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tv   Senator Durbin on Travel Ban  CSPAN  March 6, 2017 7:15pm-7:31pm EST

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slogans ought to know the true face of replace. thank you mr. president and i yield the floor and note that the absence of a quorum. >> on the healthcare long, the house republicans have released their proposed plan. you can read it on our website on back to the senate, earlier today dick turban came came to the floor to talk about president trumps recent executive order, today's at revised executive order on refugees and immigrants. he is against the ban. here's what he had to say. >> mr. president earlier today president trump signed a new executive order that bans travel to the united states from a new list a muslim majority countries but this new executive orders include some cosmetic changes, but they do not alter the fact that the travel ban is still unconstitutional and still inconsistent with the values of
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this nation.s is this executive order placed directly into the isis argumentr that the united states is waging a war against a religion. courts the president's first travel ban was blocked by multiple federal courts and his latest, i hope will face the same fate. let's i consider on how we have arrived at this point. during his first full week inn office, president trump signed his first executive order banning muslims and refugees. this order order resulted in l chaos in airports across the wrg country. dozens of legal immigrants were detained, not because they did anything wrong or they were any danger to our nation, solelyra because of where they came from. and iraq immigrant who put himself and his family in harm's way by working with american troops as an interpreter, to
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disabled seniors, husband and and a wife and a 5-year-old's the ord these are people who are the victims of president trumps the first executive order. itself. they face widespread resistance from the american people, the courts, courts, and even from the ministration itself.end acting attorney general said the justice department could not come in good conscience defend the presence executive order. so the president fired her. now comes this new executive order.n we know that over time and miss was right. she stiffer principle. when multiple federal courts blocked that executive order we understood that she appreciated the law, unlike unlike those that crafted this terrible order. t but, rather than repeal the executive order or defendant in court, the trump administration
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is trying to evade the legal challenges by issuing a new version with some tweaks. the original executive order band and travels to the united states and from several muslim majority countries. the president heard the plea about this band on muslim travelers, he issued a new order today which doesn't ban travelers from seven muslim majority countries, but only six. this is still, nevertheless, an attack on religious freedom that risks alienating hundreds of millions of muslims from across the world. our focus should be on suspectee terrorists. the president would have no resistance from congress or the side of the islands he goes after suspects of terrorists. but this should be done regardless of the suspects religion. in this in this order, the new one, still blocks refugees from coming to the united states for at least a
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hundred 20 days and cuts within hundred 50% the number of refugees who resettled in the united states this year. turning away innocent people who are fleeing persecution, genocide, and terror is not the american way. it will not keep a saver, and sadly it projects an image of america to the world totally inconsistent with where we have been as a nation. no matter what's in the white house puts on it, the presidents new executive order is still fatally flawed. and to multiple statements from the president himself, several of his advisers have made it clear that his intention is to bar muslims from entering the united states and to give priority to christian refugees. this violates the constitution's constitution's establishment clause and the equal protection clause. tweaking the language of the band cannot remedy the presidents original unlawful
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intent. during the presidential campaign the president issued the following statement, and and i quote "donald trump is calling for total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states, and tell her country's representatives figure out what is going on" when the president signed his original executive. order, his advisers made it clear that it was intended to carry out this campaign promise. within 12 former mayor of new york, and one of the closest advisers to donald trump, rudy giuliani said, "i will tell you the whole history of it, when president trump first announced it he said muslim band. he called me up and said put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally.entis "now, white house advisor stephen miller has made it clear that his intention is to ban
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muslims. he says "these are mostly minor, technical differences. fundamentally you're still going to have the same basic policy outcome for the country" mr. president, we are in the midst of the largest refugeeha crisis in the history of the world. within 65 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes. the brutal syrian conflict, the epicenter of this crisis has killed hundreds of thousands, injured injured more than 1 million, displace more than half of serious population. in some areas children in this country in the 21st century are starving to death. the conflict has worse has worse
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mother of 4,600,000 refugees to flee syria. among 70% of all syrian refugees are women and children. have the syrian children. the syrian refugee children are not in school. millionse ma inside of syria are in00 urgent need of humanitarian assistance. mr. president, we cannot to forget the lessons of history. in 1939 the united states refused to let the ssa lose stock in our country. sitting over 900 jewish refugees backhe to europe where many died in concentration camps. after that tragic failure in the united states, after we turned , our back on jewish refugees fleeing hitler, the united states examined its conscious st and came up with a new program. it came up with a new approach and it was bipartisan. since world war ii, the americag people work to set an example of the world by accepting refugees. listen to those we have been accepted and have been a part of america.
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over 400,000 eastern europeans after world war ii. close to. close to 400,000 vietnamese refugees fleeing the vietnamfugr war. approximately 650,000 cuban refugees after castro came into power. let me note that for hispanic united states senators today, three can trace their roots to this cuban migration to the united states. senate represe refugees.prese they sit on the floor of the senate representing some of our great states, and yet with this president, he is asking them and all of us to ignore this history.ooking for we have accepted more than 150,000 refugees from the former yugoslavia. over 100,000 soviet jews who are escaping thousand soviet jews who were skipping some arg religion, looking for freedom they came to the united states. there refugees were flee in regimes hostile to our country.
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some argued the hostile elements could be hidden amongst them. think about the hundreds of thousands who came from communist controlled cuba into the united states. were they subjected to extreme vetting? no. there are people whose that we come here looking for freedot and we opened our doors and they have made us a better country because of it. the the united states was not fined by the fear mongers when it came to these refugees joining us in the united states. we shouldn't be today. today. let's be clear, refugees coming to our country this day, are the most carefully vetted and investigated of all travelers to the united before refugees admitted to the united states they have pass careful, rigorous security screening. layer all of that screening takes place before the even set foot in america. syrian refugees undergo a new layer of enhanced review before
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they are allowed to come to america. determined presidents chomps on homelands department of security said the travel ban will not make it safer. listen to the memo from the department of homeland security's office of intelligence analysis.activity president johnson ministration "country of citizenship is unlikely to be a reliable indicator of potential terrorist activity. since the beginning of the syrian conflict on march 2011, the foreign-born primarily us-based individuals who were inspired by a four terrorists to participate in terrorist activities were citizens of 26od different countries. the trump administration has just found six countries that will deny terrorist access to the united states, even those who have gone through the vetting to be considered refugees.ty,
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listen to this from another memo, the same department, homeland security. under president trump the office of intelligence and analysis "most foreign born us-based violent extremist likely the radicalized, several years after entry into the united states limited the ability to screening of vetting officials to prevent their entry because of nationalr secure concerns" the point being, it's not like a terrorist is going to stand my for two years to become a refugee to tho united states and go through the background checks and live in a refugee camp for that purpose. those were converted having arrived in the united states and included many ranks who are born in the united states. if you're really serious about protecting america, we should close the loopholes that make it too easy for foreign visitors and suspected terrorist by deadly weapons.
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most people don't know mr. president, we have not precluded or stopped those who are visiting the united states from buying weapons, even if we haven't checked them, no background no background checks when it comes to terrorism. we should focus on individuals engage in suspicious behaviors, not target entire muslim countries or the entire muslim population. it makes no sense. even president trumps department of homeland security says as much. that but this president is determined to go forward with his muslim band. he is determined to builda the balls on our borders, he is determined to instill fear in our hearts. this is not how america works and it is not how we will move forward. blaming let's not continue the cruelty of blaming immigration and immigrants for our challenges. we should work together, in the spirit of post-world war ii america setting the example for
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the world to build a better america for all americans including new americans, no matter the color of their skin, where the the parents were born, or how they pray. mr. president, yield the floor. >> while the senate is out for the night but earlier members passed a measure repealing a rule that requires federal contractors to sell certified violations of certain labor laws. that has been passed by the house back in february by a 2360 mac 27 vote. now it heads to president trumps desk for his signatures. they also advance a disapproval resolution to repeal a plan for public land. that rule took effect last december and the obama administration. a. a final note on that happens tomorrow. members will return at 10:00 a.m. on tuesday.
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>> washington journalist live every day with news and policy issues that impact too. coming up on tuesday morning, search ambling, presidency of republican main street partnership discusses the role moderate republicans will play. alicia caldwell, who beyond and we'll talk about talk about the newly revised travel ban executive order. william will discuss the trump presidency so for and how congress is responding. watch c-span's "washington journal" at 7:00 a.m. eastern on tuesday morning. join the discussion. >> on the much anticipated republican repeal and replace legislation was released this evening by the energy and commerce committee in the house. speaker ryan saying the plan is
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driving down costs, encourage competition and giving every american access to quality affordable health insurance. the plan is linked on our website at two two hearings are coming up on wednesday. the ways and means markup at 1030 a.m., you can watch it live on and on the c-span radio at. it will be the energy and commerce markup all of that live on the c-span markups. back to the senate floor this earlier. rob portman came to the floor to discuss the recent rise in opiate abuse and addiction. he. he spoke for about 20 minutes. >> this is the 32nd time i've come to the floor in the last year to talk about an issue that unfortunately is getting worse, not better. that's the epidemic of opiates, heroin, heroin, prescription drugs and now synthetic heroin. every single day


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