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tv   Sheriff David Clarke at 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  March 3, 2017 9:56pm-10:26pm EST

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politics is the art of persuasion. most people agree with us they just do not know it yet. so let's not talk in policy speak. let's just remember. every person has value. it doesn't matter the circumstances. it doesn't matter their appearance, it doesn't matter their opinions. every person has value and promise and potential. and people can solve the problems that impact them every day if given the opportunity to do so. power concentrated is power abuse. those are pretty simple tests. and my guess is, 80 to 85 or maybe 90 percent of the people you meet every day if you say those three things and they will say i agree with that. hey, you i conservative. thanks everybody, thanks for having us. [applause]
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>> thank you very much. thank you so much. you know they asked me to be the closer of this great event. so standing here right now i feel a little bit like mariano rivera the great american yankee closer. [applause] you know, with mari anna is going to go strikes and it will be hard to get on base. you also know the next words that are going to come out of my mouth just as soon as you see me standing here. blue lives matter in america. [applause]
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in 1964, the great communicator offered stern advice. it is time ronald reagan observed we asked ourselves if we still know the freedoms intended for us by the founding fathers. the question is, do we really? our nation was formed with a debt paid in blood. from the blood of addicts in the boston five in 1770 and the surrender of the british at yorktown in 1781. those that would spend their energy, those at risk and in so many cases lost all in establishing a nation for the ages new their efforts and undertook a sacred work nonetheless. and their great founding declaration, thomas jefferson
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spoke for those patriots in the fight that might be levied in writing. and for the support of the declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence. we pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. [applause] and to what purpose did our founding fathers and the soldiers develop great continental army strive? they worked to form the horrible state of what progressive democrats called the great society, a place, a cradle to great reliance and as the father, the mother, the breadwinner and i think not. [applause] you see general washington was rightly and seriously part of the nation that he believed leigh within the grasp of the colonists as they struggle to tear it away
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from the corpulent arms of an overbearing king of england. george washington wrote to benjamin franklin that no country had more in his power to attain these blessings then united america. [applause] he went on to write wondrously strange and much to be wedded indeed it would be that we neglect the means and to depart from the road which providence has pointed us to so plainly, but despite what washington believes, way before the founding patriots, they never intended to build a nation to be ruled from a throne room or a centralized government. [applause] in the word building and land were boston or philadelphia or
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new york city or even today's capital city that bears his name would dictate terms and conditions to the american people. no, their efforts to secure the basic human rights endowed by the creator and formation of a most limited government instituted justly by men and deriving its limited powers from the consent of the governed. they embrace the concept of rule. [applause] they thought to end the abuse of the colonies at the hand of an uncaring unsympathetic master. but seemingly forgotten among that outline by jefferson and his gray declaration was the refusal of the monarchy to enforce needed laws. wholesome and necessary jefferson said to the public good and of immediate and
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pressing importance. they told the king of england. the law they said, a law that works, respect and reverence to the rule of law. these goals were at the founding of a great republic and the need to satisfy our thirst for freedom and religion and assembly and a free and unfettered media that we start hearing so much about today. and so it was with a challenging ãleading to the great evil of the civil war on the very survival of this republic. the great emancipator back to jefferson's words, is during his conversation asking his generation whether they might be as brave and bold as adams and jefferson and madison. as willing to risk and when or risk and lose at the same level. abraham lincoln said let's
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every american, every lover of liberty, every well-wishers swear by the blood of the revolution never to violate and at least particular the laws of the country and never to tolerate the violation by others. lincoln said that as the patriots of 76 did, they supported the declarations of independence and supported the constitution and law, let every american pledge its life, prosperity and sacred honor. lincoln said let's every man remember that to violate the law is to trample on the blood of his father and to tear the character of his own and his children's liberty.abraham lincoln is among our greatest examples of the courage of conviction and the powers of morality and resolute belief. and reasons surely. but merely as notably and respect for the law. she lincoln, not just the
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president by the legislator and -- the law itself was justice. it was morality. it was providence. and all that was good and right in our american life flowed from the wellspring, the law and respect for the law in the humble willingness of all americans to follow both the letter and more importantly the spirit of the law, defines the national character and our identity. lincoln prayed that reverence and allegiance to the law would be on the lips of every american mother and child taught in our schools and colleges be preached from the pulpit client and legislatures and sternly enforced in our courts of justice. for as lincoln knew, the failure to adhere to that standard, and our shared american life would surely result in our surrender.
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first to the immorality of convenience, then to the inaction and finally to the shame of irrelevance. we join together this past week having trouble distances measured in both miles and in some cases -- becomes event of a great capital city made of granite and marble. and on our travels here we surely felt the great pride associated with traveling to a city named for one of the greatest leaders in america. you see, our first president once stated we are either a united people or we are not. he said, if it is the former then let us and all matters of general concern act as a nation which has national -- to promote and a national character to support. he said, if we are not then let us no longer act a farce by
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pretending to it. [applause] so i ask are we now acting out the farce of president washington that was predicted? we have matters under consideration in this capital city most notably concerning immigration law and its enforcement. that even the most jaded among us would concede to the national importance of everyone. [applause] we have borders, most notably on the southern border, there is disproportionate to our failure to act. and the impact of that failure, we seem to fall into a place and a time in our national discourse were even the mere
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restatement and affirmation of laws long ago crafted and duly enacted by our constitutional republic's legislature, laws that were formed in the people's house by the people's representatives. not considered controversial. [applause] and the executive memoranda on immigration laws attested to this past week, no new laws were created. no group was put at risk without affording them due process. the right of not one of our citizens, even in a lander president, senator and former stand shoulder to shoulder as equals was imperiled in the lease. it said, we merely restated the laws that were, what they have been and voiced an intent to see them upheld fairly and partially and with necessity.
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[applause] and yet, in our modern times that is viewed in some circles as oppressive. as controversial. and i was wrong. seriously? homeland security secretary, a retired marine general -- to remove alien expeditiously from the united states and according to, and i listen to this, and in accordance with all due process of law. secretary kelly further stated that i am determined as a faithful execution of our immigration laws, it is best achieved by using all the statutory authorities to the
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greatest extent possible. [applause] and yet, there are still those that will have us believe that these words signal injustice. and are ripe with hatred. really? worthy of draping lady liberty in new york harbor with a disgraceful tag that signals the belief that somehow, and a perversion of thought americans are against immigrants.or have forgotten our shared history at the famed melting pot. do some critics really believe we have become the -- come on now, seriously? you see, those that oppose the rule of law and the applicability of the law and
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immigration, surely but in other areas of life they offer no vision. only lawlessness, obstruction and chaos. [applause] they offer no morality and certain of courage. they offer only appeasement and false currencies of concession and popularity over the virtues of morality and certainty. [applause] it was ronald reagan who said, our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face that their policy of accommodation is appeasement and appeasement does not give you a choice between peace and war. only between quite an surrender. reagan said we are told of the problem is too complex for a simple answer. he said they are wrong. there is no easy answer. but there is a simple answer.
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we must have the courage to do what we know is morally right. and the policy accommodation asks us to accept the greatest possible immorality. how fitting that ronald reagan was building international trade center a block from the white house on pennsylvania avenue houses the us customs and border protection service. [applause] think for a moment. about how the refreshing and bold is brave and sign language sounds in the air in which so many of our liberal legislators mark as they are key data point in crafting policies. how many facebook they get work how many smiling emojies follow their every move. [laughter] they do not make choices based on any core beliefs. at the risk of their very lives and their seed in the capital
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building as need dictates in pursuing freedom, liberty or the need for unlimited government. and they are certainly not prepared to be bold and aggressive in leading. but to boldly lead this is to enact the agenda that the american people have cried out for. i for one find no safe harbor or view on the middleground speaking for and others to -- kesey ellis president reagan, see things mentally left and right but as forward and backward curious swimming sometimes against a powerful type or simply treading water. fundamentally filling our duty to make any choice at all. try going present. [applause] ronald reagan said that for almost 2 centuries we approved man's capacity for self-government for today we are told we must choose between
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a left and a right or as other suggests, one third alternative. a safe middleground. reagan went on to say, i suggest to you that there is no left or right, only an up and down. up to the maximum of individual freedom consistent with law and order or down to the totalitarianism. [applause] as a career cop as i call myself, i've spent my life's work to date in the noble field of public safety. a person whose very success is dependent on the moral and legal authority and generously bestowed powers of the government. that is you, this people. [applause] it relies upon our people trusting in the integrity of an agent and time
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proven systems and my profession's adherence to a code of fairness and impartiality and honor. it is the trust that is built upon bedrock. and it finds that bedrock in the rule of law. the called of the very founding of our great society that in return, for the benefits of our social order, we agreed to live according to certain laws and rules with processes created to grieve for deduction violations and institutions that oversee and have the final say over such rules and laws. we the people do not simply follow established wounds because life horsemen officers are there to enforce them but because of our basic lust of trust and reliance on our fellow citizens. us supreme court justice felix -- once wrote if one man allowed to determine for
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himself what the law is then every man can. that means chaos and then tierney. american law enforcement officers i have always understood this to be true. and they spend their life's work exemplifying my faith and, my belief in and commitment to our american system of justice. a system renowned the world over for the provisions of individual due process as a right endowed in each of us by our creator. [applause] the rule of law does not divide us. it binds us together with your behaviors, beliefs and manners. i call in as many of you, american exceptionalism. we are a nation of limited government in which everyone
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willfully and as a matter of civic duty must obey the laws. [applause] and the value with a small price paid members and servants of the common law is the greatest treasure known to mankind. freedom. sweet freedom. [applause] sweet tempered and forged with what washington once called the sacred fire of liberty. and freedom my conservative friends is no small c la carte side dish at a restaurant. it is a main event. the heavyweight title fight. the reason we dress and come to the party. freedom is when we get up in the morning and tend the fields. it is why we stamp it late at night watching foreign markets. it sustained us. it feeds us and once we have taste that we can never have
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enough to be satisfied. [applause] reverend doctor martin luther king jr. said a piece of freedom is no longer enough for human beings. nor for the nation. unlike -- he went on to say a slice of liberty does not cure hunger. it cannot be had and -- we have it all or we are not free. [applause] and at the core of the conservative belief of all the fine and for the furtherance of common good freedom means you decide your destiny. you, your family, your household, your neighborhood, your small town, your state and yes, in those few matters of
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national's, urination. but the simple course of expediency, to feed those powers is just plain wrong. and it always has been. [applause] so as ronald reagan said, we come to a time for choosing. president reagan challenged us that either we accept the responsibility for our own destiny or we abandon the american revolution and confess that it's intellectual belief -- better than we can plan our own lives. how refreshing is that simple concept and find that we run our lives know the course of our own destiny. better than some congresswoman from california. [applause] better than some judge from jocelyn sitting in a
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mahogany paneled office in washington making the decisions that can undermine all of our great efforts. and how refreshing to see a return to that respective thought of the importance of self determination and a turn away from the arrogance that was the predecessor at 1600 pennsylvania avenue before january 20, 2017. [applause] [chanting] at the close of last year we came together in one of the enduring shared moments in our modern american life.
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our nation made among the most profound choices that we can make, and present donald trump is a leader. a leader who i expect - [applause] a leader who i expect many of you in this room well know i both campaigned and vigorously supported for the highest office in this land. [applause] and he was a candidate that i am certain many in this room also supported. and some may have some measure and that is fine. that is the great nature of this republic. we have choices and we decide. [applause] however, i sent a letter. i sent a voice to that that i had found lacking in the last eight years.
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[applause] we were constantly told by former president obama that america needed to humble itself. he told us humility is a virtue. but false humility is an affront to the senses. and pride in the greatness that might a foundation that has never been a sin. [applause] president george washington himself observed upon the occasion of his first inaugural, there is a rank due to the united states among nations. which will be withheld if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness.
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consider those words once more. a rank due to the united states of america. allow me to translate that language from 1789 to 2017. it means put america first. [applause] last month had one of the greatest experiences of my lifetime as a joint somebody in a solemn and dignified ceremony steeped in tradition on the steps of our nations capital. in the inauguration of our 45th chief executive. [applause] and the mainstream media chose largely to mop and plot the image of our nation lay before us by our newest chief executive. a desire to convince with the people that his vision is dark. no it is not. [applause] yet, those that hold
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the office before president trump would rise up from their graves and not in agreement with the importance of our shared effort and potential for reward that president trump offered us when he said, we the citizens of america are now joined in a great national effort to rebuild our country, restore its promise, not for any late fee but for all of our people. he said, together we will determine the course of america and the world for many years to come.president trump reminded us, we will face challenges. we will confront hardships, but we will get the job done. [applause] my friends, i close as i opened with the words from a great man from eureka college. he would either rendezvous with destiny reagan once said.
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we will preserve for our children this the last vessel of men on earth or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. if we fail, at least that i would children and our children's children save us. we justified our moment here. we did all that could be done. we the children of the cold war, the sons and daughters of the greatest generation. knew what it meant to stand up to foreign and lives under the seeming threat of annihilation. but those who ruled our nation as we wait our turn, at the head of the table never for inaction. so knowing this time in this generation under our leadership we must ask this question. what will our children say of us? ladies and gentlemen, today is our moment of truth. our point of no return.
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the choices we need make at this moment are opposed by entrenched interests. the resistance looms. they attack our motives. they assail our beliefs. they decry our notion of justice. they proclaim the high ground of virtue and friend of people if not given their way. what will history show what we did with our moment of truth? did we stand and fight? or did we cut and run? ladies and gentlemen, this is my challenge to you. these are your marching orders. go forth to stand and fight. [applause] thank you so much. may god bless you and may god continue to bless these united states of america. [applause]


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