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tv   Senate Minority Leader Rejects Presidents Claim of Voter Fraud  CSPAN  January 24, 2017 7:43pm-8:02pm EST

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so it will be in covenant upon us, as many republicans to come up with the replacement. i would remind you, said this before, don't want to for you too much but what do bill clinton said last year? is the craziest thing you've ever seen. what are the polls say? eight out of ten americans one it replaced entirely or dramatically change. if hillary clinton had been elected we would be revisiting obama care. the status quo is not acceptable. we understand that, we are going to tackle this big problem. >> i'm sure you'd be concerned if there were three to 5,000,000 million people voting for the democrats illegally. [inaudible] >> senate democrats spoke to reporters us afternoon. minority leader chuck chuck chuck schumer's and others discussed.
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>> and afternoon you see we have in different members of the leadership team join us on different weeks in different issues. before i get into my statement because i know you'll ask another white house was a that 3 - 5000000 illegals did vote. the president ought to realize that he is president. instead of talking about the election, or how many people showed up at the inauguration. he had a talk about how many new jobs he's creating. time to be president. and i heard that. while the second thing i say's when these falsehoods are told, our, our republican colleagues have an obligation to reject them. , not to skirt around them. the bottom line is simple, you cannot run a government, you cannot help people, you cannot keep america safe if you don't actually admit to the fact. . .
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that he is not keeping. there are some promises we are glad about so we will not talk about those. but he is failing to deliver on one of his key day one promises. that we democrats have repeatedly identified as an issue that we want to work with him on. which is trade. all of us in that position probably closer to the president trump then to president obama president bush. on trade. i know.
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of course tpp, but the president when he ran repeatedly set on day one i'm going to name china a currency manipulator. but he is not delivered. instead, he issued an executive action withdrawing from tpp. now everyone knows tpp was dead, it was not in existence so withdrawing from tpp did not create a single new job. in change, it did not change anything in the world of trade and all of these companies that took advantage of us. how many new jobs did the president create yesterday? by saying we will not do tpp? none. zilch. if president trump is serious about bringing jobs back to the us he could immediately on his own, without congressional action label china a currency manipulator. if he is serious about bringing jobs he would support by
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america provisions.and he would back our new trillion dollar infrastructure bill which we announced earlier today. and, he would convince republicans to join him on those issues. they have opposed them in the past. china does whatever is best for china. even when it hurts american jobs and workers. we have seen that. and you can be sure, they will keep manipulating their currency until we take strong may go up for a few months if that is in their interest. they will keep manipulating it. and that is wrong. so mr. president, if you want to put the united states first label china a manipulator. -- the lead sponsors of this bill were myself, and senator sessions. now his nominee for attorney general.
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so this is not a partisan bill at all. sherrod brown, lindsey graham, susan collins, we have sponsors that are all totally bipartisan. so, last night as i said, i mentioned this to the president and watches that he did not say no. so i am not going to tell you what he said. but maybe he will do it. i hope and pray he does. we await real action on trade which is one of the president's signature issues. but the bottom line is there is a giant golf rent averaging what the president says he is going to do and what he actually does. on trade, job creation and bringing back jobs to the us. we hope president trump and republicans in congress work with us, not against us. and we stand ready to make this happen. >> thank you senator schumer. america needs to be exporting and because of
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custom integration we have lost over 5 million jobs. the primary focus is china but i have also been very focused on japan which is a lead concern for the automakers president trump met with today. the opposition to tpp that came from the auto industry came because of currency manipulation. i am hopeful that he will take the actions that he can take by starting with china, having his treasury secretary make the position known that china's currency manipulator and then work with us to monitor what is happening in japan as well. this is a serious issue. that senator schumer says many of us have been working on this for years. and it is time, if the president wants to do something that really means something, it will keep jobs in america. he needs to tackle currency
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manipulation and help us bring jobs home. >> two points. first, regarding mr. trump's delusional statement the 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in the last election. that is a total nonsensical statement. but what i fear about that statement and what is something we should all worry about is when donald trump talks about 3 to 5 million people voted illegally, he is sending a message. to every republican governor in this country to go forward with voter suppression. the great political and democratic crisis we face now in this country is not voter fraud it is voter suppression. and my belief is we have got to make, do everything we can to make sure that everybody in this country is legally able to and is able to vote. terms of the tpp i want to
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congratulate the millions of trade union in this country and their union. they fought long and hard to defeat the tpp and i personally am glad that it is dead and gone. for the last 30 years we have had a series of trade policies from nafta to p npr, with china which has resulted in the worth of billions of decent paying jobs in this country and a race to the bottom which is lowering american wages. because many of the corporations on american workers can be competing with the wages in mexico and in china. write to the bottom. if mr. trump, if president trump is serious however, about creating a new trade policy he could very much lead by example. and frankly this would have a profound impact on jobs in america.
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right now, he has three manufacturing plants. three manufacturing plants in china, mexico and bangladesh. where he is paying his workers salvation wages. what a statement it would make to corporate america if he said im bringing those jobs back to the united states and i donald trump will be paying workers in this country a living wage. less points. if we are serious, about creating a new trade policy which works for american workers, and not just multinational corporations. we need a new trade policy. and i know that senator schumer and i and many others are working right now on a trade policy which will create jobs in the united states, not in china. and i hope very much that president trump will come on board and work with us.
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as we revamp in a very fundamental way our trade policy. >> you're going to get a chance pretty soon. it looks like you talked about the importance of the person being in the mainstream already. how heavily does the garland experience of the last year way into your calculus. >> clearly what they did with garland was wrong. but we are not playing that. we want a mainstream name nominee because that is right for america. and that is i for one, when they were looking at changing the rules insisted that 60 books remain for that position. because that would mean that it would garner bipartisan support. the last four supreme court justices got bipartisan support.and it is essential that the president do that. we would believe that for instance, we are not going to say this should not be a hearing. a hearing will bring out what this nominee is all about.
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we're not going to do with the republicans did. but if the candidate is out of the mainstream i can tell you, i will fight in my caucus will fight tooth and nail against them. >>. [inaudible] >> no shouting. >> he said that there is obligation by republican policy to adhere to these alternative facts. you have known mr. trump longer than many of them why did you not -- >> i will not say what was in the session but it was addressed. it was addressed. yes? >> what is your definition of mainstream and was justice scalia ? >> mainstream is something, it means that you follow, you follow existing law. that you do not use the court to change things around to your personal ideological predilections. that is what it means. you have to go through vetting a candidate seriously and go
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through hearings to see if that candidate is mainstream. >>. [inaudible] >> i think we have called the boat while you were speaking. senator mcconnell has called a vote with our ãabout the nominee for the un ambassador nikki haley. >>. [inaudible] >> look, there are a whole bunch of nominees that have real problems. real problems. just today, nominee mulvaney said he would raise the age for social security. if we rush through hearings the way our republican colleagues had wanted to, maybe people would not have found that out. isn't that the obligation of both the republicans and democrats to make sure we bet these nominees thoroughly.
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they will have huge power over the americans. to see what they would think and what they would do, taking the time is well worth it. these nominees are different than most. let me please finish. we call them, we call this the swamp cabinet. billionaires and bankers. no cabinet has had so many people of such wealth. no cabinet has had so many people of such potential conflict of interest. and no cabinet has had nominees who so ãso dramatically from the president -- mulvaney says raise the age. he was going to win? so, we are proud of the job we are doing. and i know if i were with republican colleagues i would want to rush as many of these in the dock to the knights of people would not know who they are and what their positions
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hold. that is not going to happen. >>. [inaudible] >> the bottom line is we will move the nominees with relative speed or not controversial. but some are controversial to some members. and any member has a right. some people say carson is not controversial. he is not on our list of eight. he is controversial to me. he wants to dramatically change housing policies. the president in his first executive order, an hour after he gave his speech, that he will be with the people changed the rules that would raise more discourse to average americans by $500 a year. so, we are going to bet these nominees thoroughly. we are not being ãwe are not going to just rush them through. these are all very important nominees.and to have a few days discussion on them it makes sense. there will be in power for up to four years with tremendous say on what affects americans. yes?
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[inaudible] >> there is a bill that i am aware of that senator durbin and senator graham have a bipartisan bill. it will keep the people here. and i'm fully supportive of that bill. i'm not supportive of the bill you mentioned.last question. [inaudible] >> okay. so the bottom line is very simple. many of us believe on our side that infrastructure should be a job creation program. okay? you do not have to, if you're going to put money in the economy, particularly good paying infrastructure jobs you do not need to pull the money out.there are some on our site is a list closed a lot of
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corporate loopholes. to pay for this. there is ãwe are not going to cut the basic programs. education and healthcare and things like that. to do it. i will negotiate. if the president is serious, we challenged him today to negotiate with us and we will come up with some way of dealing with these funding issues that we can all agree on. [inaudible] >> there has been deficit spending on infrastructure since henry clay and since franklin d roosevelt. okay?that is nothing new. you get the last one. [inaudible] >> you know ? [inaudible] >> okay, look, what i have said before we are a month ãthe president tried to flatter me i am his good friend. then he started calling me ã the bottom line is values. our values, democrats and americans will affect what i
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work with him or oppose him. plain and simple. thank you everybody. [inaudible conversations] >> tonight on c-span2 you will hear from south carolina congressman mick mulvaney nominees for white house budget director. congressional budget office director kenneth hall with their budget forecast. in senate republicans on the nomination process.>> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, any news reporter hannah dorothy will discuss the executive order signed by president trump to just -- the dakota access pipeline. then economist and author stephen moore will discuss president trump's proposal to
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lower taxes and increase jobs and grow the economy. also joining us katrina ã editor and publisher at the nation. she will discuss key progressive priorities and a republican government. and covered donald trump in a changing media environment. be sure to watch the washington journal beginning live at seven eastern on wednesday morning. join the discussion. >> congressman mick mulvaney cross capital today to visit to civic committees as he seeks their approval to become the white house budget director. next, his appearance before the senate budget committee. it is about three hours. [inaudible conversations]


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