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tv   Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Hold Protest at the White House  CSPAN  March 14, 2017 10:00am-11:49am EDT

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senate democrats announced the legislation on paid family medical leave. we'll have live coverage from capitol hill at 11:45 a.m. eastern time. ..
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makes a noise everybody, please. [cheers and applause] when i sit people, y'all say power. people. >> power. >> when i say people yell say power. people. >> power. >> i'm 16 from mexico city. it's an honor to be here today. this is a critical time in this next phase that we're going to be living in this country. when we see the president and power making decisions that don't represent our voices that's when people stand up. when we see the trump administration threatening our actions to clean water, threatening the future of our young people, we stand up and we resist. we stand up and we fight. wendy green light the keystone
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xl pipeline and the dakota access pipe when people mobilized to fight to defend our land to defend our water, far children for all people to demand our president to honor the treaties, honor the indigenous sovereignty and our land. we are here. we are here together. we stand united if this is a gathering of all nations, gathering of all nations. we are all here because we're all indigenous of this world. we are fighting to protect the sacred land we walk on, to protect the sacred water we drink. we cannot drink oil. fossil fuel is not the future of our economy or country. it is not the future were going to pass on to the next generation. [cheers and applause] we are here resisting standing and saying no more. we will no longer allow them to threaten our people. we will no longer allow our government and the corporations to work hand in hand to threaten our water, to threaten our human rights, to threaten our indigenous rights. we are here to stand in
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solidarity and demand solutions, demand justice and fight for freedom. this is bigger. this is bigger than any pipeline. this is bigger than any pipeline because the struggle for freedom is about of our lifetime. never will relet this darkness win. [cheers and applause] >> when i look out and see many beautiful faces, people of all backgrounds are standing here in solidarity goes we understand that to defend the rights of indigenous people of the first people of this land is to protect this earth. that hand in hand and we want to honor those who came here before scum indigenous people who walked on these lands before any of us were alive. to honor this sacred connection we have for the earth, lives within us all. the matter who we are or where we're from, the god we believe in and the color of our skin. we are all connected to this earth. we all drink the same water. this is the issue that unites
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all people. we are here to fight for change, to fight for justice and to stand in solidarity with the indigenous communities all across this country. we will continue to say no more to the pipeline, to the fracking, to the mountaintop removal, to the oppression against our people. [cheers and applause] because the greatest power on this planet is held by the people. it has always been so. it is always been so. looking back at the greatest change that a been made have come from people power, people stand at our streets come in our courts, in our communities fighting for justice and creating the solutions we want to see. this is a beautiful day, a day of celebration. this is a day to commemorate everything that we will create from here on out and honor of our ancestors, of those who came before us who fought to defend this land before us and in honor of future generations. all those that will inherit this plan after we are gone. we are fighting for them.
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[cheers and applause] so we're going to kick the soccer we have some people speakers, beautiful reformers anarchists and they will share with you. everybody, close. this is an incredibly and symbolic important day for the indigenous rights movement, black lives matter, human rights, women's rights, all movement and of all nations. we fight for human rights, we fight for climate justice and indigenous rights. that means a transition away from fossil fuels. we're incredibly excited to be your mc today. >> my name is erin wise and i'm from the hickory apache nation. i am 16. does that freak you out? [cheers and applause] as you all know i work with international indigenous youth council. i also work with honor the earth and a lot of your faces i've seen here everything thought i'd come to dc. thank you for being here again.
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i do not have a beautiful introduction like my brother here but but i get some housekg things. we do need jode goudy and fawn comes date whatever this is regular i need you guys to come up. you know you are. please come meet us behind the stage. also because this is of the land of the freight and indigenous lands and these are places where we live, i just want to let you know we are not welcome to stand on the white house sidewalk. so pleased off the sidewalk or face arrest. we are going to be making our stand. where going to be making our voices heard from over here. so please help us focus over here. let's keep the attention over here. please tell the sidewalk. and without a want to welcome judith leblanc, a powerhouse of the woman. if you remember who she is she spoke at the women's march and she's here again today, please help me welcome judith leblanc. [applause]
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>> good morning. my name is judith leblanc, i'm a proud member of the cattle nation of oklahoma and the director of the native organizers alliance. [applause] >> standing rock changed everything. we interrupted and disrupted the colonial race-based narrative of what american indians are, and it will never never ever be changed back. [cheers and applause] sitting bull said let us put our minds together to see what we can build for our children. chairman dave archambault of the standing rock sioux drive is a
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21st century indian leader. he has put our minds together to think about our children, think about our children. dave brought together the tribal council and the people of standing rock sioux tribes who supported the sacred stone, and brought people together from all over the world. chairman dave is a leader that has been tested, that has been tested and shown that through prayer and people power, we can win. we have interrupted and disrupted the narrative of our people, and we must thank and welcome chairman dave
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archambault. [cheers and applause] >> hey, everybody. you know we are here in unity. we're here to remain united. let's show our unity. i wasn't there in standing rock -- was -- the standing rock sioux tribe did file the lawsuit and are still fighting. let's remain in unity and get a chance to hear. >> i want to thank everyone for coming first i want to recognize the use of standing rock i'm standing here with the youth and i want you to know that the youth started this movement. the youth are the ones who said we're going to stand up against something that is not right. and these guys are the ones who like make all my decisions on. i make all my choices for them.
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and i believe in them. so if you want to try to holler and shun me, what you are doing is you are shunning the youth. you've got to remember that. i just want to let you know that i love these guys with all my heart and they come from standing rock. so on behalf of the standing rock sioux tribe, i want to thank you, all of you, for your support for being here. during the last your people around the world have sacrificed and traveled and stood with us at standing rock. today we gather in stand together once more in washington d.c. we have not made it this far if it wasn't for you, it wasn't for all of you. we never would've been here. and i thank you for that. we faced a lot of obstacles and we face a lot of setbacks, but we are not defeated. we are not defeated and we are not going to be the victim.
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obstacle is also an opportunity, and together, together all of us, we can confront these obstacles and we can look at these opportunities and embrace them there so together we can rise. today is not only native americans were ignored and pushed aside for the selfless benefits of others. many communities are not experiencing what we have experienced for centuries. that's oppression. our way of life is being destroyed. instead of striving for mutual beneficial outcomes through understanding, the new administration dictates. instead of expanding human rights, the new administration limits human rights. instead of inspiring, the new administration manipulates. treaties are signed within american tribes, but when it becomes inconvenient, these treaties are ignored and they
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are broken. laws provide freedom and equal rights. we are also put in place for all americans. yet each week we see more basic human rights threatened by a disengaged administration. for all-american citizens today, both native americans and non-native american asked the question why. what could we possibly justify, could possibly justify the dismissal of basic human respect? they call the doctor of discovery -- all right. you know, i love you guys, you know? i don't care what you guys say and it's okay. it's okay for you to be upset, but what the real thing is is that we're here for our youth and we're here for the future. and we have to understand why we
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face these obstacles. we have to understand what is causing this. it's a doctrine of discovery, the doctrine of discovery is an excuse for this country to continue to legitimize and take our rights. i love you, too. i love you guys all, too. i know standing rock, this monument, marks the turning point of history. it's not only for our tribe but for all tribes, but for america as well. because the heart of our movement is now the heart of, this movement is a heart of the resistance. we want and we need movement to lift and to build and ultimately we need to continue the lessons that we learn so that we can advance the future. we are in the 21st century. this is no longer a matter of
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explorers or imperialist versus savages and infidels. we are all americans, and above all we are all human beings. we deserve to be included. we deserve to be respected. we deserve to have her basic rights considered, and when corporations seek chaos, actions that could potentially harm our citizens. at this point in history we must consider our planet and natural resources. we need the future for our children. you stood with us at standing rock and now i ask you to stand with our indigenous communities around the world, and together we can rise pixel at this time i want to ask jode goudy, chairman of the tribe to share some words about a proclamation we passed, the standing rock sioux tribe and the yakima tribe jointly as the united states to promote the doctrine of christian discovery. i am glad he is here to stand
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with us and so that we can continue to understand why we are troubled, understand why we face obstacles. and i want him to come forward and talk about the doctrine of discovery. but thank you, guys, for taking the time and listening to meet. and together in unity we will rise. this country will come together and we will be the strong and our rights will always be respected. [cheers and applause] [speaking in native tongue]
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>> my relatives, my name is jode goudy and i serve as a table of the yakama nation and i come here amongst each and everyone of you to stand together. and a proclamation that is referenced by dave, the chairman of the standing rock sioux tribe -- please, please. before i read this proclamation, please please, okay. we must remember this. we must remain of one voice, one heart, one spirit to speak for those things that cannot speak for themselves. there is no dispute, there is no dispute in and amongst ourselves of those of us who are standing up that is more important than the future of our generation. there is no dispute, we must be united and it is only when we
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are united that the spirit will intervene and reaffirm that only in peace and only in prayer grounded by faith and guided by ceremonies will be overcome. please. i have a proclamation that the yakama nation as a standing rock sioux tribal region today that is going to get into an understanding of why, why is it is all happening. why are we losing our fight with regard to the protection of our natural resources, for the generations that are yet to come? so i will read, and i ask for your patience, because this is important that we understand to the best of my ability, creator, give me strength. original nations, proclamation, water is a source of all life on mother earth. a joint statement by the standing rock sioux tribe and the yakama nation.
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we gather here in the territory, the piscataway nation to commemorate and celebrate our original and free independent existence as nations of great turtle island. we have a message for the world in the words of the dakota, lakota, water is a source of all life on mother earth. we are distinct in spiritual nations that predate the concept of america and its life destroying credo. love riches and wealth. our original free existence as distinct nations that extends back to the beginning of our time to our creation teachings recounted through our all histories and traditions appear we carry a message and a warning here today, love to earth, love the waters of the earth, not all forms of life. care for them with deep and abiding honor and respect and they will sustain you throughout time. however, be forewarned. if you poison and destroy them, they will poison and destroy you.
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that is natural law. our ancestors bequeathed to us a sacred birthright of pristine and healing waters. they are prayerful and ceremonial manner of caring for the earth resulted in the rivers, springs, streams and aquifers and respected territories of our nations throughout this hemisphere. our ancestors used the national -- natural intelligence that water provides life force. the spirit upon which all life is on mother earth. our ancestors were given and further evolved original instruction, natural laws and wisdom teachings. those instructions included the warning, remember, we follow these ceremonial and spiritual patterns of thought and behavior, enable us to maintain a sacred and right relationship with the natural abundance of mother earth.
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in a connect with all life forms for all future generations, this is our life-sustaining message today. for more than 500 years, contrary forces of greed has worked to destroy our natural laws and our love for mother earth. we have greatly opposed our nation, they have greatly opposed our nations, are ceremonies, our teachings and our sacred places here in the name and the idea that they call christian dumb in western europe. europe. the u.s. supreme court rulings and other u.s. actions have expressed these opposing forces claiming a right of christian sovereignty and dominion over the territories of the nations based upon the idea that christian nations of europe acquired jurisdiction over lands come over to consent infidels. the u.s. justice department made that exact argument in the us supreme court case in 1954. the justice department even quoted genesis in the book of psalms from the bible to support the claim of christian
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supremacy. this is a direct contradiction with th establishment clause ofe first amendment of the u.s. constitution and the separation of church and state. we reject the pattern of thought and behavior on the credo and command, love riches and wealth. the vatican papal document and the royal charters written by self deprived, self-described christian monarchs that brought the credo and command here reveal the underlying code of domination and dehumanization used to attack our nations. the coat of domination expressed in a belief system that is willing to sacrifice everything on the altar of greed. even the sacred waters upon them which life depends to realize the unfortunate truth of this statement, one has to only think of the lead in the brains of the children of flint michigan were agreed and respect for life destroyed rivers. when our indigenous ancestors carefully cared for them since time immemorial. the government and corporate
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forces that oppose us have a great disdain for our organic laws an in teachings because the laws and teachings stand in the way of them fulfilling their love of riches and wealth. those forces that oppose us are blind to the spiritual nature and healing qualities of water here for them water is simply a commodity. i means to create more riches and wealth, or a commodity to waste and destroy and search of riches and wealth. therefore, we stand you today and offer the following statement as a proclamation from the standing rock sioux tribe and the yakama nation we won't read this and call upon all native nations and all original every nations of this earth to stand and sign on to this proclamation with us. the original proclamation of life, original nations proclamation. we understand that our creator has uniquely brought forth our existence, our creation is a free and original origin
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grounded in love and sustained by divine instruction resulting in an existence and awareness that have materialized since time immemorial on turtle island. we understand the ideas of domination and dehumanization as these ideas are referenced within the defined instructions and warnings we have heeded since time them aware for sustained existence as original free people and nation. w.we understand that the inaccurate concept of discovery formally referred to as the doctrine of discovery utilized by the monarchies of sustain -- spain and england unjustly manifested the idea of domination and dehumanization against our original free people the nations bear witness stand the doctrine of discovery by historical monarchies was justified by an holy instruction issued by writ of papal including -- in 1452, 1455, in
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1493 by and through former popes of the roman catholic church. we understand the dominating and dehumanizing force of manifest destiny utilized in the executive, legislative and judicial formation of america. we understand the specific reference of the flawed and unholy idea of the doctrine of discovery and the origin of federal indian law cited in the johnson versus macintosh rolling by the u.s. supreme court in 1823 and reaffirmed in 1955 by the supreme court ruling. we understand the judicial precedent of the unchallengeable domination that is being utilized by america's judicial, executive and legislative branches in the modern-day disputes with original and free people of the nation such as standing rock sioux fight with the efficacy of clean water. we understand that the negative ideas of domination and dehumanization warned about through our collective original
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free peoples and nations by and through divine instruction is the same negative ideas that has been utilized by the roman catholic church, the monarchies of spain and england and united states of america. we understand the continued use of the ideas of domination and dehumanization shortens the sustained existence of our original free people, the nations. the roman catholic church, the monarchies of spain and england and the united states of america. we understand this to be natural law. expressed by our creator memorialized in historic and current divine instruction. we call upon all original free people the nations of the world. we call upon the roman catholic church. we call upon the monarchies of spain and england, and we call upon the united states of america to understand this with us. we call upon the original free peoples, the nations of the world, specifically all native
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nations within turtle island to adopt its proclamation with us. we call upon pope francis, the holy see, the vatican and collectively the roman catholic church to formally and ceremonially revoke the historical he issued unholy papal bull including 1452, 1455, 1493 that are in direct conflict with the teachings of jesus christ. [cheers and applause] we call upon the monarchies of spain and england to renounce the charters that resulted in a falsely express dominion to lands that were indeed occupied by original and free peoples, the nations of turtle island. we call upon the united states of america to discontinue the use of a practical application of modern day domination and dehumanization act materialized view the function of executive,
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legislative and judicial branches of its governance. [cheers and applause] the historical and modern day application of the spirit idea and our concept of domination and dehumanization is ending. [cheers and applause] do you understand? [cheers and applause] do you understand? [cheers and applause] do you understand? [cheers and applause] my friends and relatives, it is only in peace and only in prayer and only under a united front,, indeed, that we will overcome. i have a prayer in my heart for everyone who has contributed in their own ways to this fight and this struggle for our future generations for our natural resources and for those things
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that cannot speak for themselves. no matter what dispute has arisen amongst us, as i have said, no dispute in and amongst ourselves is more important than the future of the generations yet to come. we must unite in this battle. [cheers and applause] we must unite. [cheers and applause] and i tell you today that in regard to the disputes in the challenges and the conflicts with the associations of leadership of standing rock that i stand united with their leadership. we are standing here today against the root and the cause behind the domination and the dehumanization of all the losses and of all the battles of the stance we have made throughout time and we will continue to make. and i'm asking everyone to please let us all collectively humble ourselves, unite and stand together. they give. [cheers and applause] [speaking in native tongue]
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thank you, thank you thank you. how is everyone feeling out there? check check. we're going to keep this moving right along. thank you so much for your presence, for your voice, 40 feet on the ground and this march. this is what democracy looks like. [cheers and applause] it is. let's do the real quick. show me what democracy looks like. show me what democracy looks like. >> this is what democracy looks like specks of our next speaker is a woman named fawn sharp, the president of the quinault indian nation. she represented people as a boy stick is incredibly see him at different voices have come out here to support and be a part of this conversation. this is us bring our voices as these people in a digital station to the front joined this country where we will not be forgotten and will not be silenced. so please make some noise for fawn sharp. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon.
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i'm behalf of the quinault indian nation we are honored to stand with standing rock. i would like to introduce my fellow councilperson. she serves with me on the tribal council. we have our youth and we have our royalty. we stand with standing rock and would represent the tribes in the northwest to the affiliated tribes of the northwest indians. i also serve as vice president of the national congress of american indians, and we have a very special message to deliver. you know, at the beginning of time, the creator called our ancestors, called very special and strong people to turtle island, and every four corners of this continent. and the creator envisioned a very bright future for every
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generation that will occupy turtle island. and in those lands and territories, along with that gift came instructions, very, very sacred instructions. number one, protect mother earth as you would protect your birth mother. [cheers and applause] just as you would be willing to lay down your life or your own mother, he willing to lay down your life for mother earth. she is sacred. [cheers and applause] the second instruction, be humble, recognize the power of grandfather ocean. recognize that we are not owners of this land and we do not have the authority nor the will to destroy, desecrate or harmed in any way shape or form the sacred
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special gift that is meant to survive from here to eternity. because if we take action and we don't humble ourselves and we believe we owned land you can buy and sell, exploit, that leaves nothing for the future for our future generations, and that is wrong. [applause] >> in addition, from the beginning of time to present day, there is an unbroken chain of stewardship, an unbroken chain of honorable stewardship, a respected stewardship, i'm just stewardship and righteous stewardship of the environment in our natural world. and we, this generation, want to ensure that not only is it an unbroken chain that is
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respectful, but through many of the centuries, millennium, our ancestors fought for two centuries. we see the blood, the bloodshed throughout our land. and that was an honor to protect each and every land and territory for future generations. and two centuries of bloodshed did not conquer us. [cheers and applause] and when the battles were one on the soil, we took the battles inside the courtroom. every justice system within this great land, with our treaties are red, when lady justice evaluates the promises that were made, every single time those treaties are upheld, every single time those treaties are
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deemed the supreme law of the land. in 1970, the united states approved lobbying operation after logging operation where our lands, our big tall sacred trees were clear-cut, where rivers, our waters, our streams were polluted and corrupted. but we sued. in mitchell versus united states, and united states was held to account. [cheers and applause] long springs, muckleshoot, all the tribes in our great area that is taken the united states to task have one everyone victoriously. and the courts have ruled that treaties have the highest moral standards. united states has the greatest moral responsibility to ensure those treaties are upheld. the president of united states
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come every member of congress, every justice, judicial officer that sits on a bench takes an oath, that oath is to upheld those treaties and to dean and to recognize they have the supreme law of the land. and at this point in time, two centuries of bloodshed on the battlefield did not conquer us. two centuries from to present day. with not been beat in court. now is the time, revoke the doctrine of discovery, develop,, redefine relationship with the united states. because we must have political equality. we must ensure that every decision that is made is with our free prior and informed consent. no country should ever take unilateral action against our objection without consulting us. so with that --
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[cheers and applause] >> we stand, we continue to fight from this day forward, this is a new day. we are together. we stand with standing rock. [cheers and applause] >> i'm going to close this with everyone repeating after me loud so this entire city hears our message. we stand with standing rock. >> we stand with standing rock. >> we stand with standing rock. >> we stand with standing rock. >> we stand with standing rock. >> we stand with standing rock. >> we stand with standing rock. >> we stand with standing rock. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you for being you. hello everybody. how are you feeling?
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don't you just love this. i love the sun. it makes me feel so happy. also things that make me happy, children, oranges, kittens playing with things and grand the spirit i was by my grandmas. i always -- clean water, yesterday that definitely makes happy but that's a given. i feel like i should have two at that because it should just be there for me. anyway, back to my grandmas. i was raised by the major beautiful women, they're now in the spirit world and in the center everyday but without them i would not be here. without this next speaker, many people would not be here. she is from the treaty committee, many people know her face. people been blessed enough to hear her words and right now i i want you to all rise and fake this one for coming to be with us here today. please welcome faith spotted eagle. [cheers and applause]
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[speaking in native tongue] spent i'm sure glad we had that fired up woman warrior, the last speaker because i used to be a a schoolteacher house look at some of your faces and some of you are thinking, when isabelle going to ring? but guess what? class is not going to end, right? [cheers and applause] this is the beginning. we all have a divine plan. that's my firm belief that you are here for a reason. we've intersected because of your divine plan, my divine plan and those grandchildren that still are not on board, or born because we're in danger on the northern plains. we been given instructions by 2040, possibly the missouri river will dry out. they many of you get your water from the missouri river, the longest river on the main stem that leads into the goal pics of the better bring to you is that we are doing things we think
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that we're doing something that hasn't been done before. it has the we're going to do it more powerfully than ever. but when we come here, we come back to retrieve the spirit of our leaders and our ancestors who came here just like you did and wanted to change it for our people. we have some people that never returned. we know that they were taken and they are buried here, so every time you come to washington to help take their spirits home. thank you for doing that. [cheers and applause] as we continue to do that spiritual work, it's important that when you come together in a movement like this, if you think there will not be conflict, you are mistaken. somebody told me something when i was really young, like a thousand years ago when i used to run around at dupont circle. with a sign like yours, and i
10:40 am
would get mad because people wouldn't agree with me and i would walk away pouting. and what are my spiritual leaders told me, when you signed up did you think you would not be tested? so when we are tested it's important. another spiritual leader told me in my journey of life, he said when you get in a conflict with somebody, they walk away, you are mistaken if you think are not going to return and he said, do you know y.? because of the earth is round. they will be back. so it's full circle and what i want you to remember is that we have much work to do. but above all what standing rock told us, it has to be founded on culture because you do not go into a community without honoring and respecting their traditions of that community. and so when you do these movements in your land, we look to your guidance. we look to your knowledge. we look to your spiritual
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prayers of your ancestors on that land that we come to help you with. and i promise personally i will respect that. thank you for being here. [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much, grandmother. beautiful message, beautiful prayer. that's an incredibly important thing we will look at what happened at standing rock. it was based on prayer. it was based on sai ceremony, bd off honoring this ancient sacred way of life. it wasn't just about protecting the private or by stopping a pipeline because of its impact on climate change. it was about protecting the sacred land because of anyone who is thought to protect it before us because of our inherent right to this clean water. to our earth, our sacred ways of life. that is part of what we fight to protect. when i see people also power. people. >> power. >> everybody, everybody join me on this one.
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when i say people you all say power. people. >> people. >> power. >> people. >> power spirit make sure y'all are away, you know? we're all awake. for the next performing artist, ready? all right all right all right. while he's getting ready i'm in kobe honored to be introducing this next artist to even look back to the history of movements, songs are not -- in incredible part of telling our stories, and people drifted our voices, looking at a music cannot bring people together. music and read someone's heart in a really beautiful way. that's an incredible important part of this movie as well to defend our land, to use this art in music to tell the stories of our land, to tell the stress of her ancestors pick this next artist is named gabriel ayala. he has performed for the pope and obama and now he is here to perform for the people. everybody makes a noise for
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gabriel ayala. [cheers and applause] spirit we are honored to have you here, brother. thank you. [speaking in native tongue] my name is gabriel. i come all the way from tucson arizona. [cheers and applause] it's cold for a desert boy. man. i want to think everybody that made this possible but first of all in our traditions when we come out, i'd like to bring something with us, always bring a song, bring a gift. you know what i got? i got free downloaded music. never been about the money for me. it's never been about the status it's never been about going to facebook he'll just to get a stupid selfie.
10:44 am
if you did that, shame on you. if you went up there just for instagram, i feel sorry for you, relative. i went out there and did what i could come as much as i could, when i could. driving 27 hours each way this am going to throw these out here. you can download the music. i'm going to throw as hard as i can. let's see what happens. that's the indian way. you give into you can't give anymore. and that's what i'm here to do, is to give. i want to thank dallas gold tooth, todd gold tooth, candy, the core group right there for us need to be a part of this peer what an honor. there's the money involved in this. with all come out on her own dime, sleeping in her own cars
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because we believe in this cause. for over 500 years they have silenced us here we have been a silent genocide, and we have awoken the world. we have planted seeds everywhe everywhere, and i'm so proud to say that i could be a part of it. only the creator could try to cling to the city by giving us that water. we prayed for that water so he gave it to us. and i'm thankful for us and we can walk and be here, the alive, standing as indigenous people. again, i'm so thankful for everything. i'm going to be quiet here and let my guitar do some of the talking, but i wanted to everybody, it's the way i live. i told everybody love your children, honor your elders, and for gods sake, please respect your women. [cheers and applause]
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>> has a responsible with all know we've seen that is not happening. this is a most incapable administration that we've ever had. it is chaos wreaking havoc in this country, wreaking havoc in communities across this country, that we will not allow him to bulldoze himself to the country and we will not allow them to build this pipeline. [cheers and applause] so we are here in solidarity. we are going to unite, push back, right back. so thank you for that. we are very much united in this struggle. we are all one and we've got to build that solidarity across struggles. as a latina, as a puerto rican i'm here to say that i add my voice to the resistance and
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stand with standing rock. [cheers and applause] >> i said this yesterday. i want to say it again. there may be some casualties, but we collectively will be here long after this despicable presidency is over. [cheers and applause] >> history is going to look back, small hands and he did make a lot of money and is going to be the worst in the annals of history. we will be regarded as he rose in history. [cheers and applause] as a black man, when i talk about the struggles of this country, when they stand up i sit down. that's native americans. [cheers and applause] spin i'm here to say, all the way from the bronx we stand with you in solidarity and injustice to want is an and justice for all. water is life.
10:56 am
[cheers and applause] >> we can see that this is the greatest uniting of nations of movements and a people's we've seen in this country in a very long time. [cheers and applause] [speaking in native tongue] we stand her united in a way that we haven't seen a real long time. the beauty of the diversity of this movement and of this country is what gives revolution life with life adjusted. we fight for the future and the world we believe that we can pass on to a chilled at our grandchildren. so now the boys and the use of stand what i'd like to introduce alice makes a noise. [cheers and applause] [speaking in native tongue] >> my name is alice brown otter.
10:57 am
[cheers and applause] >> when the movement started i was there for the first video. je[cheers and applause] >> i would like to say keep focusing on what we are here for i can still pipeline and to continue going with respect and love and just being safe. and this movement is about unity. and that hurt my heart when people were blowing our chairman.
10:58 am
please respect, that's what we learned. everyone should respect because all of us are here for one reason. [cheers and applause] >> again with the youth they are beautiful, strong. they have been here. they are resilient and it will be leading this movement so i am so glad we are all here to defer to them because they're beautiful. everybody give it up for them. [cheers and applause] >> speaking of youth we have another youth here from -- maria deville. please welcome her now. okay. hello. my name is lisa deville and i
10:59 am
have something here -- i live with oil and gas is what i'm going to start out with. no pipeline is safe. we have witnessed one of the biggest pipeline spills in north dakota. industry has not been held accountable for the cleanup pixel with that i will read you a quote that we did a video with the dakota resource council, which are grassroots group is associated with the protectors of water and earth rights. and if you ever get a chance, go to duke university if you want to know the contaminations that happen with wastewater and brine. they did a study for us and it proved its very toxic, the wastewater. sorry, i'm going to read it. we stand in solidarity with native nations and indigenous
11:00 am
people of the world to protect mother earth for future generations. we must do right to one another in protecting our communities from interest motivated by greed. we must stand together to promote our common values, be heard and bring change. with that here's my daughter maria deville. [applause] >> hello everyone. my name is marie deville. my native american name is yellow rose in the white man language. i'm vice president of the modern day warriors a grassroots group from fort bristles at our group was great because we witnessed an apartment in fact, oil and gas and from a petition created on opposing the pipeline that is being constructed under the lake. i would also like to thank the
11:01 am
indigenous and five mental networks for an opportunity to represent the youth on the reservation. thank you. >> one quick housekeeping thing. i am very, very excited to welcome people from the southwest that are here because i said i am hickory apache ant i want you guys to give a very warm welcome to our leaders from the southwest. [cheers and applause] spin i've been working with fracking in the south was for about four years now and i have brought one of my pueblo sisters with me and she's here with her uncle also. we just want to talk about chaco canyon nsa could it is. chaco canyon to us is like a world trade center as well in
11:02 am
the ancient times. it was built in 900 a.d. pickett has amazing astronomical alignments and they are fracking at choco because they just sold for parcels, blm did, back in january. so we are starting a resistance in there. we stand in solidarity with standing rock and we're working in solidarity as pueblo, has never really happened before for an ancient site. we just want to tell everybody here that we are going to be working together. we need to use our healing elements to heal and we can't let them destroy it and to basically abuse and the fracking process because it's meant to heal. it's not meant to destroy the land, air and water. thank you. [cheers and applause] [speaking in native tongue]
11:03 am
>> i work with viable action alliance and we are along with kim are coming together for chaco canyon. when you fracture a sacred place, you fracture the people. our people are hurting and we're coming together in unity. our leaders are following in our footsteps. they have formed a research development committee. all indian governors and the nomination at a joint committee, a joint session in which they stood up to protect chaco canyon. ..
11:04 am
every single tried in the state, along with the state legislature has signed on the port and i wanted to recognize them as well. [cheers and applause] speed the there are so many beautiful places in this country we are fighting to protect. it's incredible to see the momentum has to continue in all of our communities in the sacred land and sacred water to protect the sacred site. i'm honored to introduce a little bit more music and artists. i want to get you up on the
11:05 am
stage. >> some noise, [cheers and applause] ♪
11:06 am
[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:07 am
♪ ♪ ♪
11:08 am
♪ ♪ ♪
11:09 am
♪ ♪
11:10 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:11 am
♪ ♪
11:12 am
♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
11:13 am
>> make some noise one more time for ulali, everyone. we've got hollywood in the house. i'd like to invite to come and share his message. everyone make some noise. [cheers and applause] >> unity, yes, unity. [cheers and applause] unity is and always will be what will hold us together as people, not just indigenous people, but people from all over the world. it is not in it may behoove that corporations are people. let me hear it. corporations are people.
11:14 am
[booing] if corporations are people, corporations will have hard, mines and we would have corporations with hard. what is that? what is it that the world needs now? we don't need more oil. keep it in the soil. keep it in the soil. if corporations have hearts, if big oil has heart, let's ask them now. let's ask them now, obey your heart, your conscience.
11:15 am
we need not take more oil from the earth. we need not corrupt mother earth with the machinery of big oil. we know it's not going to last forever. we know oil will not last forever and we cannot drink oil. we cannot drink oil that is deep within the soil. corporations, and if you have a hard, big oil, if you have a heart, please do technology and brainpower that we have in the
11:16 am
world, let's find a new way. [cheers and applause] the alternative way to keep what we have now with alternative energy of one kind or another. we know that we as mankind have the imagination to come up with something else. we need to come up with something else and so corporations, if you are people, you have heart. give us some thoughts. let's make a change. big oil, let's keep it in the soil. keep it in the soil. [chanting]
11:17 am
water is life. [chanting] >> thank you. >> and we take a second to make some noise to the veterans who came in support. [cheers and applause] spokesperson is a combat veteran and u.s. representative for hawaii and the veterans that went to standing up with a solidarity. please make some noise floor gabbard, representative of hawaii. >> aloha. the sun just came out. let's get some aloha spirit going here. it is so awesome to be vacuous so many of you. many of you fellow veterans in the house.
11:18 am
i was proud to have joined you at standing rock as we stood together with water protectors from this country, standing to protect water. to take a stand for our country, but water is life. and so proud to stand with you here today. we are at a little bit different of a place than standing rock, but we stand in solidarity recognizing that the fight is not over. we stand in the same spirit in peace and in prayer upon our nation's capitol, looking upon this white house, sending a message to our nation leaders that our government belongs to the people. too often as you know in this town, the decisions being made here benefit the powers of
11:19 am
corporate money, special interest and greed on the backs of people, on the backs of our planet. so let our voices be heard loud and clear with a resounding positive message that we are all bound together in this great web of life. we are gathered here around not a partisan issue, not a divisive issue, but essential to humanity. the fight for clean water is for the life blood of our planet, the soul of our nation and of all nations. the founding fathers of this country with great inspiration in the democratic principles they were founded upon. this unique form of governance was built on an agreement called the great law of peace.
11:20 am
which states that before beginning deliberations, the council shall be obliged, and i quote, to express the gratitude to their cousins and greet them. they shall make an address and offer thanks to the earth where men dwell, to the streams of water, the springs and the lakes, to the medicinal herbs in the forest trees for their usefulness and the great creators and heavens above and gives all things useful to man and is the source and ruler of health and life. [cheers and applause] this recognition of our debt to the creator end of our duty to be responsible members of this great web of life was there for the beginning of western
11:21 am
democracy. always remember the laws are nations are built on the foundations of a natural law a lot that can be country and cannot debated or overturned the special interest or corporation. this is a defining time for our generation to take a stand for future generations. will we lead with a message of peace, love and light bar with one of darkness, divisiveness and hate? with those challenges, we are blessed with great opportunity. the opportunity to unite with people from all across this country and around the world to promote the most basic truth that water is life. [cheers and applause] it is for this cause that we
11:22 am
must stand strong and stand together for our water, land, native people and all people, all of humanity everywhere. for our shared future on this great turtle island, our great country. thank you for continuing to stand strong and proudly in this fight and know there are many who stand alongside you as we continue to push forward to protect our waters, to protect our resources and protect our future. thank you very much for being here. aloha. [cheers and applause] everybody one more time for tulsi gabbard, please. [cheers and applause] i see them in the audience. give it up for all the ladies that are here right now.
11:23 am
[cheers and applause] really loud for your moms, grandmas, daughters and life. [cheers and applause] and strong, wonderful, beautiful women. i have the privilege a couple weeks ago and i am in oz everything they've done. i've seen how the mohawk and people tried to take their land. if you haven't ever seen the land, i guarantee you, you will not be disappointed. please welcome our singer. [cheers and applause]
11:24 am
[inaudible conversations] >> can you hear me okay? good to be here with all of you. [inaudible]
11:25 am
to watch over our families. [inaudible] is not ♪ ♪
11:26 am
♪ ♪ ♪
11:27 am
♪ [cheers and applause] >> everybody make some noise for our wounded warriors. [cheers and applause] now what we call women warriors. we are blessed to have the feminine energy here as well today. it's incredibly important in our world and society in countries with the vast honor throughout this history we've honored the sacred balance, sacred duality, masculine and feminine. next up, another warrior named
11:28 am
key in the period thank you for coming. please forgive us. thank you so much for being here. [speaking in native tongue] i would like to greet each and every one of you with a handshake from my heart. i am candy brings plenty. behind me here is some of the most fierce, amazing warriors
11:29 am
who sit on the ground from the entire time from the beginning of our commitment now our commitment all the way to the end. each and every one of these people behind me, i want to acknowledge her in the first action back in september she woke up and said this may be the only time i can stand strong. we continue to reiterate. we need to continue coming together. we are reclaiming, reinvigorating. it makes our heart happy. we will forward and continue representing the lgbt indigenous
11:30 am
walk of life. we are strong and immensely impactful with one line, one heart, one prayer. but we can't together, that means we are all related. we are all related, each and every one of us and we all need water to live. [cheers and applause] i've been out there at the two spirit nation camp and we invited every single person. we were on every front line action. we woke up in the morning and said water ceremony when it was negative 20 degrees at least as strong in the elements. i survived hyperthermia. we threw our life down to make sure our future generation and
11:31 am
an extended generations of a path for them of two spirit allies. i want to thank each and everyone of you for standing here without love and solidarity because we are one nation. we are one heartbeat away to protect their heart beat and keep moving forward. water is life. in our culture, primitive sentiment of crazy horse and my grandfather was a whitman of crazy horse bandit we move forward with ceremonies every day we carried the prayer from sunrise to send that and i'm here to knowledge that in each and everyone of you. you are walking prayer. you have so much love to offer and we need to continue coming together with one mind, one heart, one prayer. [cheers and applause]
11:32 am
>> thank you. >> has everyone's feeling out there? when i say people, you all say power. when i say people, you all say power. [chanting] i'm incredibly excited to introduce our next guest. we have a little time so i'll spit a verse. part of the way express myself for the indigenous people is through hip-hop. look back at the history of hip-hop, it was the voice of the oppressed. hip-hop come from a place of leading people together to end violence, to have a way to
11:33 am
communicate and stand together in solidarity among the violence, hatred and struggles of the injustices of our times. check it out. you know, we taking back the power. we bring it to the people. this is our time. we built a legacy and leave it. you can't see my name but you know it's me when you see it. i'm indigenous, part of the genocide. i refuse to hide. we hungry like a pack of wolves running through the woods. tired of bureaucracy, broken democracies. the kingdom is ready to break free from the oil that be leaking, leading chipset freedom and wake up the people that be sleeping. we can set the world afire. i can see it in your eyes, born to be a freedom fighter.
11:34 am
stronger from the shadows you are running from. stand up, hands up, don't shoot. warriors, visionary artist, time to take the power back because nothing they can do full text we been making. if the power we taking [cheers and applause] coming out of standing rock, i saw a lot of incredibly inspiring videos. people documenting the injustice , that violence against our people. one of the most powerful videos was a music video produced by the next performer, the next poet, the next lyricist, the next representative from the black hills of south dakota. a man named prolific rapper who will share his truth.
11:35 am
the stories he tells with the words he speaks are here to inspire us all and unite us all. everybody make some noise for prolific the wrapper. >> how are you guys feeling? [cheers and applause] this is extremely, extremely beautiful and it makes me emotional. sometimes you guys see me cry online. i'll try not to do that. the video i made, blacks think another reason it was good was not because of me. it was because of you guys. all the beauty, all the power i saw it standing rock. the youths ran across from the old bridge all the way to camp and they gave me the shirt into his beautiful and brought all that power back. i'm so happy to be here. when i say i am, you'll say
11:36 am
powerful because when we come together this is powerful. >> i am >> powerful. >> i am. >> powerful. >> when i say we are coming you say powerful. >> we are. >> powerful. >> we are. >> powerful. i'm going to perform a song. go ahead. >> d.c., i need you guys to do a favor for me. put your fist in the air. water is life, right? julie named. you guys are beautiful. we are one family. we are one earth. right in front of the white house. what is going on here?
11:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ every human needs clean water to
11:38 am
survive. i love you guys. you guys are beautiful. you guys are powerful. the ♪ this is amazing. the ♪ ♪ >> how many of you are from mars? no martians here. how many of you are from planet earth? [cheers and applause] the earth is your mother. the earth is all of our mothers.
11:39 am
it's time for all of us to stand up. what we started at standing rock will continue. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> water is life.
11:40 am
water is life. [chanting] >> water is life. we are powerful. >> we are >> powerful. >> you guys are powerful. when we come together, we can stop anything. the youth runners who started this, traditional leaders, the people, the allies, when we come together we can stand up against anything. it's our job to continue to wake up the people of the world and show their power like you guys are finding your power. you guys are beautiful. i'm facing seven years in prison and i'm not scared because of you guys. i love you all. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> makes a noise when mark time for prolific the wrapper, everybody. [cheers and applause]
11:41 am
cap, decode access pipeline is not the only pipeline. drilling pipelines across this country means we will continue to catch fire across this country. the next speaker resisting the pipeline. everybody make some noise for my garcia. [cheers and applause] >> first and foremost, the spirits of the land into all of you. wow. this is amazing. i keep saying there's more than one pipeline. but we are here in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. the company is very greedy. the pipeline going to west texas. we have the two rivers council if they are and we are fighting them. they are almost done.
11:42 am
they were supposed to finish in january, but they are not done yet. we will do all we can to stop that. we are uniting and showing them that they can't hold us down. we are going to get together and tell them enough is enough and we are not going to take it anymore. thank you for all of you and what you are doing. [cheers and applause] me and my sister are going to offer you a really quick song. thank you for all you do because all of you are making a difference. each one of you standing here. those that are watching, those on social media. thanks for getting the word out. they are not going to stop us. we are going to stop them. [cheers and applause] this is for future generations,
11:43 am
for the children. i keep getting asked, what would you tell donald trump? there's so much we really want to say to him. i pray for him. if there's anything in in that man's heart, i would pray his grandchildren. donald trump, if you're listening, don't you have a few children that need water? those are the ones you need to think of. think about them. think about their future. they are the ones. really quick witted warrior song for you. ♪
11:44 am
♪ the mac thank you. thank you once again. [cheers and applause] i am here representing the society of native nations. her people are pablo, from california and my sisters here are from southern america. we are uniting not just the people of this land, but condor and eagle coming together. thank you. [cheers and applause]
11:45 am
>> hello. okay, i want to welcome minnesota state representative. i was hugging her. i now live in minneapolis. so i'm especially excited to see her. peggy flanagan, a citizen of the white earth nation. my family is the wolf plant. the role is to be protectors of the community. that is who we all are in this moment. we are the protectors of the community. my heart is so full in this moment. we were marching on the street and yell, it was cold. there's some snow for minnesota.
11:46 am
but it also is a good reminder. we have been through so much and we continue to move forward. we continue to move forward. i am one of four native women were in the minnesota house of representatives. [cheers and applause] slowly but surely, we are growing. i represent a community called st. louis heart which is in the suburbs. i hold down the suburban communities in the minnesota house of representatives. [cheers and applause] and here's why that matters. we are everywhere. we are everywhere and for a long time, people have been trying to make decisions about us without us at the table. and now stops. that ends. [cheers and applause] that happens each and every day here in washington d.c. in that
11:47 am
house and in the capital down the way. and it matters when we show up and we make our voices heard. everyday when i minnesota minnesota at the capitol, we see bills introduced to have to do with her people, they have to do with indian people, that have to do with indian children without talking to indigenous people. and that stops today. that stops now. some folks say hey, what the native american person doing in the government? that hasn't necessarily been a real safe bet for us. but here's the deal. i refuse to allow decisions to be made about indigenous people without indigenous people anymore. [cheers and applause] and here's the deal.
11:48 am
this movement in this moment is led by our young people and for that i am so grateful. and this movement does he just have international women's day is led by our women. [cheers and applause] we always have been and we always will be. are you bugged that guys in the white house right now? yeah, are you peer >> we will leave this now. you can find it online at senate democrats will be announcing legislation on paid family and medical leave. we'll be hearing from senate minority leader chuck schumer and other senators as well. >> are you ready? okay, thank you everybody for coming. we are going to start on time and i'll be very brief. i'm going to have to go and i will turn it over to cure soon. as you know, democrats are working on


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