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tv   Theresa May Fields Questions from Parliament  CSPAN  February 2, 2017 8:12pm-9:01pm EST

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refugees. we have over the last recent years introduce a particular scheme to ensure the particularly vulnerable refugees in syria can be brought to this country and something like 10,000 syrian refugees have come 0 to the country since the conflict again. we're the second big it bilateral donor helping refugees in the region. that is what we are doing. i have said the policy is wrong. we will take a different view and continue to welcome refugees to this country. >> as the executive orders were debated in eeuropen poll parliament this sign wag held up it was noted he is supporting mr. trump. this is 50 minutes. >> so we now they the statements
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by the vice president, high representative of the union for foreign affairs on the travel restrictions following the executive orders of the president of eunited states. maybe i remain members we bill not be using the -- procedure nor the blue card procedure. so let me give him the floor. >> thank you, president. before going any further may i compliment you on your election to the presidency of this house. i feel certain that the will enjoy what has already happened. >> one element i fully share was my friends -- raised in the foreign affairs council on merchandise, we'll rafe the situation in ukraine on our agenda and our occasion to restate our full support of the
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country. now, coming to the issue on the agenda today, i would start by saying that europe and the united states of america are -- have an old and deep friendship. personally i have always looked and still look the united states with great respect and admiration,as a land where everyone can succeed, whatever their social, ethnic, or cultural background. a land of opportunity, a land of hope, and dreams. a country that has always been great exactly because it has always been open and always a champion of freedom. as good friend of the united states, i believe europe has a duty to be clear, respectful and clear whenever disagreements arise, especially when it relates to our fundamental values, and we certainly disagree with the executive
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order issued by the president of the united states on february 27th. as many in u.s. seem to disagree, too. the order introduced a temporary suspension for a period of 90 days of entry into the u.s. of foreign nationals from seven countries. iraq, syria, somalia libya, and -- it is a suspension of the u.s. refugee admissions program in principle, so no few refugee applications, be accepted until the u.s. secretary of state in conjunction with the secretary of homeland security, reviews the current obligations. there have been questions on which citizens are affected by the travel ban and i would like to talk about that immediately and then focus on what is even more port. the u.s. department of state has clarified yesterday that the citizens of the european union will not be affected the ban,
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even if they hold dual citizenship but this does not change our overall assessment about the order. [applause] >> i have already made clear in the last day where the european union stands on this. no one, no one, can be surprised of his order because of their place of birth, their religion, or their ethnicity. this is wherein in our constitution -- written in our constitution, knowing europe and in america. this is who we are. this is our identity. this is something we cannot forget. our european history has told us to celebrate when a world is torn down and bridge is built. we learn from our own -- tragic
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history that every human being is first and for most a person with fundamental rights that cannot be put into question and let me ask, from a personal opinion of view, i found it really sad to learn that this executive order was issued on january 27th. the holocaust remembrance day. that is first and for -- form most day to commemorate jews kill by nazi and also reject discrimination and reflect or our duty to host those who free from persecution and protect them and their rights. [applause] >> many of them, most of them, actually, are fleeing from terrorist groups such as daesh. they're victims of terrorists and they are men and women and children, with personal stories,
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dreams and fears, and profound wounds. and most of all, they have a future to build. also for the sake of their own country and our own security. because the social reconstruction of their country depends on them. so, let me -- actually i should say let us be very clear. the european union will not turn back anyone who has the right to international protection. this is where we stand. this is where we continue to stand. it will not be moral, it would not be just, it would not be legal, and it would not be in our interests because this kind of measure has the potential to increase tension and mistrust among peoples and nations, when i say among people i also mean among people in our own society,
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and that's why with a lot of respect i invited president of the united states to pay attention what is happening in his own country. all respect and cooperation can make us more secure. only respect and cooperation can hip us manage the many crises around the world. this is the european way. we work together with the countries experience crisis and their neighbors. a travel ban can maybe, maybe, give a temporary illusion of addressing the issue, but it can only create more frustration and anger. we need cooperation. not closure. we need to engage. we need to build come ground, not a ban. the iu will partner and strong point of reference for all countries in the region, regardless of the religion of those regions.
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they can count on it us. always those in world that believe in international cooperation, human rights and rule of law. also why the european union is the biggs donor in the -- biggest donor of the world to syrian people. with more than 9 billion euros invested since the start of the tighting in syria and the european union and the u.s. have worked closely together, including the u.n. submit on refugees in new york because a global issue requires a global work. both commitments were made to protect the human rights of all refugees and migrants and count hate speech against refugees and migrants. the eu is always ready to engage with the u.s. administration to follow up on this commitment as well as in eye achievement we managed to build together and that us, today, key elements of
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our european policy. from light change to the iran dale, from the middle east peace process to our support of the system and a free and fair trade system. on debate of this -- very clear international alleged will work with the u.s. administration as partners with full reciprocal respect. this is the european union's way. this is our principle, our values, and our interests. and i believe we have a responsibility both toe towards or citizens and our partners. in the region andon. in the world -- the region and beyond, in the world to be true to our values and identity us. thank you. [applause]
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>> thank you very much, vice president. >> interpreter: we now move on the european people's party, group. you have the floor. >> interpreter: ladies and gentlemen, we are looking at travel restrictions today but all know that there's mow more to it than that. we very much support the position on the house commission. we're talking about more than that. it is true that the trump is democratically elect. we respect that and want to work with him. i want to build bridges, but we must express our respect to the outcome of the election. when mr. trump says he is -- illegal immigration he -- when he says he is fighting islamist terrorism we agree and are happy
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after -- angela merkel and prime minister may he has said he supports nato. glad about that. but that's not what we're talking about. if you look the activities over the last week, that is what it is about. the u.s. is supposed to be the country of freedom, the country of immigration. that that's the picture i always have in my mind. now we have this individualized suspicion of certain countries and certain peoples. this stuff leads to hatred and xenophobia. man who shot people in ottawa referred to trump. we're talking about a president who is tearing out the -- don't want to have the trans-pacific
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agreement. we want trade agreements. we hadn't a fair world. great efforts to strengthen trade by discussing it with mexico, japan, canada, and others, and the u.s. was always country of human rights, fundamental rights, rights which people died and fought and trump is now standing up and saying that to torture is efficient, and he gives his people a free hand. now, when a state uses torture, then that state becomes a criminal so that must not happen. it's already been indicated today that there may be a new ambassador coming. we have one already. we have nigel farage and we have
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another one and they can taking about the great independence of the uk so don't have to be part of the eu, but on behalf of my group i would say if we have to we can an ambassador from the u.s. and wants to see the end of the u and the end of the euro that person cannot be accredited. we cannot work with somebody like that. want a weak europe. trump is looking the economy. his america first, and sees that europe and china are the two major competitors, so he wants a weak and splintered europe, and therefore over the next weeks,
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months and years, looking at very fundamental issues, can we stand together or not? with your permission, ladies and gentlemen, i'd just like to say if we look the history of the u.s., and we look the history of the unite kingdom, names like roosevelt and churchill, these were politicians, fought shoulder to shoulder for freedom against totalitarian regimes and against nationalist egoism. not because -- we were looking at volumes. reagan and thatcher managed to bring communism to its knees. because that was the right thing for the world. these two paraphs politicians that i've mention -- pairs of politic is mentioned, fought for free come in this world. and i would like the same thing
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to happen now, but but but at te theresa may and donald trumping look out for their own national interest and not the freedom of the world. i'd like to see a clear signal sent in a letter on friday the kind of signal donald trump has already said, that the eu is protectorat of the u.s. think that is not the case and that europe stands strongly for our own values. thank you. >> interpreter: good afternoon. let me now give the floor to the alliance of the sessions academy break group. >> thank you very much. let tell the truth. >> interpreter: some people thought that trump would be a
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joke. and instead of that, he is revealing himself to be a nightmare. let's not underestimate what is going on here. historically when we have unestimated things, and people, then we have ended up with dictators, people who have caused war and shed blood. mrs. margari said crequely that our friendship with the peep of america is not up for discussion, it's essential, fruitful and is a firm point in our feelings and actions. we continue to strongly admire the united states, what they've have historically and what they are today, but it precisely because of that that is so painful to note these proposals, these measures being taken by trump.
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these are an attack on the european legal civilization. let's say things as they are. this travel ban aimed the citizens of just a few muslim countries, has nothing to do with border management and fighting terrorism. this is a populist lie, some people being banned, others not. deps on who trump does business with. let's say things as they are but a our citizens knee -- need clear words on this. this is an attack on the rule of law. ...
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.... .... >> welcome someone before those ongoing to destroy the european union. let my say to ms. may to the uk government do not pray the trojan horse to destroy the european union. don't take on that role. it would be good for member states to call their ambassadors
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to consultations with regard to what is going on in the u.s. that would be a symbolic act and a good thing. it would be a good thing not to see trump invited to europe until the issue is involved. i am in favor of co-operation but until trump changes his line the doors of europe need to be closed in his face. thank you. >> for the conservatives and now reformist group. >> thank you. according to a study by the cato institute, a well-respected u.s. think tank, since 1975 no american has been killed on u.s. soil by a national from any of the seven countries listed in president trump's executive order.
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so those of us who believe that laws should be fair, equality under law and the primary enforcement is social order and contracts are concerned by this arbitrary ban that effects not only muslims but christians being persecuted in the war. sending the message that is an inherent conflict with being a muslim and a good citizen plays into the arms of daesh and other extremist who say exactly the same thing. [applause] >> they make exactly the same claim when they are recruiting disillusioned muslim men and women as terrorist. whatever we in the chamber thing, the fact is americans voted for a candidate who said what he thought and they have a president that does what he promised to do. we must accept that.
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this president, his priority and policy are the consequences of a discontent to be not not only in middle american but also in many of our countries. ele ele electors who lost faith, electors who lost trust, electorates attracted by simple solutions. while we express our persons over president trump's executive orderers we must also realize as long as it came from globalization of being only in the company director and not in the pay checks of workers, as long as migration and asylum policies are seen more about compassion and less about integration we will find politicians assuming similar policies and make electoral
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gains in france and the netherlands and elsewhere in the eu. every time a mainstream politician disagrees in europe and america, every time you dismiss them as racist, this sim simply demonstrates an inability to offer a credibility opportunity. let us all ask ourselves what is more effect? the hot heads of protest or the cool heads of democracy? in these executive orders, which lack the support of congress, which were planned with out preparation for the consequences, will not make america great again. and moreover, will not strengthen but only weaken our transatlantic relationship and let us remember friends are more likely to pay attention to
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voices of reason not voices of anger. thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon ever within. now for the aldi group, please. >> intervention and i don't understand something of your intervention. first of all, you say this and two days later you are saying we have to accept it because he is elected. no, it is not because he is elected that he can go against human values and the values of the united states of america even an elected president and he had no majority of the poplar vote in the united states has to listen to the american constitution, has to listen to the american tradition, and that is my start of my intervention. in fact, people are saying -- some people are saying in the
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united states that is top security. but it is -- you have given the figure. since 1975 terrorist came from egypt, saudi arabia and none of them are on the list. there are seven countries and nobody came from that country since 1975 as a terrorist. it is pure discrimination. and pure discrimination in a more broader approach. it is not only about religious ban. it is about fueling populism and nationalism. and that is also by having the id to designate their ambassador and let's be aware of steve bannon, member of the national security council of the united
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states of america. a man who is openly saying we want a world wide right wing movement to get rid of the european union, to get done with the european union and you are sitting here and it is the fifth column because he is working with mr. bannon. he sees him on a regular basis. one thing that you see how european union can be destroyed in the coming years. not thinking their colleagues on one thing. it is -- be gut in the past. be gut in the 20th century. people were told maximalism and populism was the solution.
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20 million deaths is what nationalal -- nationalism cost europe. there is not a person who doesn't have a granddaughter or daughter who was not victim of that nationalism and populism. that is why we created the european union. to overcome that. what i see for the moment is appear american president, normally what -- roosevelt for example. he wanted to be the leader of the free world. i am not seeing an american president who wants to be the leader of the fight against the free world. against solidarity, and against tolerance. and i think we have -- it is an existential moment, mr. president, for the european union. you can take one decision and we have president trump, we have a populus nationalist view, we
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have the radical islamists in the south and a bunch of people who want to destroy the european union. we can do one thing. that is unit, fight back with the european union and i hope it will not only be the better and, i support the letter of i hope all european leaders have to courage to stand up and fight back this nationalists and populist who want to destroy us. [applause] >> thank you. mr. zimmer now. >> thank you very much. i am this is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, we discuss the policies of the
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united states and more particularly mr. trump. thank you for having established the link to the time when mr. trump signed his decree to stop the travel of muslim citizens from the 7th of january and it wasn't a matter of chance. it was quite deliberate because of the same day he insulted -- talked about his aunts dying in the concentration cam and said he knew what it was like when people were being persecuted for his beliefs and trump said he was a bad actor. this is the kind of level of
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rhetoric we are going to hear. if we are to convince that the european system has something to counter this, something to counter this lack of respect for human beings, then we have to prove we are better. in a tweet, it said that the european union is a safe house for migrants. no, it is not. we have to use our values and have a proper migration policy toward people who are looking for protection and not considered the root of all evil who bring terrorism to our land. we got to stay true to our values and let me say once again what would have happened to the post-war democracies after 1945
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if a lot of the refuges who had been subjected to nazi and were out on the roads in europe, what would have happened if he had not looked after these refuges? we might have missed them afterwards and that alone should prompt us not to play this game. we shouldn't just counter the argument. but we have to prove we have something to say, that there are things we do better and that we cooperate with those people in the united states who are out on the streets demonstrating. the thing that really gave me hope these last few days is that on the day that trump took office and the date afterwards in the u.s. and throughout the
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world hundreds and thousands of women spoke against this image of human beings. it is not just the lack of respect for women but it is for the lack of respect for human beings generally irrespective of nation nationality, faith or country of origin. let's counter trump and his ideology by stopping him from getting into a situation where he can hit the nuclear button. let's make sure that we have security. let's try to get trump out -- >> thank you. >> the 45th president of the united states of america is truly opening a new chapter in
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the history of the u.s. and in the mystery of democracy as well. let's be clear this ban is not something for security. it is very clearly discrimination and it is hard to think muslims, even though not only muslims are hit, and even if it doesn't hit all muslims, it is directed again because of people's religion. who could have imagined that such a thing can happen? who could have thought that the freedom and the rights we all assume are normal and natural. we always had them and think they are guarantee d to evapat evaporate and disappear. this is how liberal democracy dies. it vanishes quickly with an executive order. the u.s. built itself on religious freedom. that was one of the key figures about its founding and on immigration.
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and now what is left of this american dream and how quickly it has vanished. all the freedoms and liberties we take for granted, they are not for granted, they have to be taught for every single day. democracy isn't something that is set-up into constitution and it is there. no, you have to defend it every single day. stand for human rights. they are never guaranteed. you have to work for them. in europe we pride ourselves of living in democracy and proud to defend human rights. but can we do enough to safeguard those values? don't we also restrict access at our borders? don't we also have walls and fences? in this chamber even there are people that discriminate based on where people come from and their religion.
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what are we doing about that? everyone of us, including the governments of the member states, need to be clear on which side do we stand? do we stand on the side of hate and of walls? or do we stand on the side of democracy and building bridges? i think we need to build our european union stronger and for that we need to get our acts together when it comes to what is leading to unemployment especially of young people, we need to correlate a foreign policy and be champions of the international law because there is not many other people out there in the world who will do it. we need to step up our role in the u.n. and when it comes to climate change. let's make europe the counter model to trump, the light of human rights and liberty, rule of law and generosity. let us be the ones to show justice and compassion and let us make sure we are not just
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speaking of those values but demonstrating them in everything we do. the statue of liberty was given by france to the younger sister, america, system and freedom of rights. i think we should build more statutes of liberty and we need to put them up where people arrive full of hope and fear and put them everywhere where people are standing up for their rights and their neighbor rights. it has championed those people to fight were the rights and rights of others no matter the national national nationalities or sexual orientation or where they come from. europe needs to be bridges and not walls. let us do that together. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. mr. faraj now. >> thank you. well i can see you are very upset this afternoon.
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i have no doubt that the events in the usa over the last few weeks have been a very profound shock to you. perhaps you are right. you see what has happened here is somebody has stood on a manifesto for election, got into office, and within one week said he will hold space for his own electorate. it is called genuine democracy unlike the system in the european union where the unelected commissioners have the sole right to propose legislation. i am sure it is great shock to see a genuinely elected democrat is doing what he was put in to do. it must be, i would think today in washington --
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>> this parliament has institutional functions as does the commission so institutional respect to the commission but also as a result of the commissioner's president we need to be polite. so thank you. >> a lot of institutional presidents of the truth and perhaps you would understand within the european form of lawmaking it is the unelected commission that have the sole right to propose legislation. if i am wrong in saying that you can throw me out of this parliament right here, right now, this afternoon. [applause] >> i am asking you to be a little more respect full. >> i will be respectful and
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hopefully you will be toward winner of the european. >> it seems to me with all the anti-trump rhetoric coming from everywhere. what we are hearing is the true nature of the european project which is genuine anti-americanism. trump is motivated by protecting the united states of america from islamic terrorism where is what is happening in this room and in governments around europe is you are welcoming these people into your own homes. can we please, just for a moment, look at the facts? amongst all the high -- all donald trump did was taken seven countries that were identified as president obama as posing a risk to the united states. obama put in place extreme vetting and what trump has done
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is say let's examine that vetting for 90 days and see whether it is good enough. i want to ask you and all the others with our thorough outrage today where were you when obama in 2011 banned any iraqi from going into the country for six months? why do i hear no criticism in this chamber all from the commission of saudi arabia kuwait, bahrain and others who refuse to take a single, not one, refuge or displaced person from syria. and how could it be, how could it be that on holocaust day, last friday, not a single one of you criticized the 16 countries in the world that ban israeli jews from going to their country on holiday? what is this hypocrisy? perhaps what we need to do mr. president and members, perhaps we need to be a little bit more constructive.
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all of us here say we are democrats. here is a chance to prove it. let us invite president trump to come here to vis european parliament and i am sure as democrats you would agree what we need to do is have an open dialogue with the newly elected, most powerful man in the world, and if you throw that rejection in my face you prove yourself to be the anti democrat i always thought you were. [applause] >> can we have a microphone? >> mpresident, mr. trump is as
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great a threat to the eu and russia as the islamic state. mr. trump is suffering from irrational anxiety and panic attacks that disturb his view on reality. president trump has rightfully introduced a stop on countries that were identified by his predecessor obama as countries that pose a threat to u.s. security. this argument to improve border patrol before allowing people to enter is completely valid. in the eu we are directly sufferisuffer suffering from the consequences of a failing border patrol. we have attacks in brussels, berlin, paris, and many lost their lives and many severely injured.
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trump called the eu a mess and he is right. it is a mess. and the outcry trump is a threat to democracy is -- where was the protest against exclusion of israeli citizens by the same islamic countries that are now banned from the united states? you should be ashamed of jeopardizing the live of the europe european citizens because of the failing border protection. i call on following in the steps of mr. trump. keep jihadist out and not just from the seven countries trump listed but of many more who are responsible to for migration from the middle east. thank you. >> thank you.
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hearing a member of the british labor party sat behind me with a sign and not until the end did someone come out to end with that. i trust something will be done to discipline this member because if not i will write my own sign and write sell out. [applause] >> mr. ethridge, please. >> we stand to tell the member he was not entitled to hold up that sign. now four and half minutes. >> thank you. we can see the transit here. these travel restrictions with a dangerous development. thousands of migrants and
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refuges are the victims of the capitalist system which is being managed by trump. now this has the potential for conflict. at the same time we have brexit. this is a facet of capturing europe which has not been too successful, they are feeding on this and they have to work out their own way and they have to
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fight organization such as t the -- >> thank you and we need to stay on the debate. >> thank you. thank you for your study on the commission. i think this is a sign of disrespect for the parliament because i was asked to do this job by the european parliament and enforced by the prim minister. i see there is a lot of confusion. the united states is a great country or democracy. america will have to deal with their own divisions and discussions. i know that us europeans will
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specialize in making our own prizes. i think this is clear this is an american problem that will have to be dealt with americans footing this out. starting from the dangerous divisions we are seeing in the american political institutional and societal dynamics. i am confidant our american friends will find a way out of this tension and crisis. continue to be the great country that most of you recognize they have been and they will continue to be. it is up to us not to try the solve the contradictions of the united states but be clear where we are, be true to them and those of you that underlie it and this is also up to you in
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the chamber and many others in the european institutions. be strong and show leadership. we may have lost one important partner on some sides but this makes our leadership even more important, relevant and i would say in-dispensable. people are looking at the european union now, maybe not the uk but the rest of the world, as a point of reference when it comes to free and fair trade, human rights, respect, which for us is noted not only the institution relations but human relations. when it comes to our own humanism.
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i will end by saying great american friends reminded us europeans in brussels that europeans should believe in themselves as much as the world believes in them. i think this is the time for us europeans to realize the potential we have, to realize the responsibility we hold in this particular historic moment and to be that strong point of reference that the world needs in this moment. and in particular, in our region. i was thinking of the paradox where you have the prime minister from libya tomorrow here. that was natural and they would be here in brussels discussing ways out of the libyan here with us.


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