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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 19, 2016 4:00am-6:01am EST

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they are wrong in terms of who could vote. polls show the country favors democrat over republican positions on most issues. ?hat kept people from guest: votingguest: he is 100% right. when you look at polling, the things democrats fight for, it does not matter whether you are a democrat, independent, or republican. the vast majority of all three support expanding social security. they are not interested in destroying or cutting it. paul ryan is talking about potentially destroying medicare. the real it he is democrats, republicans, and independents all fundamentally agree that medicare should be improved and not destroyed. across the board, americans agree with democrat. the problem is we have a turnout problem. i think it is because we have a people, a lackng
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of people knowing the democratic party fights for them. one elizabeth warren talks about warrenwhen elizabeth says we need's to fight for the working class and need to make --that we have a rigged system that supports the 1%, we need to fight back and have a system that supports 100% of americans. those policies and platforms they pushed will bring people out and get them to vote. if you look at the local level, we had some fantastic victories from people who did that. the mayor of stockton, he grew up in stockton, went to college in stanford, came back to stockton and said "i will be able to move you forward your car "i will be able to
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move you forward." i will workis said with you to held a middle-class that works again, instead of a local government run by developers and corporations. that is it. if we want to get democrats out thevote, we have to get majority out to vote, and we have to fight for them. host: can you do that without a dynamic candidate? do you need another barack obama to make that happen? guest: the dynamic candidate can be the issues, when you are right. when you are actually out there campaigning. people with face-to-face conversations, the caller talking about going door to door, she is the reason we will win in the future. because she is talking to people.
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whether we have a fantastic, charismatic leader like barack obama at the top or a not so charismatic leader. the bottom line is people want the government to work for them, not against them. too often, they feel like the government is working against them. host: briber is calling from oregon -- barbara is calling from oregon. caller: i want to ask the gentleman how much power the dnc .as besides bernie's shabby thetment, he had all of delegates racked up before he even announced he was running. can they change that? guest: i hope so. superdelegates are disaster for our party. there should never be a circumstance where elites, big funders, lawyers, can make that backroomisions --
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decisions that overrun the party. run sosanders decided to we could have a competitive primary and actually have the fight for ideas. we are best when we are competitive on the ideas. when we have a real discussion about what our policy should be. if you think back to 2008, your member the fact that we had 10 can at its for the democratic party running for president. we had real debates. and when it got down to clinton and obama, that was a fantastic fight for ideas. it made it so democrats were able to dominate the civ -- the sea of ideals. we almost did not get that this cycle at all because of superdelegates putting the thumb on the scale for one candidate. we ended up getting some of that during the clinton-sanders often, we hadoo
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people putting the thumb on the scale. from diane is calling in missouri on our democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to thank you for being so well informed. i want to say that we wanted bernie because bernie sanders was the one that was getting what we wanted. which was get a lot of these criminals out, because they are nonviolent now. but if we keep them in there, we have to pay $60,000 a year for them. the other thing is when they made bernie stepped down, that was wrong pay we would have won the democratic party. and the reason why they wanted wasp was because trump saying the average thing, which was keep our businesses in america. that is what america wants.
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because he was saying things the average america wanted, everyone went for him. the other thing is they want to raise the minimum wage, but do you know what they are doing to hurt us? they let our landlords raise the rent. host: that is a lot to unpack. wast: it is ironic trump able to succeed by saying things like we should make products in america again. it is ironic because he probably has not made products in america for decades. he is like a poster child for what i would call the un-american businessman. the one who believes global corporation should be able to move profits off sees, not pay taxes. they should be able to buy products from other countries. having some of that is probably not a complete disaster, but it cannot be the way in which rerun -- we run our country.
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it is ironic that we had a candidate who ran across that and managed to win. and bernie sanders, when he talked about it, he was not someone who ran businesses, soul ties made in china, but was someone who fought against bad trade deals like nafta and they recent transpacific partnership. that is why democracy for america supported bernie sanders. we worked hard to try to make him win, because we thought he would win the general election. he understood the problems america faces. moving ahead, i hope the democratic party realizes bernie sanders was right. that is why he was able to get so many people. hear a lot of talk about working-class whites. there is a lot of working class people of color.
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in fact, more of them. and they did not show up either. fightingcause were not for them. bernie sanders would have done that. i agree with the caller that bernie sanders was fantastic and it sucks you was not the nominee. host: bert, you are on our republican line. caller: good morning. people forget about our great general and president dwight d. be careful who said and do not let the military-industrial complex take over the country. i think that is what we are bying, is the government corporations, not by the people. maybe donald trump, he decided the people should run the
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country, not the corporations, who live ties from china or import ties from china. he was there to compete. but at least he sees the reality of the people losing their government to the corporations and to wall street -- host: let's let charles chamberlain respond. sawt: it is wonderful trump that and understood it. the problem is he lived it. since he has been elected, since he has the common or is about to become president-elect, after votes, isral college he is not draining the swamp, he is filling it if he has added wall street bankers, added the people he ran against, to his administration. the kind of people he is choosing to be his right hand, his counselors, the people who
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will implement his policies. they unfortunately do not match his campaign rhetoric. i encourage anyone watching who thinks donald trump is going to follow through on his promises of draining the swamp, please read the paper, watch what is happening. that is not what is happening. what is happening is we are getting an extra level of corporate control into our government. we are getting a commander-in-chief who will thely continue and increase power of corporations over our government, not restrain them. that is what we are seeing in this transition and i fear that is what we will see the next couple of years. host:
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