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tv   Federal Officials Brief Reporters on Inauguration Security Preparations  CSPAN  January 14, 2017 12:51am-1:29am EST

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raising taxes, cutting benefits those are things every poster will tell her politician to stay away from. >> sunday night at a bistro in. >> tonight on c-span two, look at preparations in washington, d.c. ahead of the presidential inauguration. then a discussion on trade and how current policy might change under the incoming trump administration. later, republican representative kevin kramer of north dakota talks about a meeting he's leading. with inauguration day a week of day the homeland security secretary jay johnson joined law-enforcement and other officials to discuss issues.
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>> good morning. welcome to our multi agency communications center which is part of tsa which is part of the department of homeland security. this is where i just received a briefing, one of several on the security around the two weeks inauguration and series of inaugural events. here at our multi agencyt communications center we are represented by tsa, the the united states secret service, metro police, capitol police,e homeland security investigations, the fbi, the department of defense including our national guard, fema, and the washington metro area transit authority. a number of those agencies are represented with me here in this
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room following my opening remarks will hear from the deputy director, chief matthew of the capital police, chief mclean, chief rock of the metro area transit authority, and others represented here today. following our remarks we will take questions on topic.ns on we will take questions on topic. like past and our girls this inauguration has been designatet by the secretary of homeland security as a national special security event. they made that designation in july. this means that that the united states secret service is responsible for the coordination and planning of the security around the event. it's it's important to emphasize then
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inauguration, is a series of events that begins on january 19 and concludes on january 21. the actual inauguration been the most prominent among them. we know of no specific a credible threat directed toward the inauguration. however, that is only part of the story.variou various agencies have estimated the crowd on inauguration day of somewhere between 700,900,000 people. at present we know of 99 different organizations that intend to demonstrate in one form or another at the inauguration in the area of thel capital in the mall. some pro and some con. in all of these 99 permit applications or through social
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media, we therefore have done a lot to plan for the public safety and security of these events and to be on guard against acts of violence, demonstrations get get out of hand and to provide for a safe and secure presidential inauguration. to do this, there will be someci 28000 approximately 28000 officials dedicated to the security of next week's events. this includes approximately 10000 individuals from the department of homeland security, in particular the secret service, homeland security investigations, tsa, the coast guard, all dedicated to the security of this event and some
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12000 other federal personnel including approximately 7800 members of the national guardth including the d.c. national guard, the fbi, and others. in addition to that are the metropolitan police, the washington d.c. police. some 2800 and another 3200 from police departments who will be part of this at the request of a metro police. there'll be different types of perimeters that we refer to as soft vehicle perimeters wereerey only vehicles of those who never work within a perimeter will be permitted. there'll be hard vehicle perimeters were no vehicles will be allowed except for official vehicles. this year in particular the harc vehicle pull perimeter will beie heavily fortified by trucks,
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dumpsters, buses, and buses, and the like given the current environment. for information about prohibited items and those bag areas will have perimeters that will be bag checks and there will be some hundred magnetometers in the vicinity of the inauguration. for a list of prohibited items in the areas we are's standing with the secret, all of this is dedicated to a safe and secure inauguration. there will be many people represented by the leaders you see on the stage working overtime to provide for safe and secure inauguration. all of us here will be working overtime to provide for safe and secure inauguration.
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thank you very much. i will turn it over to the deputy director of the secret service.ou >> thank you secretary johnson. good morning everyone. the secretary johnson mentioned my name is bill callahan, deputy director of the secret service. on behalf of our director i like to welcome you.ion, and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to extend us the opportunity to discuss the collaborative planning, communication, and training of all in the design and implementation of the security plan for this event. what do you think all a representatives of the federal, state, local agencies that are here today there more than 47 different agencies represented here in the mac. i believe believe this is a great demonstration of the strong relationship that exists between
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the law-enforcement community, public public safety agencies, and the private sector. on behalf of the members of the night state secret services i want to express my sincere and deep appreciation for your many contributions in this effort.jon on july 1, 2016 secretary johnson designated theinaugu inauguration and an sde ben. this designation means that we serve as the principal agency in designing and implementing the operational security. the designation also secures additional national assets and resources through the department of homeland security, the fbi and fema that will 45 protective operations as well as the crisis and consequence management part of this planning. the secret service has planned and executed 50 -- at national
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security events throughout the united states over the past 16 years. given the scope and breath of this unprecedented presidential campaign we work tirelessly with our partners that you see hereto today. to develop comprehensive security and contingency plans for this event.. much like the secretary i particularly like to thank -- for the support during this campaign.evelop . . a safe and security environment for everyone. those attending the inauguration as well as those who will be exercising first amendment rights. we recognize this event and the ensuing security arrangements may cause inconveniences to the citizens of washington, dc, however it's our intent to minimize interruptions as much
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as possible. in closing, i want to thank all of your partners for your outstanding cooperation and contributions towards this effort. as we work together to ensure this inauguration is safe and secure for everyone. i'll turn it over now to the united states capitol police chief. >> good morning, and thank you, deputy director callahan. the united states capitol police have been prepare interior event for well over a year and appreciate the partner ship with our fellow law enforcement agencies, many of whom are here today. the inauguration will be closing all of the streets in the vicinity of the united states capitol to facilitate the ceremony. most of these closure wells take effect begins on thursday,
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january 19th, 11:00 p.m. some additional street closures will occur throughout the week to facilitate final event preparations. i recommend that people visit our web beige for specific details on california cap -- on capitol complex street closures inch addition there will be no public parking on capitol hill so i encourage everyone was ticket to walk or take public transportation. we will also advise everyone to give themselves plenty of time to get to the event, dress for the weather preview the list of prohibit items to maximize your inaugural experience all tickedholders will be tired good through security screening. gates open at 6:00 a.m. on january 20th. ticket holders should refer to the back of their tickets for
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information on the recommended metro station to use and to refer to event signage on the ground when they arrive at the capital. we look forward to a safe and successful event on january 20 in. and i want to tank ural lahm partners, especially the women and women in the united states capitol police, for all their hard work on this event. 'll new town it over to chive rob mcclain of the united states park police. >> good morning, everyone and thank you for the opportunity to represent the many and women of the national park service and the united states park police. when you think about america's front yard, the national mall and those years where visitors come to witness and be part of the democratic process, being that inauguration swearing in ceremony and the parade down pennsylvania avenue. we're the proud stewards of the
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public lands where we invite visitors and anybody who wants to engage in a first amendment activity in a proud of that responsibility. especially proud of our commission the collaboration here in amazing region, we do when it comes to large scale events dirk it's already attend, well versed and those relationshippers are well-founded in history of working side by side on a daily basis. the collaboration of nsse is epit meet it by the group on -- epitomized by the group on this station and paramount is safeguarding the democratic process and it's ideals as well as protecting visitors and the community we serve and protect. this is truly a whole community event, which we have trained and planned for since june last year. however,re total vigilantes is our hallmark, through.
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oh, like to introduce now metro transit police chief, ron pavilc. >> good morning and thank you as well itch just want to go over our security process of the metro transit police and the service pattern. on inauguration day, in addition to local, state and federal assets the metro transit police we have 14 other transit officers coming to assist as well and we want to rely on our metro rider and participants in the activities, if you see something, say something. if you see an abandoned item, suspicious activity, report tote a police officer without delay. we encourage all providers to go to our web site, and there you can see our service pattern and what kind of service we'll be delivering faith -- inauguration day.
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we'll be having peak train from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. there are five stations closed for security reasonnens the archive nave in memorial stays, the federal triangle station, the mt. vernon square station city pentagon station and the smithsonian stations. the riders can expect rolling street closures when dignity tears -- there may be times where we may restrict actress to a metro station do to overcrowding or the stations my be an entrance only station or exit only station and we doing that to meter and flow to the crowd. safety is paramount. encourage anyone to go to our web site and also you can subscribe to our text alerts on gnawings addition which is potus and we'll have service upsets.
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captain glover from the metropolitan police department. >> thank you for allowing to us come out here and demonstrate to you all how personality it is in core collaboration. on behalf of the mayor and the chief, assistant chief and commander have been very instrumental and supportive of the process. we cannot do this in a box. we are encouraging our citizens to have patience. they have availability to all the mapping and closures, information on our d.c. government home page, there is lives that will take you to all that information. the men and women of the metropolitan police department have participate in inaugurations sin since 1865 and we look forward to being in the inauguration and it's about the
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peaceful transition of power and we welcome the opportunity to be part of that. thank you for allowing us to do this wimp look forward to be in support of our partners. thank you. >> okay. questions. alicia. you no doubt have a question on topic. >> i promise it's on topic. >> okay. >> this is -- somewhat unall-event in terms of this particular year, special security circumstances and the 99 individual groups. how different this versus 2008 and 2012? i know you were not secretary at the time but surely you have been briefed. how is the threat environment as well compared to the -- >> well, the global terrorist environment is very different, as you probably know. to even from 2013, perhaps, as
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we have said in our most recent bulletin. they have to be concerned about home-grown violent extremism, home born violent extremeike, acts of lone wolves, self-radicalization, but aside from that, there's the larger picture of just general security and general public safety when you have a large public gathering such as this, with estimates of between 700,000 and 900,000 people in encloses proximity to one another -- close proximatity to one another. there are some 99 group wes know about that are planning some form of demonstration over the series of events near washington. 63 on next friday, january 20th, and so anytime people are coming together, such
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large numbers of people, such large numbers of groups, that intend to demonstrate and exercise first amendment rights, we've got to be vigilant, got plan and prepare, and that's why we have so many different agencies and public safety organizations that are here under the umbrella of this nsse. >> how is this different from -- [inaudible question] -- can't be different because we all know that there was violence at rallies and event, there were confrontation, what's the plan then for a potential repeat but on a much larger scale. >> the plan is a large well-coordinated. multiagency effort that involves some 28,000 personnel dedicated to the security of the event. the secret service, the capitol
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police, the park police, the metro police, the washington transit police, the national guard, all in coordination here at this center, and elsewhere. yes, ma'am? >> thank you for dog -- doing this. if you can elaborate on the security measures and update us on whether or not -- are go going to be allowed on the parade route if know there halves been some controversy. can you elab braying about the protesters. >> it's safe to say that demonstrations, groups, particularly those who apply for permits, will be -- as long as they're nonviolent, allowed to exercise first amendment rights in the public areas, including
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in areas that will be subject to bag checks, and along the parade route, those who arrive early enough, who go through the magna tom temperatures will be a -- magnetometers will bell allowed on ted practice route. there's a long list of prohibited items, but peaceful demonstrations, exercise is a firm amendment- -- first amendment right are permitted as long is a they're not violent. >> there have been some reports that quote-unquote anarchists are planning to shut down the inauguration. are you aware of those reports of some quote-unquote an anarchists planning to slows clown the inauguration.
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>> it's safe to assume we are aware of a full range of records of different types of planned activities and in any event such as this, special precautions are taken to ensure at this potential event cannot be -- this official event cannot be disrupted. such this such as the progression of the moder motorce to the capitol and back. so mick surely the event is not disrupted. >> is it not accurate -- obviously you were no in officer but i believe that demonstrators actually stopped george w. bush's progression up to the white house. >> with every inauguration, every four year, there are lessons learned, and we have our ear to the ground. we look for and keep an eye on planned demonstrations, planned
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activities, specific types of demonstrations and extra precautions are taken to ensure that the actual official event cannot be disrupted or blocked. yes, ma'am. >> a lot of -- there's a lot of talk about drones this year compared to past inaugurations. i'm wondering what your concern is to drones and your agency and other agencies keeping an eye on that and the capabilities to disable and disrupt them. >> well, drones, unmanned aerial systems, are prohibited in washington, dc. insuring is that correct? >> in the air pace. >> which makes washington rather unique, this i important because christmas, just a few weeks ago, i suspect a lot of people got drones for christmas.
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but drones are prohibited in the air space over wbc and -- over washington, dc and this is something we have planned for and there's technology to deal with it. >> can you talk about how you plan for and it what kind of technology -- >> no. sorry. >> okay. >> yes, ma'am. [inaudible question] -- avoid clashes -- what step are you taking to avoid clashes between opposing demonstrations? >> why don't i turn that over at the chief of the park police. he may have some idea thursday that record. >> the national park issues permits to groups which which to exercise their first amendment activity on national park service property. that permitting process allows to us collaborate with those organizations and groups and
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identify areas on the parade route and within the national mall to ensure their first amendment rights are protected. so, it also allows to us separate those. we have issued permits through the day of the inauguration and they'll be spread out and placed in areas where they can exercise first amendment right. and we have personnel monitoring the groups groups and any disrun other be able to demonstrate in the sight and sound distance, however separated safely. >> yes, sir. >> you mentioned that there has been change in the kinds of threats. what new are you doing to -- from previous inaugurations to address these kind of threats, and secondly, in europe we have
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seen two major events where trucks were used to crash into crowds. you'll have crowds outside of the perimeter. how are you -- these kind of threats, how are you working to deal with those? >> well, as i mentioned, there are different perimeters. there's the magged areas, the areas where there will be bag checks. there are the perimeters in which no vehicles, except official vehicles, will be permitted and then there's the south vehicle areas where only a vehicle of someone who lives or workness the area can go there. there will be at the park perimeter area this year in light of the current threat environment, and includes nice and germany, more heavily fortified against unauthorized
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vehicles by dump trucks, heavy trucks, trucks with cement, buses and things of the like. that's a precaution that we are doubling down on in -- this inauguration, and then there will be at the south vehicle perimeter security to ensure that only vehicles that are authorized to be in those areas will be in those areas, but between i refer you back to our bulletin. this is an environment that we are seeing now where we have to be concerned about individual acts of violent extremism, those who self-radicalize and so we'll be on guard for that as well. >> secretary -- [inaudible question]
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-- an estimate on the number of protesters on inauguration day and then in addition, could you tell us about the initial security challenges of having a large-scale event the day after the inauguration, what you -- >> the number of groups we see on inauguration day is at the moment 63. for the three-day period, 99. that is planned to come to washington for various different reasons. the nsfe, does not encompass the march on saturday. the nsfe i around the presidential inauguration itself. the total cost of the security of -- for the couple of days, for the weekend, is a matter of daschle among the federal governments, washington, dc,
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police department, the department of defense, the guard, a matter of doing the math. i'm sure it's a huge number. yes, sir, you mentioned -- [inaudible] -- a lot of anxiety in the runup to cleveland. and some cases the numbers -- in philadelphia and cleveland, the numbers didn't materialize and the threat seemed to be less than what was expected. what is it you learned from those events and how does that apply to you? >> good question. actually the case that in terms of demonstrations, we were actually more challenged in philadelphia. there were larger numbers of demonstrators in philadelphia, and i think a number of us anticipate thread would be larger numbers in cleveland.
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and the point i'll make there is that the estimates of crowds depend -- a number of variables, like the weather. the weather can have a factor for general public -- the overall size of the crowds and the demonstrations. the geographic location of a convention center or inauguration has a lot to do with it. the ease with which one can get there and travel there, inner cities. but the point i will make is one i make a lot, too often in our world, good news is no news. in both cleveland and philadelphia, the secret servicele, the local police, in a well-coordinated and professional fashion, dealt with the sayreus different security
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challenges -- the various security champ challenges we saw, people attempting to pen trait the security zone and those who were up to no good, which led to various different federal prosecutions and if they have gotten into the convention area bad things would have happened. those type of things did not receive a lot of publicity but too often an event like a convention goes off smoothly and safe because of the timely, professional actions of law enforcement. on the philadelphia police, the cleveland police, the fbi. hsi, the secret service, which you don't read much about but it's there and happens to keep an event like this safe. when i talk about lessons
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learned, we always evaluate, recalibrate with every major nsee, with any major security event, we always keep our eye on how global threat streams evolve. it's something that on a daily basis i evaluate every morning, when i get my daily intel briefs, and adjust appropriately. we fashion the appropriate security. this one will involve somesome 28,000 personnel for the event, and these types of events where the secret service plans and coordinates the effort, they're massive. they are massive. for example, september 2015, u.n. general assembly which included some 170 world leaders
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and the pope, was perhaps the largest domestic security operation in the history of this country, and it was executed flawless, professional fashion by the secret service and people from my department and the nypd, and we're working toward a similarly successful inauguration. we have to be mindful of the number of groups that are intending to demonstrate and be mindful of the crowd numbers and every event is different based ip >> >> one more question. yes are. >> is say this is any event
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but saturday january 21st. but what about those participants? >> there will be a lot of security and around thech march. cal c capital police and law enforcement but the march itself is not part of the of presidential event. like the u.n. general assembly.inating with the presidential nominating convention. this payment from january 19 witches the first such event
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that is the replay ceremony than the national cathedral on the saturday morning the 21st. with the series of defense -- event. it is 24 hours.
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. >> donald trump as transformed the up party towards a the worker. that is liberating. >> whether it is robert give soared j. carty or data entry no everybody who has held this job has reached out to offer their advice and counsel you are in a club of 30 people who have held this position


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