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tv   Prime Ministers Questions From the British House of Commons  CSPAN  November 30, 2016 7:00am-7:41am EST

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questions from the house of commons wednesday mornings on c-span2 that we invite your participation via twitter. prior to question time members finishing up other business. live to the floor of the british house of commons. >> having north wales growth field, into the northern powerhouse, and i was very pleased to visit northeast wales with the minutes of the northern powerhouse, to work for the benefit of the local economies. >> nick smith. >> thank you, mister speaker. can the prime minister confirm the completion date of the electrification of all the work that needs to be done? >> probably not. >> the work is progressing well. between the situation under this
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government and lack of investment in every day ways from 1997 until 2010. >> finally on this question. >> what is the minister going to do with the preposterous suggestion that the future support of wales should be decided on uk basis where there are many millionaires and billionaire farmers, where there are no farmers. stand up for priorities made in wales. >> in discussions with interested parties in relation to that. it is a settlement which will be good in wales, we know we introduce fast food in all the world, we need to make sure we have the opportunity for the european union and on a global basis. with support from this
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government. >> quarter. questions for the prime minister. caroline lucas. >> thank you. number one, mister speaker. >> prime minister, >> thank you, mister speaker. the house would like to join me in wishing people across the united kingdom and the world very happy st. andrews day. i have meetings with ministerial colleagues with the futures in the house and have further meetings. >> caroline lucas. >> can i suggest to the prime minister having this is not a serious strategy, britain deserves better than having to rely on these documents. how on earth do you expect mps to deliver articles when she refuses to give any clarity what type of brexit she is doing?
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is it arrogance or incompetence? >> i answered this question many times and i can assure the honorable lady, specifically about the issue of the market and trading with the european union, we are ambitious in getting the best deals. in the single european market. >> mister speaker, an announcement of 560 million pounds for infrastructure. despite this, the m 55 is not assured. my honorable friend, the prime minister, a project for jobs and employment in my constituency. >> prime minister. >> can i commend my friend for the hard work he has put in in relation to this project.
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i understand there is a significant sum of funding to the developer and my honorable friend is working with the developer on the on the couch counsel on these particular issues. a linked bid is being considered and my honorable friends will be meeting my right honorable friend this afternoon to discuss these in more detail. >> jeremy corbin. >> thank you, mister speaker. i join the prime minister in wishing everyone a happy st. andrews day wherever they are celebrating around the world. last week, mister speaker, the statement reveals abject failure of the government's economic strategy. economic growth was revised down. trust was revised down. business investment was revised down. borrowing a debt revised yet again. surely now the prime minister accept her predecessor's long-term economic plan was a
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failure. >> prime minister. >> i will give the right honorable gentlemen sometime. this will be the fastest growing advanced economy the world has ever seen. unemployment is down. we have record numbers of people facing employment and we have companies with land rover, google, facebook, apple, investing in the uk, securing jobs in the united kingdom. >> they did tell us the deficit would be relegated by 2015 advancing to 2020 and it has been advanced to the future. and the institute of fiscal study, a little bit selective, they also went on to say the prospect for work over the next
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six years is, quote, dreadful, and creating, quote, the worst decade for living standards since the last war and since the 1920s. is it fair to say those just getting by our suffering all the pain or no gain? >> prime minister. >> the right honorable gentlemen, differentiating between the imf. >> your piece sitting there and my standing here. >> let me tell him what we are doing. let's think about those who find life difficult and struggling to get by and worry about their job security, have a home but worry about paying the mortgage and
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their children's education and whether their children will be able to buy a home. increasing national living wage, we introduced national living wage, increasing personal tax allowance taking more people out and increasing the number of affordable homes being built and we can only do this if we have a strong economy. >> wages have stagnated, homeownership is falling, homelessness have doubled and food banks rising every day. if the prime minister believes the economy is doing well, why is her government forcing 2 billion pounds in work support, cutting and comes of working people leaving many households over 2000 pounds a year.
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>> this question talking about home ownership, house building starts fell by 45% under labor in 12 years, increased by two thirds if the conservatives were in government. we are making changes to the welfare system. we have a fundamental difference of opinion about the welfare system. what is important in the welfare system is we remember those who are benefiting from it and remember those who are paying for it. the universal credit system is there to ensure that people pay for people. i believe in a welfare system that does help people get into work and does encourage people into the workplace, people are able to live on benefits. >> 800,000 children out of poverty. under her government child
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poverty is rising and covered 4 million children across this country. our people are suffering the policies of her government. people are paying the price of failed economic experiment and even now abandoned the previous chances pledged for national living wage paying at least 9 pounds by 2020. what is the new pledge on living wage? >> substantial living wage set up in the opening statement always has been, but talk about poverty, talks about poverty, actually we are seeing fewer families in absolute poverty and fewer families in relative poverty and i come back to the point i have been making about the previous question, only possible to do these things by having a strong economy.
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one thing that we know, the one thing we know is policies that would not deliver a strong economy is the policy to increase by 500 billion pounds. increase borrowing by 500 billion pounds, talk about the impact on people at work, let me remind him what the treasuries minister said, labor policy to increase borrowing to double the income tax, double council tax, double the insurance, that won't help anybody in the workplace. >> jeremy corbin. >> the government has credibility lies on borrowing. they are borrowing even more. it is increasing. and people are suffering.
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when she talks about children in poverty in response to my question they remind her children living in poverty, children going hungry to school in this country because their parents don't have enough money to feed them properly, it is a disgrace. in the autumn statement last week the chancellor spoke for over 50 minutes. during that time he didn't once mention the national health service or social care. one.2 million people are getting the care they need. there was not one penny for social care in the autumn statement. >> prime minister. >> there is no doubt social care system is under pressure, we recognize that. if you just look at the fact there are 1 million more people age 65 today and there were in not 2010 we see pressures on the
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social care system. that is why the government puts more money in the social care system, more money for the better care fund, and more through the social care preset and it is important, and they have the social care they need so they don't end up in hospitals. and not so good practices, we need to make sure everybody gets the best possible service to people who need it. >> a tragic parallel going on between and underfunded in hs and underfunded social care all over the country. and she might care to listen to the council who says her counsel has been cut to the bone and saved on social care, $1.3 billion gap is not being
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funded, in every social service department all over the country and in almost every nhs hospital. next year this government is handing back 605 million pounds in tax cuts rising to $1.6 billion a year after that and $7.5 million over the next five years. could the prime minister explain to the more than 1 million elderly people not getting the care they need, $4 million on nhs waiting lists, millions of pensioners worried about losing protection of triple loss why there is not one penny extra to the nhs or social care, the government absence of priorities. >> prime minister. >> the right honorable gentlemen talk about funding social care and the national health service. 3.8 billion pounds extra is going into national health service this year.
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under labor's plan, under labor's plan we would have seen $1.3 billion less in the national health service. social care funding is going up under this government, the shadow chancellor lately said local authorities would get not a penny more. conservatives putting money into social care, labor would deny. >> thank you, mister speaker. joe cox and i were establishing the national commission when she was brutally murdered. it has been continued, my right honorable friend agree loneliness is an issue, will she urge her minister to engage in
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this mission carrying out its work and report next year? >> can i just say the house would join me in commending joe's family for the dignified way dealing with matters of court cases going through. must have been harrowing for them. very pleased with my honorable friend, taking forward the work of the commission, and 1 million minutes campaign encouraging individuals to get 30 minutes of their time to be with somebody, over the years failed to understand the impact loneliness has on people's psychological health and physical health as well, ministers look forward to receiving the results of the commission and working with my honorable friends government.
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>> very happy saint andrews day to everybody celebrating in scotland and around the world. mister speaker, there is literally nothing to celebrate about the humanitarian catastrophe befalling the people of syria at this time. the situation in aleppo is described as being so bad it is one of the biggest massacres of civilian population since world war ii. what can the uk and the international community due to end suffering of the people of syria? >> the right honorable gentlemen is right to call attention to the appalling situation taking place in syria particularly indiscriminate attacks we see on civilians in aleppo. the united kingdom has been working to bring forward an emergency discussion at the un security council, that will take place later today. we one to see a cessation of
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hostilities and an opportunity for aid, humanitarian aid to have access to aleppo and we are pressing for that. >> the speaker is welcome the discussions taking place in the united nations and all those supporting the humanitarian solution to the crisis however things are so bad the agencies are saying in aleppo the situation is so bad it is descending into hell. time is of the essence. we are in agreement, can absolutely everything be done now to alleviate the situation for the people of aleppo in syria? >> the right honorable gentlemen is right. a horrific situation in aleppo. i can assure him the government is doing everything in relationship to this. consistently looked at what
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might be a possible solution, security council debate is very important and they actually use their influence to stop the appalling atrocities and let humanitarian aid through. >> not to be worried about talking about christmas and what is so important because many christians are now worried, even fearful about mentioning their faith in public. will the prime minister join me in fellowship publications to speak up which concerns the legal right of freedom of religion and freedom of speech, to speak about one's faith responsibly, respectfully and without fear, as strong today as ever. >> my honorable friend raised an important issue. i think the phrase used was
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jealously guarded intervals, about what is religion. happy to welcome the public age in this report into the season of advent and we have a strong tradition in this country of religious tolerance and freedom of speech and christian heritage is something we can be proud of and we would all want to ensure the people feel able to speak about their faith and be able to speak freely about christmas. >> 30 years ago i conducted my first funeral as a young carrot. it was for a young teenage boy who was an enormous fan of paul simon. as the crematorium curtains closed we sing to the sound of silence and many people cried. the average cost of the child's funeral is 3675 pounds. some don't charge anything, some
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charge a lot fund, will the prime minister i ask again please to the words of my honorable friends, sign up for the campaign is put an end to means testing so that no parents fear they might lose a child, have the fear of hardship. be change honorable gentlemen raises an important point and i know the honorable members spoke movingly in the debate on this issue and spoke of personal experience and i don't think anyone who hasn't been through the death of a child can possibly understand the pain that brings, not just immediately but thereafter. i recognize the issue the honorable gentlemen has raised, there are as he himself said
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measures in place, hardship cases where money can be given and authorities -- we have left it to a decision for local authorities and some way of those fees. >> grammar schools have provided good education and opportunity for hard work with a range of backgrounds, helping social mobility and intervene in the recent offset particularly -- does my right honorable friend agree current grammar schools contribution to education and given every support as part of the educational mix up and down the country to help children achieve their full potential? >> the figure is nearly 11,000
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children in my honorable friend's area, we want to provide a good school place for every child. she references the good work by grammar schools to improve the quality of education, one of the issues in our consultation. we want to remove the legal ban on expanding grammar schools but we want to see them across the education system. >> to develop a care organization. a model from america where they deliver private insurance based -- can the prime minister assured me they will be used to introduce insurance based private healthcare into the nhs? >> about people determining the
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shape of health services in the local area, the best service for local people. every area will be looking closely at plans being put forward. it is important we see increasingly health services working with local authorities to be sure they are providing the right level of care to people in their area. >> the prime minister leads us toward a smooth brexit. i'm sure she shares my view on the flexibility of the later market, one of the country's great strengths but she will be aware the business model is causing real concern that employment rights could be eroded and seeking license to operate in my constituency has local people concerned what
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their jobs could look like in the future. what reassurances can the prime minister give me that the government is working to make sure employment regulations keep pace with this innovation? >> as i mentioned earlier we've seen a significant rise because we have got the economy we have but employment and types of employment are changing, technology is a driver in many of those cases. i asked the chief executive of the irs a to do a report, a review of modern employment practices to make sure the framework is the right one as we go ahead, the economy of the future and jobs of the future but it is the conservative party, the party of working people.
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>> thank you, mister speaker. conservative election manifesto, by 2020, ministers justify the benefits, and improving employment support for benefit claimants, has become apparent, being increased. the target date has been completely abandoned. the only honorable course is for the government to abandon the benefit cuts as well. >> over the last six years, disabled people got into the workplace. we want to ensure all the disabled people are given the support needed to do that, and ensuring not just the support
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package, they have individual support through personal independent payments for the long-term costs, and the support package provided, enables them, and 6000 people, more disabled people, the right honorable gentlemen. >> eagerness to give eu citizens living and working in this country the assurance they will be able to remain here after brexit and obtain similar reassurances for those living and working in the eu. does he share my disappointment that response to a letter from 80 members of this house to resolve this issue speedily, eu processes ahead of common
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humanity. >> as i said earlier, i would hope this is an issue we can look at, in the early stage of negotiations, two years of investigations, we want to give reassurance to those living in the eu, in the uk. i think the reaction we have seen shows it was right not to do what the labour party wants us to do, simply to give away the rights of eu citizenship in the uk because that would leave uk high and dry. >> i know the prime minister -- wrong on the national health service for weeks now. she would see patients warring,
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demoralized. when will she get a grip to the bean counters committing criminal damage to the people's cherished service. >> 430 more doctors, 950 nurses in the nhs trust foundation compared to 2010, this year, the clinical commissioning group getting an increase funding, health funding, the right honorable gentlemen's area is this year's 2.7 billion pounds, increasing by 2020, 2021, into the national health service, the labour party, former shadow health secretary labour party who says more money to the nhs was irresponsible.
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>> contains many elements of successful industrial trafficking. skilled workforce, strong infrastructure, manufacturing surround by world-class facilities to name a few. progress in developing policies, so important to the nation's prosperity. >> my honorable friend is right, what he said about his own constituency in relation to the developments in the strong economy. that is why we will be developing for the whole of the united kingdom an important part of the government plan to the future, looking at issues like infrastructure, skills, assuring we can build on the best and ensuring the growth of the economy of the future. the part of the country my honorable friend represents
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would be an important part of that future. >> gifts from the diocese, the church of scotland, the suggestion that it is not genuine, the leader of the house he spoke about and needs people to return after the visit and ministers in a patronizing way, can the prime minister tell the church why they are not welcome and what messages she thinks? >> i say to the honorable lady we have a clear system, decision taken according to the rules about the visa system but as she will see, the films have done it home secretary heard the details, the home secretary. >> fernandez. >> the british people and
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residents break free from the shackles of the european institution. to my right honorable friend agree the benefit from the fantastic opportunities for trade deals with countries like india and the usa and meet with members of the government to special trade commission to project a 50% increase in global world product for 15 years as a result of brexit enabling trade to boost job growth. >> i'm interested in the results on this particular issue. i believe absolutely free trade is the right way to go to increase growth and increase prosperity. that is why i said i want the country to be a global leader on free-trade, and will be looking to force new trade deals with other countries around the world as we leave the european union but not just that, we will be
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looking to see how we can improve trade with other countries before we leave the european union. continuing to strengthen our economy and we will be happy to meet to discuss the results of the commission's support. >> and welcoming the member back to his place, ron campbell. >> here to tell you about the consultant. the rest of the framers to be super economic zones and i fear the knowledge of knowing that shifted by the last chancellor as we have the land on that river. >> prime minister can i join the speaker in welcoming the honorable gentlemen to his place back in his usual position and wish him the best and as part of
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our industrial -- looking around the country to make sure we can see whether our alternatives for economic growth and how we can encourage the opportunities to be taken up and what is important is i want to see economic growth and prosperity across the country so that we see an economy that works for everyone. >> thank you, mister speaker. this is an important part of the uk economy. and an important hub in this sector. in welcoming the billion pound investment can i urge my right honorable friend to get the fair share so we can build on the success and make leads to capital of this industry. >> prime minister. >> i recognize the role in the digital industries and recognize the excellent example of the vibrant of those as he says that
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take place in need, that we are able to invest in gold strands, better connections to 2 million homes and businesses and yorkshire will have a central role. >> you know what i mean? >> yesterday the prime minister's government published a paper on corporate governance emphasizing the importance of gender and race diversity and i congratulate her for that but why the secretary of state blocked the employment of a black woman, does she think there is a woman in the country worthy of being on the board? >> prime minister. >> i thank the honorable gentlemen for the welcome he has given that we have produced that comes as a great deal more than issues of gender and diversity
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in corporate governance and noncorporate boards. not aware of a particular case he has referred. i know this, looking at public appointments, very careful process is undertaken to assure people who are appointed have the skill set and requirements needed to play the role being required. i would look at the issue he raised but i say to him this is always a question of the right person for the job and issues, issues around before the question he raised don't come into it. >> thank you, mister speaker. the response to my letter has been mentioned. can i congratulate the prime minister on her work with individual member states in this important matter but does she shared disappointment and will she join me in calling this important matter to be raised in the next european council meeting?
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>> prime minister. >> i recognize the concern he has with other members of the house on the particular issue of the right to be uk citizens with the european union. i hope this is something we will be able to address from the learning stage, negotiations will have up to two years to run and the treaty set out and able to address this to give people the reassurance they need. [inaudible] >> killed in the last israel. a year ago, got support, the is really authorities to having justice, will she meet with me
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and my constituents to understand, the family can get answers and understand. >> i understand, the honorable member rightly shows deep concern the constituent has to find out what happened in the terrible tragedy. i understand the foreign office is actively working on the question and i will ask him to respond to the honorable lady and meet to discuss what more can be done, what the foreign office is doing. >> order. [inaudible conversations]
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>> here on c-span2 we leave the british house of commons as members moved to other business, you have been watching prime minister's question time. you can see this week session at 9:00 on c-span. for more information go to to view every program, and you invite your comments about prime ministers questions via twitter, hashtag pmq. sunday on booktv at in-depth hosting a discussion on the december 1941 attack on pearl harbor on the eve of the 75th anniversary. steve to me, offer of countdown to pearl harbor, 12 days until the attack.
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japan 1941, countdown to infamy. craig nelson with his book pearl harbor, from infamy to greatness was followed by an interview with a pearl harbor survivor and all the gallant men, american sailors firsthand account of pearl harbor. for taking phone calls, twos and email questions. go to book to for the complete weekend schedule. >> technology conference in san francisco technology officers talk about how to secure data and what they learned from high profile data breaches and cyber attacks beginning with the ceo of a french based platform providing information about startup companies. this is an hour and a half. asmac >> congratulations on the new product. apparently you got three customers before even announcing. >> three minutes ago, two people
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come and we are excited about that, already resounding about what we have done here. >> fantastic. that is good. >> this is the first monetization, it has been around a long, long, long time. why now? >> a year ago, that was the start of this change, the independent company, the business model, 25 million users, and combination of that effort. >> and that time, the first to market with the low end version of status covering venture capital, tracking new startups. in the interim, you have


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