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tv   Sean Spicer Fields Questions on Iran Sanctions  CSPAN  February 3, 2017 5:07pm-5:40pm EST

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back. >> back ore-ida spend midafternoon. happy friday. the first jobs report under
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the president's administration is national wear red day to prevent heart this these in the national catholic schools week the president will be signing executive orders back to lenders and borrowers. and another great deal was reached with lockheed martin with the intervention 55 planes were purchased for u.s. military u.s. military had a net $455 million savings for the u.s. taxpayers and average cost reduction of 7.5%. speaking of good numbers the economy added within 227,000 new jobs effectively more than the one of its 75,000
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expected it reflects consumer confidence that the trump presidency has inspired. and adp shows strong private sector hiring. president trump campaign how to make america work again even before he took office of market delivered and is turning the economy around is looking forward to insure every american who wants a job as the opportunity to find one. he is pleased of the job growth in the labor force participation is rising and recognizes there's a lot more work to be done. he has a big and bold agenda to create jobs and his first two weeks in office even more than 50 business leaders. he participated in a strategic forum was among
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the most successful companies to understand the importance of the open dialogue had to make the nation's economy stronger. that firsthand experience will continued to seek opinions while crafting the economic agenda. one primary goal of new and improved of placement opportunities looking at a full range of policy measures of tax and trade reform to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure and improve the education system. the president will be citing to executive actions as part of the regulatory system expect that to happen closer to 1:00. the first is a guideline principles for the regulatory system to mitigate risk but more
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importantly protects consumers dodd frank is a disastrous policy and during the market reducing credit crippling the economy imposed hundreds of new regulations well-established ching a new agency does not adequately protect consumers that worse double that does not address the causes of the financial crisis that we know must me done it did not solve to big to fail and that the failure of a large bag will never leave taxpayers in the hook. the rule is a solution in search of a problem there better ways to protect investors then the trump did ministrations and is taking action. the intent is to have
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retirees and others with financial advice with the reality is to limit the financial services president trump did not intend to put limits exceeded its authority in this is the overreach he was put to his taking action to protect american taxpayers and get people back to work. we announced may would take steps add to sanction 25 entities giving support to the ballistic missile program and these designations are in response to the ongoing ballistic missile program as well as the continued support for terrorism.
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retake these actions today in we will continue to respond with appropriate action day mark another start with our continued our effort to target the ballistic missile program will drop the department of defense he visited korea and japan returning to washington tomorrow. this is the priority on the asia-pacific to strengthen the correa alliance in the face of a ballistic missile threat. now he has the not kabinett -- cavanagh nominees. regarding the weekend plans he will do his second weekly facebook likely be then he will recap another week of
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action and he will also discuss his supreme court nominee of black history month and talk about the african-american community. the lead in to the remarks on facebook live will show the artwork created by african american artist and you do not want to miss this. team will shift the operation down to the winter white house while the florida he will hold calls to plan for another big week of action in pride read out soon as they occur if the illustration has already racked up 60 actions with 21 executive actions and stakeholder meetings to name a few. it will be another productive week. on monday he will visit the airforce base and central command and receive one
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command briefings from centcom and socom and the president will return to washington that evening with that it will go to my first stipe question from nbc in south florida. >> on behalf of the viewers they for this opportunity to sanctions were announced today miami is home to largest cuban-american community in the country and the president talked about his discontent of those simple nations -- and lamented by it president obama so has their benny contact between did his station in the cuban government is there any chance negative plans to change the current policy
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greg. >> we're in the midst of a full review the president is committed to an agenda for all citizens around the world does review that policy that will be an apology discussions with nothing at this point. >> previously this morning the president has said is this the full extent right now and? and are all options on the table? >> one of the things the president has said about the campaign during the transition is how you can have much success will auction.
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but today's sanctions really represent a very strong stand to make it very clear the deal struck was not in the best interest of this country and president trump will everything he can. >> far more actions coming quick. >> nothing is off the table. but that is what will happen >> senator rod wyden has written to the president saying her background makes her unsuitable as the cia deputy director glenn was the role of the enhanced interrogation program with the bush should ministrations. do you believe this
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background is a disqualify your quick. >> she had an unbelievably distinguished career as the covert operative. she basically gave that up to come out to serve in of this role at the request of director pompeii zero and it is a very distinguished servant in this tightly qualified off. >> one but getting to business the number one public health and safety threat facing the stay is the heroin and opium weaknesses the president promised to be swift and aggressive so the problem lies in the labs could dip in the northeast what about
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the addiction and secondly as do hampshire it is expected to be close even with the favorable view of right to work is it engaged in that quick. >> with the open ua crisis it is a major one crisis one of the things beyond the health issue is is to look at the flow of heroin through the southern border is something the president takes his strong immigration stance on border security that will go along way to stem the flow of illegal drugs up into the state's. was up the big issue throughout the primary and that is something that is
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soon as tom price and others are confirmed there is a health component, a border issue, a multi government approach to be taken into the opioid crisis. with right to work you accurately portrayed it. the president wants to give workers and companies to give the of flexibility in their best interest the vice president has been achieved in of this as well. >> beyond the executive order is the administration working with congress to overturn certain portions of all law one? what is the timeline?
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and what part of dog frank is actively considered? period there is to aspects the illustrated piece and that the legislative piece we will work with congress but i would go back to what i said earlier that dog frank is a disaster with the impact but to achieve the goal though question the president talked about this extensively with the impact it has had. it is not either or frankly does not doing what it set out to do. not just administrative action but through working with congress was. >> meeting with the ambassador can you describe what that meeting was about that all of those subjects are possible through extreme
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vetting? which was communicated? connecting treasury secretary wasn't charge of sanctions before but were these something that were on his desk and that is what made them not so available quick spin make you correctly pointed out these don't have been quickly but the timing was clear early a reaction over the last couple of days. they had been worked through the process actaeon decisively. they were in the pipeline and the president made the decision in the chief staff
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ambassador i a appreciate the correction we have a tremendous amount of respect it was of follow-up but we will continue to honor the commitments we have made in me will continue to have discussions. >> is there a shift in u.s. policy that isn't helpful to achieving peace addison is a departure? with no reaffirmation of a two-state solution. where are you on that quick. >> that is his school when
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they meet here with the prime minister of the 15th that is the topic provide the end of the day of the goal is peace. that is a subject that will discuss and that is as far as i want to go on that one. >> what is your position. >> host: they were not an impediment to peace. >> the statement is very clear we don't believe it is an impediment but those beyond the current border is not helpful. >> that's it is calculated by the department of labor labor, nominee of this gender 27,000 jobs added --
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227,000 jobs added were a result of his administration ? >> cacophonous index i will not get into that type of a breakdown of you have seen that action. clearly there is a desire to build and manufacturer but i am not a liberty to start parsing other reports and i was pleased at 227 dozen jobs that was the great kickoff and that is why the president continues to be with you leaders figuring out how to grow the economy. >>.
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>> with those cetera already in the united states quick. >> i don't have all the details of that right now. >> they prove the plate to make america great again. what about those groups are writing at the conservative evens? >> we don't know who they are. >> letter was sent yesterday from senator mccain. >> i have to get back to you on that. >> embassador nicky he leaped -- cheney said this the administration have plans to add more sanctions? >> those are routine with a
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clarification and with that the occupation of crimea. and now we will go to arizona. >> looking at the confirmation on the horizon there is still concerns regarding the suicide rate that the administration is seeking in the second part of the question what is the
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industry shin doing -- administration doing about that secret meeting of the tarmac quick. >> continues to show to bring people together and figure out how to move the country for word that is something that continues to show a desire that the prayer breakfast. with his desire to move the country for word. >> with the confirmation quite. >> yes. first and foremost, with reform firstly have to get the confirmation as i have brought up in the past talk about the agenda of reform and senate democrats
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continue to blow them off. that is a big problem he is the right individual to reform the v.a. with medical care but the problem is the challenges we face in the v.a.. they deserve the best care mortgage lending, health care horse or at the other things the v.a. service our veterans. talking to others at the cleveland clinic about a better approach to serve the needs of our veterans. right now there are we times that our unacceptable we have to address that and he will continue to do that. >> the candidate trump said he would boycott of. >> defeat today's action speaks for itself he made it very clear the deal that was struck was a bad deal we gave iran to much and we got
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too little. we need to be tough in away over the last eight years to expedite those sanctions is another example. now let's go to talk radio in alabama. >> thanks for taking questions outside of that the the media bubble. donald trump made the stampede from the immigration baguette daca still exist and there still issuing work permits so when will these programs be ended and stop issuing work permits quick. >> as you know, secretary kelly just assumed office and we reviewed in these programs. we made it clear we will
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have further updates on immigration regarding daca and the president has made progress regarding immigration problems and we will see more action sonat over the next few weeks. >> to hear about concerns with mexico what those irritants that he finds along the canadian border is there a meeting with their prime minister trudeau? they're looking at a time to come down to meet with canadian officials and that should have been shortly. >> the foreign minister referred to details of the president's plan to establish a safe zone in syria. when can we expect further details on that plan? >> that is a good question.
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that is the subject that has come up with all of the middle east leaders and as he continues to have a follow-up conversation obviously the secretary was just sworn into office there will be follow-up of that. >> [inaudible] >> there will be a lot of trade and national security as we get closer to that meeting for right now there is an economic aspect and the national security aspect >> with a 40 percent approval rating he talked
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about that during the campaign what are the american people looking at these actions? >> he also had a 51 percent approval rating. a majority of people approved. i and stand that and as the president the policy is enacted for all of the hysteria regarding we did not have the proper vetting to be in place to make sure the american people were safe but we did have a very high response in support of that. the president understands it is a marathon and a novice print berger the poll numbers will reflect that.
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>> [inaudible] >> i don't have that. not right now. i think we will have further updates on that. we need to work with congress of that. >> you said something about president trump talking on facebook he would talk about black history month. but a couple of days it to the administration asked you what he was formulating as he came out the day before with the issue of chicago. has he now formulated a plan to issue law and order?
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>> it is jobs and education and health care there is a lot that goes with that agenda. it is about hiring and job creation it is that the forefront. is not a single thing but crime and law and order that impacts the entire segment of the population whether they live in the rural part or the city and that is what he is focused on right now. he is formulating the agenda so the second question is what. >> i have nothing to announce on that. >> you have nothing to announce. >> i do stand we have heard
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rumors but when we have something to announce we will. but it should not be a surprise when it comes to routing out radical islamic terrorist he will make sure that is a major focus keeping the country safe progress don't have anything further for you on that. april. i said i have nothing for you but i have been very clear he is rooting out radical islamic terrorism on the forefront of his agenda. i know there is a lot of reports on that effort i have nothing else. >> [inaudible] should americans be ready for the possibility to put that of the table? became very clear you don't take options off the table
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but the sanctions today are very strong and impact fall and i hope that iran realizes after the provocative measures they have taken the unity in this administration is not taken lightly. >> several groups say there is a tight in the senate of the confirmation of betsy devos and my pants will have to cast the historic tie-breaking vote berger should we be watching for any surprises that the congressional affairs office ? or do expect the vice president to be on hand quick. >> betsy devos is an unbelievable champion of education of children and teachers and parents i hope she gets 60 or 70 votes.
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she has fought very hard to repair of the nation's education system. i think we will make sure to do everything we can to be confirmed to me the next secretary of education for the president is about to sign executive orders will be on the of plane on monday . had a great weekend. >> is there backlash? [inaudible conversations]
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. >> despite all of the cultural problems of america this is still by far and away the greatest country in the history of the world


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