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tv   Governors Terry Mc Auliffe and Brian Sandoval Discuss NGA 2017 Priorities  CSPAN  January 26, 2017 11:34am-12:01pm EST

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[inaudible conversations] a look at the protesters outside the hotel where republicans, congressional republicans are holding their policy retreat. we know that air force one just let joint base andrews outside of washington d.c. and president trump will be speaking to members of congress during their joint retreat did vice president pants, british prime minister teresa and i to speak to reporters. it was scheduled to start at noon eastern time because the air force one air force one just laughed at that time could push to a little bit later. other briefings will be live on seas and peered the president and the british prime minister will be meeting at the white house tomorrow. the first official visit since the inauguration. also this.
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reddish prime minister teresa may do to have a briefing here in philadelphia after the meeting without senate republicans after 3:00 eastern. i had it back on a roll call is writing. the republicans that the u.s. and u.k. can lead the world according to cnn. teresa may well say that the united states and the u.k. make the modern world through our actions many years working together to defeat evil or open up the world that we've been able to fulfill the promise of those who first spoke of the special nature of the relationship between the u.s. and the u.k. prime minister teresa may at the white house tomorrow. she will be the first foreign leader that president trump will post as president. that story from the hill today.
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[inaudible conversations] >> i want to thank folks for coming. welcome to the 2017 state of
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this day. i'm scott patterson, executive director of the national governors association and a couple things to mention and then i will introduce a very distinguished panel to first name is the first angie loco. we are excited on the podium and the other thing i want to tell folks about because it's critical to know right after the election in december when those with and in a fairly multiyear. this is pretty significant partisanship. the national governors association went out and polled 1000 american voters and we used frank luntz of once global partners and actually frank is here for anyone who would like to talk immediately after this event. we found some really significantly interest in things in this poll. the first was in an era of distress of many politicians,
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americans trust their governor more than any other elected official. on most issues, americans trust states and governors to get a solution more than other levels. voters were more optimistic about their state featured in the country. nearly three out of four voters said that their state is doing a better job at delivering results in the federal government. so these are pretty significant interesting findings and certainly more dramatic than we expected. i think it is important that's why we are thinking about 2017 as the year of the governor. let me now introduce our distinguished panel to give us the state of the state today. it is my honor to introduce the chair and the vice chair the national governors association.
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governor terry mcauliffe has made the initiative of nga to make sure we are protected from the many threats that can occur and cause serious damage. the governor has brought 14.5 billion in capital investment to the commonwealth of virginia, more than any other governor in the history of the state. he's brought bipartisan support for major education initiatives and the first in the nation performance based workforce development system. it is also my honor to introduce our vice chair, governor brian and evolve at nevada. having taken off is when his date within one of the worst economic conditions better, he has now made nevada an economic powerhouse, with significant investment from major companies like tesla and amazon to just name a few. under his leadership, the state
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has placed significant investments in education and measures like high school graduation rates have gone way up. finally, i want to introduce the panel, the moderator of the panel. we are really pleased to have carried from his editor of "politico" as our moderator. she had done it didn't in europe and she was also a white house correspondent. so it is with great pleasure for me to welcome to the podium, our chair of nga, governor terry mcauliffe of virginia. [cheers and applause] >> thank you a thank you for that kind introduction. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. i'd like to welcome you to the faith daniels date of the state address. it is my great honor to serve as the 72nd governor of the great commonwealth of virginia and is chairman of the national governors association.
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as has been mentioned, joining me today is governor rod and of all of the great data nevada who serves as her vice chair and also he and i are very good personal friend and i will say as it relates to other governors, we all get along very well. i went to thank you for your leadership for the national governors association. as you know, the national governors assist the nation is the voice of america's governors and their state on matters of national day. today, we are here to does pass the agenda that will work to it and that we have going on in washington today and how it will affect ours they and the federal government for many years to come. even more important, at this very unique time in our history, we are here to articulate the role that governors expect to play in our national discussion in the years to come. our new president and congress is very big challenges on the issues ranging from the economy
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to health care to infrastructure and criminal justice. as they began their work, we have a simple message for president trump and the leaders of the congress. governors, we are here, ready to work with you on an agenda that makes life better for the people with whom we all serve. everyday as you know, governors are on the frontline turning policy into action. regards budgets, build roads and rail. we attract new businesses to our respective state. paul partisanship grants washington to a halt, where democrats, we are republicans and independents who every single day work across party lines to get inside. in my own date of virginia, we have consistently put partisan shop inside over the last two years to move our commonwealth forward on issues like education, workforce development and veterans services. i am particularly proud of the
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work we've done on transportation, advancing to him at high-traffic corridors like i 66 and i-95 and passing the first of our kind reform to ensure that every taxpayer dollar is spent easing congestion and growing our economy. if you talk to governor sandoval or any of the colleagues we have around the country, you will hear very similar stories of leaders working together to get things done. those examples stand in stark contrast to the ugly partisan gridlock that has paralyzed washington year after year. and so is president trump and leaders in congress begin their work, we do hope that they will follow the example set by the governors by refusing to let partisan battles interfere with the import more voters hired them to do here in washington. and it's equally important for federal elected officials, to fully consider the impact of the
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decisions they make have on the state and the people with whom we serve. congress and president trump has many opportunities to make decisions that will significantly aid our efforts to improve the quality of life for the people that are in our states. sequestration is a great example where we can start this conversation. in virginia, between 2011 and 2013, it costs virginia 9.8 alien dollars directly and 100 to 4000 jobs. we need to work together to put an end to sequestration and to prevent further cut from harming our local economies. i will say governor sandoval and i had a very good meeting this morning was a riot on this topic and i am encouraged. the president has indicated that he would like to invest as much as $1 trillion in our nation's infrastructure.
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every governor and this nation as roads, bridges and airports that we want to work together to replace than repair. along the way, this will create tremendous job opportunities and economic opportunities for everyone. we can work together to defend our critical infrastructure and data against cyberattacks that caused the united states of america $300 million a year. and virginia alone, we saw 73 million attacks. that is a cyberattack every four seconds. the marketplace fairness act is another opportunity for federal decision-makers to help dave invest in key economic infrastructure all the while leveling the playing field for brick-and-mortar retailers. we have seen what happened with years they may see fit they are closing stores because it is hard with them to compete with the online retailers. speaking on behalf of the
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bipartisan governors records contain the fix chesapeake may save, let me be very clear. we are unified and protect in this critical asset. it helps our economy and all those individuals who live near our pay for our own individual livelihoods. as chairman of the chesapeake bay council, i am advocating on behalf of the six governors and the mayor of the district of columbia that we continue to have common sense policies to make sure we are continuing to protect, save and restore our great chesapeake bay. these and the rest of these incentives in initiatives that governor sandoval will talk about in a moment our real opportunities to bring the pragmatic, bipartisan leadership that would crack dissenters if every single day to washington and to get results for all of our citizens. that is certainly the approach that we hope decision-makers will read to their deliberations on the future of health care for
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our country. there have been no shortage of heated political rhetoric on this issue. i do feel confident they can have my colleagues when i say repealing the affordable care act without offering an adequate replacement will have far-reaching consequences for states and the people who live there. that is particularly true for those dates of ethics and of medicaid. in virginia, unfortunately, we have not asked ended medicaid. the repeal of the aca accompanied with an opposed block grant for the health care entitlement could cost the state of virginia and the next budget over $300 million. and of course, that does not include the enormous impacts that would befall the nearly 400,000 virginians who stand to lose access to life-saving care if proper steps are not taken. governors are dealing with these issues each and every day. no matter which direction our
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congress had, we are the ones administering many powers to the result from not discussion of whatever may occur. we are here in this era of friendship and common purpose to make sure that policy sure that policymakers hear sure that policy makers fewer voices before they make decisions that could affect us and affect so many individual centers dave. their decisions will have profound impacts on our states and the families who live there. before i turn it over to governor sandoval, i want to say congratulations and welcome. on behalf of the nation's governors to president trump and our new congress. the challenges that we face together are great. but so is our capacity here in america to meet them. the men and women of the association will work on areas. the solutions to problems we have yet to solve and yes we
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will stand up respect only if washington pursues the wrong horse. in the end i am confident that we will work together to reverse date and nation better than we found them. now i am honored and my pleasure to introduce my friend and colleague, governor rod sandoval at the great state of nevada. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. it's a great privilege to be here. governor mcauliffe, appreciate your remarks and your leadership and i'm looking forward to this year with you in terms of league and the national governors association. it is my privilege to delve deeper into some of the issues governor mcauliffe mentioned, outlining collective priorities as governor is for the new president and congress.
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nga has been building a transition blueprint with president trump and congress, one that details issue by issue of the most to governors in a period we ask the federal government to partner with us to address those issues. president trump has outlined three priorities for his first 100 days in office. infrastructure, health care and tax reform. tobacco governor mcauliffe, governor stand ready to engage with the new administration to produce a positive outcome on these and other issues for all americans and our respective residence of us dates. it's a new era in washington. governors make the following recommendations for those priorities. first, infrastructure. the governor talked about that, but i will talk a little bit more. governors and a world-class infrastructure necessary for a strong economy. everyday we champion ways to fix, fun and finance infrastructure needs in our
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state. we also must it cannot fully realize this work alone. that is why we urge the new administration to support our commitment to bring existing infrastructure into a state of good repair by committing to provide stable funding for infrastructure needs. specifically, there was ongoing uncertainty for the funding stability of the highway trust fund. that instability causes aids to think twice before pursuing large-scalarge-sca le multiyear projects needed to modernize the nation's infrastructure. infrastructure isn't just about froze. it's about water and energy. america's drinking water and wastewater must be made and treated properly. governors will work with our federal partners on successful implementation of the water resources development act. we also want to work with congress in the relevant
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agencies to strengthen our nation's energy infrastructure, including expanding and improving the elect or power grid and bringing broad and networks to underserved and often remote areas. second, health care reform which again the governor is talked about. health care often tops the list of issues that american public cares most about. as the managers of medicaid for the people of ours dates, governors have a crucial role to play in the future of american health care. no one -- no one is better equipped to wonders and then respond to the unique and complex needs of our citizens and governors. that is why we are particularly enthusiastic about any proposed federal reforms that provide states with greater flexibility for innovative solutions that meet our residents mean. we also know that higher quality and care shouldn't and doesn't have to come at a higher cost. therefore, governors must play
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an important role in the discussions surrounding rural health care policy to help navigate the complex relationship between state and federal programs. and how much is that it changes could affect the people of our state. we asked the administration and all members of congress to let us be your trusted part or. this will be very key in terms of collaboration and resource. we are the people, governors, one closest to the people of ours dates as you develop the policies that will guide american health care. last, tax reform. federal tax reform, though complex and multipronged has a substantial impact on state. to truly succeed, tax reform needs to be an intergovernmental effort. it is important to preserve public finance mechanisms specifically tax-exempt financing which play a central role of the state and local governments to raise capital for a variety of public projects including her structure.
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those projects will pave the way to grow jobs, strengthen the economy and maintained the united states position as a global competitor. the new administration must also maintain a permanent status of federal ducks ability for state and local income sales taxes to weather )-right-paren states authority of a gin and tax systems. the governor talked about online sales and while i'm on the subject to tax reform, let me also bring up the opportuniopportuni ty to bring up this commonsense tax issue with broad bipartisan support that has been on the congressional docket for decades. affirming states ability to collect sales tax from online purchases, the time has come to put this long-standing issue of and pass legislation that allows state that currently and collectively. three other things that i want to chat about on the president's
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top three agenda items are governors have additional priorities they ask congress and the administration to keep in mind as the implement change, education, something very close to my heart. last year, congress passed the new legislation long over k-12 education. since then, states have looked to the classroom and local school boards to develop education and to place students, not the federal government at the center. it is critical that states continue to build -- >> today, to the state of the state budgeting in the trunk area session. i am mark, the incoming director of the urban brookings tax policy center. we will be replacing lynn berman next week, but the ever efficient tax policy center is already putting me to work. first thing i would like to do today and acknowledge your


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