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tv   Wayne La Pierre at 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  March 3, 2017 10:25pm-10:49pm EST

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the choices we need make at this moment are opposed by entrenched interests. the resistance looms. they attack our motives. they assail our beliefs. they decry our notion of justice. they proclaim the high ground of virtue and friend of people if not given their way. what will history show what we did with our moment of truth? did we stand and fight? or did we cut and run? ladies and gentlemen, this is my challenge to you. these are your marching orders. go forth to stand and fight. [applause] thank you so much. may god bless you and may god continue to bless these united states of america. [applause] [applause] [music]
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>> thank you very much. good afternoon cpac. how are y'all doing today? i will tell you what a difference a year makes. are you ready to get your country back on the right track? let me hear you. are you ready to fight for what you believe in? you know, i have been watching on t.v. yesterday and i'm glad that you are pumped up. because we have a real fight on our hands.
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the truth is, the far left, they have turned protesting into a full-time profession. i mean seriously, you would think that for $8500 a week, they would at least know what they are protesting. but, if you have seen it. i mean half of them - they can't even tell you. but one thing is for sure, we have all seen just how violent they can be. just look at inauguration day. they disguised themselves with black ski masks. they spit in the faces of goldstar families. they tomahawk peer bottles and rocks at police. putting multiple pulleys in the hospital. they smashed businesses plateglass windows, while customers cowered inside. ladies and gentlemen, have we
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ever seen such anger in this country? in california, a high school girl was asked, do you hate mexicans? and when she replied no, they said, you support donald trump. you hate mexicans. and then they beat her up. in san francisco, they attacked a group of trump supporters. they pelted a woman with eggs. they stole their hats and burn them in the street. the leftist message is absolutely clear. they want revenge. you've got to be punished. they say you are what's wrong with america and now you've got to be purged. but maybe it is time these protesters took some advice from barack obama. the election has consequences. and we won.
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[applause] that's right. folks, hour-long nightmare may not be over. the fact is, it may just be beginning. because right now, we face a gathering of forces that are willing to use violence against us. think about it. the leftist movement in this country right now is enraged. among them and behind them are some of the most radical political elements there are. anarchists, marxists, communists, and the whole rest of the left wing socialist brigade. many of these people literally hate everything america stands for. democracy, free-market capitalism, representative government, individual freedom. they want to tear down our system and replace it with their collectivist top-down
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global government knows best utopia. and they've got money. billions from george soros to a vast network of leftist organizations. and they all have different agendas, complaints, motives for what they do. but they all share one thing in common. they are angry, they are militant and they are willing to engage in criminal violence to get what they want. but here is what's different from the leftist violence that we have seen in the past. for the first time, we also face an enemy utterly dedicated to destroy not just our country but also western civilization. we also face a national media machine that is not only biased almost entirely one-way. it also dumps gasoline on simple political disagreement
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to turn it into cultural ied's. they dehumanized, they demonize us all, not every evil name in the book. and when the anger explodes, what do they do? they stepped back, captured on video, replayed nonstop for ratings and outrage and more chaos tomorrow. when you turn on your tv. meanwhile, crime is rising again in many us cities. according to the fbi, drug gangs are expanding their networks all across the country. the fbi also says gang members are infiltrating law enforcement and the military. in jails, they are working with extremist groups. they go all the way from white to premises to white supremacist to black separatist
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to muslim prison gains. on the outside gangs are committing more and more cross-border crimes. according to the fbi, mexican cartels are working with 100,000 street gang members in chicago alone. think about that. i think we all agree we live in a more angry, more dangerous world than we have seen in a long time. a lot of people for a lot of reasons want to blow it all out. and tear the whole thing down. it is in the strategy of selling agreements and indignation to raise holy hell. it's in the leftist radical plan to tax capitalism to collapse. it is in the doctrine of never let a crisis go to waste. and it is in the isis dream of a worldwide caliphate. so what happens when it all
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collects and collide like a hurricane? what happens when the national media wins machine blows it up into a firestorm? and what happens if god forbid, our enemies use that to their advantage? is anything but a matter of time before the terror and bloodshed we have seen in brussels or paris come home to america? do we need to look any further than boston, san bernardino orlando?to know that that time has already comically with social media, it is easy enough to find out where to go and when. so what happens when terrorists tagged along for a flash mob protest at your local airport? and gas the place like they did in tokyo? what happens when some freeway facebook protest on your interstate highway brings it all to a screeching halt?
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if you end up late for work, i mean that is one thing. what if you had a heart attack and you are in an ambulance and you are only a mile away from the hospital? ladies and gentlemen, another definition of terrorism is violence in the name of politics. and criminal violence has no place in political debate. [applause] and those who incite it or engage in it need to be prosecuted and punished. [applause] you know the left violence against americans take many forms. for example, left-wing judicial activism can be a form of violence against our constitutional system. look at judicial efforts to block president trump's executive order to take a long look at people, countries that sponsor or harbor terrorists.
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yet the protesters show up, the media amplify the and the elites go into a total meltdown. it is not that the constitution is unclear in the issue. the president handles the foreign affairs of the country. it is an executive function. in the us laws on the issue, the absolute could not be clearer. the president has absolute authority to suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens he may deem to be appropriate to protect the interest of the united states of america. [applause] folks, when unelected, unaccountable judges can take that clear and unambiguous language and then twist it and perverted to make it mean whatever they want, they might as well throw a --
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chocolat the u.s. constitution. [applause] they do violence to the constitution's separation of powers. they do violence to the us code. and the supreme court precedent. and they do violence to the checks and balances that keep government under control. because by making the law mean anything they want, they make the law mean nothing. as even the liberals on supreme court justice hugo black said and i quote, our constitution was not written in the sand to be washed away by each wave of new judges blown in by each successive political wind. ladies and gentlemen, the leftist media is responsible for blowing the winds of violence as well. [applause] think about it.
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it is bad enough when cnn openly fantasizes about what happens if the president elect is assassinated before he takes oath of office on inauguration day? and it is bad enough that the london times journalist can fret that quote ãthe assassination is taking such a long time. it is shameful and it is wrong. and so are the media to deliberate lies aimed at destroying our freedom. [applause] at the nra, that is something we've been dealing with for decades. back in 2003, when the 10 year clinton gun ban was set to expire, cnn deliberately tried to mislead the public. and i had to be sitting there in their studio live so i
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called them out. watch this. [video] never giving the side of the national association. good to be with you. >> with abandonment of assault weapons expires what kind of weapons would be legal? >> i am glad you in the story because apparently the only difference between "the new york times" and cnn is that when a reporter for the new york times fakes a story he is private at cnn he is not. your bureau chief deliberately faked a story yesterday intending to show that the performance characteristics of banned firearms on the list are somehow different from the performance characteristics of firearms not on the banned list. he was implying that these were machine guns. for fully automatic guns. that is not true. >> i have to stop there. no one fakes stories here at
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cnn and john definitely did not bake a story. you're very offbeat. i will let you have your opinion but do not accuse our report of faking any story sir. >> let me say again in front of the whole story. your report of faith that story yesterday. they deliberately -- i challenge cnn to defend it. they did! [applause] they did! [applause] they sure did. and here is the deal, the following monday, cnn cannot even make an honest retraction. they ended up calling it additional information. and yet they went on to prevent that what i said was true. that the story was absolutely funny and deceitful. but here's the sad thing.
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if i had not been sitting there live in that studio and caught them like a bank robber running out of the bank with a bag of money with a dye exploding all over him, they never would have run the correction. folks, our country is under siege from a media carpet bombing campaign. [applause] in america knows it. you can hear it in their tone. their sneer is. you can literally see the disdain on their faces. everything from their word choices to their inflection is trained on one target. purposely and maliciously destroying the donald trump presidency. [applause] no matter what it takes and no matter what it costs. here is just an example. for years, the media, they
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could not have cared less about vladimir putin or russia. for obama's promise to go easy on him after he was reelected. do you remember that? which led to obama's slow motion foreign-policy train wreck in the entire region. but now, barely a month into the trump presidency, oh my gosh they are horrified! they are all in fret over the equation. even more alarming, is they have apparently found willing co-conspirators among some in the us intelligence community. if an american president can't talk to his counterparts in mexico or australia on a line that he knows is secure, then folks transport our national security is at risk. [applause] you know 100 years
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ago, if you eavesdropped and publish the affairs of the head of state, you have been tracked down and hanged for treason. [applause] yet, today obama can commute the sentence of a traitor like chelsea manning and all the media want to talk about our manning's underwear choices and make up routines. [applause] today, barack obama is giving explicit support to these protesters. in his first public statement since the election, obama said he was heartened. that the anti-trump protests and that they are exactly what we would expect to see when american values are at stake. i mean, american values, really? you know freedom of speech? or just the speech that you agree with? like the safety pin sensors on
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college campuses today. i mean, god help you if you're a conservative and you want to speak at a college today. anywhere in this country. [applause] yeah. i mean did you see their neither italian and diversity of opinion at berkeley this month to i mean berkeley. the supposed birthplace of the free speech movement of the six is now where speech is silenced. in his defenders are be in by mobs. and the police are told to stand down. they call people fascist. yet they use the same brutal tactics that the fastest use in europe in the 20s and 30s. but i will say this, if they think they are going to crowbar and hammer and burn the foundations of western
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civilization, they better bring a big stick and pack a lunch because they're going to have one hell of a fight on their hands. [applause] and - november's elections approved it. americans wanted a fighter and we got one with president donald j trump. [applause] and for the last three decades, fighting for our freedom is something the nra has done every single day. [applause] all across this country, it was nra members and gun owners who made a difference. in states like north carolina, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, florida. nra members and gun owners
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helped put president trump over the top. [applause] folks, the media said we were arranging deck chairs on the titanic by backing donald trump. but we are still standing. and we are still here and we have got president trump's back. [applause] for the next eight years! we have got 5 million active nra members. 25 million more who consider themselves nra members. and we have gun owners and second amendment supporters all over this country. so - so if you are a member of the leftist media, or a soldier for the violent left. a violent criminal, a drug
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cartel gang member or a would-be this - you're not going to end and you will not defeat us. [applause] you know with all of the threats facing america today, your right to protect yourself and your family may be more relevant and more urgently needed than ever before. americans know that in their hearts. americans can feel that in their bones and that's why they joined the nra. we are the nation's largest gathering of lawful, peaceable, right-thinking people. who are absolutely determined to live our lives without fear. in our families, and our homes, in our communities and across this country. we stand ready and resolved to
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defend our freedom and secure our safety against any enemy. terror knows no more ferocious pro then freedom in the hands of we the people. [applause] to defend it, we will go toe to toe with them in any arena they threaten. we will fight the violent left on the airwaves. the internet and on tv. we will fight the violent left in congress and in the washington bureaucracy. and we will fight the violent left in statehouses and courthouses from coast-to-coast all over this country. and make no mistake. if the violent left rings their terror to our neighborhoods or into our homes, they will be met with a resolve and the strength and the full force of
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american freedom in the hands of the american people and we will win because we are the majority in this country. [applause] so what do you say? are you ready to take on the leftist and protect the foundations of america democracy? stand up and show them your leg to fight and ready to win. show them that we will not submit. we will not be intimidated.we will never surrender. stand up. speak out. be bold. fight back and stand with the nra to defend the greatest expression of human freedom ever witnessed on the planet. the united states of america. thank you very much.


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