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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 9, 2016 8:00am-10:01am EST

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[cheering] >> excited, wisconsin? [cheering] what a great crowd. what a great victory for all the people of wisconsin, republican, democrat, independent, sending ron johnson to the united states will be a victory for future generations as well as those of us today. thank you for being here. in november of the 2010 you elected ron johnson, you elected me and whole wave of republicans across the state and you sent us a message. don't just campaign and get out there and govern like you said you would when you campaigned.
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we turned the state around. we turned the state around. [cheering] and the great news tonight is you have got someone who is kind of like, remember that old movie, "mr. smith goes to washington"? a manufacturer, doing his own thing, stood up and heard call of people in the state, said he would do something about it, went to washington and did his job. he said i will focus on wisconsin, not on washington. that is what he has done for the past six years. that is what he will do are to the next six years. he will bring the wisconsin values to washington. [cheering] and not only with his victory tonight, a victory for all of us but a victory for wisconsin and victory for america as well because now ron johnson can yet again tell what it means to be someone from wisconsin, to show what it means people are willing to think more about the next generation then just about the next election. you can do remarkable things for
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people of your state. he will help lead in the senate. do remarkable things for this country. ladies and gentlemen, my honor to introduce the current and future senator from the great state of wisconsin, ron johnson and the entire johnson family! ♪ [cheering] thank you, everybody. ♪ thank you everyone. thank you. thank you.
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[cheering] thank you. thank you. thank you, wisconsin. thank you, wisconsin. thank you. thank you. [cheering] so, apparently we didn't run out of beer this year, huh? thank you. i so appreciate it. this is a big night. it is a big night. [cheering] it is a big night for wisconsin. it's a big night for america but i have to take some time to thank some people. i would first thank my wife jane. [cheering] jane has, jane has just been a rock. she has been so supportive. jane is a patriot.
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i could not have done this without jane. i want to thank my kids, jenna and her husband chris, my son ben and necessary wife courtney, carrie and her husband rj. [cheering] they have been supportive every part of the way. i have to thank my siblings. my younger brother, barry, who moved back from minneapolis to help run the business. he is doing a great job. [cheering] his wife, mary, who has had to leave her family. she is involved in the community, boys and girls clubs, doing a wonderful job. mary, thank you. [cheering] my brother dean, his wife. dean's the one that filmed an awful lot of our commercials that i really think put us over the top. [cheers and applause]
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my sister lynn and her husband bob. lynn has been a supporter from afar. you give me all kinds of texts of encouragement. so lynn, thank you. [applause] i need to thank a very special person. you saw him her earlier, tony blando. [cheers and applause] where is tony? [cheering] there he is. so, first of all, let me apologize to oshkosh and catholic school system for taking tony away from you, but you know what a servant leader tony blando is. he has gained so much respect in washington, d.c., respect he deserves. god bless you, tony blando.
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[cheers and applause] i want to thank the official staff of the senate. the folks here in wisconsin who are just dedicated to excellent customer service. i'm not going to name everybody because i will forget somebody, you know who you are. you have done so much to be so responsive to the good folks of wisconsin. trust me, we are dedicated to the customer service. you can expect six additional years of great customer service as well. [cheering] you know, the old washington, d.c. base is pretty darn good. they give me all the information i need. thanks to you guys. you come here to help campaign. [applause] i've got to thank the
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state-based campaign staff as well. betsy yankney. where is betsy? [cheers and applause] betsy never gave up. let's face it. we had some pretty, pretty disappointing days every now and again. some frustrating poll results. knob, nobody, was more upbeat, more positive, kept us on message, kept us on point, remained positive. betsy is a fabulous campaign manager for whoever hires her next. [cheers and applause] you know, i've had the privilege over the last, well, really six years serving with phenomenal people. over the last couple days traveling through the state, i
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really don't think wistfully appreciates how lucky we to have the men and women of integrity in our state legislature, in the governorship, serving in congress. i mean governor walker, where did governor walker go? a man of integrity. [cheering] a man of integrity, a man of ideas, a man of political courage. those three attributes will be attached to everybody else i mentioned. lieutenant governor clayfish. you. [cheers and applause] all the men and women of the state assembly and the state senate. paul ryan. [cheers and applause]
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i'm a pig paul ryan fan. america will lean on paul ryan's agenda to save this country. [cheers and applause] other members of congress, jim sensenbrenner, reed rib link, i know he is retiring. did they call the race for mike? mike gallagher is a "fabulous fablous" -- [cheers and applause] glen groveman and sean duffy. these are fabulous members of congress. [cheering] governors, members of the legislature put wisconsin on right path, paul ryan, other members of the legislature, we'll but all the america on the right path. god bless those folks. [cheers and applause]
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you know about, six 1/2 years ago a door was opened to me. gave me the opportunity to serve wisconsin and america as united states senator. 18 months ago another door open up to me through my senate staff, around i met a wonderful man, pastor jerome smith. pastor smith, where are you? [cheers and applause] working together we've created something called the joseph project. and it is through the leadership of a wonderful man named pastor jerome smith and we are helping transform people's lives. we are using that as an example of how when you demonstrate and implement your compassion within your community, that is actually what works. so, pastor smith, certainly my guarranty to you, we'll continue to grow and expand the joseph
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project, use that wonderful example. so god bless you, pastor smith. [cheers and applause] now i did speak with senator feingold. he called me. it was very gracious call. congratulated me. wished me well. i wish him well in his next chapter of his life. [cheers and applause] i've also talked to paul ryan. i've talked to leader mcconnell. i've talked to our vice-presidential and presidential nominee. i talked to reince priebus. my message has been pretty consistent. i believe america given us a chance and opportunity to put this nation on the right path. exactly what i intend to do. as tony said six years ago i promised i would always tell you the truth. i will never vote, never act
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with my re-election in mind. that is obvious. this is my final term. so i approach the next six years with seriousness of purpose. we've got a shot, a chance, we've got to put america on the right path. the way we're going to do it, the way we're going to do it, we'll concentrate on areas of agreement. here is the number one area of agreement we start with. as americans, as wisconsinites we do share the same goal. we want a safe, prosperous, secure, wisconsin and america. [cheers and applause] and, we are concerned about each other. this is no one political party that has a monopoly on come passion. we all want all of our fellow citizens to succeed, to have the opportunity to build a good life for themselves and your family. i'm chair of the senate
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committee on homeland security and government affairs. i said this repeatedly i could ruin your night laying out problems about challenges we face. i'm not going to do that. this is a night celebration. [cheers and applause] >> ron, ron, ron, ron, ron! >> thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] but this is a night of opportunity. we've been given a chance. we're going to seize that chance. together, working together, because, one group of people i haven't thanked yet is all of you. you know, as i said what gives me hope, what gives me hope, understand the number one thing people tell me that you're in our prayers. we're praying for you.
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all of you made this possible, working together as wisconsinites and america. we'll save this country. god bless all of you. god bless wisconsin. god bless america. thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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♪ >> senator ron johnson defeated his opponent former democratic senator russ feingold. mr. feingold gave his concession speech at his campaign headquarters in oshkosh, wisconsin. [cheers and applause] >> oh, my friends.
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thank you. thank you. i didn't expect this outcome, to be honest with you. i'm sorry we didn't get the job done. and, i want to thank my wife, christine ferdinand. she just retired after 40 years of a university librarian. came here on october 1st, registered to vote. went and voted with me and said may have voted for me. her greatest wish in life was to have her first month of retirement being thrown into a united states campaign. no, it wasn't. but thank you. we gave it everything we had.
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i can not tell you how i feel about the support that i received from everybody, every day, all over this state. my wonderful family. incredible campaign staff. i mean, i just had such a good time with all you guys in the campaign. you taught me a lot more than i taught you. i wanted to get this done. obviously something is happening in this country tonight. i don't understand it completely i don't think anybody does but we as americans have to do the best we can to heal the pain in this country. and get people to come together. i would urge you to be as restrained as you can be when the next steps occur. i don't know what they could be but this could be one of the most challenging times in the history of our country. it will be up to you,
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particularly the wonderful young people that worked on this campaign -- they will have to heal the wounds. they will have to bring us together. we'll get through this. i look forward to helping you in any way i can. but it is now up to you. thanks so much. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> after i came up with this idea, first of all i did research information and this is definitely the case with a lot of pieces that will be done for this competition but mental illness especially.
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it's a complicated issue. it is not black and white and it is so multifaceted i had to research to get base knowledge of what i wanted to talk about in this piece. obviously there was a lot, it is so complicated i can't talk about it all in seven minutes. i had to decide what i was going to talk about. >> i thought it would be a nice to have focal point i want to focus on. before i started to interview my parents and got questions from the internet and started shooting i researched this topic extensively. researched my dad's pharmacy and talked to the pharmacist there. i talked to my mom and colleagues and coworkers. did a lost internet research. i actually went to the library. >> i did research to find facts and data and statistics about employment of those with developmental disabilities to see really what was going on. most of the information that i got off of the internet came
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from government-founded websites, so that is how i knew that most of the information that i was getting was legitimate. >> this year's theme? your message to washington, d.c. tell us what is the most urgent issue for the new president and congress to address in 2017. our competition is open to all middle school or high school students, grades six through 12, with $100,000 awarded in cash prizes. students can work alone or in a group up to three to produce a five to seven minute documentary on the issue selected. include some c-span programing and explore opposing opinions. the $100,000 in cash prizes will be awarded and shared between 150 students and 53 teachers, and the grand prize of $5,000 will go to the student or team with the best overall entry. this year's deadline is january 20th, 2017. so mark your calendars and help us spread the word to student film-makers.
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for more information, go to our website, >> senator john mccain after his win against democratic challenger ann kirkpatrick gave a victory speech at his campaign headquarters in phoenix. this will be his sixth term in the senate. he is introduced by his wife cindy. this is 20 minutes. ♪ >> oh, thank you, arizona. thank you so much.
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[cheering] i stand before you tonight with our family at our side here and so many elected officials that have been so helpful. i'm so humbled and so honored, quite frankly i'm a little teary tonight. for your belief in my husband and strength in honoring him. and giving him your vote and believing what he does for this state, i can not thank you enough. i can't thank you enough. [cheers and applause] [shouting] >> you guys are great. you have given us the greatest honor of all. you decided to give my husband, your vote. he will get it straight, i'm sorry. i'm rattled.
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you guided to give him your vote and send him back to the united states senate. thank you. [cheers and applause] in john you have a true hero. you have a warrior. someone who has the experience, the leadership and the dignity to serve the way he served. most importantly, he is a cut above everyone. he believes in -- [applause] he lives bit -- by the code of conduct, duty, honor, country. but allowing me to stand here with him and giving me the humble honor of being a very, very microscopic part of arizona history, i can't thank you enough. this beautiful state of mine has meant so much to me and in giving my husband the opportunity to join me in this
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state 36 years ago, we have loved and lived here with all of our heart. so please welcome, your maverick, your friend and the next u.s. senator, john mccain [cheering] >> thank you. thank you. thank you for that introduction and here we are together on another election night, my friends. and i'm humbled again bit privilege extended me and so is grateful. i have so many people to thank, so many debts to acknowledge. let me begin by saying thank you to my employers, the people of arizona. those of you who voted for me and those who voted for my opponent. i have never been more honored by anything than the privilege of representing you in the night
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senate. i have never taken it for granted and i never will. i am as grateful to you tonight as i was when you first elected me. every life has its ups and downs, and i have had a few of my own but no setback has ever mattered anywhere near as much in the balance of my life as the public trust that you have granted me. so thank you, arizona, again, from the bottom of my heart. [applause] i want to thank too, congresswoman ann kirkpatrick for running a spirited and honorable campaign. this office is worth a good fight and she sure gave me one. i commend her and wish her well. [applause] and commend her supporters for investing their hope and labor
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into her campaign. i've been on the losing side of elections before and it's no fun but gave yourselves to a cause greater than yourselves, and that brings satisfaction that outlasts temporary disappointment. i want to assure you, while we may not agree on all the issues, you have my v. speck and my service. you're my bosses too. and your interests are my responsibility to represent. to my supporters, those who have stood with me in all of my campaigns and those who did so for the first time in this campaign, all arizonans who gave me their encouragement, their trust, their efforts and their most powerful civic possession, their vote, so that i would have another opportunity to be the best best senator i can be for you. thank you. thankthank you. thank you.
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i get up every day determined to work harder for you than the day before to deserve is your trust. this is difficult national election and not always an uplifting one, but americans have done their duty as citizens and chosen a new president. for too long, washington has schemed and fought and maneuvered to gain political advantage at the cost of delivering for the american people. we've made too little if any progress, meeting the great challenges of our time, which are many and difficult. the one message that came through loud and clear in this election, is that americans want progress now. they want progress now to secure their families and america's interests from the dangerous threats we face overseas. they want progress now on solving national problems that
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threaten their ability to prosper, and make a better life for their families. they want progress now on growing the economy and increasing their opportunities to live purposeful and satisfying lives. they want progress now on making sure we do what every previous american generation has done, and that is, to insure america's future is even better than our storied past. i promise you, i will work as hard as i ever have, use all my knowledge and experience and relationships and extend and open hand to our new president. and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to solve our problems together, as fellow americans, who have more in common than we have differences. most of all, we have our citizenship in common and that is a blessing we should honor by treating each other with respect. i want to thank my amazing
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campaign team, who have done such a fantastic job. [cheers and applause] and even taught a old dog like me a few new campaign tricks. all our incredible interns. our interns who are here. [cheering] all of our interns and volunteers who sacrificed so much and made so many calls. and could i, there is so many people here i would like to thank but there is also a he have, very, special group and that is our iranian-american friends who are here. [cheering] [shouting]
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if you happen to have seen a horse-drawn carriage around the valley, that is our guys over here who did that. so thank you. and a special shoutout to our vietnamese american friends who are here now. thank you, kevin. a war-torn land taken over by communists with very little besides shirt on their backs and made shirts on their backs and made this a greater and better nation for their presence. so i thank you for your support and god bless. [cheering] all of them did so much, your belief in me and your labor honors me and i thank you for it. thank you of course to all my long-time trusted friends and
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advisors and my senate staff in washington and arizona. there they are. [applause] that is always, i wouldn't have gotten anywhere in this business without your trusted counsel and generous support and your friendship. thank you to everyone who committed any amount of money to the campaign from the smallest to largest donation it fueled our campaign and i thank you. i especially want to recognize two people who were incredibly helpful throughout the journey. governor doug doocy and my good friend and colleague, senator jeff flake. [cheers and applause] there is also a couple of pea i would like to recognize tonight. as harry truman said if you want a friend in washington go out and buy a dog. [laughter]. i have a couple, i have, many, many special friends who are
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here tonight but two of them i would like to point out it was about 10 years ago we were in kabul, afghanistan, and general david petraeus named us, gave us the name of the three amigos because we always traveled together and spent time together in iraq and afghanistan with the men and women who are serving our nation in uniform. the most uplifting and honorable experiences of my life was the ability to be in the company of heroes and that's my dear friend, senator joe joe liebermn and -- [cheering] i'd also like to thank fellow who has been with me since we were together in the coolidge administration. [laughter]. my dear friend, rick davis, who has done so much, along with our
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team. [cheering] [applause] you know one of the great experiences to go to prescott, arizona, on the night before the election that barry goldwater started that tradition back in 1952 and it always has been really one of the great and wonderful experiences that i had in my political life. i mentioned last night, i never had, as you know, a hometown growing up. the navy was my home and my parents home until i got married and i got arizona. this magnificent place, i love so much as a home. my family and children, it is the greatest gift i have ever received. campaigns are harder on the campaign's family than the candidate. and i put my family through quite a few. i think this might be the last. thank you for your love and support. thank you for everything. and that, my friends, with a full heart, and ready to get
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back to work for you, i will say good night and thank you one last time for making me the luckiest guy i know. god bless. [cheering] [applause] ♪
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♪ [inaudible conversations].
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[inaudible conversations]. >> in her concession speech, arizona senate candidate ann kirkpatrick thanked her supporters and congratulated her
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opponent john mccain on senate win. the arizona minimum wage raises to $12 an hour by the year 2020. [cheering] >> thank you, everyone. thank you. you worked your hearts out, every single one of you. we did more and bigger and better than ever before. we can only be proud of the effort of the organization we put together of the work that we did, of the people we contacted, the phone calls we made, the progress we made. and i am so proud of the diego for running for county attorney. you know, we're making progress, right?
8:49 am
[cheering] we, we are going to turn arizona blue. we didn't get the result we wanted tonight, in my race, but we made progress. and we made some wins tonight. it looks like we won the minimum wage proposition, 206. so, yeah, working families are going to do better in arizona because of your effort. looks like we might have a new sheriff in town. how great is that? [cheering] so i want to thank, i want to thank all of you for volunteering. you know how to do it. i want to thank my team, team kirkpatrick. the best team i have ever had. i couldn't be prouder of, could not be prouder of the campaign we ran. i want to thank senator john mccain for a great debate. you know we department it civil.
8:50 am
you know we were not seeing that at the presidential level. because of your efforts, in the booth, you know, arizona's changing and, we know we have to keep working. we can't give up. i want to thank my family. you know it is always hard on the families and so, they there for me through the thick and thin. you know, i love arizona. i really believe in. this is the not the end. this is the the beginning. [cheering] >> ann. ann. ann.
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ann. ann. [cheering] >> we have a special web page at to help you follow the supreme court. go to and select supreme court near the right hand top of the page. once on our supreme court page you will see four of the most recent oral arguments heard by the court this term and click on the view all link to see all the arguments covered by c-span. you find many appearances by supreme court justices or watch justices in their own words, including one-on-one interviews in the past few months with justices kagan, thomas and ginsberg. there is also a calendar for this term. a list of all current justices with links to quickly see all the appearances on c-span and as well as many other supreme court videos available on demand. follow the supreme court at
8:52 am >> in pennsylvania freshman senator pat toomey narrowly defeated democratic candidate katie mcginty in the most expensive campaign in senate history, $181 million spent by both campaigns and outside groups. after the win, senator toomey spoke to his supporters outside of his campaign headquarters. [cheering] >> toomey. toomey. too many min. >> thank you. [cheering] thank you very much. thank you so much. my goodness. been an interesting night, huh? [cheering]
8:53 am
i received a call just a few minutes ago from katie mcginty offering her congratulations. i want to return the favor and congratulate katie mcginty on running a very spirited campaign. [applause] that's appropriate. the fact is, getting in the political arena, running as a candidate is a tough thing to do. it's not easy on the candidate. it is even harder on the family. i want to thank. i certainly wish her well in the future. i am deeply humbled by the victory. incredibly honored that people of pennsylvania are giving me another term in the united states senate. [cheering]
8:54 am
and, thank you. [cheering] thank you so much. toomey. toomey. >> thank you. >> toomey! >> listen, i have a lot of people i need this thank but it needs to start with the person who is my most important constituent, and she's the person that makes, makes this possible, makes our family life possible and without her i certainly wouldn't be here and i love her and i'm very grateful to her. that is my wife chris. [cheering] i also, i also want to thank the big kids in our family, who have, who have had a number of occasions when dad couldn't be there with them because we're
8:55 am
out on the campaign trail. and they have been great sports about it. our little guy, i'm hoping he is asleep in bed. because he is only six but thiss bridge -- brigitte and patrick. i'm grateful to them. [cheering] i have to give huge thanks to absolutely unbelievable campaign. my campaign team just amazing. [cheering] peter towey the campaign manager. phenomenal job. [cheering] and the whole team, really. mostly, mostly, young men and women who just work their heart out for such a long time. i'm enormously grateful to them. i want to say how much i appreciate the work of mark harris and john learner. guys who really played a huge
8:56 am
role. [applause] but most of all, i have got to thank the thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of people who contributed to this campaign. the tens of thousands who volunteered for this campaign. the people knocked down doors and worked so hard. thank you so much. i really appreciate that. [applause] let's face it, this was a tough campaign. this was quite a battle. there was all-time record amount of money spent against us. a lot of the ads were just outright false but you know, the voters were smart enough to figure it out as they usually are. and let me just tell you, the truth about my record and my approach to government, it's really pretty simple. i don't think the government should be wasting as much money as it evident was. i don't think it should be spending as much of your money as it spends. i don't think taxes should be as high as they are. i don't think the federal government -- [cheering] i don't think the federal
8:57 am
government should be stifling our economy by overregulating businesses. i don't think washington should be making health care decisions for all of us. and, i don't think washington should be making the job of law enforcement more difficult than it already is. [cheering] finally, i don't think washington should withdraw america from our natural role as the leading beacon of freedom around the world. [cheering] so these are the principles i believe in. these are the principles that i will pursue over the next six years in the senate. i will do it in a way that respects the opinions of people who disagree with me. i will do it in a way that will seek to find consensus and common ground so we can actually
8:58 am
make progress on the big challenges we faces. we have a lot of, work to do. i will take a little time off. i will enjoy this moment. thank you so much. god bless you, god bless america. thank you. [cheering] >> six more years. six more years. six more years. six more years. six more years. >> thank you. thank you. [cheering] >> challenger katie mcginty spoke to supporters in philadelphia. [cheering]
8:59 am
>> well, good evening, good evening. [applause] well, pennsylvania it has been a ride and a privilege and an adventure. i want to thank all of you, our supporters, and let me say, the best team, full-time team and all of those volunteers out there. god bless you. you were the best team going. [cheers and applause] and i also certainly want to say to carl and my girls and the entire mcbeginty clan, you are the best. and i feel endlessly blessed and thankful. [applause] i have just spoken to senator toomey and i congratulated him on his win tonight.
9:00 am
you might not have noticed but senator toomey and i have disagreed on a few things. but this i know. the senator has served this commonwealth. he is raising a beautiful family in this commonwealth. he has earned and deserves our gratitude and respect. and i wished him god's blessings and godspeed and a bright future for himself, his family and pennsylvania. now, of course we're just a little bit disappointed in the results tonight. but there are some things that are true now and forever. i very happily stand for the right of every man and woman in pennsylvania to have their voice heard in elections. and when they do have their voice heard. it is nothing short of a privilege to welcome and respect that voice. because this is a democracy. and that's what we do.
9:01 am
and that's what we do. and i believe that even with disappointment our greatest days are still ahead. even though we're not able to continue the exact journey which thought we might be on, look we'll not stop fighting for issues that we care about. as a mom, i'm going to be out there still fighting to make sure that every beautiful child has good schools, safe communities, and a chance to succeed because god has given everybody unique gifts. the greatest joy in life is when every person has the chance to discover their gifts, to develop them, and then to give back. . .
9:02 am
if you have a dream, eye-catching. you were going to get there. i want to be part of making sure that decent, honorable, humble, hard-working people in pennsylvania can look their kids in the eye, and when they put in their 40 hours they can say to their kids, i got you. we're not going to stop fighting to make this country a place where everyone, regardless of your gender, your race, your zip code, your orientation, where everyone is treated equally and has the same chance to pursue their dreams. we are richer when everyone is
9:03 am
lifted up, and we are poor if even a single person is held back. even a single person is held back. so while we didn't get the win, we were kind of hoping for tonight, this is still a time for us to look forward with hope and determination. and most of all it is a time that we have to look forward together. we have to pull a great and good people of this wonderful country together. because the future is in our hands to make sure that we safeguard what is and continues to be the greatest experiment in self determination, and self-governance, in pluralism, in diversity of the world has ever seen.
9:04 am
regardless the result of elections, that great experiment is interested in our hands. we thought we would find a way through this election to help safeguard it. that didn't work, but we can't not find a way. because our country, and, frankly, all the countries of the world depend on america getting democracy right. [applause] >> so thanks for all you've done, and boy -- [cheers and applause] >> now you have to feel sorry
9:05 am
for my three daughters. he tells the white cloud test mom is now about have a lot more time on my hands engaging their rooms. it's been a joy and it's been a journey. i love the people of this commonwealth and i love this country dearly. don't know how it will be or where it will be, but i look forward to tomorrow in being able to make some contribution to the great and good people that we're blessed to call neighbors, friends and fellow countrymen. god bless all of you, and god bless these united states of america. [applause] >> and there's still some cold beer upstairs, so come on, let's go. [applause]
9:06 am
[cheers and applause] missouri freshman sir roy blunt won his reelection bid against democrat jason kander. speaking to supporters at his campaign headquarters in springfield, talk to republican victories in missouri and other states. this is 15 minutes. >> well, thank you. thank all of you. thank all of you. what a great effort.
9:07 am
[cheers and applause] >> we are waiting for more blunts to get on the state. will find to make it up here, but what an unbelievable effort. so about 15 minutes ago, about 15 minutes ago the republican senate committee announced that i beat a 51st -- i would be the 51st republican senator in the next senate. [cheers and applause] and there is a real good chance that that number, there's a really good chance of that that number can go to 53 as we win races in pennsylvania, in pennsylvania and new hampshire. and what a great night for our
9:08 am
state. what a great night for our state. never in history of the state, and this is probably been said here before, but never in history of the state have we had, have reelected majorities in the missouri general assembly, the house and the senate, reelected a senator and elected five statewide republican officials. [cheers and applause] the opportunity to move forward, the opportunity to move forward in our state just multiplied by a significant number of times. with the governor, the lieutenant governor, the secretary of state, the state treasurer and josh holly, what a great introduction, josh. josh holly, the attorney general. [applause] all focused on better jobs and stronger families, joining me in my fight in washington for more jobs and less government.
9:09 am
all of us listening to missourians and fighting for missouri families and missouri opportunities. what a great moment for our state. [applause] and for our country, and for our country we are just a few electoral votes away from electing donald trump president of the united states, and mike pence, the vice president of the united states. [applause] people have asked me for months now, what do you think a trump administration would be like what and i said, well, the two pieces of evidence are already on the table are mike pence and that list of judges that president trump would appoint to the supreme court. [applause] a republican president and a republican senate and republican house can do things to change
9:10 am
this country and focus again on opportunity. we've had eight years of hearing what the world ought to look like 25 years from now. we need to be thinking about how people can get better jobs next month and next year. [applause] and all of you know that nobody can get anything done by themselves in a political campaign. what a great effort we had all over our state. tens of thousands of doors were knocked. hundreds of thousands of calls were made. i think we set records on what we could do to identify and turn out voters, and our 100,000 or so vote margin at this number would indicate we are glad to have every single one of those voters that turned out today. [applause]
9:11 am
and in my case, particularly in my case, having a family that's willing to put up with the process, having a family that's willing -- [applause] really, not only to work hard to do the right thing, but also understand when the other side is saying whatever is necessary so they could have the 51st vote in the next senate. and thank goodness for my family here with me right now. we are going to be working together for all of you. i will also say that i had a call about 30 minutes ago from secretary candor, and it was a generous call. it was a generous both a concession call and a congratulatory call. and want a fight he put out. i didn't agree with everything they did, and it didn't agree with everything they said but i will tell you what.
9:12 am
they tried their very best to get something done that you and i decided, and missourians decided, we were not going to let happen. but what a competition it was. how sweet it is to win, but particularly how sweet it is to win and be part of what is happening in our state. as i was traveling the last several months with these candidates we just elected today, i'm looking to the future of missouri in we haven't had a chance to do that in a long time your what a great group of new state officials. let me say again, to join missouri general assembly that's focus on the right things. so great moment, great moment for our state, great moment for our country. thank all of you for what you did to make it happen. abby's favorite story from both of our campaigns is a story that
9:13 am
my county coordinator in iron county, tony, told the us were standing outside the iron county courthouse. tony is the president of the iron county farm bureau, and upgrade was to of their help in his campaign and the nra's help in this campaign, and so when people who cared about health care research and victims of child abuse and mental health equity, helping in ways that normally we don't see happen in campaigns in our state. but tony was saying, tony is mostly a tree trimmer but it's also a farmer, but his main business is being a tree trimmer. he said when i leave somebody's property i'd like it to look like nobody has been there except the trees look better. so we picked up every limb and we rake every leaf, and if there is a rut in the yard we rolled out right in the yard. he said everyone of my boys to
9:14 am
help smith said some time as they were going up, bad, nobody does it this way but us. why do we do it this way? he said every time i looked at them right in the eye and said if you do like everybody else does it, you are just everybody else. well, the united states of america is not everybody else. we are an exceptional country. thank you for your help. thanks for all you did to make this happen. [cheers and applause]
9:15 am
>> [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
9:16 am
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
9:20 am
[inaudible conversations] >> after i came up with this idea, i did research information because this is the case with a lot of pieces that will be done for this competition but mental illness especially. it's a complicated issue. it's not black and white and it's a multifaceted that they had research to get a base knowledge of what i wanted to talk about in this piece. obviously, there was a lot, and so comforted i can't talk about all inside seven minutes. >> it's a broad topic. i federal be nice to have a focal point i wanted to focus on. so i started editing my parents before i went and got to the
9:21 am
internet before started shooting, i researched this topic extensively. this is my dad's pharmacy. i talked to my mom and our colleagues and coworkers and, of course, did internet research. i actually went to the library. >> a lot of internet research to find more like facts and data and statistics about employment with developmental disabilities to see really what was going on. most of the information that i got off of the internet came from government founded websites, so that's the way new that most of the information i was getting was legitimate. >> this year's theme, your message to washington, d.c. what is the most urgent issue for the president and congress to address in 2017. our competition is open to all middle school or high school students grades six through 12 with $100,000 awarded. students can work alone or in a group of up to three to produce a five to seven minute
9:22 am
documentary on issues selected to include some c-span program and also explore opposing opinions. the $100,000 in cash prizes will be awarded and share between 150 students and 53 teachers. the grand prize of $5000 will go to the student or team of the best overall entry. this year's deadline is january 20, 2017 the market calendars and help us spread the word to student filmmakers. for more information go to our website >> in northcom a senator richard burr won reelection in 21-45 against deborah ross. he thanked his supporters at his campaign headquarters in winston-salem. senator burr said this will be his final term in office. his remarks are 10 minutes. >> thank you. it goes without saying this is
9:23 am
better than all the rest. [cheers and applause] i want to start by saying thank you to my partner, thom tillis, or as i call them, skippy. [laughter] [applause] thom and susan have been available every time we have asked. they've done everything we've asked. they've gone from one end of the state to the other, and i'm grateful for the partnership that we have in the united states senate, for the work that we do for north carolina. i can almost tell you there are now two senators from any state that work closer than thom and i do, and i'm grateful for that. [applause] tonight, i am truly humbled by the sport i have received from people across this state. it's an honor to be granted a third term in the united states senate. this is a victory for all those who have believed in the and who have continued to have
9:24 am
confidence in the fact that my values match your values. and for that i am grateful. [cheers and applause] i've got to give a special thanks first and foremost to my family. [applause] their support and understanding as to why i put them through this, campaigns and being away from down so much, is unbelievable. i could have never accomplished even a fraction of what i have done without the strength and help that i get everyday from my wife, brooke. [applause] it goes without saying that my children have grown up in it.
9:25 am
one was eight, one was nine when i went to congress for the first time. and for many outcome was affected. for me unable to look at two adults who have grown up to be great contributors to the communities that they live in. [applause] it's not easy putting up with my schedule and the demands on my time, but brooke does it without complaint. she keeps me grounded in reality. she sent me to costco or wal-mart or somewhere soon as i get home. and as you've seen on tv she was my sql weapon in the campaign. [cheers and applause] -- secret weapon. i know i will never be able to thank her enough, but on sunday with two sons, a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter, brooke
9:26 am
looked over at me sunday and she said, well, i just want you to know, i've been blamed about being in paris for christmas. so by golly, you are taking me to paris for christmas last night it's going to cost me i think it. [laughter] we don't know what we might face in the nation ahead, but we know this. that for over 240 years, americans have always risen to the challenges, which ever way they came. we will not retreat in our commitment to the cause of freedom, to be one nation where liberty and justice is available to all. as americans we literally breathe the air of freedom every day. unlike so many other nations. it courses through our veins, thousands of americans have shed their blood to guarantee we keep our liberty. our hearts swell with pride
9:27 am
knowing we live in the greatest land ever known to mankind. [cheers and applause] campaigns are about differences, differences between the candidates. but now that the election is over, it's time to move forward with solving the very real problems that we face as a nation. those of us who serve as elected officials must do so in a way that positively affects all of our citizens. that's our obligation and it's our responsibility. we should be prepared to make tough decisions as did our nation's founders. and so many who are remembered for the contributions that they have made. we all of america, and i'm proud to serve in some way to make our future better for all that live, and to keep america safe from the threats of terrorists, and
9:28 am
to provide everyone a chance to achieve their hearts desire. tonight a lease may with some bittersweet feelings, not just because it will be my last election -- b [laughter] if i had not announced a before this campaign, i would've announced it tonight a. [laughter] a because of something more personal. you see, 12 years ago as we celebrated my first senate election, i stood on the stage with my father and my mother, who provided incredible encouragement and everything i've ever done. then six years ago as we celebrated my second election to the united states senate, only my dad was here to be with me on stage. but i think everybody there knew that my mother was still
9:29 am
cheering me on. tonight, the bittersweet is that neither are with us in person. but i believe they join us in spirit as they always enjoyed a great celebration. but life isn't always will be a circle. people are born. they live their lives. hopefully making a difference. it in their lives come to an end and they replaced by a new generation. the sweet part about tonight is even though my parents are gone, our first grandchild arrived earlier this year, and we celebrate tonight -- [applause] -- with hope of her future and the future of your grandchildren. that's why i ran again this year, to make sure that she and all of your grandchildren have the unlimited opportunities and a safer world in which to live. the wheel of life continues to turn. one generation leaves the stage and another interest.
9:30 am
i pledge to you to finish my public service doing all i can to make sure that the next generation feels the full effects of what we can accomplish. in closing, i want to share with you a quote from my father. on april 5, 1945, i quote, i was watching a beachhead in the pacific. the war with japan was neither a great climax. on that afternoon i was with a group that stared down upon one of those magnificent strands of gold in pacific beach. but instead of batters to attract the eye, there were dead bodies. and instead of pleasure boats, they were broken and splintered barges. all was quiet except for the serve that washed over the white sand. each wave moved the bodies in and out, as though trying to say get up, get up, the battle is over, they have all gone. ..
9:31 am
he taught me to do my part. i intend to carry out my duties to this next senate term and as i try to do the best of my ability for the past 22 years. i am also reminded that with this special privilege tonight, only two senators being elected,
9:32 am
not appointed in north carolina's history will have served longer than i will that is jesse helms and sam urban. [applause] but, at the end of the six years, it will be time to let another generation get in on the action by serving in the united states senate. so tonight, to each each of you, i think you from the bottom of my heart for this victory which will be the capstone of my public service. this victory is as much yours as it is mine. thank each and everyone of you for being here. god bless this country and god bless each and everyone of you. [applause] >> senator burr's opponent spoke at her head order in north
9:33 am
carolina last night. [applause] >> you are a hard working, good looking crowd. i love you too and i love the people of north carolina. well, it's not the outcome we wanted but i have zero regrets. it has been a huge honor to run to be your united states senator
9:34 am
and i want to thank you for all the time and effort that you have put in to this election. it has been an election of a lifetime. serious issues have been put out there and you have worked very, very hard. i want to thank my husband who stood by me. he has been my best friend, he has been a trusted advisor, and he has always stood by me when i've reached for my dreams. my parents are here with me tonight and you've heard about them on the trail. my dad who always pushed me to do better and my mom who was always there for me no matter what. i talked to them every sunday, usually on our way to church and they have been the best parents
9:35 am
anybody could ask for. [applause] i also want to thank my staff. many of you have met them. they are the best of north carolina. some of them, it's their first job. some of them, there is their first job out of school. i have kids from all over the state. we have people who came back to north carolina to work on this campaign and some folks we convince to make north carolina home because our staff has reflected this stage and our people. now i want to tell you, we got in this race for the people of north carolina, and i have loved going to more than 90 counties
9:36 am
throughout the state. we've met people who have been struggling, who don't, who need to have the minimum wage increased. we've met older people who cannot make ends meet on social security and medicare. we have seen what the needs are of the state of north carolina and i am hoping and praying that this next congress will address them. i also want to congratulate my opponent senator burr. he has served this state for more than two decades and he will be your senator and please go to him because anyone who serves you needs to serve all of the people of the state. [applause]
9:37 am
i want to share with you just a few stories from the campaign trail about people who have inspired me because i hope you will take that inspiration with you. i want to tell you about an 8083-year-old man. he was one of the first recipients of the award and he said this is one of the most significant elections since 1960 when he got to vote for jfk. i carried those words for me all throughout the state of north carolina. i want to tell you about a young man who lost his scholarship because of an injury and is working the night shift. he is going to need help paying for college just like so many young people around north carolina and our congress needs
9:38 am
to address that issue. i want to tell you about the overflow room at four people inc. in on labor day. they have suffered a lot from the hurricane. they know their votes matter and their votes count and we need to forget the victims of hurricane matthew just because we are having an election. [applause] finally, i want to to thank my junior high school history teacher. i talked to her before i voted.
9:39 am
the teachers out there, please remember you are inspiring the next generation. this inspired me and please remember every day what you are doing. i don't consider this the end. i want to inspire young people and we ran a campaign we can be proud of and has inspired them. i will leave you in just a minute that i will take a page from harvey's playbook. he ran from the u.s. senate twice and did not prevail. one of the major things he did was inspire our president, barack obama to go forward i hope i have inspired one or two people along the way. thank you so much north carolina. [applause]
9:40 am
[applause] ♪ >> fort knox was chosen because
9:41 am
it was america's most impenetrable content impenetrable location. it had been open several years prior and there had been lots of gold transfer there. the secretary of the treasury filed his permission to use a portion of the depository for these document. >> sunday night on q&a talks about the decision to move the most historical document to fort knox. >> he has to make a decision, which documents are going to be there? the original engrossed constitution, definitely, the articles articles of confederation pre-constitution, the gettysburg address goes, he makes this decision.
9:42 am
the magna carta is the document he has been asked to preserve for the record. >> sunday night on q&a. >> at her campaign headquarters in chicago, she she thanked her supporters and talked about her experience as an iraq war veteran. her remarks are 15 minutes. [applause] >> tonight we showed a campaign that respects the voters in its focus on practical solutions rather than slogans can actually be successful. we showed a relentless focus on rebuilding illinois middle-class and showing the hard work rather than wealth can be successful too.
9:43 am
while it is still early and the big race is still yet to be called, we are filled with hope that history will be made tonight. [applause] a win for secretary clinton is a win for inclusiveness and for the american values that we hold so dear. more importantly, it's a repudiation of the vile politics of fear and phobia that has marginalize women, people of color and immigrants. our lgbt queue brothers and sisters, our hope is that tonight's results serve as a new birth of freedom and a reminder that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. while this campaign has drawn to an end, the the real work of securing the blessings of
9:44 am
liberty for ourselves at all of our children and grandchildren continues. that's why i am so proud of this campaign and so excited to get to work. thank you to all of our great volunteers and supporters, the people who knocked on doors and made phone calls and setting contributions five and $10 at a time. this was a truly truly grassroots effort and a victory would not have been possible without each and every one of you. thank you to my campaign staff who ran the best darn senate race in the country. thank you to my family, my husband brian, my brother tom and of course my precious abigail who turn into our lives
9:45 am
just two short years ago. to change us completely, she is our angel. of course, thank you senator durbin for that warm introduction and so much more. there is no way i could stay and be up here with your encouragement and don't have a way to explain what you mean to me. you are the most decent public service servant's i know and the people of illinois are lucky to have you. [applause] i am here because of the america that occurred 12 years ago this saturday, above and in in iraq.
9:46 am
i can't forget the shrapnel passing through my helicopter and it didn't destroy it and it allowed us to land. i started flying i doing what i loved four than anything in the world but i ended it not down, bleeding, surviving only because my buddies refused to leave me and it wouldn't stop, even as they struggle to carry me, dropping me, getting back up, stumbling forward, lifting my deadweight. their hearts bursting. one of those heroes is in the room right now. thank you. i can only be here because of you. i lived every day trying to honor you.
9:47 am
eleven days later i woke up at walter reed so weak i couldn't even move. i couldn't feed or clean up after myself, but i was alive, alive with a debt that i can never repay. i wake up every morning trying to be worthy of my crew, trying to be worthy of their struggle, to be worthy of this miraculous second chance. as we celebrate this amazing and hard-earned victory, let's keep in our site and our hearts those who aren't celebrating tonight, because because they have been knocked down by life's unpredictability. there are are steelworkers and families and granite city, more than 2000 of them got laid off notices the day before thanksgiving and were laid off two days before last christmas. there are people in every city in small town across the state keep hearing about an economic recovery but we haven't felt in
9:48 am
their lives. let's be clear, the economy didn't fail them all of the sudden in 2008. in too many cases, it has been decades of decline in frustration brought on by unfair trade deals and economic trends. here's a brave young woman whose parents came here in search of a better life for her children. the rhetoric coming out of the political season makes her wonder if she still welcome in the only country she knows. there's a young man in chicago that he could leave his gang life behind if he could find a steady job that paid me hundred $50 a week. he wasn't looking for six figures. he was looking for the stability and security of a job. there's the veteran who answered this country's call but when he came home he struggled to find a
9:49 am
steady job. he wonders if this torment will ever go away. there are living out the stories every day across illinois. with the 2016 election coming to an end, these challenges will remain. it is up to us to meet them. it starts with a basic understanding that no matter who you voted for today, we are all in this together. the most important link is that we all inhabit the small planet, we all breathe the same air and cherish our children's future and we all are mortal. if the president of the united states can summon that kind of grace and understanding at the height of the cold war, surely we can find it in ourselves to give our fellow americans the
9:50 am
same benefit. [applause] that's the spirit that i will bring to work in the senate every single day. i pledge to start with the presumption that my colleagues, regardless of party love this country. all we want is what's best for our children. moments ago i spoke with senator kirk and he offered his support as we make this transition. it has been at tough campaign. make no mistake about it, he has served this country for over two decades and we are grateful for his service.
9:51 am
thank you senator kirk. [applause] so, where do we go from here? just as i try every day to the sacrifices my buddies made to carry me off that battlefield, i will go to work in the senate looking to honor the sacrifice and quiet dignity for facing challenges of their own. after all, this patient didn't give up on me when i was at my most vulnerable and needing the most help. i believe in an america that doesn't give up on anyone who hasn't given up on themselves. that's why i will work to make college affordable for every american. whether it is an honor student searching for the right school but scared of taking on 30, 50, 50, $100,000 of debt before she has even begun her career or an
9:52 am
employer looking to include and improve his skills by enrolling in a certificate program at the community college. i will look to make as a leader in renewable energy also. our neighbors in iowa get more than a third of their energy need from wind while we only get 5% here in illinois. not only not only should we be producing more energy from wind and other renewable sources, we should leverage our advantage of skilled workforce, advanced manufacturing sectors and geography to be a global leader in building a renewable energy structure. i will work every day to make sure our veterans are getting the best care and receiving the benefits we promise them. they did not hesitate to answer the call when america asked them to serve and we should not make
9:53 am
them wait now. the city's vibrancy was on this way five days ago when 5 million cubs fans came out to celebrate. we love the city and we know how great and beautiful it is. that doesn't mean we don't acknowledge its problems. hope and opportunity are so far removed from that theme that they might as well be in a different city. too many of our citizens have to travel outside of the city for so many amenities we take for granted. groceries, clothing and the basic need for everyday living. thousands of hard-working people have fled our communities because of a lack of hope,
9:54 am
leading to spiral and neglect that devastates neighborhoods and opportunities for our young people. to address this, we need economic justice. we need jobs we need investment in all of our communities. opportunity shouldn't be something that requires a commute. in the senate, i will work for increased infrastructure investment whether it's maintaining roads and bridges and expanding public transportation or at long last ensuring that our drinking water is safe by replacing led pipes throughout all communities. that will help to create good jobs and level the playing field. economic justice also means the educational systems that appears and prepares our children for a fast changing economy, and one that serves adults as well, like those in granite cities whose lives were upended last year. we shouldn't be closing up
9:55 am
opportunity to any american whether they just starting out or looking to change careers. my dad, while my daddy, because i called him daddy my entire life, he was one of those people. he lost his job in the 50s and it was turned on its head. i'm here today because of public school, foods to eat stamps, pell grants and safety nets designed to help people who were knocked down. and i'm proud of it. >> senator marker gave his concession speech at his headquarters in illinois. >> everybody, i have just called tammy duckworth to congratulate her on a well thought race but i told her i would do everything possible to make sure illinois has the strongest representation in the united states than it.
9:56 am
i will continue the tradition i started in 2010. i. i invited her to join me at the billy goat tavern. [applause] this will show kids across illinois that opponents can bury the hatchet after a tough election. what unites us as americans is much stronger than what invites us. i ran for congress to make a difference. after my stroke i thought a long time, what is the political gift that illinois has given to the country. based on the lincoln presidency and a vote for the civil rights act, i decided the unique illinois gift to the country has been an individual dignity of personal freedom. that gift from the working public of illinois is the practical midwestern values that
9:57 am
we represent. i ran to be an advocate for illinois and the state that has a very strong work ethic and is home to the best baseball team, go cubs. [applause] i want to thank everyone who made those telephone calls and knocked on doors and made a contribution. you have been absolutely excellent. to my friends and family and staff, you mean the whole world to me. let's celebrate living in the best country in the world. [applause] thank you everybody. >> in florida, marco rubio won his reelection bid against democrat patrick murphy with 52% of the vote. after his win last night, senator rubio spoke spoke to supporters at his campaign headquarters in miami. this is ten minutes.
9:58 am
[applause] thank you guys, thank you. >> marco, marco, marco. >> marco. >> thank you very much. thank you. let me start by saying this is a lot better than the last time i did one of these in miami. [applause] may begin by saying a few moments ago i got off the phone with congressman murphy and i
9:59 am
congratulated him on a good race congressman murphy is a young man with a bright future and i thank him for his willingness to step forward. putting your name is hard on the ballot. i congratulate him and his family and i look forward to seeing the ways he is going to serve our country in the future. i want to begin by acknowledging what i always do. he ran a great race. [applause] all the glory and the praise belongs to my creator, to god, my lord and savior, jesus christ. [applause] he has carried us in every moment of our life in good times and difficult ones and the twist and turns and there have been a number of twist and turns and i always acknowledge god. the greatest blessing he's given
10:00 am
me is an extraordinary woman to share my life with and my four children. we had a great campaign team and i wish i could mention all of their names. i do want to acknowledge someone who did a phenomenal job. there is no one better my -- this country to run my campaign. i want to thank the staff in my senate office. i can't tell you how many people came up to me and said i'm not republican but i'm going to vote for you. you help me with social security, you help me with an issue at the va, that's the work we do. we are honored to do it. we have the best staff in america and i'm grateful for them.


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