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tv   Communicators with Representative Marsha Blackburn  CSPAN  February 13, 2017 8:21pm-8:54pm EST

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headed is the right size than the right emphasis within the agency's. and then to do some work with encryption and then to
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the the efforts when it comes to encryption and cybersecurity and by a favorite is extending broadband world pan and to make certain that we address what i view as an opportunity gap. five for those who do not have broad band. and to expand educational opportunity in those to use telemedicine they cannot recruit new factories with they could bring jobs to those underserved areas. and that is a pretty good agenda item already at work at it to make you already had a hearing and what did you learn? >> talking to different
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administrators people better former administrators, and they said the energy needs to be focused on helping the federal government with spectrum and how they go about their use that spectrum they need to concern themselves the way that we deploy and broadband and expand abroad the and. they made a couple of points . and while be think in terms of issues of things of that nature and thinking in terms of wireless also in the coverage that you can get especially if you think about 5g and that component
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moving to commercialization. they were very helpful and i appreciated the fact, it was a good bipartisan hearing with great conversation between the former administrators, it was bipartisan with a tremendous amount of agreement about their reauthorization needs to take place with a view and realignment. >> joining our conversation today. >> the chairman blackburn are you hoping to draft legislation quick. >> yes to reauthorize the agency.
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coupon and so to get in the dialogue started. i hope we are well on our way by the time we break from the august recess. and to make certain they're focused on the nation and i believe this is step number-one that we could push that for word sooner rather than letting that languish. >> to have a new administrator in place? we have the input with a group of issues that is
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housed in the commerce department now i would love and have the senate move forward to get the cabinet confirmed so the secretary of commerce could name uh deputy and these heads within their jurisdiction so yes we would like to have someone and from taking action. >> in your years of serving what are your observations? >> i would like to see more than spectrum management and here's the reason why.
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and to say that is off the to do list and to manage that spectrum with those utilization of that spectrum and this is one of the reasons why this is important our relationship is important. and think about that with those 3 billion devices and think about the utilization and respecter management is and that ties in with broadband.
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how will you use the telemedicine concept quick to have to have spectrum have you utilize increased and he -- with video classrooms and monitoring if you don't where x but also looking at the fcc in its is time to look at the structure. and it makes sense. over the past 20 years powhatan the needs for interfaith i'd like to see the regional offices for the
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fcc for them to call washington d.c. waiting for them to call them back. but i think convenience of working with the federal agency is important. >> i really appreciate the chairman. i appreciate his willingness to work with congress i have a good working relationship with him through the years i think he is very diligent and and i have appreciated that he is not a fan of net neutrality nor am i or of reclassification and neither
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am i. so i think i will get along just fine with the chairman. >> with that neutrality should that be something congress deals with? >> i think it can be the one to process rescinding is something that congress may want to come in and be specific and dealing with how broadband is approached the internet is not broken it does not need the fcc to manage it it does not need to proceed the i sp and the government's of those networks the fcc does not need the ability to set content and they do not need
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to file with the fcc before they send an attachment in the internet that the internet is free and open source. and really when you look at it with that original concept when it was developing with computers at separate locations everything one is open source and i think that reclassification and it was not helpful. >> what do you hope to get back with the draft classification. >> alike to see where the fcc can get with us.
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with that paid prior to ration and then to legislate on that when they are constructing a deal. >> so you want to wait greg. >> i am looking forward to working with the industry shin and the chairman. i am a big believer in orderly process so to get everything in place and then legislate what is necessary for arrest to do to make certain we do have internet freedom and then we will take the steps as they come along. >> host: talked-about getting the players in place and they are short two commissioners.
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>> they are short. i think commissioners in place are very skillful as they are moving with forward with process reform they have moved forward on a bipartisan basis. sitting around waiting not using it as an excuse and the eight enjoyed working with the commissioner and different issues and continuing to do that. she has been a good voice and commissioner o'brien me likewise also getting to know him. >> also on the trump
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transition team did you have any input quick. >> i have not been asked for my opinion on that but if they wanted me to wait and i am sure i would have some thoughts of laugh. >> how soon could you have an oversight hearing grex and then to hear from the fcc and i think the good thing is that we are talking with our colleagues from the senate on a regular basis and working with us commission on a regular basis to meet with some of us.
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that is healthy for the process. and let the agenda owing bush the process changes and to avail themselves with the efficiencies to be more effective. >> your counterpart in the senate and ranking member what are your working relationships? >> roger wicker we have talked i have known him for years. and congressmen to wail and i and looking down to
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sitting down together within the next week to talk about what is on the agenda and that hoping it will be as predict -- productive. >> there was one concern that came up of the privacy rules and there has been some debate fifth with congress will look at those do support using that? i know you have a lot of concern last year with those rules coming into being. >> i did and i still do. we are working with the senate on this to see what is the most expedient way
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and to make certain you can do that and then to have their resolution to that. we are going to work with the senate and see how we proceed on that. >> would there be a a gap with privacy oversight? and they have not undone reclassification. , it is that a factor? >> i think we would work through that not to have a gap of oversight. if we go that route to and handle that appropriately with the first concern and then working with the second by the way and to always
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have the oversight of privacy and then with the appropriate transfer. >> host: has the sec overstepped its boundaries in the last eight years quick. >> i think it has and has gotten outside of their core mission. the net neutrality orders and reclassification and privacy is jurisdiction to have that knowledge and expertise to handle privacy issues and of course, peter welch and i would cochair together with data security legislation ready to move forward and even democrat members of the committee
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offered legislation and hope that will move forward and that could be encouraged with the day about - - data security that comes under digital commerce and consumer protection of like to see us come to resolution >> what are your thoughts with encryption? >> with encryption of the data we don't want those devices that working with law-enforcement we have to
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come to an understanding working on the encryption and fighting a forest fire and then it will pop up in another but we are doing something to address this issue that is not necessarily technology specific you have new generations and congress does not work at that pace. that technology is outdated so it is important with a
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delivery system or technology specific i think that is a thoughtful conversation approaching that. here is the goal we want them to know their data is safe and secure. when you have a device you want to know that it cannot be broken into and informations lifted at the same time working with law-enforcement with the data that they need that they can have access to moving into the internet of things. and with those systems that
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record conversations. or home operating systems. let's not do something that this reaction to go down the wrong path that this conversation will take diligence and i am thrilled he is leading our efforts with this sub committee staff and the shared jurisdictions. >> as you may well know the tech community in general supported hillary clinton as a democrat so what is your message? >> my message to silicon
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valley is to meet with president trump twice i think their position on some of the issues mr. trump understands technology that revolves around technology based products for those that are involved in trade in real so understand the well-trained work force. that when wilbur ross is confirmed you will see somebody there that to help them achieve and that
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innovation is the part of that bed and i think the tax community will be very pleased with that. with the house or the senate or the administration they are technology of first -- of personnel look forward to working with them. and also what is an element of change in and you have a delivery system with amazon as the online retailer that
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has original content and all of those that are in my district i found interesting that technology is usually on one side of the issue beginning to look for ways of shared goals and dimbleby helpful through the unprocessed. >> so to what degree is there a greater revisiting at this point it? it has spent 21 years since that has happened. >> you have done your homework. of course, that will need to be revisited. i know if we have enough bandwidth to do with this year but that is definitely
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on the to do list there are some things that could probably use our review and will look forward to doing that. in lithos house keeping components. >> in terms of broadband expansion border the steps that president trump has talked about bad infrastructure to come together, d.c. the subcommittee quick. >> they will and of course, the house will but to give it all a good review with the needs of the communities that are
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underserved to be able to actively a participate with increasing broadband access and utilization and then to ask the right questions and this is fiscally responsible as applied to this and it will be a net gain with the source of frustration the yet the attention never comes to their area and i have 19 counties that are
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whirl and the broadband extension has been working the last few months with the different options and components and to bring in the county mayor's and to talk about where there are opportunities for them. >> host: just to go back about the new telecom act comedy really think this could begin next year? >> i do. that the amount of time that has lapsed is just good government to go in in in preview different pieces that it is a necessity for
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congress to do to reauthorize these agencies. one of the things the american people with bipartisan is a responsive government and cost-effective and they wanted to be e efficient with current technology and they wanted to be modernized and the reauthorization process is if we do that in two years we will be pretty pleased with at and call it progress. >> the chair of energy commerce subcommittee
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. >> gala cap funding for education with stay in local districts discussing ways to improve school financing and how the judicial system has a role. this is an hour and a half. >> today i have an


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