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tv   Megyn Kelly Discusses Settle for More  CSPAN  January 15, 2017 6:21pm-6:32pm EST

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the house is on fire we are going to put out the fire and that's all there is to do what he says no, i want to do both. after words airs every saturday at 10 p.m. and sunday at 9 p.m. eastern. you can watch all previous programs on the website, >> what is the rewarding aspect, but the most challenging aspect? >> it's the responsibility that they have given me and that i earned. it's not so much speaking truth to power, if being able to hold people in power accountable. that is the most rewarding aspect. you know, you can ask the hard questions, and they kind of have to deal with you, you know? certainly in the position i'm in now, they have to. take donald trump, he avoided
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the most of the year but that didn't mean i didn't have the chance to hold him accountable. i did. and hillary clinton, she never came on the "kelly file," which didn't serve her well. [laughter] [applause] anyway, so that's the best part. the worst part, you know, i would definitely say the security threat i have to face. as much as i try to avoid some of the online vitriol, i get a lot of that and i really hate it and find that such a soul killing. >> the course of this year, you went from being somebody that reports on the news to being the focus of the news, and it happened after your first republican debate with donald
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trump about how he's talked to women in the past. what happened after you asked that question? actually, let's back up to before you asked that question because it was an extraordinary day that you had leading up to the. >> that is something i reveal in the book is the prequel to the question. and there was one. donald trump and i always had a good relationship prior to the debate. we were not friends, but we were friendly. i did a segment of the week thee on the kelly file about his divorce. and it was a story the daily beast had broken out his about s divorce, 30 years ago in which ivana in a sworn deposition testimony testified he raped her. it was extremely brutal, according to her testimony, extremely nasty, and very detailed. and the daily beast dressed the story back up because he had
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said mexicans are sending rapists and the daily beast said speaking of rapists -- that's why they went there. my point having a daily beast report on the kelly file is to challenge it back a little bit saying she recanted her testimony. she doesn't stand by that. it was 30 years ago. it was a contentious divorce proceeding in which people notoriously lie. so how do you account for that in the reporting which i thought it wasn't quite skepticawasn't e allegations. so, we were not the ones dredging of his divorce. somebody else was and it wasn't just the daily beast. i put him on and challenged him. it's fine. donald trump wasn't happy that i put the story on or that we gave it any air time and he insisted i call him that monday before
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the thursday presidential debate that august 1 debate was a thursday night and he was supposed to come on that sunday. he weddings unless i called him first -- wouldn't unless i called him and it didn't go well. he said you never should have picked up a story on the show. i said you should be thanking me. everyone was reporting it without her recanted it. bill o'reilly didn't put that on his show! i said welcome he isn't my editorial page. [laughter] he said i never want to see that kind of story on your show again. i said mr. trump, you don't control the editorial on the kelly file. and that is when he blew up and started screaming at me. you are a disgrace, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. i almost unleash my beautiful twitter account against you, and i still may!
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>> that was the worst bullying that you had since seventh grade. >> i don't know that i would classify that as bullying so much as an angry politician, which i'm used to. but the threat of the twitter account was clear. i already had the one in question drafted. it had been drafted for weeks. the opening round was electric hard questioning for all of them that was in the bag for weeks. for now i am in a position where i know he is angry. he feels antagonized. he wasn't antagonized, but he feels antagonized and he spent those four days trying to feel me out a little bit. like what's the story with her, what's going to happen to her. they didn't try to get me pulled from the debate but it was clear that he was focused on me. extraordinarily focused on me. at the time i thought to myself
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this would be the biggest story in the country if people knew he threatened to unleash his beautiful twitter account on the. i wasn't at liberty to reveal that and that wasn't a conversation that she'd given me permission to reveal, nor do i think that it was appropriate. and even then if he got angry, i didn't want that. then we had the thursday debate and i'd say the rest is history. [laughter] >> so, you asked the question was their bullying that followed? in the onslaught against the question not just from mr. trump that from the beautiful twitter account you were put under a lot of pressure.
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>> i would say there was an attempt at bullying. if you look up the definition in the dictionary it is obtaining a desired affect. he didn't obtain the effect that it is a credit to my team at the kelly file because it was hard to hold up the line, night after night after night. i was -- my life was being threatened and i wanted him to stop the nonsense were to please him, know i made a promise to the audience after he came after me in august but i would continue to cover him without fear or favor. it still works as a journalistic principle. and i had a team of people that helped me do that. it was hard. the main point i tried to make
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and i want others to know right now why i included all of this in the book is when donald trump comes after you, it isn't just a tweet. i understand he is a fighter and a counterpuncher. i get all that. but even then he had such power that a single tweet could unleash hell for somebody's life. and i'm not even a civilian. i'm a journalist. now i was on the playing field tfieldsnot the sidelines. we can't have donald trump -- most people don't work for a company that makes a billion dollars a year and can hire around the clock security for someone like me.
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my children have been under armed guard and it's not an appropriate price to pay for the hard-hitting journalism. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations] hello, everyone. welcome to word bookstore the second location in jersey city. you can find more information


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