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tv   CIA Director Nominee Mike Pompeo Rules Out Torture in Confirmation Hearing...  CSPAN  January 12, 2017 10:00am-10:18am EST

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i would like to call this hearing to order. one procedural matter before we begin, we meet today prior to president-elect trump's inauguration and therefore have not yet received pompeo's nomination to be director of central intelligence agency. we cannot vote on a record denomination until it's received in the u.s. senate. today we will have a hearing and expectations that that nomination will follow.
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our goal in conducting this hearing is to enable the committee to begin consideration of representative pompeo's qualification and to allow for thoughtful deliberation of our members. representative pompeo has provided substantive written responses to more than 125 questions presented by the committee and its members. today members will be able to ask additional questions and hear from representative pompeo in open and close session. is my intention, as soon as time allows, to convene to convene a meeting of the committee to vote on the nomination and to report it to the senate floor for immediate floor vote. i would like to welcome our witnesses today. mike pompeo, president-elect trump's nominee to be the next director of the central intelligence agency. congratulations on your nomination. i would like to also not welcome your wife, susan, where are you?
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susan and your son nick. would you to just stand up. [applause] i want to thank both of you for your support of your husband, your father, of this incredible opportunity and i think benefit to our country. understand that both of you have been a constant source of constructive and critical counsel to mike and that you said once during a speech, you graded him with a c. susan you graded him with an f for questioning during an open hearing of the events of benghazi. for the record, that tough curve you have described in the pompeo household has clearly served you well and likely prepared you for the challenges that lie ahead. you will soon be asked to lead
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what is one of an nation's most treasured assets during a profound period of change. it's one of the principal members of the united states intelligence community and his test with collecting foreign intelligence through human sources and by appropriate means. the cia operates in the shadows. its officers are often undercover and sometimes work in hostile and fear environments. it's not just a job but a lifestyle. the clandestine nature of the agency's work, however, is both, is both the greatest capability and most challenging liability as its activities are outside the public view. we address that liability by calling upon the president to nominate individuals with unwavering integrity, and the senate approves only those who are assured will lead this organization lawfully, ethically and morally. mike, i have reviewed the
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material provided by you prior to this hearing and have spoken with you personally. you enrolled in the united states military academy as a teenager. you graduated first in your class before serving as a calvary officer. he went on to learn all earn a law degree at harvard and founded an aerospace company where you served as ceo for more than a decade. you are in your third term representing the people from the fourth district of kansas and oversaw the intelligence community as a member of the house permanent select committee on intelligence. i believe your intellectual rigor, your honorable service, and outstanding judgment make you a very natural fit to lead the cia. i can assure you that this committee will continue to be faithfully, faithful and follow its charter and conduct a rigorous real-time oversight over the cia operations and
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their activities. we will ask difficult and probing questions of you, your staff, staff, and we will expect honest, complete and timely response. the american people allow the cia to operate in the shadows because they trust oversight. i take responsibility very seriously. i look forward to supporting your nomination and ensuring its consideration without delay. i want to thank you again for being here, for your years of service to your country and many different capacities, and i look forward to your testimony today. i now would like to recognize the vice-chairman. >> thank you mr. chairman and i would like to welcome you and congratulate you congressman pompeo and also note on a personal basis, it's great to have the vice chair here by my side willing to kick and prod me if i get off script. let me also echo what the chairman says and offer congratulations on your
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impending nomination to serve as rector of the central intelligence agency. i've enjoyed our recent meetings and thank you for your honest views. if confirmed, you you will be sitting at a critical intersection between intelligence and policymaking. you and i agree politics has no place in your new line a business. your job will be to give the president the best professional judgment of americans intelligence expert, the cia, cia, even when it might be inconvenient or uncomfortable. as the model you will see every morning in the lobby of the cia headquarter reminds us, your job is to search out and follow the truth regardless of where it may lead. many risk their lives, employ long hours in anonymity to get that critical piece of information. it could mean the mean the difference between literally, life and death. congressman congressman pompeo, i will need your public assurance that you will always seek to provide unbiased, on
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burnished and timely intelligence assessments to the president, to his cabinet, his advisers and to those of us in congress. this intelligence must represent the best judgment of the cia, whether or not that analysis is in agreement with the views of the president or anyone else who might receive them. i look forward to hearing from you on this topic. i've been concerned, as i've mentioned a number of times over the course of the electoral campaign, and even after it, the cia and the entire intelligence community has repeatedly, and unfairly been subjected to criticism. these comments have affected the morale of these dedicated men and women. this attitude will have a real impact on recruitment and retention of talented individuals willing to serve our country. today again, i would like to hear your plan to reassure cia employees that there countless hours they commit and the operations where they may be
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called upon to put their life on the line are not in vain. their sacrifices will not be disregarded in the white house or anywhere else in the next and ministration. intelligence, as we all know and discussed, is a team sport, and all members of the team must work together. the president-elect has announced a former member of this committee to become cody and i did i will be paying particular attention to the cooperation between cia as well as other intelligence agencies. i will ask that you commit yourself to the school of cooperation. the agency that you have been nominated to head is facing a number of challenges brought on by the changing world which will require great leadership to drive organizational adaption among the increasing use of open-source material and big
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data, coupled with an increasing amount of bad or fall state in the world. the difficulty of using cover in a world where potential recruits have spent most of their lives online using social media. the challenge of maintaining online integrity after the organization puts analysts and operators in the same room, working on the same program. finally, chairman burr and i have committed to conduct a review of the intelligence committee says assessment that russia, at the direction. [inaudible]
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-- well we appear to have lost the signal where the intelligence committee is meeting this morning to hear from cia nominee mike pompeo. we are having some technical issues. we hope to return to live coverage soon here on c-span2.
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once again we are having technical issues in the hearing on capitol hill for cia nominee. mike pompeo of kansas. we are working to get that hearing back. we are having some technical issues. while we wait, the senate will be meeting today for general speeches.
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they completed the main work earlier today by passing a resolution that starts the process of appealing the affordable care act. and now goes to the south which is expected to take it up on friday. last night members had held a marathon session of votes and that included beginning the process of repealing the affordable care act. here is a look at those beaches and the votes. >> on behalf of the tens off thousands of americans -- whether they are in the exchange or not.uring a >> mr. schumer. >> debate is not in order during a vote. the gentleman from illinois. >> on behalf of they're down state hospitals of illinois.


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