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tv   Guests Arrive to Invitation- Only Dinner with President-elect Donald Trump  CSPAN  January 17, 2017 6:23pm-6:36pm EST

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[silent film] >> you can see more of herbert hoover's 1929 presidential inauguration silent film at we are going to go live now to
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the andrew w. mellon auditorium in washington d.c.. the government building 60-foot tall through the door columns dark red marble floors in the lobby. that is the site of the dinner taking place tonight, the first is the inauguration activities the black-tie invitation-only event for about 200 foreign diplomats among 500 guests and we will again on this and watch some of the arrivals. this is live coverage on c-span2. [background sounds]
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[background sounds] >> a live look here at guests arriving at the chairman's dinner black-tie invitation-only event with many foreign diplomats attending. the wall street journal writing
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this. top political donors and vice president-elect mike pence. [background sounds] [background sounds]
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[background sounds] >> you are watching live coverage on c-span2. a live look here in front of the andrew w. mellon auditorium in washington d.c.. the guests arrive for the beginning of the inaugural festivities here in the nation's capital. tonight the chairman's president-elect trump will dine with diplomats dignitaries and campaign donors and the dinner including a concert from the contra group alabama as well as a performance by musical broadway numbers developed by las vegas casino magnate steve nguyen. we are looking at guests arriving at this inaugural
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festivities. [background sounds]
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>> a live look here and c-span2 at the andrew w. mellon auditorium in washington d.c.. guests arriving for a dinner tonight beginning and audra festivities in the nations capital. this one is a dinner for about 500 guests, 200 foreign diplomats among them.
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tomorrow by the way that we will bring the vice president's dinner and a cabinet dinner each with 500 guests. then on thursday on the national mall, a candlelight dinner at union station with 1500 guests. the first concert on the national mall and then a candlelight dinner at union station. just some of the inaugural festivities coming this week and of course we will be covering the inauguration on friday beginning at 7:00 a.m. here on the c-span networks. [background sounds]
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>> again a look at just some of what we are covering this week as inaugural activities get underway. we are also taking a look back at past inauguration's. it is a 1941 castle films newsreel of fdr's inauguration. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> new york where an 1880 to franklin delano roosevelt was born. following a political rare roosevelt became assistant secretary of the navy in 1913.


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