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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 9, 2016 10:45pm-11:35pm EST

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as i have repeatedly said, it is not our fault to [inaudible] russia is willing and wants to restore relations with the united states. we understand this is difficult but we are willing to. >> translator: and to do everything to preserve relations to a stable development strategy. this would serve the russian and the american people.
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>> translator: and it would have an effect taken into the responsibility in the u.s. to sustain globals to. >> while there was a shift in the counts leading up t accounte both the mainstream media were certain that hillary clinton was destined for the top job and then it all slipped as state-by-state turned red leaving the democrats in the dust. >> if hillary clinton is up by 30 points. >> hillary clinton holding steady up four points. he's a complete clown, rodeo clown. >> it would be an embarrassment and a tragedy for this country if donald trump was somehow to be elected president.
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>> more than 70 republicans signed an open letter to their party chairman urging them to stop funding donald trump's campaign. >> it's a huge indicator there something inherently flawed in the system. if you watch msnbc. >> with crossover to the american capital. the 45th president of the united states i supposed there's been a mixed reaction. give us a taste of what you have been hearing. >> mixed reaction to say the least. this has been a very divisive election campaign. people said they were scared of a donald trump presidency. some of the headlines that came out this morning reflect that along the lines i've can america survive donald trump.
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there is a worry and fear among the population in the united states, the not as big as the "the washington times" is believed before the vote count began. we saw poll after poll and the media seemed so confident in the outcome that as the results came in they had to admit they got it all wrong. they looked at the states as they were unexpectedly turning red and say who is that the electorate. throughout the year the trump campaign has been saying the pundits, the washington establishment's are out of touch with reality and tuesday night many people felt a little out of touch with what was happening on the electoral map. >> reporting from washington, d.c., thank you.
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some of the politicians have been quick to ridicule and dismiss donald trump and now find themselves in an uneasy situation like the minister that cleared himinister thatclear tof anti-trump comments, and he's not the only one. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ leaders have been busy congratulating trump on his historic win. win. a febrand. a few hours ago president putin commented on the result. russia is ready and willing to restore fully fledged relations in the u.s.. we realize this is going to be tough given how they deteriorated recently that we are ready to play our part and do our utmost to put our relations back on track. >> our correspondent joins me live now to talk on the interesting facet of the campaign. russia is accused of meddling in the campaign throughout the duration of the process.
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>> finally they've wrapped up but if you look at the highlight as you were saying it was of course how much it was focused on russia. it's been counted how many time during the debate. that's 178 in total and that is compared to the islamic state which is still i guess the main thread of the united states. that was being mentioned 132 times but in what sense was it brought up. when it comes to clinton, one of the hook us was putting it this way. you are either with me or vladimir putin. many organizations trumped on je bandwagon. the whole e-mail scandal is because of russian hackers. when they started releasing clinton compromising data, that
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means that julian is a russian spy and vladimir putin is asked that all scheming here because he's in a romance with donald trump. >> these have taken place and they say russia is behind this. >> russia has used cyber attacks. we know the intelligence services which are part of the russian government under the control of vladimir putin hacked into the dnc. >> they arthey're using it as a delivery vehicle. >> he keeps praise and embraces the pro- russian policies. you continue to get help from him because he has a clear favorite in this race. >> it didn't seem to work.
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>> the fact that donald trump one goes to show maybe they didn't buy it and they had more important things to care about than the allegations of stealing from the americans. maybe that is because the camp wasn't eventually able to prove that putin was somehow scheming and interfering here but this didn't really stop some carrying on even when the votes had been counted. this is the first of which an enemy power deliberately and explicitly interfered and got away with it. >> we can take a look at a tweaked by the former ambassador to russia. what he posted what he found out the result was putin intervened and succeeded. good job. he took that off later as you were mentioning that of course many of th the followers and otr media organizations, this
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hesperia and continued attempts to give him credit has also been echoed across europe not just by journalists but also the chancellor suggested vladimir putin may go on and influence general elections in germany that are coming in less than a year. the >> translator: we are already now having to deal with information out of russia over the attacks or news that shows false information. so it may be that this could play a role. >> what is the next country, i don't know just wait until they start talking about putin. >> we might have one or 23 marks the end. thanks for bringing us up-to-date with that particular aspect of the campaign.
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indeed for many the surprising result have striking similarities with the outcome of another speaking about the referendum in the uk with. >> there's been lots of comparisons especially in the social media about how this particular result. there's been a whole new hash tag created. people have definitely drawn the comparison from early on today and throughout the day this has been gathering momentum on social media and we have seen bending dream at a loss for words because this is not the result they expected and it became yet another example of how both the media and polls and politicians are completely disconnected from the reality that ends up playing on the ground that we specifically fall here in the uk.
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and of course one of the people that was jubilant about the result was nigel, one of the masterminds and this is what he had to say. >> 2016 is going to be the year of two great political revolutions. i thought this was big but this is going to be even bigger. >> another supporter and one of the main campaigners also came out and congratulated donald trump had said earlier today congratulations to donald trump, and much looking forward to working with his administration on global stability and prosperity. we also heard from theresa who have congratulated trump and said we are and will remain strong and close partners on trade security and i look forward to working with a president elect donald trump. but the curiosity here is how this is going to unravel and whether we are going to be seeing somewhat of a 180 from the political establishment and
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westminster because if we can all remember just this year we saw some here in the uk debating in parliament whether to ban donald trump from entering the uk following his comments about the muslim community. >> hate crimes are inflamed by the word donald trump is using. >> i heard of a number of cases. i never heard one for stupidity. >> it's good to be curious to see how they end up shuffling that opinion following this unexpected result to come out.
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hello and welcome. donald trump has won the presidency of the united states. what has this told us about the political process in the united states, what are the change shows and policy initiatives the president will put forward and how does china view the new international landscape to come? happy to be joined in the studio by the professors. a distinguishethe distinguishedm the harvard business school, professor of international relations at the american university in washington, d.c.. but before we begin our discussion, this will be very
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tough. let's take a look at this. >> donald trump has won the presidency. it seemed as unlikely or impossible. speaking in new york he expressed gratitude towards hillary clinton and called for unity. >> she has worked very long and very hard and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to the country. the battle shattered the convention of politics. this has any campaign where the unexpected kept popping up, the boundaries were broken regularly and it is revealed the deep dividthat deepdivide that runs h american society. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division.
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have to get together. to all the republicans and democrats and independents across the nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. [cheering] unsurprisingly, this presidential election has been bashing, but the rhetoric on china has usually only been a ploy to win the white house and pragmatism is likely to be the eventual winner. progress has been steady over the past decades. however with the rising economic clout, the relationship has never been more complex. china and the u.s. are engulfed in regional issues such as tensions of the south china sea, challenges an in the asia-pacifc and different sources such as the denuclearization and cybersecurity. cooperation is needed but trust remains at least somewhat
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elusive. now as the president prepares to step into the white house, a new page is about to be written for both sides. i don't know the answer. the media and experts would drop. there is a groundswell of support and that isn't captured properly in the polls with the media coverage so it looks like we are underestimated support. >> wall street, the white house, the state department, all of the well educated. >> you can't trust fund and
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called elections right and i was completely surprised. this is the greatest shock of the history of the system. we are starting to get some answers as to what happened. it is the turnout model and what we seem to be saying is that poorly educated voters turned out in a level never seen befo before. >> overwhelmingly all of the media were bashing donald trump and it seems i've talked about them. wall street, white house, democrats in the politicians of your own party. you have to understand the media made donald trump in the
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beginning he doesn't invest money on advertising so it gave us a lot of free time. they made the candidacy in the beginning at least. so, i wouldn't be very surprised he did so well without having to spend. >> they spent the whole day lamenting. they are probably not ready but that says a lot about the public anger and frustration against the establishment within the
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democratic party and also against the republican establishment so that's why in that same piece of the antiestablishment and. >> [inaudible] >> it's hard to know they've never been as erratic. i hope that he will. i hope that i'm just as wrong in i forecast as i was but i never wanted to b it to be so wrong iy entire life.
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we should feel glad about that but we saw and some of the reporters gloating or vengeance but a different candidate would have worked to restrain. they may not be so surprised. what do you think of the muckraking in the cabinet? for the governments to see
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china, france and italy combined. >> it is a free and fair election. [inaudible] he has already said he will go after hillary. lock her up, lock her up, what does that mean. civility is helpful to the democracy that it means when somebody wins we give them
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power, that is what is going to happen. it is impossible to imagine her running again. [inaudible] what would she say next in the memorandum review? >> she made plenty of money but doesn't need to make any more. they will take on the role as quickly as president obama steps
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down from office. based on what he said, will it be different if he can't run in the same way as running a business, it's hard to tell because it is too early. a lot of people remember. it doesn't guarantee anything at all. you look at the budget and there is a lot. i don't believe there will be a
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smooth sailing when it comes to the repealing of the healthcare for the next supreme court justice. not necessarily in the forecast given the right extremism because he is unpopular with the mainstream media. >> the secret service is very good i wouldn't be any more worried for him if given the racial tension it will be fine. john f. kennedy had the tie is that were acting alone. i would add that the checks and
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balances they would be restrained by the other branches of the government. the other thing that we should think about is his position would be the image of the financial crisis and one that he can blame on his predecessor. judging by what is happening this morning we would expect to see some substantial impacts bringing about policies he might implement and that will be on his head. he is the leader of the party that controls the house of representatives and the senate and will control the supreme court. this is a level of political dominance that few have ever had.
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>> the unite united states unity for a female president or does it mean that there is the legacy of a good economy are not very good foreign-policy what is it that has contributed to the defeat? >> [inaudible] >> in the past 20 decades is that kind of a widespread anger and frustration and the second i do believe that people support donald trump because of the explicit and controversial stance on this.
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it's a big moment of soul-searching for the democra democrats. what is your strategy for the next four years. let's take a look at the job opportunities will he come at aa loss to the construction between texaco and the united states? >> he promised that he well but for all the problems the united states has right now, unemployment isn't one of them is 4.9%.
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my guess is he will win the battle. unless the financial turmoil that we are already seeing breakout spirals out of control. >> what will be the major issues of the. they are in trouble not because of obama or the policies, there is a structural assessment. china is rising for india is rising. they've taken advantage of the order to move ahead.
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the countries rise and fall. it is on the national symbol for liberty give us your tired, poor, hungry. >> it seems they have toned back towards the center. look at how much this will cost.
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>> if i could interrupt, we have to be looking at a second term to look at some of the promises made so maybe you can expect him to tone it down in the second term bu that he would maintain t >> i would sort of agree with my colleague. the one his hostility integration we should expect the party will follow that given the scale of the victory so we should expect it to change drastically. we are likely to see something along those lines and depending what they look like as we get a little deeper into 2017, i suspect we will see major changes along the lines of what paul ryan has proposed.
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>> places do indeed go up. >> it was down about a thousand planes and it's a cycle now that nobody understands at the moment because of the times of the financial turmoil, they are the safe harbors to which others flow when the united states is the source of the turmoil we don't know what's going to happen when people continue to go to the collar and actually strengthen the us even though the united states is causing issues. >> many observers say they don't like hillary clinton because of many issues on many occasions as the secretary of state and both candidates spoke of china so in
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terms of foreign policy, do you think that it will be carried out in another name? >> they usually say tough things about china. if they begin some other areas like he doesn't worry about human rights and if you ask me the real impact it's what he does with his allies in north korea but he will have more of
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the burden. [inaudible] >> overseen. look at the platform and the major speech there is very little serious discussion and he did mention so it seems to me they wouldn't be high on the top agenda and second, perhaps it is good for the chinese leadership to engage him.
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it's good for you to start on the process of building up that. do you think that deliberately the perception of these guys created a success. >> there is no doubt that after. as we see the candidate that welcomed the beneficiary and reported it. they are about to go a pretty significant change. >> do you think he's likely to
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keep russia down and out as a part of the continuation of what's being achieved. [inaudible] [inaudible] if trump comes out very openly and directly.
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[inaudible] given the oval office and say sorry but make good friend. so they would say congratulations to the president elect. the leaders of china and any other country they still control extraordinary arsenals of power. >> how many times throughout the campaign donald trump have been kept devised with predictability to you think this would come through? >> we don't know a whole lot
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about the foreign policy and we don't know. there's not a lot himself like hillary clinton, so i think there's going to be a lot because of that. we don't know who's going to work with him because a bunch of the establishments in washington. >> what would only be the level politicians that work with donald trump because they switch the campaign and come back and apologize. remember when the president of the united states of america picks up the phone to call you it is nearly impossible to say
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no. >> 150 people [inaudible] i think you have a point. the higher office is quite addictive. it's very easy to rationalize and say i can mitigate the damage and you can tell your self if he tries to put pressure on japan that is a real risk. >> it depends on a lot of assumptions about china, japan
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and korea. if he says we are going to reduce the troops then that may lead to a scenario that he'd just said. >> do you think that he stands ready in the financial commitment? >> if you were a leader at this point it's not the financial critics that the issue, it's the idea that the united states was reliable, so reliable that you could outsource your defense to the united states that is a high degree of commitment. i think that it would be hard to have that level of trust at least at the beginning.
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>> it would be the first because hillary says it is a no-fly zone and potentially it is a confrontation. [inaudible] will russia be the first country he chooses to visit? [laughter] thank you, spot him on the back and say let's go have a cigar. >> maybe he will go to mexico. [laughter] a suspect there's one consistent pattern and that is that he is not consistent about most things. so they have high hopes and it is unimaginable that he will do something they don't like and
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flipped to a different position very fast. we have reached a new level of uncertainty. >> a look at the 24 coverage and analysis. after that we will hear from the french president. hillary clinton addressing people there at the new york hotel some ten minutes ago. let's get more from washington. we saw a very gracious but free strange hillary clinton but it took a long time for her to concede. >> at 3 a.m. local time a lot of people had gone home so they thought it was better to wait until morning and they were probably still doing rewrites of the gracious speech we just
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heard a few moments ago. we heard some emotion in her voice when she said we owe donald trump an open mind and a chance to lead but you've also heard in the clip you just played the sense that he would be called to order they would be vigilant when it comes to things like the rule of law, freedom of worship, values that she says we also cherish. we didn't hear her say that this was her farewell to politics. it sounded like a farewell speech, but with a clinton you can never say never. >> donald trump wants to heal the division in america but before the presidency, he's going to have to yield within his own party. >> effectively he has been a one-man band throughout most of
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the campaign as he steamrolled past the other candidates he didn't seem to need them and in the general election he didn't need the pollsters. hillary clinton would go out on the trail and donald trump didn't need that he was the attraction on the campaign trail but that was campaigning and as you say now it is time for leaving. he's never held political office. the first u.s. president to never serve in the military or held political office. how is he going to work with other people is the essential question. >> once again they got it wrong, didn't they come at attracting support from across all levels of american society. >> he even won 42% according to an exit poll published by "the new york times" that despite the claims of sexual harassment and
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remarks on the campaign trail, donald trump u. could say the writing was on the wall and a lot of people refuse to see it. what he did differently is energize people on the campaign trail and what this was is a protest vote. he says he's leading a movement. he's not the carrier as a great ideology like ronald reagan at the turn of the 1980s. he was tapping into the rage against the feeds that are out of touch. how does he turn that into policy. it was striking to see him on stage with his running mate, the governor of indiana. their values are so different. trump, the reality tv show star and mike, this conservative christian from the midwest.
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it will be interesting to see what kind of team he puts together. >> thank you. of course he will be back with us in just over an hour's time. joining me in the studio, a french canadian living in the united states and back in paris, thanks for being with us. for someone like yourself, how do you feel about this election victory? >> i'm not very surprised because i've been living there for 18 years now and following the mindset of the americans. i cannot be surprised by this election after bush second election. he had a very intelligent campaign and went straight to the people. he targeted them and rallied them.
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>> but it was an ugly campaign. >> it was extremely ugly but it went straight to the value. at the same time it's just the result of america. .. >> i was always a little cautious of the way he approached the campaign. the way he wanted to pull people
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together. some of them for the past eight years from that financial crisis, they saw a hero in him. they saw some of these started from the very little and became a millionaire. someone who is pretty much the american dream. thus thus way he is and he selling that. >> there's one american commentator earlier today that said a white/. a lot of anger there. does it make you want to come back to france? >> not necessarily. at the end of the day i don't think too much has changed without election. it is the true america that we're seeing. we can pretend not to see what's going on and to acknowledge was going on but it is just what it is. and i believe america was ready to elect woman and orders have
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to come from men and i think in the american scheme right now i think it could be the same in france as well. i don't want to compare both countries. i would respect them both very well. on a positive note i could say say about trump selection right now is the fact that the people voted for him. they did did not vote for a republican. they voted for him. so he is forcing things to change in the picture of the political picture right now. before i was just democrat and republican's, think he is bringing something else, whatever something else might be, we be, we will know within the next year or four years. we need real change. maybe he will will be the source of some kind of change and down the line some of the people may benefit
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as well. >> thank you so much for coming and. >> thank you very much. >> the french president is giving his reaction, now live to donald trump let's take a listen. >> working during brock obama's presidency this this u.s. election opens a period of uncertainty. i need to look at it in a clear eyed manner. u.s. is a major partner for france and what is at stake here is peace, the fight against terrorism, the situation in the middle east, economic relations, and -- and preserving the planet. on all of these topics i will, very, very soon start discussions with the u.s. ad


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