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tv   Kellyanne Conway Discusses Incoming Trump Administration  CSPAN  January 18, 2017 12:47pm-1:11pm EST

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rick perry nominee to have the energy department, his confirmation hearing getting underway at 10:00 eastern live on c-span3. >> the presidential inauguration of donald trump is friday, c-span will have live coverage of the events and ceremonies. watch live on c-span, and and listen live on the free c-span radio apps. >> epa administrator, in a break for an hour, return to live coverage on c-span2. in the meantime, kelly and conway talks about her new role in the trump administration.
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>> as we speak to you in the heart of trump tower, you are prepared to move into the white house, what will your portfolio be? >> guest: it will include some communication, i have been in talks with the president-elect about the strategy, something i have done over a number of decades. we have a number of means and opportunities in the white house. everything from women and girls, office of public liaison, anyway to help with those efforts, i will. general strategy and advice, walking privileges, and the communications operation, donald trump is -- it is important to him.
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>> host: walking privileges. how important is that? >> guest: it is important to continue the relationship i have with the president-elect, one of his trusted advisors am a someone who has the opportunity to speak with him on a regular basis. he would like me to be in the room when it happens and that is how it has been in transition and i expect it will continue to be as he sees appropriate to my service for him. i have found on behalf of the president-elect and candidate donald trump, i perform best communicationswise, and in the interest of continuity, and that is what we are going to do.
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>> you understand power centers in the white house, and there is not a lot of infighting for their staff. that usually falls to the chief of staff. that will be right priebus, the current rnc chairman, the chief of staff is the one with the information flow, access to the president, not just competing power centers but different people, different times, and with a small cohesive team, and what it means to fight in the trenches together to be in the foxhole. to the extent at team or most of
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that team go to the white house together. we have an advantage, laboring bureaucracy, how to break down these different divisions, funnel into white house success. the chief of staff, funneling that. and he takes the advice and counsel from a number of people depending on the issue and timeliness and ultimately makes the decision. >> host: this is a move from new jersey to washington dc. what has it been like? >> guest: i went to college, started my business, had my life's best memories in washington dc. i never lived there is a mother of four and never lived there as counsel to the president so it feels very different and it
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feels, i had all the responsibility and gravity of what this means and also feel the tremendous blessing of just being in a place where i can leverage the opportunity to make an impact in people's lives. in the end i decided to go to the white house, i feel the ability and duty it serves president donald trump and vice president pens, but it is a platform to have a positive impact on people's lives, it is a very small part and it is hard to say no to that. i love washington dc, i like new york but i love washington dc to be very green and clean, a bit warmer on a day by day basis. doesn't rain every monday, it does tend to rain every monday here. for the family to move there and the children to have that new experience, it is going to be a life change but in many ways not
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unlike the president, called new york home. >> not 100% among all your kids. >> very strong, independent-minded daughter, no surprise and her moxie and spirit are something to behold. we perhaps finish the school year here which is an option for her and her twin brother george basically cracked him by the door and ready -- he will miss his friends in new jersey and new york where he has been raised. at the same time, we are about to embark on a very special time in our family's evolution. my two younger daughters, charlie who is 8, they have a say in it, you work so hard, you could choose where we are going
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to live and the next is excited for her next adventure. >> host: you were raised by a single mom, your grandmother and two single ands so what was that like? >> guest: the golden girls, snaps and everything, a conversation about politics i can recall. it was their civic duty and constitutional right. they probably make it more democratic until ronald reagan is on the ballot and the way i was raised with unique and special in that i was raised to be a conservative without ever hearing the word, hard-working, entrepreneurial, raised catholic, the pictures in the kitchen room were not of ronald reagan and john kennedy but the pope, something i drew in second grade to hang on the wall.
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it is -- raised to be strong and independent and look out for your self with a certain grace and elegance and calmness and respect for other people. it his carried me through this campaign many times when it got rough and tumble and people were very unkind on social media, in my own party, to my face, behind my back, donald trump and mike pence, they were very mean to them. if you're comfortable in your own skin and you are raised to feel you have value and choices and you are not a victim of your circumstances, nobody can do that without your permission, i was raised that way, to believe in your self and to know even if you fail, people love you just for being you, unconditional love. i have always known it was a great gift to have this unusual upbringing by a single mom, but
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it was a gift that resulted in a very vaunted position as donald trump's campaign manager, during tough times. >> host: how we take that to the white house, your decision-making process, the backstabbing and life in washington. >> guest: naysayers and critics. i would share them with everyone. when is the shared value of hard work, i was in the right place at the right time for donald trump to elevate me to his campaign manager and the highest-ranking female in his west wing. that is the fruit of decades of hard work and sticking with it even when it may not have been lucrative, it may have been
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really difficult to turn and walk away. over a series of being an entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry, polling and politics, the sheer value of being kind to other people, can't overstate that to you and how it has come back to me in this campaign. people starkly in airports and on the streets and say some combination of thank you so much for helping the campaign or thank you for helping save the country, i am happy for the country, it is turning the page, not just changing the tone but the whole channel. we have a great opportunity, shared value being kind to the pickup artist, the uber drivers, people who are part of my staff, the people above me over a series of decades in washington dc and remembering people's
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names, i have been a flawed professional certainly, if you are kind along the way that is what people remember. they don't remember what you said but they remember how you said it. people say i didn't vote for donald trump or i don't care for your administration but i like the way you handled yourself, you did a great job and taught us a lesson about grace and poise and lady likeness. the other thing i will repeat it, it is not up to other people to define who you are and what your value is in 140 characters or less. you can't do that and there is a temptation for all of us to self immolate into this ball of self pity and hide over the desk, but twitter screen, facebook is unkind or somebody cause you a name, is that who you are? that is what i said to my
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children, saying it doesn't make it true. if you do your homework for two hours or did you say my homework is done and it is done? you can't just say it and it becomes true. that is a great lesson as well. i had lunch with valerie jarrett, eight years, top counselor, top advisor to barack obama and she gave me that advice, you just have to feel yourself and not worry what other people are saying when you are focused on serving the president of the united states and the people of this great country and i agree with her. >> host: when did you first meet donald trump? >> in the late 90s. i grew up not far from atlantic city. he was there for a number of years. donald trump in atlantic city, people forget if you grew up where i grew up, 40 miles from atlantic city, 20 miles from philadelphia, working-class, blue-collar, high school
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educated and large degree area. when donald trump and others built the casinos and try to revitalize atlantic city, there were a lot of jobs. my mother worked in a non-trump casino 21 years, that is how she supported us. so there was a lot of economic growth, vitality, jobs and then if it's to the area. i knew who he was firsthand. i probably met him in the 90s and got to know him better once i sat on his condo board at trump tower 10 or 11 years ago. i showed up at a condo board meeting one night and in walks donald trump, he comes to the condo board meetings, i should have realized a long time ago donald trump will be involved in any project that bears his name so i enjoy that. you see me on tv talking politics, i come in to see him
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two or three times a year and we talk about politics, public policy, donald trump thought about running for president in 2012 people though. it made some of the rounds, he did polling in 2011 and we talk about presidential politics then. people urged him to run for governor in 2014 and i attended a meeting in trump tower on january 9, 2014, the conversation was people from all over the state asking to run for governor, he had already thought about running for president but the comment i made to the group that days every great movement needs a transformative individual to help bring other people along who otherwise lost faith in the movement, aren't part of it but maybe should be, want to be or have a chance -- the british monarchy has
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princess kate and prince william. people look at them as out of touch which are fair criticisms but they existed and young couple with a young family putting a new face on that benefited the entire monarchy, the catholic church has benefited in large degree by pope francis, the people's pope. i don't always agree with him but he is a transformative figure for the larger catholic church and for many people who otherwise lost faith in the church or haven't been involved or from a different religion, the republican party, the conservative movement needed a transformative figure to take us away the dangerous veering towards elitism where my party was going, where the autopsy
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called for thing so outside of the base of the party where the voters really were, somebody who's a messenger with a message people felt spoke to them that was resonant and relevant to them, the forgotten man, the forgotten woman and donald trump transformed the republican party and the conservative movement, the worker, that deliberated. >> host: how do we make sure he doesn't lose his way, but he's a transformative president? >> guest: he will have a positive impact on millions of americans almost immediately. he's in a rush to do great things and he won the election two months ago and since then he has had a flurry of constant activity and meetings and phone calls and deliberations and decisions. truly incredible. in that way i see someone who is very steadfast, very loyal, very
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focused and engaged, very curious to learn more at every turn, he is brilliant and knows an awful lot already and that is how you don't lose your way. go back to his motivator running for president of the united states they are fundamentally different from the usual motivators for many people in politics, power, prestige, money and status, the family had all of that. he is backed by a great deal of all of that to run and serve as president of the united states was what inspired him and motivates him from the beginning in my view will serve him very well as he takes on a roll, he is steadfast and loyal and to perform at the high-octane level he has promised. >> you were pretty good blueberry picker. >> need to put cellophane over the pines, the rubber band and i
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was the fastest i had ever seen. >> at the age of 12, he got paid by the piece, the more money you would make that summer. the whole system of constant motion, i would do that, those jobs have been outsourced to machines. maybe they will come back under the donald trump administration, camaraderie, performance, consistency, reliability and entrepreneurship, it is 12-19 in the summer. i learned the value of a dollar, a good day's wages for a hard day's work but at the same time working as a team, producing
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quality, being accountable for your results, being punctual but you have to be for work and being entrepreneurial and worked with her family business and like the trump corporation it was truly people who grew up together and were a family together bringing it to the next level and it is a great memory for me. the grand marshal of the christmas parade in my hometown and there were 6000 people there, 10 protesters, they got a lot of free parade but not many of them. blueberry capital of the world and i felt all over again how special to have grown up in a town like that where people stick up to each other and work for each other and are a god-fearing loving population, much of it i learned on the blueberry farm. >> host: you describe yourself as a recovering lawyer.
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>> guest: my husband is a practicing lawyer. one is a fine quota. my law degree benefited me because it teaches you to think in a linear fashion, problem, solution. i found as a businesswoman, i will find it in the west wing also, plenty of room for passion, very little room for passion. if you approach problems and opportunities passionately and not so emotionally you do well in business, people respect that and respond, it is how wonderful, steadfast decisions are executed and the law degree, you have to negotiate. a speech the same time as marvin lewis, my business was a year old and the man on the other
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end, what is your speaking the, whatever i said in response i would undercut my value, self-denying catholic raised by four adult women, and instead of saying it is a privilege to give a free speech, i simply said i will have what he is having which is a line when doing the same exact thing, the same speech, same questions and answers, i will have what he is having and paid for a speech by many magnitudes 20 years ago and ever since then, i would like to be treated -- i would like to be treated the way you treat him and say politely and more often than not you get your way. >> january 20th donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president on the front of the capital.
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what is the message to america? >> donald trump's message to america today he is inaugurated is i'm the presence of all americans, i believe in each of you even those who do not support me and those who refuse to accept me at this moment, i will be here to work for you. he will appeal to our better angels, to the fact that what has bound us to americans still does, this is a man who has been talking to some of us about past presidents in their inaugural addresses, he appreciates those of president lincoln, president kennedy but also appreciates those men and how the man of the moment in any case, he appreciates the brevity of the message and there is something to that, something to address in
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the nation and not going on and on for a long time, leaving it at that and a shorter parade, shorter celebration and also hope president trump's message, happy 50th birthday, that is my 50th birthday, inauguration day. thank you very much. >> live picture from the dirksen senate office building where president-elect trump's nominee for the epa, attorney general scott pruitt, has been questioned by the public works committee. the hearing in a break for lunch right now but when they returned, committee chair republican john grasso of wyoming will be back and we have live coverage on c-span2. until then a conversation with incoming white house


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