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tv   Conservative Activists Discuss Post- Election Priorities  CSPAN  November 10, 2016 1:24am-2:29am EST

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it's important for the leaders to demonstrate. they've served very well. the other observation he would make and he did so in the gard garden. progress that we made in some of these areas. sometimes it is by the late
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progress here the best response is to not be cynical or to withdraw from the public discourse. secretary clinton i thin think t aput itbest it's worth fightingr what's right. she's done that throughout her three decade career and did something president obama has done not just while he held elected office but before and that's, i think secretary clinton intended that as good
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advice for people who need to be feeling discouraged today. it's understandable because it's natural that. even the losing candidate doesn't think that should be used as an excuse. if anything it should serve as a motivation to become involved. [inaudible] >> i won't speculate at this point about what he may or may not do. anytime he has initiated a decision or made up a policy
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decision are taken up and executive action, he's done so with a long-term perspective. his approach to policymaking has been to be cognizant of the implications of the decisions he's making with the assumption that they will be durable and thathe benefits the american pee will enjoy will be present for a long time. that's been his approach since the first day in office but ultimately it's one that he will determine. >> thanks everybody, we will see you tomorrow.
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we are brought to you today by your cable and satellite provider. >> washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that affect you. thursday morning joining us is the editor-in-chief on what's next legislatively with the republican-controlled congress into donald trump as president. watching live at seven eastern on thursday morning. >> this morning conservative leaders from across washington talked about the results and their priority is from the
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national press club this is about an hour. >> i'm the chairman of the conservative thank you for coming. we have a strong lineup of major conservative leaders to help you understand yesterday's historic election results each person will speak for a couple of minutes and then we will take questions. most will be available afterwards for one-on-one interviews and i think most of us also have prepared statemen statements. yesterday's result was an american revolution. i was there for the campaign in 1964 that launched a conservative movement. i was there in 1988 landslide.
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it was a great conservative to rebut not a rejection of the moving class. it was the opening battle of the revolution from the presidency to the congress to the federal courts and states. president obama said his policies were on the ballot and the american people said they want to repeal the policies, his legacy and agenda. the republican coalition of the establishment is a senior partner in the grass-roots constitutional conservatives. the new governing coalition or the trump populist.
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he wanted to enter gridlock and the american people gave us and enter gridlock in washington. i say in my book takeover it's not the democrats but the republican establishment. yesterday was swept away by the populist majority that elected the donald trump. leaders cannot help implement that the agenda should out of the way and resign. republicans now owned the anticorruption message. it is an anticorruption party committed to ending crony corrupt government and exposing and dictating the agenda. finally i want to recognize and congratulate my good friend, the first woman to win the
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presidency. [cheering] >> now next we will hear from the president of the media research center. i want to confine my comments today to the press. good afternoon. all the pundits are declaring this victory. while that is true, i've never seen it before. in 1991, i participated in a press conference with three others who've been active during the campaign. i stated the polling authorized was going to be wrong. they were telling the media what they wanted to hear and then
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going to thgointo the voting bog for freedom instead. they believe the spin but more important the liberal media saw the voters just as the campaigns often, a basket of portables. at the same time they were giving comfort covering up the scandals when they cut in spending them in her favor when they couldn't have thought anyone here deny it. they saw some calling on the news media to take sides but then things started to leak.
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they were working side by side and then the length lying through her teeth. this was a massive repudiation of the press. in the next few days we will be unveiling a massive amount that will document. it's getting left-wing propaganda as we maintained. as opposed to clinton, their loss continues. it is unfortunate for the journalist working and yes they exist but it's been incredible
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for the american people. >> at underhanded, president of the freedom works. we have seen them play just remained stagnant. for $20 trillion in debt something prevents an opportunity we have the white house and the senate and the courts. i don't want to repeat the same mistakes where we grew. freedom works has been champions. but i'm excited about now is the government coming in and
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housesitting caucus. regulatory oversight, the passing of a sound budget process and that means getting away from the omnibus and the considering resolutions. we will be back to the pro- job growth economic agenda. and they will be able to be defined on what they ar the bard not against. also to continue to push the map trump one states like pennsylvania and i would like to continue the process going forward to build for 2018 i hope somewhere out there they are watching the state of ohio it's a great opportunity to jump in the race and to the folks on the
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hill, please give us a week or two to sort out into do not do any major pieces of legislation in this process like to trade deal with asia and congressmen blown in iowa he won by eight points. this was a democrat plus five district. finally i'm calling on conservatives to govern by their rhetoric with which they one. we are all trying to catch our breath from that victory yesterday. next we'll hear from the
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president of the susan b. anthony list. >> good afternoon. what time of day is it? the movement is in the strongest position that has been in over 40 years since roe v. wade. wade. it's delivered a very powerful punch and along with that it's delivered a strong mandate to allow public polls. we are poised to make the advantage. we are keyed up to defend planned parenthood.
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to enact protection for unborn children after 20 weeks, again another proposal all demographics across the board, women, hispanics, democrats and of course republicans and young people support and of course with the commitments he's the only candidate to ever formulate that promise in that way. the power of the grassroots i believe is the big story. the power on the ground has been a sleeping giant over the last four years and it culminated in
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an enormous win with tight senate races. in the cycle we enacted the largest in the movement and we reached 1.2 million people in their homes. that included low intensity voters, it included hispanics, hundreds of thousands across florida, north carolina, ohio and in the senate race in missouri. this kind of change in the movement is a long time coming. we are poised to believe the specific promises. make sure the promises become real and that work will be a
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pleasure. for anyone who thinks that the abortion issue isn't salient in this election i will point out two things. one is the most commonly searched trend all along the way. it was the second most googled question in the day is coming up second or first everyday up until election day. it's working in a network of human interaction for men, women, hispanics and the one thing we know for sure is that it was indeed close battleground states.
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it was on stage for all to see. donald trump described that a partial-birth abortion is. he said you may think that's fine but it's not fine to me. she defended her position and said the unborn child has no right up until birth. that's going on the offense. when we take that leadership door to door, person to person and voter to voter that's why we have this great opportunity to do great work. i think finally one thing that's clear is that there will be no more.
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it is a thing of the past. mark didn't learn it soon enough and he's been replaced by a pro-life woman. that's all i've got. >> we are going to go out of sequence because the next future speaker has to catch a plane. >> it is an honor to be here with so many friend and colleagues. i would like to say briefly it was my privilege and honor to become friends with donald trump six or seven years ago before he was a candidate. i had the opportunity to speak about these issues of life, marriage, the need to get the out of control government back
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living within its means. i had no reservations at all about supporting him for president. president. as the dust settles you see the reason why. this isn't a mere parochial concern. this is a man that yesterday along with other candidates generated such a turnout that one out of every three told exit pollsters they were a conservative christian and they voted 79% for donald trump and only 15% for hillary clinton. the reason why is because there was a bright line of demarcation that separated. it's not true that he had just
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recently became pro-life. hillary clinton was the most either party ever nominated on religious freedom and a commitment to interpret the lawl rather than going to the bench. the first candidate of either party to release a list but he pledged he would choose the replacement for antonin scalia pledging to repeal and replace obamacare to be a steadfast friend of israel and finally, to oppose the deal and prevent.
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so it happened because of these leaders into the millions they represent a viable close by saying there's an awful lot of premature. we can now say this morning that our death have been exaggerated. thank you. for the first time in a decade we will have unified control
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that gives us the opportunity to make the change america desperately needs and wants. we look forward to working with trump and the republican congress to enact significant changes. it's time to deliver. we want to see that vacancies dented by the federalist society and the national debt addressed and have the economy began to grow again. we have an entire yellow card can find on the website. the last three weeks i've traveled to states from washington to florida, california to pennsylvania and states in between to work with
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the activists and talk to voters everywhere i went and with everyone i spoke i saw a hunger for change but no matter how difficult a time we are having america's best days are to come if only we have a government that understands the best thing you can do is help us return to the constitutionally limited government and individual liberty. these are the principles that made the nation great from the start is now we have republicans that have the opportunity to deliver and we look forward to working with them. i want to close by thanking the donors and supporters that made our work possible to the tens of thousands of activists with more than half a million pieces of
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mail make volunteer phone calls and more than florida, ohio, north carolina and pennsylvania began working hard after the election and we didn't let up until the polls closed last night. they've knocked on doors in the snow and made more phone calls than we can count and organized the neighborhood for this victory. they deserve a measure of the credit and i want to thank them for their support and faith america's best days are ahead. thank you for organizing this. it's great to be with everyone.
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we congratulate donald trump and mike pence on their victory throughout the campaign, we never hesitated to praise the steps into positions that he took on the progrowth policies. we applaud mike pence as a nominee for vice president and we made no bones about our support for the plan on tax cuts and scaling back regulations and in the promispromised to repeale obamacare. they worked to turn out to voters that made a difference last night. states of pennsylvania, wisconsin and florida where they spent millions on the message of economic conservatism. it benefited the entire ticket
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from top to bottom as did get finished the ticket. we need to restore real economic growth and support. on trade we urged to negotiate and sign a bilateral agreement of great britain. it just ajust as they rejected g government, americans yesterday rejected the big government in washington. wouldn't it be great by together america and the world can show that free markets build a government every time.
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concerned women for america legislative action committee. first i want to say congratulations to president elect donald trump. reasons for those in the media and confirmed. hillary clinton wasn't the right one and we deserve better.
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above all we grounded our work and prayer and called for each to join a leading up to this election. we believe in the power of prayer and we solve those last night now the work is just beginning and we will continue to be on our knees for the future of the nation we must work harder to champion the issues that brought us out last night. concerned women for america will roll up our sleeves and begin work january 21 to confirm the appointment of a supreme court justice. we also fully expect him to make good on his promise to support a permanent amendment and to shi
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shift. these will be made more difficult by the slim margins but we believe community-based rallies and clinics in three states. taxpayer dollars must not be used to take life. we are looking forward to seeing the end of the fight and a right to life. next. the 2700 years ago.
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this is a moment for the country we have seen the repudiation of the anti-government. in fact when ralph made reference to the turnout but evangelicals were encouraged to sit on the sidelines unfortunately by some other evangelicals. for symmetr fortunately percente voting for donald trump yesterday and john mccain, mitt
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romney or george w. bush, understand what's at stake and go back to what marjorie said. when he gave the gift for late term abortion as any candidate in the nomination of the general election has given, and following up, stating that he would appoint pro-life justices. justices. we did not have republicans willing to do that saying they failed a litmus test. that is when the deal was closed and evangelicals were crowded with unlike previous republican
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nominees, didn't fight conservatives over the platform. we go back to mitt romney, john mccain and even the george bush campaign of 2004 dot conservatives over the platform and donald trump helped us formulate the most conservative party platform. he's pledged to protect religious liberty to a point justices that are pro-life and he's also brought close attention to how they've used the national military for social experimentation and our military has one purpose and one purpose only not to advance some kind of a social agenda but rather to fight and win wars and keep america safe. if he pursues the agenda he campaigned on, he will not only be a candidate that enjoyed
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broad support launching him into the white house i believe he will have support throughout his tenure as president and i believe if the republicans led by donald trump followed through on their commitments we are on the cusp of a generation. the branches depleted. branch is depleted. they have no leadership. they've taken the party for a joyride in the last 80 years and it's now broken down. this will be the republican conservative generation. >> we will hear from jenny thomas national delegate from virginia and president of liberty consulting. it is a pleasure to be here and
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we fought a good fight. i want to give glory to god first of all for answered prayers. people realized we were moving far too far left and it was time for a change. donald trump challenged the conservative movement. a lot of us it wasn't our first pick of 27 years after the fall of the berlin wall today might be that big fan even an a fan ee are honored to stand with donald trump and be his partners to attend as we can. i would also say thank you to america who showed up yesterday and early voting and thank you to the democrats, hispanics, women, union members who pulled
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away from their party and have gone too far to the left. you have grown our movement and with donald trump we can do so much more. ..
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