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tv   House Minority Leader Pelosi Calls Hacking Intelligence Report Findings...  CSPAN  January 6, 2017 4:57pm-5:17pm EST

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president elect to donald trump received a classified briefing from the headset intelligence agencies today. the "washington post" writes that the declassified version of the report shows at russia carried out a comprehensive cyber campaign to up and the us presidential election, an operation that was ordered by russian president vladimir putin and aspire to help elect donald trump by discrediting his democratic rival, hillary clinton. the report depicts russian interference as unprecedented in its scale saying that moscow's assault represented a significant escalation indirectness, level of activity and scope of effort beyond previous election related espionage. you can read the declassified report on our website, houston product leader nancy pelosi and house and senate intelligence leaders were briefed about the russia hockey report today. she called the report" stunning exclusion or.
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>> good morning, everyone. i always premised a we will have a wonderful epiphany and coming together this week, the first week of a new congress and on the opening day democrats pledge to stand our ground on issues of concerns to protect medicare and medicaid, social security, the affordable care act and we also
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said we would work to find common ground on issues that would lower-- meet the needs of the american people. we were hoping on the day that there would be such an economic initiative instead, as you know a measure to violate freedom of speech as well as to overturn-- well, they attempted to the outside ethics commission, which they have now reverse. anyway, i don't think it was a good opening. instead of focusing on trading jobs they declared war on the health of our country. you have seen democrats in the house and senate talking about protecting our care. ..
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>> >> something that cannot be counted on. so the republicans decide they will remove the but the guarantee of medicare and the list goes on with repeal and complacent only has alliteration going forward. it has no ideas or proposals. it is interesting to see how
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they will replace that but they cannot replace that without diminishing coverage . and to stop weaken sitter to be a very important increasing access. this morning we had a very interesting presentation for the house and said it lost -- senate leaders but be still had a stunning disclosure as the precursor of the ways to brief the president-elect later in the day summit their report will be released to the public i hope we could get more ino
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we do have to respect other forces but i think that even congress has the right to know more than what they want to disclose to congress. bet his standing with its conclusions and you will see some of it. they are now briefing the president-elect, a person who has tried to discredit and disparate and dismantle the intelligence community because he does not like what they're putting forward . i keep be binding them that the congress of the united states has acted on that
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intelligence to protect sources so i am hoping that more members will have more access to confine some of that to the gang of eight. we will make an announcement later today about the large and calling for the on-site investigation of the russian hacking into the system. any questions? >> i have bought question of the opposition to repeal obamacare and with reconciliation how do square that pdf with those democrats in quick.
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>> thanks for asking that. be affordable care act was passed not under what reconciliation when f. first came to the congress the main part of the bill one of the house and senate was not under reconciliation. the final version that i would have liked more was under ricans -- reconciliation but the bulk of the bill is to go back to the history was done on the 60 votes rule. >> they had 60 democrats then and the two bills passed but then the senate bill was a little different from the house bill so there were some changes that were
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not substantive but changes with that legislation that did go under reconciliation but by and large that whole process was done with the 60 votes bipartisan over and over some republican amendments taken some modified and some rejected and treated in a similar fashion. >> i have to question some. do north the house democrats will object to the electoral college today? and whether your thoughts about the border wall through the appropriation process by. >> the first question i don't know. i don't believe there is a senator that is participating in 2004 senator boxer join the effort if you have a senator
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and a house member you can't go forward to have a debate if you don't you cannot. i don't believe they have one item know who will show up and object but probably somebody will. with the second question is this interesting to see that they would put $14 billion in a continuing resolution to build a wall? i think that is the heavy sell that is a tough sell. >> dimension earlier about the whole package claim curious if you look at the debate is seems to be the debate clause for the house to make its own rules argue
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arguing it could make its own rules crack. >> i think the constitution of the united states takes precedence over everything else and four republicans to say if you express your point of view on the floor of the house but they can make a determination you violated the rule of the house to deduct from your pay is completely averages. completely of rage as it is not a question of one or the other but freedom of expression annual make rules that violate the constitution it all comes back to the constitution of the united states. >> having with this new briefing from the gang if they do believe they did costa rica and in the election. >> regardless of the outcome
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, the american people how right to know what a foreign power did to disrupt the reflections. bating is really the point. doesn't really matter coming in matters to one. >> did it affect the outcome could. >> you will make a judgment about that. >> would is your judgment? >> i have said all along that the disruption of our election which was clearly evident to make a judgment about these what is the source of the disruption and what tools and i think when you see this report how the intelligence community has identified we knew anyone as
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the russians but from our own investigation to identify the source. there is no question that the russians disrupted then free to east the information and then that was the path of a partisan basis only release the democratic females were. so i say as respect guardians of the first amendment you were the accomplice of this every single day you reported that was embarrassing to the clinton and ministrations
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without saying that we know this disruption of a for power into our electoral system. did it affect the clinton campaign? of course, it did when it comes out differently? i don't know there are many factors in elections but if you read the report then we will talk again about the up purpose in the source in the tools and the target. and that is why going back to work question about the electoral college, it is known about the foreign disruption and how much information was released and
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how much of it was altered why was adjusted democratic e-mail's that were released clacks why wasn't there report that said this information comes to you from one radio free but i think it was very clear and every betty knew that whatever bias it came from a disruption. >> what is the response from the united states? >> after uc the report today wish you could read the entire report by protecting sources is a top priority but maybe the intelligence community could release a little more information at least two members of congress.
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>> senate democrats would redoing to make that happen quick. >> can not doing anything to make it happen and with the non-partisan investigation that people have a responsibility necessary and that is what the senate has asked for. and to act upon them. that is important to swiftly
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move to review that information for the confirmation hearing. bucket is interesting that republicans started the week or tried to buy taking apart the office of congressional ethics. >> i will be there and support those that object. in we were in this 20008 actually 2000 in the election and now this is how networks.
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al gore it was 2001 when we were challenging that. it takes a senator and house member both to agree that it turns into two hours of debate. that does not have an impact on the outcome of the election. and without registering concern about voter suppression but it will not have the impact at the end of the day.
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for those who would be elected president of the united states by virtue of the electoral college. so the members will see. i do not encourage but i certainly support to. and quite frankly there's nothing that they could say that would be an overstatement of the reasons why we should have a discussion but the fact is that you cannot duet on the one house basis. >> house and senate certified the electoral college vote certifying donald trump as president and mike pence as vice president. stephanie away your treated the report on russian hacking that it is damning and irrefutable looking at
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other news coming from capitol hill the california congressman said the hacking had no effect on the outcome of the election and is not supported by the briefing or the report or common sense. you can read the lead declassified report by clicking on the link at ♪ the presidential inauguration of donald trump friday january 20th. c-span will have live coverage of all the day's events and ceremonies. watched live and listen live on the free c-span radio at


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