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tv   Discussion on Campaign 2016  CSPAN  November 27, 2016 10:53pm-11:01pm EST

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>> i think the trend has been clearly in the wrong directions on both sides. the congress has not been assuming responsibilities, which has forced at least this president to do more things by executive order. there is no question they should have come together and passed immigration reform legislation. [applause] they weren't that far apart. and yet, this president and this congress would not sit down and talk it through. in the book, i emphasize that it doesn't take much to change this. it takes one thing. it takes one person who is willing to be a leader and step up. whether it is congressman or senator paul ryan who has the potential to do that kind of thing as a speaker.
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i have a lot of faith in him, or a president. i work all the time with bill clinton. we didn't agree philosophically. he was a character, but we talked and a lot of times i didn't want to talk. he would call one night at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. i was on trisha side of the bed, she picks up and hands it and says it's the president and hands it over to me and i start saying yes, sir mr. president, we will look into that, yes or and i hung up, goodbye and i hung the phone up. she said what did he want. i said i don't know, something about central america. here's the point, we talk all the time. we walked through all kinds of things. budget issues, tax issues, defense issues, safe drinking water, you name it. did we agree? no. a lot of times we pressed each other to the point we would get mad, but we communicate it.
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that was true with reagan. when i was in the house for eight years, we met with president reagan just about every tuesday morning that congress was in session. at 9:00 o'clock. sometimes it was bipartisan, sometimes it was just republicans. this trend of not communicating is a recent phenomenon. it started developing with the george w even though he tried very hard to get immigration reform. by the way, i say, look immigration is one of the big issues in this campaign. that's admit it. if we had done what we should've done in 2007, we wouldn't be here now. immigration reform is not just about illegal immigrants, it's about legal immigrants. with people that want to come into the america that have something to offer and they can't get here. one time i had two doctors from canada that wanted to come to mississippi. you know where that is, underserved medical area. two doctors highly qualified. you would've thought i was trying to sneak in saddam hussein.
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it was hard. it started with bush. i sought coming in 2006. now. now, this president and this congress, they just don't talk. the deficit worries me more than ever. now we are and janet about our grandchildren. the congress and the president are not dealing with it. the next president, all hillary would have to do if she is president would be to follow the role to a degree of president bill clinton. he did meet with us and he did talk to us. or, if it's trump, somebody, some of us have got to reach out and say mr. president, you say you're going to change washington, the first thing you need to do to change it is to begin to communicate. there are four things you need to make washington work. number one is medication. if you don't talk, you're not going to get nothing done. it's real simple. number number two, you have to
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develop a chemistry. clinton made me nervous, but we had a relationship. it was a chemistry that made as possible to turn that into action. the other thing we lost's omission. what the hell are we really four. republicans or democrats, do we really know? do we really know what either side would actually do if there is a majority in the congress? and last but not least, i have seen it. leadership. one man or one woman that will face the media and they were going to develop an energy policy. were going to have all the above. were going to do it. so it could change on a dime. but it's going to take a person of strength, because i've seen it.
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washington is a tough place. i wrote the high road and i got knocked down in the valley. but the best thing about being in the valley as you learn when you get back up, how how you can do things better. it can't change, i don't see it right now, i don't see it with mitch mcconnell, i don't see it with nancy pelosi, i do see hope and paul ryan. i don't know what to expect from chuck schumer who will probably be the senate democratic leader. he is smarter than read, he's ever bit as partisan as harry reid, but there is one difference. he's transactional. he can do business. they don't say it that way in new york city, but they understand it. so there is some hope out there. it all begins in the white house. leadership begins at the white house. we have got to get a different
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tempo coming out of that place. >> you can watch this and other programs online >> here's a look at some of the staff picks from the harvard book store in massachusetts. yahoo! news political columnists explores how the downfall of gary hart's presidential campaign has shaped today's campaign in all the truth is out steven breyer looks at how some of the high current courts decisions are stretching beyond america's borders in the court and the world. in 1944, historian four, historian jay winick reviews the decisions fdr had to make regarding the day in the end of world war ii. journalist jenny norberg reports on the lives of afghan women and girls in the underground girls of kabul. another staff picks from the harvard bookstore is black man in a white coat by doctor damon tweedy who weighs in on race and inequalities in the american healthcare system.
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in we should all be feminist, they argue that everyone should be fighting for gender equality. english prof. john burt dissects the seven debates between abraham lincoln and steven douglas during their 1858 u.s. senate seat race in lincoln's tragic pragmatism. markham reveals the difficulty she faced as a career pilot and is the first woman to fly solo across the atlantic ocean in her memoir west with the night. some of the staff picks from the harvard bookstore in cambridge massachusetts, many of these authors have appeared on book tv. you can watch them on our website


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