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tv   Book Discussion on The End of White Christian America  CSPAN  November 26, 2016 6:35pm-6:46pm EST

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>> this photo just weeks after, days after president barack obama was reelected in 2012. at the top of the mill from the christian coalition of america and i was struck by it at the time.
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it became on the heels in between the election and thanksgiving and it had this caption underneath it. it said family at prayer, pennsylvania, 1942. of course it was a black-and-white photo, a white family saying grace before a meal and then it had this line of text further explaining the transition from the photo to the message verse coalition of america and it said this. it said we will soon be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first thanksgiving. god has still not withheld his blessing upon this nation although we now richly deserve such condemnation. we have a lot to give thanks for what we also need to pray to her heavenly father and ask them to protect us from those enemies outside and within who want to see america destroyed. so that's the message that comes from this image right after the
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re-election of president barack obama in 2012. at the time i wasn't working on the book quite yet but i immediately saved it because it seemed to me a kind of artifact and assemble of the visceral reaction to the re-election of a rock obama in 2012. parts of the book are about unpacking what is that about when we see these reactions and this throwback imagery to a previous time and the mythical golden era, what is behind that nostalgia? the book is called "the end of white christian america" and i want to say what they mean by white christian america really is a metaphor for the whole cultural and institutional edifice. it was built not exclusively but primarily by white protestant christians in this country that set the tone for national conversation and really shaped a lot of american ideals.
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you may have walked here and to walk very far without tripping over an institution that was started by white christian america white protestants. the ywca the ymca, the boy scouts we would not be hard to find these things and yet these kinds of institutions and the world so they were really part of a pass from the american scene. that's really what the book is about. you can see this in the a number of demographic ways than you could see the architecture but i'm going to focus on the demographics. i could show you one chart. i would show you a few more but i could show you one chart it would get this one. this really shows us some real changes that happened just over the last eight years. the period of barack obama's presidency, this is all white christians together.
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all white christians protestant catholic nondenominational orthodox all lumped together comprise of the american population. in 2004, 59% of the country and by 2008 when president barack obama is running for president two election cycles ago that number was 54%. today that number is 45%. it was 47% in 2014 and the latest data shows that 45% so just during the last election cycle during president barack obama's presidency we have crossed this amazing threshold. we have moved from being a majority white christian country to a minority white christian country in a short amount of time. this is in fact even if people don't know the stats that while i think many white christians particularly white conservative christians feel the shift in their bones. this is part of the react to do we are seeing. just to put one more symbolic issue across the same time
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period support for marriage over the same period of time. again go back to 2008. what you see is that only four in 10 americans supported marriage when barack obama was running for president 2008 in that number today is 53% so similarly we have gone from a country from where a minority supports same-sex marriage to a majority supports same-sex marriage. c you can watch this and other programs on line at
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>> the two branches are really advanced. congress checking the president backing down from president, the president pushing congress and the president being worried about taking it too far.
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>> is not possible to only talk about guns but a broader societal thing which counts people out to humanizes them and when their life is taken him up well that his already than accounted for it. i think there is a real problem once you start saying he was an a student and there's the suggestion that there is a grade that you could get that would be worth --. >> imagine an alternative history to the 1976 presidential election. america is celebrating its bicentennial but fireworks and two men a republican from michigan and a democrat from georgia are campaigning to be president. what if one of them had given a speech that predicted the future my fellow americans one could imagine him saying this
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difficult decade will soon come to an end. the national hangover from vietnam and watergate will slowly fade. there will be no more lines for gasoline, no more stagflation. in fact the berlin wall will crumble in our lifetimes. the cold war will die through the nuclear threat will receive and there will be no more foreign military threats to our soil. the last of the formal legal barriers difficult economic precipitation by women in -- will fall. china brazil and south africa will join the global economic community and lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. americans will reinvent industries that will create more wealth than the next 30 years that has been created the entire history of humankind. technology will dramatically improve the lives of all americans and most people around the globe. america will continue to be the world's wealthiest nation with its most productive workers.
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that would have been incredible truly astounding set of predictions all of which as it turns out would have come through. but imagine if the speech continued, my fellow americans with all the new welfare country produces 95% will go to the top 1% of income. 50% of us combined. an 80 to 90% will debut debut tonight increase pay pay and about 50% less to take a pay cut. we are going export manufacturing, import wages and the sooner the structure the tax deregulate globalize privatized bankrupt our pension system strike funding for rural in urban public education make debt-free college thing of the past. we are going to turn our backs on the class and replace old jim crow laws with a new economic apartheid for black and brown america. the economic impact for women doubling their workplace
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participation will be $0 take him for the bottom 90% of income earning families and the families that can reasonably afford a low class life on a single person's paycheck will need two or three incomes to live the same life a generation from now. obviously giving such as speech would have doomed anyone's presidential campaign. his party probably would have been out of power for years. no one in america would have voted for such a vision and yet just like you optimistic first part the second part of our fictional presidential speech would also turn out turn out speech or became true not because of some historical accident but because our economic system was intentionally rigged in favor of large corporations and wealthy americans over everyone else. trickle-down economics was loaded in a national consciousness as if you're the founding documents or can they founding documents or can they pay 200 years of struggle and progress had been intentionally reversed over the course of the last 40 years.


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