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tv   Analysis of U.S.- Iran Relations  CSPAN  February 11, 2017 1:57am-2:12am EST

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national reconciliation and be take pride in 38 years and the efforts made over the past three and half years and may god bless you all.
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>> as the word earlier discussing with the geopolitical situation as they decide how to cast their ballot. we do see the people in the streets right now also have editing this will affect the population? and if president trump continues with the undiplomatic gesture and then to solidify the position in what they will
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propose but thanks to trumprumph the founder of the islamic revolution with the unity of message and then to actually achieve that. mr. trump's adamant rejection and alienation with the worst deal in history. with no factual evidence but they will show that washington did not keep its promises that you really can
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trust those elements in washington even and save multilateral including the five other superpowers that will bring of people together like the secretary of defense and 1980's. this movement, this revolution
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require an on-site enemy for its survival? >> i don't think so. because the revolution happened because people are oppressed. and the person president was actually √£the reason iranians called this the great √£because the united states is that of taking this opportunity and correcting some of the past mistakes, they decided to stick
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with this into the last minute and after they decided to fight the new government anyway that they could and they have continued doing that for the past 38 years. and so we did not look for an enemy, the absent enemy came to us. and they have an opportunity to correct that mistake. especially with the powers. >> okay the israelis are as much a reformation of the ideals of the islamic revolution as they are a message to donald trump right now. let's go back to see what is going on on the streets. >> thank you so much. if you have just joined us, this is special coverage on the
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30th anniversary of ceremonies marking the victory of the islamic revolution here in iran. our correspondence are standing by right now. but right now before. >> over let me mention a remark by the leader of the iran islamic revolution says this year the iranian response to donald trump in their massive turnouts and rallies. thank you for being back with us. what is going on in the streets right now? >> of course, as we speak right now, a few minutes before this president rouhani's speech was wrapped up here right now the crowds are gradually preparing themselves to take part in the prayer congregation. of course today it would definitely, a very strong presence in the iranian nation
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here in the streets of the capital along with other cities across the we saw massive rallies taking part and protesting and voicing their opposition towards what they regard as these hostile policies of the us government. since the victory of the islamic revolution of iran. of course this is the biggest national event that takes place annually to mark the celebrations and connection to the victory of the islamic revolution of iran. of course people from all walks of life gathered here traditionally. what's interesting, i spoke with a number of people including the number of teenage students and they were quite angry of the recent policies of the us government and the hostility towards the muslim citizens. especially to do with immigration laws. they condemned the band of a
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five-year-old iranian child. that is they were angry of. many people we spoke to this year replied angry with the stance of the current us administration, the trump administration. he regarded the policy as a direct insult towards muslims and iranians. ...
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the atlantic down in washington, dc, the european union's foreign policy chief, federica mogherini spoke about the eu's relation shift we the united states and the future of the relationship in the trump administration. this is an hour. i. >> good afternoon, and back to the atlantic council, thank you for joining us.


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