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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 30, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EST

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.. area -- others. you do not play your star player for four years and let him go. however, i wanted to comment on one of their earlier callers about you guys not getting a lot done. the point you made was mr. mcconnell was very true. people seem to fail to see there are checks and balances and sometimes they are abused. >> my call and if you've already dressed and i apologize, i've been a little late, it's about social security, mike concern that i'm 59 years old in january, i'm working to be out of debt for my 60th birthday and i'm looking at an early retirement and to be able to retire earlier than later.
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so accomplishing not taking as much out of the system and also providing for me and my good wife for a golden year in relaxation in the future. i don't believe in term limits, i did for a while but again my concern is what your comments arse or what you see happening was social security under a trump administration. thank you. >> host: thank you very much. >> guest: social security is absolutely the most important program we have going. in 1932 when the country was absolutely in the dump they put this program together so that people and they got old would have something to live on. and people have put money into it and there are thousands, millions millions of people insd this country living on social security today as their onlyly source of income.
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it is not very much, but the most you can make is $2600 a month if you had a good salary, that's the amount you get, and that's tough to live on. you're going to see a lot of people now going out of work or they have not gotten a pension in their job, they are then can have nothing but social security. i think social security should be expanded and we should allow people to put more money intoth the system so they can have a better benefit at the end. the other thing we ought to do is take off the cap. i'm a congressman, i make $170,000 per year, when i got my salary up to hundred 5000, they stop taking my contribution to social security out. nobody in this country plays any social security tax on their income above a hundred five or hundred ten, it changes every year. but i ought to pay social
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security tax all the way up to my hundred 70,000 and socially and so should best ballplayers who make $20 million. they are to pay into the system because you never know when you are going to need it. that social security system is not only for one year old, suppose you die at 50 and have kids in college, how do they live? social security system will provide them a death benefit. there's a lot of ways in which social security is a very important program in this country and it cannot be tampered with. i don't think mr. trump as odd as some of his actions and talkh has been is going to touch that. >> host: one more call. harry from the independent line. >> caller: i want to thank you for your many years of service, you've always always been a beacon of red mindedness and policy and we do thank you for your service. i agree with you on term limits.
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i think the best term limits are well informed electorate. my question is about the healthcare she. a book written many years ago about called the healing of america. in that book it is pointed out t that several industrial democracies and adopting new healthcare platforms that the first question asked is whether or not healthcare was a right or privilege. we spend so much time debating healthcare in this country and obama care and it seems to me isn't that the central questioni that we need to decide is it a right or privilege? if it's a right then it follows that universal coverage is really the best answer because it puts everyone in the pool as you suggest and divides the cost of the sicker people amongst the largest pool possible. i built a successful business and in the '90s i thought 17
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and 18% increases for ten yearsa for 100 employees and was always able to provide a way for good coverage. the fundamental question is whether it is a writer proliferated. i don't hear that questionquestn asked. it's a fundamental question that drives policy. could you comment on that? >> after the clintons tried the healthcare plan in the early 90s and failed many of us thought let's go back to the base and goeth a constitutional amendment that would make healthcare right.said, we i think it's a right to in a democracy, everybody should expect that they can have good healthcare. people said well we don't want to put it in the constitution because the be some lawsuits, they had some opposition. i think it is a right. unless were willing to pass a law that says a dr. and hospital
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can let someone die in the street and not care and have any responsibility for the than they have a responsibility, the dr. in the hospital doesn't have a choice, it's a right when you get into the hospital to have your healthcare taking care of, but we would not put into the constitution. in my view it should be in the constitution, right for everybody that wee could be more rational about how he put a system together that worked and covered everybody. i know there's people responsible but the fact is it is a right and it should be considered such. >> host: our guest, a member of the ways and means subcommittee on health he's the ranking member in the budget committee, thank thank you for your time. >> thank you it's a pleasure. >> c-span's "washington journal", live every day with news on policy issues that impact too. coming up on wednesday morning democratic steering and policy committee vice chair eric talks about the
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democrats just laid of agenda next congress on political messaging and strategy. intelligence committee member congressman chris stewart on president-elect trumps emerging national security team. inform policy challenges. new york magazine select all senior editor max three on his article, fake news and whether the internet is a reliable tool for furthering democracy. watch c-span's "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on wednesday morning. join the discussion. >> sunday and book tvs in depth, were hosting a discussion on the december 1941 attack on pearl harbor on the eve of the 75th anniversary. steve toomey, author of countdown to pearl harbor, the harbor, the 12 days to the attack, author of japan, 1941 count on tiffany and craig nelson with pearl harbor from
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infinity to greatness followed by an interview with a pearl harbor survivor and american sailors first-hand account of pearl harbor. were taking phone calls tweets and email questions live from noon until 3:00 p.m. easter. go to for the complete schedule. >> a civil rights leaders held a press conference to call on president-elect trump to denounce racism and violent acts by his supporters. speakers included representatives from the national council, muslim advocates, the american federation of teachers in the leadership conference on civil and human rights. it was organized by the southern poverty law center. it was one hour. [inaudible] >> a morning my name is richard
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cohen, president of the southern poverty law center. i'm joined today by brenda charities program director for muslim advocates, janet, president, president of the national council of la raza. randi weingarten, president of the american federation of teachers, wade henderson, president of the leadership conference for civil and human rights. also want to acknowledge the presence of two people important to us. luria from moms rising thank you for joining us. we're here today to release two reports that document the president-elect donald trump's own words have sparked incidents wrote the country and have had a profoundly negative effect on our schools. the first report is called ten days after. harassment and intimidation in
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the aftermath of the election. it describes 867 instances of hate that we collected from around the country the ten days following the election. i have no doubt whatsoever this is a tremendous undercount. the incidents were talking about have taken place in schools, public streets and parks and in retail establishments. many people have been targeted in their homes. the incidents have been ugly and aimed at people cousin their ethnic city, their race, their religion, religion, their sexual orientation, and their gender. time after time the perpetrators have invoked mr. trump's name, his slogan, or his words and their salts. time after time those who reported hate incidents to us said they had never experienced
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anything like that before, the level of hate that's been unleashed by the election is something entirely new. our second report is called after election day, the trump effect. space on the first 10,000 reports that we have received from educators around the country about the impact of the election on their students and their schools. that impact has been incredibly disturbing. 80% of the educators, teachers who responded to us have reported heightened anxiety among the marginalized students, students who are recent immigrants are living in real fear, 40% of the respondent reported hearing derogatory
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comments directed at students of color, muslims, immigrants, and lgbt students. over 2500 specific incidents for her reported to us where the teachers told us that mr. trump's name had been invoked, where rhetoric from the election had been employed. again, most disturbingly perhaps 85% of the teachers responded to us told us they were worried about the long run. they were worried about the continuing impact of the election, mr. trumps rhetoric on their students. they don't think this is going away anytime soon. since his election mr. trump has
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disavowed white supremacy. he is told the harassers to stop it. but what he has not done is acknowledge that his own words has sparked the barrage i hate that we are seeing. instead he is claimed ignorance. he surprise that any of his supporters would be harassing or intimidating he says he has no idea why white supremacist would be energizedsu by his election. really? neither of these facts should be a mystery to anyone much less to mr. trump. he has been singing the white supremacy song since he came down that escalator in his tower and announced his candidacy calling mexican immigrants racist. instead of pretending to be surprised by the pervasive hate that has infected our country
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mr. trump needs to take responsibility for and repair the damage that he caused. he needs to speak out forcefully and repeatedly against bigotry. he needs to apologize to the communities he is injured and demonstrate they will be protected and valued in hism administration. he needs needs to go to jersey city and apologized to the muslim community for castingdi dispersions on patriotism by line about the reaction to the 9/11 attacks. he needs to go to los angeles to assure dreamers that he will not use any information from their application for deferred action to deport them or their families. he needs to go to chicago to apologize to the black community for his grotesque stereotypic descriptions of their lives and neighborhoods. importantly his words must be followed by concrete actions both in his policies and in his appointments that repair the
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wounds of division that his campaign has caused. 600,000 people have signed a petition a petition on our website asking him to do just that. if he does not, anything less then an apology repairing the damage is that he has cost, reaching out to marginalized communities and having his actions follow his words, if he doesn't do those things the hate that mr. trump has unleashedin during this election season will continue to flourish. i will be happy to answer questions in a few minutes. first i would would like to turn the podium over to my colleagues >> thank you richard. good morning. today we stand hand-in-hand with our fellow americans who rejectm racism, bigotry, anti-semitism
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and division.the fb the fbi reported a 67% increase in hate crimes against muslimsol in 2015. we expect an even more dramatic rise in the incidence of hate and violence when the data for 2016 is tabulated and release. in fact, muslim advocates have been tracking hate crime since november 2015 and we have reported nearly 175 hate crimes against american muslims or those perceived to be muslims and the date leading up to the election. we are disturbed by the increased frequency of reported hate crimes and incidents since the election across the country. president-elect trump's recent statements against hate violence and white supremacy groups that support his election as a step in the right direction. there must be more.m we need him to strongly reject bigotry and all of its forms,
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unequivocally call americans to stop the hate violence and ensure his administration will prosecute perpetrators of hate crimes to the fullest extent under the law. furthermore, president-elect trump must reconsider some of the selections he has made his top advisers to his administration. otherwise the selections of individuals like steve bannon, lieutenant general michael flynn and jeff sessions indicate that the bigoted and divisive rhetoric we saw on the campaign will continue as a matter ofr policy and practice in the white house. america is hurting right now, all of us need to come together and feel safe. children are getting bullied, women with head scars are beinge attacked and bigoted rhetoric has become commonplace across the country. hate crimes have skyrocketed an american muslims like many
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americans are genuinely fearful. if if president-elect trump wants to bring america togethere and be a leader for all americans he will need toosals n disavow the dangerous proposalss and ideas that single out and demonize muslims and other communities. now is the time for president-elect trump to make changes and his rhetoric, his selections, and the and the policies under consideration by his incoming administration in order to send a strong message of unity to all americans. thank you. my name >> my name is janet not president and ceo of the national council --le >> less than 48 hours after election night, we hosted a check-in call with all of the affiliates across the country. our affiliates arere community-based organizations
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that provide health, education, economic and social services to millions of latinos and others every single day. many run charter schools are afterschool programs. more than 100 organizations, nearly 150 participated and what we heard from them troubled us deeply. virtually all of these affiliates focused on the same issue, we we asked them what were they hearing and seeing in our community even in those two days after the election? what they said was the devastating impact of the election, its tone and divisiveness, its harsh rhetoric and yes it's outcome it was having on the children they know and serve. they reported on countless incidents of harassment of verbal and physical tones, of widespread bullying most
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tragically, of many students contemplating taking their own lives.nd they also stress the profound anxiety and fear that have gripped these children about the future.ab they are deeply worried. the children are deeply worried about their parents and otherr family members due to the immigration status. these kids are frightened and r with reason that their families may be broken up by the policies of the incoming administration. they are left to wonder whether the statements of candidate trump will be carried out by president trump. in short, everything they can chronicled in the new critically important report is corroborated by the calls and conversations we have had over the past
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several weeks. we angered and saddened but not surprised the fact that 90% of teachers have witnessed a negative impact on their students an 80% notice how anxious their students are. this is unacceptable. and clr has already begun working with affiliates to h provide support including mental health services and teacher training to address bullying. we were working with partners like her friends today to combat this issue together and at a national level. we are grateful for documenting what is going on by issuing these reports and also forme helping this document what is going on in the community. for example we have already translated and made in a culture way splc's report form from english to spanish and posted it on the website.
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much more needs to happen and it has to start with the president-elect. while he has said he wants to be the president of all americans we have heard precious little in response to what is going in his name. especially when it comes to the impact it has had on children and young president-elect trump needs to reassure, or or at the very least address the anxiety andcot fear of so many communities for whom he will now also bebe president. president-elect trump, we are asking you, we need to to protect and defend all americans and condemn the violence and hate being committed in your name. reach out to marginalized communities, repair the damage. thank you. >> thank you richard.
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thank you brenda and janet and wade.and the my name is randy and i'm the president of the 1.6 million-member american federation of teachers. where the largest college union and the second largest teachers union. i'm here today not just to thank richard, the splc, the other speakers who all, big big and small ways have been spending their adult lives fighting hate and bigotry while at the sameomd time increasing opportunity, economic and educational opportunity for americans. this is not an either or situation. it is is a both and the situation in the united states of america. i appreciate what splc has now e done because we cannot live in an evidence free zone. during the campaign donald
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trump's rhetoric and policyag proposals pitted americans against each other and created a culture of fear and division. unfortunately unfortunately as the other speakers have said and as this report demonstrates we have seen a disturbing, and unacceptable search and hateful actions all too often carried out in mr. trump's name, particularly in schools. and while mr. trump looked at the camera directly in a 60 minutes interview and said to the people who are doing it, when asked the question to stop it, his appointments are sending a very different message. his teachers know, you actually need to be consistent in your message if you want people to
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hear it. the nomination of jeff sessions, the appointment of cbn, and the apartment of mike flynn all have sent the message that white supremacy and anti- muslim conspiracy theories are in vogue these days. why am i here? here? because there is a tremendous amount at stake particularly in our schools, pre-k through university, public and privatean all of which must be safe and welcoming places of learning and acceptance for students, for parents, for communities, and for the educators who serve our kids. for children to survive, for them to grow, for them to thrive, they have to feel safe at school and they have to feel that their parents are safe. and since this campaign and now since the selection, more and more do not feel safe. over the past year teachers have reported this disturbing trend, we've and called it the trump effect. we have story after story of community college faculty member
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at washington state was brought to tears when verbally assaulted with anti-immigrant slurs by other students. one of one of our members who came and testified last week who teaches at maple grove high school in the twin cities in minnesota ha. black students have a sign that said whites only. anna vogel message with the and word painted on this stall door. that can go on and on. last week five staff entrance swastikas in chelsea. my whole life there is no more more than one swastika anywhere in the city. eleven days ago we sent a letter signed by 200 organizations, cosign by the law center and by afp to the president-elect asking him to denounce these actions that were done in his. name. over 43,000 people signed that letter as well. we know he received it.
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since then, crickets, silence. mr. trump has claimed he will keep america safe to and he will stand up for the little guy, but he refuses to speak up for the littlest guys come our children who are being taunted, and bulletin schools by kids who use his name as a weapon. the president-elect knows how t use his voice, he has done so tw denounce a broadway show, to denounce media personalities, but his lack of leadership your to and that he hates field acts inspired by his devices campaign rhetoric is deafening. don't tell me that others haven't stood up, look what just happened not just here but just this weekend even with delta. where we saw that one unrulynged trump passenger made more than
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100 travelers uncomfortable. what did delta do? they not only to announce the bad behavior, they barred the man from ever traveling on a delta airplane. they apologize apologize and reimburse the victimized passengers.nd we have seen that kind of leadership or governor cuomo in new york, from new york city, from pennsylvania, for merrick -- in la, it's it's time for president-elect to use his voice to effectively and unequivocally denounce these hateful acts that are done in his name. thank you.>> goo >> good morning everyone. first i want to thank richard cohen and the southern poverty law center for these important reports and for their important
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research and leadership. i also want to thank my colleagues who are here this morning to bear witness so powerfully to the challenge of our time and in addressing hate and violence triggered in large part by the presidentialal election. . . my name is wade henderson. i serve as president and ceo of the leadership conference on civil and human rights. the leadership conference is the nations leading civil and human rights coalition with over 200 national organizations working to build an america as good as its ideals. i'm honored to note that all of the organizations here today are members of our coalition. now throughout the presidential campaign as you have heard and especially in its aftermath,
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many of the communities that we represent have come to live in ic >> >> during the course of thishi campaign as a reader the president-elect trump have a broad ranging proposals that would dramatically reimburse our nation's progress on civil and human rights and in the process he has vilified in dissent americans as rapists and terrorist and criminals co-workers and classmates to turn against one another. the hate to bill rhetoric of this campaign was shameful and divisive in ways that go well beyond of boundaries
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with of political doors and traditions but the vast majority of americans to voted for donald trump wants did not vote for hatred or violence nor did they vote for terrorizing people for being with today are the american us that we know that we strive to create is a nation that honors in respects equal protection- under the law with. embraces diversity as a strength and strives to be a place for all people can live and work from and steady and pray and love as free and equal americans. the same nation that values these tedious, just to be on this is a perfect working
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and progress the public schools are notoriously unequal as those in our profile by police with the muslim community and as we know the recant do better with the disdain or response to an outpouring of hatred and violence with indifference. this state attorneys general members of congress have already responded with programs and initiativesinitiati said legislation that
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decelerate for enhanced data collection and enforcementthe pr but the president-elect has failed to do his part you vowed to be the president for all of us today we are calling on you to disavow him the public discourse and telling your supporters and all americans to stop committing these tax that the nation in the world are watching.n one as several colleagues have noted from the early days of his transition and those that send a message that is unmistakable that seems to
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reinforce the very issues at the core of our concerns today we are concerned about the impact of what jeff sessions or steve abandon one heartbeat away from the president but the time to discuss this will rise on capitol hill right nowow asking the president stand up and be counted to honor the pledge he has made to the american people to bee the president of us all. thank you think you and now we will take questions.
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>> do you see this as an administration that you can work with over the next four years are basically the party in opposition for the duration of the presidency quick. >> from our point of view if there is common ground we certainly will not opposece him on the issues just for the sake of doing so but we are concerned there is very precious little common ground and those that he chooses to leave the agencies he has indicated will that will pull back policies and initiatives that our critical issues of the of criminalization of poverty and with all of those kinds of issues.
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>> the job is to represent the constituencies with we feel that gives a threat than we have to call that out with those marginalized communities and leadership's not is not fair for those communities to be kept in the dark horror a young
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child with an american citizen or to be a dreamer and not know about the future or to call that out to the president-elect that we feel arthur intercommunity you promise to be a president for all of us to do things in the bipartisan way we want tois to our job is to create economic and educational opportunity in america for prome
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an end to promote to pluralism. we have also asked mr. trump project planner on november november 18 to do this and he has not responded. a president of the estate's we need to find ways to have him bring people together in just like with there is common ground like with the last congress but at the end of the day it is first things first. create they have to have a climate that keeps americans save. all americans those who voted for him and those who didn't.
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it to keep all americans save. t care he says for those that to burn flags that is not protected speech one some but since he is walking away from some of his claims we can consider the cabinet decision said he has made do you see hopeful signs that he will walk away from some of the rhetoric or hear you out and make adjustments, ? >> with of leadership congress think for your question which is a follow-up to the firstth question about whether we
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are hopeful we could work together per car was really -- reluctant to speaker look initially but i thought it was important as well as a community and when someone shows today are so believe them. a standard applied currently occupying got whitehouse to replace them. we are deeply troubled in the wake of what we haveke described in then to address the issue in the most
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superficial manner. we're asking for that awful leadership and assuming he does that to take his actions for what they represent not to overstate t the challenge that we face because the appointment of the steve bannon as counselor and adviser is a few steps away from a a warehouse to be supported and embrace those organizations betterre anti-semitic anti-immigrant and racist. or someone whose record would suggest to have great difficulty that is a real
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challenge so we're looking to have the congress of the united states and did other instances to use his discretion wisely. and that we all try to promote. >> i will try to articulate this he is tweeting he is the media guys and he isa messaging maybe he is trying to keep them confuse
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intentionally with his tactics and personality may be because he had a reality show nine disparaging way, t but the problem is that now he is president-elect he is having an effect on children who are confused and concerned fearing forts their parents and familieshaps e may be the president-elect thinks he is playing a messaging game with perhaps the is a tactic that is our job to call up the tactic that there are folderol people -- vulnerable people that are affected. their children and americans
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negative these certificates their lives and are hanging on every word i am not sure he understood and that and is this important to remind them not what he does about what he says but mr. trump is my belief disappointed white nationalist in the white supremacist who are celebrating his victory no some of those early signs are not hopeful its naming of steve bannon as a chief strategist we will not let
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him forget his pledge beginning of the id danger to we're going to texas a&m speaking its university of michigan following that to take advantage of that trump defect to not get on campus with those points the view so what did your role will
12:46 am
return to those who have members in each of thosee campuses and other places near city webinars some membership colleges for those over the most volleyball and they would be out to cite not fighting against free-speech but fighting against the
12:47 am
incitement and the rights integrity and the inclusion of bias. in organizing is several other places and it is our role to really protect our most vulnerable to charges. as far as pre-kay and elementary. so we are working with and trying to those administrations to ensure there is protections but we will be out there fighting for the inclusiveness that we believe is necessary in america.
12:48 am
>> there is so much to go on right now in what we have a platform called share my lesson that is free for anyone. and then to do that in a way that is political. there is a lot of that going around. and as to protest the we will not take a page from them about suppressing the right of free speech.
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>> house systemic this will be 10 days after the election. and n does that data show that thehe trend is continuing orrin is it declining? >> in did days after the soection the gloves are off. but to think that the hate inaugurationaive. we will see low-level harassment continuing to save 35% of the twitter followers of those twitter
12:50 am
accounts. that they think it is whitett genocide the second moste popular was donald trump. into an acknowledged is wrongdoing to repair the damage and it will fall to religious leaders to assist in repairing the damage. >> we started to track hate crimes against muslims in
12:51 am
those perceived to be muslim november 2015 when we started to track at one point over 50 percent were against the houses of worship in pitch secular in the way we have been tracking them with that of map as well is that looking toward the federal law and state law with the definition of a hate crime in we have not seen that slowdown. and with the inauguration coming up in. >> we have daily children news. you are adults but talk about how children are as you speci
12:52 am
is so that they understand what those children specifically you're going through. >> the report after the election-- trump defect still has a specific example of the swastika, graffiti common name calling and bullying that the teachers did the union could multiplied we have seen tenfold. in then to have recommendations for teachers tes how they could set the tone for the classrooms and do what they can within the confines of their for walls to make the world the better place. >> with the earlier remarkss is one of the examples? see wrio
12:53 am
and to see written on one of the stalls in the high-school bathroom of the edward and that is frightening. wa wasn't just that butt several other places where they saw things like white only or white america of what they did in that school the educators came together of the restorative justice circles had kids talk about their feelings and talk together and try to understand the anxiety with a semblance of security that is replicated throughout the country.y.
12:54 am
in los angeles are kids anteaters that are calledave aco for daca-mented that have actually gone through the united states daca program and they themselves are scared to death that the new administration will use disinformation to natalie we send daca but kids have told their teachers that they are really afraid that their parents will be taken away. muslim kids have to their teachers that they don't want to wear anything that shows their muslim. so teachers are hearing this from all over. i heard these about dreamers
12:55 am
in in l.a. the report that put together every one of these incidents have a story attached to it. >> day you do research on the sometimes violent protests against trump. >> but our work collected in instance and weepy documented between 20 and 30 and at the same time of those protesters we did not ignore that at all. >> barris is with the
12:56 am
dreamers but and then to call out the hate in the interview but if you look at social media, it seems that they are not talking to each other.e in the so i am and just wondering where it is the optimism that will lessen to be alone little more forceful that is replicated in other public spaces where people live notpe talking to each other?
12:57 am
>> and with this one leadership matters. we're in a tie and a moment in this particular area talked-about the inability to filter what is true or not true we will have a long long period of how to reconcile. did very well be that these schools that they are pranks but if you were in the environment of high end anxiety we have responsibilities to step in is leaders to create a stable and unified environment and we're doing our part to with keyry
12:58 am
mediators give the toolsls that they need to educate our folks about what options that they have that violence is never the answer their trained for those resources. chc with the faith based leaders to step in and we need at president elect in the future president to think about what he can do asa but that presidency is the most important role that we have in this country and he needs to do his part. p. cannot do with a loan but we're trying to do our part. >>
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>> with the tokyo broadcasting the father of girls and six m4 so with all the of the comments of the racist attitude from your president-elect how are adults or parents and how are we supposed to explain what is going on? >> is the incredible conundrum. one of the disturbing facts that were covered in the earlier report that came out in march almost half of the teachers have decided they could not teach about the
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election this time but they did not know what to say about what mr. trump was saying. those in the faith community they have to speak out to protect the victims and surround them with love and caring adults. but when the president says things that say against our most cherished values. >> to touch on this a bit but to confuse the media in the public what the policies will look like and then he
1:01 am
will float the muslim they and -- a band so what is that uncertainty really affecting what does this look like what will happen agai few months? >> i will take a stab at that so as a candidate we saw a double trump using a divisive and hateful rhetoric that singles out a number of committees across the board and is most concerning rainout are his appointments themselves are a signal that those policies that he treated on the campaign trail with whom from a registry for muslim immigrants before concernsge
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about judges ethnicity able to and/or to properly adjudicate cases as well as mapping surveillance is campaign rhetoric they connect so the greatest concern is to take a stand right now against the bigotry tajo and campaign rhetoric would call him to change course with his appointments as well. >> >> can you when talk how we see richard spencer as highly educated and very polished although can you compare that to the old face
1:03 am
like the kkk? >> spencer the head of thecy national policy institute is a committed racist his words make fat clear and that should be peaceful and ethnic cleansing following hitler's other have been other richard spenser's before a number of of charismatic wyser-pratte mess that come to mind the leader of the national alliance a blueprint and dr. pierce was a physicist also from the former american nazi party soy think it is naive to think
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that all of those in the white supremacist organizations want our age issue which i think there are highly intellectual people we have seen return spencer it is very important to confront him with his statements because of steve bannon so with this important because one may argue that steve bannon is his alter ego because spencer is the originator of the t6 and that was the platform of the alt-right. >> you buy suggestions for
1:05 am
ordinary americans can do with tolerance and inclusiveness? >> one correction there is no such a thing as an ordinary american only those who have been answered the call of those who have not and each and every one of us has a responsibility to push back against anything that is contrary to our values whether with your family or at work or your house of worship for your civic organization people are powerless the worst thing is that individuals cannot make a difference that is always a self-fulfilling prophecy if they think they can and our history of civil rights shows just the opposite not
1:06 am
to call you about what but we do have a question on the phone? >> from b birmingham news with a question. >> according to reports that would indicate a red stain or a blue state? >> it is good to hear you if only barely. if you look at the map you can see the distribution of the hundred 67 instances of the document of state the head of our teachers and tolerance program is here.
1:07 am
.. [inaudible] >> in terms of school results there were no pattern sand we found many problems of both red states and a blue states. it just boils down to the demographics of schools of it is a large number of immigrant or muslim students there is a fear it doesn't break down that easily. >> to make a point with the of legal community, i want to be clear that right now we know all children that are latino under the age of 1895% are american citizens. so to talk about citizen
1:08 am
children for the most part. ninety-five% are american citizens. many of them were find themselves attack storer been terrorized and they are american-born.. allot of times part of what happens there is a broad brush painting these communities together and that is why unity matters here today of all of us coming together to say it isn't about one particular group it is really the principles of tolerance and inclusion in equal protection under the law to make thanks for coming this morning together collectively our commitment is to hold mr. trump to the first commitment he made
1:09 am
when it was clear he was the president-elect to heal the wounds of division american tree and pass to be up pledged that he takes seriously that he works to repair the with the actions that he apologizes to the community he has injured in those policies reflect that commitment. until he does it is a commitment unfulfilled. thank you. [applause]ry [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
1:10 am
and yet he said himself a must apologize to spend all of my time reading novels. in his presidency he would convene african-american leaders in the white house and say i look forward to the day when you can ride on the railroad car and eat in
1:11 am
the restaurant with every other person regardless of race that they must come. it took 90 years for that day to come grand was the last american president to hold those views
1:12 am
>> three weeks ago americans went to the polls and they were deeply divided democrats and republicans should be in charge but donald trump is the president-elect with the popular vote by more than 2 million people there is one thing americans are not divided along:issue that they sent a message loud and clear according to the exit polls 70 percent said they think the american league
1:13 am
runnymede off and those who oversee it are owned by big companies and special interest. seventy% of everybody republicans democrats independence berger in the closing days of this congress big format has its hand out for special giveaways and favors to be packed together in the 21st century chairs bill. is on track to get votes in the house this week and then rammed through the senate i am taking a look at the details and his voters say congress is some by big companies this bill is exactly what they're talking c about. so now we face the choice. with this congress day they are bought and paid for or will we stand up to work for the american people? for more than two years congress has been working on
1:14 am
legislation to help finance medical innovation in the united states. that is powerfully important and i have spent time working on this issue since i joined the united states senate. from the beginning one really obvious fact coming from increasing investments right now congress is choking off investment of the nih spending on medical research has been cut by 20 percent taking the legse out from medical innovation. we could name a piece of legislation of the cares bill but that does not include the significant meaningful funding from the national institutes of health and the fda. it will not cure anything.
1:15 am
so that is why, months ago senate democrats said any so-called care legislationesear. must have significant investments in their research and vice senate republicans publicly committed to do exactly that . but now they pulled their promise now the final bill has only a tiny figleaf of funding for nih and the zero p. wade crisis. most of the money will not be there unless the future congress will pass future bills in the future years to fund those dollars wife bother or even pretend to give money to nih or t20 it is a cover for a giveaway to
1:16 am
the drug companies. i will talk about three parts of the bill the first giveaway is legalized fraud it is against the law forot drug companies to other kick drugs not approved by the fda. make a defined this rule and knowing the because they can make more money to sell a headache pills as a cure from your lost to cancer by pushing treatments without scientific evidence that they were caught when is fraud beckon her people. c it also undercuts the development of real carriers and that is why some of the of largest law-enforcement o actions against big drug companies over the past 15 years have involved off label marketing the drug companies have paid billions of dollars in penalties. but one solution would be for them to follow the law.
1:17 am
but they prefer plan be too cozy of to enough people in congress to shoot holes in the of what and in other words, make it easier for drug companies to get away with fraud. the second giveaway is cover-up or bribery berger right now the law requiresis companies to disclose the buckets of money that they shower on doctors and hospitals to encourage them to prescribe certain drugs gov and is all published and a government website. you can go look appeared dr. endure hospital right now online. the drug companies could have responded by giving the kickbacks to doctors bed instead they choose to oppose yet to congress to pass a bill that would let c the drug companies keep secret any junkets or against or medical educationrace
1:18 am
or for the enforcement into -- agencies a republican from iowa says he is outraged by this prohibition i have to say i with senator grassley on this one. to handle dangerous and specialty oils for a key, campaign contributions a major republican that stands to benefit financially from selling medical therapies if he had his way he could seldom to desperate people that without a final fda determination if the therapy was either safe or effective of course, that is against the law right now. so this donor has put millions of dollars in to mitch mcconnell personal campaign coffers and the
1:19 am
republican super bacchanal once his reward. the cure is sacked it is a special deals though people can have the treatments without meeting the fda gold standard for protectingin patients' safety to make sure that they do good. keep in mind people could die from using unproven treatments and in fact, people have already died during carefully controlled research experiments with these types of treatments. congress should cut be in the business of selling favors to the highest biddere'so risking people's lives to rich political donors. let's be clear it is corrupt and very very dangerous.
1:20 am
republicans decided to handle it gives for other special interest. the act is to be about medical innovation want it cuts medicare funding in takes money from the affordable care act in health care dollars negative a double into puerto rico and it makes the harder for people with disabilities to get medicaid services. there is a lot of bad stuff in this bill. but not everything is bad. republican leaders are playing a crafty game to buy off the democratic votes won by one to attack on the bipartisan proposals that senators in both parties have worked on for years. there is a bipartisan mental-health billge impositions protecting privacy of patience. bipartisan prohibitions
1:21 am
against limited funding like the national opioid crisis in the vice president cancer moonshot even foster care. i worked on many of these proposals for years david wrote some of them myself. if this bill becomes law there is no question it will contain some real legislative accomplishments but i cannot vote for this bill. i will fight did because they know the difference between compromise and extortion. compromise puts together common-sense proposals supported by democrats and republicans in the american people passing into law. extortion is withholding those proposals hostage unless everyone agrees to special favors for the campaign donors and
1:22 am
giveaways to the richest drug companies in the world. fid when democrats and republicans find a way for word on issues that matter to their constituentse extortion tells the same senators to forget what your constituents want it is nothing of the skyrocketing cost prescription drugs thanrc nothing to increase researchd, but instead of every important common sense bipartisan bill on old you lady addiction and foster care and anything else will die today unless democrats agreed to make easier for drug companies to commit fraud with the kickback and to put the patient lives at risk. this is enough to make me gag. this should be celebrated with the companies that
1:23 am
support them but let me be perfectly clear of the drug industry has a seat at the table they do not own the table i do not care how many armies of warriors or lobbyist they send out i do not care how many campaign contributions in the congressional pockets. i do not care how painful they can make life for politicians who oppose them. i will not be there lackey. i work for the hundreds of thousands of doctors that are committed to saving lives and for them to fund their work for the millions of families who have been touched by alzheimer's diabetes or cancer and other deadly disease thursday were counting on research. i work for the 70 percent of voters who were sick of congress don't buy big donors and giant corporations. republicans are taking over
1:24 am
congress and the white houset but they do not have the majority support in this country. v the majority of voters supported that democratic senate candidates over republican ones and democratic presidential candidate over a republican won. the american people did not give majority support to come back and play dead or to what lane or grovel butl to say no to these efforts to sell congress to the highest bidder. to stand up for what is right and now they are watching and waiting and hoping that we will show some spine to start fighting back when congress ignores the message of the american people in we go back to the old ways to do business. republicans will control this government but they cannot have that control over to big corporations
1:25 am
unless democrats roll over and allow them to do so it is time for democrats and republicans who should beo ashamed of this correction to make it clear exactly who s they work for. big format that makes tight campaign contributions to work for the people that actually sent us here when i yelled and i suggest the absence of the quorum when. >> second faster presidenthe that i came to the floor to talk about some of the nominations that we will see coming from the administration in particular regarding one of our colleague to be the next attorney general and i am somewhat taken aback by the nature of the comments i hear coming from the senator
1:26 am
from massachusetts. i had to refresh my memory of the senate standing rules which by doc prohibited this ad hominem attacks with claims of corruption or selling legislation for a campaign contribution i thought the rules of the decorum prohibited thaty. demagoguery. by not sure you can write a rule to prohibit somebody who is determined to defy the very voters that they claimed to be representing elect for our colleagues the results of the election that occurred on november 8 i would say keep on keeping on with this same sort of ad hominem attacks to attack the motivation of people rather than talking about policy. that is what the senate was supposed to be all about not
1:27 am
to come here to call eacheo other names no wonder the american people are turned off by what they see as politics as usual.s i believe what they told us on november 8 they want to see as accomplish things and first of all starting with listening to them. not telling them what is good for them to say if youe don't like it take it because the people in power power, working in washington the elise's no better thanro what is good for you. if i have a senator have a political speech not talking about the merits of the up policy against the senators this is beneath uh dignity of the united states senate. and i would hope we would rise to the occasion to say
1:28 am
we can do better. american people deserve better of what they are getting coming out of washington and the only way we can turn this country around is to listen to what the american people arey telling us and that we are not happy with the direction of the country but to make these kinds of speeches that i heard a moment ago, is disturbing and disappointingo bt and we can do better than at and we must if we will weri gain the confidence of the american people that we are worthy of their support as we try to pass laws that improve the quality of their lives by growing the economy to make a possible for people to find work who once worked to provide for their families to make sure the american people are safe and
1:29 am
secure, provide for common defense. those are the sorts of things we should be focused on an so it is distressing to walking into the chamber that used to be known as the world's greatest deliberative body with the personal attacks and the name-calling from the senator from massachusetts.t, the reason i came to the floor mr. president is to make note of the fact that the president-elect announced his intention to nominate one of our own be member of the senate to be that nation's top law-enforcement officer. my friend commented junior senator from alabama isey undoubtedly qualified for this role as attorney general one because the time he spent defending the
1:30 am
constitution and rule of law . i think if there is one thing we can do in the united states government to help restore the public's confidence, that we embrace the concept equal justice under the law and not the double standard by which people are judged the powerful or a the well-connected in the rules that apply to everybody else rather than all of us the same walls set up by a to all of us that is the framework of a constitutional democracy and frankly the american people have seen in the last two attorney general's currently and her predecessor mr. holder, essentially an office of the department of justice not worthy of the name justice in should have been called the extension of the white house political
1:31 am
operation because so much of the away they conductedf themselves was not governed by the rule of law but political considerations.d the c my friend the senator from alabama understands the importance of hard work as well. the son of a country store owner from alabama got his law degree from university of alabama serving in the army reserves one. we know his service guided by his sense of duty for the last five decades he has dedicated his life to the state of alabama and united states as a federal prosecutor including 12ba years as u.s. attorney for the district of alabama and the state's attorney general now here in tennessee senate where he served with distinction coming out
1:32 am
against the nominees. to be and senator sessions will not be speared with some of those attacks.
1:33 am
but i would ask some of these critics who don't know his entire record to consider the fact a few years ago he teamed up with the senior senator from illinois to reform chargeste on a crack cocaine that disproportionately discriminated againstar african-american communities . it was a bipartisan solution that achieve fairness without impeding our ability to combat drug violence for w casas' the critics to consider the bill introduced with senator ted kennedy. to use grant funding to reduce sexual assaults in prison the legislation requires the department of justice to keep track of these assaults that was signed into law by president george to be bush. these are not the sword negative action is taken legislatively that fit the
1:34 am
distorted picture that the critics are starting to draw about senator session with his record in the senate or his character as progress of the honor to work closely with him on the judiciary committee since they came to the senate and i am prod to call him a friend proposestmentt bois who understand his commitment to the rule of law with his deep and abiding concern for our country. of course, we would not beh senators if we didn't disagree with each otherss sometimes the senator session has a lazing cage with seriousness and cordiality and disability that this chamber and country could use more of. and he has helped us all by the strength of his arguments, the weaknesses several arguments come as he
1:35 am
works together with his colleagues to help us buildnly w a consensus which is the only way to get anythinghe done with our constitutional system in the way it was designed by building consensus can remove our country for word we will miss senators sessions here in the senate when he movesne on to the executive branch as the attorney general, but it is even more important at this point to have a champion of the constitution or rule of law at the department of justice to help restore the reputation of that department. holde for years now are during the course of the attorney general the department of justice has twisted the
1:36 am
constitution to further the president's political agenda one example. when congress was performing the legitimate oversight responsibilities into thehe sen gunrunning operation fast imperious attorney-general holder was called before congress and defied the appropriate oversight responsibilities for what they we're doing. this resulted in him being the first attorney general to be held in contempt of congress come may sitting attorney general held in contempt of congress. the obama administration unfortunately put politics ahead of our national commitment to the rule of law and unfortunately too often demonize those who
1:37 am
worked to protect us. i have every confidence head of senator sessions as the attorney general of the united states with the department of justice and the trump administration will defend the rule of law and use his expertise in the constitution to play a central role in the president elect cabinet for gaza 15 years veterano hel pianist and better than most what needs to be done to help the department of justice refocus the responsibilities and priorities. here's the bottom line. highe we need people in the highest rungs of government to ensure our constitution is preserved, protected and defended an senator sessions as the next attorney general of the united states will do just that. mr. president ball club president-elect is
1:38 am
considering additional nominees to fill his cabinet, we in the senate own and working together with house colleagues have our own responsibilities to fulfil before the end of the year. most pressing is legislation to fund the government something that unfortunately has been hindered by our democratic colleagues in the appropriations processy did calling that slow walking is too generous but they did block the normal appropriations unprocessed with those bills that were brought out of committee on a bipartisan basis but then to come across the floor of the senate where amendments t were offered and they would vote before sending them to president to be signed into law. but instead this turmoil process which is transparent , bipartisan were denied the opportunity to do
1:39 am
that resulting in the need to pass a continuing resolution taking death funding of government over sometime in the spring and as a result of the gamesmanship as a bloc that same appropriations bill that they voted for of a bipartisan basis in the committee itself.e despite those instructions, we have tried to do some good work and passed our first bicameral budget since 2009 and the appropriations committee voted out all 12 bills. i do think that despite the obstructionism of we have seen and where we find ourselves, rascal all of us to take stock of where we
1:40 am
are given what we saw happen in the historic election of november 8th. the american people made pretty clear they want the government to function and they don't have a lot of powers or gamesmanship for partisanship or obstruction but we cannot move forward the other legislative goals until we address funding for the remainder of this fiscal w year purpose when disappointed refined yourselves to pass another short-term resolution until march this waiting until the last minute is not a good way to do business. but i hope next year with the new ministrations and the of leadership of senatorhe mcconnell, speaker wright and in that house with the correct -- cooperation to have an over a zero negative open appropriations process to serve the people much
1:41 am
better. and it will certainly serve the interest of the defense department and those who need to plan beyond tour three months with what they can do with the money congress will appropriate to until then emerge my colleagues of poolsides to set aside the disputes we have had over the last year and the election itself resultso which knows some are finding it easier to put those results in their rearview s mirror as others from the comments i've heard from thewi senator from massachusetts but pass a bill to fund theor government and allow us to move forward and i hope we t can do that then once we have completed that work for the issue reeking come back in the new year with a new ministry should and new congress to recommit to do the people's work in a consensus building
1:42 am
bipartisan way that listens to what the constituents are telling us that they wantn we do not the call of those they think but to listen and thenpr with the passing legislation to promote their interest.econdt to be assured for the common defense but also to make sure the economy starts to grow we get an. if people want to find work with better paying jobs they will find work available to provide for their families and pursue the american dream. spea speak for
1:43 am
>> mr. president, i come to the floor today to speak on behalf of the resolution of the cloak clause that seeks to uphold the fixtures of one of the most sacred documents, the constitution itself. federal or founders were clear of b any federal office holder of the united states to ever be put it deposition with they can be influenced its by a foreign governmental n2 node title of nobility shall be granted under them to have a consent of congress of any kind from
1:44 am
any king or prince of for the state to make the claim that the president of united states ahead of the executive branch clearly as the oka's clearly applies to cover holes the office of the presidency but to value the strict interpretation of the constitution to hold that above partisan politics is clear and evident but second the american public has a right to know the president is acting in theirei best interest not because there receive the benefit or a gift from a foreign government from russia or china or any foreign entity. ag, they need to know they're making decisions about the trade agreement of america's great resources based on the public interest not because
1:45 am
of his private interest. but the concerns were neither abstract and hamilton made specific reference to this in the federalist papers from the constitution is debated in america the commonwealth was in the process the austrian empire and russia with those government officials succeeded to paralyze the state over decades they placed an explicit bar within the constitution so low that we may avoid that fails state the cause is not a section of the constitution no longer is a history to detail the of legal interpretation by is office of the executive branch. g every president from george
1:46 am
washington to barack obama takes great pains to eventh avoid the appearance if you look at the personal wealth to show that such investments never interfere with the duties as president of united states for that is why over the past four decades as jimmy carter and ronald reagan bill clinton george w. bush all had assets placed into a blind trust and president obama even went further with greater transparency in to h get the majority into u.s. treasury bonds.established to have that well-established precedent i wish the president-elect would be inclined to give any longstanding tradition in september he said if he
1:47 am
was elected he would sever ties to the trump organization but despite that pledge is clear that action by this body the president-elect that in so doing for whatever reasons could place himself and the constitution in jeopardy., with a coequal branch of government us senator has said today it obligation it is not the person or the position put those republican virtues that allow the nation to flourish . we must do so because following the election appears the president-elect may have changed his mind m about the promises he made as he sought office. a - that the trump organization is put into a blind trust
1:48 am
managed by his older children. but let me be clear at ther. trp betty financial arrangement described is not a blind trust the cannot trick pest into thinking that is just because they use the term. a true blinded trust is an arrangement with the have biocontrol over community communications with the identity. >> the arrangement described is not independent. and the idea that his
1:49 am
children but that is not credible.ment tha this is not an arrangement but will cover the constitution. he may be correct but mr. trump's made violate the constitution and say he did not to place himself in the nation at risk to convey it to avoid the constitutional conflict. it is not hard to a imagine those that the government dr. would give gifts to curry favor to influence his decisions in a way that benefits them while the decisions should benefit the american people.
1:50 am
kafelnikov ersatz to protect with the clause and these rules that do not affect real people the american public has the right to know to put our servicemen into harm's way to protect national security but the latest trump tower in a foreign country with those trade agreements negotiated by the inuit ministrations would benefit from the trump company or hotel his business network the trump organization has financial interests around the worldsactis to negotiate with foreign entities better enemies of foreign states but the trump and organization partnered
1:51 am
with one billionaire to build a 33 story trump tower in the capital of pfizer by john. -- azerbaijani and they are confident that theny a billionaire company in the company they're connected to has more than $1 billion of transportation contract a former u.s. investor to africa and the 1990's with the director of national intelligence. >> but they are dealing with the daddy. >> there are great many and then to control it and for that reason that they are
1:52 am
presumptively foreign states whn . we should all be concerned and the president-elect is connected to organization betwen that is interested in distinguishing with thee profit making that bears his name berger we run the risk to turn the united states of america our legal system the financial system intof subsidiaries of the trump organization. the trump international hotel has been patronized by the increasing we for indignities and diplomats. one is recorded as saying why wouldn't i stay here? >> but to have that
1:53 am
conversation with the president-elect of argentina day but now suddenly approved and just days after the presidential election donald trump and for these real-estate the time being of the intersection is interestingly. >> between but the sight of the campaign promise to sever ties stated i will have with children and executives from the company but uh trump presidential team has named his children t to the transition team executive committee, the same children better w managing the trump organization and in those positions which person known
1:54 am
is critical to the administration and a from. >> but we cannot even name the real-estate executives. disu at which they allegedly discussed the possibility of additional real-estate deals . the totality of these inducements and the implications is deeply disturbing baguette the president-elect has donedo nothing to assure that there can people he will put the interest of those against himself and his children toth be sure that the founding fathers may be from herbal to foreign influence or the
1:55 am
appearance so while they may say trust us, we are a government of law during the misnomer of our families so we place our trust to the constitution itself not in individuals.ited his business interests must yield to the constitution with those wide ranging interest to realize how critical but these places can i help but to discuss those foreign heads of state he is no less susceptible than anyone else but the founding fathers recognized your human, not angels this
1:56 am
is the precise fear articulated to receive gifts and payments from foreign governments not acting in the best interest of theai american people an adviser to george w. bush where would we be today if roosevelt some of us might be speaking german.p's recent i extremely troubled by the recent remarks on november 22nd the president-elect said of was of life are clearly on my side that he cannot have a conflict of interest a typical sleight of hand he picks his own facts to show a callous disregard of the competition in the duties hers holds to the american people well federal judges may be
1:57 am
granted limited exemptions from the conflict of interest so they may act yang carry out duties, but more frankly have anything to do with the cause of any foreign government ornt influence the government is not doing enough the web brings me to the floor today is according to one new poll that is to 60 percent of the people of this country to recognize there are certain public officials their inability to action not be held in question theon constitution is the ultimate lot of lovely and. not the president, mr. trumphe does not appreciate the reason because previous had
1:58 am
the wisdom not to put the question to the test with this unfortunate opposition illg means it is not illegal they develop the law, nobody is above the constitution including the president. he also treated prior to the election with interest a properties all over the world. they are voting for a candidate who would not want to excuse the of potential future violation of thely constitution. president-elect because he won the election things it does not apply to him that is disrespectful. would be disrespectful to the constitution eventually to the american people who trust in the future decisions.
1:59 am
mr. president asked for three additional minutes.ti >> objection? without objection. >> we're doing a reading weekend to protect our constitutional democracy from recklessness. resolution is straightforward to take a strict interpretation of the words of the constitution to support those values adopted by previous presidents prior calling a line trump to have simple conflict free holdings about blind trust matters with no relationship to mr. trump and his businesses and calls uponio the president elect to have the opportunities of this position and makes it clear that if he does not take a production to sever ties congress will have no choice
2:00 am
to protect and defend the constitution to do any dealings with mr. trump has with his company's with foreign governments as a potential violation of the has observed it should send a clear message that he would regard his dealings with as companies abroad as a potential violation of the clause unless he can prove he is at the arms length transaction. makes it clear to the president that we care about the constitution and our democracy in the american people are watching. want . . to view this resolution and its aim through a distorting prism of politics. nothing could be further from the truth. i strongly support a smooth transition between the obama administration and the t


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