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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 9, 2016 7:07pm-8:02pm EST

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cancel the international paris climate accord. in the new york times, uncertainty over donald trump's foreign policy risks global instability. today, number four and later swayed in about the election of donald trump as the next u.s. president. including australian prime minister, his tweet says, this trailing government congratulates president-elect trump. with our shared international interest, our relationship our relationship will continue to be strong. next, a discussion from china central television on u.s. asia relations after the election. this is about half an hour. [inaudible] >> hello. donald trump has won the presidency of the united states. what has this surprising election told us about the political process in the united states? policy initiatives the new
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president will put forward. how does china view the new international political landscape to come. to discuss these issues are more i'm happy to be joined in the studio by a professor a distinguished visiting professor from harvard business school. in the profession of international relations of american university in washington, d.c. before we begin which will be very tough but take a look at this. >> scandal and insult, donald trump has won the presidency, a victory that seemed unlikely. speaking at the victory party in new york trump express gratitude toward hillary clinton and call for unity. >> killer he has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time.
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we offer a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. i mean that very sincerely. >> from the start, trumps a battle has has repeatedly shattered the conventions of u.s. politics. this has been a campaign where the unexpected popping up. boundaries were broken regularly and revealed the deep divide that runs through american society. >> now it is time for america to bind the wounds of division. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. [applause] >> this presidential election has been with china bashing. but
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tough frederick on china has usually only but apply to win the white house. pragmatism. pragmatism is likely to be the eventual winner. progress in u.s. tights have been steady but with china's rising economic clout the relationship has never been more complex. china and the u.s. are engulfed in broader regional issues such as tensions over the south china sea, challenges in the asia-pacific and different stances on global issues such as denuclearization and cyber security. cooperation is needed but trust remains at least somewhat elusive. now, as the unexpected president prepares to step into the white house, a new a new page is about to be written for both sides. >> yet again has many of the recent elections the polls and challenges. this time around you know what i'm talking about, how did they get it so wrong?
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>> the media was wrong, the expert went wrong, the polls went wrong. seems like the last two or three days there is a swell of support for hillary clinton and that's not captured properly in the polls and media coverage. it looks like we underestimated the public support for donald trump. >> and with the elite media, wall street and the state department and all of the well educated, can we trust them? >> i'm not sure what you say about trust. i joined them with that i was completely surprised with this outcome. this is the greatest shock in the history of the american political system. nothing vaguely approaching it. i think were starting to get answers to what happened. pulling inherently depends on a turnout model, who'll come out to vote. what we see from the turnout is that non- urban white and poorly educated voters turned out at a
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level never before seen. >> overwhelmingly all the major mainstream media were bashing donald trump. it seems donald trump has single-handedly beaten all the rivals. i talked about them. wall street, street, the white house, all of the democrats in the a level of his own party, republicans, everybody has abandoned him ruthlessly yet he once a big. >> you have to understand the media also may donald trump. in the the beginning when he was not a credible candidate he did not invest any money in advertising the media gave him a lot of free time. he could call it to any new show in tampa say. the media made his candidacy in the beginning at least. i would not be very surprised that he did so well without
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really having to spend any money on television advertising. >> was it difficult for hillary to send congratulations to him? >> of course. anybody in hillary clinton's position would be very hard. >> the family spending the whole day reflecting on what went wrong. >> i think americans are probably not ready for another hillary clinton. a husband and wife. that's a a lot about public anger and frustration against the establishment within the democratic party and also the anger and frustration against the establishment. so he is an antiestablishment. >> he is now part himself. so how will he meant it ties and seek -- >> it's hard to know. there's never been a candidate
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remotely like donald trump. i hope that i'm just as wrong in my forecast for the trump presidency as i was for the election. i've never wanted to be so wrong in my entire life. but, there certainly things that. >> you don't apologize for it. >> i absolutely apologize but i am stunned. i got this one wrong and now we have to deal with the consequences along with everyone else. i think he started -- he started talking about hillary is a public servant witten he didn't do that during the campaign. we should should feel glad about that. but we also seen what we can call gloating or vengeance that a different candidate would've worked much more through restraint. what we have to hope and is what family could called the better angels of our nature speak to donald trump is i have to to his other predecessor. >> there's a short story running
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for government may not be so surprised at the boundaries of the truth that were broken regularly. what you think of the mockery of the campaign? >> the use of abusive words. >> this has certainly been an election where ability that we normally expect in politics -- >> the american of the nicest government is more than 200 years old. it's older than the government of china, france and italy combined. >> it is a democracy. you have this free election and the guy who loses it, hillary clinton she accepted that results. [inaudible]
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>> you talk about vindictiveness earlier. he has already said that he will go after hillary. then appoint a special prosecutor. and prosecute women who cannot -- >> supporters of donald trump are saying lock her up, lock her up. what is that mean? >> what we can hope that it means is that it was in the fervor of the moment, enthusiasm and it won't be carried forward. democracy doesn't mean civility. democracy means when someone wins the election we give them power. that is what is going to happen and own is suggesting that. >> -- i don't think it will follow part. i think will will be galvanized because they will see that they have to wait him out for four years. so they will commiserate. >> the game is over.
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>> it is not harder impossible for hurt to run again. >> will she make a lot of money for giving the speeches? >> i can't tell you. [inaudible] what would she say next, her memorandum. >> hillary has spent her life as a public servant. she is made plenty of money but she doesn't need to make more. i suspect she and president obama will take on the roles of leader of the opposition as soon as he steps down for office. they will be the center point for any opposition to the trump presidency. >> based on what he is set is a candidate does anybody know what donald trump is going to do as president? will he we be different in some way now that he has one?
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will he be frustrated that he cannot run a country the same way he has won rhyme a business. he doesn't have any office expenses politician before. >> it so hard to tell. he is never spent a single day in public office. either way, a lot of people remember he hasn't paid income taxes for 20 years. he has that kind of bird. so look at the results. even has the republican majority of the house and senate that does not guarantee. you have some physical -- of the house and look at donald trump's budget. there's a lot of problem for him to talk over. i don't believe that he will have a smooth sailing for donald trump and it comes to the repealing of barack obama's health care. when it it comes to confirmation of the next up in court justice. i think a lot of things aren't too early to call. >> in the early 1960s the united states was so divided that jfk paid the highest price you know what i mean in dollars. [inaudible] is not popular is some, he was
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on popular with the elite, the mainstream media. >> the secret service is very good at its job. i would not be more worried for him than anybody else. if barack obama given the eight years of racial tensions, i'm not worried about donald trump for four. jfk was assassinated by a crazy person. it doesn't doesn't take donald trump to trigger that. >> the american system of checks and balances so the president cannot get away with everything he or she wants to say or do. so the trump will be's restrained by other branches of the government. the senate, the house the other thing is trump comes in in a weird way his position will be the mirror image of obama eight years ago. when obama was come in and he came in on the teeth
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of the financial crisis. judging by what is happening in markets this morning we should expect to see substantial economic impact just from the election of donald trump. forget about policies he might implement. all of that will be on his head. he can't blame it on his predecessors. it was caused by his election. that will weaken the political standing significantly. and that's very strong. he's the leader of the republican party that controls the house of representatives and the supreme court. this is a level of political dominance that very few have. [inaudible] does it mean the united states is not ready for a female president or doesn't mean president obama has been unable to the behind a legacy of a good economy? or not a good foreign-policy? what is it that that has
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contributed to the defeat of hillary clinton for the perspective of obama? >> may be what contributes to donald trump's success. i think this is like white, working-class through blood then there's the washington establishment, that widespread anger and frustration against washington and second, i believe i believe there is a strong elements of anti-immigration so a lot of people support donald trump because of his very explicit controversial stand on this. when you say what hillary clinton should do a brock obama come i think it's a very big and moment of soul-searching for the democrats. what is your for the next four years. if you do well maybe you can can come back and recapture the white house. if you don't do well, maybe the republicans -- >> the sitting president aligns himself with the candidate of his own party, yet he failed.
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let's take a look at what could be done to create job opportunities in the presidency. will he commit to the construction of a wall between mexico and the united states. >> he has promised that he will but for all the problems united states has right now on employment is not one of them. it's currently 4.9%. so we can expect and trump said he will do public works and he'll deal people in the house of representatives, my guess is he will win that battle because his political status is so high although it's hard to know. in terms of job opportunities, the central challenge he faces are unlikely to be that unless the financial turmoil spirals out of control like it did in 2007 and eight. what will be the major issues on the agenda for the president-elect to further
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economic recovery for the united states? >> let me start by saying that the american economy's in trouble in trouble not because of obama or american policy but the structure of the global economy. >> other countries are rising. india, these are not because a policies undertaken by american government but because the global power ship. the people have taken advantage of the system, trump has promised america great again but it may not be in his hands. to actually do that and because things continue to rise and fall. >> we will look at -- through rejection.
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>> it's hard to imagine the america i grew up in, the welcome my parents who are immigrants and inspired that national symbol, give us your tired, your poor, you're hungry, your hungry will turn fully to the rejection of immigrants. >> i think he has are ready gone to that. >> he did not say the very openly. in the most recent public appearance but it seems to me like he has to toned down back towards the center and say we don't have to really deport 11 million illegal immigrants. think of how much this will cost. how many please you have to put. >> you talk and financially. >> if i can interrupt, he also has to be looking at a second term. he can come back completely on some of the promises he has made. so maybe you can expect him to's toned down in the second term but the first term he will
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maintain. >> will be done in the first 100 days of his presidency? >> i would agree with my colleagues. the one consistent line is about has still it in immigration. we should expect the republican party will follow him and that. we should expect should expect american immigration will change radically. i suspect given the huge driver among the american congress they will repeal obama care and we will see something along those lines. depending on what the financial markets look like i suspect that we see major tax policies. >> while will be the response of the the stock market? >> the gold price to go up,. >> american markets have not opened yet but i believe the future with the dow was down about a thousand points. were going into cycle that nobody understands because traditionally american
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instruments of the safe harbors to which other assets flow. when the united states is a source of the turmoil we don't know what will happen. will they strengthen these even though the united states is causing the issues or will they go to other assets? >> many chinese observers following the campaign say they do not like hillary clinton because of many issues. she denounced china. and through the debates of both candidates spoke of china and what was expected to be a china bashing campaign. in terms terms of foreign-policy and particularly negotiations of bat, do you think to pp will be carried out in another name? >> so candidates say tough things about china. that's a history of history of american presidential candidate saying tough things against china when
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they come into office and they usually tone it down. we may or may not see that here. i think i'm trade the biggest impact is going to be entrée. but it may be other areas. and i think if you asked me one of the real impacts of china for trump presidency is not directly between the u.s. and china. it will be the allies what he does with japan and korea, what he will do more of a burden otherwise he will withdraw a break those alliances and that will have an impact on china. maybe positive. >> do you think this president-elect is likely to
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back this policy? >> you look at the presidential debates and donald trump's republican pat platform and major speech, there's very serious discussions about asia-pacific. and that he did mention about russia, the middle east and other areas. it seems to me that asia-pacific would not be really high on the top agenda. second, someone like like donald trump who is very, he's on predictable, perhaps it's good for the chinese leadership to engage in him. the person you don't know much at all is good. >> did you guys follow the moves of moscow where do you think he deliberately that they created
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the success? >> i have not heard anything but there's no doubt that vladimir putin come after donald trump he came under fire, we've never seen anything like this, and they actively applauded it. that democratic norm in the united states is something will have to figure out while happen. clearly american policy toward russia is about to undergo a significant change. >> do you think president donald trump is likely to keep him down and out with what has been achieved? >> i think -- but it they can come back to the question of the t pp, the rebalancing. >> . . .
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a let us make a good friend to send a message of congratulations to the president-elect. it will be your mark both dynamic. i think if i were a foreign leader i would try carefully with president trump in office
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for a while. he has an established tendency to have a thin skin and the challenge that if i were a voter it would give me pause for united states government controls extraordinary arsenals of power. >> donald trump has always been a hallmark of unpredictability. >> first of all we don't know a lot about his foreign-policy advisers and we also don't know who he is going to appoint secretary of state and secretary of defense. he does not have experience himself unlike hillary clinton. we don't know who is going to walk with him because a whole bunch of foreign-policy establishment in washington.
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>> it will only be politicians and policymakers to work with donald trump. do you think your will regret it and can i work for you? >> i asked foreign-policy establishment people in the big names and they say we won't work with him but remember in the present the united states of america picks up the phone and calls you saying would you do this, it's nearly impossible to say no. >> i'm sorry but their 150 people who said he is not fit to be president. >> we will start building the new while? >> hard labor. i think you have a point. there are a lot of people signing pledges that the sniff of higher office is quite
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addictive. >> to answer the call of your own country. >> is very easy to rationalize and say look i can mitigate the damages by being outside and you can tell yourself --. >> i think this will put pressure on japan and south korea so this is. >> your take? >> there are a lot of assumptions about china japan and korea so when you say, i and i think this is impossible with donald trump says we are going to scratch this u.s. japan allied to reduce our troops in south korea and that may lead to a scenario that you just said. >> given the specter of her store in america, do you think the prime minister stands ready to enlarge his financial commitment so donald trump's
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threats will not come churck? >> he may be willing to do that in the pro forma way but if you are japanese or south korean leader at this point it's not the financial limits that are the issue. the idea that you believe the united states was reliable. that's a high degree of commitment. i think it would be hard of be hard to believe of another country to have that level of trust and president trump at least at the beginning. >> do think this president will be the first to blink in the standoff with russians because you know hillary said a no-fly zone is likely to be imposed at in syria in direct confrontation with the russians. >> will russia be the first country to visit?
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thank you mr. putin and slap him on the back. >> may be trouble go to mexico. >> it's entirely possible. >> i suspect that they will start off warbeck donald trump if there's one consistent thing about donald trump is that he's not consistent about most things well i suspect the russians have high hopes for close relationship they will do something he doesn't like and he will flip to it different position very fast.
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earlier today president françois holland said the election of donald trump quote opens the period open certainty. next english-language news
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channel france 24 coverage and analysis of the 2016 u.s. election. this is about eight minutes. >> hillary clinton addressing people at her new york hotel some 20 minutes ago. let's get more in washington. we saw a very gracious but emotionally restrained hillary clinton, didn't we? it certainly took a long time for her to concede. >> it took a long time for her to concede. donald trump made his acceptance speech at 3:00 a.m. local time. he was very late in the night and by then a lot of people had gone home and so they thought better to wait until morning and they were probably doing serious rewrites of the gracious speech from hillary clinton that which is heard a few moments ago. we heard some emotion in her voice when she said we'll donald
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trump an open mind and a chance to leave but she also said and you heard it in that clip we just played the sense that he would be called to order, that they would be very vigilant when it comes to things like rule of law, freedom of worship, values that she says and we also cherished. we didn't hear hillary clinton say this was her farewell to politics. sounds like a farewell speech by clinton, what they clinton you can never say never. >> donald trump wants to heal the division within america but before anything especially before assuming the presidency he is going to have to heal those divisions within his own party. >> you call it his own party. that's the big question is effectively donald trump has been a one-man band throughout most of the campaign. he didn't really seem to need
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the other republicans than in the general election he didn't need the pollsters obviously. hillary clinton would go out on the trail with bruce springsteen and jay-z. donald trump didn't need that. he was the attraction of the campaign trail but that was campaigning and as you say now it comes time for leading. he has never held political office. the first u.s. president to never have served in the military in general or held political office. how is he going to work with other people? it's the essential question. >> they got it wrong, didn't pay this man attracting support across all layers of american society. >> yes, even 42% of the female vote according to an exit poll by "the new york times" that despite the claims of sexual harassment or remarks you heard on the campaign trail, donald trump, you could say the writing was on the wall and a lot of
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people refuse to see it. what he did differently was he energize people on the campaign trail and what this was, this is important, it was a protest vote. he is not -- he says he's leading a movement. he is not the carrier of a great ideology like ronald reagan was at the turn of the 1980s. donald trump was tapping into the rage against elites that are out of touch basically raging against washington. how does the turn that into policy and i've got to say was striking to see him on stage with his running mate mike pence the governor of indiana. their values are so different trump of a reality tv show star and mike pence conservative christian from the midwest. it will be interesting to see what kind of the team they will be able to put together. >> thank you so much and friends
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while we'll be back with us in a no first hour's time. joining me here in the studio is a french comedian living in the united states and back in paris. thanks for being with us. for someone like yourself an immigrant living here how do you feel about this election victory? >> i'm not very surprised number one. i have been there for 18 years now and i have been photo into the mindset of the americans. i am not surprised by trump's election after bush's second election. he had a very intelligent campaign. he went straight to the people and targeted them. >> but it was an ugly campaign. >> it was extremely ugly but people just put aside the ugliness and went straight to his values.
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jump talk to them unfortunately and at the same time it's the result of true america. >> i've talked to friends and colleagues and peers about donald trump and the attraction of himself. did you talk to your friends about donald trump and were any of them actually voting for him? >> not really. few people in los angeles voted for trump and even if they did they would never say because it became a bad statement that you are voting for trump. and at the same time i was always cautious of the way he approached the campaign, the way he could get those people together, the people who some of them for the past eight years
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have been in financial crisis. they saw someone who from very little became a millionaire, someone who is pretty much the american dream. that's who he is. >> there is one american commentator described as a white -- which is what you are talking about, a lot of anger. doesn't make you want to come back to france? >> not necessarily. i don't think too much has changed without election. i think it's the true america that we are seeing. we can pretend that we don't acknowledge what's going on but it's just what it is. orders have to come from men and i think it's deeply-rooted in the american scheme right now.
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including in france as well. i don't want to compare both countries. i respect them very well as well and on a positive note is the fact that the people voted for him. they didn't vote for a republican. they voted for him so he is forcing things to change in the political picture right now. i think he's bringing something else, whatever something else might be. within the next year or the next four years. we need real change. and maybe he is going to be the source of some kind of change cometh that down the line some people might benefit from as well. >> we will have to leave it there. thank you so much. >> thank you so much.
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the headline from spoke puts iran's nuclear deal and shaky grasp of the story says the deal harshly opposed by republicans in congress was reached as a political commitment rather than a treaty ratified by lawmakers making it honorable to a new u.s. president such as donald trump you might disagree with its terms. i ran to english-language news channel also covered the u.s. election result and future relations with i ran. here's a portion. about three minutes. >> the mere fact that the united states has always per. itself as a melting pot, a place where people of all races come together and can live together is not a -- obviously a melting pot. the candidates equally divided based on race and religion which is very unfortunate. this has been used to the advantage of the political
7:46 pm
establishment for adopting aggressive foreign-policy. i think the base of the united states is somehow being exceptional has been destroyed. no matter how the americans try to spin it, mr. trump will have great difficulty in pursuing the sort of policies that have been pursued by the united states over the past few decades. americans weather for racist reasons or simply out of protest , there are many good americans who voted for trump simply because they did not want clinton because of her foreign policy, because the perp personal corruption and there are many who may have voted for racial release -- reasons that forever reason people voted against the current policies pursued by the united states, the current policies of inequality at home in the policies that are destructive across the globe and if trump
7:47 pm
wishes to be remembered as a president that has improved the fortunes of the american people he will have no options but to behave in a more reasonable manner in foreign policy. with regards to i ran, i don't take that trump is going to do anything positive to improve relations between the two countries but he definitely will not have the capability that clinton had to hurt the country. also trump has major problems with allies like israel and saudi arabia. he is concerned about extremism for his own reasons. he wants to cooperate with the russians. that could have a positive result if he is allowed to pursue these policies of change. that could have a positive result for the region but i think the iranian state devices
7:48 pm
this foreign-policy and its regional policy not raised on who was elected in the white house but based on what it sees as him moral foreign-policy in the interest of the people of the region and the people of the iranian public. i don't think there will be any change and iranians whether trump is elected or clinton, think the reality on the ground in the united states and what we see today has diminished the united states considerably and i think that's very good for i ran. russian president vladimir putin tweeted his congratulations to donald trump on when -- winning the u.s. presidential election. next i look at the international reaction to the u.s. election continues with an 11 minute portion from russia today's english-language service. it aired after democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton's concession speech today. >> there was a drastic shift in
7:49 pm
the elections leading up to the vote. mainstream media certain hillary clinton was destined for american politics and then it all slipped. a state-by-state turned red leaving the democrats in the dust. >> since getting up slowly slaughtered hillary clinton is up by 30 points. >> hillary clinton holding steady. >> hillary clinton up four points. >> this guy is a complete clown. >> a rodeo clown. >> eight it would be an embarrassment to the tragedy for this country if donald trump were somehow elected to be president. >> more than 70 republicans have signed an open letter to their party chairman urging him to stop funding donald trump's campaign. >> this is a huge indicator that something is inherently flawed in that system.
7:50 pm
if you watch "msnbc" or abc or fox, doesn't matter. when it lets cross over to the american capital. donald trump is the 45th president of the united states. i suppose there has been mixed reaction over there. give us the state of the --. >> this has been a very divisive election campaign and a big part of american voting for hillary clinton because they said they were scared of the donald trump presidency. some of the headlines that came out this morning were like that. they are along the lines of can america survive president trump? there is a worry in the fear among the big part of the population in the united states but not as big as washington's belief before the vote counts began. just days before the election we saw poll after poll suggesting a clinton win and the media seem so confident in the outcome.
7:51 pm
as the results came and they had to admit they got it all wrong. some point hardware -- a journalist looked at those as they were unexpectedly turning red and said to a satellite it? throughout the selection of the trump campaign has of the trump campaign is an think the media, the pundits, the washington establishment are out of touch with reality across the country and tuesday night many people felt a little out of touch with what was happening on the electoral map. >> bring us the latest on that eventful night to say the least reporting from washington d.c.. some of the politicians who have been quick to ridicule and dismiss donald trump not finding themselves in an easy situation. the interior minister who has cleared his facebook page of anti-trump comments and he's not the only one.
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>> world leaders have been busy congratulating donald trump on his historic win. a few hours ago president putin commented on the results. rush is ready and willing to restore fully fledged relations with the u.s.. we realize it's going to be a tough task given how they have deteriorated recently that we are ready to play our part and do her a house to put our relations back on track. >> elliott joins me live. one interesting facet in the election campaign, perhaps russia can be accused of meddling in a campaign through the duration of the long process, haven't they? >> finally the elections and campaigns have wrapped up but if you look back at it the highlight of the campaign as you were saying was of course how heavily was focused on russia. it's been counted how many times during the debates, the word
7:54 pm
putin and russia were brought up. that's 178 in total and that's compared to the islamic state which is still i guess the main threat to the united states. that was being mentioned 132 times. when it comes to clinton, one of the hoax of her campaign was essentially putting it this way. you are either with me or with the evil vladimir putin and so many tv channels and media organizations jumped on the bandwagon here. the whole e-mail scandal, that's because of russian hackers. when wiki week started releasing clinton's compromising data that means julian assange is a russian spy or putin's agent and vladimir putin his scheming hair because he is an up romance with donald trump.
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>> these hacks have been taking taking place virus appeared in dozens committee said russia's behind them. russian state actors broke and. >> russia has used cyber attacks. >> we know russian intelligence services which are part of the russian government which is under the firm control of vladimir putin has hacked the dnc dnc. there is growing evidence that russia is using wikileaks as a delivery vehicle for hacked e-mails. >> trump himself praised pro russian policy. you continue to get help from him because he has a very clear favorite in this race. >> that's really what it was, putin been a bogeyman in the campaign race. it didn't seem to work obviously. >> the fact that donald trump one goes to show that really the american voter didn't buy it and they had more important things to care about than these allegations of putin stealing the election from the americans. maybe that is because clinton's camp wasn't eventually able to
7:56 pm
prove that putin was somehow scheming in interfering here but this didn't really stop some to carry on even when the votes have been counted. >> this is the first election of which an enemy power deliberately and explicitly interfered in our election and got away with it. also we can take a look at tweet by former ambassador to russia michael mcfaul. what he posted when he found out the results was putin intervened in our elections and succeeded. he took that tweet off later but of course many of the followers and other media organizations we saw continue to attempt to give clinton credit for trumps win. it's also been echoed across europe not just by journalists but also german chancellor angela merkel. she suggested that vitamin or putin may go want an implant
7:57 pm
elections in germany that may be in a year. >> we are now having to deal with information out of russia over news which shows false information. it may be that this could also play a role during the election. >> what can i say? who just wait until they start talking about putin and the debate. >> in the spring next year we may have one or two remarks. thank you for bringing us up to date with that particular aspect of the campaign. >> indeed for many the surprise results of the u.s. election had striking similarities with the outcome of another european country. the brexit referent in the uk with the hashtag trump -- trending. >> of course there have been
7:58 pm
lots of comparisons especially on social media about how this particular result is justified brexit. there has been a whole new hashtag created. people have definitely drowned the comparisons from very early on today and throughout the day. this has been gathering momentum on social media. we have seen the mainstream media virtually at a loss for words because this is not a result that we expected and another example of how the media and the polls and the politicians are completely disconnected from the reality that ends up laying on the ground which is something that we specifically saw with brexit here in the uk. of course one of the people who weren't jubilant about these election results was nigel farage one of the brexit masterminds. >> it's going to the year of two great political revolutions. i know brexit was big but it
7:59 pm
looks like this will be bigger. >> another brexit supporter and main campaigners also had come out and congratulated donald trump re-tweeted earlier today, congratulations to donald trump and much looking forward to working with his administration on global stability and prosperity. we also of course heard from theresa may who has congratulated trump. she said we are and will remain strong and close partners on. back security and i look forward to working with president-elect donald trump. but the curiosity is exactly how this is going to unravel and whether or not we are going to be seeing somewhat of a 180 from the political establishment here in westminster. we can all remember just this year we saw mps in the uk debating in parliament whether or not to ban donald trump from entering the uk. here are the comments about the muslim community. >> hate crimes by the words
8:00 pm
donald trump's using. >> a ridiculous xenophobia. >> i would be curious to see how they end up reshuffling their opinion following this very shocking and unexpected result coming out of the u.s. election.
8:01 pm
we are asking students to participate in this year studentcam tree competition by telling us what is the most urgent issue for our next president, donald trump and the incoming congress to address in 2017? our competition is open to all middle school and high school students grades six through 12. students can work alone or in a group of up to three to produce a five to seven minute documentary on the issue selected to the grand prize of $5000 will go to the student or teamed with the best overall entry page $100,000 in cash prizes will be awarded and shared between you 150 students in ep3 teachers. this year's deadline is january 20, 2017. that's a nonaggression day. for more information about the competition go to our web site >> this morning conservative leaders from across washington to talk about the elon


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