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tv   Conservative Activists Discuss Post- Election Priorities  CSPAN  November 9, 2016 8:01pm-9:06pm EST

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we are asking students to participate in this year studentcam tree competition by telling us what is the most urgent issue for our next president, donald trump and the incoming congress to address in 2017? our competition is open to all middle school and high school students grades six through 12. students can work alone or in a group of up to three to produce a five to seven minute documentary on the issue selected to the grand prize of $5000 will go to the student or teamed with the best overall entry page $100,000 in cash prizes will be awarded and shared between you 150 students in ep3 teachers. this year's deadline is january 20, 2017. that's a nonaggression day. for more information about the competition go to our web site >> this morning conservative leaders from across washington to talk about the election results and their priorities in and a republican congress.
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from the national press club, this is about an hour. >> good afternoon and welcome. my name is richard viguerie the chairman of conservative thank you for coming. we have a strong lineup today of major national conservative leaders to help you understand and explain yesterday's historic election results. each person will speak were a couple of minutes and then we will take questions. most will be available afterwards for one-on-one interviews and i think most of us also have statements. yesterday's election results was an american revolution. i was there for the goldwater presidential campaign in 1964 with launched the conservative movement that i was there for ronald reagan's 1980 landslide victory.
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there was a great conservative victory but not a rejection of america's ruling class. yesterday's election results were the opening battle of an american political revolution from the presidency to the congress to the federal courts in the states. president obama said his policies were on the ballot yesterday and the american people said they want to repeal those policies, his legacy and his agenda. the bush wing of the republican party is dead and was buried yesterday by the american people. the old republican coalition of republican establishment as a senior partner in the grassroots constitutional conservatives and a junior partner is dead. america's new governing coalition with the trump populist in the grassroots constitutional conservatives. something else that died yesterday was gridlock. be careful what you ask for, liberals. you wanted and into good luck
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and yesterday the american people gave us an end to good luck in washington. i said it in my book, takeover the greatest impediment to the governing america is not the democrats but the republican establishment. last night that impediment was swept away by new conservative populist majority that elected donald trump. capitol hill republican leaders who cannot help implement a trust agenda should get out of the play and resign. republicans now on the anticorruption message in one of the most important defining characteristics to the new coalition is that it is the anticorruption party committed to ending chronic corrupt government exposing and defeating the anti-democratic agenda of the ruling class. i want to recognize and congratulate my good friend kellyanne conway, the first woman to win the u.s. presidency
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[applause] next we will hear from brent bozell president of media research center. >> thank you richard. i want to define my comments today to the press. all the pundits are declaring today that this victory for donald trump is historic in nature and it's true that there is something that has never happened in america. while the stretch and therefore could have made yvette the nicaraguan elections i participated in a press conference with three others went inactive during the campaign. they said the sandinistas would win by over 20 points. i stated the media polling authorized by the communist government was going to be flat wrong. the nicaraguan people were telling the media with the media wanted to hear.
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this is why the pundits got it all wrong last night. they believe the media and their spin not just on the coronation of hillary clinton but more partly on america's supposed repudiation of donald trump to the liberal media sought trumps voters just that the clinton campaign saw them a basket of deplorables put aussies among the pro hillary press treated trumps followers with utter contempt and at the same time the left-wing media were giving comfort to hillary clinton covering up for scandals when they could, spinning them in her favor when they couldn't. we documented this all season long. the long. he's out of the public sigh. that conservatives heard top left-wing reporters like jorge ramos calling him the news media to take sides against donald trump. thanks to wikileaks we saw something else, how these reporters were working side-by-side with the clinton
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campaign including donna brazile leaving questions for hillary and lying to her chief on national television denying it and caught doing it several times. this was a massive repudiation of the press. our message, don't believe the liberal media succeeded in the next few days we will be unveiling a massive amount of polling data that will document this. the gallup organization released a poll recently showing the national media has dropped to an all-time low and 25% of the leicester loan. this is devastating to the public note it's not getting news from the news media. getting left-wing propaganda just as we have maintained all along to the liberal media was the second-highest biggest losers last last night but as opposed to clinton their credibility is shot. it's unfortunate for the honorable professional journalism working and yes they do exist but it's an incredible
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one for the american people. the leftist media did not decide this election, the american people did. >> adam brandon president that freedom works. >> thank you very much. if i could sum the selection of but think donald trump has said it's draining the swamp. in last 20 years we have seen most americans are wages have remained stagnant if they growth of government has been to need to grow. obviously something is not working. this presents an opportunity. we have the white house, we have the senate and the courts probably. why don't want to do is repeat the same mistakes we had in the bush administration where we grew government. freedom works has long been championed by the house freedom caucus. with this new government coming in the house can focus on
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regulatory oversight, passing a sound budget process and that means giving away from the omnibus and the continuing resolution. we'll be able to get back to repealing obamacare a progrowth economic agenda. they will be able to be defined on what they are for and not what they are against. what i also want to do is make sure we continue to push the map trump one state that pennsylvania. they don't expect for them to pick up and i'd like to continue that process going forward. i would also like to use this in 2018. i hope summer after josh mandel is watching this in the state of ohio. think it's a great opportunity for candidates like that to jump in the race and also i call a two action folks on the hill.
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number one please delay the house leadership races. give us a week or two to sort this out at number two please do not do any major pieces of legislation in this process like the trade deal with a show. finally i would like to point out certain races like the one in iowa with congressman -- he won by eight points. this was the democrat in five districts. it was a very powerful message so finally i'm calling on conservatives to govern by the rhetoric with which they want. thank you. >> don't be concerned about the ability to catch your breath. we are all trying to catch her breath from that spectacular victory yesterday. there are more seats appear if anyone wants to come and take the seats. next we will hear from marjorie
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danenfelser. >> good afternoon. what time of day is it? all of our timing is off. calling it trump flag for a few days here. the pro-life movement is in the strongest position it has been in over 40 years since roe v. wade. this election is delivered a powerful punch and along with that it's delivered a strong mandate to finally as the beginning to allow public polls the real consensus in this nation to be enacted into law. we are poised to make the biggest legislative advances for the protection of unborn children since roe v. wade. what do i mean wax we are keyed up to defund planned parenthood.
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we have all that we need now is the perfect line appeared we will do the same with this bill and fight for the 60 votes to enact the protection for unborn children after 20 weeks, all demographics across-the-board women, hispanics, democrats and of course republicans in young people support. of course with the commitments that we have -- that we know from donald trump we will be entertaining pro-life supreme court justices but i believe he's the only presents a candidate to ever formulate a promise in that way, the pro-life supreme court justice will be nominate only. the power of the grassroots i believe is the big story. the power of the pro-life movement on the ground has been a big sleeping giant over the last four years and it culminated in an enormous win in the battleground states in the
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states with -- the cycle, we enacted the largest ground game ever in the pro-life movement. we reached 1.2 million people in their homes and that included pro-life people who are not formally voting and are a little bit on the libel. it includes hispanics, hundreds of thousands of hispanics across florida and north carolina ohio and in the senate race in missouri. this kind of impact, this change of the movement is a long time coming and what do i mean? elections lead to legislation that lead to elections that lead to legislation. that is then what has been missing for so many are some pasta we have now. that's way we are poised to believe all the specific promises that donald trump made and along with the leadership in the house and the senate make sure that these promises become real. for anyone who thinks the issue
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was not very salient in this election i will point out two things. one is google trends tracks the most common trends all along the way and in the first debate the second most googled question and it didn't even come up in the debate. coming into election day it was either second or first every day up until election day. it may not be that is the most talked about because it's not usually happy topic that a lot of networks want to talk about but it's working in the networks of human interaction. it's working in very much a salient point for men women hispanics and the one thing we know for sure in these close bout ground states. also a historic moment in the last debate, something that is never happened under president's debate stage and that of clarity
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between the two candidates on the abortion issue was on stage for all to see. donald trump -- what a partial-birth abortion is. he explained that. he said he may think that's -- but it's not to me. she defended her position and set an unborn child has no right up until birth. that's the contrast that favors us. that is going on offense. that's how we win elections when we take that leadership door-to-door to door person to person to person and voter to voter and that's why we have this great opportunity have of us in the next year to do great work. i think finally one thing that is very clear in the republican party is that there will be no more mark kirk am no more -- that type of pro abortion leadership is a thing of the past.
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unfortunately mark kirk didn't learn it soon enough and frank cannon has been replaced by a strong independent pro-life woman. that's all i've got. >> we are going to go out of sequence in our alphabetical plan. our next speaker has to catch a plane. ralph reed's chairman of faith and freedom coalition. >> thank you very much richer. it's a great honor to be here with so many great friends and colleagues who did so much to make this historic victory happen. i would just like to say very briefly was my purpose in honor to become friends with donald trump six or seven years ago. the opportunity to speak with them about these issues of life, of marriage, the need to reinvigorate our culture, strengthen the family, get an out-of-control government back living within its means and many
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other issues that i cared about. i have no reservations at all about supporting him for president and i think as we gather in our nations capital you see the reason why. this is not a mere parochial concern of our organization. this is a man who yesterday along with many other candidates and like mind sharing many the same policy decisions down the ballot for senate house and governor generated such a turnout of voters that one out of every three voters told exit pollsters that they were conservative christian and those voters voted 79% for donald trump and only 15% for hillary clinton. as marjorie said the reason why this because there was a bright line of demarcation in the ground that separated these candidates. on the sanctity of life it is not true that donald trump has
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just recently become pro-life. i talked to him about that issue six or seven years ago. he had been pro-lifer number of years at that time. hillary clinton was the most radical pro abortion candidate that either party had ever nominated. and taxpayer funding of planned parenthood, and religious freedom, on his commitment to appoint judges who respect him out of the constitution and interpret the law while legislating from the bench. going to the point as marjorie made clear and was clear to millions of voters the first candidate for president ever of either party to release a list of 20 judges for which he ultimately pledged he would choose the replacement for antonin scalia pledging to repeal and replace obamacare to be a steadfast friend of israel and finally to oppose the i ran nuclear deal and curtail the bloodiest most dangerous regime in the world from obtaining the most dangerous weapons that
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humankind has ever known. this happened because of what he did and it happened because of what these leaders and the millions they represent dead. i will just close by saying this there were an awful lot of premature obituaries written of the religious conservative and profamily movement during this campaign and we can now say this morning as mark twain did the report of our death have been greatly exaggerated. thank you very much. >> thank you, ralph. next week we'll hear from the chairman of tea party patriot citizens fund. >> thank you richard and diana for organizing this. congratulations to president-elect donald trump to the republicans in congress for their victories last night. for the first time in a decade we will have a unified republican control of the white house, the senate and the house.
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this gives us an opportunity to make important changes americans so desperately need and clearly want. we look forward to working with president trump and the republican congress to enact significant changes beginning with the first 100 days. time to deliver. we want to see obamacare repealed. we want to see the borders secured and our immigration laws endorse. we want to see the supreme court vacancies filled with a jurist in the model of the late antonin scalia that it i the federalist society. we want to see the national debt addressed and we want the economy to grow again. in the agenda and our web site. last three weeks i've traveled to 17 states from washington to florida from california to pennsylvania and states in between to work with the local
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grassroots activists and to talk to voters. everywhere i went virtually everyone i spoke i spy hunger for change and no matter how difficult a time we are having is the nation america's best days are to come. if only we have a government that understands it's the best thing that i can do is to help us return to the principles of constitutionally limited government and individual liberty. these are the principles that made our nation great from the start. now we have republicans, now republicans have the opportunity to deliver and we look forward to working with them. i want to close by thanking 3 million donors and supporters who made our work possible. to the tens of thousands of activists who allowed us to knock on doors to half a million pieces of mail may 2 million phonecalls, volunteer phonecalls
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to voters and more than 7 million other calls in washington a key targeted states florida ohio north carolina and pennsylvania. a stage we began working hard in the election and we didn't let up until the polls closed last night. for more than seven years these volunteers have rallied knock on doors and made more phonecalls than we can count. if organized neighborhoods for just this kind of victory. they deserve a measure of the credit for this victory and i want to personally thank them for their support and their continued faith that america's best days are ahead. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. next we will hear from david mcintosh president of club for growth. >> thank you richard for organizing this. great to be here with everyone. to say the club for growth had
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his differences with donald trump in the past would be to state the obvious but we congratulate donald trump and michael pence for their victory. throughout the general election campaign we never hesitated to praise the steps in positions that trump took off pro-growth policies. we applauded his selection of mike pence has been the outstanding nominee for vice president. we made no bones about our support for president-elect trump's plan on tax cuts and scaling back regulations and has promised to repeal and replace obamacare. and in many key states the club for growth pacs work to turnout republican voters that made the difference last night states like pennsylvania, wisconsin, florida where the pac spent millions of dollars on them math -- message of conservatism to that message designed to drive polar -- voters in the poll benefit of
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the entire ticket from top to bottom as did mr. trump's message that benefited the entire ticket. at the club we are looking forward to working with president-elect trump his new administration and the republican congress to restore real economic growth. we will support the trump tax cut agenda, will support repeal of obamacare, will support the cutting of federal regulations that are killing american jobs. on trade dare we urge president-elect trump to immediately negotiate and sign a bilateral trade agreement with great rigor than. just as the bridge project of big government in the eu, americans yesterday reject did big government in washington. wouldn't it be great by entering into that bilateral trade agreement together america and britain can show the world that free markets mean big government
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every time. thank you. >> thank you david. penny nance president of concerned women for america legislative action committee. >> thank you richard and thank you all for coming out. it's like 100 degrees here, it's really hot. first i want to say congratulations to president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike. last night's election turned out to be historic for reasons other than those predicted by the polls and the media. concerned for american legislative committee members are more than happy to wait for her first woman president. hillary clinton was not the right one and we deserve better. women of faith we voted based not on gender personality but in the supreme court the sanctity of life, religious freedom, national security and economic freedom. my full statement is available
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and i will go through more the things we have available for you. above all we grounded our work in prayer. we called for each of our members across the nation to join us in 30 days or prayer leading up to this election could we please in the power of prayer and i believe we saw the fruit of those prayers last night but now the work is just beginning and you can trust will continue to be on our knees before our creator for the future of our nation. we must work hard -- the issues that brought us to the polls last night. we will roll up our sleeves and began work on january 21 to confirm the appointment of the constitutional supreme court justice. we also fully expect president-elect trump to make good on his promise to support a permanent hi amendment and to shift spending from her nation's largest abortion provider to
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community health centers to care for the poor but don't commit abortions. these tasks will be made more difficult by the senate slim margins that we believe our local efforts will make a difference. concerned women for america will begin nationwide community-based prayer rallies outside the planned parenthood clinics in key states urging the shift around the country. senators will be put on notice that taxpayer dollars must no longer be used to take lives. we look forward to working with leadership to see the end of this fight and the right to life. thank you. >> thank you, patty. here from tony perkins president of family research council action. >> 2700 years ago there was a king david who wrote the thing
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is for a season but joy comes in the morning. for many conservatives joy awaited them this morning when they saw that hillary clinton was not going to be president. this is a historic moment not just for evangelicals but for the country. we have seen a repudiation of not just barack obama's eight years of big statist government, anti-faith, anti-family policies but really a projection of a court that is acted as an oligarchy for the last four decades. in fact as ralph made reference to the evangelical turnout evangelicals were encouraged to sit on the sidelines. unfortunately by some other evangelicals. fortunately those evangelicals in historic numbers and in fact in more numbers percentagewise voting for donald trump
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yesterday than they did for john mccain or romney or even george w. bush understood what was at stake. we go back to what marjorie said and ralph made reference to. the point at which donald trump close the deal with evangelicals was at the last debate in the first 15 minutes when he gave the most concise definition of late-term abortion than any republican or in the presence of candidate in the nomination in the general election has given. following stating he would appoint pro-life justices. we have not had republicans willing to do that fearing a litmus test. that was when the deal was close. that was when evangelicals working on it with the reality that they had a candidate who picked a pro-life running mate. unlike previous republican nominees did not fight
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conservatives over the -- we go back to mitt romney john mccain and the george bush campaign of 2045 conservatives over the platform. donald trump actually help us. they helped us formulate the most conservative party platform in the history of the department previous pledge to defend and protect religious liberty to a point justices that i mentioned are pro-life and has brought close attention to how this administration has used our national military as a laboratory for social experimentation and our military has one purpose and one purpose only not to advance a social agenda but to fight and win and keep america safe. donald trump will not only be a candidate who enjoys broad support launching him into the
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white house from will come i believe he will have even joked with support throughout his tenure as president and i believe if the republicans led by donald trump follow through on their commitment we are on the cusp of a conservative generation. democrats bench is depleted. they have no leadership. barack obama has taken the party for a joyride in the last eight years and it has now broken down. this will be republican conservative generation. >> thank you tony. now we have come to the end of the alphabet. we would hear from jenny thomas a national delegate from virginia and president of liberty consulting. >> thank you so much richer. it is a pleasure to be here with many of my friends and where we
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link their shields and bought a good fight. i want to give credit and honor and glory to god first of all for answered prayers. people around this country realize we were moving far too far left. donald trump jones the conservative movement, that's for sure. a lot of us come it wasn't our first pic but 27 years after the fall of the berlin wall, today might be -- where artists and -- honored to stand with donald trump and be a partner to achieve his agenda to the extent the camp that i want to also say thank you to america who showed up yesterday and an early voting. thank you to the democrats, thank you to hispanics and women, thank you for union members who pulled away from their party who have gone too
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far to the left. i really thank you because you have grown our movement, you have challenged us to think that you're in boulder and with donald trump we can do so much more more. he did not at the time. let me say a couple of other things. lives of the people have been changed by what happened last night despite the media that is change quite a bit too. think of law enforcement. think of the military, think of military families who send their children overseas to fight and die for our country if needed. think of ranchers, think of coalminers come to think of talk radio people that have been under the gun but is held steady for a number of the media. think of fbi agents who were bold and courageous. we just thank you for holding
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steady. all you people come the small businesspeople business people who are struggling to know when i was in virginia working precincts and poles holding signs on the streets it was a little focus groups this last week and i saw so many working men and women, blacks and hispanics, wall fixers, painters. it was incredible what was out there in my mind and it stretched my awareness of listening. so i think too many of us in washington live in a bubble and i think it's time to listen to the real people. i will close with one request. i think donald. i not only think donald trump or the magnanimity of which he spoke to the country last night but i think hillary clinton and i think barack obama for
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conceding to this battle that happened in america. it's not madison wisconsin today but for some people the rhetoric is out of control. for some people there is threatened violence and there's intolerance. i iges colin democratic leaders to control your groups on the far left and try to help them stand up to what makes america great which is the peaceful transformation of power. >> thank you jenny. we will now take questions and please identify yourself very clearly. row three the chairman of the freedom coalition is here to answer the questions that you care to address the coalition. >> does anyone have any idea of
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of --. >> we have lots of ideas. >> from this moment to the forming of an administration. >> we have some of our members that wanted to be here today but they were called away to work on the transition. the people who could have answered those questions are working on the transition now. i think we'll have to wait and see what develops here. >> i want to ask about mike pence. many people were happy happy when donald trump chose mike pence as his running mate. what role will he play in accomplishing the goals? >> may be former congressman david mcintosh can answer that. >> i think the role that might pence will play will be similar to what we saw in play as candidate might pence and that
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is he put definition around trump's vision. trump said i'm going to make america great again. mike would explain how free-market economics, how conservative justices, how an agenda that truly is all government and freedom will make america great again. i think he will be there day the faithful partner to donald trump bringing his experience from being a house member and as a governor into the room and share with him, here's how we really make work the agenda for making america great again. that's what we thought was a great pick. those of you know mike he is well-suited for that. he is a humble man and strong in his own faith but also knows
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what he believes in. i think that will provide a very good steady brother or the upcoming trump administration. >> jerome. >> i want to add one thing to this. think mike pence will be one of the most contravention of -- controversial vice presidents in history for this reason. downtown comes to washington as a complete outsider who has never run for office before who has never worked in washington who does not navigate these waters. mike pence is going to be that person who does it for him in washington d.c.. he's the one with the experience. the beautiful thing from our perspective is he has got to trump agenda that he is going to bring forward. for those who remember 1980, when ronald reagan came to town jim baker ann are put in charge of washington and get a different agenda. that became a huge problem for conservatives. where mike pence is concerned he
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is a 100% conservative and he's going to be taking donald trump populous message to capitol hill and it's going to be very good, bigly. i would say bickley. there are many reasons why conservatives are excited and energized by the trump candidacy and now the pending presidency but i was there for the goldwater campaign and the reagan campaign and there were important conservatives in the campaign. they did not dominate the campaign. conservatives were the campaign whether kellyanne conway, steve bannon, mike pence. as tony made reference to its the most conservative republican platform in our history. there is an awful lot for conservatives to be excited about in the forward to in the
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future. >> my name is jerome. i would like to ask penny and/or tony to address the reservations of some evangelical leaders had about donald trump not just his behavior but also whether he will actually deliver on what you have laid out today. >> i'm happy to take that. i was one of many who did not support donald trump in the primary. i believe though the pumps that we came upon and iraq in his early on and a relationship made us stronger. at the end of the twin understood each other. he understood where he came down when you said what he believed. now with clarion we can stand up
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and say this is what he thinks on our core issues. this is what he is agreed to. he is re-to pro-life justices and judges. ps the read to the hyde amendment when the hillary clinton said the opposite. he understands want to shift funding from the nation's largest abortion provider to committee health centers that help poor women consider taking my spirit in the end we all come out better. so much so that i took a personal day a week ago and went to trump tower alongside billy graham's granddaughter. the two of us rallied evangelical womb. i would not have done it if i was not convinced he meant what he said. >> a question. >> i was his comment on that. did you think as penny said many of us were not there when donald
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trump was at the primary. in fact he had a plurality of evangelicals in the primary and that was an expansion -- expansive definition of evangelical. what rodman evangelicals to donald trump was not was not shared values but rather shared concerns for the country. we have a choice between hillary clinton who stands basically 180 degrees from what most conservatives and even joke is belief and that's why we have 81% voting for donald trump but donald trump went out of his way to build a relationship with evangelicals. i'm not saying there is 100% trust or embrace of what he has done in the past but one thing evangelicals understand as everybody has a past. everybody has the promise of the future as well. he did something that is unique. as i mentioned the three issues
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that were important picking a pro-life conservative running mate who have the credibility with evangelicals did not fight conservatives on the platform and released a list of names of pro-life justices. he did something else. once he captured the nomination he didn't just say i checked the box for evangelicals and i'm moving on. he continued throughout the course of the campaign in the general election to communicate with, go to events of and build upon the relationship. evangelicals probably in not the most proper term. catholics are in that block as well and they voted heavily for donald trump additionally. this is an ongoing process like any relationship is that i believe if we start with a high level of confidence and trust and as penny said these voters are engaged. i don't believe they will be going away anytime soon. they know there's too much at stake.
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>> you mention some of the conflicts in the past with trump how constructively to expect club for growth to work with him? >> josh from "businessweek". thank you josh for that question. you were asked how closely groups like club for growth disagree with trump in the past will work with him. the answer is we will work very hard to pass his progrowth agenda, tax relief purgatory relief, eliminating obamacare and replacing it with free-market health care. if on issues like trade we will offer suggestions as i did today a bilateral agreement with britain but if it strays into areas of imposing a tariff for things that will hurt the economy and hurt american we will be the first to speak up and say that's the wrong way to go.
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i guess you would characterize us as will be added energetic army and we will stick to that agenda. >> do you want congress to pass the transpacific partnership? >> i think the transpacific partnership is a good trade agreement and it would be great if they passed it. let's be realistic, with both candidates saying they posted an large numbers of free traders in congress saying they can't support it i think it's a dead issue going forward. that's probably the solution there is what trump said he will do which is bilateral trade agreements. there are 11 countries to negotiate 11 trade deals with those countries. >> i don't think it's been a secret that donald trump has
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been on the warpath with paul ryan the speaker of the house i just want to ask what would you like to see in terms of that relationship? would you like to see donald trump give full throttle support for paul ryan or q. think paul ryan will be compatible with the nationalism that donald trump is pursuing? >> it's no secret that conservatives have had a difficult relationship not only with congressman paul ryan the speaker but with the republican leadership. you could cut with a knife the anger that conservatives have at the grassroots level but the republican leadership. of all the things things they are unhappy unhappy with perhaps above everything else is their silence has this president abused his power, shredded the constitution. in december of 2014 as the
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conservatives gave the republicans a massive tree they negotiated a budget in december of that year after that date victory and obama was able to go on television and say i got everything i wanted. that is what is driving the grassroots up the wall and off the wall. i don't think we are going to see that going for it. i think the republican leadership hopefully has gotten the message. there is a new sheriff in town and we expect the conservative agenda to be implemented because that's what we voted for. >> i apologize my throat is still recovering from the world series. the answer to that first step is slowing down the leadership elections that there's no reason to come back next week and brush them through. let's take our time and digest this and give one shot for congress to start off with the first 100 days, start off and
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make sure everyone's on the same page fighting for the same agenda and start their relationships in an acrimonious manner. >> jonathan let me put forward what would have happened had told trump lost. a populist movement he brought to the floor would have demanded the entire leadership of the house and the senate. if that wasn't it there would have been an open civil war in the republican party. the way i saw it was the next leader coming around with turnout movement into a party of its own. that's how serious the situation is and the underlying tension in the republican party. i think now that the onus is on the house and senate leadership. we have heard since 2010 and it that we have heard most of our adult lives if only we had this branch, if only we had that
8:49 pm
ranch, but not that branch. this game has been played since i was ea high. they have made the promises on everything. they have laid out a commitment to conservative agenda. i don't expect i don't want 60%. we should be able to get 100% because that's what what they promised and now they have a vote in the present he said he's going to deliver. this could be a very good thing for paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and all the rest of it could turn out to be real uyghurs of the conservative movement. >> i have been around 50 years at the national level and all those years i've heard the same story we can't defund planned parenthood because we don't have a house amid one of the senate, we don't have the white house. now there is no excuse not to go out there and defund planned
8:50 pm
parenthood and all the other left-wing organizations that are giving every year billions and billions of dollars in taxpayer funding to advance their left-wing agenda of the people rejected yesterday. >> combating with the "dallas morning news" and for david or anyone else wants to jump in. the convention going into election night was trump might struggle to bring skeptical republicans on board. the results have suggested otherwise so how did that happen? >> how did trump bring skeptical conservatives onboard? i think two things very clearly made the difference. one that mike pence is his vice president and picking conservatives for his cut and -- cabinet will solidify the support preview of this campaign
8:51 pm
aims the last two weeks of his campaign his contract with america's emphasis on pro-growth economic policies his conservative positioning on the issues and as he put it being disciplined to stick to those issues. that solidified the conservative support. you had a lot of conservatives leaning that way because they did not want to see hillary clinton as president but he needed that commitment to himself to seal the deal and that's how he did it. >> i think one of the other things that are one of the most important things is the vacancy of the supreme court. we saw this year brent and i were together and we have asked the senate to wave on approving an appointment so after the election. i have been in over 30 states this year and 17 in the last two and a half weeks. this is one of the first things people talk about to me.
8:52 pm
they are concerned about the court. it's not a good sound bite and it's not something that is quick and easy that we hear a lot about. we sit down and start talking to people and asked them what they are concerned about the interest and the court is important. donald trump has been people who have poured into the court. he has worked with the federalist society. >> one in five voters says the supreme court was the most important issue. that is never happened and the other thing when the supreme court is not important it is a national coalition to learn the conservative movement because all good fun all that lost stops the courts. >> i would add to that list. the number one unifier above everything else perhaps was hillary clinton. we felt many of us that she
8:53 pm
would get up many mornings thinking of what two, three or four things can i do to crush conservatives, but their organizations out of business jail their leaders. last year she went to a women's group saying it's time for people to give up their long held strongly held religious views on abortion. that terrified us and she said we had nobody to blame but ourselves preach he told us what she was going to do regarding our opinions on abortion since she terrified conservatives. >> now just conservatives but the american people. >> adam he mentioned he wanted to put a hold on legislation that lame-duck. matt prater you specifically talking about spending bills for this fiscal year and i also want to ask the question to marjorie and others. do you think that will be kicked into next year to have trump weigh in on things like that? >> what i'm referred to as i would love to see one of the
8:54 pm
major hopes i have is governance by crisis of these omnibus bills comes to an end. what i would like to see is the proper appropriations bills laid out for the year. with that in mind, next year. >> correct a grandma clean cr as it relates to making a permanent defunding planned parenthood and reallocation of those sources, that should be a part of the regular process. that's what we believe it should be. the reconciliation process and that is the mechanism under which planned parenthood can be defunded. >> i think the trump administration needs to take a page from the obama administration. when barack obama came into
8:55 pm
office in his first day of office he pretty much announced that he was game on and he unleashed an entire agenda of legislative priorities. one after another after another after another. he let it be known that this is what he he believed was his mandate and he was going to do it. i would hope under president trumpets exact same thing but in so doing also announced oh by the way he is on the outing all that fiat that was going on at the same time. >> i certainly agree we continue to do the regular budgeting in the next congress however this may be the last time to tie the president's hands on the way out the door. he has basically put timebombs in place for the next administration. some of those could be some discussion about what he might be trying to pursue at the u.n.
8:56 pm
when it pertains to israel and the palestinians. i mentioned the social experimentation. the press is trying to launch transgenderism and our military and this would be the point to stop as a donald that's a donald trump doesn't have to undo it when he takes office. there are some items that would legitimately be addressed in any type of short-term funding bill to prevent this administration from doing something that they could not do if they are not here next year. >> we are overtime so we are going to take two more questions and we will be available one-on-one. >> i want to talk a little bit about parties. many of you are talking about you if everything you need. you have the white house, that's a lot of pressure. what do you your priorities and you mentioned the funding planned parenthood and you've been in mentioned obamacare and
8:57 pm
what are your best way to advance those policies and what those first? >> i'm willing to give at least 72 hours. exactly as i said in entire alphabet soup of priorities. there's no excuse for a single one. there's no reason why they can't get every single one given that the republican party and virtually every elected member of the republican party has pledged to do all of these things, to get taxes and to cut spending, to get rid of obamacare, to get rid of executive amnesty. they have all promised this. i would expect this to be in a first date to come up with a schedule of votes and get it done. >> i would also watch out for republican attorney generals back in the states but i think you will see them being more active because with the
8:58 pm
challenge of the administration they will have a friendly year and point out the 10th amendment in general i believe there will be more state action without the feds getting involved. we are entering into a new area. >> with that one last question. >> now him with the -- coalition i think we will see support from groups like ours. the use of executive orders to unwind and exorbitant executive activity over the last eight years. i think that could actually be a away and you can bank and the first several weeks. you can actually counterbalance all of the stuff that has been put into place very quickly and it can be done in a consultative
8:59 pm
way in conference with the leadership of the house and senate and moving forward in a sense the without having to go through a legislative process per se. ..
9:00 pm
>> they seem very happy to get behind donald trump's call for tax cut. one of the lines in his speech that was a very big applause line and has been on the stump as his call for infrastructure spending. he is also promised to cut spending. do you think there will be a big infrastructure bill, and also to think there is a risk for republicans that this could be a divisive issue on the economic front? >> i will just remind you that conservatives believes that there is the proper role for government. building bridges and repairing roads is certainly on that list of proper role of government. >> let me start there. the constitution spells that
9:01 pm
out, that is the role for the federal government and donald trump has championed it. this will actually be an important test of whether his leadership is a president makes a difference in washington. the easiest thing for him to do her claim credit for would be to let congress passed another infrastructure bill which is 20, or 40% of those pork projects given to some number so they can name a garage after themselves or their biggest donor. if you you let that happen that it's business as usual. if he wants to make a difference you'll say i mean infrastructure. we are going to spend the were going to spend it on the roads, the bridges, bridges, and building things that need to be built. that will be a tough task in this town. but i think as you pointed out it is the first test for donald trump's leadership. how does that infrastructure bill turn out. >> realistically how could you
9:02 pm
structure and infrastructure bill that would be markedly different from the infrastructure spending in that obama passed. >> eliminate the projects that don't build things that are needed. the other way but i think conservatives will support, no we will at the club for growth is that you turn back the building of the roads and bridges to the states. used in the send the money there and give them the authority to spend it as long as they spend it on bridges, roads, and for and if a structure. that's the best thing they could do. >> my first an endless number of miscalculations in this campaign was when i told donald trump he could win. which was in may of last year. i told him that i think he should run anyway because with his money, why not. >> it's all your fault.
9:03 pm
>> know, taking all of the credit at the end of the day i told him the only way that you're going to fix broken government, i believe is to bring a businessman into washington. the only way you're going to manage this kind of level of financial output is somebody with business sense who brings in people who have management experience. i would hope he you would do that and i think he will. as opposed to a stimulus bill that is run by career politicians and bureaucrats and lobbyists, this one might be run by people who know how to build bridges, roads, things of that nature. >> i think it's clear what the challenge is that the country faces. we need to get back to 3% growth. when i talk to folks about the economy you hear about taxes, but you hear about regulation infinitely more than you hear about taxes. what i hear about some of the
9:04 pm
things coming out of the plans, the stimulus is rolling back some of the regulations and then also freezing the rules and regulations is a great step to growth. the infrastructure i bet you'll see something creative like a restructuring restructuring and repatriating some of the cash from overseas, think it will be part of an overall process but for everything i hear from a trump administration i wish steve moore was here to talk about this. getting those numbers back and then really focusing on the regulatory state and rolling it back. >> thank you very much. stay tuned and fasten your seatbelt because as ronald reagan said, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> thank you.
9:05 pm
[inaudible] [inaudible] >> we will continue to bring a postelection analysis and reaction tomorrow. we'll start at [roll call] for a look at the policy implications for the 2016 election period that begins live eddie 45:00 a.m. eastern a.m. eastern and will continue throughout the day. in the afternoon, conservators who supported and opposed donald trump said down at the heritage foundation to talk about what the results mean for the future of the country. we'll be there at noon eastern, live on c-span. >> later, pollsters, pundits and journalists have followed the election discuss lessons learned from tuesday's results. that tuesday's results. that is live at 645 eastern, also on c-span


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