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tv   MA State of the State UNSQUEEZED  CSPAN  January 25, 2017 11:02pm-11:40pm EST

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for. [applause] [applause]
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thank you thank you in. please. we have lots to talk about. so the real test is if you did that when i am finished. [laughter] mr. speaker, mr. president distinguished elected officials, honored guest, a 750 days ago lieutenant governor stood right here as we pledged to work with you to move the commonwealth for word and we have done just that.
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[applause] to build a bipartisan team in of legislature we look for common ground to pass ground-breaking legislation and is working. [applause] area economy is among the strongest of the nation with 120,000 jobs today more people are working that any other time in the caseload has dropped by 25%. [applause] the company's of the few --
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future with private investment while the companies come on every day for the second year and a row making massachusetts the number one state of innovation in the entire country. >> said ge decision to put up a headquarters in boston is based on of the belief of the invasion of our people. in any discussion of the relocation would not be complete without the collaboration. [applause]
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mr. mayer i look forward to working with you on the next patriots' victory super bowl party. [laughter] to benefit every corner of the state with the steepest unemployment decline in the country. with the rate fallen from 6.5 to just 3.7% in the past year. it is a reflection of the quality of the people of what we created. it is a perfect example together we pass landmark
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legislation while maintaining a reliable supply of energy. rebuilt of those efforts with it executive order on climate change to work with local governments and businesses and nonprofit. in to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. [applause] and thanks to the are hard work of state and local officials students are number one in the nation for the sixth straight year. [applause]
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our shared commitment means to win all time high of representing an increase of 227 million we also made attending a public college more affordable through the commonwealth commitment to secure a bachelor's to carry from one of the state universities. we have a great example here tonight. [applause] jacqueline is 26 years old with its year-old daughter and currently a straight a student at the community college. she said the commonwealth commitment change her life.
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look get you. [applause] [cheers and applause] we'll look forward to watching your success. we have also reviewed and updated and eliminated some obsolete state regulations that is made easier for players in nonprofits to do their jobs. we all the with high-speed internet mitt the way that we communicate and learn to do business but they still don't have access to services that is why we
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complete the overhaul the community's starting with internet access in about we still have a lot more work to do in just six months we have moved forward that is more progress with local broadband in the last five years and even more in the future path for. [applause] we have all that and more with the state budget tax about raising taxes. [applause] of 555 [applause]
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fiscal responsibility is not what wins a popularity contest but working together we control runaway growth and spending we have reduced the state's bureaucracy with hundreds of millions of dollars in working smarter to make big government more accountable. we also in the previous practice of using their refunds to a bailout the state legislature now despite lower revenue growth coming up on solid financial footing we proposed closing the tax loophole the we will oppose any effort ever broadbased tax increase of the of hard-working people of the commonwealth. [applause]
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perfect . >> also we have made progress to support those who need our help the of ending the practice of putting homeless people into hotels but to get there we have taken a different approach working with housing authorities and providers to help families avoid homelessness in the first place and into europe for the population of five homeless families has been reduced from 1500 to fewer than 100 families today. [cheers and applause]
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two years ago department of children and families have a very different place today of 270 more social workers on the job and just over one year ago and 95 percent are licensed which is up 50% from when we took office. [applause] thank you caseloads are as low as they have been in decades and the political ended and the status support. new policies with home-based services in investigations
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into be collaboratively into implemented throughout the full use of the work force. [applause] when it comes to the at risk kids we cannot rest easy. into do a better job working with fast foster families into work with the court's shortening the time we have to wait for a home and in the commissioner is with us tonight you were doing a great job. [applause]
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>> on behalf of those families, a thing to end is in other states then he heinous crime of human trafficking for young boys and girls we want to bring back to the trafficking unit to do what she does every day thank you. [cheers and applause] we work with all the attitude craft legislation through the transportation networking company to play
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an important role of the shearing economy as well as here in the commonwealth. people with disability have problems finding reliable transportation and also complete their education to work full-time. to take advantage of our new law to serve 400 people with disabilities so far that has delivered more than 7,000. [applause] blind and using the ride he is here with us tonight he and his wife lived in arlington with their young darter daughter and recently he had a take his daughter to the doctor unexpectedly
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use the pilot program it was easy and pomp and cut the travel time and have. now he could focus on the needs of his daughter instead of worrying about transportation thanks for being here with us tonight and sharing your story. [applause] his story by the way that those those that we have heard using the pilot the overwhelming message could not be more clear this program has changed my life we hear over and over again. but we all know the opioid epidemic is ravaging across
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the country and while this will be a prolonged battle we know that glorified heroin users to see results from the front door of addiction for the first time nurses' school has to look at opioid payment management the now is part of the state licensing program after years and years the number of zero purees prescribed is now down by 15%. [applause]
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and for them to operate in massachusetts. increase of 50% of the of voluntary programs in those support groups have been doubled and then to be to shoot beaded to first responders. our work is not gone on notice. and then to fight the zero p. wade addiction. [applause] and make no mistake
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drug-traffickers are part of the epidemic preying on vulnerable people will also propose to million-dollar is in the budget to arrest and convict drug traffickers. [applause] with your help we also ended the decades-old practice of going to prison if they were addicted. [applause] for instead now enter a treatment program ended has penn a game changer to have
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an increase of state funding for men who are committed to addiction as well. [applause] and here is the floor that has been going on the last couple of days. the historical failure has the need for a complete overhaul. but what it lacked was to turn the resources into action. with what our people deserve. and the management team cut the operating deficit and have. [applause]
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these significant failings are useful the core infrastructure a lot of great work has been done for it will from if they dunbar have a long freight to move gulf ferry leaves at least 50 years self parsifal's and flinches takes years, and not let each -- and of funds but below the one takes a few get the job done. and after months of discussion to reach the agreement of the largest union. is the zero men for all involved as the taxpayers reflect market standards for
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union members and ask predictability poolsides conductor ernest into the epic brawl. and are here with us tonight for your hard work and vision and leadership you deserve our thanks. [cheers and applause] profs index free-for-all of los tollbooths? me either.
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[laughter] in going live without electronics would have been disaster but in fact, many people in this rare predicted that it would be in going across multiple agencies to show commuters would not delay going to and from work. [applause] >> with a shared sense of purpose of job creation and education and child welfare and transportation and public safety and community
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building and be keas of that i steven here tonight to say this state of our commonwealth is strong. [applause] we although the world is more dependent on technology. precision mfg. this is the next-generation cybersecurity is what makes
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this possible. the success of the database and the smart machine from science and engineering and technology. we are already one of the three most important players of cyberto have secured machines but it is just taking off. hundreds of dollars will be spent to protect information on assets. and to play have major role in these positions but then to but then we will follow through and execute. [applause]
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but we all know our strengths as a commonwealth working with all cities and towns the important reforms in the discussion is local leaders better tools to serve there constituency. don't take my word for it the most significant form in more than 50 years. [applause] but due to the tireless work of the lieutenant governor more than 250 people joined us to work on 600 best practices to make local government more successful. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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and looking ahead and lift gates through 12 education twice the amount required in for the first time we proposed increasing state support the capital program from the best damn local communities to have the unprecedented levels of investment of roads and bridges and housing to help build strong communities with the private sector investment and a they create jobs.
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in region also be proud of our achievements in education that everybody gets to attend high-school that obligation every parent and child and we must succeed in this effort. [applause] . . ....
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>> redesign the way it serves those committed to bridgewater state hospital. little has changed and the results in many cases have been disasterous. first we plan to move correctional officers out of the hospital and deploy them outside of the security to provide security. second, the size and scale of the clinical program offered inside the hospital will be
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significantly expanded. this reform will not come cheap. spending on critical services will increase by $37 million. [applause] this is the right thing to do and we ask the legislature to support it. i would to extend thanks to the massachusetts federal officer union for being a true partner and john, they would not have happened without your support. thank you. [applause] >> we must also thing differently about how we support and engage the results. the notion people are retired at
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the age of 65 is something i see every day. most still have tons of time and talent available to do something else. i turn 60 in november. 60! i remember thinking that was ancient when my dad turned 60. now he is 88 and still the smartest and most informed person i know and dad, nobody gives better advice than you do. [applause] >> there are thousands of citizens in massachusetts who are still very much in the game in their 60s, 70s and even 80s
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and more as the population continues to age. i will be signing an executive order to establish a council on older adults and focus on policy and programs that make it possible for even more older adults and seniors to live vibrant purposeful lives in the commonweal commonwealth. [applause] >> finally, jesse brown and matt ma mastroni, the founders of commune commission in plymouth and bellingham are with us tonight.
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they are a booming business in today's wireless world. after serving our countries as united states marines they both joined a large firm in the state. in 2007, they left the comfort of a big company to go out on their own. the beginning was rocky but today they employ 70 people almost half of who are veterans like them. and their future is bright. [applause] and >> like many small businesses they want to hire veterans and we should make it easier to get it done. we will propose a $4,000 tax credit for businesses that hire
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and retain and employ veterans and we wish jessie and matt continued success and want to thank them and all veterans for their service to our country. [applause] >> in closing, i want to thank you the legislature for your good will. that may seem like a small thing but it is not. too much of what passes for day dialogue is not dialogue at all. issues may be great for making headlines but they do not move the commonwealth forward. success is measured by what we
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accomplish together. our obligation to the people we serve is too important to place politics and partisanship before projects and results. our job remains the same. that is to represent massachusetts to washington to not washington to massachusetts. [applause]
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>> we can and we do disagree on emergency, public records, addiction, economic development and a host of other issues we compromise with one another. we have enormous challenges in the commonwealth. we live in a time where what you oppose seems more interesting than what you support, where compromise is viewed as an act of weakness when in fact it is a sign of strength. [applause]
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>> our founders worried about the tyranny of the majority and desi designed our government for a loud place for minority view and hated the idea of unilateral power and wanted to force lawmakers through structure to compromi compromise. as my mom used to say, you have two ears and a mouth for a reason. i believe is this conversation that makes us strong. our economy is strong because we listen and we learn from the workers and employers who make it go.
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our communities are strong. listen and learn from the people they serve. our commonwealth is strong because we listen and learn from one another knowing our good will can make our disagreement a catalyst for better ideas and results. our team looks forward to working with you and the challenges that arise. we will advocate, we will engage, we will learn from you and others and we will be better for it. god bless the commonwealth and god bless the united states. >> next the white house budget director testifies at his conference hearing and this house ways and means bradley on policy changes and later a discussion on russian cyber


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