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tv   The Communicators  CSPAN  November 21, 2016 8:00pm-8:47pm EST

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>> host: this week gave discussion of the fcc with the incoming trumpet ministrations me of two former members of the sec, robert mcdowell republican members serving 2,000 -- 2006 through 2013 and michael kopp former member of the democratic side 2001 through 2011 serving as acting chair half the year. michael copy were there during the presidential transition what is that process like greg. >> it will vary from the incoming administration in the middle of a transition who is in and out there is the transition going on i assume there is and i hope in business that the commission will continue
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between here and january with those commissions a they have worked on in the recent years and think it is time to put some of those issues behind us there is a whole new edition of telecommunications issue and if we are smart we will tackle that with the future of neutrality what does that mean, artificial intelligence, and jobs, consolidation we have not even broach these yet it is a time of transition i hope we focus on the issues rather than and who will be the next chairman or who will hold the most fund-raisers for specific candidate it is a vibrant part of the economy so we need to look fresh during this transition what it is
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we will be doing. >> host: robert u.s. from the right - - ready-to-eat minority did you try to put some things through? >> shout out to my former colleagues u.s. acting chairman when we redound have three commissioners undertaking perhaps the most difficult job the fcc has ever undertaken with the digital the era of the three amigos and michael copps and we agreed 100 percent of the time we had 50 votes of major items we voted together unanimously. the only divide was the tar heel and i am a blue devil but the transition is very
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important during the bush and obama entrances shinri worked with the transition team and we talk about ideas which is the fcc process reform reworked on those issues as well to be more transparent, and more public comment, all of these things are very important and the nets and bolts operation and you can disagree with the outcome but you should have a fair and open and transparent process. >> and the city has gotten a lot more partisan the last few years but with that spirit that we had a really hope we can keep that in mind as we move ahead. there is always division with the issues but you have to have that camaraderie and sometimes it seems that
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slips away and when it does is to the detriment and the credibility of the fcc. >> host: has it currently? >> i think with partisanship by think most votes that the fcc are unanimous but to the big issues whether network neutrality or privacy there will be partisanship but that is why four years i say let's get away from the closed meeting and talk about you can have the lawyers there thing go afford to keep above suspicion but i think so much of the of personal conflicts we have seen even goes back before this commission could be alleviated if they would just roundtable you try to look at a problem and talk about it. >> host: robert mcdowell there has been endorsed
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letters the house energy commerce committee to save lvov on controversial items during the transition period du agreed? >> i do as a former colleague and friend doesn't matter it is tradition the same thing happen and 2008 when george bush was leaving the democratic leaders had a very similar letter to the then chairman. we ended up having our meetings by teleconference and the very last meeting with our former colleague it was sad she did not get the proper sendoff but there were not complex issues that we hoped we could have reform of the universal service so these are normal
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things that the election have been put the pencil down the american people voted for change so let's move on and the controversial issues will happen later. >> before we got to have that permanent chairman, we did the dtb transition and what we worked so hard on miti that the initiative on broadband strategy and work don forbearance so we did quite a few things in this seems to me something like special access i remember signing letters in 2007 promising congress we would deal with the issue by 2007 now is 2017 progress some point you just have to say okay.
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go-ahead to do what we have a we cannot go back and start the research over and data gathering everybody fighting it is time to move on. there are issues that the commission needs to do justice by the digital age. >> host: now from the washington post. >> there are two issues in particular that have been controversial one is the set top box is that coming back greg. >> business data services called special access or bds with those data prices thou the fcc wants to regulate that more in the current - - under the year ended did in deregulate so i don't see that as a priority
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but to when it comes to the donald trump era nobody has predicted what is happening this year. so we can take our best guess we don't know for sure but i sense that when he chaired up for bds with the set top box there was no consensus on the democrats for starters it also will not get off the ground. >> i hope that's not true i hope of a could be negotiated and discussed before the commission and. we're still in the early stages of analyzing what the election means that this is not a typical the liberal or conservative contract -- contest but if the media is correct with the urinalysis that we did not hear from the rust belt's or what
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people were thinking in world america, keep in mind we have employees of at&t, horizon or comcast they're all across the country they don't like to pay $232 per year for the set top box they don't like this consolidation going on that don't like the bills counselee going up and up. said the president-elect will probably take a close look to figure that out end what reflects the base of people although it could be different from the early stages of electrolyte dallas's. >> does a restore as an independent agency?
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so the needs to be revitalized that is the tradition for those who understand the subject matter regardless of the outcome but that will be a major point. >> but my question looking at who that president-elect is if there is attention between the establishment figures between those who want to shake up the system. , and what is your expectation for that tension >> but the first thing tha
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is to confirm the nominee is and she is sting there not knowinif she is going to be a commissioner fishy is caught up in politics on capitol hill everybody realizes her expertise to come into that knowledge in she is sitting out there not knowing if she will be in the commission in january because if congress was serious as an independent agency so why won't they vote to confirm her? finletter do her job? >> that is a harsh indictment of government and it is an excusable she is in the situation and the agency
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is held hostage. i anders stand that the not the way that it should be. >> so with the majority leader of the senate needs to figure out and his term as a commissioner does not run out for a couple more years said he will do whatever he can to make that happen and they will be sitting on a republican commission not knowing the outcome. but we just don't know who is appointed to these agencies one week after we understood those election results, and the transition team will not turn its attention for quite awhile
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so they know who will be the next chair that this of wild card and then maybe we can talk more intelligently and 30 days. >> we are speaking in talking right before the big fcc meeting for november november, and solicited big ticket archon to version of items on the agenda could they be overturned in january quick. >> absolutely that is part of the tension with those congressional letters to say that they could be overturned or replaced that republicans are screwed and especially the one to make sure the rules of the road that it doesn't do anyone any good.
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they're all influenced soul will congress step up is a terrific opportunity to do just that if you look at the classification that is right to be peeled that but will congress step in and so the republican and from south dakota and the ranking democrat to that open internet and freedom as they have over the top providers as they continued to invest so congress has a terrific
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opportunity to say just repealing things in not knowing those rules of the road so the world needs to understand the contract. >> it is always easier for those in coming folks and that is a fact of life but if the independent agency has special access with the deadline set by congress and with the independent commission so yes the next commission can do away with whatever they want assuming they get the parts to go with that in and talking about neutrality but it shin do its job with the evidence that it has and for heaven's
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sakes put the battle behind us we have a commission irresponsible with all of these important questions and how many jobs will be displaced? and part and parcel like i feel so passionate what is the future of and what you do? >> had tried get that information? is that real? been negative say travesty
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it is not what they need to survive in. this is the ultimate commercialize reality show it has nothing to do with the problems of democracy in there are serious problems to drag the country down already some mx should the government be the arbiter? >> that we as a society have to come up with a model to bring back that investigative journalism that we have lost we have reporters now as they come back right off hand so what happened to those days like the muckrakers it could take
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one year find out what is going on with the meatpacking industry and they do that. then people would read that. >> n/a commander criticism so do you think facebook has a responsibility quick. >> of course they are making a lot of money off the news investigative reporting is expensive but it is a public good and public necessity going back to james madison in all this to realize that is why they subsidize with the distribution of the newspapers nobody knew that
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would succeed for the last few years, according somebody else the dialogue has been dumb down. >> >> as for print journalism what we talk about fighting we have seen a big decline in newspapers because of the natural market progression but at this point the market places pass that but then you can start to see a decline that maybe the sec would want to revisit.
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>> but that is not there on the internet but isn't that we lost half of the staff with td and radio. >> but then maybe have 5,000 jobs. >> there is a steady that can mount local people trust their local broadcasters or what is the favorite website? said to understand that public interest benefit. >> we have seen uh president elect talk about media bias
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for those have those disadvantaged places so are you worried that you want to use these fcc as a tool to go after media sources? >> i don't think so. was encouraged when he talks about at&t time warner merger but because we have been through a campaign we don't know what those steps that he wishes to take certainly trying to interfere with licensing but i don't know. >> but they do outline with the lbj it administration even the fairness doctrine
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has tried to interfere with political speech i haven't been able to figure out how obama that changes the editorial content in any way and that is a vertical deal and that should go through and we were talking we hope there will not be any interference with that discretion that would unify most republicans and democrats. >> then go back at a mitt content distribution with
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product into the hands of of a distributor that they cannot cope with that type of power. with at&t or comcast. >> host: commissioners, january 21, n ext year when that rolls around liaison the commission in who gets to have a vote and what are some of the items that trump demonstration will have to counsel - - >> will the chairman be gone spirit you have to ask him that question so people that understand he cannot fire from the commission altogether some nobody ever
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has from the fcc so in theory he could stay on as a regular commissioner and traditionally when you change party is the chair will step down that is the function of all will happen with tom wheeler. >> so republicans are looking to address that democratic control of the fcc so with the cross ownership and televisa ownership rules that they try to undo neutrality without going before the judge to get red in the face and he said remember what you did it like?
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get rid of those the u.s. approved. and that chevy history - - should be the history i talked about earlier. >> with that indecency issue so certainly the appellate courts understand if they want to change their mind. in dade did not speak to that. but we don't know for sure. but now there are some things before the commission to have appeal first of all they voted earlier this year to find new frequencies on the airwaves as we move to
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the internet that requires less spectrum that this of place where they come together. also they could do things to incentivize that bill out of the infrastructure and my health is supporting what is best with the constituencies with those industries make sure it is the fair market there's only so much the fcc can do. >> is infrastructure is so important and to be very much a part of that bill i hope the sec will do its part and trying to get broad
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band out to everybody so people in pennsylvania don't have any access so hopefully it will do its part in to get the country up to speed. with that international it shall be with the internet in the first place. >> commissioner you are a majority member of the commission quick. >> how did your life change? >> i became chairman in. [laughter] so i became a lot to more
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responsible i fainted changed of the standpoint i am responsible to set the agenda. i have been deeper responsibility to improve their relationship between the chairman and the commissioners not just with the other party but with members of their own party. thanks to the cooperation and that is why we made some progress and we need to get back to that. to do something about the closed meeting and look at that as the independent agency and let the fcc will do and with that independent
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agency price. >> how did your life changed going from majority to minority? so all mike deserves a lot of credit because as you can see we disagree lot but have at personal relationship and we believe in the process to make it more transparent and also to be focused on the transition. in the biggest - - in the beginning of the biggest thing it had never done. and was absolutely necessary
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so that collaborative atmosphere and to the size and to make your that were very instrumental to go out across the country that is a great moment for them but we did have the advantage to be focused on a big project with the bipartisan piece of legislation to pay can more bipartisan. >> clicking at those making overtures in the recent days with those organizations of the trump administration in
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felt that certainly certain groups could benefit over others so which groups benefit the most greg. >> in the sec world there is a lot of constituencies that battle against each other like broadcasters or cable there's a lot of industry groups regulated through the fcc and then the knicks with policy. >> and like i said so water the rules of the road crack's everyone will benefit with the equity markets that have soared since the trump election because of the policy we think that we know that broader taxation and that can be good with the ruling economy that wall street is
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betting on the economy. >> if we increase that velocity of money flow of 2 percent growth, with the zero weakest recovery since world war ii than all those companies or broadcasters or manufacturers will all benefit it is a rising tide. i have not seen any clues of one constituency or one type of group to be favored over another. >> and big media and telecommunications bill look what has happened to the consolidation and the democratic dialogue.
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this isn't under republican and penetration but the democratic commissions that some change the marketplace is this just a handful of companies with 75 percent of the page hits to be vibrant and innovative that the country deserves to have. >> how has the election shifted kuwait gave you the wheeler chairmanship? >> honestly it will change the way they'll huckabee obama presidency, obamacare presidency, obamacare, initi atives, going for word, at the decision that the chairman wheeler truck with the majority on neutrality was a start by itself
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standing there it could go down in history as one of the biggest decisions ever made but if it is sidelined for eliminated and we go back with those consolidated programs like before then it is a footnote in history there was change but then it was reversed. >> you just don't comment it is not ping-pong it is getting it settled then trying to and dissipate the issues of the future to do something about it that benefits of public interest they turn 2015 times on the communications act. >> when you word chair did you dismantle the neutrality? >> first of all, i think title to of internet access
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laissez commissioner that was their policy unanimous bipartisan at that time then something happened around 2007 when it was more democratic party orthodoxy with those regulations and specifically the telecommunications are old-style regulation of the internet that is a completely different animal that is why a couple of years ago referring to the senate in particular was looking at a compromise legislation what can we do to protect innovation with those network operators. we saw a lot of convergence or over the top players to have fiber all over the country getting to consumers like at&t or comcast wireless companies. as consumers to man
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convergence as the market pushes that it is harder for government to draw a distinction so maybe you need a new look and congress needs to legislate so that is a terrific opportunity to do just that with a win-win situation, stop having business groups to be enshrined in law in a statute most importantly the american consumer the obama fcc and the bush f rules to go back and forth when the white house changes hands with the administrative agencies that
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happens all over town but this is the moment the next few months in 2017 where if you will repeal title to what you do to bring certainty to come to the table because they know the rules can change every four years. >> so to jump-start this debate was democrats pushing for something when the republican commission said let's not talk communication >> devoted four cable modem. >> as vigorously as they could in 2002. >> that was not 2005 that was very different but i am telling you but in 2005
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because the courts had spoken and others on the commission, it was really in doubt what would happen to universal service or emergency communications but i worked and it looked like we have lost but in the end we have the statement and the principles the content of your choice, the applications of your choice choice, devices of your choice. that is what happened there but this was the seven o mistake of the 2000 period to categorize that the look back at my statement as a result of the reclassification. >> question on the federal agencies come with that
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ninth circuit decision with the common carrier exemption which some people said effectively gets many companies out of being regulated whether or not they have any assets that could be considered telecommunications assets so does the trump administration tried to get a hearing? >> we don't know. we'll know the take away of what will happen but that is the case of unintended consequences so if you classify access with consumer protection of the ftc there is a common
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carrier exemption now just like a monopoly phone company so therefore that power of the ftc witches' enforcement agency is now taken away. but in terms of who was in charge and no causes consumer confusion with the standards of the fcc and ftc previously the privacy commission so that is the confusion but what can you do to remove that confusion while still protecting on japan yours on the edge in network operators and on trips and yours. >> host: what about people advising donald trump with technology and communication quick. >> he has been advised on an fcc issues he tends to be
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libertarian with his outlook was just on your program might think about a month ago with a probably will take to what he said then but looking to fis that bush transition, january 21st with that paperwork that was done and those recommendations they had forgotten not to diminish their work you get to the interim chairs and white house personnel office and then the official personnel than that is the focus of people's attention and then they have new best friend in washington so looking at the transition team to be focused on somebody else. >> care today gone tomorrow.
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between now and the time he is president of law have one thought because roberts lot of faith in the ftc and its enforcement but remember those proceedings are usually ex post facto it is an individual case not setting the rules ahead of times people can understand them and there is a different standard but like the fcc public interest and heard. >> could consumers be hurt if it is upheld and congress does not act by. >> they could depending on how this plays out. if that communications exemption or if they take themselves out of the business to do regulatory oversight and then does not follow-up then consumers
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will be hurt. >> i'm not saying it is that perfect arrangement there will be changes but to me it is not either/or. >> appointed is fcc or ftc. fcc is older asia's can do common carriage so the tax sector, the consumer protection bureau of the ftc does a terrific job for the rest of the united states economy. >> host: final question what worries people the most of what you most excited about? >> if we will hold back the historic decisions that have been made and that they will just continue down the same
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road as usual without realizing the enormous challenges that we have talked about the news and journalism with a democratic society, we cannot allow those problems to hang out and do business as usual and certainly not for the american people. >> i do think we are due for a robust economic expansion if we can reform the tax payer taxes with repatriation of hundreds of billions of dollars from overseas to come back to invest your payout in dividends it helps people to help grow the economy. if that can be done for starters that is probably what was your is reacting to
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as they start to see the flow of capital comeback like we have not seen before freaking get the financial services sector that does not drive capital offshore then bring back but that will drive innovation the tech sector as a just came back from the bay area but it is the crown jewel and ready for a the renaissance there is so much going on with america leading the way we will have a wonderful goldman days ahead of us. >> host: former fcc commissioners and the current technology reporter for the "washington post"


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