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tv   British Prime Minister Charts Course Outside Single Market in Brexit Speech  CSPAN  January 18, 2017 12:08am-12:59am EST

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journal" live at 70 eastern on wednesday morning. join the discussion. >> tonight on c-span two, british prime minister minister on negotiations with european union over brexit. un ambassador samantha power gives her public trust. and mike pence speaks at a meeting at the u.s. conference of mayors. >> the presidential inauguration of donald trump is friday, c-span will have live coverage of all the days events and ceremonies. watch live on c-span and and and listen live on the free c-span radio at.
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>> british prime minister tresa may give a speech is grabbing her plans of leaving the american union. she hopes that parliament will get a chance to vote on any final trade agreement. this is just under one hour. [applause] a little over six months ago the british people voted for change. they voted to shape a brighter future for our country. they voted to leave the european union and embrace the world. and they did so with their eyes open. except in the road ahead will be uncertain at times but believing it leads to a brighter future for their children and
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grandchildren. it is the job of this government to deliver it. that means more more than negotiating our new relationship with the e.u. means taking the opportunity of this great moment of national change to step back and ask ourselves what kind of country we want to be. my answer is clear, i want this united kingdom to emerge from this time of change stronger, fairer, more united, and more united, and more outward looking than ever before. i want us to be a secure, prosperous, tolerant country, a magnet for international talent in a home to the pioneers and innovators who will shape the world ahead. i want us to be a truly global britain, the the best friend and neighbor to european partners in
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a country that reaches beyond the borders, country that that goes out into the world to build relationships with old friends and new allies alike. i want britain to be that we have the potential, talents and ambition to become a great global global trading nation that is respected around the world and strong, confident, and united at home. that is why this government has a plan for britain. with the right deal abroad it also ensures that we get a better deal for all working people at home. that is why that plan sets out how will use this moment of change to build a stronger economy and a fairer society by embracing genuine, economic, and social reform. while the modern industrial strategy is being
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developed to ensure every nation and area in the united kingdom can make the most of opportunities ahead. while you'll go further to reform our schools to ensure every child has the knowledge and skills they need to serve thrive and post brexit. we will take a balanced balanced approach by investing in our economic infrastructure because it can transform the growth potential of our economy and improve the quality of people's lives across the country. it's why will put the preservation of our precious union at the heart of everything we do. because if it's only by coming together as one great union of nations and people that we can make the most of opportunities ahead. the result of the referendum was not a decision to turn inward and retreat from the world. britain's history and culture is profoundly international. we are european country and proud of our shared european
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heritage, but we are also country that has always looked beyond europe to the wider world. that is why we are one of the most racially diverse countries in europe, one of the most multicultural members of the european union and why when were talking about india, pakistan, bangladesh, america, canada, new zealand, africa, for those closer to home in europe, many of us have in europe, many of us have close friends and relatives from across the world. instinctively we want to travel to, studying, trade with countries not just in europe but beyond the borders of our continent. even now as we prepared to leave the e.u. we are planning for the next biennial commonwealth meeting in 2018. a reminder. a reminder of our unique and proud global relationship. it's important to recognize this
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fact. june 23 was not the moment britain chose to step back from the world, it was the moment we chose to build a truly global britain. i know this this and other reasons britain took such a decision is not well understood among our friends and allies in europe and i know many fear this might herald the beginning of a greater unraveling of the e.u. but let me be clear, i did not want that to happen. it would not be in the best interest of britain, it remains overwhelmingly in britain's national interest that the e.u. should succeed. and that is why hope in the months and years ahead we will all on the lessons of britain's decision to leave. so let me take this opportunity to step out the reasons for our decision and address the people of europe directly. it is not simply because our history and culture is
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profoundly international us. an important, many in britain have always felt the united kingdom's place in the european union came at the expense of our global ties and free trade with the wider world. their other important reasons to, a political traditions are different unlike other european countries we have no written constitution. the position of parliamentary -- we have only recent history of government rapidly embedded itself and we have little history of coalition government. the public expects to be able to hold their governments to account very directly and as a result, the national institutions are strong as those created by the european union is very uneasy of our political history and way of life.
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and while i know britain might at times have been seen as an awkward member state the european union has struggled to deal with the diversity of its member country and interests. therefore due uniformity not flexibility. david cameron's was a valiant attempt to make it work for britain and i want to thank all those in europe who helped him to reach an agreement. but the blunt truth as we know is there is not enough flexibility of many important matters for a majority of british waters. i do do not believe these things apply uniquely to britain but they're not the only member state with there's a strong attachment to a democratic government or that diversity in europe should be celebrated.
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i believe there is a lesson in britain. our continent's great strength has always been diversity, there are two ways of dealing with different interests. you can respond by trying to hold things together but force tightening a vice trying to protect those things you want to protect and you can respect, cherish it even went so we deal with the wonderful diversity of the member state. our our friends across europe let me say this, are about to leave the european union was no rejection of the values we share. the decision to the leave the e.u. is no desire to become distant to you, franzen neighbors. there was no attempt to do harm to the e.u. itself or to any of its remaining member states. we do not want to turn the clock back to the days when europe was
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left less peaceful, secure and able to trade freely. it was a vote to restore as we see it our parliamentary national self-determination and become even more global and internationalist in action and in spirit. we will continue to be reliable partners winning allies and close friends. we want to buy your goods and services, trade with you as freely as possible and work with one another to make sure we are all safer, more secure, more prosperous through continued friendship. you will still be welcome in this country as we hope our citizens will be welcome in yours. at a time when when together we face a serious threat from our enemy, britain's unique intelligence capability will continue to help keep the people in europe safe from terrorism. at a time and and there is growing concern about european security, the servicemen and women and
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european countries will continue to do their duty. where leaving european union but we are not leaving europe. and that is why we seek a new and equal partnership between an independent self-governing global britain and our friends and allies in the e.u. not partial membership of the european union, associate membership of the union or anything that leaves us half in and half out. we do not seek to adopt a model already enjoyed by other countries. we do not seek to hold arms with membership as we leave. no, the united kingdom is leaving the european union and my job is to get the right deal for britain as we do. so today, i want to outline our objective in negotiations ahead,
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12 objectives that amount to one big goal, a new, positive, and construct a, and constructive partnership between britain and the european union. we will be driven by simple principles, we will provide as much certainty and clarity as we can at every stage and we'll take this opportunity to make britain stronger, to make britain fair, and to build a more global britain the first objective is crucial, we will provide certainty whenever we can. we are about to enter a negotiation. that means -- it will have to be compromised and it will require imagination on both sides. and not everybody will able to know everything at every stage. but i recognize how important it is for business, the public sector and everybody with as
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much certainty as possible as we go through. so where we can offer this certainty we will do so. that is why last year we acted quickly to give university funding and farm payments. it's why we would repeal, we would convert the body of existing e.u. lines of british law. this will give the country maximum certainty as we leave the e.u. the same rules and laws would apply the day after brexit as they did before. and it will be for the british parliament to decide on any changes of that law under full scrutiny and parliamentary debate. and and when it comes to parliament there's one other way in which i would like to provide certainty. i can confirm today that the government look at the final deal between the u.k. and the
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e.u. to vote between both houses of parliament before comes --. our second guiding principle is to build a stronger that means taking control of our own affairs we will take back control of our laws and bring an end to the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in britain. leaving the european union will need that our laws will be made, and those laws that will be interpreted by judges not luxembourg, but in courts across this country. because we'll not have truly left the european union if we're not in control of our own loss. a stronger britain demands that we do something else, strengthened strengthened the precious union between the four nations of the kingdom at this momentous time it is more important than ever that we face
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the future together. united by what makes a strong, what unites us as a people in a shared interest in the u.k. be in an open, successful trader nation in the future. and i hope that same spirit of unity and in particular over the coming months in the main party is there to work together to reestablish a partnership as soon as possible. so of course the responsibility of the u.k. government and in dealing with them we look at the interest of all parts of the united kingdom. as prime minister i take that responsibility seriously. i've also been determined from the start should the administration be fully engaged in this process. that's why the government has
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set up a committee on e.u. negotiations, ministers from each of the administration can contribute to the process rather than departure of the european union. we've already received -- and look forward to receiving a paper from the welsh government. those paper will be considered a part of the important process. i look forward to working with the nation to deliver brexit that works for the whole of the united kingdom. part of that will mean working very carefully to enjoy our powers, the right powers and the right powers to divulge and our guiding principle must be to ensure no barriers doing business within our own union
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are created that means maintaining the necessary standards for our own domestic standard. empowering the u.k. as an open trade nation to protect the common resources. while we do this i should be clear that no decisions currently taken by the administration will be removed. we cannot forget that as we leave the united kingdom we share a land order with the e.u. maintaining that common travel area will be an important priority for the u.k. in the talks ahead. as seen as a common travel area for many years, indeed it was formed before either of our two countries were members of the european union.
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the family ties and affection that unite our two countries mean there'll always be a special relationship between them. so we we will work to deliver practical solution that allows the common travel area with the republic while protecting the integrity of the immigration system. nobody wants to return to the borders of the past. we will make it a priority to deliver a practical solution as soon as we can. the third principle is to build a fair version. that means ensuring it's fair to everyone who lives and works in this country. that's why we need to control immigration from britain to europe. we will continue to attract the brightest in the best to work or study of britain, indeed international talent must remains one of the countries most distinctive assets. but that process must be managed properly. and serve the national interest. we will get control of the
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number of people coming to britain from the e.u. because controlled immigration can bring great to fit to skills sort shortages making british bid businesses the world leaders left in our then the numbers get too high, public support for the system falters. in the last decade or so we've seen record levels of migration and that sheer volume has put pressure on public services like schools stretched our infrastructure, especially housing and puts pressure on wages for working-class people. i know that you cannot control immigration overall when there is free movement from britain to europe.
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britain is an open and tolerant country. will always want to immigration, especially high skilled immigration. it will always want immigration from europe and will always welcome individual migrants and friends, but the message from the public before and during the referendum campaign was clear. brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to britain from europe. and that is what we will deliver. we must deal with another issue as soon as possible too. we want to guarantee the right of the people living in britain and others in other national states as early as we can. are you laborers we could give them certainty they want right away and reach such a deal, many of them favor such an agreement while others do not. i want everyone to know that it remains an important priority for britain for many other member states to resolve this challenge as soon as possible because it is the right and fair thing to do. an affair britain is a country that protects and enhances the
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rights people have at work. that's wise we translate the body of european law we will ensure that workers are fully protected and maintained. indeed, under my leadership not only will the government protect the rights of workers set out in european legislation will build on them. we'll make sure legal protection for workers keeps pace with the changing labor market and that the voices of workers are heard for the first time. but the great price for this country, the opportunity had is to use this moment to build a global britain. a country that reaches out told friends and new allies alike. a great global treaty nation how one of the advocates of free trade anywhere in the world. that starts with our close friends and neighbors in europe.
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as a priority will pursue a bold and ambitious free trade agreement with the european union. this agreement should allow for the free as possible trading between britain and the eu's member state. it should give british companies the maximum freedom to trade with and operate within european markets. and let european businesses do the same. but but i want to be clear, what i am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market. european leaders have said many times that membership means accepting the four freedoms of capital services and people. i've been out of the e.u. that a member of the single market would mean complying with the use regulations that implement those freedoms without having a vote on what those rules and regulations are.
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it would mean accepting a role for the european court of justice that would see it having direct legal authority in our country. it would, for all intensive purposes mean not leaving the e.u. at all. that is why both sides in the referendum campaign made it clear that a vote to leave the e.u. would be a vote to leave the single market. they did not seek mark membership as a single market, instead we seek the greatest possible access to it through a new, comprehensive, old comprehensive, old and ambitious free trade agreement. that agreement may take single market arrangements in certain areas or the freedom to provide financial services across national borders. it makes no sense to start again from scratch when britain and the remaining member states are
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facing the same rules for many years. but i respect the position taken by european leaders who are being clear about their position this is unclear about mine. so in important part of the new strategic partnership we seek with the e.u. will be the access to single markets on a basis through a comprehensive free-trade agreement. and because will no longer be members of the single market will not be required to contribute in some of the e.u. budget. there may be specific european programs in which we might want to participate, if so this will be for us to decide, it's reasonable that we should make an appropriate contribution. but the principle is clear. the day seven making vast contribution to the european union every year will end. this is not just trade with the
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e.u. we should be interested in, a global britain britain must be free just like trade agreements outside the european union. it's important for trade that it is with the e.u. will remain it's clear the u.k. needs to increase significantly its trade with the fastest growing export market in the world. since joining the e.u. trade has broadly stagnated in the u.k. that's why it's prime for britain to get out into the world and rediscover its role as a great global trading nation. it's a priority to me but when i became prime minister a sub for the first time the department of international trade, we want to get out into the wider world to trade into business all around the globe. including china, brazil brazil
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and the gulf states have already expressed aching trade deals with us. they started discussions with australia, and india and president-elect trump has said britain -- the world's biggest economy but front of the line. i know my emphasis on fighting trade agreements with countries outside of your has led to questions about whether britain remains a member of the e.u. customs. and it is true that full custom union membership prevents us from negotiating our own comprehensive trade deal. and i want britain to be able to negotiate its own trade agreements. but i also want free trade with europe and cross-border trade to be as frictionless as possible. that means i do not want britain to be part of a commercial policy and i do not want us to
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be bound by common external elements. these are what prevents us from striking our own comprehensive trade agreement with other countries. but i do want us to have a customs agreement with the e.u. whether that means we must make a completely new customs agreement or to remain the signature to, i hold no preconceived position. i have an open mind on how we do it, it is not the means that matter, but the end when those ends are clear, i want to remove as many bias trade as possible and i want britain to be treated to establish our own schedule of the world trade organization. meaning we can reach new trade agreements not just with the e.u. but with old friends and new allies and outside of europe too. a global britain must also be a country that looks to the future, that means in one of the
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best places in the world to define innovation. one of our great strength as a nation is the breath and depth of our academic and scientific community. backed up by some of the world's best universities that we have a proud history of leading and supporting cutting-edge research and innovation. but will also welcome agreements to collaborate with our european partners on major science, research and initiatives from space exploration to clean energy in medical technology. britain will remain at the forefront of collective endeavors to better understand and make better the world in which we live. under global britain will continue to cooperate with its european partners in important areas such as crime, terrorism and foreign affairs.
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all of us in europe face the challenge of cross-border crime, a deadly terrorist threat and dangers presented by hostile state. all of us have interests and values in common, values we want to see projected around the world. with a threat to our common security become a serious response cannot be to cooperate with people less but to work together more. i want our relationship with the european union to include practical arrangements and sharing intelligence with our allies. i'm proud of the role britain has played and will continue to play in promoting europe security. britain has led to europe on measures needed to keep our continent secure.
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working for peace and stability in the balkans, or security europe's external border, we will continue to work closely with our european allies and for a defense policy even as we leave the e.u. itself. these are our objectives in the negotiation ahead. objectives which will help realize ambition of shaping a stronger global position we want to see as the basis of a new strong constructive partnership, partnership of friends and ally, of interest and value, a partnership for strong e.u. and a strong u.k. but there is one further objective as i have said before, it's in no one's interests to be a cliff cliff edge of business or threat of stability as we change existing relationship to
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a partnership that does not mean we will seek some form of -- in which we find ourselves with purgatory that would not be good but nor do i think it would be good for the eu. instead, instead, instead i want us to reach an agreement by the time the process has concluded. from that point onward we believed in the process of implementation in which britain and the e.u. institutions and member states could prepare for the new arrangement that will exist between us will be in our mutual self-interest. this would give businesses time to prepare and plan for the arrangements. might be about custom systems of the way in which we cooperate criminal justice it's the time we need may differ semi-be
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introduced quickly, some might take longer. in the interim rate arrangements we rely on will be a matter of negotiations. but the purpose is clear, we will seek to avoid and we will do everything we can to phase in the new arrangements we require as britain and the e.u. move towards our new partnership. these are the objectives we have set, where we have possible control of our loss, strengthening the united kingdom, maintaining that, travel area, control of immigration, enhancing rights for workers, free trade with markets, new trade agreements with other countries, a leading role in science and innovation,
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cooperation on crime, terrorism and foreign affair and approach to bring a smooth and orderly brexit. this is the framework of a deal that were heralded in a partnership between the u.k. and the e.u. it's a comprehensive and carefully considered that focuses on the end, not just the means. with the sides fixed on the future and the kind of country we will be once we leave. it reflects the hard work of many in this room today who have worked tirelessly to bring it together and to prepare this country for the negotiations ahead. and it will be debated and discussed at length and that is only right, but those who urge us to reveal more such as the blow-by-blow details of our negotiated strategy, the areas of which we might compromise the trade-off will not be acting in
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the national interest because this is not a game or a time opposition proposition sake. this is a crucial and sensitive negotiation. it will define the interest and success of our country for many years to come. and it is vital we maintain our discipline. that's why said before and will continue to say, with every word and hyped up media report is going to make it harder for us to get the right deal for britain. that's why they're keeping their discipline. the ministers and government know which is why we will maintain our spring so however frustrating some people find it the government will not be pressure into saying more than i believe is international interest to say. because it's not my job to fill column inches with daily updates
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but to get the right deal for britain and that is what i intend to do. i am confident that a deal and new strategic partnership between the u.k. and the e.u. can be achieved. because having held conversations with almost every single leader of state having had time with many different presidents and after my cabinet colleagues who have done the same with their i am confident the vast majority want a positive relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. after brexit. i'm confident the objectives on setting out today are consistent with the needs of the e.u. in this member state. that's why our objective include a proposed free trade agreement between britain and the european union and rolls out the single
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market. when the e.u. leaders say they believed the four freedoms are indivisible, we respect that position, when the 27 member states say they want to continue their journey inside the union we not only respect that but support it. as we do not want to undermine the single market and we do not want to undermine to the european union. we want the e.u. to be a success and we want its remaining member states to prosper. and and of course we want the same for britain. on the second reason i believe it's possible to reach a good deal is the kind of agreement i described today is the economically rational thing that both britain and the e.u. should aim for because trade is not a zero-sum game. more of it makes us all more
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prosperous. free trade between britain and the european union means more trade, more trade means more jobs and wealth creation. more barriers means less trade less growth. the third and final reason i believe we can come to the right agreement is that cooperation between britain and the e.u. is needed not just when it comes to trade, but it would come store security. they're not the only two european countries from the united nations security council, britain's armed forces are crucial part of europe's and our intelligence capabilities unique in europe have already saved counts countless lives that are being thwarted across the country. after brexit britain wants to be a good friend and neighbor in
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every way and that includes defending the safety and security of all of our systems. i believe the framework i've outlined today's and britain's interest, it's in in europe's interests, and it's in the interest of the wider will but i must be clear, britain wants to remain a good friend and neighbor to europe. and i know there are some voices calling for a punitive deal that punishes britain and discourages other countries from taking the same path. that would be an active self-harm for europe. and and it would not be the act of a friend. britain would not, indeed we could not accept such an approach. while i'm i'm confident this scenario need never arrive, while i'm sure positive agreement can be reached, i'm equally clear that no deal for britain is better
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than a bad deal for britain. because we would still be able to trade with europe. would still be free to trade across the world and would have the freedom to set rates and embrace the politics that would track the world's best companies [inaudible] but, for the e.u. it would mean new barriers to trade with one of the biggest economies in the world. it would jeopardize investments in britain by e.u. companies worth more than half 1,000,000 pounds which would be a loss of access to european firms to the financial services in the city of london. it would risk exports run 290 million pounds a year and it would disrupt a sophisticated chain and upon which many rely.
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there crucial, profitable markets as well as sectors including energy, food and drink pharmaceuticals in agriculture. these sectors employ millions around europe. and i don't believe that use leaders will seriously tell spanish fishermen, the young unemployed and millions of others that they want to make them poor just to punish britain to make a political point. for all of these reasons and because of our shared values and the goodwill that exists on both sides i'm confident we'll follow a better path. i'm confident to positive agreement can be reached. it's right for the government to prepare for every eventuality but to do so in the knowledge that an optimistic approach to negotiations to come is in the best interest of europe and
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britain, we do not approach these negotiations affect expecting failure we are a great global nation was so much to offer europe and so much to offer the world. one of the world's largest and strongest economy the finest intelligence services in the greatest armed forces on the self power and partnerships and alliances on every continent. another thing that's important, the essential ingredients of our success, the strength and support of 65,000,000 people willing us to make it happen. after all the division and discord the country is coming together. referendum was divisive on those divisions have taken time to heal. but one of the reasons britain's democracies have seen the success was that the strength of
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our identity, the respect we show to one another on the importance means that when a vote is being held we all respect the result. the victors have responsibility to act. the losers have responsibility to respect the legitimacy of the outcome in the country comes together. that is what we're seeing today. businesses and calling to reverse the result of planning to make a success of it. the house of commons voted overwhelming for us to get over it. that is what we will do. not merely forming a new partnership with europe, but building building a stronger, fair, more global britain too. let's not be the legacy of our
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time the price towards which we work, the destination and let us not do it for ourselves, but for those who follow the country's children and grandchildren too. so that when future generations look back at this time they will judge us not only but the decision that we made, but by what we made of that decision. they will see that we shape them a better future. they will know that we built them a better britain. thank you. [applause] >> i think we have a few members of the press that might have questions.
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>> thank you prime minister. during the referendum campaign you said plainly that you believe that if we left the e.u. in a single market the country, its families and citizens would be worse off. now either you have changed your mind, or, or, as prime minister you have made a decision that you believe will lead the country and its citizens clear, which is it? >> just look at what's happened in terms of economic that we've made before the indicators, it's only earlier this week that they've confirmed that we've had one of the fastest growing economy last year and what i'm talking about today is the country coming together looking for the brighter future as a
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global britain. it's not just about us leaving the european union. we are leaving we are leaving the e.u., were not leaving europe, we will be embracing the world. this is about a a confident future, the trading nation that is out there bringing prosperity to the united kingdom. in doing that i think it will be a benefit to other countries in your on a better fit across the world. >> is the question of whether there's a preferential access or do you commit today to treating the success e.u. nations the same as non- e.u. nations. does britain still's believe in that? >> yes we do and that's everything will be working for will be continue to work for.
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we want to show how clearly we want to control immigration to the u.k. from the eu. the home office is working on ways that can be achieved. i've also set out clearly today that we do recognize the part of us welcome the people you to the uk. we wanna welcome the brightest and the best. we recognize the value of the contribution be a main when people have come to the u.k. and are still here. but we'll set our immigration rules according to objectives i've set out. is there anyone from the european? >> on this immigration issue will there be any exemptions for british sectors or business sectors according to their need? smack as i've said were looking at the exact rules structures.
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but the way we've always looked at the issue of control in our immigration is recognizing the need the brightest and the best to the united kingdom the value people can bring into the united kingdom. what was clear is that if we leave the e.u. people on us to make the decisions are self that's what the immigration system is and will be doing just that. >> aren't to say that when you argued that we would be worse off for leaving the e.u. in single market that you now recognize you are wrong about that? you've come from the parliament will have a vote on the final deal. the parliament were to reject the final deal would we still be
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in the e.u.? >> first real the government it is fun to people who campaign of both sides. but were not going to say and as i say what we've seen in the economy they have been more positive than many have predicted in advance of the vote being taken. what today's about us coming together and say what are the opportunities we can embrace across the world and in her future relationship with the e.u. have a partnership with the e.u. and opportunities that will increase the opportunities for the united kingdom and will search those out and bring them home. >> there will be a vote for the british parliament when it comes to the deal as i've said. we have are ready hit if you think
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about it the british parliament voted overwhelmingly so this of you be a choice of the british people. the parliament voted for the government to get on with it and i'm sure the british parliament will want to deliver on the views of the buddhist people in respect of the democratic decisions taken. i'll take one more question. >> and negotiation of that customs agreement which you go confirm any financial contribution to the european union immigration would be completely off the table? with the main negotiation weapon be the threat of the tax saving? >> is ahead make clear, i received obviously another think people were poor was to stop constantly paying very large amounts of money to the e.u. because of also said particular projects we may want and it may
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be contributing to the cost of those is appropriate. but i think you've use the phrase meant a weapon. this is not about a weapon or confrontation. it's. it's about two sites coming together to negotiate and agree a deal that is going to be in the interest of both sides. it is crucially important we don't look at this is just saying what's going to be right for the e.u., but i want to ensure we get a deal that's right for the uk. i believe will also see do that's right for the up and union as well. i want to approach this in a positive, optimistic way. i think it's good on both sides and we can sit down and come to a partnership in the future they'll be to both our mutual benefits. thank you. [applause]


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