasich have noted her their utter disdain for trump and refused to endorse him and are in control of the get out the vote operation. one of the things about ohio this peculiar while communicating their utterly answers didn't help things atop the ticket. if you have a situation where republican governor public and senator and a huge voting gap between the top of the ticket that will be a curiosity in american politics.
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>> ashley florida is the one that you are focusing on right now? >> north carolina for starters because that's a must win for downtown. he is not doing well there right now. there are couple of other combinations that he can patch together to get to 70. >> that would be a real longshot. >> if you look at trump north carolina and arizona you have to hold those. you can add a couple of others. he has to have florida ohio and yes to reclaim iowa and then as a patchwork of little ones. every so often he can pick up nine, six, four but if you look at the bigger numbers that are coming in right now we have already had illinois come in for clinton, new jersey so the big states are going to start rolling in and then you will start to see what's going to happen in north carolina and florida. like i said i'm not kidding about the gravel. i've had to sit out in florida
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to wait for elections. many times i've had to go out to brunch weight -- waiting the next day. literally giving live shots. >> michigan was one that the republicans were making a lot of noise about. >> michigan is not a toss-up state. michigan is a solid democratic state and has been for a long time. michigan has a bigger african-american population in ohio. it's famous for the football rival but michigan has 14% black in ohio is 9%. michigan doesn't have the north-south divide. michigan was settled by yankees and reinforced by european him at. ohio is one of the states like indiana that will go to the north in the south and has an internal cultural divide. michigan has historically been the state of big enterprise. a giant car companies and now giant pharmaceutical companies.
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upjohn is based in michigan. o. ohio a smaller device. the result is the business leaders and michigan are more used to working with government whereas in ohio is a bit more of a history of antagonism for government. the result is michigan and the republicans are, that's where mitt romney's father was governor in the 60s. ohio tends to have more conservative republicans. >> tell us about that union support in those rust belt states. a lot of the unions threw their support behind hillary clinton. a lot of individual union members weren't so keen and they have been quiet about it. you can't assume right away that the unions are backing who their leadership has asked them to. >> the unions have their mrsa the auto bailout. from the point of view the taxpayer and the point of view the beneficiary they are grateful. that has meant that you -- have
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been talking a lot in this election that this defection. if you're a uaw -- you have a clear idea what the government will do for you. >> barack obama made sure they were remembered when he was there the other day. >> daniel you will get to start off the annex to the panel. more results coming up in the meantime add -- adrian has started a facebook live. >> you want to know what canadians think. >> we have some racist to call according to the "associated press." jim langford has been reelected to the u.s. senate in oklahoma. the republican. richard blumenthal that democrats reelected in connecticut. chris van hollen a representative for placing barbara mikulski in maryland elected to the u.s. senate and
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finally marco rubio reelect it. you may recall mr. rubio running for president saying he wouldn't seek another term in the senate, change his mind ran for election in the voters of florida have returned marco rubio to the senate. of course you will see lots of debates and all of our route to the white house coverage as well as all those senate races on our web site
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and just a moment we will assume our simulcast here and c-span2 of the canadian broadcasting corporation's coverage from canada. their coverage of the u.s. elections anchored of course that their longtime anchor at cbc. over and c-span or complete coverage of all the election results continues. >> welcome back to our continuing live coverage of the
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u.s. election. it's an exciting one just as everybody assumed it would be. are the numbers at the moment in terms of the floats that each of the two candidates for president have sampled so far in the electoral college. hillary clinton at 68, donald trump at 66. berger overall map or the yellow states are the ones that are still being counted and many of them are critical battleground states. let sit through some of the interesting ones. this wasn't supposed to be a battleground state. this was supposed to be a walk in the park for the republicans. historically a republican state but look at that. the numbers so far early and accounting but nevertheless donald trump with only a 1.5 . lead over hillary clinton in texas. we were talking about ohio a moment ago. here's are the numbers it, 2.5% gap in second place to hillary
8:44 pm
clinton's lead of almost 50%. north carolina could have clinton with one out of every two votes being counted so far and a little over a two-point lead over donald trump. this was a state the republicans won the last time around against barack obama. this would be a big victory for hillary clinton. 15 electoral college votes there in the big one, 29 votes at stake florida. here's the latest. 49 for donald trump, 37.9 for hillary clinton. keep in mind what they warned us about a few moments ago. this assumes that these votes are widespread across the state, not factoring in the fact that certain areas in this particular case a very heavily democratic area has not reported in yet so that could change these numbers around.
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they are getting near the end of the count in florida at the moment. trump's ahead. a lot of election parties going on across the u.s. and it turns out in canada as well. his election night party at the u.s. embassy. katie simpson is there for us and she is with the ambassador. >> hi peter. i am joined that the u.s. ambassador to canada. we know ambassador trudeau has said his office have been looking at outcomes. what would happen if hillary clinton went and what would happen if donald trump wins? have you had conversations with the prime minister on what the possible scenarios would be? >> i don't talk about which candidate is winning because i think that's pretty mature and by the way we will know that shirley tonight. we can begin tomorrow starting to talk about transition when the election campaign will be over and we can then begin working on transition and the new president will begin selecting his or her cabinet.
8:46 pm
you will get signed to what path they will go on in governing and governing will start january 20. i do think there's a great opportunity for canada. early days in a new administration in the united states or new administration here there is typically early interaction between the prime minister and the president whether it's a trip or some type of interaction so why not use that early interaction to try to put scores on the board to have wins for both countries bilaterally and really think through to make it a meaningful meeting. that would be the only thing that we would begin talking about once a candidate is selected and start thinking through is a physical and to take place and what outcomes we would like to derive from that. i look forward to working with the canadian governments to see if we can do things together to help those of our countries. >> one thing you mentioned is change a window relationships can change after an election.
8:47 pm
we saw it here in canada. things were a little bit chillier than they are now with prime minister justin trudeau and barack obama. what changes and presumably there is a new president? >> first of all we should pause a minute and take stock as two during the harper government and the trudeau government u.s.-canada trade was the largest for both nations. we work together. energy trade the largest energy supplier to the united states outside of our own energy supply. we worked together culturally and internationally on coalitions and dealing with da'ish in the middle east are fighting ebola. that did not change from harper to trudeau. i believe from obama to whoever it is canada will continue to be one of our very best friends, our largest trading partner are most significant ally that we work with business region protecting north america
8:48 pm
together. what will change is a new relationship and a new relationship will be developed between the prime minister and the president. it's a new person. that provides great opportunities to explore new ways in which we can work together. >> we will certainly be following it closely. thank you very much for your time mr. ambassador and peter one thing i should say the house is sitting this week so not a lot of mps are in ottawa but we did spot in the crowd environmental minister catherine mckenna. she is from ottawa so hopefully we can catch up with her. as rosie mentioned it's been quiet from the prime minister's office as well as the ministers asking about what's going on with the election in terms of if something happens in the u.s.. she has been very clear to say that he is willing to work with whoever's in power. we will chat -- hard to save little chat with him tonight but we will try.
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>> thank you katie and thank you ambassador. it will be interesting to find out what happens to ambassador because u.s. ambassador served basically at the pleasure of the sitting president no matter where they are around the world. ambassador heymann was picked by barack obama. will these day if hillary clinton wins? not necessarily. if donald trump wins, highly unlikely because there's usually a turn especially when there's a turn of parties. not always but at times ambassadorships are awarded on the basis of their work are the party and any number of different fashions over the years. it will be interesting to see what happens to ambassador heymann. i'm sure he is looking at these numbers with a lot of personal interest as well in terms of what tomorrow may bring. let's go to times square in new york where stephen d'souza is tonight. a toughest time a you've got there. >> peter i'm here with the voice
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of the people and i will give you a sense of the crowd. the crowd has built up. they have come here to watch the results and they are here from all over the world, argentina, scotland and the netherlands and they are all very interested as you can imagine about the election results. here in new york people sometimes feel like they are in a bit of a bubble politically and they don't have an impact on the election so they have to watch as florida or ohio really decide this election. for people here it's about coming together and talking about the election. we have rebecca from houston. a republican state that you voted democrat. >> that's actually right. i come from a long line of historic democrats who are hispanic and vote democrat. there is this notion that the idea the democratic party is inclusive and includes those voices that aren't ordinarily heard in a republican ticket.
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>> we have seen a lot of the vote in texas as well as florida. it should have an impact on the polls in america for many years to come. we will be here through the night and show you more voters from both sides of the ticket. >> steven thanks very much. a good crowd in times square. there usually is obviously the certainly there is tonight. steve azusa in new york. we are just getting started. a lot more, straight ahead. >> my america is an america that protects. it is undisputed the u.s. has the strongest economy in the strongest military. it comes with a lot of responsibility. one of the major responsibilities is for the ones who can't protect themselves.
8:52 pm
donald trump rally degrades women and -- as their role model. the current u.s. house membership includes 246 republicans, 186 democrats and three vacancies. all 435 members need to 18 for majority. 45 members not seeking re-election are running for other offices including 46 euros new york democratic or a 46 year veteran new york democrat charlie rangel. he is a bit older than 46 and two house republicans, republican veteran jeff miller of florida and education committee chairman john kline of minnesota. the senate currently 54 republicans, 44 democrats, to independents to caucus with the democrats, 34 seats up for election 24 held by republicans and 10 by democrats.
8:53 pm
you need 51 for the majority in the senate. five senators retiring including minority leader harry reid in nevada, 20 four-year california democrat barbara boxer, 24 years in the senate. she is retiring along with 16 year veteran republican dan coats of indiana. the lame-duck session of congress will begin november after the november elections on the agenda legislation to extend government funding past december 9 to avert a deadline in the shutdown. they also plan to work on differences between house and senate versions of the bill that would aid flint michigan to fix their contaminated drinking water system. also a bill for medical research and developing new cures as well as funding for the defense department. members return november 14 -- november 15 on c-span2.
8:54 pm
>> donald trump punishes american consumers. neither one is getting my vote on election day.
8:55 pm
>> welcome back to our continuing coverage. quick update in terms of the maps so far in the way things are unfolding. the clinton lead over trump still at just two in the electoral college votes and still a lot of these key battleground states are very tight and they are not being declared yet. that's why you still see so much yellow on the board where there's counting. the gray of courses where polls are still close. let's look at some of the other states that we haven't checked in on lately. this is virginia and this is a surprise at this point in the evening. 13 electoral college votes up for grabs. donald trump as the lead. keep in mind hillary clinton picked her vice presidential candidate tim kaine from virginia. that was supposed to make it a lock one assumes. it is not a lock at this point in the evening as trump has the lead in virginia. new hampshire republicans were making a lot of noise about their possibilities in new hampshire.
8:56 pm
what's happening? almost a 10-point lead for hillary clinton. it's not happening at this point in accounting for donald trump in new hampshire. finally as we have been doing all night watching florida, the big one, 29 electoral college votes at stake in florida. still we are told a million votes still to be counted in florida. the lead though at the moment is for donald trump at just over one percentage point and as we know is actually wondered number of times this could go on for a while tonight into tomorrow and as we once saw it went on for weeks after that. let's see what happens in florida. it's time to get serious. what would an election be without this guy? mark kritsch is in halifax tonight. what if you got for us there buddy? >> hello.
8:57 pm
we are here now and we have a 22 minutes viewing party. i know you were with the ambassador. it's going to get chilly if trump gets in and he he has with trudeau coming for a visit and he gets here realizes he doesn't even have a house. yes to stay in the apartment above the garage. it's going to get outward very quick but we are really enjoying things now. remember they come for the media first so see you, buddy. >> thanks mark always good to have you on the program. we will see you again later in the evening. keep chowing down on those dogs. >> this may be the first president who has to change. we salute our neighbors. >> thank you mark. monitoring the numbers coming in the last little while, things
8:58 pm
got moving on the electoral college vote. we are about to see some key states close here coming up at the top of the clock with more than 150 electoral college votes at stake. what are you sensing here? >> as you pointed out it wasn't a surprise not expected to look at that and see not a lot of returns coming in from the d.c. area. in fact there are. i think that's worth keeping an eye on tonight. i think florida is living up to what the polls promise. if you look at the polling over the last 10 days there and the lines were crossing in the sense that the lead was changing hands and was very tight and alas days of real polling there. that was sure in north carolina and so far doesn't look as though it is as tight as the final polls look like they would be in north carolina but i think there are still more votes to come there. by and large i think we are seeing those who thought it
8:59 pm
would be a tight race. i don't think it means follow the assumptions a remake going into the night by any means at all. >> the assumptions are always leading into this past hour, that donald trump would have to win florida, have to win north carolina, have to win ohio to build a path towards winning on tonight. so far he's in the game and all three of those. leading in one, trailing into, all of them with leaves no matter who is leading. so he is still in the game which a lot of people didn't think we would be seeing at this point based on the polls in the last few days. don't go away, we will talk about lots more coming up later. another wave of votes is coming soon. nine states are about to close and viewers on cbc television, cbcs main network are just about
9:00 pm
to join us. we are not going anywhere. we are staying on cbc news network and c-span across the united states as well. we are streaming at all times that cbc news .ca so the bottom line on all of that is, please stay with us. >> this is a cbc news special presentation. .. is he a sexist, racist bully or is he a man who can change this
9:01 pm
country for the good? will it be the first woman to lead the united states? an experienced political force or is she a blatantly corrupt example of everything that is wrong with politics in america? can either unite a country that is so divided and angry. clinton versus trump. decision time is at hand. tonight, america votes. >> on the west side of manhattan they are anticipating a big big night. you are looking live at hillary clinton's headquarters. not far away, 2 miles or three-point to kilometers for us canadians, you are looking at a hotel hotel in midtown manhattan where the trump campaign is watching and hoping to come out on top. >> hello. we are continuing our live coverage on the news network and across the united states on
9:02 pm
c-span and now we are welcoming our viewers on cbc television. strap yourself then, it's a big night. we expect a lot of tight races. a lot of exciting races. that is exactly what we are getting. we've got you covered. we have reporters into states where this race could be decided in locations across canada as well tracking the impact of the story right here at home. nine more states have just closed including arizona and colorado. on the big map, read states are calling for donald trump and blooper hillary clinton. yellow states where you see an awful lot of them, polls are closed but no final result yet. they are still counting. in some cases, just darting to count. the gray states, the ones in the western united states, they are still voting. the banner at the bottom of your screen is what you want to watch. the important electoral college
9:03 pm
vote. each state delivers a certain number and the magic number on this night, that's the number needed to win which is 270. seventy. every so often you will also see that banner flip to show how much of the overall vote each candidate has. look at those numbers right now. you have more votes for donald trump then you have for hillary clinton, that is not unusual at this point in the evening no matter what the end result is. don't forget, what we get to those western states, especially the ones along the west coast, those are heavily democratic and those numbers go up substantially. let's show you what's happened so far. this is the race that people will be watching for the last couple of weeks and they are especially watching tonight. for the past couple of hours since the polls first closed in florida, donald trump has a lead. not a big lead, but it is one and a half points that he has a
9:04 pm
lead over hillary clinton which is a significant lead at this particular point. still, votes to be counted and a lot of them in areas traditionally that vote for the democrats. that could tighten up. from florida we moved to pennsylvania, historically a democrat vote and the votes counted so far, it's going to stay in that column with hillary clinton with a substantial lead. next up, after pennsylvania, we have ohio. ohio was one of the ones republicans and democrats were conceding they had problems. at this point, we are checking on michigan, another state where the republicans were hoping to
9:05 pm
break through. at the moment they're not. almost two and half points down behind hillary clinton in michigan, traditionally a democrat vote. finally, texas, this one is a lot closer through the past little while then many people expected. historically a republican state, but right now the republican are leading. donald trump has a lead of almost five percentage point so he must be feeling good about that right now. that was after getting an initial scare on that. while we just took a look at the early results. but seek a deeper look at some of the key places. here is why florida matters. you win florida and you win big. twenty-nine electoral college votes. the state has sided with the past five election winners. they have the final word on bush versus gore in 2000. in florida tonight we are
9:06 pm
watching all of this happen, the back-and-forth with this race over the past couple hours. tell us what it's been like. >> you have to think the democratic party is not only nervous but disappointed at this juncture. yes, it was supposed to be a tossup and yes it was supposed to be tight, but there there was a feeling among democrats here in southern florida, particularly over the past 48 hours, that there was a slight momentum going in hillary clinton's favor. at the moment, that isn't showing up. as you say, we have a lot of votes to come in the southeastern part of the state which skews more toward the democrats. they threw everything here. they outspent the republicans in advertising almost 3 - 1. they sent in the president, barack obama, twice in the past five days.
9:07 pm
the vice president was here last night urging the troops in the team teams going out to vote. they thought they had the momentum in the early voting with the rise in the hispanic vote but we did see a slight weakening in the african-american vote. the demographics are really important here. clearly, donald trump is doing wellin the center of the state, in the northern parts of the more rural parts of the state. that sort of what we see across america, this concentration of more republicans in the excerpt, suburbs, not unlike our country peter, but they are watching this very carefully because if donald trump wins in florida, it doesn't mean he wins the country, but it does mean he goes on to the next round. he lives, he survives to find the votes he needs to make up
9:08 pm
the 270 somewhere else in the country. so, it's very close and very tight. we are watching it closely. it's fun and exciting but nerve-racking for a lot of people. >> i'm sure it is. you picked the right spot to get lots of hits because the sun will go on for a while in florida. thank you. i will check in with you later. >> i love talking with you peter. >> yes, i'm sure you do. let's see what's going on in north carolina. another critical state. look how tight it is. could it be any tighter? one tenth of a percentage point between hillary clinton and donald trump. trump is in the lead at the moment. remember this was a republican state last time around. this is one of the states that clinton wanted to knock off trump to slow down any progress he might have gained with a win in florida. at this point it is very close as it was in florida and as it is in some of the battleground states.
9:09 pm
this is going to be tight. nobody's leaving the barn early. this is a tight one. kansas, this is one of the state that made a difference difference in the total on the bottom of your screen just as we find on at the top of this hour. kansas has gone for donald trump, not unexpected. here in wyoming, once once again, expected to be republican. it is. that's been declared already for donald trump. the same story in north dakota, it has gone for donald trump. not far from north dakota, you would expect to see south dakota. it too has gone for donald trump. arkansas, former home state for the clintons where bill clinton was governor at one point and hillary clinton was the first lady for the most part, a republican state since those days, arkansas has gone for the republicans and donald trump. one last one, new york.
9:10 pm
why is this one important? a lot of electoral college votes. you just thought that riff of reporting and yet clinton is still in the lead, a lead of ten because new york has such a chunk of electoral college votes. twenty-nine of them, the same number that florida has and those are still at stake. there you go. the latest round of declarations and the electoral college vote total. ninety-seven for clinton, 87 for trump. another battleground in the west felt. ohio knows how to pick a winner. every president since 1964 has taken ohio. it's electoral college votes dropped along with its share of the population, but still those 18 votes are key. they are in cincinnati for us tonight. >> things have changed since we talked last hour when clinton came out with an early lead.
9:11 pm
most of those were advanced pulling numbers. here we are an hour and a half after the polls close and still early on but we have more precincts reporting and it appears that trump has taken a three or four-point lead in the state of ohio. he was expected to win for quite a while. he was ahead in the polls here and that's important for him. this is a very important state for donald trump to win. no republican president has ever won without it. in this room, you can see there are quite a few people to hide me, these are the staff that are bringing in all these votes. we will look over on the left. just a moments ago, some more microchips arrived or they've just processed them at this point. what happens is all of the ballots in the various polling stations across this county gets scanned in. the microchips come here and go to another computer and those results are outputted to the public. that's what's happening in counties right across ohio state
9:12 pm
right now an hour after we talked, things have have really switched we are seeing more precincts. the republican and democrat party representatives here are saying it's too early to comment. there watching closely as they see the typical glue, big cities like columbia columbus and cincinnati and cleveland still staying blue. in the rural part it's still red. they're still a way to go. >> thank you very much. you saw change in the numbers on the bottom of the screen. why? this is why. texas has been declared now. there's been enough seen by the various decision-makers who call these elections and they are forecasting that donald trump will win texas. thirty-eight electoral votes in texas. that is a lot of votes and it's made a difference, it's given him the lead. keep in mind, what we are
9:13 pm
looking at so far in declared states, all of these were more or less expected. these were the ones that were expected to go this way. the battleground states, the key ones, none of which have declared yet, those are the ones that will make the decision on this night and so far we still have donald trump very much in the game. i want to bring our panel back in to help us try to understand all of this. ashley been field, danielle, and john. a lot of people thought this thing would be over now or a clear indication of what was going to happen. it's not. it's still very much at play. danielle, what do you make of this? >> this is incredibly disappointing. i know there are some that are
9:14 pm
only reporting 60, 70%, but the, but the numbers, this should not be happening. it's not even about trump right now. it's the entire ideology and what it stands for and what america is showing the world right now. this race shouldn't be this close. we shouldn't be biting our nails with somebody who opened up the presidential run for the presidency by calling people rapists and calling mexicans rapists and having a whole entire campaign based around anti-semitism, homophobia, trans phobia, the fact that this is happening right now is really showing who america is and it's disappointing. >> well it is happening. >> by the way, if people want to see close up, look at the secretary of state webpage of the various states and you get,
9:15 pm
this is how the numbers are generated, by instant update. what seems to be happening is that trump is doing better than mitt romney in rule areas where romney did well. he's doing worse than mitt romney in rural and suburban areas where romney did well. african-american turnout is not at obama levels. >> are those to canceling each other out? >> i didn't want to say that because i'm just following it as it becomes live. we have this asymmetrical arrival of counties. we have counties that are heavily african-american and they have leader reporting. black voting is lagging, latino voting is high, basically, this this is a rural versus urban battle of a kind that looks like something you would see from the middle years of the century. the idea that rural versus urban
9:16 pm
votes are an important part of how americans are, that seems kind of old-fashioned and yet that's what's happening tonight. >> i've got to say, you see it a lot. >> there's only about 18% so far of latinos that have turned out in florida which i find really shocking. there are two kinds of latinos that have been categorized, the cuban-american voters and then the non- cuban voters who could be puerto rican, dominican, mexican and they are seemingly more northern but i'm astounded the turnout is only about 18%. to your point, the demographics of america have been shifting. the white working class, college uneducated male is frustrated with his position and his influence diminishing in american society and you have seen them raging in the rallies for donald trump and they are committed. they are out there in long lines
9:17 pm
and they are voting. if you only have 18% of latinos showing up in a state like florida which everybody knows is critical, like ohio, back to me is may be more depressing, more astounding. the people are there, they need to be there. >> there something we really need to pay a great deal of attention to and that is the fact that republicans have rolled out one of the most in press impressive voter suppression strategies around these areas and around florida, around north carolina and so it is frightening that 18% of hispanics have voted right now. is not because they were deterred from the polls or they were told they needed ids or they needed all of these varying pieces of paper in order to show up? were they being intimidated at the polls. >> we heard the last few days that they were turning out in record numbers.
9:18 pm
>> rat about 18% today. >> broward county still has to come in. there are a lot of latinos and their will be a shift in that number. >> the shift is in the voters. the democrats chose an uninspiring person. one of the question about hillary clinton has always been, when people see her, do they see the first woman president, do they see something new or innovative or excited or do they see the last of the clintons, something less exciting. there does seem to be, among democrats, the exit polls are kind of unreliable, democrats didn't get excited about the hillary clinton candidacy. despite that glass feeling, what they are seeing is not something new but something old. >> we will check in with both the leaders canada headquarters in just a couple moments. let's check the latest results. 125 for trump at the moment, 97
9:19 pm
for clinton. let's break it down in florida. here is the latest out of florida. 49.3% for trump and 47% for hillary clinton. there are still votes to be counted and where they come from, as we been warning all night is critical. from florida we moved to north carolina and once again, we have a slight lead for donald trump in north carolina, a state that did vote republican last time around, one hillary clinton hopes to make a difference. seven tenths of 1% difference between hillary clinton and donald trump in north carolina. here's pennsylvania. wow. this is a blowout at this point for these 20 electoral college votes.
9:20 pm
it is still counting going on in pennsylvania. texas has declared for donald trump so he had a little bit of a scare there for a while but as things settle down, trump wins in texas. the mood of these two headquarters, the last time we checked in with them was over an hour ago and the tone of things was a little bit different. the results seem to be shifting very much in clinton's favor. she is still in the game here, very much in the game and nothing has been declared in battleground states. it's a lot tighter and all of them that i think some democrats thought. they are both in manhattan. >> this is a much more anxious room than it was an hour ago.
9:21 pm
every time the results come on, especially when were talking about florida and north carolina , people are really nervous and bouncing up and down. people wanted to come in here and have a landslide but we are getting a much closer race. in between showing the results, what they're doing is having some supporters on the campaign trail with hillary clinton come up and speak. not long ago, the mothers of the movement were here and they are mothers of young people who were killed in altercations with police and it was all about getting out to vote. we need african-americans to come out and support hillary clinton the first way they did the same african-american president in 2008 and 2012.
9:22 pm
it is the early voting numbers in places like california and that may have been a challenge. there wasn't necessarily that same kind of enthusiasm. the campaign tried to bring enthusiasm by bringing the first lady out in the campaign. i was there when she was on stage with hillary clinton. they were all there to see michelle. michelle was the big drop. if they have that same attitude on whether it was a question to go vote today or not, that could be causing hillary clinton some problems in the key states tonight. >> it is bouncing up and down. lindsay is in new york. just a little bit away at trump headquarters.
9:23 pm
>> it's a lot more buoyant, there's been a lot more cheering the last little while. the numbers are still early, blah blah, yada yada. there have been some loud roars here. the largest numbers were when the new york number until numbers went up and went to clinton. there were booze and a lock her up. but the mood has shot up. it seen a remarkable turnaround. we do know the trump family is walking distance from here. there goes another one. they're in their penthouse and trump tower watching the results. we saw donald trump earlier today casting his ballot and he was booed as he got out of his suburban and went in.
9:24 pm
we are keeping an eye on the twitter feed and he has had one tweet and it was just a retweet in the past four hours. i think that's an all-time record for donald trump while he's not losing so that tells me he's watching very closely, the results. especially as it is here, the place was almost quiet. they start talking about florida and the place goes quiet. it is all eyes on that state. >> new york times reported that she had taken away donald trump 's twitter access so he would stay off of it. i don't know whether was true or not. >> not tonight dad. >> thank you, back to you in a bit. we have a look at colorado right now and this is the early returns coming in from colorado,
9:25 pm
just a little while ago. hillary clinton has about a 12-point lead. colorado went democrat for both elections for barack obama. before that i was pretty much a republican state right back to world war ii. colorado is one of the states for the republicans felt they could put in play, but at this point, we have to be careful. davis david warned us a number of times where these votes are coming from, different parts of each state, at this point, based on what's been accumulated so far, she has a 12-point lead. there is more to the colorado story. there monitoring things inbound vancouver tonight. >> you mention the polls are too close in colorado. they were supposed to close at 7:00 o'clock mount time. officially that was true but
9:26 pm
there are still people who are voting in that state because there was a 29 minute computer glitch in the state of colorado earlier today. the democratic party, because it is so important, went went to a judge and said we would like to pulls to stay open for an extra two hours. the judge said no there was no evidence that showed people were not able to vote, but that was in the line right now will be able to vote. those polls will stay open and there's reporter who tweeted a picture a short while ago and he said there is a 70 minute delay. we are still waiting for all the polls to closing colorado. we want to show you a picture that somebody had put on social media from pennsylvania, a little bit earlier on this evening. he is trying to use, i want to show up for a couple reasons. it gives canadians a chance to see a voting machine in action. something canadians are used to seeing. he was trying to vote for a republican. he wasn't able to do it. he was using the machine in correctly.
9:27 pm
he had to deselect the choice he made and reselect the choice. what's interesting is in the social media world, he is neo-tape, tweeting it, it gets retweeted more than 10,000 times and ricochets around and some people were saying hey, this is an example of the kind of voter irregularity we feared. than the mainstream media discovered that this wasn't a problem with the machine or a problem with any fraud, it was just a problem with following instructions. a lot of these stories get quickly spread around and then i don't know if you want to say debunked or corrected as evening goes on. that is the the stuff we will look for. >> fascinating. thank you. we look for to your next one. >> straightahead, we check in with adrian at the white house. >> i have been living in america
9:28 pm
for the past 11 years of my life. my america is a nation of immigrants. what immigrants need in this country is relief from deportation. my parents are farmworkers, undocumented, i have been granted a work permit, drivers license and social security number, but my parents don't have that. 11 million undocumented people don't have that either which is why it's time for us to change something. the time is now. >> cspan, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, cspan was created as a public service by america's cable television company. that is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider >> cspan "washington journal",
9:29 pm
live everyday with news and policy issue that affects you. we are starting in our early, getting your reaction to election day and breaking down the results. join the conversation with your phone calls, facebook comments and tweets. be sure to watch cspan "washington journal" live at 6:00 a.m. eastern wednesday morning. >> as we take a break from our simulcast of the sea bc coverage, here's a look look at what's going on in the twitter verse around the world today. 25 million tweets around the globe. also twitter put together a little video to show us some of the twitter activity in this country. in addition to twitter, there is facebook, the other social media platform. here are the candidates
9:30 pm
conversation. take a look at arizona, 53% of the conversation is about donald trump. colorado 51% trump, 49% clinton. in kansas, the sheriff conversations today, 52% about donald trump and 48% about mrs. clinton. our cbc coverage will continue in just a moment. we are doing our simulcast tonight with the canadian broadcasting corporation. as well as over on c-span, our complete election coverage, all of the senate, house races, house races and of course the presidential race.
9:31 pm
>> let's bring you up-to-date with the latest that we are seeing in terms of the electoral college votes. it's 125 - 104. clinton racked up a couple of expected states into the democratic column. if we look at the vote count, it's always interesting to see where they are being accumulated. :
9:32 pm
whoever gets to 71st boatie mcboatface 20 207 they are not there yet. some cases like florida, two and a half hours after many of the polling stations in florida close. you have donald trump in the lead, 1.5 for every study here and 9 million. donald trump is in the lead in florida and he has to win florida as we have been saying all evening. this is another state he needs to hold onto in 2012 with a little over 1.5 percentage
9:33 pm
points. from north carolina we go to ohio and here in this one, once again donald trump as the lead. he has to win those three states to position himself to the path to the presidency tonight. this one he may be able to loosen the tie on this one because he has a good lead in ohio. michigan is one of those ones that if he won the first three, if he wins michigan, look at those numbers. this is going to have democrats really worried. in michigan we have the totals at this moment, 39.3% for donald trump, 44.5% for clinton. these are not going away and finally, wisconsin. here's another one. what's happening here?
9:34 pm
she has the lead in wisconsin by six percentage points. the first ones are going to get a lot of pause to the democrats that have been watching this and going what is happening here. thithis isn't the way that we thought it was going to unfold. >> florida is tied in the polls and donald trump may win. what's happening in virginia is part of what we talked about earlier, donald trump is doing better than mitt romney did but what is also making a difference is that he's doing as well as hillary clinton in those urban areas that have been reporting so far tonight. up 70% of the vote is and so
9:35 pm
there are still votes to count and that may save the democrats but when you're trying to find a path for donald trump that doesn't include pennsylvania, virginia is very much a part of that and they will be encouraged by the fact that they are leading by two points. >> dictate your breath away. >> it's not just a surprise factor but everybody looked at this coming into the final few days and said to pull this one off he's not there yet and there are still lots of things that can happen here. we haven't declared the
9:36 pm
battleground yet. >> donald trump winning could look like this at the beginning. you see the forecasting models, the one that's the most popular is about 48 results, so the least on hillary clinton and they are feeling pretty good right now. they always said if she has a 75% chance of winning, take the 25% chance donald trump could win a seriously. seriously. you don't round up 75% to 100%. someone said what you get on a plane if there was a 25% chance of crashing, i don't think so. 25% means something. >> it's all about the white house and who is going to end up in it. we are outside of it right now. adrian, what can you tell us? >> in some ways it is kind of about the white house, but the other massive races that are being watched tonight are what's
9:37 pm
happening to congress and we all know the efficacy of the president largely depends what sort of legislation he or she can get past. ii-india think the republicans look like they will hold the house if they maintain their majority in the senate what a different scenario this would be for two different presidents have donald trump wins the presidency and he's got control of the congress that means he can do pretty much whatever he wants. supreme court justices most presidents only get to nominate one of three of the supreme
9:38 pm
court justices that are quite elderly. there is a chance he might be able to nominate several of them that changes the course of the country. think of abortion and same-sex marriage and all of the different important social changes in the country because of what the supreme court did. this president, whoever he or she is about to be needs to be dealing with the character of the court and that will depend an awful lot on congress. >> with what the president is, the congress and how that is shaped and the person in that house behind you get along with congress and the capitol building. it's not a slamdunk necessarily
9:39 pm
especially with so many of them not having support and endorsed them and campaigned openly against them. how is this playing in our nation's capital up and down tonight in terms of watching these results. watching things in the capitol tonight you said it was awfully quiet coming up the hill. i don't imagine that has changed much. >> v. anxiety is probably starting to peak. people were sort of reassured. if we get into the situation it
9:40 pm
becomes complicated for the government here. it's certainly more problematic than it would be with president clinton. he wants to start from ground zero. that is again the problem that lies ahead. hillary clinton has pages of policy and that they can analyze with donald trump is much more uncertain and i'm not sure how you forge the way ahead. justin has been extremely careful, very careful. in fact some suggested to careful to make some sort of
9:41 pm
comment around some of the misogynist things donald trump had done and to come out hard against donald trump being careful to try to preserve what he needed to preserve when he had to deal with president trump we aren't there yet but you can see how he tried to protect himself in those situations so if he has to have a relationship he will be able to have one. a trump administration would look like secretary of state newt gingrich, attorney general rudy giuliani and who is the third one, i can't remember but it was another sort of name from the past.
9:42 pm
talk about change moving forward, not necessarily. but we are not there yet. we will see what happens in the next hour or two because this one obviously is going on for a while. this isn't a surprise, this was expected not a battleground state. still ahead, at the u.s. embassy tonight she will have a special guest for us. >> it is a land of opportunity and a blessing to grow up in this country where opportunities are truly limitless and to have a family with a beautiful home and a life that i would have never otherwise imagined.
9:43 pm
>> we have a special webpage to help you follow the supreme court. go to and near the right hand top of the page you wilyou'll see the most recent ol arguments heard by the court and click on the view all links to see all of the arguments covered by c-span and in addition you can find appearances by many of the justices or watch justices in their own words including one-on-one interviews in the past few months with justices thomas and ginsburg. there is also a calendar with a list of the justices to quickly see their appearances on c-span and other videos available on demand. follow the supreme court at
9:44 pm
from the los angeles times from the mount hope cemetery in rochester new york where there's seen an influx of visitors with the possible election of the first female president never more in reach marching to pay respects and leave there i voted stickers on the tombstone. susan b. anthony and feminist activist social performer and abolitionist was integral to the women's suffrage movement in the late 18 hundreds. let's show some video shot by rochester new york they put it on their facebook page today to see some of the activity there at the gravesite. >> i am aliv live at the cemetey where we have people that have come to pay respects to susan b. anthony on this historic
9:45 pm
election day. just a reminder we have a couple boards for you to meet your stickers on, right here with plenty of space. we will be here until 9 p.m.. i will take you down the line to show you. be prepared for a wait. this is an incredible way to show up for an incredible election, so we think everybody that's here and everybody that plans to come out.
9:46 pm
>> in the battleground states across the united states tonight, it is far from determined yet who will end up on top at the end of the evening. you see donald trump with 133 electoral votes. you need more than double of that, 270. hillary clinton is back at 104 electoral votes. a long way to go for her as well. the yellow states are still to be determined yet. but here's the update as we are seeing it now. in florida, still a plate and a half or a little less than a plate anpoint and a half tightea little bit in her favor. 49 to 47.8% in florida. not a lot of votes left to be counted in florida. in north carolina, republican held up last time around, donald trump has the lead of almost 2.5
9:47 pm
percentage points. the donald trump ahead in north carolina. moving onto virginia. this one has tightened up considerably. virginia is a democratic state at least it was the last time. the vice president for hillary clinton, tim kane is from virginia. 47.6 to 47.3. a fair number of those still to be counted for this one is far from decided in virginia. now we go to ohio. this is where the republicans were going to make a breakthrough in the so-called blue wall for the democrats and they've made a substantial breakthrough here in ohio at least with the votes counted so far tonight, lower than a ten-point lead for donald trump in ohio. and finally, michigan. this is a bit of a surprise when you just look at the numbers. they are only about 20% of the vote counted here and a good
9:48 pm
chunk of the detroit vote hasn't been counted yet and that is normally a democratic stronghold. so we have a long way to go yet and michigan but it must bring a smile to donald trump's face to know that he's in the lead at this point. let's check in with the panel. you've been doing deep into those computer results looking for the different states trying to get a breakdown. are you learning anymore? >> one thing i just saw about 173,000 votes today for the third-party candidates. that includes gary johnson and joel stein jill stein.
9:49 pm
but virginia is also the heartland of the consultant. the people who didn't like donald trump, it wasn't a well-known name in canada but from utah, then a lot of people park their vote with him because they couldn't pull the lever for hillary clinton. clinton. that may turn out to be an important fact, republicans who couldn't crossover going for a protest vote that cost hillary clinton the state of virginia. >> who would have thought in virginia, i thought that is what tim kane was all about. >> i thought that was his entire purpose. i like tim kane. i think he's lovely, and i appreciated his entire campaign
9:50 pm
rally that he did in spanish. but it's turning out to be right now is not enough. i don't know where virginia is going to go. i am right now just trying to brace myself for the shock of whether or not i'm going to have to seek asylum in canada because what is happening right now is this complete and total backlash but i don't think anyone expected or democrats expected. i don't think the polls expected that is happening right now in terms of you have this candidate donald trump that his party no one came out and went to bat for him and he is right now turning the country read. so that is really something that we need to be sitting with. >> it's not over yet. >> i know it's not over. i really did believe that we were going to see a turnout that
9:51 pm
said that we are against misogyny and we are against racism and islamic phobia. i honestly didn't think that we would be sitting here right now looking at different counties and saying they are only 78% in. i really thought that his message of hate trade was going to resonate with people. and whether or not you like hillary clinton or could stomach hillary clinton, i thought i would be enougthatwould be enouo pull the lever for her so i'm a little bit shocked. >> north carolina should have had that because they are the fastest growing latino population and we are not seeing necessarily that play out if that were the case where is the energizing in the demographic. i keep saying over and over again there was a hold of that
9:52 pm
donald trump bought over the non- college-educated voters. they got loud and angry and for the first time they haven't had a raise. they lost their position in society. they are not influencers anymore and all of a sudden he started to make it okay to say things about it because he said things verhe wasvery loud and they werd at him all over every single cable outlet for the last year and a half. so very energized. if you're not going to energize a demographic indicates growing, you're going to watch someone else need you. i don't think they were the secret vote. a lot of people talked about them not answering the pollsters. i don't think anybody was embarrassed for the first time in 20 years they found their voice and they were loud about it. they've been telling everybody coming out what they wanted and what they did and they went and got their neighbors. >> keep two things in mind at the same time.
9:53 pm
president obampresident obama hh approval rating right now, almost as high as ronald reagan at this point in his presidency. i don't think thi there's a sine incumbent who lost the primary fight, so that is a high level of satisfaction and yet we've seen african-american turnout down apparently and so maybe one of the things that happene happs it isn't an angry country or dissatisfied that donald trump hit some kind of a vote. north carolina is a state with fast-growing immigration population much of it illegal and that was an issue everybody was in agreement. remember the gang of eight and they said we will have higher levels and a lot of americans didn't like that. immigration is stressful and it
9:54 pm
includes both the immigrant themselves and the people that tend to be on tv. they overbook and remember people that are not immigrants and not a part of the society for those that are economically and culturally stressful and it is as important as the economic part and again commentators say that it's illegitimate you can't just say i don't like it. but they don't have to give reasons for their vote they just have to know all votes count the same. >> black lives matter is a big part as well. there is a huge racist component to the supporters as well. very angry starting a and going all the way up to you name the last one. they are huge headlines on my network and across the country. and if you speak out against that and suggest you are a supporter you could be branded a racist. that could make people very
9:55 pm
frustrated. >> but it doesn't seem to energize. the early indications are . debate has been that it is premature but you can't talk about the low voter turnout when it comes to african-americans and not have the same conversation about voter suppression and what that has done. if you can't have those two things because right now there is a way for us to frame it that we are not trying to make one group a scape goa a scapegoat al this happened before in proposition eight and the votes turned out not to be the case. >> obviously we have more time to talk about it tonight. polls are about to close now. we have lots more just ahead. >> my america is conflicted. they say this is the land of the free and the home of the brave
9:56 pm
and i say that their amnesia is quite convenient. the lack of urgency around black death at the hands of state agents. many americans are ready and willing to shine a light on what has been information historically and demanding america does better. we can't call what we have here a criminal justice system anymore and it doesn't function as such. in the america that i am imagining, black lives will matter, all black lives will matter. i came up with this idea first of al all aided research information and this is the case with a lot of pieces that will be done for the competition with mental illness especially.
9:57 pm
it's a complicated issue. it's not a black-and-white and it's so multifaceted i had to get a base knowledge of what i wanted to talk about in this piece. it's so complicated i can't talk about it at all so first i needed to decide what i was going to talk about and i thought it would be nice to have a focal point to focus on so before he started interviewing my parents were dropped on the internet was started shooting wg it, i researched this topic extensively. i talked to my mom and her colleagues and coworkers and went to the library. >> a lot of internet research to find more facts and data statistics about employment of those with developmental disabilities and to see what was going on. >> most of the information i got came from government websites,
9:58 pm
so that's how i knew most of the information i was getting. >> your message to washington, d.c. tell us what is the most urgent issue, our competition is open to all middle school or high school students grades six through 12 with 100,000 award and cash prizes. students can work alone or in a group to produce five or seven minute documentaries on the issues selected including the programming and exposing the opinions. the $100,000 of cash prizes will be awarded and shared between 150 students. if the grand prize of $5,000 goes to the student or the team with the best overall injury. the deadline is january 20, 2017 so mark your calendars and help us spread the word. for more information go to the
9:59 pm
website student >> anything is still possible. the polls are about to close and five more states. time to check in. >> things have changed in virginia. there is still a lot to count but clinton has taken the lead and that has to be a bit of a relief to democrats but they still have to keep an eye on michigan because o because it ir what is happening. it's not what they expected. there are some counties around detroit producing surprising results. i don't think that is something you can just say we will check in on that.
10:00 pm
it's kind of close is the path but if michigan is still in play . it is now 10:00 eastern and it's a nailbiter. for the clinton campaign dot the night they were hoping for. for the trump campaign many battleground states are still close to call. six more states just closed including a couple of interests nevada and utah where an independent candidate managed to mount a serious challenge. here is the big picture map. red states are being called for donald trump and so far of those they are all expected results.
10:01 pm
results. the banner down below is still waiting for someone to hit 270 votes. the magic number to win. the yellow states are still being counted and the gray states are still voting for a little while longer. let's turn to a number of individual states. donald trump won texas as expected, big surprise though with the number of electoral college votes. south carolina, another one that was expected to be for donald trump and louisiana as well. they were not battleground but they were expected to fall into the republican column and they have. these are the ones everybody is watching so closely because of who wins bees could wind up in a good position in terms of the
10:02 pm
path. the florida race we keep watching this one. it's still extremely close. 1.3 percentage points of separating the two. at the moment, trump is in the lead and fewer and fewer votes will be counted. in north carolina which was a republican state that donald trump had to hold onto and was at the moment by three percentage points. north carolina to ohio which was a democratic vote is not tonight. it is significantly leading towards republicans in ohio. and if michigan, another state is four points for donald trump but still below the votes to be
10:03 pm
counted in michigan, nowhere near enough so things could happen in favor of democrats and we will see if that continues. virginia, this was mentioned before the 10:00 hour that virginia had been the lead for most of the past and our dog hillary clinton has caught up now and passed by half a percentage point. virginia is the state democrats wanted to hold. she has a half point lead over donald trump. trump has the lead not totally unexpected this point. all the west coast votes are counted the democrats do very
10:04 pm
well in california, oregon and washington and it's usually not until this hour along the presidential evening that the democratic forces start to close in on the republican members especially through that huge swath in the midwest i'm at the university of miami. they've been watching all night and texting with a republican in northern florida which is where the strength has really shown up tonight and says they are all biting their nails but pdb is the panhandle was the northwest
10:05 pm
and it seems he's in the lead now. what does it mean, i want to call you a couple things that we heard from people here in florida. they supported the donald trump and said all my friends are as well but it's a very quiet support. people got quite hostile so it was a silent majority that we heard about here in florida and i also speak to a latina woman in the line up a couple of days ago supporting hillary clinton who founded the comments despicable but then she's a curious thing. she said the only reason i respect donald trump is because he's the one that tells the truth. he is the only honest politician
10:06 pm
among the two which is curious given a lot of what we have heard over the long campaign. so a mixed bag and we are seeing that tight race upwards of 95% but we are waiting for critical numbers southeast of the state which may help the democrats but will it be enough to make up that 1.2 percentage point deficit that they are facing right now? they are feeling pretty disappointed. they thought they had some momentum going into tonight. >> everything was in their favor in florida and other battleground states. keep reminding everybody it's not over until it's over.
10:07 pm
the fact is that the moment trump is doing well. we will check in a little later to bring you back for a moment. knowing once again it's not over yet but you start looking to see why did it go wrong and what mistakes were made, did we make mistakes as democrats will be asking themselves at this point? >> we are only in the middle of the story and what happens is how it ends. i think in terms of some of the advantages that democrats said they had coming into this, particularly the composition of the electorate


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