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tv   Freedomworks Hosts Rally to Call for Affordable Care Act Repeal  CSPAN  March 16, 2017 3:28am-4:43am EDT

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>> >> the battle is just beginning. not the end. the they discover that they don't have the votes. one date know that they do not have our votes so when i knew go home follow-through tell them to call that we in were not campaigning for
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obamacare light. thank you for everything you do i will never forget the first campaigns that i ever went to was a t party rally in kentucky. you have the power but you have to be more vocal. we are in charge in the house because the few. do not forget about the steep party that put them in power. with the subsidies and taxes and mandates to have a freedom and hang in there.
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i will keep fighting. [applause] >> what is friday about the t party in 2009 across the country not that i would if i had run for hillary clinton the would-be any field position on the ground . absolutely right. what i did was make it unaffordable when to the people who were affording it.
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well as people who run their small business that the kitchen table. the tea party patriots so let me bring up the co-founder and president. >> clammy found out it was sunday afternoon.
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so we said we rubio the others side of the capital and that we would do it. never wanted the government to take over our health care. in 2010, at 12, 14, 16. to congress help to get a majority to have one have of one-third of the government.
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in 2012 the campaign of the presidential candidate but in 2014 we had the intention to repeal obamacare. then tuesday we still cannot repeal obamacare. bed now president trump is in the white house. he made campaign promises and now the house and senate both tel us this senate
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staffer parliamentarian and now they say what do you mean? except we have learned that is not correct. first, reconciliation what it must do with the federal budget we can spend anything with insurance company mandates and will continue to do so to get the tax credits to pay for those premiums they need to read
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peeled obamacare and they need to remember they are fighting for the forgotten time after time i have marched on washington d.c.. that is why we are here today to be on the front lawn but to mention can you hear us now? they did everything they could to destroy yes and brcs still standing.
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we need to help him keep his promises today they want to imitate us. we must continue to have our voices heard. the leadership has not quite heard as yet. and against all odds. we will continue talk to your senator hope to replace
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the framework based on the free market and continued to skyrocket. because they know our philosophy to do the right thing there is something we can say and hold and if thinks we have posed partner
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if you can text for repeal. 388873 that is just to make sure we know who was out here. we appreciate everything you're doing. thank you for making your voice is heard over the last eight years. congress and keep your promises. keep your promises. keep your promises.
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we'll leave you rarely ever ask the doctors of obamacare her do they think is to find out what it is like to be a doctor of an obamacare.
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steve mckinney betty forgotten until senate majority leader? otherwise this 2007 to realize is warmer in washington.
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in then the los they have had a lot of practice and provost 62 is the attorney to pass a forum of steel. in between the of house in the senate the president got to hit and vetoed it.
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this also means new entitlement. this is crazy. we need leadership. the fundamentals have not changed. still to take industry with a physical exam diagnostic test but the more government his ball i wasn't for from
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then then again this call that here. been how many if you are part of the freedom carcass class. [applause] honey a view have read some of the cbo reports? they are pretty gain.
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[cheers and applause] day. >> hello, and a deplorable. been. >> thank you so much we employ teetoo with him go in his. >> what is true in pool of
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the puerto rico here tuesday in with them to make sure the the constitution for our private and freedom for the
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lead did was obamacare every single day. be the we said we would repeal all of that. now is the the time to be making a coach. i want for those who are willing to stand to take it in the chechen.
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i did fine that if the food fifth but i'll introduce bill paid your friend of mine. is a guy a for and believe
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snoop la did clear it is time to do issue that fight
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goliath the that we could never defeat him. . . the thing i always remember is jefferson has written declaration and if they are thae doing what congress is supposed
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to, they are marking it up and going to the markup. one member says the need to change this because it might be a little offensive. so he rolled his eyes and others to stand up and say this one could be a little strong so we need to amend this. finally there's a third member that says this has to go altogether because this could jeopardize the rights of the coast of carolina and finally he can't take it anymore and says that the revolution, we have to offend somebody. do what he told the voters we were going to do.
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god bless. [cheering] we've got ted cruz approximately in five minutes. i speak for five hours every day this isn't a problem. one of the things we are leaving out. the thin line of border patrol. we haven't mentioned amnesty and open borders of immigration reform as it relates to health care. i pointed out to you the cbo in its revised scoring show that the subsidies would cost
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$1.47 trillion. when they scored the senate bill that was the amnesty bill and they made the assumption that a bigger workforce automatically meant higher tax revenues. if it's going to cost 1.5 trillion we have to get more people working. how could they know what the workforce is going to look like for 20 years froor 20 years fros going to look like. what do you know what the telephone for quite 20 years later? they would have no idea that there would be this thing called the iphone or the samsung galaxy whatever it is.
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if they continue to run healthcare which is mentioned in the constitution, then they're in there is a good and plenty of calls. and the assumption that every single person that comes here from wherever they come from mm on merit based system -- as far as the radio world goes we are taking a break and we'll be back in two minutes okay, good. we want to make sure we get that breaks up at the speech get on the air.
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donald trump says no amnesty and there's going to be a wall. i don't know how long until paul ryan gets his hands on that one because if you remember they passepassed the law that bush sd that was supposed to build the wall 11 years ago. is there a wall? funny thing happened on the way to the senate. through the campaign i refer to rand paul and ted cruz intellectual constitutional conservatives because they are. it's not mean-spirited or angry.
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to save the world health care doesn't appear in the constitution. the word education doesn't appear in the constitution. we are not asking for anything extreme to the. we will pass a bill called trump care. if the bill fails, they are going to blame you. notice the medicaid expansion when the president is running
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for the reelection. they said i don't want to own this thing. the state assemblies are going to handle this. we are coming back live on the air. five, four, three, two, one. broadcasting live from the upper senate park for freedom works day of action and we have been storming congress. there's an ocean of people in red baseball caps that say dorm congress. what i was saying before the
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break, but states could easily run their own health care systems and the president wanting to own anything. meaning they couldn't settle his name, legacy with a build date they designed. we have some big differences. the penalties are going to be collected by the insurance companies. the penalties to be collected by the insurance companies, thank you. [inaudible] i don't want to cut off a spee speech. we are waiting for him.
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he's going to be 32nd? you know it's cold out here, right? you mean the state are going to expand medicaid, the government is still going to play? how is that any different than obamacare, you can look me right in the face, they say it is a conservative bill. i'm sorry, it is not a conservative bill. how on earth, and what is the old saying if it walks like a duck and? like a duck is a duck. in a crazy world when you have a bill created by republicans that looks like a bill created by democrats you say that is a democrat bill. you can tell me that self
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identifies as a republican bill, but you know what, i saw and i don't want to go on a date with it or live with it or married or even look at it. the amazing thing is they keep telling us this is conservative yet it still puts healthcare in the hands of -- one more point. does anyone believe that if the democrats take the house or the senate they are not going to obliterate whatever difference there is between the aca if chuck schumer and nancy pelosi get their way, that medicaid expansion will go to funny whenever. the penalties will go from 30%
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to 60% and you know what they will say? we have to have single-payer. if you think we are not on the way to single pay if this bill passes, you are out of your mind. in cedar rapids, iowa, i did and events with a whole bunch of people, rick santorum, they all gave great speeches. but i never saw the kind of crowd reaction, the thunder and the passion that i saw when we brought up the next speaker was making his way. when i said the name senator ted cruz it sounded a lot like that. so without further ado, senator
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ted cruz. [cheering] god bless each and every one of you. let me say, we have provided for our friends and the media definitive proof that the election of conservatives has ended global warming. [cheering] [laughter] of course that's liable to make the media even more angry because if it had been a democrat apparently we would have had global warming and they would be in the short enjoying the hot weather. i want to say to you thank you for being here. for braving the cold and for
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standing up and fighting for freedom. [cheering] every one of you, this victory is yours. in november, democrats were shocked, the media was shocked although i will repeat myself, millions of hard-working men and women across the country rose up and said enough is enough, and we have a mandate for change. and i stand here today and incredibly optimistic and energized. we have the opportunity to do an enormous amount of good.
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we could screw it up very easily but i believe that we are poised for this to be the most productive congress in decades. and there are four things on the agenda for 2017. the first and the most important is we must honor our promise and repeal obamacare. [cheering] for six years republicans have campaigned over and over again saying if only you give us the house we will repeal obamacare. if you give us the senate he will repeal obamacare. if you give us the white house we will repeal obamacare. well, we are out of excuses. but time for talk is over and now is the time for action.
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[cheering] and i have to tell you i think failure is not an option. if republicans take this opportunity and blow it, we will rightfully be considered a laughing stock so we can't do that and i tell you the leaders have been here and those that have been addressing you today have been on the front lines to take the house plan that has a lot of problems and to try to make a real repeal that wilber's premiums and gives you control over your health care. i believe we can get it done. i can tell you the last week, for four days i've been at the white house meeting with the president and the administration and house members and senators saying we have got to get it
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done and with your support you are all here to talk to your elected representatives. the most important message to hear from you is we have to deliver on the promises and we need a real repeal. into this success is going to be premiums. you look at why people are frustrated with obamacare there's a lot of reasons but the biggest is premiums have skyrocketed and people can't afford their health care. barack obama promised the average family premiums would drop $2,500 a year. in fact, the average family's premiums have risen by $5,000 a year. that's what i hear over and over again from texas is we cannot afford quality health care for our kids and family. the test for the republican repeal is do we drive down premiums and make healthcare more affordable for the american
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people lax we can do that but only if we repealed the obamacare insurance mandates. the mandates are that are driving the premiums through the roof. we have to repeal them now. a second critical elements before us in 2017 is regulatory reform. just about every single cabinet member i've met with among the very first words out of their mouths have been reform and i believe it is real and genuine and if there is one thing we can all agree on about this president, he wants to be bold. and i will tell you of all the issues i am perhaps most optimistic about i think we are going to see we've already seen the beginnings and i think over
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the rest of the year we will see job killing regulations that are hammering small businesses and repeal that is taken off the books. a third critical issue is tax reform. i believe we will pass fundamental tax reform this summer or fall. now, the details are still up in the air but i will tell you what i am urging the president, bold and simple. there is power in bold simplicity. i would like to see a simple flat tax and a polish the irs. [cheering]
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some people in washington say that is a little extreme. they say he shouldn't be just a decrease the top rate to 37.95%? what w me ask you something, is that any more radical or extreme or more surprising to washington than electing donald trump as president? the voters have given us a bold mandate for change. we have a republican in the white house and in every agency of government. we have republican majorities in both houses of congress. how about we act like it. [cheering] the fourth major issue we are going to tackle is we are going
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to confirm the judge to the u.s. supreme court. [cheering] the confirmation hearings start next week. i expect to see democrats lighting their hair on fire. [cheering] they might actually literally like their hair on fire. [laughter] i expect them to scream and yell and do everything they can to repealed a good judge's integrity but i expect next week also the american people are going to see a judge, a principled constitutionalist who will follow the law and who pulled the bill of rights and free speech and religious liberties and the second amendment right to keep and bear arms and who will keep his oath to the constitution and to defend the people of the united states of america.
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[cheering] if we do all of that, if we repeal obamacare and see fundamental reform and tax reform and confirmed a strong conservative to the supreme court, 2017 will be a blockbuster year. [cheering] so, every one of you can turn to your neighbor and say thank you because it is each of you that got us here to where we are today that put us in a position to recapture the country and it is each of you that is holding us accountable to keep our promise to defend liberty and to defend the constitution and the united states of america. thank you, and god bless you. [cheering] let's get a picture.
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>> senator ted cruz. [cheering] right out to the crowd. >> is eric cantor speaking today? >> he got voted out. they say you can't primary them out. they are the only people that can run [inaudible] it happens, live radio. i like the fact ted cruz is walking through the crowd right now shaking hands. that's why you love him. whenever there is a primary
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challenge, the establishment always laughs. it will never happen. who are these nobodies that think they are going to come here and challenge ask lex i have two words for you, i don't think i need more of an introduction than that. the representative. >> how are we doing. i have to follow senator ted cruz. thanks for doing all that you do. grabbing hot cocoa before he came out here. i went to minnesota so this is like a spring day. we have it made. it is an honor to be here. we are getting ready to clean up and so i am here with all the heroes of the freedom movement.
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he said everything i was going to say so i'm going to go back to basics a little bit. who is here from virginia who's here from the seventh district in virginia thanks for coming out. three things made this country great first and foremost the judeo-christian tradition. out of that comes the rule of law. looking out at moses first thing every time h time and then finat the end i want my adam smith tie. what do you get at the end of the tradition, free-market, freedom and all that made us a great most of which come from virginia by the way i'm going to brag a little bit. thomas jefferson, james madison. what are we fighting for today? we are fighting for our freedom. right now who is in charge of your health care, you knew where
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the federal government lacks that's the issue we are fighting for so when you go back and talk common sense to the average person back home and say you're going to repeal the obamacare does that mean the federal government is still in charge of your health care? that's what we are fighting for so ted cruz is up here, on every tv show the last two weeks if you turn on a tv there's all the senators fighting for him and senator ted cruz is breaking that china and the shop. the rest of the senate is telling us we have this parliamentarian and they make the rules and we can't put what we thought over in the senate. what do we have to say about that, who do we want in the chair on that day? but put him in and now here's what we have to do. what is driving the price going up by 2 20 present right now.
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under the new bill in the house bill they said it's going to go down by 10%. now let me see if we have some math majors out here. prices are going up by 25%. if we reduce by ten how much are they still going up? fifteen. is that good enough for you or do we keep going now the price reduction came from getting rid of insurance regulations. one of them the bronze, platinum and silver thing. should we ought to get rid of a few more, that bit. okay so that is called bucket number two. that's what the leadership is promising so first we make the government bigger and then promised free market later. do you think we ought to do socialism first and then try to work in the free-market? or should we start with the free-market and then take care of those in need which the
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country always does. i'm with you. they told me four minutes. i'm probably already over. it is an honor to be with you. that's the main thing we have to do is keep it straight and simple. we have to get the federal government out of healthcare. that's the issue. how many of you are writing letters in the newspapers? how many of you are lying right now? we need you. you are the voice of america. by the way, has anybody here thinks adam brandon leslie clack said they put this all together. these are the heroes behind the scenes that make it happen keep spread the good word and thank you for letting me say hello. god bless.
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you know what's amazing is having freedom works invite the tea party patriots and there's another organization here that's been giving this for a long time, and it's one of the few organizations that loves talk radio so much they have a studio in their offices i'm talking about the heritage foundation. please welcome the executive vice president of communications. [cheering] how are you doing? i'm going to be quick. mike is coming up next and we are going to tell you something dave didn't tell you. speaker brian was right about something. he didn't know he was right but he was. we have a binary choice. we can either get rid of obamacare were basically keep it
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in place. the bill in the house basically keeps it in place. we reject that choice. it's really important though it's not just right now. we need to look at history and we can learn from history back in 2003, the chairman of the committee went to the house floor and stood up and said despite the best efforts of my leadership i cannot vote for this bill. it's the largest expansion and i will not do it. that guy was mike pence, the vice president of the united states. ..
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>> >> and to the constitution. last at and near more
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intellectual and passionate and tennessee in bingham laugh about holland's government to -- how this government is supposed to works pickup sped net guy come from the state called the utah. we don't tactically called this know we will let it pass. so i went in united states senate a few years ago been in 2010 event i have come to believe that it is still a big year into expensive. anybody else agreed? has become that mason played because of why it was created in the first place
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designed to keep people in charge of the government. and human beings tend to abuse power related to much. as a that is the compromise of the u.s. constitution i have a copy of it right here. >> by the way he'll aim reason i knew about it are these words of sylph. but but i also wrote a book
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but this is the most important part. but then this says, washington who has freed pitches it needs to be
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term back to you, the american people. [cheers and applause] this is why we are here today. congress passed the affordable care act. metadata is exactly the opposite. , is a more affordable tax. >> no. , prices have skyrocketed. it has hurt everyone else that is why the story is consistent for to return the power back to the people.
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and in the late 1800's somebody like you and me. food just once to put bread on the table for his family. he wants to be free and prosper and works hard to provide for his own family. but it is time for us to turn that around. [applause] soleil a couple of years ago
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in part because of obamacare. but the programs were not right. but it is time to make a decision grex will be repealed obamacare? will you encourage a each senator to do the same. we'll use the end before me? we can do this. together we can. we want to. and we will. [applause] so here we are we have been out in the cold. but storm congress.
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noble. and an.
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lead skidded then prepared joining me to be a member of the group we will get you taken care of then the setup with your property's. try again.
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