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tv   Senate Leaders on American Health Care Act  CSPAN  March 21, 2017 7:06pm-7:18pm EDT

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>> today, the senate confirmed the nomination of charles breyer and danny reeves to the u.s. sentencing commission. that creates sentencing guidelines for federal court. one of its new members, charles breyer is the brother supreme court justice, stephen breyer. the senate also repealed an obama administration will to ban certain methods of hunting in alaska. on thursday, the u.s. house will vote on the republican healthcare plan to replace the affordable care act. watch live coverage of the debate and vote on c-span. starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. next, some of the debate on health care. replacement plan
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from the senate floor. >> my home state of kentucky, the president called for an end of obama care as congress continues working to repeal this a disaster law and replace it with a patient centered solutions. in kentucky, just like across the country, costs are spiking, choices are dwindling, insurance markets are edging closer, andy. closer to the listen to this small business owner who lives in shelby county she wrote to my office about her problems with obama here's what she said.ills a i've had no success where obama cares concern. the current assurance available is cousin working class americans to choose between paying their bills and getting- needed medical care. we need help.o kentuckians deserve better than obama care. the american people deserve relief from obama care. the law is feeling right in front of us, it will continue to get worse unless we act, so we have to act. this week, the house will
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continue working to advance obama care repeal and replace legislation. the house has already done grean work on the bill. i look for to taking it up in the senate soon. we'll have an amendment process in the senate, at the end of the process will send a bill to the one person who can sign it into law, that is the president of the united states. the legislation before the house isn't our only tool to help's stabilize the healthcare market place.g it is one prong of the three-part strategy. the second prong as the administration continues to usee a broad authority to bring relief. officials like the secretary off health and human services, time price, and the administrator of the centers for medicare and medicaid services are already working to bring relief to stabilize health markets that obama care has rattled. remove
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the third prong is further legislation to improve the healthcare market and make it more competitive for consumers. taken together, these three prongs into restore power to ths decisions out of washington .. to the states.ple they also represent the best way to bring relief to americans who continue to suffer under obama care. the american people deserve better than this feeling law. we promise we would repeal and replace, for four straight elections. we are working to fulfill that commitment right now. is >> the republicans plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act, their bill is such a mess and is proving so deeply unpopular that republicans are playing a game of pop potato with speaker ryan doesn't want to call it trying care, the administration does not much call crump trump care, they are
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pointing at it each other and hoping the other takes responsibility and blame. and trump who has tried to put his name on everything in his career, does not want his name on the spill. well, the president is on the hill today to sell the bill to house republicans. make no mistake, this is trump care. the presidents bill. every american should know that if republicans ultimately passls this bill, president trump is behind it and republicans would have helped him every step of the way. so voters, particularly trump supporters who would be hurt most by this trump care should remember that when your premium starts going up, president trump did that. when your insurance does not cover all of the things that use two, president trump did that. if you are older and insurance companies are now charging you
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exorbitant premiums, several times what they used to be, president trump did that. what 24 fewer americans have health insurance while the wealthiest americans get a huge tax break, you can be sure that president trump did that too. even now, the changes house republicans are making to buy off different factions of their caucuses are making the bill more harsh. some of these changes willx is further weaken medicaid and result with your americans with health coverage. republicans claim they're fixing the unfair tax on older americans, they are not. the truth is, the republican agent taxes still in the 50's b. people in their 50s and 60s still stand to lose, big time. the larger truth is, republicans are not trying to make this bilt better, they are just trying to make it pass with all of the n various factions pulling them in different directions. there is no better evidence of
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that than the new senate/fun. 75 billion-dollar per year earmark the senate is getting to buy off republican senators who do not want to vote for this bill. what happened to our fiscal conservative plan in the house? no unnecessary spender teachers? $75 billion of slush funds? it does not even say what it does, wow. unbelievable. many republican senators do not want to vote on the house bill because it is going to crush older americans with the new age tax. make no mistake about it, the senate slush fund is not going to fix that problem at all. fr here's the biggest problem. the consequences of a trumpet care are so bad for workingsh americans and older americans,in that my friend the majority leader, may rush through the chamber when we get from the house. he has already said trump care is going to bypass committees and go right to the floor.
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there is even talk that republican senators under his bl leadership are negotiating a substitute bill, behind closed doors, that would take its place , and also go straight to s the floor. that is not how we should do business here on something as important as healthcare. that is not just my view, that is the majority leaders view. listen to what the distinguished majority leader, then minority leader set about health reform in 2009 when the affordable care act was being debated. heor said "we should not try too it in the dark, whatever final bill is pretty should be available to the american public and to members of the senate. i did enough time to come to grips grips to it and there must be a cbo's or, i would ask our leader, are we going to have one before he rushes the bill to tha
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floor? "i hope so. we are going to insist he said that the bill be done in a transparent and fair and open way. well, the majority leader delights and pointed out instances when democrats seem to go back on something they said.o so i certainly hope he follows his own advice in 2009, now that he is majority leader. we hope to see a published bill with senators a given time to review and a cbo score before anything moves forward.ts a fair, open, and transparent process as he said. i know why he wants to move so quickly. the majority leader knows howhe bad the bill actually is.alking in fact, the consequences of trump care so that the plan, republicans are talking about other phases of the plan. promising the second and third prong that would somehow make this bill better for american people down the road.
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they say to their colleagues, this bill is bad but we will change it in the second and third prongs. that is a diversion. if republicans cannot live with this bill they should shelf it because those other prongs are either not going to happen or g will make it worse. i can speak with some authority on the third prong, it is going to require 60 votes. that's what will be needed for the republican legislation to make more changes to our healthcare system.ig sixty votes. warne that means at least eight democratic i would warn my republican colleagues, once you repeal aca in this fashion, just ripping it out, having nothing good to put in its place, our healthcare down up to resuscitate it with piecemeal legislation down ther, if w
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even my republican friends, senators on the other side of the aisle, said as much. my friend, the junior senator from texas, senator cruz has said, anything placed in so-called bucket three will not pass. you're right, ted.n. if we want to pass real reforms we need to do it now and on budget reconciliation. senator cruz is right again. and my friend, the junior senator from arkansas, senator cotten freely admits that "there is no three-phase process. there is no three phase plan. that is political talk, it is just politicians engaging in spin" senator cotten, i cannot have said it better myself. all republicans in the house and senate should hear this. democrats will not help republicans repeal and replace the affordable care act, and one face, two phases, or threese dag this trump care bill would cause such damage to our country, its citizens and average working gog families who will be paying more and getting less, we are notur going to be complicit.
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but, we will work with our republican colleagues to improve the existing law. if the president of majority leader say, all right, we are not quit repeal, let's work on some changes. we will do it with them, of course we will listen. but, they have got to drop repeal first. so, mr. president, again i urge my friends on the other side of the aisle to drop the repeal efforts, drop trump care, not a drop a bipartisan chip in it anb , in negotiate with dick democrats. turn back before it is too late. too late for the american people who will be hurt and too late for all of you who will also be hurt as you try to resent trump care in the next figures. thank you, mr. president and i yield the floor.


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