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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 11, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EST

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those plans but what can we expect, how will he filled the scalia vacancy? how should the approach this? is first appointment will not be as transformational as hillary clinton's first appointment could have been. h >> >> >> have one serious occupational defect to be shared by everybody hear i have never been the supreme court justice i can tell you how they decide cases after the election of president
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trump. said to be clear from the list of people in the foreseeable future or beyond whiff the constitutionalthat wa meaning that was put there that will not be scrapped we hav but with that process did not with something else because it is much more complex. and that real function but it is it form of a word
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perfect union to establish justice so people can exercise the freedom that they had to develop in their own way. so-cal in d.c. more emphasis on that.iticism because of that criticism it carries the day. >> case apprise the constitution figured in the election grex. >> delighted to be here.
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[laughter] and how we get beaten up. i will push back a tiny bit but the supreme court but and particular for those two were skeptical. for the court to overpower. and whether that was always the intent of which mcconnell if there is a cord appointment or not did not work out that way. >> and that is great news
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usa's skeptic that you will honor the first promise with the first appointment as a conservative i think he has to do that all hell wouldt break loose if he did not put on the broader question whether not that hillary was a grave threat to the constitution and a grave threat to the court but it is not the opposite withy donald trump. his commitment to thee constitution reportedly has been quite good but he also said there were 12 articles but he was deeply enamored its class also accused on eminent domain that peoples in this room are nervous about four even the first
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amendment that people are nervous or should be. so the question among conservatives is it so much with it is in his heart as that remains to be seen but what really matters isucture decreed that incentive structure whereby the information flow.t was and id entirely in did is's infuriating to me. and then the supreme court is be -- is not the only guardian but a guardian and in some instances is the
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last guardian of the constitution diffuse where nose to uphold the constitution is a guardian of the constitution. gu and from whom it derives its authority. we have got to the place where we say anything goes goes, says top said. and then to do a much better job in terms to create that structure for politicians.cian. in with that popular understanding. to do the right thing. and that is the first task of the conservative movement oud is certainly is open to it.
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>> i don't think she has thought about this a whole lot.n this was not in his life and of olney principle of the constitution was amended domain because that plays into the real-estateis developer every now and early but then to go back to the early days of the republican primary trying to consolidate the support of conservatives. governor and a lot of people have allotted experience in government and law. and trump is extremely sensitive to rate captive audience. do they go for this?
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today not?re and he saw the interest with the republicans' primary with those questions but the way that he consolidated support was these list of judges and i would appoint. ap wannabes to the supreme court. and yes said this a great list but i don't trust him to a. the other thing to remember if he doesn't think this through but his key
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supporter is senator sessions. the first senator who would support trump to legitimize the campaign almost. a and as the u.s. attorney and alabama nominated to the u.s. district court inhe thanks to the kindness of joe biden and ted kennedy he said to be elected to the senate to the judiciary committee. [laughter] so leahy is a rising trump to hire steven miller. and then to do ally of informal work.
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to those nominating judgesink a the that is some probably some good news for those conservatives. >> and then i am surprised there is so many people here because i thought everybodyge was already at the transition headquarters already the makes of big difference when i got to thehe airport i asked of taxicabstead. driver drop me off at the trump transition headquarters said he dropped me off here instead. [laughter] also and one of those attorney-general said the last 50 years ago to the
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point not to supreme court justices bottles attorney-general paul the trump and administration will interpret and enforce federal law hugh have much more immediate importance is with the supreme court remember there's a famous speech where there was called the jurisprudence for original intent a radicale concept in the late '80s.fects so after words was a wides criticism from my colleagues at the academy.ederalist and citations with thoseon supreme court opinions went up 500%. in my mind it to be just as
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consequential. i just want to recognize what they could hope forin with the trouble administration. [applause] is >> actually the proposal that i have but to pick a supreme court nominee.som to pick somebody who's easily confirmed. and those judges and from the lowest to show what did deep bench that reagan and bush cared. probably want and then would nominate a senator. y
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and then also this supreme court now i could imagine would be readily confirmed.oulds and to keep his promise to the conservative wing of the republican party. and now just goes to the supreme court. with that by / four decision that they are losing on gave marriage, abortion, obamacare , they will still be thereti because of justice kennedy providing the fifth about. so who does president trump picked to be attorney-general, white house counsel, that is in charge of judicial selection? that real fight will be the next justice retires. look at the age regions,
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justice ginsburg i think is 82 says justice beyer is 78 so what about hir years? will she stay on the court until she is 86 or 84 or 82? i don't think so i think president trump will have another pack that is the big fight. so you want to see who he will put in place. and then we don't know. >>york t >> and to have a coup against a supreme court. to obstruct all nominationsinto to the supreme court. can we expect democratic senators och -- to attempt
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to block all supreme court nominations? >> the democrats retained the filibuster with that possibility. vote and then when there is the and then to block. and as a political loser from the standpoint.
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>> with you would hope to filibuster their appointment. but as senator mcconnell pulled off another greatat political maneuvers by not confirming arab garland. at the time allotted people thought this was a very low probability of success but instead he has preserved the up possibility for us to have this discussion. so to take into democratic anchor so that is a ratcheting up the fact. and that they just insult to the president but this seat
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is still open. and to get back at this. >> the to make the point of senator sessions read that you were going to go with that era of magnanimity.lied >> that is the implied power >> not only did they get a good treatment but daylight to get them out of the senate. [laughter] roosevelt
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the leeson roosevelt became vice president you can see how democrats and then it is the cafeteria he's not there anymore. [laughter] >> eight think what you are really asking is democrats would think about invoking the filibuster.e a r five was a republican senator does save should overrule the same number of years they filibuster ford judicial appointments in the same amount of time or it is a ratcheting up. then you have to restore order the way to restore isth for both sides to show will happen if it is not
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followed. sewed to be part of the lower-court appointees toe fill the bench with a lot of other people. that would help with >> theats in the senate. and then to stop the circuit court nomination. >> if that is not part of the constitution? for if they meant to be a supermajority but the rules so is the of one question can the minority of the senate to consent to the
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judicial nomination. >> sure they can. and given the agenda and of that complicity. and time allies that confirmation hearing that was a long time ago to be sure but it was considered insulting to put such questions to a nominee but that ended when the supreme court with the activeth cooperation started to expand the range of cases it would take to the point where the political issues as did of being resolved in the legislature through compromise were handed off
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to the courts so bring us your biggest problems. and that trend has continued. so kidnap. with uh nature of cases of the supreme court case it matters for those who are appointed. so if that is overcoming great obstacles when necessary. >> just the of point of the of filibuster but what did represents the way that
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federalism is hard wired into the constitution nor the senate. and that filibuster to takea did little bit farther. but donald trump would then be president for not for federal and some. th hillary clinton would win the popular's to again states of more of the say with these electionsn in simultaneously throughout the country. it has been a liberal project for over 100 years for that limits democracy the they attacked the electoral college. and and then to slowdown
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government. and then if we were picking nominees i would return aback to the legislation after the same number of years. [laughter] >> i am sure he does not disagree but in terms of electoral issues progressives always want a more direct democracy but that is a subset of the real approach to government to go wherever the field is open. when congress was the bestf what
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but those that are at stake this there is nothing it is unaccountable unconstitutional and they have no problem. that is sent in time about the acquisition of power. issueo sunday judicial issue before trump politically brings
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them together. just as in the primaries. and that to be enthusiastic but when it turns into a fight with the judge with the nominee they will be on board.nd ob they would be routine for that as well. so trump has said a lot of things that blew up like a traitor immigration and.ign this is one area where the team is to gather. >> moving done from the courts, the presidential power during the campaign trump criticized president obama for abusing his executive authority by fiat's. can we expect president trump to over turn many of
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his executive orders and does that suggest he will be more sensitive or self restraint about using that presidential power? to make those words are used all the time of five and as of corollary so to be on bended knee. and with the opposition. that also with the new president. but simply to say we are back. is gwhat would it trump to? and that is the opportunity to reassert. >> so to advocate a list for
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what the transition team is doing now through those executive orders with the list of those written off aa number one. and that said for those who have covered this that he thought on this issue of the presidential power by did mistreated state at all.depend so that would depend largely
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but with datum one executive orders those are grueling -- going. >> but my proposal would be the perception not to see which ones to remove heat could repeal all executive orders january 1st 2009. you even have to go farther to say the president did sayal all regulations enacted by the agency's will return all regulations to see if there are any that they could keep. to overstep his bounds but president trump has to use executive power in the same amount that president obama
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did just to restore the proper if if you have somebody is driving take you 10 miles in a ditch to still need a car to get back. i have no problems using executive power to reverse the harm of the last eighton years. so what they can do to make a serious mistake by not seeking congressional approval in fact, the majority of the house anddee the senate was against the i am agreements insatiate doing with the congress once he can terminate. also i am restoring immigration enforcement back to the normal amount he doesn't even have to make a change but we pealing be orders just to restore to the normal priorities.
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and i think he should restore normal criminal law enforcement. . . [laughter] >> on any of it. i think one of the promise is
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donald trump made isn't one he has to stick to with a special prosecutor for every clinton. it depends on how bad you thinkk the crimes were and there is a scenario you can imagine that would force obama into pardoning hillary clinton so we can move on. it would be a problem in terms of the idea of his commitment to the issues.
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i'm open to giving the benefit of the doubt. [laughter] >> i don't know if it's over for him though. >> that's true. tell my wife i love her if i suddenly disappear. [laughter] most of the problems get solved that way. i know this is a moment for the right plac type is deeply troubd during the primary debates when after months of talking about waterboarding and much worse, and not for interrogation purposes but a sword if we are going to punish them and we are going to do really bad things which we didn't think was an act on donald trump's part.
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the instinctive response was to say don't follow my words, and i do not like that instinct or trust that instinctive and biscuit back to where i started we are all guardians of the constitution. he said the supreme court would work it out. it depends which donald trump shows up. at some point he trusts hisis instincts over everything else in his commitment to the constitutional norms, the most generous i'm willing to say is that they are notional editable by your strong will from people around him to stand up foror principles they believe in even
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when the commander-in-chief is telling them something else. anh donald trump told people he hand wouldn't be hands on and there will be the day that these are tested and it's going to require men and women of good will to do the right thing and how that plays out, i don't know but i think it's going to happen and we should be on guard. >> the nature isn't really consistent with the idea of limited executive. we are going to do this and this and there is an talk about if congress lets us do this and if i can get over a filibuster. with donald trump that is another issue because he has been an executive in the business sense.
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there was a group of liberalna billionaires who got together during the bush years to create a group to funneling money to fire rush. she said what is the difference between a billionaire and aon terrorist, punchline coming can negotiate with a terrorist. so you're not used to having people tell you you can't do this or that. on the one hand, you have thatbh with trump but on the other, a lot of things he pledged to do our consistent and he talks about the over regulation of business. he's talking to audiences andabm
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small business. he talks about charges that respect the constitution and about obamacare. a lot of what he says is quite right. he realizes he's got to work with congress on lots and lots of things and i think what we have seen after hi his win whics was a shock to many republicans if he's going to get on board and working with congress won't be as hard and the fact you soa paul ryan come out and say the name donald trump repeatedly, something that never passed his lips before indicates thatme
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donald trump will come to washington as president with a lot of republicans who will be willing to vote for his agenda to do it the right way. >> does anyone else want to pinpoint any issues under the presidency that you think we should talk about? >> i think the other main issue is the relationship with congress. it wouldn't be a bad thing to let congress take the lead on how to repeal and restore the health care markets in the country. if you look at the way that it's designed, it's what the president in the place of the initiative and foreign policy
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but the role isn't to just have a qualified veto in theer legis legislation. and so, the constitution once the congress to be the initiatoi and the week of gravity in the system of past domestic law. a president trump could be magnanimous but restore the baly constitutional battles saying i will let paul ryan's plan b. the blueprint which is basically a a national health-care voucher for everyone. also restoring the grants to states that it would allow him to look at the whole thing after it's made on healthcare. he could do that with a lot of we cou other areas. the infrastructure bill, cutting taxes.s. i think as a president it would be wise to let congress do the messy job of making compromises, and at the end of the process, since the president and congress are all on the same party, he
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can then intervene. i think that would be important because it could potentially allow the states to restore them as the plan they put out were to be followed it looks to turning a lot of the programs to the block grants in the states which would allow the president to get out of the business of having to say welfare reform has to have these five things are what the states decided that the constitution be restored to be the other true democracy where they can try different policies to find what works.lieve it to >> one area has to do with our electronic surveillance program and terrorism measures. they are i think it has to come from the executive and i have been heard a whole lot he intends to do.
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we have our interrogation program limited to the field and go and we stripped away a good deal of authority from the nsa which i think was a mistake. >> the 30,000-foot approach also just fits his approach to thin things. he hasn't thought deeply about reforming health care. i think it was the second debate he talked about obamacare andn the lines between the state so it was clear that his understanding of it happened really deep and during the republican debates. obamacare was a big deal and that the question is what his
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actual inclination is. if you read the art of the deal in his other books he talks about it in detail with metal was used in this and what windows were in another building. so he's quite detailed oriented and a lot of these things. i can tell you what his approach is going to be because he's going to be approaching issues that he never dealt with as a private citizen. of course all the presidents haven't dealt with these issues before they became president.wht >> first principle, what is in his nature and one of the few things we like is that he likes to build big things come u, puts name on them and take credit for
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them when other people make on and he likes to make deals. one of my concerns has been what will be the equivalent. i don't think it's going to happen for the first but i've always worried down the pike. we will use that up and
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everything is a negotiation for the deal and i worry about his reliability on these things. r it requires very good signaling from the right. the relationship they have now is more reminiscent of the administration because he's surrounded in the silent majority and all the rest. richard nixon said on numerous interviews he knew he had to deal with them.
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once the honeymoon is over, they need to be set up in a situation where he has to get our approval on the important things. we saved some time for audience question. if anyone has questions they will come to you. >> u-boats spoke about the value of the filibuster for the supreme court nominations going forward that presumes democrats believe in place. harry reid waharry reid was alrf they took the senate, they were
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going to get rid of it. i have zero confidence and i don't know anyone that has come to . >> i was in favor of repealing the filibuster for the supreme court nominees but for the same number of yields the appeal of it for all the nominees because they would liki would like to ge state where there was a filibuster but the senate has its own rules and the only way to get change in the senate is a reciprocity so until you get the democrats to see what the world would look like when republicans have a non- filibustered senate they will never be persuaded to go back. maybe in the end republicans like having a non- filibuster world so much they go back to that. in the longer run it's better for the republic of the filibuster rule in the senate.
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harry reid is going to be gone and then they will prevail. >> i am paul and there was some discussion about the electoral college and of course president elect trump won't be president elect until the vote on december 19. there's a petition going around to get some to change their vote for hillary clinton and the penalty is some in some state and she would be glad to pay the fines. besides the unlikelihood of that happening but do you think in terms of the structural place of the electoral college to allow that to happen and the fact that
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donald trump himself in 2012 said the electoral college should be abolished when the mitt romney election was going on. >> i will jump on the grenada. i long for the day as more robust and in vigorous institutions where i would be happy to get rid of the direct. as a person that lives in the 21st century in this particularo political climate in the context where we had a popular president running on the claim that thela system is rigged to have a bunch of corrupt machine party hacks bribed and stealing the electoral college from donald trump seems like you would hear the safety gun rifles and seems
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ill-advised to me. the president is in charge ofnt that and with or without congress excepting treaties and so forth but my question is our national security is kind of a mess now. the military is in trouble. our foreign affairs in the middle east are in my view a mess. does donald trump go in this area which is the security of the country of the people and counterterrorism is an important part of it.say is
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>> one thing article about the obama years, it's reversed. he has the constitutional initiative but it doesn't stick a must congress agrees. and he said i'm closing guantánamo bay. he thinks that it will remain open and he might franchise it to friends and other countries and hi put his name on it. [laughter] a lot of these are in the president's hands to start with but it took congress and its amendments tinto theseamendmentm footing.
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a lot will be reversed for the parts of president obama's foreign policy his major legacy is going to be the effort to make peace with iran. he could even reverse the choice to recognize cuba. the problem is that they thought they dramatic cut in the readiness of the military. president trump can't order the military to get bigger. they give that power togg congress. so even if he wants to restore the defenses, he needs the republican congress to boost defense spending.
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[inaudible] i think it is still up on youtube. at look at the first day in office signing the order closing guantánamo. he sort of staggers through reading it but he finds it a greasigned it witha great flours greg and we have another order saying what we are going to do with these people. [laughter] a voice off camera says we are going to have procedures. you need to think it through real carefully. [laughter]
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my question involves regular penalties. criminalization is a hot topic. dq proceed and administration rolling back federal regulations that carry. bound >> that's bound to be at the top of the list of anybody that has come close enough. >> we can talk about restoring the government but the big admiration is the admin. even president clinton, the real
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one. they should say regulations wer choking off economic growth.em i'm going to suggest all.
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th i think it is in the electoral interest of doubt by globalization. any ramifications that might come from that.
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>> first you have to have a filibuster that works and it isn't clear to me that the democrats would do that and that they get 41 senators. they will want a measure of reagan should. getting the nominee to the court could take a while. >> isn't that dangerous coming up in the election.
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they are obstructionists. this vacancy is already there. a lot of democrats would thinke. this.ub well they work in the congress to pass the judiciary committee and others, do you think that
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they will work with republicans in congress and are we sure president trump would sign the bill for the agencies? the buy and which is the premise of the question, why would you sign it. this touches on the answer of the supreme court. if they can get donald trump a
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chance on this, so can i. i i thought his victory speech was a nice start but we should prepare for the fact the left i going to lose its mind about donald trump and they committed as a school in manhattan where they are singing we shall overcome. the idea that the left would create an incentive structure for democrats to oppose trump on every single thing and that includes the supreme court justices, there's going to be a popular cultural fight where
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hollywood and the left are going to try to make it seem like this is 1932. it's dangerous and profoundly hypocritical. i've been told in the last two weeks that any talk about saying how the results should beike thd contested was like the founding fathers and shipping delete code shipping them saying he's not the president of the united gates, hillary clinton won the vote.
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anyway, get ready for a madhouse for a while and how that plays out. it will unite, we can say that. they will be cheering on president trump. [laughter] >> that is absolutely right. >> any final comments? >> let's thank our panelists. [applause] .. panelists.
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>> tim
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seventy-five members of the house and senate keeping his distance from donald trump yesterday look at paul ryan trying to bridge with the divide how do they bridge that divide? how big of a divide is there >> remember before the
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election and paul ryan and donald trump and mitch mcconnell there was not a photo op for it joint press conference because of thoseha controversial things and and they did not know how do we handle this? it is a difficult and awkward position and mcconnell to be and. so remember before thest election donald trump said he would be a different position because he was upset and they had been feuding.don't i don't think anybody else can get at 218 votes the party has to stop bickering so he did talk to trump i do think they will bury the hatchet.
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and he will be the speaker of the new congress. >> and then the certainly it is last days trump has been talking about investing in billiotructure spending $830 billion was approved.ney sn with that effectiveness that amount of money certainly a big chunk of money is spent on infrastructure how does he convince them to spend that money? >> no matter who won on election night they have both targeted infrastructure as every part of the agenda. i think this is part of his first 100 days. nancy pelosi is ready to deal launch reservation.
1:07 am
scan that is tax provisions. those are controversial. and a transportation is the dead -- bipartisan issue.timulut and after the stimulus so that freedom caucused conservative movement with that bloated transportation bill moving through congress. and to get something done in the first 100 days.
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>> it seems like there's a lot with a lame duck session. >> yes. of the first order of businessust o is funding the government.ha they must do that by december 9. then do approval package is difficult. honestly now the presidentge will be pushing for his agenda which is the tpp if think it is highly unlikely to move in the lame-duck. even donald trump oppose that vigorously so that will be tough almost impossible to make a house is returning on monday live coverage's go
1:09 am
looking at the independent line.congratula >> congratulations to the president-elect. and to promise in the debates. whining is child-care it is expensive. that is so important that we have child-care through and another is carried interest of tax reform that is something. now with some form of carried interest tax reform is tremendous but sticking
1:10 am
to rebuilding america alone i am pleased with that. >> child-care and tax reform greg spirit that is more and hillary clinton and nancy pelosi than donald trump. they talk about that allot that is not the top of the trump agenda for now but carried interest actually will criticize republicans. ps said he will go after wall street and criticizecriticize d drug companies so tax reform carried interest is for thatthai that is something that they disagree upon and i think
1:11 am
that they are in on. but the chances of us tax termrm bill have gone up through the two terms but ispr a top priority to say that the system is unfair. i am not sure he will be able to get it done. tod >> pens may be a powerful vice president and a powerful liaison team was mentioned yesterday what gcs several of the vice president-elect? >> one of the things that he did for the campaign was picked mike pence he mobilized that conservative movement and social and fiscal conservative. the base loves him. he served for a number of
1:12 am
years he took on in medical drug legislation he was t party before tea party itt will play a huge role to get the details. donald trump is not a detail guy bet it is all about relationships mike pence has great relationships not only eight republicans also very media savvy. >> to be short on those details to get us cents as the budget is developed when the sap process start forfo the potential appointees? >> now that transition is number-one to build those key positions who will fill the cabinet than after he does that to get down
1:13 am
approve did in january then you have to come up with the budget that is the most closely scrutinized document since the last president people will look what are the details? what is the cost? there is a lot of work to be done. >> good morning. >> i and a black republican. and what donald trump is really doing is more than any white candidate doing something for the inner-city san that of black people but.
1:14 am
there are several subjects of want to head to get thate midterm election so that most republicans are lining up in 2020 he will be the incumbent. for those that had theha 80th through 2020 can forget about it. the third thing is what people keep saying who the black people vote for and you have all of these people on television. they want the same thing that they talk about but that reminds me the 1960's and i am very sad to say this. i am not the loser butn starts
1:15 am
withheld jesus christ is first but malcolm x said something that reverberated with me. if you are the black leaders in the black community's? malcolm x said me are tired of singing and dancing and if you really look at it? it is just like basketball. that is my comment i am sick and tired of black individuals. >> he hasn't done very well with the knicks but overall donald trump did not do well with minority voters however
1:16 am
the data suggest nobody thought he would run but yes hillary clinton and got then black vote overwhelmingly but they did not even come close to when barack obama was elected 2008 and 2012. mitt romney in john mccain got more votes than donald trump that hillary clinton did not have the turnout that they expected and thatd is a huge challenge to unite the country because a lot of minorities did not vote for him and he has to worry about that in tears with the midterm and when george tok be bush shamrock obama were all elected their teams worked very hard behind-the-scenes to avoid the of primary challenge and that is what they will have to do so both bush and obama
1:17 am
avoided the primary challenge. >> editor in chief from theus hill with your comments and your calls. thank you will a new chapter in the relationship. here is what he is hopingg for under the new president. >> after a tough campaign they thought they were from one side or the other this is not a popular law. it is collapsing under its own weight. so with repeal and replace the house majority says he passes the legislation but the problem is now they have president trump so with
1:18 am
unified republicanwi government weekend fix this. is in just the health care is no law because now we have shown the willingness and the ability think of those laid off co-workers the farmers that were harassed ranch the ranchers in the west bybe the interior department. where is there becoming? this is good that we can lift the oppressively to to restore the constitutionat wil respecting those judges to be nominated. this is very exciting. >> there is relief coming? >> to be at the top of the agenda they can do that with the majority of votes in the senate they just have to keep their guys in-line.
1:19 am
obamacare has survived supreme court challenges eradici that now they are targeted again now republicans appear to have the vote that is difficult that they cannot call lasts between one proposal that has been scored by the cbo so repealing it is easy but not replacing. >> everything he said, where do you think they would get the most push back? >> some of the things not on the agenda is cutting government spending that was big on the agenda 2010 and that is what happened 2011 obama said the party was shellacked but donald trump
1:20 am
said was not raised age retirement ages but that is what they do believe on capitol hill in medicare expense headed for bankruptcy but the growth of government and the debt is something conservatives want him to take seriouslyindepe independent line. >> caller: good morning.e i st i stayed up all night and i am so excited because sidney york state we are fighting - the electoral college. i was just praying and praying. i am not as generous asi.
1:21 am
donald trump to a elect giuliani by lot of people in the country did. we are so disgusted with washington d.c. and he promised us he would clean the swamp but navistar rightof there with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham and john mccain and make their lives sodium miserable that they would quit and go home because they are not for america but themselves and a paycheck. there are a bunch ofat turncoats. the my candidate originally less than carson -- ben carson. of the
1:22 am
some of those that really stood by him. is not go that he will not get any real hope from those worthless republicans that our worse than duh democrats >> we will let you go. get some sleep. [laughter] >> with the popular vote after the 2000 election that al gore won the popular vote the george w. bush won the electoral college clintonto called for the end of the electoral college she won the popular vote. and drain the swamp is that nancy pelosi used that helpit them to win the majority now whether that is congressional term limits that is very popular outside the beltway that would be hard to get that done. with the ban on lobbyists' i
1:23 am
do think ben carson will have a prominent role and will be in in negative cabinet as he is a doctor but if they can get stuff done i fully expect that to a have been taking get that legislation passed but if they target obamacare they will fight very hard. >> but john mccain, lindsey graham, the spirit that this in the very difficult position think of 2020 most of this town with republicans like the senator from nebraska was thinking that he would lose but that bill not happen now in allll
1:24 am
likelihood. >> republican line. donaldler: hello. i was tickled when donald trump got elected i know if they give him time he will get the country turned around. i did not want hillary in there but i know he will get the country turned around if you give him a little time. >> host: now we have the democratic line. >> caller: good morning.hank you thanks for taking my call.nt of my pointed you was theoc undocumented immigrants and
1:25 am
then to come to america and to give them to the individuals to work for the law-enforcement family and thanks to america at to give me the opportunity to arguer this the opportunity to prove we could be a great asset to the nation and i m so blessed. >> host: i'm glad you could join the conversation. >> there's a lot out there based of his policies about
1:26 am
deportation they know they're for legal immigration and with ati violation of the law as people have gone through the process and that is something in his budget they will say if it is mass deportation to walk back with a ban on muslims then they change that to only certain countries. cities are details that our important and will reveal what the trump administration will do. >> he could undo some of those executive orders obamama has issued. >> that is what he promised to do he has a long list he will do date number one it will be a long day that is one of them to rescind the executive orders so he will have to deliver because
1:27 am
trump supporters give him a psalm the way of maybe not some gridlock they know he is a deal maker. >> becomes into office with the supreme court with eight justices in a chance to nominee to the supreme courtng would about match mcconnell? >> i think we all agree this is a stunning election. clearly in indication the american people want to try something new the speaker shares my view we would like the country to the one in different direction and will work with them to change the course for america. to have the opportunity to fill the supreme court vacancy and i thought it
1:28 am
best american people with the supreme court. it had been 80 years in thewa middle of the presidentialre year confirmed by the senate back at 1888 to have a vacancy in the middle of of presidential election year. so the american people have spoken and mr. trump will send us the nominee early next year. >> or are the democrats option with the democratic president appointing his nominee? >> what the conservative base did not like they loved the list they thought it was great he could pick somebody on the list and the
1:29 am
republicans on capitol hill will support that. court noy controversial pick with the supreme court nominee that nuclear option does not apply so unless they change the rules and honestly they can move with those prior justices to split that democratic party to support the bush nominee so that is a heavy lift the that is something that will likely >> good morning america. how about trump? i love it. i have been saying for years the only way the country
1:30 am
will turn around is of a billionaire comes without a special interest and that is what he will do.out this guy everybody was wrong about him from did number-one with the back street drivers to sit back and watch him do his magic. the >> the media and the pollsters were wrong donald trump had a huge night integrate historic victory. wha he is media savvy he knows his message is very good slogan make america great again hillary clinton was too careful she would not sit down with the media outlets and honestly in retrospect you cannot run
1:31 am
for their presidency and be careful and go for it he went for it now he is the president elect. >> lobbying the hill the headline that trump and vilified the of lobbyists but will keep k. st. busy but with that stunning and unexpected victory despitete the unpopularity because that political upheaval and the changeover high-interest and concern for the business community about the agenda and will be pursued. >> in the mid-1990s is starkly nuking great chair bill clinton with us balanced budget act with a divided government there really has not worked since then sell in 2009 with overwhelming majorities obamacare come at climate
1:32 am
change dodd/frank but now republicans have the leverage of power so most people agree that gridlock is not a good thing but of course, democrats will not see capitol hill next year. >> the democratic line. >> caller: what to get my point out before you hang upvo on the haoles said that 8:00 p.m. i still believe hillary will win then things changed blacks? that is all over the country don't you think that is strange?has i hate to say that i believeia the media, and the fbi and
1:33 am
politicians have been and to gather after the polls close they dropped some numbers ifon you look at every state less than 150,000 something is very fishy everybody better be looking because this was stolen. >> host: you mentioned that the pollsters with the headlines that blew wet so what does that look like for those media organizations toit step back what do we do right the next time? the right to know listen to group think if you look at the polls and the data donald trump had a shot going into election nighte thest but the battleground states were very close but virginia was a nail biter donald
1:34 am
trump was up most of the night even though clinton won that but they had brought by five points. polls >> not every poll is wrong but most of them were often. 2012 day burgh dead dog actually underestimated thehi of barack obama performance but the media needs to reevaluate to look at us passion and enthusiasm and was not there for clinton. >> it is too early to tell but as veteran chief the killing for word what does that look like much as the presidential election butna the congressional election? does it change your gamet: plan by. >> you have to get out there i was in ohio recently i
1:35 am
could tell there was no chance she would when i didn't think double digits but so that to have money in your travel budget to actually go places to get out of that washington d.c. bubble. i went to manchester new hampshire one year ago ended idealized the first time open you waited so devastating that that started to write about it but in washington d.c. did not know about it. >> good morning. i am curious i hear about the change. i cannot understand what w that really means with the transition period with the economy or the jobs or the
1:36 am
dow jones index in so many people with their health care but the gridlock of the of parliament because of editing their president of for word. >> host: back to the affordable care act thatre people are concerned what is next. >> if you take away from benefits they will feel the effects in future elections that as republicans have to do get the braintrustra
1:37 am
together to figure out a way to replace obamacare if they i will repeal. so that will be the rub and people are nervous about i losing their benefits why 2012 it was a lot easier to repeal because the benefit was not in effect. after that election johnon peters said obamacare is the lot of the land and took a lot of heat but they knew would be very difficult to eradicate so that will be their number one. >> in terms of specificswaving leaving the pamphlet of the better way agenda policy with health care that they have proposed will for the next did ministrations rednecks congress. how much of that becomes part of the trout proposal cahill?
1:38 am
rebecca fink it is a lot because he is not the detailed person but paul ryan does like to get into the details that could be a complementary do well however they do disagree such as the tpp there is no way trump will ever give him a green light to pass that why you will have to backd off and there are also major issues as the president he was just elected they've made like everything they pass but they will light gete a lot more they have a friend in the white house. >> so his negotiations skills did we see a renegotiated tpp quit. >> we could that is something he has said repeatedly i not against trade deal eye begins the unfair trade deal he also said that he will
1:39 am
renegotiate nafta he has gone after that lot harder than obama did. that could be extremely difficult to fulfill that promise but that is what got him elected new hampshire go-ahead. >> caller: good morning. first of all, i add a static there is changes coming for all of us americans. one thing i am concerned about is social securityabout there's very little mentionin m in this campaign. and did research i have discovered that of our government has taken $3 trillion out of the social security fund but no one speaks of this. we are told it is in trouble we have to do something
1:40 am
about it but yet they continue to take more money out of it. from watching what is going on and us that she voted to take another $170 million out of social' if this is true then why is a did a ponzi scheme in what can they do to stop washington to trade the social security fund one? >> no doubt about it they are headed for ultimate h bankruptcy so that happened in the mid-90s but then congress passed the balanced budget act to increase the solvency but because that isn't happening in the next
1:41 am
five years it has more solvency and then to have more benefits could then like other republicans honestly i think the records presses them on the issue. i don't think there will be many changes the first term. >> base still encounter issues of raising the deathns? penalty? to make absolutely. but we can raise the spending that cut government
1:42 am
at the same time. i do think now it is a different dynamic with trump in the warehouse good morning. i have a couple of questions as essayed president elect how does that come about? is that until after his term not?sity as far as the charges but march 2017 rehab said debtfr
1:43 am
ceiling and with the free event caucus and with thatts big infrastructure bill is great but with the freedom caucus there will be some problems there cutting some spending so with the fields deere conflict. and then i also hear bob bringing jobs back from overseas but one thing i have never heard anybody explain the lot of thosee
1:44 am
manufacturing jobs are gone and not exist. the robot in the computer has taken that over. but but is this a job after that. >> no doubt pdf there is a lot of lawsuits filed against him like trump university those will continue.l releas and that he build release that the press will continueit to press him and of criticisms of trump and then that is an issue with the freedom pockets and the
1:45 am
details will matter. there are definitely challenges ahead for donald trump but he does have control of the house and the senate. >> the trump brand having bet it could not be better. before the victory and already named his businesst and then drawing comparisons like that chairman of century properties group with the on 482 washington and economic affairs. the times writes that with trump tower is a $150 billion apartment building he had fallen involvement except the one
1:46 am
of the maastricht seculare cities though website did not own develop parcels for whom it will be fascinating to see this to fruition ships there was a contentious relationship toward the end but with national security we have to >> independent line. good morning.he >> the republicans trying to get rid of the affordable care act but what did theyey
1:47 am
discuss the same benefits c they have? would did the solvable problem?estic they was want to cut with domestic programs but we never hear about the corporate welfare there on a government health care program to use the lead but the anchor at one but his message of corruption to go after the media elite will change the town by it and
1:48 am
and to change washington. >> good morning.caller: republican in line. >> caller: thanks for taking my call per car first one to say donald trump will be the closest to being the president of the people and by the people we will have people coming to the woodhouse but that is opposed to the highest donor. but that illegal immigration issue to an but that is from
1:49 am
the philippines she applied before i'd better she tried to did illegally in they deported her. so there was a major black spot on her record. we went through a lot to try to but for those who have not even committed a crime, it but that will make republicans a little upset that there is no chance of citizenship was a lever. have to honor the people and
1:50 am
then get in line like everybody else. >> those types the detailsim are very important and anything you do can be controversial as there is always supposition that the thing going back at 2006 and was opposed. >> what about the fourth
1:51 am
people for immigration the ink of those reinstate and credits but in 2018 through hand west virginia but the and the steven because few are of. >> but chuck grassley would take the lead direction. >> reelected to another turnwa. as 84 years old. we will hear boar from bob.
1:52 am
>> i have a question. >> but i don't know. he has that gone into that many details are something the with the lame duck with the relationship with paul ryan with that leadership election from that freedom caucus to delayed the races until they can evaluate how right handles issues of the upcoming lame duck session with the exact same leadership sits well with the david mcintosh house
1:53 am
republicans should not replace him but should rethink the composition of the leadership team was he empowered by the win with o donald trump or did he gain a foothold greg. >> aching right and picked up some power he was looking very difficult this clinton had won he would have to strike some deals so i think he is in power but these leadership questions does help the incumbents that were and leadership right now so they have called for that before and i think paul ryan will hold firm to that so those leaders will say we need to unify four our
1:54 am
agenda so stop bickering toin get some stuff done. we will not agree and what steps should be done. >> and for the speaker to make some changes from the white house chairs setter leaving candace miller it is term-limit with her chairmanship john klein is leaving congress also term limit and jeff miller is retiring. paul ryan will have the choice of chairmanship's. >> those are big decisions. a there is an aspect republicans have to watch that that could be virginia foxx. because that is the onlyle
1:55 am
female chair leaving. the one big race is the energy commerce committee deere trying to get his bill done involving doc but he is term limited so the race is coming down to the house republican campaign arm did quite well but others also want the job so ryan has the most votes out of anybody but it is done by the leadership votes shy of pressure to win the race but the fact he is very powerfulul of whoever is the next chair will have a big policy making agenda. >> for lauderdale independent line. >> caller: hello. i have had you guys on in the background i am not paying 100 percent attention
1:56 am
to what has been covered but the guy who said the election was rigged but the mandate and what they are going to but what matters more voted for hillary than donald trump so i call on the independence those democrats that are left leaning because they're so interested in compromise and they will fight fight fight. we so we have heard news that when trump called the leaders they said no. the first thing the
1:57 am
republicans said would obama was elected me will fight tim on everything to make sure he is a single term president. >> we did talk a little bit but it is interesting if you look at the republicans bush did not win the popular vote but he did 2004 since that time democrats have won theat popular front and that is something tim kane when introducing hillary clinton noted. at the same time hillary clinton and obama said we need to have a transition to give him a chance he wasnt elected president that is our system with even hillary clinton said that should be eliminated going to popular vote. so donald trump won for -- barron square the democrats are saying that.
1:58 am
yes. but our system. >> as former presidential handley and the senator iss suggesting the potential for cooperation. what is the role of sanders and elizabeth warren in the democratic party dryexx. devat has a vacuum. it is one of the most devastating nights in the history of politics and those ramifications will bee felt for years. said now we think to were the leaders with michelle and barack obama joe biden is leaving. nancy pelosi ended new leader with chuck schumer?? so without doubt the
1:59 am
progressives are looking to elizabeth warren and verdi sanders with a populist appeal. do they agree on a lot of policies? no. and the two people are on the left are sanders and warren. there is a huge movement behind both of them they will be fighting donald trump laugh over the next few years. >> i would like to go to a social security to pay $125,000 then you get that paid at. i like to see that around $1 million and then beyond the lower end of theru spectrum but i newsstand they're having a meeting today in the oval office with trump.
2:00 am
he needs to be searched for a wire in case russia has them wired up. >> we believe it of that with the meeting today at the white house what about if you were a fly on mobile blacks. >> with love that it would be awkward more so for barack obama who said repeatedly that of traub is unfit for president. but barack obama we need this month so basically you love to give tumors of the warehouse to his wife and hit it broke be awkward no doubt. but obama had and mockingnext y and


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