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tv   NETWORK Pool Trump Mattis Swearin  CSPAN  January 27, 2017 8:28pm-8:44pm EST

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[inaudible conversations] president trump trump and vice president pence took property in the ceremonial swearing in of general james mattis. this is about 15 minutes.
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>> good afternoon. you may be seated. mr. president, chairman dunford, members of the join chiefs of staff, member of the department of defense, men and women of our armed forces and distinguished getzs. thank you for being here today for the ceremonial swearing in of general james mattis as the 26th secretary of defense of the united states of america. it is a high honor for me to be with you today. you look around the room, we stand in a place of honor. the hall of heroes.
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the names of 3,498 american patriots are inscribed then owalls. each of them performed personals act out valor before andon the call of duty and received the medal of honor as a consequence. it is humbling. secretary mattis, is soon to mark his 50th anniversary in the service of this country. during more than four decked in uniform commanding four levels. the ledden in infran tray battalion in iraq in 1919 and led the first marine expedition ary forces.
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commanding u.s. joint forces command nato supreme ally command and u.s. central command hitch directed military operations of more than 200,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, coast guardmen, marines and allied forces across the middle east. and now, mr. sect are secretary york present as called you to lead all of armed forces of the united states. on behalf of president trump it is my pleasure to administering the oath of office. i, james norman mattist do solemnly swear. >> i james mormon mattis do sool lemly swear.
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>> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> against all enemy is foreign and domestic. >> against all enemies, foreign and domic. >> i wilber true faith and allegiance to the same. >> at take there is obligation freely. >> i take the obligation freely. >> without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. >> without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. >> and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which i am about to enter. >> of the office onpon which i. am to enter. >> so help me god. >> so men me god. >> congratulations. >> thank you. ... .... ....
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>> the americans honored in this hall remind us ouf strength as a nation of patriots. i want you to know after a decade of war, those serving today have been tested and you can count on us all the way. we are grateful for you being here, for showing your respect for us on a day when former secretary of defense, bill cohen, former deputy secretary, rudy deleon are here, it is a reminder this department stands as the defender, as the sentinels, and the guardians of
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the nation. thank you for your con -- confidence in me, mr. president. [applause] >> it is total confidence. i would like to congratulate now secretary mattis. secretary mattis is a man of honor, devotion, and a man of total action. he likes action. he is the right man at the right time and he will do us all very, very proud. i am honored to stand here today among so many patriots. you are the backbone of this country. you are the spirit of this nation in every sense. the men and women of the united states military had the greatest force for justice and peace and
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goodness that have ever walked the face of this earth. your legacy exists everywhere in the world today, where people are more free, more prosperous, and more secure because of the united states of america. you have earned and ensured for our children the glorious birthright of freedom distowed upon us guy god. those who wear our nation's uniform and receive the highest distinction, the medal of honor. this is a sacred hall, the soul of our nation lives we know these walls. these walls tell the story of those trepid americans who gave
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everything they had to to save their fellow warriors and warriors they are. believe me, warriors they are. and to save our wonderful liberties and save this god blessed land. they shared their blood and poured out the love from their hearts to protect our home. we are in awe of their valor, tremendous valor, and we pledge dedication to every single family serving our country and our flag. that is why today i am signing two executive actions to ensure the sacrifices of our military are supported by the actions of our government and they will always be supported by the actions of our government,
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believe me. first, i am signing a great rebuilding of the armed services of the united states. developing a new plan for new resources, new tools for our men and women in uniform and i am very proud to be doing this. [applause] as we prepare our budget request for congress, and i think congress is going to be very happy to see it, our military strength will be questioned by no one but neither will our dedication to peace. we do want peace. secondly, i am establishing new vetting measures to keep radical islamic terrorist out of the
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united states. we don't want them here. we want to ensure we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas. we only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love, deeply our people. we will never forget the lessons of 9/11 nor the heroes who lost their lives at the pentagon. they were the best of us. we will honor them not only with our words but with our actions and that is what we are doing today. i am privileged to be here with you and i promise that our administration will always have your back. we will always be with you and i just want to thank you very much.
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[applause] >> i want to extend a special congratulations to a great man and that is secretary mattis. i think he is going to lead us so brilliantly. he is a tremendous sold soldier and a general's general. every general, i won't say they said he is our favorite but they did. he is our favor. he is a special, special man, and i want to bless him and god bless you and god bless america and secretary mattis, i have no doubt that you will do an excellent job and thank you for accepting this responsibility.
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[applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> this is the protection of the nation from foreign terrorists entering into the united states. we all know what that means. protection the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the united states. good stuff. [applause]
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[applause] >> monday, the senate gavels in at 3:00 p.m. eastern and at 5:00 p.m. they will resume debate on rex tillerson as seck of state. at 5:30 they will take a procedural vote. if cloture is invoked a co
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conformation hearing could take place tuesday. >> c-span's washington live every day. saturday morning, nina marie pots will join us to discuss president trump's meeting with theresa may. and the national association of realtor chief economist talks about the housing market and the nomination of ben carson as housing secretary and a cut on mortgage premiums. and washington monthly with senior writer ann kim. her article looks at cash systems the u.s. and the impact it is having on communities. be sure to watch washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on saturday morning. now, a discussion on russian hacking and the 2016


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