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tv   [untitled]    January 11, 2017 9:23am-9:35am EST

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community, particularly the bureau, does an excellent job of attribution. and then of course, the hard part is, what if anything to do about it. i would repeat what was said earlier about against a cyber activity is best response, a countercyber activity or not. >> in that case there doesn't need to be multiple options with cyber to cyber -- >> yes, sir, that was the point i think admiral rogers around i made to the senate armed services when we had the discussion there thursday. >> perhaps mrs. harris, since i'm a new member of the intelligence community, let me give you my impression, we have so fractured the jurisdiction of
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oversight of cyber issues we need to figure out some better whole of government approach. i see senator reed smiling because of course the armed services committee has some involvement in this hope land security and government -- homeland security and government affairs. we need a whole of government approach and we're working efficiently and effectively as much as possible and from what i read in the newspaper, president-elect trump wants to commission a study to come back to him within 90 days, if i'm not mistaken with recommendations in that regard. we would certainly welcome your insight and advice. thank you. >> senator reed. >> thank you, mr. chairman and -- >> we're going to leave this now for our live coverage of day two of the confirmation hearing for donald trump's pick for attorney general. yesterday senator jeff sessions strongly denied accusations of a racist past. a group of black lawmakers will speak out against his nomination. senator sessions will also have advocates in the hearing room
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today, including former attorney general, michael mukasey. the associated press reports republicans have expressed strong support for senator sessions and are expected to secure more than enough votes needed to confirm him as attorney general in president-elect donald trump's incoming administration. [inaudible conversations].
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