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tv   ANSWER Coalition Holds Protest Rally  CSPAN  January 20, 2017 10:43am-11:16am EST

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louisiana purchase and have paid a price ever since and the reason i want to -- >> all of today's answer coalition rally in networks. we will show you next some of the speeches from earlier today. >> he's got a guy who doesn't believe climate change is actually real in the epa. here is the crazy part, the only one of the people in there that i know of who even believes in
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climate change is the exxon ceo. i mean, you have a mad dog, the bankruptcy king, the foreclosure machine, i mean, we are in trouble. so we see the reality of all of these different pieces. and steve running a website that's amplifying nazis, you the justice department who said he was prokkk. i liked them until i found out they smoked weed. that's a crazy thing to say. i mean, everywhere you look is just like that's how i forgot steve is so bad, you can't even remember all of these people. this is just like a pirate ship of just grizzled one-eyed patch, cutless-swinging murdererrist thugs riding their ship around
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for anyone who looks are vulnerable, sneaking up on them, stealing from them and enriching from what's not theirs. i say that to say that so many of these people that were altogether were things that tens of millions of people hate, that the majority of people in this country don't think should happen but the only time it doesn't seem like a majority is when we say, i'm just about immigrants, i'm just about the environment, i'm just about black lives matter, i'm just about my labor rights, then it looks like it's just a bunch of little groups, constituencies. but when we say that we are all in the struggle together and that an injury to one is an injury to all and that includes
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people and the planet, then they can't say anything but that we are the majority here today. [cheers and applause] >> sisters and brothers that's eugene of the answer coalition. i want to give you a quick update about what's going on. so this check point as i mentioned has been completely shut down. there are -- there are thousands of people who cannot come in. now, if you are -- a number of people are communicating with us saying what should we do, we are telling people now and if you're in touch with people by text or cell or social media, if you can't get through the check point is seventh street, there's a check point at 13th street and 14th street, go there, this is if you're texting with friends that are blocked back up here,
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go to 13th street or 14th street check point and you're able, a number of people are able to walk down pennsylvania avenue. this is like a disgusting so-called security set-up where the secret service says, yeah, we are going to have checkpoints to make sure that there's security, well, the security the president and the president elect, oh, my goodness, they're down at the capitol building, that's seven blocks away, why is it that thousands of people who are trying to come to navy memorial are blocked right now by secret service in the name of national security. what really makes people in the united states insecure is that one out of every two americans
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list either in poverty or near poverty. that's insecurity. we need jobs, we need housing, we need health care, but we are not going to get it unless the people assemble, unit, demonstrate, resist, fight back. [cheers and applause] >> and again and again right now, thousands of people are stuck behind a checkpoint established by secret service. these people want to come here and join, what is this? a peaceful assembly of the people to redress grievances, exercise our basic core first amendment right to speak out and stand up. again, if you're in contact with people, behind the checkpoint,
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tell them to go to 13th street or 14th street checkpoint and come down pennsylvania avenue and join us here at navy memorial. let's keep this going. [cheers and applause] >> all right, we are going to start our speaker program, we are going to hear from gene baron and jeremiah johnson from rise and resist in new york city . [cheers and applause] >> hello, trump resistance. [cheers and applause] >> i'm gene baron, this is jeremiah johnson, the folks from rise and resist and i'm so glad to see you. [cheers and applause] [laughter] >> we are rise and resist from new york city and we are here as justice lovers, we are here as freedom lovers and we are here
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to get in the way of a small minded autocrat and his cronies. [cheers and applause] >> they are out to get high on power and they want to humanuate anybody they don't like, they want to dehumanize huge sloths of the country and they want to trash the spirit of justice and tolerance that defines american ideals and the social safety net that make ideals a possibility. we are coming together to put our bodies in the way. when trump tries to play people in people's color, deport immigrants, expose black americans to police violence, dismantle women's right, wreck the environment, deny our access to health care and destroy our democracy -- oh. we can protect each other by coming together. when government leaders shout-out their contempt for a free and just society and the president tells you his only
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goal is tyranny, his only values manipulation and power, the time is now for a movement, for mass movement. [cheers and applause] >> when every avenue to engage the government has lost legitimacy one road e mains ever open. mass movement is the strongest, is the best most powerful tool we have as the people to oppose the trump regime, we are here as part of a movement that will block the way when trump tries to build a wall. we can do it, you can do it, don't sit this one out, don't wait, don't wait to see what happens, get ready. [cheers and applause]
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>> at rise and resist, we are getting ready, we are organizing so that when the policies start to roll out, we are seeking one group or another, we are ready with strategy, we are ready with tactics, we are ready in solidarity, we are ready to take action. [cheers and applause] >> yeah! >> stand by one another. it is time to come together, it is time to act together. we will be a moral compass for the country. it is time to resist. [cheers and applause] >> good morning, everybody. may i hand this off to you? my name is jeremiah johnson, we are not allowed to curse due to the feed but if i had a word that i wanted to say this morning it would be the pink one
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in the sign right back there. just as loud as i can, like, oh, my god, like really, america. but i stand up here in front of you a proud gay man. [cheers and applause] >> and i stand up here in front of you as someone who is surviving and thriving with hiv. i have been living with this, this is an organization that we are building right now because for those of white house live the margins we know just how valuable freedom is and we know how fragile it is. and we know how fragile our health care is, if you are living with hiv or if you know someone who is living with that or living with a disability, you know just how dangerous this is right now. this is life and death for people, these discussions that we are having right now.
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we know that the hatred kills, we know that this does. we have the benefit in new york of drawing from a number of members of act up. who here has heard of act up before? act up was an organization that exploded on the seems back in the end of the 80's to respond to the negligent to reagan's complete negligent of people living with hiv and the desire of our government for people with living with hiv to simply die and go away. there was no treatment, no cure, people were dying all around these people. these were hopeless and dark times and again we find ourselves in hopeless and dark times. this is one of the darkest days in american history. but they fought back, they got together and they fought back. they didn't know it was going to happen. they came together every week and they organized and they got together and they fought back and they perfected civil
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disobedience and they got as loud as they could and give us the message that silence equals death and that absolutely continues to ring true here. we need to learn from that. we cannot afford hopelessness at this moment. we cannot afford apathy. as we have a regime coming together trying to manufacture chaos so that we will fight amongst ourselves, so that we will be too confused to come together, we must become even more organized than we have ever have before. organization, strategy, those are the antidotes to chaos and as they manufacture fake news and misinformation, more rigorous in our research and knowledge, we must get out there and know exactly what we are talking about.
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[cheers and applause] >> we must take meticulous notes so that we do not forget this moment and we do not forget this time before fashionism took -- fascism took over. as the last thick i want to say, as the country deinvolves into childishness, as we cross every line of human decency, it's our job to be even more reasonable, to be wiser, to come together more strategically to fight against all of this. these are bullies, they want attention. fight together. come out from social media and meet weekly, that's what we are doing in new york. that's is what we are doing in new york.
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wherever you are at, that just can't happen in cities or liberal enclaves, this needs to happen in every part of america, whatever you're doing come together and fight back, fight back, fight back, fight back, fight back, fight back! thank you, rise and resist, rise and resist people, please come. [speaking in spanish] >> people united will never be defeated in espanol. and we will speak spanish here. this is one of the -- we speak
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any language. that's not who we are. no human being is illegal. we are all in it together worldwide. we are with the answer coalition, the answer by the way, #inaugurate resistance if you're doing anything that involves hash tags. >> all right. for those watching on c-span, join us, go to answer, join the struggle, join the resistance against trump, against his extremist ultra-right wing agenda. we are still hearing from protestors that the seventh checkpoint is blocked. the secret service has shut it down, so everyone should go to sixth in indiana, there's a checkpoint there that has opened up, if you -- if you can get there, that would be great.
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so our next speakers are heidi from the national immigration justice center and melissa lawrence who is a community supporter of the national immigration center. welcome. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> hello, thank you, everyone. first, i would like to say anyone who has or is on facebook if you can please go onto facebook live and make sure that you're feed is not being interrupted. and my name is melissa lawrence, i am here today to basically just bring to your attention how unfair and unjust our immigration and deportation system truly is. my husband is a jamaican-born citizen who was brought here as a young child and he committed a crime, a minor marijuana offense
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that he got years ago and was punished for that as an american he was brought here at 8 year's old, so he lived pretty much his entire life here as an adult. he committed his crime, he went to jail, he paid the price and our local police department brought him back in six years later and called immigration on him to pick him up. so he was punished yet again. i was 7 month's pregnant at the time with our first and only child at work and got the call that my husband had been picked up to be deported and i had to basically switch my entire life around and learn how to cope with now a baby on the way and a job as a server. it was a shock. my husband was a good person, he
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was a worker, he was a coach and active in our community so it was really traumatizing to have to go through that and basically i just wanted to say that if you have any friends or loved ones that are in the immigration system, we didn't know anything about the rules and the laws and basically -- i just want to say educate your loved one, educate your friends, look into it. had we known a little bit about the immigration process we probably wouldn't be here but talking to people, using social media, that's how we got to where we are. it's been five years and i just want to say fight for your rights because it's been a very long hard process but we have been fighting and we are hoping that we get somewhere, we hope that we can bring him back.
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it's not an easy process, but i just want to say thank you for your time and definitely fight with everything you have for your family, friends, talk to people, educate people and know your rights as an immigrant. >> hey, everyone, good morning. >> good morning! >> how about the brave woman standing next to me? [cheers and applause] >> my name is heidi, i'm with the national immigrant justice center, i've been so privileged to fight for melissa and her husband and their son to be reunited back here in the united states in virginia which is their home. and we are going to keep fighting because you know what, they're still separated and because of our nation's unjust
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immigration laws and unjust immigration policies and we are all here today because we are afraid that they are about to get worse. you know, we all know what they call melissa's husband, they call him a criminal alien. so i want to take this opportunity to call him other things. i want to call him a good man who i have been so lucky to get to know these past years. i want to call him a father, a husband, a good hard worker, brother, a son, a volunteer high school wrestling coach. i want to call him a man who i have seen fight for his family like you wouldn't believe. you
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know just this past year 2016, our government deported nearly 250,000 people, jailed -- our government jailed in remote immigration jails more than 350,000 men, women and children and today there are more than 5,000 kids in american foster care system because our government deported one or both of their parents. so what are we all going to say together right now? enough is enough. >> enough is enough! >> we have to say it so loud and we have to say it over and over and over again because donald trump, he's going to try to tear apart more families like melissa's family. he's going to lead from a place of fear and hate but we are not
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going to follow that lead. so you just heard melissa's story, later today when you get home or tomorrow or monday, call melissa's senator, senator tim cain and call your elected representatives, your senator and say, i stand with immigrants, but i stand with all immigrants, immigrant youth, asylum-seeking my grants, immigrants of all religions, immigrants with criminal convictions, say i stand with all of immigrants and demand that you're elected representatives do the same. [cheers and applause] >> so we are going to keep fighting together. i'm so proud to be standing up here with melissa, i'm proud to be here with all of you today on the right side of history.
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[cheers and applause] >> please give it up one more time. >> say it loud and say it clear, say it clear imtbrapts -- immigrants are welcome here. say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here. say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here. say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here. say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here. say it cloud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here! say it loud, say it clear -- say it loud!
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[cers and applause] >> next we are going to hear from vincent de la renta. give it up. >> hello, my name is vincent de la renta. yeah. [cheers and applause] >> i'm here today to talk about why students must organize now to resist the extremist right and struggle for justice on campus and in our communities. progressive and radical students must realize that the university is an important site of struggle, a place with enormous potential to create and disseminate knowledge and promote and distort truth, the all thera-right has realized the power held within the university and in the past year has increasingly mobilized arguments about free speech to gain access
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to the institution. boo. progressive and radical students must contest the speech at every turn. we must ourselves and do the difficult work of organizing our liberal peers to keep bigots and right-wing extremists out of our universities while challenging actionaries that come within. do not fall for their arguments. i would also like to say that during the election, we heard a lot of rhetoric about free as a no-cost education and this is an important goal for our movement specially with the rising amount of student debt. however, in the age of extreme right we must also talk about free as in liberated education to achieve this goal we must
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fundamentally transform our universities and divorce them from american capitalism, imperialism, patrioarchy and universities cut ties with military research ibstitution, the rotc and corporations all of whom exploit working people and destroy the environment. we must also -- [cheers and applause] >> yeah. we must question what skills the universities are teaching us and how both of these things make us complacent and complacent in systems of violence. this is not enough. we must also find creative ways to make our universities sanctuary for undocumented people, refugees for queer and
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transgender people. [cheers and applause] >> accessible in every sense of the word and sight free of white supremacy, it recognizes diverse sources of knowledge particularly the rich local knowledge held within communities. we must organize the university that it provides all people with the space tone gauge in the critical thought that would be necessary for the critical strategic struggle that we all have to engage in within the next four years. to conclude as students it is our duty to struggle for a more just university and utilize our position to struggle for a more just world. this would require more than i have -- sustained organizing. >> yeah.
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however, as students that come from verse positionalties we hair common background with the working class, undocumented people, police brutality and only through organizing ourselves the democratic party isn't going to do it for us, in solidarity with these groups can we succeed in defeating the ultra-right. the time is now, all power to the students. [cheers and applause] >> thank you and solidarity forever. >> thank you, vincent. when women's rights are under attack, what do we do? when immigrants are under attack what do we do? louder. when -- louder. louder! when muslims are under attack what do we do? when women are under attack what do we do?
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when the lgbtq is under attack, what do we do? what do we do? what do we do? that's right. >> that's part of today's answer rally against the trump administration, we will show all of that later in the program schedule and online at we are live now, the west front of the u.s. capitol, the sight for today's inaugural of donald trump as the 45th president of the united states. mike pence sworn in as vice president just before noon eastern, donald trump sworn in right after that. we are looking at part of the gathering of the west lawn in the u.s. capitol. ♪ ♪ ♪
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[music] >> we just saw some of the trump family, they've arrived there as former president bill clinton and hillary clinton, former president jimmy carter and many others. again, the swearing in ceremony about 45 minutes away, all of our live coverage is going on now over on c-span. you can follow it online at and listen live on the free c-span radio app and in just a few minutes ago senators walked through the u.s. capitol
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in bipartisan pairing on the way to inauguration platform are capitol hill producer greg shot this video. >> a reminder that tomorrow mourning we will be bringing you live coverage of the women's march on washington, it starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern life on c-span, speakers include gloria and that'll be on c-span, here
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on c-span2 tomorrow morning, president trump and vice president mike pence will attend a prayer service at the national cathedral here in washington, live at 10:00 on c-span2. as the new president cabinet takes shape, we will bring you live coverage of all cabinet level confirmation hearings on the c-span network on tv, online on and c-span radio app, it'll be a workday later today for the u.s. senate, the senate gavels into session this afternoon, they will consider two nominations, retired general james mattis for defense secretary. another retired general kelly and the homeland security nominee and word this afternoon that senator -- this morning, rather, that senator ron is blocking the nomination of mike pompeo to be cia director, blocking that confirmation vote anyway, it's not likely we will see that this afternoon. join us for live coverage this


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