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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 11, 2016 11:05pm-11:16pm EST

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>> i know that you will not be able to sign all of these books so valued have another ? >> i have definitely going to be back on the 30th of september at a careful state university. [applause] that will be another opportunity and i will talk with the museum maybe we can work out the of logistics' to get as many books and is possible. [applause]
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>> imagine an alternative history america it is celebrating with fireworks to many republican from michigan and a democrat for georgette are campaigning in the speech that predicted the future. my fellow americans, this difficult decade will come to an end the national hangover from vietnam and watergate no more lines for gasoline or stagflation. the fact the berlin wall will crumble and a lifetime the nuclear threat will recede and no military threats to our soil. the last of the formal legal barriers to full participation of people of color will fall china carrier brazil india south africa will join the global economic community in imprinting peabody life-threatening poverty.
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americans will reinvent industries to create more wealth in the next 30 years in the entire history of humankind dramatically improving the lives of all americans and those around the globe americans will continue to be the world's wealthiest nation. that would have been not astounding all of which would have come true. but imagine if the speech continued my fellow americans with all the new wealth we produce 95 percent will go to the top 1 percent if you hundred wealthy families will amass more than the bottom of this combined adr 90 percent flossy a dime in the bottom 50% will have to take a pay cut to export manufacturing and deregulate globalize and privatize to break the union bankrupt the pension system
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for public education to make debt-free colleges thing of the past to turn our backs on the middle-class repaid -- replaced jim crow laws that net economic impact for women doubling the work-force participation is eurodollars for those bottom-line% in for a family that can reasonably afford a middle-class life today we'll need to or three and come to live the same life one generation from now. obviously given such as speech would doom a candidate the party would have been out of power. nobody would have voted pet yet this second part bottles so turnout to be true now because of a historical accident but the economic system is rigged in favor of
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large corporations and wealthy americans trickle-down economics came into the consciousness as if rounding -- written to the founding documents intentionally refers to for the course of the last four years if foreign power had announced it was the plan we would have gone to war.
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>> it is easy for them to provide a willingness into the local economy. but they are holding back their language skills and the incentive to move with the broader economy as opposed to a captive labor market
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>> use say that people with black lives matter are very angry. and righteous but this seems that what one might do that moment in time of why abie's things occur. in the poll on the you have read that is up against the wall. they have seen their comrades shot. and then to be humiliated. i don't know how you can justify that but on the police side you understand
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that is to recall when we are in trouble we need law-enforcement but not those who have a license to kill because they have a badge you have been an oklahoma they cannot even walk straight cavities are and a gun and he shoots somebody in the back. >> i am looking at the killings he said i mistook my taser for a dozen i haven't had my hands on either one to every betty's relief i am sure. [laughter] but those police operatives in the '60s were recruited directly from mississippi alabama louisiana.
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in did is a prescription for disaster. [inaudible conversations] thanks for coming. [inaudible] thank you. i did lot of work


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