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tv   Senate Democrats Unveil Infrastructure Package  CSPAN  January 24, 2017 1:15pm-1:42pm EST

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what i have seen through what he is doing, what he is saying is that he is not ever ever going to release his taxes. ever! so we will never know.put aside the issues that you hear. it is about what he is doing with his finances. how is he, decompressing himself? those are the things that scare me with anything else. with that ãi want to thank you all again to the massive crowds are here. i want to thank you all. i also want to make sure that you know learn french is now officially on. she started yesterday. we are very pleased and happy to have her. if you're wondering how i felt about the ãwhile i hired one. thank you all very much. >> a short time ago senate minority leader charles schumer and other democrats started to lay out there $1 trillion infrastructure plan for the
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country. >> okay. very good thank you everybody. we have many more of my colleagues coming. as you know we have a whole lot of hearings. so they will come in as they come but we have myself, senator sanders, nelson, lady, and why did all speaking. we will speak briefly on this very important issue. so when president trump was candidate trump, it almost every stop on the campaign trail he talked about a big gold $1 trillion infrastructure bill that would put millions of americans back to work. rebuilding our roads and bridges good that is of the congressional democrats have sought for years. and congressional republicans have stymied us at every turn. today, we senate democrats are unveiling a blueprint to rebuild america's infrastructure and create 15 million jobs.
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we are challenging president trump to support our plans. he campaigned on a promise of bigger and better infrastructure. this plan, this plan is the way to make it happen. this is a major effort to tackle our nation's most critical infrastructure needs in rural and urban communities. rebuilding schools and va hospitals. health facilities. while also repairing roads, bridges and waterways. we take on sewers and airports. public and tribal lands. this bill would mean three things for this country. jobs, jobs and more jobs. and good paying jobs to boot. as this bill hopefully moves forward, democrats are going to fight for environmental and labor protections. we will not support tax credits for developers. we will insist that labor and
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raw materials come from america. just as the president promised in his campaign. and we will not cut middle-class programs like education and healthcare to pay for it. we have heard president trump talk of disaster and third world infrastructure. and we agree something must be done. so we hope that the president will join us in supporting this blueprint to rebuild america's infrastructure and create 15 million jobs. and recall on the president to persuade his republican colleagues in the house and senate to drop their opposition to investing in infrastructure and get on board with his plan. with that limit call on senator sanders. >> dickie senator schumer. this is kind of a no-brainer. whether you are in the state of vermont or the state of
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california you understand that our infrastructure is crumbling. our roads, bridges, water systems, wastewater plants. our airports are levied and our dams. what we need to do is invest $1 trillion over the next 10 years to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure. we used to lead the world. the united states was number one in the quality of our infrastructure. today we are number 12. and when we rebuild our infrastructure, we rebuild the middle class. because we can create up to 15 million decent paying jobs in all areas of life. in urban america, rural america, for all of our people. president trump campaigned on rebuilding the infrastructure. let's do it but let's do it anyway that does not provide tax breaks to the wealthiest
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people in the country and the largest corporations. i hope very much that this is an issue where all of us can get together because it certainly is something the american people want. thank you. >> senator carper. >> thank you senator schumer. i come before you today as a recovering governor i've been one for a number of years. and focus for much of my adult life creating rich environments for jobs and job preservation. maybe the most important thing we do in government includes a focus on workforce. worker skills that are needed and we are investigating in innovation. we protect the capital that we focus on public safety and we provide certain predictability for businesses through tax regulations we write. we need clean air, clean water and we need to access decisions ãwith decision-makers like us. and we need infrastructure
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system that works. the kind of infrastructure we need, but for the 21st century. we learn every year from texas and in the people in this country literally sit in traffic for almost 48 hours a year. not moving at five or 10 miles an hour. we sit there. individuals, families, businesses. including businesses trying to move product from one side of the country or ones of the city or one fight of the state to the other. gdp growth said that we will realize on the kind of investment that we are discussing here today, is not just from putting millions of people back to work nor is it people have skills that can actually do this work and would like to. rebuilding our infrastructure. but it actually comes from being able to make our economy
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work more efficiently. work more effectively. and by getting rid of the traffic jams, the backlogs and so forth. in my state and states across the country.that's where this works. the institute of mckinsey and company has estimated we will grow if we actually make the investment for 20 years, there is one percent of gdp per year for infrastructure.we will create a 1 and a half million jobs per year. we will grow the gdp by 1 and a half percent per year for 20 years. that is a pretty good bargain. thank you. >> and every ranking member of the relevant committee ? >> let me introduce bill nelson. >> florida is growing at 1000 people a day net. that is 365,000 a year. that is, in the time of a senator, six years ãthat is
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over 2 million people. now you can imagine what that crunch is doing in the native infrastructure. not even to speak of the dozens of bridges that we have that are about to fall down. it is time for infrastructure. i wish that woman finally got them infrastructure there would have been a lot more. and we got voted down on that. because now we have the opportunity because the president has said he wants $1 trillion infrastructure bill. now we have a chance to do it. do you know that the sea level is rising and in south florida with that is causing is not only huge, multimillion dollar projects and pumps to get the water out of the streets for example in miami beach. but the cities along the gulf
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coast now having to move there water well system further west because the saltwater has intruded. that cost millions and millions of dollars. but what about when the rains come and lake okeechobee, like a bowl, starts to fill up and it is suddenly, doesn't have the integrity. we have two share of that whole lake. that is a billion plus dollars. we desperately need an infrastructure bill. >> next is senator lahey. >> thank you. incorporated you for doing this. we recognize the appropriations committee i will become vice chairman of it and i am really
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looking at every single thing that we can use. we need to invest this way.we need to bring our roads and bridges and rails back. but we have to make sure that we do it all over the country. not just physical infrastructure. we have to rebuild the schools. we have to expand broadband access. especially in rural areas. to bolster the water and sewer systems. rebuild and revitalize the downtowns. i look at that, the difference in the state of vermont. this morning we had a major ice storm in parts of the state. people are still going to work. they're going to be able to do it because we have the roads. but those roads, they are hit every single time. often a single bridge may connect a small community to
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central services and grocery stores and services. and education opportunities. we will join together.i will make sure of that. not just urban areas but the rural areas. they are so much of the fabric of our country. and we can do it. we spent a lot more money on this on a work in iraq. let's start doing things at home. people come up to me in vermont and say, it appears to me you guys spend any kind of money want to build roads and bridges over there.and then they blow them up. build them here in vermont. we will take care of them. fill them in ohio, minnesota, florida and new york. we will take care of them. and make sure we do it anyway, not make them public structures
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so the taxpayers do not have to pay twice to go on the road. they are already paying enough. now, we go from the east coast to the west coast. >> thank you senator leahy. and thank you senator schumer for organizing this investment and infrastructure to create jobs in america. i'm here to talk about the energy infrastructure investment. which is about making an investment and energy that will help us save consumers money, grow our economy and create jobs what are we talking about specifically?we are talking about transmission lines, with modernization, grid storage, microgrid investment. all important, cybersecurity investment. making sure the critical access
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like hospitals, ports and military bases can fight against those kinds of attacks. we are also talking about smart building infrastructure. that puts intelligence into those buildings and saving costs on key issues like heating and cooling that are so much the cost of industry. and making sure that next space of distribution systems help manufacturers and ãkeep down the cost while integrating renewable energy which is more efficient to the grid. in 2014, 23.5 billion was invested in building energy efficiency. in that same year, american homeowners and businesses saved approximately $70 billion in energy bills due to energy efficiency. so we know this kind of infrastructure investment that is next stage of our infrastructure. not only producing great jobs, also saving money and helps
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businesses and homeowners be competitive. and it allows armor consumers to take advantage of these savings for their homes as well. so i plug my colleagues for this key investment. we look forward to having it discussed as we move ahead. and the review from the past obama administration showed there are so many energy infrastructure jobs of the future. we need to get on with making sure that we capture them. thank you. >> thank you senator. i heard we had a technical difficulty so you may not have gotten the press release which has all of the details. i'll just read t where the numbers go quickly. 210 billion crumbling roads and bridges. 2.7 million jobs, 110 billion water and sewer, 2.5 million jobs, 180 billion rail and bus systems, 2.5 million jobs, 200 billion vital infrastructure programs to get major projects
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moving. ã975,000 jobs, 65 billion ports, airports, waterways, 845,000 jobs, 100 billion energy infrastructure, 1.3 million new jobs, 20 billion brands expanding broadband. 260,000, 20 billion bungalows on public and tribal land, to a new 60 billion, 10 billion va hospitals and extended care. 130,000 and 10 billion in new innovative financing tools 1.3 million. questions on this subject. because we are having our post leadership press conference where you can ? >> senator, to a degree you standing by the deficit which the new report from the congressional budget office will rise. does not give speaker ryan and mcconnell coverage to say we willing to help you but the deficit is too high? >> look, many of these
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democrats believe this should be a measure to get the economy going. as we have done all along. whether it is franklin d roosevelt or henry clay. before they even had republicans who first proposes. this is job creating. as for how we pay for it, we will discuss that with president-elect donald trump. many of us believe it should just be used to create jobs. not to take money away. i say to some of our republican colleagues, do you feel the same way about tax cuts for the rich? will they all be paid for? i doubt it. >> yes. >> mr. schumer, republicans use their standing in the way of this. i asked about this this money. and they say they want to do this as will be discovered but the goal is to leverage as much as possible. that doesn't sound does not want to infrastructure plan. >> it sounds to me like he doesn't.
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sounds to me like he has a million caveats. >> in the past you've tried with corporate profits. is that what you have in mind? >> we will discuss and negotiate with i'm -- president trop. the methods for paying for it. we do not believe we should take, we do not believe we should cut middle-class other programs often ryan talks about that. education, healthcare, which will stymie that. we, some democrats believe we should close a lot of tax loopholes to pay for it. and many more believe that we should have this as an investment as maria said. and do it as it has been in the past to create jobs. not take money out of the economy. brown is the head of the banking committee which has jurisdiction over mass transit and housing.
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i will let him say some words. >> thank you. our parents and grandparents, they dreamed of, designed and built the best infrastructure, the best transportation system for the world. the world had never seen anything particularly from world war ii into the 1980s. president trop, we in this generation have not maintained that even kept up with a belt. president trop promised a one $20 investment in infrastructure. those with american iron and steel made by american workers. this blueprint that we are unveiling will hold the president accountable for keeping that promise. stand ready to work with the president to make it a reality. it is time to put americans to work across my state, across the country which will be investments. not in corporate ways. last week the president's first day in office i introduce legislation to apply by american to all taxpayer-funded infrastructure and public works. wherever there are federal
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dollars for highways and bridges, water and sewer systems. lane in simple american tax dollars should go toward american-made products that support american jobs. and invest in rebuilding main streets, main streets in cleveland in across the country from seattle to new york. it would help us complete big-ticket projects. the bridge connecting mitch mcconnell stay with mine in cincinnati. carries four percent of gdp every day. it is a brace has almost 60 years old. one fourth of americans who rent their homes, spend more than half of their income on housing. in cities like my hometown of cleveland. too many struggle to recover from the foreclosures crisis. imagine have your income is and housing and how precarious your life is. one piece of bad luck, you lose your home, kids change schools. everything turned upside down. there is an urgent need for affordable housing.
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to rehabilitate more than a million old homes contaminated with lead like the homes in my neighborhood in the city of cleveland. it would help communities with abandon homes. an update sewer and water infrastructure. all reasons that this is so important. >> thank you sherrod brown. we continue with questions. >> what about the idea the presidents and on the campaign trail on infrastructure. we have heard mostly things about healthcare and today the pipeline and things like that. are you more concerned about trying to get ahead of the game here and were cemented this? were singled, he said this on the campaign trail mr. president, ? >> we are challenging him today to join us. we agree. democrats have been talking about this.there have been bills to do this long before donald trump was campaigning for the presidency. but now that we have, we have
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been stymied by our republican colleagues. senator ryan, mcconnell who was reiterated over and over that he can see doing such a large bill because of his ãthis that and the other thing. now we have a president who has called for a large infrastructure bill. we are challenging him to join us. even if his republican colleagues in the house and senate are not for it. you may remember that for five years they held up a highway bill that was much smaller than this one. >> what percentage of the bill should be willing to go for tax incentives for partnerships? >> we think the tax incentives and private partnerships hardly build anything that is really needed. it would go to places that can be built right now with municipal bonds and other things. you do not want all of the benefits of these going to developers and wealthy people. and we feel it you will need a robust investment in and, f's or butts. we will not negotiate now but
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if bill that relies on those types of tax credits will not need our favor.>> let me just go on. >> senator, you spoke with president trump at length after the inauguration. he met with him last night, ? >> i have and he seems open to a bill that is this large. and i told him, repeatedly, if you want to do a bill at this you will have to tell a lot of your republicans, particularly on the right wing that they will not get their way and he acknowledged that. so we'll see what happens. but that is what he did. i was told yesterday by some of the labor leaders who were there that they said we need to maintain protections for laborers. so these are good paying jobs he did not he did not oppose it. he is open to it. >> lady in the back. >> how will money be doled out for expanding ? >> this is a blueprint.
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we discussed this with our eight or nine ranking committee members. we will then start filling in details and you'll see more of that down the road. okay? >> i didn't hear the infrastructure came up last night. we talked about ãno go. >> i don't want to report on what they said specifically. because that is their liberty at a private meeting. but mcconnell's position has not changed. he has been in the past and nothing has changed very negative. >> yes. >> is there, is there a plan to allocate and decide which project ? >> will be fill in the details you will get that. yes? >> you talked about using american laborers. ? >> absolutely, that is one of our ãi mentioned one or three of the bottom lines. that is one of them. >> what about the international trading rules? >> i joined the president and
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not being a big fan of international trading rules. that is speaking for myself. yes? >> considering donald trump's plan on the campaign with tax incentives. ? >> you have to pay for tax incentives to giving people big tax rates. it is a method of financing. we do not like that method of financing because it does not build things in 90 percent of the cases where it is needed. and a lot of the expense that you have goes in the process of developers and financiers. and it creates holes everywhere. that has not been the american tradition. ask dwight d eisenhower. >> in the back. >>. [inaudible] >> some of us, have explored that. it will not be close to enough
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to finding what we need. even if it were included. if you everybody. >> several briefings on capitol hill today.we may hear more before the senate comes and at 215 eastern. we will be in place to cover comments from senators as they prepare to gamble back in. we did here earlier from speaker ryan, releasing information that he has invited president trump to speak before a joint session on february 28. meanwhile, busy day still at the white house with president trump today saying he will announce a supreme court candidate next week to fill that vacancy. of antonin scalia. he says we will pick a truly great supreme court justice. this amongst the signing of several executive actions today. when advancing the construction of the keystone xl and dakota access pipelines.
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we will have more details on that later in our program scheduled in the senate coming at 2:15 pm eastern. confirmation hearing is continuing to and capitol hill. and this story from the, all the confirmation process same democrats are delaying a vote on senator sessions nomination to be president trump's attorney general. arguing they want more time to review the pick. quote ãas we've done most enemies i'm asking that vote for senator sessions be held over until next week. senator feinstein the top on the judiciary committee said they write that the committee was scheduled to vote on the alabama republicans nomination during this morning's meeting. but the committee's approval is our first step to being scheduled for a full senate vote. we will not get them till next week as the sun is out due to the republican retreat in philadelphia underway tomorrow. on the committee roles, a lawmaker can ask not be held over. it has been


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