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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 9, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EST

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you saw a moment ago they were in tears at the clinton headquarters. it isn't over but it's all but over. here is the results map as we look at it. 244 so far. some have flipped and when the other way.
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they went republican. a few battlegrounds are still outstanding but here are the two were three that are still at play started with wisconsin. the numbers with accounting still going on show the four-point lead for donald tru trump. here he still has a lead, 1.5 points now. 16 electoral college votes. that would bring them to 270. pennsylvania is next. less than one percentage point but if the other two go republican it doesn't really matter. pennsylvania and a the democratc column at the moment.
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nevada which had been looked at all along as slightly over a five-point lead and arizona dot happening here so far without a 3.5 lead for donald trump and arizona. let's take a look at the total votes cast so far. here is new hampshire. another vote is expected to be for the democrats, donald trump is in the lead in new hampshire. very tight, one percentage point. 48.3, 47.2 for clinton.
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one percentage points between the two but what a difference so far it this evening. quinten may end up with a higher total but she wouldn't b that se higher and the electoral. let's go back to the panel. we are going to see speeches tonight.
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is she the one that reaches out and says that it was a tough race? >> if that is the case, i'm going to be sorely disappointed. our democracy has been flipped on its head. that was the law bu that it coud be changed. i married my wife six years and donald trump said that he would overturn marriage rights in the united states. there was so much on the ballot it was more than hillary clinton
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and there was a push back that said i guess i'm with her because no one was that excited about her. if she comes out tonight and says whoa is me, we thought a goofought agood fight, that is e the most bogus thing she could ever say. i would rather hillary clinton stand up and say i'm disappointed, gravely disappointed in america right now. today we voted to turn the clock back so we go home and we are upset and agreed.
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i would rather her say that because i would have much more respect if she had spoken her truth and everybody cheering donald trump for. >> i imagine she will say a lot of those things. i had a lot of friends at those parties everyone contest about and they always assume that hillary clinton would win. bill clinton collected since leaving office a a quarter of a billion dollars, that money would never have been given to him if he were not the spouse of
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a likely next president and the democrats know that as well as republicans. they pretend it's not a problem but they didn't like it and that was one of the themes of bernie sanders campaign. i think she will say these things and the fight continues. it will be within minutes if we had somebody that wasn't in his brain may be what's about to happen to america what didn't happen. i am a man of impeccable character and high ethics. to see his likelihood dismantled
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what does he think about that. >> here's the problem i'v i had through this entire election. does hillary clinton have shortcomings and absolute plate. she's been in the political game over 30 years but the fact is donald trump is a morally short. it's incredible to me you can cd have a man stand up on video talking about sexually assaulting women have the first day talk about mexicans and muslims and how they need to be checked into building a wall and then we can turn around and say that the clintons are corrupt. >> when she gives her speech .
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they are part to blame for this as well. this is the list that i've compiled over about four hours. a year and a half covering the campaign i began to forget the career ending moments of donald trump. so i sat down and i compiled a list. it's three full pages of single space, e.g. different moments that are as significant as hillary clinton's e-mails, whatever that meant. they are as significant as the clinton foundation and ultimately that's not what
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people care about. they wanted change. they wanted the swamp drained and they didn't care if it was a sexist racist, any other description you want come it didn't matter who it was as long as he was exciting and committed and had a marking brand and you know who else had that same brand, hitler. we can tiptoe around at all we want. he was on the cover of home and garden, "the new york times" style section. they said he's a lovely man. >> . that is the analogy.
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he wrecked the italian party system and plunged italy into an economic crisis that still hasn't recovered from and also even though one of the most important countries in the eu because of his own weaknesses he was able to stand up . never able to stand up to the germans of which italy is . anyway, that's enough on this. i want to know what ted cruz and jeb bush and john kasich is doing tonight and the conversations they are having. >> does the establishment now called the less
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>> it's predictable who will start sucking up to him. this administration will be a series of crisis and it will run into trouble and somebody, donald trump won't change. there won't be a massive wall in four years and people that were promised and energized and divided by those things will be angry. >> and there will be scandals. if he's telling the truth that he is being audited, will he still be in three months time. if they suddenly say the audit
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is finished. >> of the scenario from earlier, for the nuclear codes he doesn't have to consult one person, period. >> i want to pick up on a couple of things including that list that you had. let's lighten the tone. they are saying it is 1:30 and i want to go to bed but that's luck othat lookon your face say. what are you thinking? >> i come back and trump is going to be president.
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[laughter] all of a sudden. and all you're doing is encouraging in a couple of yea years. i'm going to blame you for this and i think what is amazing is that there's going to be a donald trump robot and i think it will be like this all i'm saying is it's a small world, the mexican ride should go, i don't like it.
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we can take control. >> i get blamed for everything else around here. he's raised the question if there is any silver lining at all. >> it's just about one mind you. the keystone pipeline the previous government fought so hard about, donald trump
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previously said he would be interested in putting it in place although he put a caviar and that he would like profits from keystone. that is one thing that would be easier bu but there will be this that are problematic. climate change, the talks are under way. they've been working closely with the obama administration and that is probably no longer going to happen if perhaps donald trump could be talked out of it. he's talked much more aggressively how he doesn't want to pick up the voting sharing
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and canada is one of those. he talked about how it would itd have to work differently with the analyze. it's one thing where there would be a silver lining at the if the problem is almost everything else but governments would be misaligned into wha and it woult from the outlook. justin pushed back hard on some oof the things we had seen donad trump push for. it's important to understand the
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benefit of trade pupils and globalization to make sure people that feel disenfranchised have a place to go. he's made it his mission when he goes to the g. 20 meetings to reiterate that message. it is exactly the opposite. no need to talk about the benefit of these things. there aren't any. so how d do these two even stara conversation? it's very unclear to me. >> that is a long list. producing this list of things that are likely to change. the impact of the decision tonight that appears to be headed towards a donald trump presidency is significant and wide ranging on a lot of different fronts.
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we want to look at two different aspects and it's not just the presidency at stake it's also the house of representatives and the senate with decisions being made by the americans in terms of the way the government operates. what kind of congress will he have to deal with, perhaps not a difficult one. there are still some decisions to be made on the 100 senate seats tonight, but it appears at the moment that the republicans if there is a president trump that means vice president was a tie if it is a 50/50 senate so that is a look at the senate that is developing.
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now in the house of representatives where the republicans had a big lead and still appear to, the republicans have almost half already. the overall vote share that have been counted show wit showed the percentage point lead for trump over clinton. as you can see there are still states to be declared tonight. let's have a look at some of the states that will make the decision. michigan was a democratic state and right now it is less than half a percentage point between trump and clinton.
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for michigan we go to wisconsin. another one where the republicans seem to be about to knock off hillary clinton. pennsylvania with how close that is, 48.3 to 48.2, trump still ahead in pennsylvania. very close. it may not make any difference at this point but you never know as the final count is taking place in a number of states. let's go back outside the white house. have they thrown you off the lawn yet? >> remember what i said before about the whispering, forget it. it's changed because the crowd that was quiet as church mice
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are awake and pretty angry and we were not sure who they were but we started to hear them yell black lives matter very loudly and lock him up. then it started to change. you can't get out of the gate. we will shortly. now we are hearing lock her up. so we have a confluence of people also seeing secret service at the gate and a lot more weaponry, nothing unusual but a lot more wandering around now. all things considered, it is called murder than you might
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expect . more calm than you might expect. i don't know if you can pick it up on the microphone but the crowd of 250 to 300 is maybe building a little bit. >> we can hear it in the background. you go back and remember the night barack obama won his first election and the celebratory mood of dancing in the streets and cheering. it sounds like a different the theme. i am not convinced i'm going to
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get kissed when i go out there. there. at the tempers are pretty high but you have to wonder what is president obama thinking. he made it clear the last couple of days and i know discussing this would be an insult to his legacy but you have to wonder what he's thinking to hear things like that being shouted at the gates after what happened eight years ago when he came into office. most of his work is a work in progress and he's risked losing the nuclear deal, obamacare if there is every likelihood those will just fade and that is and what he wants to see happen and i don't think that this discourse even though it is just verbal of the moment is what he wants to see. >> as moment ago it's more than
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just an insult to the legacy is the beginning of the mishandling of his legacy. there is a lot that others have campaigned against. tonight it appears the control of congress as well and given that we have to deliver on those promises and have the ability to do it. >> it's a night of contrast between tonight and 2008. i was in seattle and remember
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that scenes of the swagger without the alcohol and another contrast tonight between what is happening tonight and what happened the night of brexit during the surprising result and that's what continues to happen. a parallel in the move on the market the only notable difference is that the mexican peso plummeted tonight a as the u.s. dollar isn't doing very well. four to 5% the market is about
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to open up and it's down 4.66 and they've been in the midst of their training days. the peso is getting worse. we are linked through trade with the united states and tonight the canadian dollar is down 1.75% compared to the u.s. dollar that we are at. it will be interesting to see what happens when the trading day begins in europe and we are very close to that.
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>> a lot has been set u said tht through the campaign using the term words matter. sort of abandoning any responsibilities of the words. well, tonight he has to start being responsible for his words in a whole different way if he's going to be the next leader in the united states people will be listening to what he says. [laughter] >> it's been almost two years.
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he won the white house under the most insane rhetoric we have ever heard come out of the mouth of a presidential candidate. why in gods name would he stop now. >> because now he can take meaningful revenge. he is not going to be responsible because now he can take meaningful revenge. >> whenever he feels humiliated and defeated, whenever he feels criticized key will now be able to. the attorney general in control of the cia and the nsa.
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he is going to come out here before the country and the wor world. there will be people whispering in his ear it's kind of important what you say here we have the dollars taking a dive and a lot of people that are going to get burned. i've spoken to several people who work there because you don't
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question what donald trump says. there are very few people who are like that. people like to think that he listens to his advisors and makes all these deals. he does not come he listens to his children. from the reports first-hand, he berates those that make mistakes or question his judgment and he has a long memory and continues to do it for a long time. i'm one of them by the way that a dressing down i was so brutal i had to report it to cnn. he is violent with his words and his physicality. he di didn't hurt me but he camt me. this is a person you are afraid to be around because he runs your life and most of them around him. >> can you tell more of what happened? was the same studio? >> after an interview.
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i haven't used the language because we can't, but he didn't like the question i asked about the mitt romney endorsement that he'd given and mitt romney sort of looked so uncomfortable but needed it and when i asked him about it, he just shut down and got angry, he walked off and waited for the doors to close, the microphone microphone off ae camera is a safe distance away before he is done on his heel against me and unleashed a barrage of about 20 minutes of the most viable language of the worst criticism of my television career and before that he said i was the greatest reporter to ever live until i asked that question but i thought i saw firsthand the vitriolic and anger and volatility of this person that can turn on a dime. i don't think there's going to be those people in the white house that are cautioning him.
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>> the kind of people he's hired in the campaign, they are the dummies and the people that are themselves that have the same impulse issues that he does. yes, there's also impulse control issues as you know. the idea that maybe when they get in trouble it will be different but one of the questions i think a lot of people are going to be wondering about is goes to work for him
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america will need an ambassador and the generals and people to do the work in government to understand it has to be done. there's all these people that want those jobs. >> we understand there will not be people of character. they are going to be the fall in line crowd which is the type of people you don't want working in the white house. trump talked about building a wall. i'm not going to be surprised to see what kind of wall the world protects against what can possibly be unleashed. before i came here i sit it's so
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fascinating how interesting everybody is in american politics. so for me it's interesting obviously because it has an immediate effect. so now all of these other countries, all these other places that looked to america to say what should we do, we will support you, they are going to wall themselves off because we are now and unknown where there's too many shifting places. america was once on firm ground to stand whether or not you disagree with george bush or mitt romney or any others, i never thought they were incredibly dangerous. >> the websites crashed. >> a lot of hollywood actors
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said they were moving van but if you say there won't be people of character, i've worked with many who have different political ideologies and support donald trump. he is a delightful person. the harvard law graduate, delightful person, tremendous character. >> not the brainiest. >> there are different categories. >> but there are those i do think that have character. hold on second. i want to update on a couple of
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situations. nevada we've got the results, the final decision it has gone to the democrats and hillary clinton wins nevada which bumps for total up. she's up to 21 16 and a donald trump still at 244. i want to show new hampshire because it depends up coming down to the final six votes to decide this, this is like it doesn't get much closer than this. those are the percentage titles. it's actually only 20 votes separating donald trump and clinton in new hampshire. i don't think it comes down to the four electoral votes in new hampshire. it will come down to that in the florida situation from back in
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2000 in terms of asking for a recount and looking at. it'll finally decide this trump is leading in most state and the total of the push past 270. >> i wanted to show you something from earlier and that is this online group that engaged where canadians have different policy issues.
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u.s. relations and trade overwhelmingly were concerned about it particularly the issues of trade foissueof trade for ths that he suggested. let me put this in context there are people asking me trump can't just come in and be president and do whatever he wants. i think that is indeed what everyone is hoping as well that there will be some people around him that well remind him we are their biggest trading partner and customer and their benefits to havinthere arebenefits to had relationship with canada.
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former ambassadors last week they all seem to think that there would be enough people around to convince him to pull back on some of these things. i'm not sure where they are getting the hope that would havt happened other than knowing sometimes saying things in a campaign and giving them and governing are quite different but they are hoping some of that stuff will be pulled back if you have to do it in a practical way because i'm sure david can talk to this because there would be lots of republicans who would want to stop them from doing some of the things he suggested he wanted to do so that is where their concerns were at. >> i don't know i if people are listening but i tried to suggest that avenue and i got severely
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beaten up for suggesting he would listen to anyone, a voice of reason on any of these thin things. you were there when he took place and . obama i forgot his name already. it's hard to imagine what those specifics would be like to get their. if history prevails.
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we could see that meeting in the next year. it's hard to imagine those two people hitting it off because they are so different on policy issues and temperament into the kind of positioning on a lot of issues. >> a lot of times whether it be the state visits the perception is that in some way he was passing the progressive torch and that he would sort of take that up in the world and it's something he embraced to preach a lot of the same things obama preached.
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on every issue you more important stylistically they are very different and about 30 years apart. justin wants to be out meeting all people, talking to everyone, the kind of messages he sent to the world on openness and trying to welcome people with a stark contrast. however i will say this. he is not unlike donald trump but good with a camera and a crowd and i think that he would know how to work that for lack of a better term he would be able to use. whether you can get anything to
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when asked about donald trump he said nothing because he knew he might have to be in dispositions position and he didn't want to be. not sure how much longer you're going to be there but this could be. everyone is waiting for speeches and what was said by the winner and the loser, but we can't determine that until the states bring up the final numbers and somebody gets close to 270.
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it could be split. both candidates could end up with some. right now showing trump and the lead. 16 votes at stake. wisconsin, helping lead although a little over three-point.
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this is the closest one talking about handful of votes that separate the two. if you are . we've got minnesota, democratically. trump has believed as we saw on all but a couple of the states and if he holds on to those we. at the clinton headquarters there don't seem to be as many
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people there now. certainly what is happening here tonight is one of the reasons why people are voting. i asked one staffer how he was feeling and he looked at me and said as bad as it possibly get. i want a long. preparing for what this is and the question is what does hillary clinton say to her supporters and all of the people trying to prevent the obama
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legacy that some of the states are so close and that may be. >> lindsey, thanks very much for that. we will let you hang in there to keep watching what's going on. one assumes at some point this evening hillary clinton is going to come there and speak to her supporters that are left in a room with the glass ceiling and speech one assumes they never thought she would have to give. it's a very different speech than the one she was hoping to get on this evening. so, we watch those dishes sinc . decisions still being made. enough of them don't look good for hillary clinton and they
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would make a difference in how the vote is heading. we haven't heard from you for a while. >> i was told we would be in bed by now. i see the exit poll data on the composition of the electorate and it does indicate that hillary clinton lost this race in a way she's responsible for. she underperformed and it doesn't explain the whole evening. the african-american vote .-full-stop as a sure in terms of its turnout as it has been for obama but so was the hispanic vote. 65%. obama got more than 70%.
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that is a significant difference when you compare what happened to the electorate and how it grew. you have to consider that and you can't just say that it was this one particular group and that in some way all these people were frustrated who were part of the group. it's a much more complicated electorate then it looked like it was going to be. if maybe more than anything. >> i just want to show you some pictures and we will keep our eye on both of these places that the trump headquarters and clinton headquarters. first in new york paul mentioned
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earlier that let's make america great again. as you can see sitting or standing in an orderly fashion waiting for the next of the evening. they will be coming in but this could be an hour or two hours away before we see that happen. you've got to get up to 270 before it's clear who has one and at the convention speaks first. let's look at democrat headquarters, they are watching.
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she could still make a run and we saw the early pictures not just in the democratic wing keeping the legacy alive and the first female president a lot of people thought it was a history making. >> let's look at a couple of maps that sort of reflect what things look like.
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four years ago when the team put together their victory you have to 2012 results. a country that is blue around the edges and around water whether it is the great lakes, the atlantic or pacific ocean with an exception on the southeast united states. the red states are republican and the blue states are the democratic ones. it's around 330 electoral college votes. this is what it looks like at this point tonight and a number
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of key areas including florida and a member of the blue states that border around the lakes that's the difference. difference. thbig yellow states are still determined to be determined which should push him up to and over the college votes mark. back to david, daniel and ashl ashley. john king that works tirelessly
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was talking about little state shopping because that's what it appeared to be. it's hard because every minute i looked over and add it up michigan is still in play. pennsylvania is behind so that is wisconsin isn't looking good this. if you start doing a little bit of that shopping there's some
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that separates. it is a little stretch but it's what is keeping people >> in this game there is no referee. one says they recognize how we've are living i into two completely different americas. you have the right talking about the group that was a guard.
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if bernie sanders hadn't been in the race would she have gone so far to the left or state senator and of those that really dislike donald trump did understand her pragmatism we were talking earlier if bernie sanders had been in the race would he have one. i don't think any of that matters at this point. it's trying to figure out if hillary clinton can squeak out something, how is she going to piece.
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will he come out and say. i legitimately care about the country. how do the piece that together. they will have their fines but the fact what comes next because thepr divided and have no one to look to to piece us back together again. i can't say that in my lifetime i have ever read about this before so we need to find a path forward.
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>> many in the republican party are also traveling. the policy goals are at hand in a way that even more impressive than 2002 they gained control in 2002 that there was a war and financing the war and the unity during that four in the domestic agenda. this time you can do more or less what you want. this is really a magic moment.
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>> adrianne warned us that there were things going on outside the white house now. what can you tell us? scenic i don't know if you can see behind us in the tree, that is one that overlooks the gates to the white house. the crowd seems to be waving in terms of being called into seeing a bit of an events with the flash is and right now there are students that are gary johnson supporters. they are having political
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arguments. ..
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this is the case. when you talk to your reporter in front of the white house but little over a year ago.
1:05 am
but to beyond the runway. every time he opened his mouth. he thought anybody would do a campaign rally. but instead it was trump hotel at 1600 pennsylvania avenue.
1:06 am
not because hillary clinton is losing did they are afraid what it means for their lives. that is what we need to have a conversation about. >> but maybe not over the next 24 hours from american protection we have heard how nervous people are of the canadian troops there german troops are there as well. but they need to band together across the country with that but that never happened. not and united states. that it was so powerful but also because it was obtained by consent does it exported
1:07 am
but then to indulge his vision of how this works.
1:08 am
>> when you last about republican and then they say for then to correct america. >> but what does that look like? >> but they ask themselves tonight and never thought we would be here. >> there will be a lot of people asking these type of questions over the next hours and days on so many different fronts.
1:09 am
there are so many of them. so now you open up of how the allies will react to this. >> >> but there is the notion did not forget the donald trump is not politician when he is in the oval office. that is a big leap in city. and then to consult everyone. with that dire circumstance that comes back to what i said to hours ago pdf. >> you have to think you are going to say. >> but george w. bush
1:10 am
revealed things and the generosity and kindness of his nature of and is ample sickness and his refusal to reconsider he was quick to decide slow to reconsider. but also people can see that there was something and gentle and good about him. but we know donald trump will that he is not an outsider he is one of the most famous people of the world we know his attitude
1:11 am
to those who were weaker. >> did talked-about newt gingrich one of those voices that may say something to him. two weeks ago i talked to nuking christianity at at conversation about talking to trump in this is what he said. >> why did he say what he said at the beginning then stuck with it for a long time through the primaries quick. >> not until the end repast of primary. >> initially he did not understand the implications. psa businessman hillary clinton is a politics 46 years she espn say traffic
1:12 am
candidate he will make mistakes. would you rather add the risk of someone to makes mistake or a participant and failure to continue in those policies of failure? >> you not understand a full ban on muslim immigration would mean? >> but i manage different position. he is then a a process of devolving because he has never done this before. american public says me may need a change agent more than an experienced manager of failure. >> and to ban all muslims to
1:13 am
not understanding that demarcation not knowing the department of homeless and security it is sent ignorance talking since 2001 uniate think the right thing to do it is higher capital of the humanity but everybody has an opinion one way or another and it was and impulsive it was a written statement one of the few prepared even on his own terms who does this apply to
1:14 am
>> key has not been in this position before with these issues of what they say. to have that legitimate excuse. >> what he flunked was not hard. and attractive woman comes within arm's reach. how to respond to that? >> it with that does not take a skilled politician and then he had to backtrack even with the deportation. >> that is what is so common goal because donald trump was pro-abortion until 50 minutes ago and has had a
1:15 am
very active personal life that brought him into proximity now i am antiabortion. but to sit down with those people to adopt that position he could not be bothered so assume that they believe and punishing women. >> but they did not research. >> but the issue with donald trump is the trend that he lacks intellectual curiosity he does not want to learn anything. that is one of the most dangerous attributes any leader can have. because he knows everything. i alone can fix this.
1:16 am
i will punish them. they will answer to me. but the fact he is not interested during this election cycle to learn anything i don't dislike conservatives i think there is a place for conservatives . i think there is an absolute place for that and we need a balance. he was never interested in a parting what it means to be a conservative. he is dave muppet he really doesn't care about anything he just talks. he just talks. valley and the curious to see what back talking will lead america into. >> but as a point of balance , is that balance? and one of the problems have
1:17 am
deere report on somebody who rarely is this way that has that imbalance? you need to give both sides of the problem is that is the real challenge the way this administration is covered. >> it is such a huge media debate starting with concerns in those initial stages of telling the truth the being a big issue. >> is only 20 minutes after 10 in the studio it is
1:18 am
reflected on schroeder so one thing i did not see so far with political leaders weighing in at this point may be waiting until they're waiting for the numbers but the well-known people criticize us for those tweets from actors but for example, and actress that people would know that we are very close to electing a sexist and racist egomaniac to the highest office in the country. it is a dark day. with a conservative broadcast a matter what happens half of the country or more will be miserable but the new president is our new president and doesism polarized country.
1:19 am
the director said one thing that i do not want to watch right now was comedy about any of this that is how terrifying and disappointing this is. talking about moving to canada i am sick of people saying they will move to canada. i don't think this country is worth fighting for. so maybe he will forgive the editorial cartoon which was published earlier but it has been reached we did a lot and speaks for itself with the statue of liberty hitchhiking a ride to cuba that you mentioned deere earlier that half jokingly welcomed with open arms that they may think about moving north. >> we are jealous because it is only 10:20 p.m. there. trying to imagine ourselves there.
1:20 am
we will take the quick break and we will be right back. >> alliance pieces in this competition it is so multifaceted to research to get a base knowledge of what wanted to talk about. but i can talk about all of it inside seven minutes. and before i even started to interview to research this
1:21 am
extensively. allotted internet research to find those data statistics of the development tall disabilities must of that came from government founded websites with the informations that i was getting was legitimate. >> tell us what about the new president and congress? with a high-school students grades six through 12. students can work a longer in a group of up to three to
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produce a documentary on the issues selected. include c-span and programming and opposing opinions. the $100,000 of cash prizes will be awarded between 150 students and teachers and the grand prize of $5,000 goes to waste into or team of the best entry. the deadline is january 20, 2017. helps spread the word. for more information go to standing >> live simulcast of the canadian broadcasting coverage of the u.s. elections in just a moment the continuing coverage of all the election results the phone calls and facebook comments continuing throughout the night sowed joined us here on this
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c-span networks. >> a little past 20 minutes after 1:00 a.m. in toronto eastern time. it continues to unfold take a chair here in is the studio and enjoy a the said down after standing up to get a little bit of rest now we will update you where we are we are still on because this is not decided yet. 270 electoral votes are needed to become the next president, the 45th president of united states. nobody has reached the number yet donald trump is closest. the states that ec is in yellow are yet to be decided.
1:24 am
we have a string in the northeast and one in the west and alaska. break it down so same what we're waiting for. michigan is a big state in terms of electoral college votes there are 60 and stake and less than 2% lead foreword donald trump over enemy clinton. if he wins that that brings them up that 260 just 10 short. wisconsin. ten. and donald trump has the lead. just over three percentage points over hillary clinton in wisconsin. he has a lead in pennsylvania of one percentage point and this
1:25 am
would be a surprise if the trump machine wends pennsylvania. it is not expected to happen in. although the past two days it had been suggested it was very close. that is just gravy at that point it gets him close at 300 if he wins those. here is the third one. arizona around three percentage point lead. now there are some races that are showing hillary clinton in the ldp and this is one of them with new hampshire that used to be a safe democratic state but to night half a percentage point difference. that is tight. minnesota once again clinton has the lead to point 5% and
1:26 am
made once again she is in the leads and she is leading in three states but if she won all of this three and nothing else that is not enough to get hurt to the states at 270 he doesn't even need all three of those. at the moment the odds favor trump and told the final vote is counted. we don't have a decision at this time. some outlets doha -- it is quiet. nothing happens. [laughter] >> net inc happens at 6:00 p.m. [laughter] i had a share from the beginning tracking the world
1:27 am
reaction as well that has been very slim because of the hour but that first tweet it is not one did he would want it this stage from the leader in france the altar of right wing party in france the leader of that party has sent her congratulations to the future president of the united states. so that is the glimmer of international reaction and to deal with that trump presidency i take this directly working for the prime minister for the advisers and before redis results tonight is a series
1:28 am
of tweaks how canada should deal with the rise of protectionism general they. the sow which tells me expand dean diplomatic opposites. to be a gauge did different regions with the benefits of nafta ad that the candidate can offer. del sole canada don't wait for him to get the call but get in there and appeal to his business acumen. also talking about the need to diversify. i cannot think of of better night that the government could be quite happy of the european free trade deal. this is an awfully a good time to have a giant market to open for you in the european union.
1:29 am
h. just goes to show you that what is going into this when there are practical things to be done to did and start talking to them. we're not the top of the mind. they need to find other ways to get into the united states. >> as you mentioned before for much of the first year from the senior foreign policy adviser and what you could leave behind before he left. and for diplomatic reasons
1:30 am
that there is no evidence of planned beyond what the candidate would do with this venture. >> but that is what they do. and i know as well the day are happy in washington riskiest. he is a political strategist and very capable operative. so i think they will be leading heavily how to navigate what is about to happen to give them a fair amount of counsel. >> the interesting part of any issue on trade republicans hysterically kept that deal.
1:31 am
>> so we wonder what they are saying to wrap up those trade deals. >> but come to think that is where he will run into trouble if congress is all republican so maybe those who were not backers of trump are on the of border states need to have a close relationship to make their point known. i know isn't safe to think about the republican president senate is some
1:32 am
capacity. >> paying to have. laugh laugh freewill go back outside the white house so from what you showed us so far just as any event what is it like now? >> [inaudible conversations] amazingly if a guy found the bravest man in washington who was a trump supporter. >> this is not the most accommodating crowd. >> you decided to come down anyway? >> guess.
1:33 am
this is the american brexit. >> a lot of people are crying. >> we were promised this would not have been and she had and the bag. >> what gsa to those who were crying and afraid? >> >> guy totally a understand i know that they are a game you want a little bit but what deere sacred. >> we will be fine. >> [inaudible conversations] >> you are patient. i think we will move on.
1:34 am
>> have a wonderful evening. >> is a weird carnival by a here. there is a lot of abuse there is a lot of wheat there say the last time they saw people climb the trees when osama bin modena was killed. but now they're screaming things some of the young students here are having political debates. is the crowd that is building a little bit cemetery is a bit of a delay in a war and a florida -- is
1:35 am
there any comparison quakes? >> yes but the last few days is very similar. i was talking to you on the bleachers when you said alcor is expected to concede at any moment and i think quite has he not died out of the car breaks he had no idea what that night would bring. and those are the similarities.
1:36 am
and they have a lot of finance. [laughter] >> >> don't be like donald. >> double not help their application. >> >> we will get back to you later. we are still waiting.
1:37 am
it could be a while. we have have a dozen states. >> frozen in time. but with the roles reversed but those prognosticators give her a 25 percent chance that is what donald trump had. there is the big difference of course, because most of the game has been played it is hard to see how the changes. >> best old as not take away that there is a 75 percent chance.
1:38 am
>> where are you on all of this talk and if he has any change in him quick. >> and a different kind of power. but to understand the emotional response. even with immigration that is where it all began so talked-about having met some of the people as though is the first time to understand that illegal aliens are not a separate community but part of the community but has not given that any
1:39 am
thoughts. >> what you can see in the moment, what is the right date for me to say? >> it is not just worried about the right thing but just said anything. >> to put me in the right position. >> but not until recently but it is the constant quest for social status you can see that in his campaign to me be better or tougher or smarter so many of the
1:40 am
things that they said the campaign were false. completely false measured by a those media organizations. so what reason post to believe? but what you have to do that did not last very long that budget proposal in his platform was ridiculous. and a huge learning curve. so even though they control both houses his election is all about challenging the establishment.
1:41 am
you'll find he has allied of work to do. >> and then you will bite my head off when asked this question but aside from twitter comedy is think he read square. >> like a book? >> anything for them to understand the issues. >> no. but aside from twitter that is what most people read. i doubt he has ever read it. and that says a lot about donald trump. we have somebody hear i know what he said in any of his debates when they were transcribed it was incoherent. there are very important
1:42 am
issues ahead of us. they have been using him as propaganda. he said i can shoot off a gun. and get somebody and not lose sleep. >> so forgiving all of his transgressions of that list and the things that would sometimes change daily. pollen the same sentence is remarkably forgiving of donald trump because of a brand new idea. this is fascinating so how long will they forgive this man when he doesn't deliver on the things that our difficult. that he meant those nice immigrants who have children
1:43 am
that were aboard in america. now what to kick out the whole family. >> but what reason is an interesting point if they president reads the consequences if people outside the circle can get information to him through his gatekeepers this is like einstein writing to roosevelt he is saying it is possible but is advisor say it is not a few doesn't read that he could only absorber information face-to-face then the control his information. but the chief of staff controls access what the president knows and now maybe he has his own informal system maybe not
1:44 am
accept those normal rules said they could get them on the phone it would be hardanger getting progressively harder. >> key does watch cable news allot. >> there is only so much you can mired in he said he had is for policy. >> don't worry. >> i want to take as quick look at the headquarters. trump headquarters said madden with their hats on at the ready. to become the next president of united states.
1:45 am
and looking pretty excited about of possibility and now we are asked the clinton headquarters. there are still quite a few people there but not as many as there had been and those who left have no idea how long they have to wait and now at the clinton headquarters. >> a lot of those people are celebrities think of the long list earlier from cady perry and i was standing with my colleagues but in
1:46 am
the middle of the entourage was the block -- superstar here is what she had to say earlier. >> i am surprised like there is a death in my family. his supporters are ready for me to pack and leave but if he will do the things he says he will do. i will get a great tax as they will get nothing. >> you heard people asking
1:47 am
her but that is not the only thing. as the interview to talk about other celebrities domain north of the border to say when will you go? it is bizarre with his celebrity status surgeon made the famous people of the world. >> >> enter in the coverage of all of this. >> i decided i had to talk to ian coulter who has long then known as a columnist
1:48 am
and particular on recent immigration but heard book adios america i saw that during the campaign and that sinking behind that that white americans were losing a country. because they lost their white constituency through civil rights legislation in the '60s and wanted to replace that. is a disaffected did open up with the european-based immigration. but her writing really
1:49 am
supplied these anecdotal evidence. with a scientific examination it was her idea it use anecdotes to create a stereotype of coming into the country it was a tremendously provocative thing to do. and for reasons like that to become ostracized from the mainstream media. and whenever you may think about ann coulter you may despise her but to understand what is that few people of donald trott -- donald trump. >> the unsurprisingly the
1:50 am
fcc to issue would get revenge on the mainstream media. >> let's do a regular update as we try a to wear the things stand their the ones in in yellow to see where we stand at this moment unique to hundred 70 to win their up for grabs in michigan in is still 1.six percentage point lead donald trump in michigan would choose us a
1:51 am
price to a lot of people and another 10 electoral college votes are estate and here he has a much healthier lead. almost three points in wisconsin those two alone would put him at 270. pennsylvania a lead of over one percentage point with 20 votes but again if he wins the first to design a pennsylvania but arizona leading for donald trump 3.five percentage points and des moines electro college votes now the area where clinton is leading and not by half a percentage point. next up is minnesota with 10
1:52 am
votes she has 1.5% lead over trump. made has just four votes at stake. and alaska has closed off at this hour time we know there is a lot of alaskan viewers watching our coverage they just had election in yesterday to toss them out after their campaign. so trump is leading with big numbers just to of those four but mayor not there yet
1:53 am
. >> what is the total vote? >> trump this still is an bellied over those clinton numbers but still leading and the votes cast and did in the electoral college. >> i would like to know what the democrats would do with the autopsy after tonight. >> able come out fast and hard. >> that will last one week.
1:54 am
they'd to think long and hard of the candidate next time around because somebody who is great on tv to dance all over the place to harness that populist agenda and a duet well could be did metrics. >> but this is where i think the democrats go wrong. this is about the candidate it is the democratic party causally ignored people until they need their pro we only talk about black and hispanic vote and the young women vote on the electoral college. don't try to trick me a. [laughter] now live is not the time.
1:55 am
but i will say this as a conversation people have been having forever that even the young people have been having that you only care about is when you need something from us. the biggest thing about hillary clinton and she does not speak represent perhaps she was called out by black lives matter and they said to her you said that young black men in the '90s to support your has been crime bill to lock up our sons and daughters and brothers and uncles to create this systematic racism and structure that help to build that you allow that and instead of coming out to have a real conversation
1:56 am
this is the fault of the candidate that she could never have thoughtful conversation we can she is our mechanized we never looked at the democratic party we say that but we are still off in the corner. they will force us to say this and democratic shift is happening but that doesn't mean they are with you. because you have never been with them. >> immediately tabled '02 2000. but it is hillary clinton with all of the concerns of corruption many of the most disturbing and with that
1:57 am
bernie sanders critique there is a demand for change and under and representation and bernie sanders people but when the numbers people fear it is what they see to be surprisingly well of latino men. they have the more trouble them by the views on immigration. so that operating period of that coalition white males
1:58 am
and everybody else to ignite the periphery. they'll have more in common with each other. that is the guiding theory. one of the consequences as they lose that centrality that is what they gain but maybe now it is hard. that they have that marriage rate. maybe those millennial still feel they have been the thing in common with the trade union. and republicans have more in
1:59 am
common with one another ; to give you an update. john dust that is on his way to clinton headquarters and he will speak the she is not coming down tonight. if there is speculation every going to wait until morning? the way the vote was done. and b will go to clinton headquarters. and did john pest is on his way there greg. >> that is what people are talking about. whether that means she is not coming because they're not coming together.
2:00 am
as sabre staying at the hotel for the time being so the question is the with the standing. >> but you are quite right we don't know what he will say. or whether or not they will wait to until they bring back memories of the past. >> there just waiting for the ohioe


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