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tv   Heritage Foundation President Jim De Mint Addresses CPAC  CSPAN  February 23, 2017 11:06am-11:18am EST

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>>. [music] we will stand up to create this anywhere and everywhere it threatens the american job. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president of the heritage foundation,
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editor jim didn't. [applause] [applause] >> hey, great party. it feels like a celebration here. now, how many of you are here at sea pack for the first time, let me see some hand. let's give it a big cpac welcome to some of you veterans. how many of you have been to five or more cpac meetings, i want to see those hands. thank you veterans. back you veterans. how many of you voted last november? who did you vote for? okay, how many of you
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transferred activists back home who worked to make america great again. i want you to tell me one thing. why are you here and why do you work so hard back home for our country? hey, i'm going to answer that one for you. because america is worth fighting for. that's why we are here. [applause] freedom is worth fighting for. our ideas of individual liberty, of free markets, traditional values, strong defense. these are all worth fighting for. these conservative ideas make america great and make life better foreveryone . but make no mistake, we will always have to fight for these ideas because freedom is the greatest threat to those on the left who crave
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power and control. were going to have to fight. we can see the left all around us right now. they are literally freaking out at the rejection of their ideas and their candidates. isn't it wonderful? let them freak out. it's a big temper tantrum they are having right now but isn't it wonderful that we will never have to hear the words president clinton again? [applause] the left isn't protesting bad policies. they are protesting an election and a man america selected as their president. and they will do everything they can to keep from from being successful. last november, americans dodged a bullet. no doubt about it.
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and conservatives won a great victory. no doubt about it. but folks, let's not forget that there are no permanent victories here in washington. all we won last november was the chance to get out of the stands and on to the field. now, the real fight begins. that's why we are here. as we gear up and equip ourselves for the fight had, for the fight of our lives, let's always remember and warn everyone who will listen that washington is extremely good at lowering expectations. sound familiar? okay, all the guardians are already whispering in the ears of republicans, into congress and in thewhite house , telling them not to keep their promises. i've been in a lot of these
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republican meetings and i know what the lobbyists, the consultants and the pollsters are saying. they're saying republicans should not overreach. that politics is the art of the possible. what they mean is that politics is the protector of the status quo. don't rock the boat. find the easiest road and take it. they're saying you can't build a wall and control our borders. you have to get amnesty and citizenship for the people who are here illegally. they're saying you can't repeal obama care. tax reform is just too controversial. you can't ever balance the budget . and of course, you must reopen the big crony, corrupt export import. that's what they're hearing behind closed doors right now. the list goes on and on but our job as conservatives and
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as the national conservative movement is to make possible what the establishment says is impossible. we must think big. we must act bold. that's the american way. remember our founders. when they signed the declaration of independence, they were practicing the art of the possible. they were dreaming and impossible dream to win their independence from the most powerful country in the world. but by dreaming, by believing, by working, they buy fighting, they made possible what was considered impossible by all the experts of the day. president lincoln had an almost impossible dream of keeping america united. many fought and died to save this last great hope of humanity but they made possible what's seemed impossible.
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barry goldwater dreamed and impossible dream of running a presidential campaign on conservative ideas. he lost, but his willingness to fight for the right ideas paved the way for ronald reagan to eventually win the presidency on the same conservative ideas. [applause] and we know all the experts and pollsters said that donald trump's quest for the presidency was an impossible dream. but we found out again that in america, nothing is impossible. [applause] fellow conservatives, this is our time. we cannot allow our representatives in washington to squander this opportunity. and again fall short of the promises that we've made to the american people. we cannot allow the left, the media and squeamish republicans to tell us that
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policies that will make life better for every american are impossible. we must and we can repeal obama care now. [applause] every republican in the house and senate who voted to repeal obama care in 2015 and sent it to the president, they should send that same bill to president trump right now. [applause] folks, the excuse that we are hearing, that we can't repeal obama care until we replace it is absolutely ludicrous. before obamacare, america had the best healthcare system in the world. obamacare has become a cancer on our healthcare system. we don't need to replace the healthcare system, we need to remove the cancer. that's what we need to do right now.and once obamacare has beenremoved, we
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will still have our doctors , nurses, our hospitals, our insurance companies, medicare and medicaid plans and veterans hospitals. it's all going to still be there. no one loses their insurance and once we get rid of obamacare, we can begin to improve our health care system so that it works for every american. obamacare must be repealed right now. tell it to congress. [applause] we must cut taxes and simplify the tax code right now to get our economy going. it will take a year or more, folks. it will take a year more for a progrowth tax system to begin to rebuild our economy so we must act now because congress won't touch taxes next year in an election cycle. we got to get it done. we must protect religious liberty in america. [applause] we've got to reverse eight years of abuse
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on our religious liberties by this obama administration. we can and government from taxpayer funding planned parenthood and we can do it now. we can also and government funding of public broadcasting and other animal are that don't need government funding. we can do it. now. and republicans must make sure that this big crony, corrupt export import bank has made its last loans to china, russia and iran and other places around the world don't need american money. [applause] it's a great time. the opportunities for conservatives have never been greater. and we cannot allow the loud voices inside washington to lower our expectations and convince us that the dreams of all americans cannot be
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achieved. let's all give congress a big kickin the seat-of-the-pants . [applause] let's tell them to keep their word and keep their promises. let's keep dreaming impossible dreams because in america, everything is possible. i thank you. the heritage foundation thanks you because america is always worth fighting for. thank you and god bless. thanks folks. [applause]


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