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tv   Newsreel of Franklin D. Roosevelt 1941 Inauguration  CSPAN  January 17, 2017 6:35pm-6:45pm EST

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>> again a look at just some of what we are covering this week as inaugural activities get underway. we are also taking a look back at past inauguration's. it is a 1941 castle films newsreel of fdr's inauguration. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> new york where an 1880 to franklin delano roosevelt was born. following a political rare roosevelt became assistant secretary of the navy in 1913.
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in 1920 campaigned for vice presidency. illness interrupted the political career. when the country appeared to be a world and growing maturity it was urged by party leaders to become a candidate for governor of new york. 1928 saw him succeeding governor alfred e. smith and nobody. the governor served two terms as chief executive of the empire state. liberal measures marked his administration. governor roosevelt became the source of the democratic convention in 1932. the spectacular flight to chicago marked the beginning of his rise to the presidency. the forgotten man in the new field became his campaign slogan
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president hoover was a symbol of -- as the backlash of post-war economics and golf america. the unemployed marched on washington. and the nation demanded a change in roosevelt was rushed into presidency. it he was the last person to retire from the white house in the month of march likewise mr. roosevelt was the last to take the oath of office as chief executive on march 14. ♪ the new president's first inaugural address called for a mammoth program of social legislation national expenditures and if necessary emergency funds to bring about recovery. almost immediately upon taking office the new president -- by proclamation.
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the nation rallied to the nra and motivating force for recovery. aimed at benefiting by reducing wheat corn -- crops the aaa was select it. the nation was plagued with labor textile strikes waterfront workers disputes and for the first time strikes in the automotive industry. debbie pa, pwa aided millions of the nation's unemployed. the new deal advisers to present their side sponsored old-age pensions social security and other general social measures. governor landon opposed the campaign of 1936 a weak opposition which failed.
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chairman farley's great organizing -- all but two of the 48 states. in the fall of 1936 the president visited south america to personally advocate his good neighbor policy and unrest spread abroad. he became the first chief executive be sworn in on the new inaugural day, january 20. the pouring rain dampened the scene of the inauguration but not his bristling address to the nation. worth were spreading in europe and asia president roosevelt solemnly pledged the united states would plan to protect canada if that country were ever invaded. the devastating marks of war over democracy led to
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international problems. embargoes were lifted aid was given to great britain. in 1940 wendell willkie became our first consecutive third term candidate. mr. rookie -- with the president was reelected by 27 million. the third time candidate defied his campaign activities largely to the defense. january 20, 1941 the journey never before made in american history the president-elect for his third consecutive inauguration. pennsylvania avenue with cheering multitudes as the president genuinely waved. this solemn event in the life of this nation. the swearing in of the people have chosen to guide and protect
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the entire country for the next four years. america's symbol of freedom. vice president garnered when he swears in his predecessor. chief justice hughes administers the sacred oath. >> i franklin delano roosevelt do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of the president of the united states and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. so help you god. >> so help me god. [applause] >> as president roosevelt accepts with grace the honor which george washington --. >> in this day the task of the
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people is to save that nation and its institutions from disruption from without. in the face of grave perils never before in congress our strong purpose is to protect and to perpetuate the integrity of democracy. for this we must bring the spirit of america and the faith of americans. we'd do not retreat. we are not content to stand still. as americans, we go forward in the service of our country by the will of god. a positive.
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>> as the president presence of just finished a stirring spectacle of the inaugural parade begins. recurring troops for the cause of freedom a military parade for the defense program is the keynote. the west point cadets. ahead, for grim uncertain years. for president roosevelt the colossal task of fixing this nation without sacrificing its democratic heritage. ♪ and aiding with airplanes ships and guns of the democracies now
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struggling to vanish -- and free men throughout the world. ♪ units of the regular army demonstrate to the nation and to the world that america's defense has begun. ♪


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