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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 8, 2016 10:07pm-12:01am EST

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the fact is that the moment trump is doing well. we will check in a little later to bring you back for a moment. knowing once again it's not over yet but you start looking to see why did it go wrong and what mistakes were made, did we make mistakes as democrats will be asking themselves at this point? >> we are only in the middle of the story and what happens is how it ends. i think in terms of some of the advantages that democrats said they had coming into this, particularly the composition of the electorate.
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what they meant by that is the understood their demographic gave them an advantage right out the door but they also felt that was a part of their ground game by the 4-1 in florida. that is a question they are asking themselves into whether there are similar weaknesses in other parts of the country that will cost them tonight as well. but they were more confident in the polls indicated. you have to campaign organizer for barack obama saying the chances of winning were 100% and he said that's because we are not putting all of our eggs in one basket. we have granular detail about the voters and where they live and their addresses are for how to get them out, we know them as individuals. it doesn't seem to be showing up in florida tonight and florida is one i think they would probably be more confident then
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perhaps the public polls indicated they should have been. >> they were talking about how the financial markets were reacting to this race a week ago the markets were dropping because it looked like one was in serious trouble and the last couple of days that bounced up again because the polls are suggesting they leave the impression things were going well for clinton and therefore the market came up quite significantly. at this point it is down over 400 points, almost 500 points. >> those markets can come back as quickly as they went down if the incom outcome is more drama.
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>> we are certainly seeing the uncertainty. we ran it through just a moment ago a bunch of states. for the democrats as well getting word that new mexico counted the early numbers and they see the trends in new mexico not a surprise but it is going on the board. it's not over yet. who knows how many twists and turns. they don't know which way is up or what to think or say at this
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point. >> the way that it's bange beend down and surprising you, tonight is surprising is if you will. that's the way that this campaign has gone particularly the past number which is a lot of people and a lot of people saying what is going on and i think that is a fair assessment. a lot of people are concerned with the outcome could be. they were assessing what canadians thought of the impact of the clinton presidency and a donald trump presidency. you will see in the graphic there is less of a canadians
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believe that a clinton presidency would have less impact than a donald trump candidacy and i think that is quite telling from what the canadians are worried about and the reason they are worried about it i think in large part it's because donald trump wants to take away some of the things that have been in place. nafta is one that he has concerns about the borders and immigration and about cerium refugees 30,000 of which this runs in the opposite direction what canadians have been hearing in this country. so it is no surprise that many would be concerned about what his presidency between pur. we got the results of another. missouri is going for donald
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trump. keep these numbers in mind. so far, none of the battleground states have been called yet or declared one way or another. so, the numbers that you are seeing are not totally unexpected. donald trump racked up 146 electoral votes and you need 272 win which means there's still another 124 to go to get to the 270. hillary clinton at this moment, 109 electoral votes. 161 away from the total that she needs. so, i want to have them yet. most of them critical in the battleground states haven't been declared yet and there are some interesting races that are all close but they could still take either way so we will have to wait and see how that unfolds
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and who gets to 270. let's go to vancouver with another update. >> your tone is so calm and measured and what is to be decided but i don't think in some of the money markets around the world would say tokyo they may not be watching the feed of this program because there is a lot of concern in many of the markets. looking at a headline on cnbc they say that it's plunged 550-point. they are trading in japan right now. it's down 2% and that is associated with what's happening in the united states in florida not unfolding the way the markets expected it was also at the point of quite properly we don't have the final results much less the election yet. oil is down 2.5% and one commodity that is up, gold is a
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place people go when there is uncertainty that i'm sure a lot of the viewers are thinking back to the night of brexit when the markets reacted with a level of shock and a lot of the losses that we saw in the markets after brexit stoically moderated at this point, at this late hour with wall street and the streets closed down there are traders around the world watching with concern as there are jitters on the market. >> those are big numbers you are talking and i know you will keep monitoring them in the next hour because they are likely to bounce are found even more. there is this kind of listening to you and we will get to this with the panel later there is the brexit i remember the night the way that it unfolded and
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people going i don't know there is such and such an area that still needs to a port from london and that will balance what we are seeing elsewhere but it never did. at the market started to react immediately to what we saw. is this similar to that? we will talk about that in a few moments time. let's go back to times square new york there's always a lot of action there. >> i am here with a republican from california. what do you think when you see the results up on the screen blacks screen >> i'm surprised. donald trump wasn't only hanging in there but was ahead at this point.
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maybe on the west coast and east coast there are people so strongly we are starting to see that there is a voice in the middle of america speaking pretty loudly to some of the issues people have and it's a wake-up call for a lot of people to see how this rolls out. >> it was the lesser of two evils. i'm the father of three daughters and some of the things trump advocates and supports scare me a little bit. i don't necessarily think that hillary is the best in the world but she has more experience in a rationaandirrational mindset ant process. trump ability or inability to control himself scares me for somebody in control. >> you talked about the issues in middle america. what is that driving people towards trump?
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>> some of the basic things. if you are somebody that is in the manufacturing segment, if you are somebody out there just trying to figure out how you will take care of her family you go to college but you come out of here an. maybe there are not great jobs anymore he says things that resonate with people. i don't know if people know the substance behind the message and i don't know that she has a message that stuck with people when they went to the polls and had a voice in their mind i don't suspect the message played with them and caused them to vote. >> talking about the financial markets and how he would win in the financial industry how do you think the people are going to respond? >> for the first time you will see people respond in a negative way. i think people are concerned about health trump will work in a economy and with international leaders and we operate at a
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global economy now. so i think that the stock market will negatively react to a trump victory. the e-mail issue got cleared. i don't think that good things will happen initially but look at brexit and everything. we are pretty resilient for the emotional knee-jerk reaction will not be positive. >> described the mood here. >> its somber. people are really surprised. its somber and that is the only way that i can describe it. i think people are proud to be voting and have a voice. i have a young daughter and her friends and they are talking politics and people are engaged but it's played out. >> there you have it, the voice of the people, quieter than many people would have expected with
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some anxiousness and as they see the numbers change throughout the night. >> you are right it is quite unlike the normal times square scene and they are trying to analyze for themselves what is happening tonight and what the likelihood is continuing on as the results are still being calculated. 146, 109 for clinton. more from the panelists and we will go on a number of issues and of course all the results. and now how one american sees america. >> my america is the right to keep and bear arms. i will never vote unarmed and i will always vote for those that defend my rights. secretary clinton has made it known she would rather me fall victim to violent crime than own
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a gun and protect myself so i am determined to keep her out of office. c-span where history unfold daily. in 1979 c-span was created a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider.
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let's take a look at some of the calls being reelected in his district. tammy duckworth defeated her opponent in illinois, republican mark kirk and senator chuck schumer reelected to the senate and also chuck grassley o, the republican reelected tonight in iowa. of course all of the senate sene coverage in-house coverage and any of the debates leading up to this are available for you anytime you'd like to look at
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them on the website. right now over on c-span we continue our coverage of all of the action around the country. lots of room for viewer calls and also you can get in on the conversation using facebook or twitter. we are going to go back to the canadian broadcasting corporation coverage of the american election. who says politics is boring? in incredible story unfolding and still a long way to go before a final decision. let's recap things briefly. that's the big picture map. the red states are donald trump and blue are for hillary clinton. yellow states are still being counted. most, not most of many are the battleground state that everybody was waiting to see which way they would go.
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today more than anything else will determine who is going to end up winning tonight. let's look at some of them still being counted. this is well into three hours now that they've been counting votes in florida and are still not done and very -close-brace at the moment. 1.5 percentage points still between donald trump and clint clinton. nobody is calling this one yet. north carolina another one which was republican states last time around will stay that way with a little over a three-point lead fothree-point leadfor donald trh carolina. he needs florida and north carolina to create this pathway and others as well including this one. ohio. what is the situation there, this is a big lead and stayed there for the last hour. those who make decisions about
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declaring states must be getting close on this one. anand even then point lead in oo which was a democratic states last time around. now we go to michigan, which is traditionally a democratic state or has been lately. but here once again, you have a lead for donald trump but this is still an easy-going one. both are coming in relatively slowly and most of these rustbelt state which is common usually the sunbelt states come in much faster than they do in the north and the rust belt states. this one only about 30% of the vote has been counted so there is a lot more to go yet in michigan and as we have seen throughout this evening the numbers have changed considerably as more votes have started piling.
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we will look at the numbers in michigan that bracket i is the facis thefact that it's early ie night. let's talk. we made the brexit comparison. ashley, david and danielle a moment ago which kind of shocked everybody the british vote to leave the european union. we saw the pound crash as a result and it still fully hasn't recovered or recovered at all actually. is there a brexit comparison? >> i never thought anybody should be so complacent going into this because in the primaries where we live, we have been through that rodeo. i don't know how it is for you but because we are in the public eye people always say what's going to happen even within days from now, people in canada ask what's going to happen and i said at the same thing to everyone. i would be paid a lot more than i am now but this is anyone's
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guess and again i think that we saw this already. not one person thought jeb bush. i don't think it's a surprise. >> ohio has now been called. that is the change in the numbers you see, 164 for donald trump and 109 for clinton. edging close to just 100 away. he's headed in the right direction. >> on brexit i was in england that week and it began to shrink in the last few days in the world of the media policies i
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then we have an instinct for most of the period of world war ii to the end of the cold war they chose the low-risk option and it's incredible that they would do something as risky and the future looks a lot darker than it would have without. donald trump was the high your risk of choice an choice and itd dangerous. imagine they would'v would flinm the high-risk alternative. a brexit isn't going well.
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>> i want to go to renée. it's falling into the camp away from the democrats. >> we've called this for the republicans and that is a bit of a shock joining me for some reaction on this is the chair of the democratic party for this county but we are going to ask him more about this in general. looking at these results what do you think happened here? >> in cleveland and in columbus, where we lost was to areas in the rural counties into the appalachia in southeastern ohio and the not so surprising because people were predicting it we need not do well in what is usually the democratic
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stronghold up in northeastern ohio where trump appealed very much to the rank-and-file who didn't follow the lead of the unions. .. >> >> how are you personally feeling watching the
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results? what does that feel like to quick. >> exceptionally disappointing. we had great hopes that we would see, and we still may see the first female president elected tonight we don't know that by certainly hope ohio is to ensure that would have been and that it didn't is extremely a disappointing. >> head of the hamilton county democratic party it is a swing state as ohio goes so goes the country so this is disappointing for the country as - - for sure. >> the results of virginia with the democrats expected to hold and they have in and day gave them a lot to be concerned about. so here the numbers affected by the two most recent decisions ohio a big win for
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the of republican a lot of path of the presidency goes through ohio in the history of the united states. we will find out in the next couple of hours. 164 trump. 122 clinton. where do we go now? [laughter] >> the reality is when i woke up and i saw brexit i said this is foreshadowing nobody said it couldn't happen, those that were in the u.k. to see what happens but they have damaged those economic prospects for generations this is what is happening right now. we'll get the futures down five did 50 points, back in
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2008 in the midst of our great recession we still have the same numbers. the idea we have all street in a panic, a gold going up up, we do the possibility of what trump presidency could look like that now would get all of the branch is being controlled by republican. it isn't just one man one vote but generations. but the problem with the undereducated white rust belt's folks who were coming out for trump is that their jobs will never come back. but that is exactly what happened. but to talk about the comparison hopper between trump and other authoritarian figures like hitler or how they came in
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and they could grab onto something that we thought could happen in that history has shown us time and again what we saw after reconstruction and if you look for the past eight years what we are looking not right now those that we thought would not happen that was up protest vote to hundred 88,000 people and that could offend the difference in florida. >> you raise a lot of things we want to get into. first of all, trump headquarters is watching the scene it throughout the evening now with the news they have won ohio. the place went nuts a few minutes ago.
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the mood has been building over the last hour and a half. i went for a road trip into virginia and kentucky talking to people. certainly kentucky is republican territory. they want to believe everything that trump says they blame obama for losing their jobs and they believe trump whenever he says that because they want something to believe. who supports that? so we want to find people
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read the reasonable people. they all want to believe but they all contested hillary don't want any part of her. but at some point you setback in then negative as somebody on our side immigration. >> the wisdom of the taxi drivers. they are all saying that that is so easy here tonight >> and perhaps what is going
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on. the picture so far tonight that almost anyone had for fast-food fish especially the pollsters and, but still over last 48 hours the chances of the victory of hillary clinton were overwhelming. >> i think the analogy people explained up probably didn't call negative probability to be the most cautious when he gave a 75%
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for donald trump is real. and then for them to know what that actually meant. but they talk about a field goal kicker than the chances are greater than 50 yards. but that is what we are seeing right now. at friday's said what they said. but if you give a 25 percent chance of winning and he wins because 25 percent of the time he should. me. >> a lot of things to keep in mind.
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we are a long way from the speeches tonight. colada of close races that could go well into the night. it will be historic nobody knows for sure how that will end up but it will be one that you don't want to mess we will take a quick break and be right back. >> my america is heading will models for our children. >> for that reason i cannot vote for either
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>> senator richard berg buildup the challenge the democratic director from the civil liberties union to portray the incumbent from
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the house and senate from the odd of touch washington insider. a lawyer serving from 2003 ethers 2013 from the state house of representatives blasted him early in the race as a politician who exemplified s.c. retains his seat in north carolina. in 20 minutes more polls are closing and. of course, all of the coverage for the presidential race for the road to a the warehouse on c-span also the house and senate races. we will rejoin the canadian broadcasting corporation for their coverage of the american election and our simulcast continues on c-span2.
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>> welcome back to the continuing coverage of election night in united states broadcasting from canada see you are getting perspective through the c-span network. to give the latest update you have the electoral college vote 270 is needed to become the next president donald trump has 168. hillary clinton 132 coming up slightly in the last few minutes we will show you why. there is the map the red states are donald trump the blues states hillary clinton the yellow states including key battleground states have yet to be decided like
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florida. you haven't been 49% donald trump just under 47% hillary clinton she will lead the western states to pile up the numbers to get closer to the number there is still what to go but it is looking a lot better for donald trump than many people thought possibly could. this is the reason number has gone up in terms of electoral college votes, colorado we have seen enough on that and the decision has decided they will end up in the hillary clinton called by the end of the evening. this is not changed, still the decision in florida.
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1.four percentage point difference between trump and clinton but there are fewer and fewer of those left to be counted 95% of the uncounted so far. this will be tough for hillary clinton to pull this out given the reduce the number of votes to be counted in that state. a republican state that was but now it appears it will continue to be republican state as donald trump has a four points lead their. ohio has been declared that donald trump will win. that is the steel with feel the trout -- 18 electoral votes. he takes that from the democrats and that is a surprise for some of the democratic side.
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this is certainly a surprise michigan still a lot of votes to be counted not even the halfway point but and a lot of those votes around the immediate teacher raped area have not been counted which is usually a democratic but on tonight like this to nose with usual is. with donald trump in the lead in michigan. wisconsin once again he has the lead, but it is still the 0e did nonetheless. there's still a lot to be determined in the battleground states and whoever captures those may well end up being the next president of the united states. now you saw earlier a party at the u.s. embassy earlier in that evening that was the
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mood of the party. and we can't hear a few stories about that. >> >> there was a little bit of energy but as the tide shifted as donald trump took more of a commanding position it got pretty quiet at one point there was 200 people there, so there is a sense of anxiety in this room. only to members when we saw the finance minister as they started to pick up more steam. teachers are dropping dramatically by hundreds of points.
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and then what the politicians were invited but that there could be some financial instability that the economy is tad predicted the deere rigby some instability moving forward no matter what happens. >> [inaudible conversations] >> what happened from that point to circle around the room does he have anything to say? about what could have been financially and then to be
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ushered out of the room. and what day could expect and how this could impact the canadian economy. one thing now one-two mess -- mention if they had any formal office pool fifth half but nobody baton donald trump. when it was just arranged how much she would win by. and nobody expected it to go this way.
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>> and the finance ministers want to be careful of what they say it any particular time and tonight he did not want to be trapped he will be under pressure to say things as will others. but they warned us just a little while ago to go down hundreds of points down 1.6% and now maybe more than that. but in fact,. >> before we get to the of markets with people across the country and beyond what is happening tonight? releasing the data from the exit polls, look at ohio.
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482 percent of voters in ohio identified change as the main driver of their vote. changes in terms of the economy. that is the most important issue in that state if they were optimistic they are likely to vote for hillary clinton unfortunately for the democrats the vast majority are far from optimistic and that the democrats can rely on the blue-collar workers like ohio but not tonight. this is a group of people that obama did well with but that the union families are not voting for the democrats at least not in the rust belt states so the economy could be driving to the extent that the bloomberg
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financial analyst released tonight this this example of brexit 2.o. a short while ago that suggesting brexit is happening again showing a the uncertainty right now for the delay surprises bill we are in the midst of that. >> we sure are berkowitz not over until it's over and that is correct but let's get it this way if you add at paul the state's the battleground states at the moment and the others use
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expected to win that is a dangerous assumption to make. he down the path but doesn't look like what people are projecting. pdf those are just assumptions and in so many of those and competitive in virginia. with those public opinion polls. but this was not a path people thought even was available to him.
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so tonight we see that it will be very difficult if it continues we will know exactly what went wrong'' >> bay are excited at trump headquarters not so much around clinton. with their all setup. and they may still have things turnaround. >> it is intense and gloomy and the gis program videos. [inaudible conversations] unwelcome -- all of the speeches are falling flat. nobody is dancing to the
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music. those summer standing in the crowd that they were very surprised that this was happening. that they were planning on voting for donald trump. it is so hard to understand because we are yorkers. standing in the elevator diverse city build a get said that the other half of the country voted for donald trump. one of the biggest problems regardless is we are learning how big of a divide this it is on opposite sides >> we will find out in the next little while.
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270 mi be is a breach with donald trump. >> diane m. a teacher all students to go to quality schools. and to have the opportunity to graduate with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.
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this state of florida is called for donald trump that he has captured the 29 electoral votes take a look at facebook reelected to the senate in colorado want and
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retaining the senate. stowing uh conversations around the country 53 percent of the conversation is about donald trump. looking at montana. fifty-three%. nevada about the same percentage. into night off with the third-party candidate we will wait and see what happens. all of the coverage and c-span radio these are the places to join in that conversation.
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now we will take you back to the canadian broadcasting corporation with our simulcast of their coverage of the american election. >> some sense of celebration at trump headquarters in florida. >> we are at the raucous party in miami with lots the supporters of donald trump. this part of florida is more democratically hedy but this team has been working very hard to reduce that democratic footprint in dade county and they may have had some success tonight. there is a big cheer a few minutes ago north carolina went to donald trump and what it is getting pretty
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noisy but they believe the support was a lot better than they were indicating. but the democrats in did think there was momentum on their side. [cheers and applause] they are fired up. i cannot hear you.
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>> clearly peeved how they are feeling at the headquarters it isn't officially over but it is starting to look like the possibilities of trump winning florida up. but of braces not finally decided but look at the numbers but things looking very good for donald trump. 120 way from hitting the 270. the polls are now closed throughout the country with the exception of alaska. wouldn't be something if it came down to alaska with the decision on the final vote count tonight? but the west coast states have all closed those will
11:01 pm
help hillary clinton but will it help enough? that will be determined on what finally happens in the battleground states like florida up. this is the of the discount they are celebrating already they expect he will win. will that significant mean change these numbers? or 1.four percentage point gap florida to ohio it is the big victory for donald trump and north carolina is one of the democrats were hoping to take but it does
11:02 pm
not appear that will happen he has a healthy 4.we did north carolina. michigan is a surprise. still quite a few votes to be counted it has tight end up considerably from the last time basically only one percentage point difference between trump and clinton. if he wins this state it will be tough before clinton to pull this out tonight. at the moment it is a 1.lead. next to wisconsin again he has the of lead just over three percentage points 10 electoral college votes at stake. in pennsylvania this is expected to go to the clinton team and at the moment she has the lead but it is less than two
11:03 pm
percentage points so there's plenty up for grabs. this will start to change with the west coast numbers but at the moment the between trump and clinton. there is the big picture story with trump in the of lead headed towards what obviously republicans feel is a likelihood of a victory . the markets are already assuming this is the direction with the big drop in the financial markets. we will keep polack and keep watching as they develop they have already declared california that is not a surprise but still expecting a big chunk of votes with
11:04 pm
the electoral college votes have been filed into the clinton column that puts her ahead. oregon will go democrat and so will washington up the west coast. idaho is trump that brings him up at 172 so now is much closer as the march begins to take shape. this is not over. the battleground states house day unfolds will determine who ends up winning. for. >> i am thinking about the term divided not here before the election but the
11:05 pm
facebook electorate. eight gets wonky all the sudden with these results. half of the state's if you look at the electors have of them compeled the electors to vote according to popular but the and there have don't they could be faceless to say no matter what they have done i cannot vote for that man or woman. so i keep thinking in the back of my head maybe to say i will not vote for hillary clinton no matter what. and how many others are doing a thinking the same thing but. >> the process of the unraveling. on the bright side to under
11:06 pm
27 years as a pretty good run for a republic. [laughter] but that russian penetration the man that may be a winning candidate. to cite to violence that they have not seen since the reconstruction era. he has not publish his tax returns but then you'll just trust the integrity.
11:07 pm
but these are the index funds. and then use them to enrich themselves. with the authoritarian regimes. one in russia and china because what better way to put money into his pocket. and is really impossible to be apprehensive. >> we will pick this up we have seen enough in north carolina to go to donald trump. now you have 191 clinton. 187 trump. north carolina was republican as a mitt romney beat obama but this will be a state to lock this supper
11:08 pm
early. she did not do that it has gone to the trump and the republicans. plummy put something else on the table. that some people feel on social media that what has happened tonight that people who will just not accept a woman in that job. >> on this the i have to disagree. that i could not possibly have a woman in this role. this is so much bigger. that this is literally white
11:09 pm
supremacy last and in america. this is what it looks like. this is a young boy with cerebral palsy to be brought to the front of the line. this is hatred add a level behalf not seen some to talk about if it was e-mail's. no. we overestimated how deep our hatred was of white uneducated americans of the demographic shift and we underestimated that insidious like hatred with the man who went around he stoked every fire and lit every bridge.
11:10 pm
and just opened the of floodgates. >> but what about his height approval rating in the two victories? but also against black people is prejudice is stronger than against women. but yet barack obamacare is surmount that. >> there is not that is the problem but other than that conversation or whether or not she used a server but not gerrymandering to can vote and who can and judging the supreme court to get to those acts. except what is facing us. we don't want to believe is
11:11 pm
true end tonight is telling us to start to plant the seeds back in 2007 and 2008 we watch them weasel their way into congress into the governorship. to have conversations about everything else. even just now we are having conversations he is talking about the of white working-class the they are left behind because the system is rigged. >> the president could rankle the incredible black vote i believe the rise of social media has the same effect for the disaffected white voter. to proliferate like bunnies.
11:12 pm
that the children of obama are kidnapped but at this point that has bentz said j. profound reality. and that same demographic typically a male white americans. and then all of a sudden all the way the black vote did. >> one of the obvious things of those options the fact that his presidency changed the whole conversation
11:13 pm
during the campaign did virginia post racial aspect that would never materialize that right from the beginning with that racial tension that all they became more apparent some of this hasted be a backlash. with a candidate not afraid to say things. but once he said them and people heard the man giving a license to repeat again what you saw was the snowball effect they never considered to be a part of this constituency. >> people are very excited
11:14 pm
about the first woman president so rather than digest what happened the woman president transgendered is us next frontier with the more cautious approach and then course corrected and that is how he won his third term. >> that i will give you obama and more. to be cautious about the first term and tried by executive order for good may have been too much from that backlash but unlike 2008 you were dealing with those who could have been capable.
11:15 pm
and then with bernie sanders breathing down your neck. that could be true although george w. bush faced that 1988 but the times a different. that course correction did not happen and. one of the things that was always true to be stylistically ecologists. and was a reassuring presence. then they would taper off. and then that was the third time which is the difficult time.
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it is not over yet. it would be difficult the 191 with clinton to has the lead in the category but the big battleground states seem to be lined up for donald trump. we have quite the story that has developed lately as we watched the needle go towards the possibility of the donald trump victory. >> that has taken off on twitter we will show you what that is. this is what has happened to the citizenship and immigration website. anyway it will show that the website has crashed and we find out why that has happened but one good
11:17 pm
impossibility people decided they would click to see if they could get into canada that is a running joke if there is a trump presidency. the day would want to felice to this country. and then even offering free patches of land. is that related? i don't know that would tell us something at this stage of the game. we were waiting for a declaration we aeronaut getting anything in that is the reality of where we are at. we may not get official reaction from the leaders tonight but what they are thinking about if there is trump presidency, was the
11:18 pm
rhetoric turned into policy? a lot of the cliff is to that end those that he chooses this is what they are thinking about tonight. they did not think that they would have to think about that. >> not to night but the phone lines are lit up to paris and berlin that is out of line for tomorrow. in terms of what they say to marco to the leaders of the free world of the united states and the next
11:19 pm
president if it turns out to be donald trump. merit is an advertisement in one of the tampa and newspapers today by real-estate firm they were thinking ahead that says if you are planning to move to canada we can sell your house and here's our number. perhaps that is why the site has crashed. it was a joke for some people but perhaps it is not any longer. uc the numbers have changed a little bit into the clinton won favor we will show you the result in or again it is not a surprise but is expected looking at the west coast. california organ that is
11:20 pm
delivering for the democrats the that is not the eastern half of the united states but that is causing all this discussion now if not the likelihood of the donald trump presidency people thought the possibility or the likelihood that that was unlikely at best. everybody saw the joke's on line i also negative to be
11:21 pm
whispering at this point. although i don't suspect at this point i know that there is a trump party and i know that because every time the cnn flashes that they go crazy because that is the only sound brcs hearing at the moment. so what with the cabinet look like? so what borne with the president duplex it is not part of that transition discussion to write an
11:22 pm
article about a mitt romney said he would not do it. and leading that to chris christie the head of the transition team. that there are for rudy guiliani with the secretary of state also those looking at the donald trump family he keeps them close with donald trump, jr., he brought in the other children with they be left to manage? and coming from the private sector with eight traub was presidency some ceos could takes on big positions like
11:23 pm
secretary of interior there is some talk to take a charge of that. isn't just uh democrats with their have their sleeves rolled up so well with the cabinet look like? >> guess. is specially the names that you have mentioned so far uphold. >> mentioning if he becomes president someone with no political experience to run for office before or the first time ever or serving
11:24 pm
in the u.s. military would rise to the presidency and he would be the oldest president ever starting at 70. if he ends up winning this fight. this states are still to be determined. and what happens with them will determine. this really has not changed at all. 1.five percentage point before donald trump and in florida with very few left to be counted but still not to the point but this could
11:25 pm
be critical to the overall story if clinton can make up the difference and she has made that quite a bit in the last hour as the votes in the detroit area are tabulated that makes a big difference in terms of the michigan vote. trump needs this to get to hundred 70 clinton can stop him. michigan is keep. wisconsin just leading all electoral votes but 10 could make a big difference of the with the three-point gap but with pennsylvania starting
11:26 pm
to open up of a touch for clinton still dangerously tight. going back to florida restart with the focus their with the hopes that they could make a breakthrough. they're making it but it is not over yet. the trump party has been going on what to our you hearing now or what can you hear greg. >> it has been a pretty long night but they are waiting for the official declaration that he has taken the battleground state. julio martinez is the
11:27 pm
director of the of miami dade efforts i spoke to him a few days ago are you surprised at the success so far. >> we were afraid of wrongdoing in the campaign we knew that for the campaign i don't think anything has gone wrong. hoping that people are happy with their vote. >> we are in democratic party of florida, they contributed to the strength quick. >> it is hard for dade county to win so our job here is to get as many votes as possible to add to the of
11:28 pm
best of the state. >> q. are a lifelong republican many people say that he insulted the hispanics what you think it? we making did not insult anyone he wants people to come to the country not only hispanics. >> did you lose some of the hispanics? >> i have no idea. he does not hate the latins' he does doesn't want people coming into our country illegally. no country wants this. we want them to come of legally.
11:29 pm
>> you told me on sunday you recognize teammates the mistakes in his campaign. wide use think people for gave them? >> because he loves his country between a person that is not a politician that can bring better jobs to the country. >> thank-you very much we will wait and see. . .
11:30 pm
>> he holds onto utah in the electoral college votes, six of them were at stake there. nevada. nevada is one that there's been a lot of talk about lately. here hillary clinton is doing well. also once again again six votes at stake here. she has got a seven or eight-point lead in nevada. is that going to make a difference overall, we'll get to the math crunching time in a minute with a panel. panel. i want to check in with lindsay at the clinton headquarters in new york. where we're supposed to be a big party tonight. maybe there will still be one more about a lot of things have to happen in their favor in the next while. the mood at this hour? >> you're talking talking about
11:31 pm
the math, is just crunching the numbers said you looking at a think 24040 electoral votes on that is not what this crowd was expecting. they were expecting to be partying right now. just over my shoulder there actually people sitting on the floor wrapping themselves up in their coats unable to even stand up and look at the news coming at them. i haven't seen any of the entertainers, the pop stars that were expecting to be part of this extravaganza all happening underneath the glass ceiling. certainly the mood here is gloomy. it may be a bit desperate at this moment. >> thank you. we'll keep an eye on that be back. one that we have been waiting for since the minute we signed on, that is florida. it is going into the donald trump column. that shows you with 222 electoral college votes for donald trump.
11:32 pm
hundred 98 for hillary clinton. the math continues to not work in her favor. let's go. let's go back to ashley david and danielle on this one. it is awfully hard to come up with a scenario now where she win. >> those are three big axes. north carolina gone. florida, gone. ohio, gone. >> wisconsin is also gone. >> she had to keep her blue wall. she had to keep pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. pennsylvania's looking good. michigan and wisconsin not so good. but she had to add one of those had to add one of those three and they are all three gone. it's looking dire for her. >> will continue to have a conversation about it. she will get somewhere over the 200 mark and then we will stall. this is a wrap. we had states that should have never been in play that are in play.
11:33 pm
we had michigan and play. what happened in michigan today? we had wisconsin, we're, we're talking earlier about labor unions and we said this has always been a stronghold. as a matter fact this is an area where republican governor took away your right to unionize. so you would think those folks would come in and the blue column and they didn't. we are looking at this map and this is like obama opposite. in 2012 we are looking at the polls and we saw mitt romney and all of the polls said that mitt romney was five points ahead of barack obama and they said he's right there. all of a sudden election day comes and it was a landslide for obama. and i said then come i said you know what, you can't really
11:34 pm
trust to polls. and people said you can't say that. yes you can. polls are determined by the questions you ask, how you ask the questions, how they're worded, we are talking to, worded, you're talking to, and where you're talking from. nobody breaks down the demographics of their talk into or where there talking to the people. so you never get a real understanding of where we are as a country. what we thought to be true though two weeks ago when we saw that video being leaked, the "access hollywood" video with billy bush on their and we saw said, trump is done. white evangelical white evangelical women, leaders and their church were breaking with the rest of the church saying we cannot vote for this man. how can you be, how can you call yourself an evangelical vote for this man. how is that possible? possible? and here we are. these conservatives who have said, we have talked about the
11:35 pm
bible belt and where these people are. we had that conversation. that video was taped. we wanted to call it locker room talk. it was sexual assault. you people talking about in the bible else about conservativism, family values, this man has been married three times, five kids by three different women but we don't have that conversation. tell me, if barack obama had three different wives, had five kids with three different women what conservatives would've said. but this is the man they're backing. we know that america's religious values and morals is also nonsense. much like the polls. >> if a donald trump presidency happens what happens in the next two years is very astonishing. it's a short run for the republicans, their be very radical and then they'll be a reckoning in 2018. i don't think this is a good day for american democracy. i don't think. i don't think this is the last american election. >> that's good to know.
11:36 pm
>> but, will have a massive tax cut, almost certainly. >> if he delivers on his promises. >> was going to happen is the contention is going to be there's now a republican house and senate it looks like. highly. highly ideological. speaker ryan who has made various kinds of accommodations for donald trump doesn't like him as a human being but he has a big program queued up and ready to go. donald trump has ideas about public life but not that many. donald trump will be ready to sign, the tax cut is coming. his tax cut during the campaign is bigger than paul ryan had ever thought of. there will be immigration enforcement, they'll be something called the wall, maybe it will be more electronic. by the way, it does look like obama care which look like it was here to say that gets ripped apart.
11:37 pm
most of the action and obama care was to the expansion of the medicaid program. it is crated by lyndon johnson in the 60s and provided coverage to poor people. about half the people who gained coverage under obama care gain expansion of medicaid. but states did not have to dissipate in that part if they don't want to. many republican states did not. that makes it quite easy to rollback that part of obama care. medicare will be rollback a lot of people will lose that coverage. i think it will not last, i think democrats will good your 2018 but a lot will happen before they do. >> 2018 seems long way away tonight. let's keep this going. i want to update you on a couple things. no surprise, we have a decision
11:38 pm
in washington state which is gone for hillary clinton, the final of the three pacific coast states going for clinton. 210. now daniel you are talking about the number of her to get stuck at. 228 for trump and marching. iowa has gone for trump. another one of those states. i mean he filled the inside straight camera all these talking about the impossible poker hand, he got it. all of these things. he has delivered on. going right back to come i want to go to trump headquarters where paul hunter is standing by. >> i don't know if you can see but little by little over the last hour they started to plot the red make america great hats again. the interesting thing about the mood here and there's been lots
11:39 pm
of cheers as you can imagine state-by-state it's not so much joy says that is i don't mean to infer. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] they would show scenes from -- [inaudible] if trump were to lose given all of this thing that of the election is rigged. and with his reporters how they react with their be a revolution. while certainly this is a weird reverse of that, they are winning but -- i don't want to say that their gloating but it's
11:40 pm
unusual feeling here. it's not other happiness. when i hear them chance it locker up its a little unsettling. i'm overstating it that way but it's a funny feeling here. >> a strange one i'm sure it is. that is a chance that have been a regular daily event at trump rallies. who's to say won't begin tonight when he arrives. if if there's one thing that we likely know for sure is that he will be speaking tonight if in fact he winds up the winner on the evening. i don't imagine he's going to be calling it a rigged election if in fact he ends up the winner tonight and is standing there. we all sort of talked about what speech a trump might give a few loss. now it becomes what kind of
11:41 pm
speech will clinton give if she loses. this can be a lot of questions about what she ends up saying. before i get there while actually just before i do that i want to go back to vancouver. he's been keeping track, we'll get back to him. here's my question, it's not really question may be a statement play off of. this is a guy, donald trump who has run a campaign all by himself. didn't have circuits circuits out there other than the vice presidential candidate who he barely recognize, really said anything to, they look they look like strangers every time they met. he had a very small group of advisers and it's unclear what direction he took from them. he clearly seems to be going into his office owing nobody
11:42 pm
anything. he can make his own pattern of how to move forward. >> yes. and he's one that accepts none of the usual ethical constraints. no one knows what his business interests are. he is not actually meant legally bound by conflict of interest laws. it would be breaking the law of he self-enrichment you can't take bribes but what the bribe? if malaysia suddenly discovers a need for trump branded properties is that a bride? it would be hard to prove. is going to have a united republican party that is unhappily many people don't like him as an individual but they will call us around him in pursuit of goals that this is a once in a generation moment for them. he also is impulsive, erratic,
11:43 pm
he doesn't trust anyone outside of his own family. he has a a vindictive streak a mile wide. it is going to be a euphoric early moment and then when things begin to go wrong as they always do, i don't inc. he has resources to cope with that. >> there's a referendum on american institution, the media, form policy, our alliances around the world, banking and finance, but ultimately you don't -- in the united states there's a lot of protections built in. i think we are all sort of, to quote henny penny the skies falling, there there will be some of that but ultimately let's not also forget he doesn't always deliver on things that he tells be blake paying people
11:44 pm
things that he has promised, i don't think we are going to have goose-stepping soldiers rounding up people. >> but let's talk about some of the things he actually did say that i do believe based on who is cabinet is right now. he talks about in the second debate about stop and frisk. that stop and frisk is a fantastic law and it's going to become the law of the lamb. stop and frisk, if everyone knew what just has a google that it was warranted unconstitutional, right. we have black men, women and children who are literally being shot dead on the street without just cause and without any justice in sight. you have rudy giuliani who is one of his biggest champions who you know is going to be in his cabinets in one way or the
11:45 pm
other. is he going to be attorney general, this is a man that says he cleaned up new york city in what he did was put homeless people in jail. what he did was lock up more black and brown people so you want to talk about what this look like where we could go by 2018, i don't know for gonna get there. where if trump didn't get president were all these unhappy men go let's start to think about what happens with the trumpet presidency. >> let me refine something you just said. stop and and frisk was unconstitutional. the very first thing he will do is bring a justice to the supreme court and then a lot of things that were made on constitution may be constitutional again. that will be an early order business. i wish i could be as optimistic. one of the things i've learned is that institutions are just people.
11:46 pm
if people are in the -- of the opportunity to achieve goals and they have the moment of power, they act on that power. president obama did in 2009 and the republicans would feel very justified in doing everything he did and then some. >> okay. and now we'll get back to this in a moment. thus goat a bit vancouver. but he had first? >> i've been waiting through tweets, lots and lots of tweets. you can imagine a lot of people posting the reaction and comments to what is going on. wasn't sure where to on. wasn't sure where to start her in. let me give you half-dozen will start with the actor james -- he said i've seen this horror movie already, election night, brexit. next some people might remember him from parks and recreation. nothing funny about his tweet, dear america passions will run
11:47 pm
high tonight, please take the high road and embrace your fellow citizens no matter what the outcome. andy mac is an ardent and prolific trump supporter on twitter. she says get ready hillary, you have the right to remain silent. anything you can it and say will be used against you in a court of law. of course we know all those people who chanted lock her up at the trump rally's and trump saying that he would appoint a special prosecutor. you wonder is your panel was discussing what sort of thing trump said if you follow through on if jason carter, the grandson said hillary might still win but a lot of people don't live in the country they thought they lived in canada not show the next thing stance for an election night. i note rosemary talked about about the immigration site
11:48 pm
shutting down will finish with ben schwartz the actors visit it crashed around 8:00 p.m. # election night. so the tweets keep getting posted. i know the result is not certain yet. but a but a lot of reactions rolling in. >> it sure is. let's see how closer we are to the overall result. we have had another decision made, georgia which was actually interesting to make this decision. georgia was upper publican state and is again after tonight. the clinton clinton democrats gave it a run. even though she didn't stop in there in the last week or so would it look like the republicans were even saying we
11:49 pm
may have a problem in georgia. anyway, it went through hours of counting and the decision is for donald trump. he is at 244, 270 is the number he needs. clinton is stuck at 210. if you add up all of the states where trump is leading right now , decision still not made, the count is still on in many of the states, but, but if you had them all up in trump's column he ends up at 285. so that is the basis for a lot of the discussion surrounding the issue that the likelihood actually that donald trump is going to be the 45th president of the united states. after tonight there'll be calling him president elected, not determined yet but that's the thinking behind it. that space on the decisions that still need to be made. we haven't checked in with stephen for a while in times square. let's go there now. what he out there?
11:50 pm
>> we have as few trump supporters who are in the crowd but the one source smiling right now, this is thomas. did you ever think you're seeing you thought you'd see these numbers? >> to be honest i thought these this election would be rigged and a lot of states of be going to clinton. >> brian what you think about the results? >> i was expecting to have a long night tonight and even longer morning. these results and right now we just need to flip one more state and i couldn't be more excited. >> did you ever imagine trump would be this close? >> well sometimes i did and i have to admit the last week was a tough week for me. i didn't think with all of the news in the polls in the showing right now that the polls were not accurate. >> what is it about donald trump
11:51 pm
that made you choose him over hillary clinton. >> first off i should say i'm from is converse islam and i voted for trump is a muslim because i believe him doing things like ending the johnson amendment will allow religious leaders to speak freely in this country and i think is important especially for muslims in america. if he takes a hard stance against isis he will put a stop to terrorism and people will stop giving islam a bad name. i also voted for him because the trade deal he wants to make putting america first. and enabling us to have opportunity for the next generation. i don't hear clinton and other leaders talking about it. >> what was that about trumpet you voted for him. >> he was truly an outsider. he was going to redo or trade deals. the businessmen that have made billions of dollars, they are going to be the one sitting on the other side of the table, not a politician. let's face it they don't how to negotiate. >> what about the controversy and the sexual assault
11:52 pm
allegation, what about the controversy that he's immoral? >> his words were bad but i think it was all fabricated with the women coming up especially with a 13-year-old that was definitely fabricated, that's, that's been proven through the wikileaks e-mails as well. you have the lies out there that hillary has put forward which have been proven, everybody knows it. i can't believe there believe there's not people in america who would turn their head to that. >> same question for you. so many controversies around donald trump. he wanted to ban muslims from coming in america and here you are muslim voting for them. >> he's right on the money when he says that we have to see what's going on with the countries and if you're coming from syria and pakistan come i
11:53 pm
would like to see people coming from those countries but we have to ask setup a good system to be able to make sure i was going to let people who love this country to country. >> thank you very much gentleman. we'll be watching closely as the math continues and the numbers keep popping up on this screen. >> thank you stephen. lindsay is at the clinton headquarters. she has had a chance to talk to a few people on the clinton team. not to happy right now. >> it's interesting on the big screen right here they were doing an analysis of what went wrong with hillary clinton's campaign. her campaign was to focus against donald trump. this place and rubbed it in booze with that kind of criticism. but there's a lot of thing the democrats have to come to grips with. they talked talked a lot about hillary clinton being
11:54 pm
unlikable, but a real part of what happened here is that people don't relate to hillary clinton. that something that is come back to her time as first lady when she was trying to get the healthcare law plast. this is someone who had endured many investigations in her husband's presidency and i think the result of that -- the hillary clinton they saw at the rally, campaign trails in many cases didn't connect. the other thing that is true is america's one change and what she represents is a continuation of brock obama's presidency. i want to know what the obama's are talking about as they watch these results tonight. click in all of this what barack obama has tried to do including
11:55 pm
obama care and will the senate be controlled by republicans. there's a number of executive action such as -- cold powered power plants, the whole climate change plan is something as a canadian government is interested in cooperating with. that's something president obama pushed through and where to sense it now? >> there's so many things that you know start to reframe in your mind in terms of what's gonna happen on certain issues now in the relationship between canada and the united states. also in the relationship between the united states government and americans as david pointed out you now know you can get a certain kind of supreme court
11:56 pm
justice as the ninth one. the. the impact that can have on a lot of a lot of different things. there's a lot to consider now as we march toward 270 for donald trump. trump. he said 244 right now. keith is back with us again, were you thinking at this point? >> so many different things. looking back at the campaign and looking for to what comes next. picking up on what lindsay said they're saying that she had been twisted voted meaning the trump campaign had been clever enough to attack her strength not her weaknesses, to attack attack hers time in washington, think that's interesting point. i'm not sure the likability
11:57 pm
thing is really consistent argument against her but i think some of those things may have been effective. there is a little bit of a discussion about fbi director james coming whether he's responsible for this. i'm not sure you can make the case but i would still would still be surprised if he's in his job by christmas. >> what led to this is something i think we don't really understand. we have a sling made a lot of assumptions about the election result. we now see those are wrong. we made assumptions about the electorate as well. a very curious to know, did they find those extra white voters? the missing white voters we talked about for the last 18 months and asked whether they really existed. or was there broader constituency, broader ethnic there broader constituency, broader ethnic constituency for donald trump than anybody care to admit. maybe none of that is true. maybe it will look like will be able to reverse engineer. there is still a chance that hillary clinton wins the popular vote. i don't know what that means in terms of how people feel about the government they have just elected. very curious to know what the
11:58 pm
working relationship is between a republican congress and donald trump. donald trump is not republican, not at the beginning and not at the end of it. this is. this is his party now, his brand. any hopes that the party would be rebuilt under the embers of the destruction wrought by donald trump in the selection are gone. i don't know what the future looks like for a two-party system in america. >> two years down the road, if i remember right the only important republican national security official, the person is served in the senior republican position to endorse donald trump was that donald rumsfeld. otherwise otherwise it was a total shutout. meanwhile the person he is talked about it is preferred secretary of defense, general michael flynn, he can't be secretary of defense he have to be out of uniform for seven years but that law could be changed.
11:59 pm
flynn was the guest of honor at the anniversary dinner of vladimir putin's on tv. he sat sat at putin's table. so she got is, so many -- are out the window. from the canadian point of view, canadians it will surely be taking up positions to defend as part of the nato commitment to defend the baltic republicans. germans are going to lithuania, -- >> donald trump talks about those things what happens to nato? >> were coming up at the top. will be back in a moment. >> .. . .
12:00 am
you saw a moment ago they were in tears at the clinton headquarters. it isn't over but it's all but over. here is the results map as we look at it. 244 so far. some have flipped and when the


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