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tv   British Prime Minister Charts Course Outside Single Market in Brexit Speech  CSPAN  January 17, 2017 6:49am-7:40am EST

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we do not seek to hold onto bits of membership as we leave. the united kingdom is leaving the european union and my job is to get the right deal for britain.
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today i want to outline our objective for the negotiations ahead that amount to one big goal, a new, positive and constructive partnership between britain and the european union and as we negotiate that partnership, we will be driven by some simple principles. we will provide as much certainty and clarity as we can at every stage and we will take the opportunity to make britain stronger and to build a more global britain. the first objective, we will provide certainty whenever we can. we are about to enter a negotiation. it will be give and take. there has to be compromise. it will require imagination on both sides that not everybody will know everything at every stage but i recognize how
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important it is that business, the private sector and everybody has as much certainty as possible. where we can offer that certainty, we will do so. that is why last year we acted quickly to get clarity and as we repeal the european community badge we will convert the body of existing eu law into british law, this will give the country maximum certainty as we leave the eu. the same rules will apply the day after brexit as they did before and it will be for parliament to decide on a changes of that law and proper parliamentary debate. when it comes to parliament another way i would like to provide certainty. i can confirm the government will put a final deal agreed
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between the uk and the eu in both houses. our second guiding principle is to build a stronger britain. that means taking control of our own affairs, those who voted in the european union demand we must so we will take back control and put an end to the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in britain leaving the european union will mean our laws in belfast, those laws will be decided by judges not in luxembourg but in courts across the country because we will not have truly left the european union if we are not in control of our own laws. a stronger britain demands we do something else, strengthen the union between the four nations
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of the united kingdom. at this momentous time it is more important than ever that we face the future together, united by what makes us strong, the bonds that unite us as people and our shared interests in the uk, and open successful nation in the future. i hope the same spirit will imply northern ireland in particular. and the responsibility of the uk government, dealing with them, the interests of all parts of the united kingdom i take that responsibility seriously. and also determine from the start the administration should be fully engaged in this process. the government has set up eu
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negotiations so ministers from the administration can contribute to the process of planning for our departure in the european union and already received the process and look forward to receiving a paper from the welsh government. both papers will be considered as part of an important process. we won't agree on everything but i look forward to working in scotland and northern ireland to deliver brexit that works for the whole of the united kingdom. part of that will mean working carefully to make sure powers in brussels back to britain, the right powers are returned to westminster and both administrations of scotland, wales and northern ireland. our guiding principles. and as we leave the european
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union those barriers gaining business within our own are created. that means maintaining the necessary common standards and frameworks for our own domestic market. empowering the uk as an open trading nation like the best deals around the world at protecting the economy of northern ireland, as we do this i should be clear no decisions currently taken by the administration -- we cannot forget as we leave the united kingdom will share a land border with the eu maintaining that common travel area with the republic of ireland will be an important priority for the uk in talks ahead. it has been a common travel area in the uk and the republic of ireland for many years, it was formed before either of our countries were members of the european union and the family ties and bonds of affection that
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unite our two countries mean there will always be a special relationship between them. we will work to deliver a practical solution that allows maintenance of the common travel area with the republic while protecting the integrity of the united kingdom system. nobody wants to return to the borders of the past so we will make it a priority, as soon as we can. the third principle, it is fair to everyone who works in this country, we will ensure we can control immigration, and the brightest and best to work and openness, we must remain one of the country's most distinctive assets and that was managed properly and immigration system
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serving national interests so we will get control of the number of people coming to britain to the eu. and shortages delivering services and british businesses, and when the numbers get too high public support for the system falters. in the last decade or so you have seen record levels of mass migration, and public services like schools, infrastructure and housing and put downward pressure on wages. as home secretary for six years, you cannot control immigration overall. britain is an open and tolerant country, we always want immigration especially high skilled immigration, we want immigration from europe and
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individual migrants, the message from the public before and during the referendum campaign, brexit must be in control of the number of people who come to britain and europe and that is important. fairness demands we deal with another issue. and detail the rights of eu systems, and british nationals and other member states. and give people the certainty they want, many of them favor such an agreement. one or two others do not but i want everyone to know that it remains an important priority and any other member states to resolve the challenge as soon as possible because it is the right and fair thing to do.
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and a country that protects and enhances -- as we translate the body of european law into domestic regulation, to ensure workers rights are protected and maintained. under my leadership not only will the government protect the rights of workers that set out european legislation we will build on them and the conservative government make sure legal protections keep pace with the changing labor markets. and publicly listed companies. the great prize for this country, the opportunity ahead is to use this moment to build a truly global britain, a country that reach eats out to friends and allies alike, great global trading initiative and one of the firmest advocates of free trade anywhere in the world.
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that starts with close friends and neighbors in europe so as a priority we will see a bold and ambitious free trade agreement at the european union, disagreement should allow for the freest possible trade in goods and services between britain and eu member states, should give british companies maximum freedom to trade with and operate within european markets and make european businesses the same in britain. i want to be clear as i am proposing cannot mean membership of a single market. european leaders have said many times that membership means accepting the four freedoms of good and capital services and being out of the eu a member of the single market would mean complying with eu rules and regulations that implement those
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without having a vote on what those rules and regulations are. it would mean accepting a role in the european court of justice that will see it still having direct legal authority in our country. for all intents and purposes it would mean not leaving the eu at all and that is why in the referendum campaign, made it clear a vote to leave the eu would be a vote to leave the single market. we seek, the greatest possible access to a new, comprehensive, bold and ambitious free trade agreement, single market arrangement in certain areas, and freedom to provide financial services of national borders and it makes no sense to start again
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from scratch when britain and remaining member states have the same rules for so many years but i will respect the position taken by european leaders who have been clear about their position while i am clear about mine so an important part of the strategic partnership in the eu will be the greatest possible access of a single market on a fully reciprocal basis to a comprehensive free-trade agreement. because we will no longer be members of the market we will not be required to contribute huge sums, there may be specific european programs but i wanted to participate and up to us to decide, and appropriate competition and the principle is clear. the days of britain making contributions to the european union every year will end.
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it is not just trade with the eu we should be interested in, a global -- must be free like trade agreements with countries outside the european union because important though our trade with the eu is and will remain it is clear that the uk needs to increase significantly with export markets, joining the eu, trade as percentage of gdp in the uk. that is why it is time for britain to get out into the world and rediscover its role as a global trading nation. to become prime minister, established for the first time, international trade. >> into the wider world to trade
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and do business all around the globe. countries including china, brazil, already expressed trade deals, started discussions on future trade ties like australia, and president-elect trump said britain does not have a clue of a tree deal in the united states, the world's biggest economy. i know my emphasis on fighting trade agreements with countries outside europe led to questions on whether to remain a member of the eu customs union and through that full customs union membership prevents us negotiating our own comprehensive trade deals. i want britain to negotiate the trade agreements but i also want to carry free-trade a cross-border trade. i do not want britain to be part
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of the commercial policy, and external terrorists and elements of the customs union. and comprehensive trade agreements. do want us to have a customs agreement with the eu. whether that means completely new customs agreement, associate member of the customs union, i hold no position. i have an open mind on how they do it. it is not the means that matter but the end and those ends a clear. i want to remove as many barriers to trade as possible and britain to be free for its own schedule. we can reach new trade agreements, with new allies outside europe.
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global britain, also a country that looks to the country, one of the best places in the world for science and innovation. one of our great strengths in the nation is the breadth and depth of academic and scientific community backed up by the world's best universities and we have a proud history of leading and supporting cutting-edge innovation. and an agreement to collaborate for european partners, from space exploration to clean energy to medical technology, britain will remain at reflective endeavors to better understand and make better the world in which we live. and a global britain will continue to cooperate with its
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european partners in important areas such as crime, terrorism and foreign affairs. all of us in europe face the challenge of a deadly terrorist threat and the dangers presented by hostile states. all of us share interests in common, values we want to see projected around the world. with a threat to our common security becoming more serious, response cannot be to cooperate less but work together more. i therefore want our future relationship with the european union, on matters of law enforcement and sharing of intelligence material with our eu allies. i am proud of the way britain will continue to play in promoting europe security. britain has the measures needed to keep our continent secure
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whether it is implement ing sanctions against russia in crimea, and curing the external border. we will continue to work closely with european allies in foreign and defense policy, even as we leave the eu itself. these are our objectives for negotiations ahead. objectives the help realize our ambition shaping the stronger global britain. this is the basis for more constructive partnership with the european union. partnership with friends and allies, a partnership strong in the eu and strong in the uk. there is one further objective. it is in no one's interest for there to be a stiff edge for business or a threat to
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stability as we change our existing relationship to a new partnership with the eu. by this i do not mean we will seek a transitional statehood in which we find ourselves forever in a permanent political purgatory. that would not be good for britain but nor do i believe it is good for the eu. instead i want us to have reached an agreement about future partnerships by the time the articles have concluded. from that point onwards we believe the same process of implementation in which britain and the eu institutions and member states prepare for the new arrangements that will exist between us will be in our mutual self interests. this will give businesses enough time to plan and prepare, immigration control, customs systems in which we cooperate in criminal justice matters about the regulatory framework for
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financial services, the time we need to phase in, some might be introduced quickly and some might not and the interim arrangements we rely on our better at negotiation but the process is clear, we will avoid a disruptive cliff edge and we will do everything we can to phase in the new arrangement we require as britain and the eu move toward partnership. what are the objectives we have set? certainty wherever possible, control of our own laws, strengthening the united kingdom, maintaining the common travel area, control of immigration, the eu nationals in the eu, housing rights for workers, new trade agreements with other countries, leading role in science and innovation,
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cooperation on crime, terrorism and foreign affairs and delivering a smooth and orderly brexit. this is the framework of the deal that will hold partnership between the uk and the eu, comprehensive and carefully considered plan focusing on the end, not just the means with its eyes fixed firmly on the future and the kind of country we will be once we leave. it reflects the hard work many in this room today worked tirelessly together and prepare for negotiations ahead. it will, i know, be debated and discussed, that is only right but those reveal more such as blow-by-blow details of negotiation strategy, the areas in which we might compromise for
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potential trade-off. will not be reacting in the national interest because this is not a game or a time for a position for opposition's steak. it is a crucial negotiation that will define the interest and success of our country for many years to come and vital that we maintain, that is why i said before and will continue to say every stray word and media report will make it harder to get the right deal for britain. are opposite numbers in the european commission know it which is why they are keeping -- ministers in government know it which is why we maintain hours. however frustrating some people find it, the government will not be pressured into saying more than i believe it did in national interests because it is not my job to have daily updates
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but to get the right deal for britain and that is what i intend to do. i am confident that deal at the new strategic partnership between the uk and the eu can be achieved. firstly because having held conversations with almost every leader in every eu member state, having spent time talking to senior figures in european institutions including president shultz and my cabinet colleagues, boris johnson have done the same. i am confident the vast majority want a positive relationship between the uk and the eu after brexit. i am confident the objectives i am setting out today are specific of the needs with the eu and member states. that is why our objective includes proposed free trade agreement between britain and
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the european union, with the single market. when the eu leaders say they believe the freedoms of the market are indivisible with we respect that position. when 27 member states continue their journey inside the european union we not only respect that but support it. we do not want to undermine a single market and we do not want to undermine the european union. we want the eu to be a success and its remaining member states to prosper and we want the same for britain. the second, it is impossible to reach a good deal, the kind of agreement i described today's the economically rational thing britain and the eu should aim for because trade is not a 0-sum
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game. more of it makes us all prosper. free trade between britain and the european union means more trade, more trade means more jobs and more wealth creation. the erection of new barriers, less trade, fewer jobs, fewer votes. we can come to the right agreement, cooperation between britain and the eu is needed not just when it comes to trade but to our security too. britain and france are the nuclear powers, the only two european countries from united nations security council. this is a crucial part of europe's bernard obama - brexit defense, has ari saved countless lives that have been thwarted in
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countries like ours. after brexit britain wants to be a good friend and neighbor in every way and that includes defending the safety and security of also the framework i outlines today's in britain's interest, it is in europe's interest and the interests of the wider world. i must be clear. britain wants to remain a good friend and neighbor to europe. some calling for a punitive deal that punishes britain and discourages other countries to take the same path. that is the collapse this self-harm. and this can be reached, no deal
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for britain is better than a bad deal. we would still be able to trade and like trade deals across the world and have the freedom to set competitive tax rates that would attract the world's best companies and biggest investors to britain and if excluded from accessing the single market we would be free to change it -- britain's economic model but for the eu it would mean new barriers to trade, one of the biggest economies in the world jeopardizing investments in britain by eu companies worth half 1 trillion pounds, it would be lots of access to european firms to the financial services. it would risk a sports around 290 billion pounds every year. it would disrupt sophisticated
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and integrated supply chains on which many eu companies rely. important sectors of the eu economy would also suffer through crucial profitable market, the automated industry treating energy, food and drink, chemicals, pharmaceuticals. these sectors employ millions of people around europe. i don't believe the eu leaders will tell german exporters, chinese fishermen and the euro zone and millions of others they want to punish britain and make a political point for all these reasons and because of our shared values and surge of goodwill that exists on both sides i am confident we will follow a better path. confident that a positive agreement can be reached. it is right for the government to prepare for every eventuality but to do so in the knowledge a constructive and optimistic
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approach to negotiations to come is in the best interests of europe and britain. we do not approach these negotiations predicting failure but anticipating success because we are a great global nation with so much to offer europe and so much to offer the world. one of the world's largest and strongest economies, the finest intelligence services, greatest armed forces, hard and soft power, friendship and partnership and alliances in every continent. another thing that is important, the essential ingredient, the strengthening support of 65 million people willing us to make it happen. after all the divisions the country is coming together. the referendum was divisive at times and those divisions have taken time to heal. one of the reasons that
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democracy has been such a success for many years it is the strength of our identity, the respect we showed to one another as fellow citizens and what is attached to the institutions means that is what we all respect the result. the victors have a responsibility to act magnanimously, the losers have the responsibility to respect the legitimacy of the outcome and the country comes together. that is what we are seeing today. this is not going to be -- make a success of it. the house of commons has voted overwhelmingly for us to get on with it. the overwhelming majority of people want us to get on with it too. that is what we will do. not only farming a new partnership with europe but building a stronger, more global
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britain and let's not see the legacy of our time, the price towards which we work, destination at which we arrive what negotiations have done and let us not do it for ourselves but the country's children and grandchildren too so that when future generations look back at these times they will judge us not only by the decisions we made it by what we made of that decision. they will see that we shape the brighter future. they will know we built them a better britain, thank you. [applause]
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>> a few members of the press here. >> thank you, during the referendum campaign you said plainly. you believe it would be worse off. either you have changed your mind or as prime minister you made a decision you believe will lead the country and its citizens. which is it? >> look at what has happened since the brexit vote. what we have seen, more positive than people predicted. it is only this week that the imf confirmed the process for the economy last year. what i heard about today the country coming together looking
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for that brighter future. and we are leaving the eu, we will -- this is about a confident future. they are bringing prosperity here to the united kingdom. in doing that, the benefit of other countries in europe and across the world stage. >> whether there is preferential access to eu nationals party negotiation or do you commit to treating immigration and treat eu nations like not eu nations, and do you believe in a two state solution in the middle east? >> we do continue to believe in the two state solution in the middle east and everything we are looking for and continue to work for.
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on the immigration issue, the home office is working on various ways this can be achieved. we recognize the importance of coming into the uk, we want to welcome the brightest and best, we know the benefits and recognize the value of the contributions made by the european union to the uk, and -- >> from france. and certain british secretaries,
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business sectors according to their needs. >> we are looking at rules and structures, recognizing the need to the united kingdom and the values we swing into the united kingdom but what was clear from 23 june is people want us to make the decisions ourselves. >> are you saying when you argued we would be worse off leaving the eu, now recognize you were wrong about that, and
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the final deal, and in the eu. >> on the side of the argument, on both sides of the argument with the referendum came. the economic, what we have seen in the economy since we took that vote has been more positive in advance of the vote being taken. coming together and what are the opportunities across the world and in our future relationship with the eu, partnership with the eu, partnership that includes prosperity for the united kingdom and across the world bring them home. with there will be a vote for the british parliament when it comes to the deal.
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if you think about it the british parliament voted overwhelmingly for this to be a choice for the british people, the british parliament voted overwhelmingly for the government to get on with it and i am sure the british parliament will deliver on the views of the british people in respect to the democratic decisions that will take them. i will take one more question. >> negotiation of that view, customs agreement, rule out any financial contribution to the european union and with the main negotiation the threat of becoming a tax haven. >> another thing people voted for in the european union, stopping constantly every year, maybe aspects a particular
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project we might want to, it is appropriate. you used the phrase -- it is not about a weapon. this is two sides coming together and on the interest of both sides. we don't look at this as saying what is right in the eu. i want to ensure in doing that, we will also see a deal in the european union as well. a positive, optimistic way. and we can come to a partnership to all our benefits and mutual benefits. >> you can hear more about the
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exit from the european union when british prime minister theresa may takes questions, question time is always live at 7:00 eastern on c-span2. >> more confirmation hearings later today as donald trump's nominee for interior secretary goes before the senate energy committee for his confirmation hearing, live on c-span2 at 2:00 eastern time. at 5:00 on c-span the senate education committee holds confirmation hearings to be education secretary. watch these and other confirmation hearings at and listen live on the radio apps. >> preparations for the presidential inauguration are well undy


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