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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  December 8, 2016 3:58am-5:59am EST

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challenged in their integrity, you have given us a good name. you've given politics a good name. and you have enabled so many of us to serve with pride in a profession that is so vital to the continuance of our democracy. beyond the pieces of legislation, whether it's the violence against women act or the assault weapon ban or criminal justice, the list goes on, is that model of public servant. and i want to close by saying that as long as i've known joe biden, i really came to know him through the eyes of his son. i had the honor of working and serving with beau biden when he was attorney general at the state of delaware and i was attorney general of my state of connecticut.
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my ambition in life is to have my four children talk about me with the sense of admiration and love and pride that joe biden talked about his dad. i'm very proud and grateful that we had the opportunity to vote today on a law that bears his name. as proud as his dad is of him, his pride in his dad is an example of all of us as parents parents, hope for our children to have for us. i'm proud to be in this chamber and to have been sworn in to this chamber by you, mr. vice president. and i hope that our paths will continue to cross, as i know they will with so many of us in this chamber and in this
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country. thank you for your service. a senator: mr. president? the vice president: the senator from missouri. mrs. mccaskill: me too. the vice president: the senator from massachusetts. a senator: in 1972 i was a young man in my last year of law school. i decided to run for state representative. mr. markey: i had a cousin who worked at nasa. the older cousin, the smart one, the physicist at nasa. he said there is a young man in delaware, he's running for the senate. what's his name? joe biden. and so from that moment on i was following the career of this irishman, this latter day descendant of hubert humphrey, the happy warrior, the man who stands up for the common man and woman in our country. and in 1972, you had this great
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campaign team led by john matilla who captured your spirit, your soul, what you represented now in this half-century of american politics. and in 1976 when i ran for congress, just four years later, saying i think i can run -- i walked into the office of this man john mattilla up in boston that looked like a museum to joe biden with all the joe biden messages on his wall. from that moment on through john matilla, larry rasky, ron clane, all the people who worked for me and worked for you, i have been privileged to be able to chronicle your journey of work and inspiration for our country. and i think it is really just
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perfect here that you are the commander in creef of -- commander in chief of this rocket ship to the moon to find the cure for cancer, because that is a mission that has the right man who is going to be leading it. and i think that each and every one of us out here knows that one of the reasons this bill is receiving such an overwhelming vote today is because of you, mr. president. it's because of the respect that we have for you. it's the knowledge that when you were negotiating this bill, and at the end of the day you were going to put the american people first. you were going to make sure that that bill reflected the highest aspiration for every american. and so i want to speak briefly because there's a reception after this that many people are still waiting to say hello to you. i think every member wanted to come out here, and you inspired them to speak a lot longer than
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they may have intended on speaking, mr. president. but it's because of the incredible respect and admiration they have for you. my best to you. my wife susan's best to you. there has never been a better public servant in american history. all my best. a senator: mr. president? the vice president: the senator from indiana. a senator: on behalf of all the people of my great state, we want to tell you how grateful we are to you for your service. for the extraordinary job you did as vice president to president obama. mr. donnelly: as you know, everybody is telling stories. i had the privilege of having you come up and put your arm around me. when everybody said there was no chance i could ever win, and you said you and i are a lot alike. and you can do this and you can win. i came back and what advice did president bide -- vice president biden tell you? he said he told me i could win.
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they said, well, he's right a lot. i don't know about that one. and you turned out to be right. we were blessed that your sons hujtser and beau often -- hunter and beau often came out to indiana during the summers. you would then come out as well. and i'll never forget going to the coffee shop one sunday morning. and the lady at the coffee shop said to me, this has been an unbelievable day because the vice president came in with all his grandchildren and by the way, joe, he bought ice cream for everybody in the store and you've never done that. i said how story i was that i was never -- never did that. but she also said, you know, this is one of the greatest days of my life to meet somebody who's always looked out for working families, who's always looked out for us. that's how we see you back home. you've always looked out for us. you've always cared about us. and as a second generation irish
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immigrant, you've always been an example to all of us that we can accomplish anything we dream of. so god bless you and jill and your whole family. i'm so lucky to have been touched by you. a senator: mr. president? the vice president: the senator from minnesota. a senator: vice president biden, earlier hubert humphrey's name was mentioned. you know the love the people of minnesota have for you. vice president humphrey was your mentor when you first got to the senate when you didn't know you were going to last a few months there. he was there for you. ms. klobuchar: and you have extended that kindness to so many since then. vice president mondale, another minnesotan has great affection and love if you and i'll report back to him tonight that i was here with you today. and when i first got elected to the senate and made one of my first speeches about police funding to a completely empty chamber and i thought even my mom wasn't watching on c-span, i
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walked out of this place and i got a phone call on my cell phone and it was joe biden, then a senator saying, that was a really great speech. and when you came to my state and one of my best friends suddenly lost her husband and you heard about it, you did not know who she was. you just heard the story and two weeks on her first day back at work, she was driving home and she got a call from you. and you talked to her for 20 minutes. and when you were done and had given her all this wonderful advice, you said, we're not done. i want you to write down my phone number. and she said, i'm driving, mr. vice president. i can't do that. and you said, pull over. and she wrote your phone number on her hand. you did that for her, mr. vice president and you have done that for so many americans. so on behalf of our entire state of minnesota that has loved you forever, thank you. i yield the floor.
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a senator: mr. president? the vice president: the senator from delaware. mr. carper: mr. president, i sent up a few minutes ago a wrote to you that i hand wrote that said flattery won't hurt you if you don't inhale. don't breathe too deeply up there. i also recall walking into a hearing with gina mccarthy over at the house of representatives, a joint house-senate hearing. a lot of people had been asking questions, like four hours. it came to my turn to ask a question. i said is there any question administrator carter you haven't been asked. she said, i wish somebody would ask me if i needed a bathroom break. there are 30 senators in the cloakroom that need to speak. if you need one, let us know. it's a joy to sit here and listen to all these stories.
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our congressman, governor-elect has come and gone, has gone back over to the house. i used to work for you. you're one of those great mentors. i want to say to chris coons for pulling this all together and making possible just a wonderful tribute. this is the senate at its best. it's so wonderful to see some of our still young colleagues that have come back to visit us and to be with us on this special, special day. over the years people have asked me why i've had some success in my life and i say my sister and i picked the right parents. my sister and i picked the right parents. joe biden and his brother and sister picked the right parents. i've had the privilege of knowing both. your dad was sick in the hospital, spending time with him, just the two of us, just the two of us. joe, i just want to say for
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those who maybe don't know, they valued education. they made sure you got a good one along with his brother and sister. i want to say hi to val. they valued education, people of faith. they're catholic. he doesn't wear it on his sleeve but no one believes in the golden rule and being treated like joe biden. nobody does a better reading of james -- show me your faith by your words. i will show you my faith by my deeds. he doesn't talk a whole lot about his faith but, boy, he sure lives it. from his family, from his mom and dad, he learned the importance of family, the importance of loyalty to his family and frankly to his friends, his multitude of friends. he learned there's a difference between right and wrong and
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figure out what it is and do it right. do it all the time. he learned a little bit about common sense. my dad used to say to my sister and me, we would do some bone headed stuff. just use some common sense. i think your dad said that to you once or twice as well. and your mom used to say you to, you're knocked down, get up. the idea that you never give up. never give up. that is joe biden. people say to us in this chamber i'm sure every day that they wouldn't want our job. boy, i wouldn't want your job. and i know you've heard that a lot of times. i think we're fortunate to have these jobs and have these responsibilities to serve. but an even tougher job is to be married to one of us, to be married to one of us. several people have talked about jill, and -- your bride for how many years? almost 40? is that possible? i first saw joe biden, i was a
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graduate student just out of the navy at the university of delaware. i just happened to see her on campus. i said then and would say now one of the two loveliest people i think i've ever seen and met. the other being martha carper. i -- not only is she just lovely as joe knows and the rest of us know, not just lovely on the outside on the outside, really lovely, really lovely on the inside, a person with deep caring, a person with incredible warmth and compassion, just a terrific educator. she taught in our state in our public schools. she taught in a hospital for folks with special needs, talked at delaware technical community college which was selected as the best community college, technical community college in the nation during a time that
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she was on the faculty there. she continued as second lady, continued to teach. but she started off in pennsylvania. there's a naval air station. i used to fly out of there. i retired as a navy captain in 1991. she was just down the road growing up with her four sisters. jill jacobs and the jacobs girls. i'm sure they broke a lot of hearts. in the case of joe biden, she helped amend one. she helped amend one. as much as anybody, val, your family are hugely supportive and helped you get through a terribly tough time but jill, perhaps, made you whole. she is -- she got her undergrad i believe from the university of delaware. has two master degrees, ph.d., focused on increased retention at community colleges around the country. and she got those two advanced degrees while working and raising a family. three kids that any of us would
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be proud to claim our own. last week i happened to be in the classroom in the school where the vice president has probably been to, the elementary school just down the road from the high school. i was in a classroom with a woman named wendy turner who is the delaware teacher of the year. i had a chance to be with her. her kids are grade schoolkids. we gathered around together and sat on a stool. i went around. there were about 25 kids. why is she a great teacher, wendy turner, teacher of the year. they said she loves kids. she loves us. they said she knows her stuff. she really knows what she's talking to us about. she knows how to make it clear why it's important, like when we leave school and why is it important we learn these things. she believes everybody can learn. everybody can learn. and i thought about her. i think about jill biden today. she's that kind of educator as well, continues to be that kind
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of educator as well. and a lot has been said today of the cancer moonshot that joe has been leading with great, great skill and success, especially today. but before there was a cancer moonshot, there was joe biden's breast health initiative which has helped thousands of young women, thousands of young women to learn about the importance of early detection for breast cancer. beau went off into the military, the delaware national guard, deployed to iraq. some people, they would send cookies and packages and stuff to their kids and write or send e-mails, sciep with them. jill -- skype with them. jill decided she was going to take that experience and create delaware boots on the ground to look out for lady working with michelle obama to create something they called joining forces which focuses on
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education for military families, edition, employment opportunity -- education, employment opportunity, access to well nz services. she managed to write a book from a child's point of view of having a loved one in the family deployed overseas in the military. and as i said earlier, just helped to raise three terrific kids, three terrific kids. sometimes i like to quote maya angelou who sang, i think, at the second inauguration of barack obama and joe biden and passed away not long ago. maya an lieu said -- maya angelou said something that's appropriate for us today. she said, people may not remember what you said. people may not remember what you do. but they'll remember how you made them feel.
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they'll remember how you made them feel. and one of the threads through everything that's been said here today really reminds me what maya angelou said because people may not remember what we said. and they may not remember what we do. but there are literally, not just thousands, not just tens of thousands, not just hundreds of thousands, but there are millions of people in this country who will remember how you and jill made them feel. cared for, important, loved. and i know our vice president likes music, and later on -- there's a british group. i forget -- i think it might have been the beatles and maybe the best rock 'n' roll record ever abby road ends with these
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lirrics, the last part, side two was largely written by paul mccartney. the last words on the abby road were these words, the love you take is equal to the love you make. you're going to take a lot of love with you and jill as well, far from here for the rest of your lives. god bless you. and with that, mr. president, i always wanted to call you mr. president, with that, mr. president, i note the absence of a quorum. the vice president: the clerk will cal the roll. -- will call the roll. a senator: mr. president? the vice president: the senator from delaware. mr. coons: i ask the proceedings of the quorum call be vitiated. the vice president: without objection. mr. coons: i would like to vft all my colleague -- invite all my colleagues to join us for a
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reception in honor of the vice president and i look forward to our presenting a bound copy to the vice president. thank you for your service. we look forward to hearing from you at the reception. the navy and the national
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park service cohosted. this is an hour and a half.
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>> good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to today's joint national park service united states navy national pearl harbor remembrance day ceremony. i am the lieutenant commander robert franklin deputy chief of staff for the commander naval service group and i am truly honored to serve as the master of ceremonies on this historic 75th anniversary this is honoring the past and future and
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we will pay tribute to the members of the greatest generation who paved the way for the current and future generations throughout the world. will the guests pleaswhile the r the arrival of the official party. the official party for today's ceremony includes jacqueline ashwell superintendent world war ii valor in pacific national monument park service the regional director pacific west region national park service.
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navy region hawaii and naval service group the pacific ♪ ♪ united states pacific command arriving. ♪
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♪ please be seated. ladies and gentlemen it is customary december 7 we observe a moment of silence as 0755 to commemorate the beginning of the attack on pearl harbor. 0755 you will hear the ship whistle. please join me at the time bowing our heads for a moment of silence to remember those that courageously fought and those who died here december 71941. the f-22 raptors from the 199 and the 19th squadron for the
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flyover formation from just beyond the arizona memorial and continuing over the island in honor of those who gave their lives here 75 years ago today. you may see one pull away from the formation and fly to the club's honor on december 7 the gap in the formation represents the fallen comrades and we shall always remember their sacrifice.
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please rise for the morning colors and the singing of the national anthem by the third class united states pacific band and state song.
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sound attention. colorguard purveyed the colors.
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the national anthem. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪
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the bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ o're the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ ♪ please remain standing for the hawaii state song. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ please remain seated.
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approaching you'll see the guided missile destroyer commanded by the commander of bridgeport connecticut. earlier this morning they render honors to the memorial. since december 71941, uss arizona are the only two shifts but remain in the harbor of servicemembers returning honor was the survivor go by air. those that are here with us today as well as all of the utah service members. it is customary for those passing the memorial to pay respect despite rendering honors. today in addition to the arizona memorial, they will also render
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honors to the survivors who gathered with us today. mr. donald stratton with rhonda what we -- rodriguez for all pearl harbor survivors when the attack started the van 19-year-old first-class donald stratton just finished breakfast when he saw the japanese plane he ran to his battle station even before the general alarm sounded. during the attack, donald stratton suffered severe burns oover 60% of his body. following the attack, he spent nearly a year governing from his injuries to returned to the sea when he was able to do so.
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he's one of the five known survivors at arizona and stands on stage today for all pearl harbor survivors. all pearl harbor survivors and veterans are invited to stand as is able. mr. donald stratton will now turn to salute. [applause] ' survivors and veterans please
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be seated we think the 199th fighter squadron for participating in today's ceremony. the religious leader or spiritual advisor. today we are pleased to have a hawaii a blessing.
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our father in heaven, good morning heavenly father, our dear creator, our pearl harbor survivors that are physically hear my prayer also is dedicated to the great heroes that lost their lives that day were also spiritually here sitting and walking among us. i come before and asked to make things right and to ask for forgiveness for the pain and
4:44 am
suffering has been for so long that in doing so there shall be a commitment beginning from this day for peace and in this piece it's shall translate to world peace. gracious and heavenly father, enough of the war are here on this sacred day we all come humbly and we ask to love one another until we are received allow us to be at peace. i ask them see these things in the sacred name amen.
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for the past 35 years the religious committee for the duration has honored a prayer for peace on this occasion. we are honored to once again have them here as part of the ceremony. fothe lord by the english translation. [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [speaking in native tongue]
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[speaking japanese] [speaking japanese] [speaking japanese] /
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[speaking japanese] [speaking japanese] in 1982, our organization to
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japan religious committee for the world federation participated in the religion conference in new york city. and we also visited pearl harbor at that time. the time. this is our 35th year to offer players for peace and consolation to the arizona memorial. this year commemorates the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor attacks and the 71st anniversary of the end of world war ii. it is a most appropriate time to reflect on the shared past so the great wisdom and lessons learned from history may be passed on to future generations. we are gathered here today in the name of peace. given how the countries were sworn enemies at one point in time, this is a most remarkable thing. we are living proof that time heals and that it is possible to become the best of friends and allies and to have the deepest consideration and trust for one
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another. after the summit in japan this may president obama took the time to visit. in his speech for peace, he said there is a future we can choose in which hiroshima and nagasaki are known not as the dot of donf atomic warfare at the start of our own moral awakening. working together to share the wisdom of our forebears is paramount. we all must do whatever we can so that true world peace and happiness can be achieved for the sake of humanity. let us pray. mail asking peace prevail in the world and all of mankind is no true happiness. may we all live together peacefully in this home that we share and made our planet become a shining beacon of love, compassion, joy and sincerity for all. thank you very much.
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>> today's commemoration is cohosted as it has been since 2005 by the national park service and united states navy. here to share the official welcome on behalf of the national park service is jacqueline ashwell of the national monument who will introduce the guest speaker the regional director. then the navy cohost commander navy region hawaii and the service group pacific will offer a welcome and introduced the keynote speaker commander united states pacific command.
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[applause] >> is mit is my pleasure to sers a cohost and welcome you to the national pearl harbor remembrance day commemoration marking the 75th anniversary if you could please hold your applause until the end. the honorable governor of the state of hawaii, the honorable governor of the state of arizona, the honorable governor commonwealth of the asylum. the honorable herschel of the
4:53 am
veterans affairs. the commander u.s. pacific command. admiral william, former commander u.s. pacific command. thomas fargo former command. former commander u.s. pacific command. the honorable spencer lieutenant governor state of utah. the lieutenant governor state of hawaii. the honorable jeanine davidson undersecretary of the navy.
4:54 am
the honorable franklin parker assistant secretary of the navy for manpower and reserve affai affairs. admiral scott swift commander u.s. pacific fleet. general robert brown commanding general u.s. army pacific. commander pacific air force. lieutenant general marine forces pacific. former commander u.s. army forces command. former commander u.s. pacific fleet, general gary north, former commander u.s. pacific air force. the honorable kirk caldwell the
4:55 am
mayor of the city and county of honolulu. the mayor of the county. the mayor in japan and members of the core and senior executive service and all other general officers elected and appointed leaders, welcome. [applause] nestled along the waters along the stream is the visitor center where more than a million and a half come each year to learn the
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history of the pacific war. the national park service is a proud steward of the memorials dedicated to the uss arizona, the uss oklahoma and utah. collectively, these and other memorials represent those who were lost on december 71941. over the years we have collected interviews of hundreds of survivors both military and civilian, other world war ii veterans as well as americans of japanese incarcerated during the boer. the library of a collection gives us the opportunity to share the stories of those who witnessed and died during the
4:57 am
attack were who were otherwise affected by the war. this morning on the 75th anniversary i will share the accounts of a few of those that experienced the attack. their stories honor our past and inspire our future. on the uss arizona, there was a working party rating for the church services this morning. the white canvas awning snapped in the breeze. the sun was warm, the clouds were high, and all things considered, the day was perfect. in the distance, unidentified planes started coming in below from the southeast.
4:58 am
heavy explosions began booming down the island. ..
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>> >> i was a patient that day and i just placed my
5:00 am
breakfast tray on the floor when we heard all the sounds . iran after her and you disease all the smoking in pearl harbor. the japanese are bombing pearl harbor in vice say that we all need to be on duty than the nurses treated dead great number of the wounded and dying. in honolulu a terrified community brought it so together and among the first action that day they responded to 39 colloids to
5:01 am
those federal crews battling multiple fires the department lost three firefighters that day. and engine six. in time, add the u.s. government of the civilian firefighters killed on december 7 the old u.s. civilian firefighters in history to be so honored. and then we watch over the of memorial to preserve the memories know it is to experience the attack that their words will live forever.
5:02 am
and then to keep alive for future generations to honor the past and inspire the future to help the world learned of lesson of history . today uss arizona memorial for of the betty served in uniform during world war two across da harbor is a symbol of hope and and a symbol of respect and resilience it catches the best in greatest ideals and all of our hearts. the uss arizona stands as a reminder of the event of
5:03 am
that sunday morning and it has different meanings for those to visit their. to speak silently and eloquently before they'll live in peace. thank-you. aloha. [applause] now if it is my pleasure to introduce our national park service regional director the overseas operations for 61 units and in three e. territories of the pacific we are able to do our jobs here in pearl harbor to preserve the memory banks to
5:04 am
the leadership and support. [applause] >> thank-you. from pearl harbor they all share a common bond to the people of the united states. there are historic site says part of the national park service to gather at these places to understand and honor as we commemorate the 70th anniversary of pearl harbor to the desert
5:05 am
memories of "war and peace." in that best idea than national parks from maine to the pacific national historic park can glom places of st. retreat and discovery. and with those lands that were being threatened in the landscapes originated in places like yellowstone and yosemite and not just a landscape that gateway to many stories. as a number of parks increase it became clear that it dedicated agency and
5:06 am
president woodrow wilson to create legislation to establish the national park service from the department of the interior august 25, 1916. and 20 years later another president with this new n you needed venture of preservation management that there is nothing so american is our national parks. but the idea behind the parks in this for the in richmond of the lives of all us. but over the past 10 decades we have as us country set aside the best of america hostile offer.
5:07 am
also to set aside the stories of our past with the history that we celebrate as well as the monuments we should never forget there are over 400 such places of reflection and national park service shares with the people of the united states in the world. today's ceremony is taking place at the national park service centennial year what is a part to you? i ask you look upon pearl harbor and ask what that memorial means to you but for myself i believe it is not new a a tribute to the
5:08 am
men who lost their lives but to strive to a world of peace where reconciliation is achievable and with your national park service of the landscape that surrounds that. aloha. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce our co-host does well as
5:09 am
here in pearl harbor how wide please welcome the regional commander john fuller. [applause] >> on behalf of the united states navy we welcome to everyone and historic commemoration to the most honored guest in survivors and other veterans thank you for ordering us with your participation our objective is to honor the past and inspire the future we remember your lost shipmates the service and sacrifice. we offer you the most heartfelt for all your
5:10 am
sacrifice and suffering on december 7th most in you word teenagers are in your early 20s back home their families with long to hear any news mothers, fathers mothers, fathers, sisters, b rothers or grandparents all loved ones that were desperately looking to hear news about the fate of their boys meanwhile survivors face the recovery joined by the navy divers and shipyards civilians and citizens from hawaii you responded and resurrected pearl harbor and the pacific fleet. he felt the shock canton during the brief to show the burden to bring the world
5:11 am
back into balance and in the days after the attack as the information came along it would take weeks to get detailed news to families and in some cases it took months. people stood in endless lines and on the mainland that some preseason news. family, family is the most precious institution. the most precious possession yet in war they are victims the second world war chronicle call it the greatest cataclysmic victory to go on to say a grad of
5:12 am
anchor and arrogance and bigotry and the lust for power and ended because of those other human qualities and selflessness of leadership and the hogger for freedom combine to change the course of human events those who served in world war two who earned the freedom and prosperity of today that have been bestowed upon us as a lasting legacy of freedom as you polish that with your courage and commitment. serving in world war ii that we have enjoyed for decades. and with the stability you
5:13 am
deserve that freedom without reconciliation and inspire greater equality and civil rights and turn our commitment for pearl harbor. after that date to change the world forever. as a humble beneficiary of one to offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks. today we are fortunate to hear from the perspective of un need chief -- navy chief one tuesday how far we have come in seven decades. a tough and courageous leader and a diplomat and a fighter. when you talk about the area that he needs, army, air for its common navy and marines
5:14 am
that is a big area of responsibility area on and over the seat to encompass half of the world's surface. or from the arctic to the antarctic to california to india, a responsibility and a lot of good deeds shall mine honor to introduce the pacific command averell harris. [applause] >> note to self never follow a small man to the podium. one more time for the pacific police bay and and for the national anthem.
5:15 am
[applause] the mccann that the men and women that we honor today from 75 years ago never today or failed to stand with the national anthem is played. [cheers and applause] [applause]
5:16 am
>> and with your stewardship ladies and gentlemen good morning. the land of the free and the home of the brave means something special for every american and every day but today it takes on extraordinary significance in this hallowed place several board to veterans and survivors on our military bases all across and including right here in pearl harbor. seventy-five years ago they were about to conduct morning colors and they were surprised hear the sounds of the real bombs bursting in air of our nations and the
5:17 am
at dawn's early light to they ran to their battle stations and to the sound of the kansas they moved to begin the defense of our country. to welcome these patriots with a round of applause. [applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
5:18 am
mentioning our distinguished guests but with like to recognize the few the state and city leaders and the mayor and the diplomatic corps chief of naval operations and the officers to support those executives thanks for highlighting the veterans past and present for the second tier in narrow. thanks for entertaining our troops to the national park service for what you do everyday to remember these hallowed places and congratulations. distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, just prior to
5:19 am
the attack 75 years ago on a morning not unlike this one, people not of my guests were waking up to enjoy another day in paradise. those were thinking about spending the day on the beach or playing baseball hanging out with friends or listening to the battle of the band's right here on base. no one knew it would be the last moment of peace for almost four years. those horrific events that took place for the territory , we were attacked all across oahu in discourse right here pearl harbor. upon the shoulders of brave americans like those here in the front row to respond to reprise his that fateful day .
5:20 am
the surprise assault by the imperial japanese navy lasted 110 minutes almost as long as this speech. [laughter] and unquestionable heroism even as a day of sacrifice and immeasurable loss and a less than two hours 2400 killed, 1200 wounded in the majority of the fleet taken out of action. catastrophic by any standard . we see them all around us the battleship uss arizona and utah still in to dinner the waters behind to be. uss oklahoma memorial and of bodies of the veterans better with us today they remind us of our history and how america unresponsive with dollar we have a precious opportunity to
5:21 am
reflect the way of one means to be a patriot tested by war and to reflect on the blessings of liberty. they say hindsight is 2020 for history has shown us the alarm bells were sounding for throughout the '30's. we watched as the military dictatorship in germany became the growing power with fascist italy alighting itself to not see germany but we look last tuesday the militaristic rise of imperial japan and we relocated the pacific fleet from california to hawaii in 1940 to give pause to a potential adversary the original rebalancing if you will. even so 75 years ago they were caught flatfooted the
5:22 am
military and first responders again staggering on eds to engage the enemy as best they could. for those who gave we have a deep sense of sorrow. they did not go quietly and along with those who survive the merger fight and old smelly when world war two. those who survived pearl harbor left us a warning remember pearl harbor and keep america alive he eternal vigilance is the price of liberty and don't ever be caught by strategic surprise again but again 15 years ago we were surprised by a major attack on our soil not by a nation state
5:23 am
but by terrorism as before in the preceding decade alarm bells were ringing. even as we worked hard to understand nobody could have anticipated the methodology the twine -- behind those attacks in new york on that day. there is the passage in the good book for those who responded in 1941 and did in 2001. god was searching for the man with the right stuff to embark on a dangerous mission to a dangerously and throat whom shall i send? to show gophers and i cns said send me. send me. with our nation was attack
5:24 am
75 years ago today and then began six years later in the york lady liberty called out of her pain and anguish to south -- shall i send everywhere soldiers and sailors and civilians called out here am i america. send me. here i am. send me. [cheers and applause] america is the country because of young men and women that forgo going down easy street they travel instead along the uncertain
5:25 am
road instead of life on the edge of nature america is blessed beyond riches to have so many men and women with courage to step forward to do whatever it takes to defend whenever they the liberty is n jeopardy like the greatest generation to answer that clarity call of the nom and the cold war and the goal for those following 9/11. but even to the end of the earth. of free nation and then have a service to country and service to self. [applause]
5:26 am
so every december 7th for those of the past put it to realize said depth of eight pacific and the most consequential region of america's future. and is made to so and is the region of rapid currents but also in and competition and
5:27 am
president reagan once said you just witness said demonstration of america's resolve around the raptors flowing over head. who with the uss your base is here and stand watch to ensure the vigilance to keep america safe and to defend ever very way of life the force that we have ever seen exist because of the legacy of the men and women whenever nation needed is a the most. seventy-five years ago today. the selfless service of the greatest generation of the civilians of the home front won the peace by ending the award.
5:28 am
to define the national heritage for their faith in the nation. the 75th commemoration events from all walks of life and across generations i see tears and laughter and i am reminded of the stories my father would tell me as a militiaman and in aircraft carrier that deploys a few days before the attack. as part of the greatest generation we can still hear their stories of honor and courage as the ghost walks amongst us the spirit speaks to us. and we are fortunate to listen and learn and to the
5:29 am
tuskegee airmen and others who are watching the broadcast across america. the future belongs to the brave. our country is defined and invigorated as we rise today to be emboldened friday interrupted service of those who came before us and carried on word of those young men and women who serve today the joint force commander here in the pacific i give you my word that 380,000 civilians in four years that comprise the u.s. pacific command are ready to fight so we may always be great. please remember pearl harbor and the attacks across oahu we remember their response
5:30 am
from the sons and daughters who brought those stars and stripes through fights at north africa and, midway calamine guadalcanal all so pet by that many but across the club is with the staunch ally japan turning into france with their shared interest another of lasting legacy of that generation. as we look upon us history of the u.s.s. arizona memorial behind me take comfort want to know the
5:31 am
veterans continue to stand watch over the angels a variation. i will conclude by saying we assume liberty's mantle past them with the unbroken chain over 75 years. no one has a just wrong to stand in global watch for generations to come as they are passed to our children and children's children we will stand watching continue to fight against tyranny and injustice. so for those watching at home we will never forget your courage under fire and insurmountable odds. because of you the future remains bright. we owe you the immeasurable debt and we cannot think he may never answering the call
5:32 am
of duty when we needed it the most. may god bless our reigning to discard past and present an answer that clarion call may god bless the beautiful state of hawaii and the minnesota states of of america up. to shout out the land of the free and the home of the brave. [cheers and applause]
5:33 am
>> the but the -- this is an expression of our gratitude and appreciation as sacrificed and serve it berger today we have pierrot's military and civilian delos their lives 1941. this morning will place the wreath to honor the territory of marines to be presented by parks service rangers and retired military . pass to present to honor those who fought in the name of freedom 75 years ago to recognize our veterans and current active duty members that continue to solve our
5:34 am
country also that our were future generation may never forget those sacrifices that to place and continue to take place every day. that territory of hawaii but as a base by one of the great disrepair for its debt to expedite the return to the fleet. those to open their services and homes to those who are learning from more patrols
5:35 am
said today with a strategic and will thumping military continuing to offer a lot to all. but will the civilian survivors and witnesses please stand as you are able [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
5:36 am
please be seated. the united states army. while many history books focus on the pearl harbor attack the united states german army fought diligently to defend there post to the airfield to the
5:37 am
pleas stand as you were able. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause]
5:38 am
please be seated. united states marine corps. but the arizona and merrill made a part of each pew ships but then they perish in for a killed by an representing they and and per ranger from new mexico was the fan and -- all the veterans please stand. [applause]
5:39 am
♪ ♪ ♪ . >> please be seated. united states navy. 1,199 sailors survived the attacks on pearl harbor
5:40 am
cannot follow direct the beanie best to help them skate to the burning in this and this is an it weeks that we've followed to. >> we will all live above our veterans. navy veterans please stand as you are able. [cheers and applause]
5:41 am
[applause] please be seated united states air force. the united states air force was referred to as the army air corps and as the hawaiian year force in oahu. on december 7th lieutenant's scrambled to their aircraft parked in the field and took off against incredible odds. representing united states airforce from michigan all care force veterans please stand as able. [applause]
5:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪ please be seated. united states coastguard. the time of the attack the coastguard officials were all station in honolulu.
5:43 am
but then they intercepted a dispatch that claim destruction of a submarine later they came under fire red did not suffer any casualties. to be from sandi ward in and park ranger will all coastguard veterans please stand as you are able. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
5:44 am
>> please be seated in an also to our visitors. was all survivors in veterans please remain seated and so we can honor you. in the recent book in who hits here with us today, and something more courage to heroics and fell in - - fowler that was more sacrifice and anybody should see in 10 lifetimes. but to survivors and veterans, they responded and prevailed.
5:45 am
on december 7, 1941 and in the years that followed superbly executed riposte to weather the storm of war and because of you and others like you that we enjoy freedom and liberty in this great country. also with the rules for these joining me to express our appreciation. [applause]
5:46 am
[applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> please be seated. a vintage aircraft will soon fly overhead this aircraft
5:47 am
was the economic civilian counterpart to of pilot surrogate the thousands of world war two pilots came home to fly with many common features with the army air corps fighter only 1,100 were manufactured in 1951. please rise as able and remain standing for that benediction by the pacific fleet and. the admiral will now offer the bin they used diction. please pray with me. all almighty in the "journal" guide the, we ask
5:48 am
that you would bless the hero that would distinguish themselves that morning and in the years that followed. with each passing year to have those sacrifices from ever neglecting the cause that so many paid to preserve our freedom and defend our liberty is inspired by their tributes offered to those who gave deal thomas sacrifice, a weekend in us the same spirit and commitment to define complacency in the face of evil in never allow us to forget those that define the nation are now the responsibility of every american citizen to uphold. be vigilant in the cause for peace in may we remain in your grace. in the face of your name we pray. >> standby.
5:49 am
salute. [guns firing] [guns firing] [guns firing] ♪
5:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ please remain standing for the departure of are honored guests.
5:51 am
following the departure for our veterans to participate in the walk of water - - block of honor the united states pacific command departing.
5:52 am
[bels ringing] on behalf of these parks service thanks for attending the 75th anniversary of the attack on a what do country member the sacrifices made by those here on december 7th december 7th, 19401. and if you are watching this ceremony is through online broadcast we offer a sincere owe copper co in the pacific war birds for providing our attributes into our volunteers to make today's ceremony possible we will be in the harbor conducting a
5:53 am
water tribute and all military and civilian survivors in world war two veterans in attendance are invited to participate in the tribute. as service members from all branches please enjoy the patriotic band and always remember pearl harbor. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
5:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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